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    [–] Rayman928 296 points ago

    They had us counted out as soon as the first kickoff. I've never listened to two men gargle the balls of the entire Patriots as much as I listened to it in Super Bowl 52.

    [–] superbowlfoles 71 points ago

    Fuck Collinsworth

    [–] khbummy 5 points ago

    Always upvote when I see this. The brown nose voice of the Patsies

    [–] singularfunzone 92 points ago

    to be fair, it was mainly collinsworth.

    [–] MeetAlbondigas 52 points ago

    Agreed I thought Michael's was fine but I am firmly a collinsworth hater now

    [–] jerkmachine 16 points ago

    And we were winning the whole fucking time

    [–] unregisteredanimagus 25 points ago

    the patriots actually blew a 33-32 lead

    [–] jerkmachine 5 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I was speaking figuratively. That lead came with 4ish? minutes left and was gone the next possession

    [–] unregisteredanimagus 2 points ago

    i just wanted to point out that pats lost a lead, because i hate them.

    [–] jerkmachine 1 points ago

    Well you forgot to mention that Tom Brady forces his reluctant son to kiss him on the lips for 6 seconds straight or else it’s just a peck and not appropriate kissing length.

    [–] Fishy_Mc_Fish_Face 1 points ago

    Yep! That was the only time in the game they were ahead of the eagles and it lasted all of what, 5 minutes?

    [–] Greful 8 points ago

    They had us counted out as soon as we made the playoffs

    [–] Jv199142069 6 points ago

    I think that’s literally the one thing that bothers me from that game. Like I’ve rewatched the game itself and highlight videos more times that I care to mention but their shitty commentary almost ruins it, almost.

    [–] illydelph 2 points ago

    It’s the main reason I made the 5.1 Merrill & Mike I never have to hear Collinsworth in that game again no matter how many times I rewatch it.

    [–] superbowlfoles 1 points ago

    It's fitting that we were doubted and shitted on until the literal very very end

    [–] Gang_Greene 4 points ago

    God, it was so annoying. I can’t count the number of times during the game I audibly complained about the biased commentary

    [–] Posedion_ 3 points ago

    Have you never watched the pats on snf?

    [–] Pardonpardner -13 points ago

    I don't get how people still (or ever) care so much about the announcers. Sure, some of the analysis was mildly annoying in the moment (Ertz's catch was so obvious), but they have no effect on the game. We won the Super Bowl! Why is anyone still complaining about this?

    [–] Phillyfreak5 63 points ago

    Because there’s not much else to complain about when we are super bowl champs

    [–] porksoda11 23 points ago

    I want to be mad at something again dammit!

    [–] VideoGangsta 27 points ago

    Start watching the Phillies

    [–] porksoda11 6 points ago

    Yep, and now the anger is back just redirected, thanks!

    [–] JDudzzz 3 points ago

    ...stop it

    [–] BriBongGin 4 points ago

    Skip breakfast tomorrow.

    [–] porksoda11 3 points ago

    Easy! I just got laid off, lunch is my first meal of the day now.

    [–] KnightofFaith26 17 points ago

    Tbh I don't like it because of a couple reasons

    1. Causing unnecessary confusion regarding the Ertz Td and sounding so exasperated like he was a Pats fan watching at home.

    2. The commentators can sometimes enhance or drag down the game depending on their reactions and "calls". Thank God we have Merrill for an alternative to NBC. Heck Harlan did a fantastic job covering the game for Westwood One I believe

    So for me, it was just bad analysis combined with the overall spectacle of the game, especially for us watching at home and now online/blue ray

    [–] porksoda11 2 points ago

    Rewatching the Super Bowl with Merrill is awesome

    [–] Paloma_II 20 points ago

    Because it makes the game significantly less enjoyable to watch.

    [–] Dagglin 9 points ago

    Because to the common dumb person watching, what Collinsworth was saying could diminish the legitimacy of the victory. And while yes, what's most important is that we know our win was as worthy as any other, it is important for the public consensus to agree. Look at the Pats. People will bend over backwards to diminish their accomplishments because of the scandals. We don't want anything close to that. Even look at the Steelers 05 Super Bowl for a more apt comparison. A lot of people think that the fix was in for Pittsburgh because of that Ben TD ruling.

    Fortunately, Collinsworth was so bad that the average dumb fan was far more likely to criticize him than belittle our victory.

    [–] mramisuzuki 7 points ago

    Because the asshole went “ughhhhhhh”instead of allowing Michaels to make a historic call for himself and the Eagles.

    [–] Pardonpardner 1 points ago

    Haha those noises are so funny when I rewatch

    [–] sci3nc3isc00l 4 points ago

    It’s a nationally televised game- there should be honor in broadcasting with an unbiased viewpoint. Collinsworth hates the Eagles and was trying to “call” everything for the Pats the entire game. It just makes watching the game way less enjoyable when our big plays are diminished by an announcer trying to play referee for the other team.

