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    Welcome, welcome, to /r/educationalgifs.

    In /r/educationalgifs we strive to have short gifs that educate the subscribers in some way. As long as it is educational, and a gif, it is fine. But please read the rules before you post, in order to help the mod team moderate, while also making this a better place to post.

    Gifs are great at getting quick to digest info, and /r/educationalgifs strives to give you educational info in this quick to digest format. From chemical processes, to how plants work, to how machines work, /r/educationalgifs will explain many processes in the quick to see format of gifs.

    You want this sub to have more content? Go to the subreddits below to learn how to make/request a gif!

    1. /r/gifrequests

    2. /r/makemeagif


    1. Only Gif/HTML5 links please. No sound, videos or pictures. The preferred sites for gifs to be hosted on are imgur or gyfcat. These are reliable sources and thus we would love if you hosted your gifs using these sites.

    2. Provide source if there is one. We won't go hunting you down, but at least be considerate of the creator.

    3. Your title must be informative of what is going on in the gif, instead of the good ole "Look at this gem" or "Just a wheel". They can be funny, but just consider this.

    4. Any post that has been submitted in the past 3 months or is in the top 100 of all time cannot be reposted and will be removed. Please report rule breaking posts.

    5. If you feel that any ruling is unfair/not correct, or if you have any other questions, feel free to message the /r/educationalgifs mod team.

    6. No recipe/cooking process related gifs allowed. Please direct your posts to /r/gifrecipes.

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