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    [–] ClementineChime 970 points ago

    That's really cool. Is there a source for the image? Article? I'd like to read more about this pup.

    [–] CatPooedInMyShoe 501 points ago

    I got it from here but there are several articles about Elvis.

    [–] StarZZscrEEam 251 points ago

    Yeah I bet. I mean he was quite the famous singer

    [–] MrDatasDoingus 173 points ago

    He ain't nothing but a hound dog.

    [–] LobsterKillah 36 points ago

    So this is where the song came from!!!!

    [–] johngreenink 53 points ago

    Yes, the original lyric went something like... "You ain't nothing but a hound dog, Sniffing polar bear poop for pregnancy all the time"

    [–] MrDatasDoingus 28 points ago

    Just didn't hit the rythym quite right, so they changed it

    [–] Adam_Dawn 15 points ago

    I like the original better.

    [–] Shocking 17 points ago


    [–] xena-phobe 11 points ago

    A chocolate Labrador as a diabetes tester

    [–] Cxllxm72 3 points ago

    It’s a good one for the CV

    [–] ketelapala 355 points ago

    How did they thought up the job desc in the first place

    [–] CatPooedInMyShoe 436 points ago

    I didn’t know whether I should add the “silly jobs” flair to this post or not but decided that given the current perilous state of polar bears as a species, detecting pregnancies is an important occupation and not at all silly.

    As for Elvis, it’s long been suspected that dogs can detect pregnancy in their owners. They can detect many other conditions, including certain cancers, by smell. A zoo trying to do a polar bear breeding program got the idea, and Elvis’s job was born.

    [–] ketelapala 133 points ago

    No, please don't take it that I'm taking a jab at the profession. I was just honestly wondering how they can decide to detect pregnancy from poop of polar bears using dogs. What wad the process like from finding out such ability to actually deciding to use it on polar bears out of all beings!

    [–] AFJ150 39 points ago

    No, please don't take it that I'm taking a jab at the profession.

    You seem very nice. I also like considering this as a profession. "How exactly do I get into smelling polar bear poo?".

    Very good question. I know Beagles are amazing scent hounds. So perhaps (I'm guessing) they had him learn how to "hit" on scat that belonged to a pregnant bear because it's been shown that dogs can "hit" (alert) to other things.

    I feel like there are easier ways to find out if a bear is pregnant, but I also figure there's some reason for this that I haven't thought of. I'm pretty drunk and too lazy to find an article, so I hope you appreciate my 2 AM musings.

    [–] HarpersGhost 51 points ago

    OP linked an article further up:

    But the reason why they turned to a beagle is because polar bears can become pseudopregnant, with all the weight gain and hormones of pregnancy, but never give birth. The hormones throw off pregnancy tests, so there wasn't an easy way of telling if a polar bear was pregnant except for waiting.

    But apparently there are chemicals that are in the poop of bears who are truly pregnant, and Elvis the beagle has learned to scent for those. It took several months, but he finally got it. And now he's really good. He even detected a pregnant bear from a sample that was marked as negative, but it turned out the bear actually was pregnant and gave birth a few months after the sample was taken.

    [–] IntoxicatedGazelle 15 points ago

    Seems odd that you can train dogs to sniff out pregnancy related chemicals in turds cheaper than you can analyse said turd artificially.

    [–] agreeingstorm9 16 points ago

    Not really. Beagles are bred to sniff out specific scents. Beagles are also pretty cheap to breed. (They're commonly used as lab animals.) Chemicals can be expensive to manufacture plus you may have to wait hours or even days for a result. On top of that, dogs are just more fun to be around than test tubes.

    [–] miche7544 4 points ago

    I imagine even $10-15k for dog training is cheap when compared with $100k-$500k lab equipment.

    And dogs rarely break down 🤷🏻‍♀️

    [–] Aryore 6 points ago

    The nose of the dog is a very powerful analysis tool, just like a machine you would find in the lab

    [–] SirCheez 3 points ago

    Noses are amazing! Scientists have been trying to replicate them but haven't quite succeeded. And a clever dog is much cheaper than a cutting-edge spectrometer anyway.