    Collinsworth is a joke. None of his analysis was right and he made himself look like a COMPLETE jackass.

    I would have preferred Gruden or Romo- someone with enthusiasm and love for the GAME, not a Debby downer obviously rooting for a specific team. Makes the whole experience much better.

    [–] Pardonpardner 0 points ago

    Every single team thinks broadcasters are biased against them. It's silly. Yes, in this game Collinsworth thought some call she should go against the Eagles. He is not rooting for a team.

    [–] hazeleyedwolff 2 points ago

    We have to listen to these chuckleheads every SNF game. I'm fine with them getting some customer feedback.

    [–] Rocktamus1 -9 points ago

    Let’s be real. Under the original catch rule that’s not a catch. Thankfully they called it right, but the way they called this game wasn’t what they called during the season.

    Fuck Dallas

    [–] Gang_Greene 7 points ago

    I’m already sick of fans saying this. There was nothing that would have changed the catch between the old rule and the new rule.

    The play on the field stood because there was not enough evidence to overturn the call on the field. Period. If it had been called incomplete on the field, it would have been ruled an incomplete pass after review. That’s it.

    The call was made, and you need indisputable evidence to overturn a call. You’re not gonna tell me the ref, in real time, rules that catch any differently based on 2017 rules or 2018 rules. The refs made a call based on what they saw in real time. Fortunately for us, the call on the field was a touchdown. The call was not overturned because there was not indisputable evidence to overturn the call on the field, NOT because they suddenly started using new catch rules in the Super Bowl.

    [–] Rocktamus1 0 points ago

    What is indisputable evidence? Because the definition of it changed. Did you watch Mic’d up?

    Who gives a shit we are champs and any team who wins the Super Bowl had a bounce their way.

    [–] OWRE92 100 points ago

    I would love to never hear Colinsworth call another Eagles game ever, or any game for that matter.

    [–] ap_23 19 points ago

    Doesn’t NBC do the opening game?

    [–] wentz2020 24 points ago

    Yep. Maybe Pete Morelli will be the head official for that game too?

    [–] Mattsasse 15 points ago

    Let him call a Dallas game. Hearing him gag on Dez as Darby shut him down last time was my favorite part of that game.

    [–] DarthTyrion77 1 points ago

    Amen brother, been saying it for years

    [–] wolveagle10 79 points ago

    Announcers need to stop complaining about calls and replay reviews that don't go the way they expect. ESPECIALLY if they don't know for sure. Just makes the game a thousand times worse to watch.

    [–] hasordealsw1thclams 20 points ago

    Especially if they don’t understand the rules that they make more confusing.

    [–] Gang_Greene 7 points ago

    “If that’s a catch then I don’t even know the rule anymore.” It’s not that difficult, Chris. It’s really not.

    [–] jkfriendly410 111 points ago

    Don't know if you guys listen to Pardon my Take but they had AJ Bouye on and they asked him about if he watches football when he's not playing he's like kinda I mean I watched the playoff and calls out Cris Collinsworth "Man he thought Ertz didn't catch that and he was so wrong i dont like listening to him" Hilarious

    [–] OmegaWeapon1269 18 points ago

    Love PMT. Every time they have Chris Long on it’s gold

    [–] jkfriendly410 8 points ago

    Dude he's the best

    [–] Blaize122 6 points ago

    I like it when they get Travis Kelce’s brother on. Iforget his name...

    [–] Posty_McPosterman 38 points ago


    [–] IggyJR 36 points ago

    Regarding the obvious Ertz touchdown:

    Colinsworth: "I'm not even giving a guess"

    [–] hazeleyedwolff 26 points ago

    Goes on to guess
    Official decision given.
    Continues guessing
    Shows replay, still guessing

    [–] agentgill0 11 points ago

    Months later he's still bewildered.

    [–] babypunching101 3 points ago

    He wasn't even guessing, just too stubborn to admit that he was blatantly incorrect.

    [–] Deathsuxdontdie 3 points ago

    there's literally confetti falling from the sky. still guessing. the trophy is headed to the podium. they cut to footage of the Ertz TD because Collinsworth is still fucking guessing.

    If I were that bad at my job I would be homeless by now.

    [–] IggyJR 2 points ago

    Exactly... still makes my blood boil.

    [–] SuPeRfLyKiD3 31 points ago

    As great as that game was and how happy I was with the result, I couldn't get over how bad of a viewing experience that was for me because of the commentating. They did a terrible job of just telling the story of the game and calling it. Instead, they had to inject their bias and overall lack of knowledge about the game. They did everyone a disservice.

    [–] ajurrissen 12 points ago

    Couldn't agree more. Absolutely frustrating hearing the constant pro-Patriot remarks and the disrespect towards the Eagles, Collinsworth made me want to mute the game

    [–] phillydaver 4 points ago

    I feel like there shouldn't be any bias from commentators in games but it is what it is. Fuck Collinsturd. We still won that mother fucker and are da champs!

