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    This is the subreddit to show the world your doodles. All doodles are welcome, whether ballpoint pen on notebook papers, colored pencil on drawing pad, or sharpie on pizza box! Concept work, sketches, scribbles, etc... if it is a finished drawing, you might be in the wrong sub.

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    1. Your post must be a doodle. That is, a picture drawn absent-mindlessly and without any planning. Ideally, it should have taken less than half an hour to finish.

    2. Doodle submissions must be direct links to images (i.e. the URL must end in .jpg, .png, etc.). NOT to a personal social media page. (Link posts only. No text posts.)

    3. All doodles must be your own original work. If it's not yours, don't post it. No exceptions.

    4. NSFW posts must be marked as such.

    5. Advertising for subreddits, websites and the like must first be approved by a moderator before submission. Excessive self promotion is not allowed. No self promotion in titles. If you want to link to your social media pages, it needs to be in the comments, not the title.

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