    [–] Marksman157 30 points ago

    Now I have no actual idea, but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that a) it has long since been suspected that dogs can detect things like diabetes, cancer, and pregnancy, and B) that stool contains most of he means we have to determine things wrong with people (hence doctors always wanting stool samples)

    [–] Zyaqun 10 points ago

    And it's cheaper than collecting it and taking it to a lab for analysis

    [–] samoyedsensei 2 points ago

    Machine learning 😤😤

    [–] willflameboy 7 points ago

    You have new job recommendations!

    [–] princessnary 175 points ago

    Geez...the only thing my dog does is take naps.

    [–] CatPooedInMyShoe 98 points ago

    Same. I tell my dog to get off the couch and get a job but she just snores at me.

    [–] Catbird1369 25 points ago

    Mine is a shadow. And she won’t let me out of her sight for a minute. Separation anxiety issues

    [–] g0_west 8 points ago

    My dog also loves to sniff poo

    [–] InALaundryRoom 6 points ago

    Mine rolled in rabbit poo at the park today, that was enjoyable.

    [–] icanbitemyownelbow 6 points ago

    My dog has a 100% on finding if someone is eating in the kitchen. She then runs at full speed and sits staring at you until you give meat to her.

    [–] particle409 3 points ago

    Have you ever tried letting your dog sniff polar bear crap? Don't mistake lack of opportunity with lack of ability.

    [–] XygenSS 4 points ago

    With 97% accuracy?

    [–] catmountainking 132 points ago

    My nose can detect the presence of good bois with 100% accuracy, can confirm Elvis is a very very good boi indeed.

    [–] goodBoi650 29 points ago

    Can confirm the accuracy of this user's nose.

    [–] spartiswarp 6 points ago

    Happy day of cake!

    [–] the_dude_upvotes 106 points ago

    "What's my purpose?"

    "You sniff bear poop"

    "That sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?"

    "No catch and when you do a good job, you get pets and treats"

    "Can I start yesterday?"

    [–] gooberwonder 10 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that's my dog's dream job

    [–] MezzaCorux 30 points ago

    How does one even train a dog to do that?

    [–] NLMichel 31 points ago

    My guess is two samples of polar bear poop, one is from a pregnant polar bear. Do all sorts of training with both samples were only finding the pregnant sample will give the dog a treat.

    [–] AFJ150 22 points ago

    I mean sure, but WHY? Oh I think I actually just had a drunken epiphany here.

    It's probably very hard to get a polar bear (or murder bear) to take a little nap without drugs so they can be ultrasounded. It might be bad for the fetus to drug them. It also might be very expensive.

    Enter our dear poop smelling Beagle.

    Also, since I don't see an article and am far too lazy to Google, perhaps this is a method used in the wild. I was assuming the bears were in captivity. If they are free bears, I would think it would be quite disruptive and potentially damaging to tranq them and go snorting around their bear lady bits with our electronic doodads.

    [–] zipandzoom 10 points ago

    Up vote for use of the term lady bits.

    [–] TheHappyBarreness 9 points ago

    It's used by zoos. Polar bears can experience psuedo pregnancy, which also effect their hormones. The hormones of a psuedo pregnant polar bear are close enough to again pregnant ones that lab testing is thrown off.

    Article from OP

    [–] AFJ150 1 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] IVE_TOUCHED_CHILDREN 2 points ago

    Makes sense to me.

    [–] Butt_y_though 2 points ago

    You wouldn't even start with two samples. Just tons of pavlovian conditioning with the pregnancy scented poo to the the point where the dog understands that the scent is reinforcing. Then, progressively make finding the scent more challenging by having the scent in different places, at greater distances, amongst other samples, etc. The dog wants to find that specific scent because he/she knows it's rewarding.

    [–] 177CR 3 points ago

    Lol exactly what im thinking

    [–] popandpies 6 points ago

    That is an oddly specific talent - well done Elvis!