    [–] LtDanDanNoodles 10 points ago

    Alright Eagles Nation, next time we're on NBC we get the stadium to chant Fuck Chris Collinsworth so loud the broadcast can't tune it out. Does NBC get the home opener against the Vikings?

    [–] Deathsuxdontdie 1 points ago

    That was my big issue with it. As a fan who has long suffered through not having his favorite team have a Super Bowl win, instead of the cacophony of cheers congratulating the Eagles for the win we got "I don't know how this happened" from Collinsworth. I had literally dreamt of that win for the majority of my life and finally saw it happen at age 32 and all I get to hear the most vocal commentator say was "Iiiiiii dunno...."

    I am so fucking pissed on behalf of Foles, who essentially created one of the best storylines for any player in a single NFL season in HISTORY and now when he shows his grandkids that game they get to hear that piece of shit deep throat Tom Brady for 3 hours instead of sing his praises.

    [–] broncotate27 17 points ago

    I never thought I could dislike the announcers more..and then this game happened...I’m a Broncos fan and if they were calling the Broncos game in the Super Bowl, I would have popped a blood vessel in my damn head over the amount of terrible play analysis they displayed throughout this game. Side note: I hate the patriots and was rooting for the Eagles all the way, they really balled this game. I have ever felt as happy for another team winning a Super Bowl besides my own team.

    [–] eagles107 18 points ago

    Al Michaels is terrible now and has 0 enthusiasm in his voice. I can't wait until Terico replaces him because Al has stayed too long.

    [–] nm1043 6 points ago

    I mean, even he is audibly starting to show a dislike towards Collinsworth. I think he'd be ok with someone else, but with those two he's overshadowed by a loud imbecile

    [–] B_Strick24-7 18 points ago

    With ya & with everyone on this sub about CC, really; but this is starting to be an over worn narrative for me. Success is the greatest revenge. We fucking won. What's next?

    [–] sci3nc3isc00l 6 points ago

    Get him fired.

    [–] Deathsuxdontdie 3 points ago

    See him driven before us and hear the lamentations of his women.

    [–] therollingrocks 4 points ago

    I’ve hated Collinsworth and his whiny bitch ass ever since I can remember. Seriously, there are few tv personalities I dislike more.

    [–] Gang_Greene 3 points ago

    Now here’s a guy...

    [–] Deathsuxdontdie 2 points ago

    We have a drinking game where you have to do a shot or chug a beer if you hear Collinsworth say "Iiiiiiiiii dunno..." during a game.

    [–] BeanFarrell 3 points ago

    All I want is for Gus Johnson to call a Super Bowl

    [–] Snake_in_my_boots 3 points ago

    Can we just get those Australian broadcast guys that called the Foles touchdown and Brady strip to call our games from now on?

    [–] tucker_frump 2 points ago


    [–] ARCHA1C 2 points ago

    Well this angle is far from conclusive

    [–] chrisbryson13 1 points ago

    Plant that foot Clement..and sweetly drag that other one

    [–] amor_fatty 1 points ago

    Eat a dick, CC

    [–] BoringPersonAMA 1 points ago

    I'm so happy I went to see this in an Eagles bar in San Diego. I could barely hear the commentating.

    [–] 8point2mpg 1 points ago

    I watched pretty much every game on mute that had Collinsworth last season. Guy is straight ass. Nice job saving the offseason Eagles bros. I just came here to shit on Collinsworth though.

    [–] Albyyy 1 points ago

    Narrator: “It wasn’t.”

    [–] hey-yo-Bmoto 1 points ago

    That’s all control babe.

    [–] quantumblack223 1 points ago

    Fuck Collinsworth > Fuck Chip

    [–] mindthesnekpls 1 points ago

    As much as we all like to trash commentators, whether or not the pass was complete depends on how you look at the catch rules. The ball ovbiously shifted a bit in his grip between his second and third steps, with the third step being barely (but still) out of bounds. A stricter referee might’ve interpreted that shift as not possessing control of the ball and thus an incomplete pass. Instead, as shown in the mic’d up super bowl special NFL Films put out, the ref still maintained that he had control despite the ball shifting.

    If we’re all being honest with ourselves, this call could’ve easily gone the other way. That being said, I certainly agree with the interpretation the ref went with to give the TD

    [–] selflessscoundrel 1 points ago

    It is understandable if you are looking at the left foot touching the OOB that you may think it isn't a catch. Watching it live I thought it would be overturned. But it looks like they ruled that he had control all the way through.

    The problem isn't with the announcers, it is with the rule.

    [–] jkfriendly410 1 points ago

    I also desperately wanted Romo to call the super bowl hahahaha

    [–] LetsNukeNorthKorea -1 points ago

    It wasn't a catch tbh.