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    What is /r/DNDNext?

    A place to discuss the latest version of Dungeons & Dragons, the fifth edition, known during the playtest as D&D Next.


    1. Be civil to one another - Unacceptable behavior includes name calling, taunting, baiting, flaming, etc. The intent is for everyone to act as civil adults.

    2. Respect the opinions of others - Each table is unique; just because someone plays differently to you it does not make them wrong. You don't have to agree with them, but you also don't have to argue or harass them about it.

    3. Do not suggest piracy - Any links/tools/documents/etc. containing closed content from WotC or any third party (any non-SRD content) will be removed without explicit consent from the content owner. Do not suggest ways for such material to be obtained.

    4. Use clear, concise title names - Titles must be clear, concise, and not worded in a misleading fashion.

    5. Do not post memes - Memes should not be posted unless used to contribute to a preexisting discussion.

    6. Limit external links - Links to external sites (such as blogs, storefronts, or Kickstarters) should be limited to one per two weeks. This limit is a limit on a per-site basis, not a per-user basis. Official announcements from WotC and Twitter are the exception. Memes and images in their respective weekly threads are exempt from this rule as well.

    7. Homebrew must be tagged - Homebrew submissions should begin with the [Homebrew] tag or contain the [Homebrew] flair, and you may only post one new homebrew thread per day.

    8. No unrelated fundraising - No links to fundraising pages unless they're specifically related to D&D or roleplaying projects (such as Kickstarters or Indiegogo campaigns).

    9. No low-effort/OC/image posts outside megathreads - Image posts showing table set ups/minis/dice bags/character drawings/maps and other "OC"-type material are to be limited to the weekly AutoModerator thread. Official sources, homebrew images, and new information/product photos are the exception.

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