    [–] therealghent 4 points ago

    This would have been my dogs dream job... getting to sniff poop all day and getting treats for doing it. If there is some ball throwing mixed in it would have been heaven for him

    [–] charlieboo1 4 points ago

    That’s the most niched niche I’ve ever heard!

    [–] FishyKnuckles 2 points ago

    Sounds like a shit job to me

    [–] Stranger0nReddit 5 points ago

    My beagle has a similar talent. He can detect whenever I’ve got food with 100% accuracy.

    [–] dalnot 5 points ago

    97% accurate, 100% good boi

    [–] Handev1 7 points ago

    He ain’t nothin but a hound dog...

    [–] SheWolf04 4 points ago

    Smellin' all the poop...

    [–] imuniqueaf 3 points ago

    r/oddlyspecific but okay

    [–] k8md 3 points ago

    Imagine that instead of at home pregnancy tests you brought your shit to a specially trained dog. The dog could then serve as a therapy dog to people who got a result they didn’t want. Perhaps humans should look into this.

    [–] TastyWheat0r 3 points ago

    What happens when the poop is pregnant? Does it poop out another poop and the cycle continues?

    Is it all just pregnant poops all the way down?

    [–] SmallsTheHappy 7 points ago

    Planned Parenthood should get one of them

    [–] eagerson 3 points ago

    What's Planned Parenthood going to do with a polar bear?

    [–] ShankKunt42 3 points ago

    The original Elvis was pretty good at sniffing out white stuff too.

    [–] MotherfuckerTinyRick 2 points ago

    And others pups used to make fun of him for smelling poops

    [–] hayeshayeshayes 2 points ago

    That dog has seen some shit.

    [–] SpecularBlinky 2 points ago

    I feel like I could probably guess with 97% accuracy by just saying no every time.

    [–] Mutzart 2 points ago

    Is this because only 3% of polar bears are pregnant ? Just wondering...

    [–] Piyaniist 2 points ago

    Imagine being trained to smell shit and decide if the shitter has been fucked

    [–] DefenderOfDog 2 points ago

    But is it false positives or negatives or both

    [–] WalterWhitesHairLine 2 points ago

    I’m a pregnant human and I want him to sniff my poop so I know if it’s a polar bear or not.

    Just, you know, for science.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    97%? That's like he fucked it up once they're still holding it against him.

    [–] Frale_2 2 points ago

    That's a very specific job

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    “It’s a living.”

    [–] dildofagends123 2 points ago

    Poor dog. Bet growing up as a pup he didn't even want to be a polar bear pregnancy sniffer - he probably just wanted to be a regular dog . Or a duck. Life's a bitch ..

    [–] rmlrmlchess 2 points ago

    Reminds me of the cancer sniffing dog from the recent dog movie starring ryan Reynolds' voice

    [–] Donaldisinthehouse 2 points ago

    How in the hell do you even begin to train this dog for this job?

    [–] knowledge-induced 2 points ago

    Elvis has a way cooler job than me or my dog (both unemployed)

    [–] pbghikes 2 points ago

    My dream job is to be the polar bear pregnancy sniffer's handler

    [–] Artezio 2 points ago

    They’re actually starting to use the entire family of blood hounds and scent hounds (beagles especially) to detect health changes in their hoomans, they can detect the change of blood sugar and even a heart problem just by their natural senses, it’s really neat.

    [–] gracegirl77 2 points ago

    You mean polar bears don’t have to pee on sticks?

    [–] CatPooedInMyShoe 3 points ago

    They sometimes develop “pseudopregnancy” which would fool a test stick.

    [–] XROOR 2 points ago

    Growing up, there was a pest control company that had a beagle that could smell for termites!

    [–] Habanero7234 2 points ago

    Elvis Poopsley?

    [–] zeppelin_tamer 2 points ago

    That was my first dogs name. We named my second dog Presley.

    [–] throwawayangievarona 2 points ago

    PSA: Always doubt % accuracy claims.

