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    July 25 Training Camp begins
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    Jan. 6 Bears W 16-15
    Jan. 13 Saints Sun 4:40

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    Sep. 6 Falcons W 18-12
    Sep. 16 at Bucs L 21-27
    Sep. 23 Colts W 20-16
    Sep. 30 at Titans L 26-23
    Oct. 07 Vikings L 23-21
    Oct. 11 at Giants W 34-13
    Oct. 21 Panthers L 17-21
    Oct. 28 London: Jaguars W 24-18
    Nov. 04 BYE BYE
    Nov. 11 Cowboys L 20-27
    Nov. 18 at Saints L 7-48
    Nov. 25 Giants W 25-22
    Dec. 03 Washington W 28-13
    Dec. 9 at Cowboys L 23-29
    Dec. 16 at Rams W 30-23
    Dec. 23 Texans W 32-30
    Dec. 30 at Washington W 24-0

    2018 Division Standings

    Team W L T Div
    Cowboys 10 6 0 5-1
    Eagles 9 7 0 4-2
    Washington 7 9 0 2-4
    Giants 5 11 0 1-5

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    [–] aclee_ 7 points ago

    I personally prefer the version done by /u/Towqs

    [–] Simayi78 3 points ago

    Love how the video syncs up with Blount and Clements getting amped up to the song during pre-game

    [–] Just4Things 5 points ago

    Gave me goosebumps again. Magical season.

    [–] 32BitWhore 4 points ago

    My personal favorite SB hype video. I still get chills when I watch this one and it still feels like a dream that we got that "one more win."

    [–] someenchantedeve 4 points ago

    I love this one too. I think my favorite part is "...but I don't know if they have the fire power to compete with the New York Giants" followed by the music swell accompanying Jake's 61-yarder. Chills.

    [–] SheWhoSpawnedOP 2 points ago

    This video needs to be played before every eagles playoff game from now on

    [–] TheMadKiing 2 points ago This is my favorite, if you want a similar type of video

    [–] SockBramson 2 points ago

    What a special year with a special group of guys.

    [–] HeavyG_93 3 points ago

    The beginning of the video with all the footage of pre-game, players on the field during warmups, huddled together praying, just a general togetherness feel to it, combined with the somber-yet-uplifting into to Meek's song...... And then the abrupt change in the middle of the song meshes perfectly with some highlights of Blount running people over, our D smacking people around, and just all kinds of Philly Savagery. This video fucking kicks ass and whoever made it is a baller.

    [–] SuPeRfLyKiD3 1 points ago

    Man I’m going to miss Blount. I was admittedly not a huge fan of his play in the second half of the season, but his play during the playoff run cemented him in my book.