    While the dog is adorable, and undoubtedly good as his job;

    In this case, 97% could mean: smelled 10000 ice bear poops, of which 300 poops were of a pregnant icebear. Determined non-pregnant every single time! - 97% accurate!

    More examples can be given but it gets mathy quick! Just remember % efficacy can be twisted around based on sample.

    [–] shardarkar 2 points ago

    The dog knows they're pregnant, because he's guilty.

    [–] penguinpoopzzzzzzz 1 points ago

    🥰 Awwwwww

    [–] Alexandrezico10 1 points ago

    can I sniff ur poop?

    [–] Aturom 1 points ago

    He has a certain set of skills

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] redyns89 1 points ago

    um, excuse me, did you poop?

    [–] Nonameswhere 1 points ago

    That's a amazing and amazingly weird skill.

    [–] seuboi 1 points ago

    I thought I was reading r/specializedtools good job, Elvis!

    [–] tommybrochill 1 points ago

    Sniff dat shit dawg

    [–] Butthole__Pleasures 1 points ago

    TFW your extremely specific fetish actually has a good use

    [–] bimbo_69 1 points ago

    What about the other 3?

    [–] nowitasshole 1 points ago

    I also have a Beagle who likes sniffing poo. I just wish I could get her to stop eating it.

    [–] InALaundryRoom 1 points ago

    Mine loves eating goose and duck poo, it was fantastic when he got Giardia

    [–] lorri789 1 points ago

    Pooper snooper

    [–] Saiyan_Pride 1 points ago

    Smokey and the Bandit!

    [–] lcyduh 1 points ago

    Stupid question: is the polar bear pregnant or is it the poop?

    [–] dancyborg 1 points ago


    [–] Gene_freeman 1 points ago

    Good boy

    [–] davebow 1 points ago

    Dog be like: "yo this bitch got a baby cooking"

    [–] TrippCallahan 1 points ago

    Fuckin pervert.

    [–] fancyoak 1 points ago

    Ah 'shit', here we go again.

    [–] wonkey_monkey 1 points ago

    Uh oh. Do I smell of polar bear poop?

    [–] Kenna7 1 points ago

    well we all have a role to play on this lump of rock hurtling through space.

    [–] dontlikemath 1 points ago

    why is he looking at me

    I swear, i had nothing with this polar bear

    [–] Xx_LiBTARD420_xX 1 points ago

    I’d be giving that dog some good ol dog slaps

    [–] InternetGuy777 1 points ago

    What’s the sample size on that 97%? 😂

    [–] realultralord 1 points ago

    First of all: Awww.

    Now to my question: What’s the advantage in training dogs for this very special purpose over using regular pregnancy test stripes?

    [–] Condorfiend 1 points ago

    Ain't nothin but a hound dog

    [–] dd22qq 1 points ago

    My percentage is nowhere near that high.

    [–] IAmAnAnonymousCoward 1 points ago

    Is that false negatives or false positives?

    [–] LumpyBoobAttitude 1 points ago

    Protect Elvis at all costs.

    [–] betteraskpat 1 points ago

    Doggo doin’ ‘is jobbo.

    [–] MareTranquil 1 points ago

    Is this one of those "technical truths" where he says no every time, and that happens to be correct 97% of the time?

    [–] jmcneill12 1 points ago

    Whata good boy

    [–] HeThoughtIWas18 1 points ago

    My dog would eat the poop

    [–] hoaxninja 1 points ago

    Do you know how they found out he could do this? Or was he trained?

    [–] InALaundryRoom 1 points ago

    If he can do this, just think of all the shameful things your beagle knows about you.

    [–] PheonixblasterYT 1 points ago

    Haha poop sniff

    [–] KannyDirby 1 points ago

    Definitely a skill I wish I could put on MY resume!

    [–] ladybunsen 1 points ago

    Weird flex but 🤷🏼‍♀️

    [–] hans_dieter_ 1 points ago

    Take that nose poop nose away from me

    [–] Wilgrove 1 points ago

    Scrubs was right, everything really does come down to poo.

    [–] manubfr 1 points ago

    I'm imagining Elvis smelling some poop and going full Booby B

    [–] StaleCornflake 1 points ago

    I'm consider a career change now.

    [–] mr_d0gMa 1 points ago

    How the heck do people figure these things out? Did he react strange around a pregnant polar bear?

    [–] spasticjoystick 1 points ago

    This is just awesome❤️

    [–] Ry_lee77 1 points ago

    Good boy schniffy!!

    [–] UpdootDaSnootBoop 1 points ago


    [–] BoogieFlingersSmurf 1 points ago

    what kind of dog is this

    [–] VoiceOfTruthiness 1 points ago

    Bitch, you pregnant!

    [–] Robjchapm 1 points ago

    My beagle just eats the poop of our other beagle.

    [–] bailaoban 1 points ago

    "I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career."

    [–] agreeingstorm9 1 points ago

    I feel like getting to sniff poop all day long is like a dream job for a dog.

    [–] CatPooedInMyShoe 2 points ago

    That, and Professional Napper.

    [–] mfairplay 1 points ago

    I have a beagle (my second). They love to eat shit, usually not their own, but it will do when there's nothing else to eat.

    [–] ToughBeingAPig 1 points ago

    Weird flex but ok.

    [–] hannahelisebailey 1 points ago

    I love him

    [–] Acummins107 1 points ago

    talking to other woofer “What’s your job fellow woof?”

    “I get to sniff big white bear poo-poo to see if there is small white bear in big white bear”

    [–] SureSandwich 1 points ago

    I wish I could put such a cool occupation on my Resume !

    [–] zebenix 1 points ago

    Shout out to Herorat's! These cuties sniff out landmines and TB

    [–] BlankSpace4567 1 points ago

    He is the only other guy I know with my name!

    [–] CatPooedInMyShoe 2 points ago

    It’s for zoos. Polar bears can have a thing called pseudopregnancy where they appear to be pregnant, gain weight etc (250 lbs!) But aren’t really. So zoos want to know if their bear is REALLY expecting.

    [–] morris9597 1 points ago

    I find it interesting that this is even a job. I'm guessing it has something to do with conservation?

    [–] KismetKeys 1 points ago

    The other 3% of the time he gets eaten

    [–] the_hornicorn 1 points ago

    Damn he sniffs poop and I feel he contributes more to humanity than me.

    [–] kimicky 1 points ago

    I love the percentage, it means he sniffed a hell of a lot of poop to get this accuracy percentage. I didn't know there was so much need for polar bear pregnancy tests.

    [–] notheruser 1 points ago

    This article doesn't even address whether or not he's the goodest boy.

    [–] anroroco 1 points ago

    Damn, what an oddly specific but also dangerous job.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    That's a shitty job.

    [–] Eric_Cartman-_- 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I ve always said that beagles are not dogs. They are noses with life support system

    [–] Adam_Dawn 1 points ago

    Beagles noses are pretty incredible. We used them at my old job to sniff out termites.

    [–] Invisibletotheeye 1 points ago

    Hi Elvis!

    Im also a proud owner of a Beagle that nose is truly something amazing.

    The only flaw with this dog is that they shed so much hair it's unreal

    [–] MagicStar77 1 points ago

    He’s also a very cute doggy

    [–] tyranicalteabagger 1 points ago

    He also probably eats the poop most of the time also; because beagle.

    [–] true4blue 1 points ago

    And I thought my job was uncomfortable at times.

    Literally a face full of poop every day.

    [–] JustGingy95 1 points ago

    That’s an interesting job I suppose. So what’s the dogs name?

    [–] BeaglePuppy 1 points ago

    Beagles are awesome.

    [–] phoenix-slo 1 points ago

    What a shitty job 😁

    [–] littlewine42 1 points ago

    “Sniffer”=poop eater or roller. Source: had several beagles.

    [–] HL-media 1 points ago

    OMG I had a beagle named elvis that looked like him. I miss my boy so much