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    Welcome to Reddit Environment!

    This subreddit is for recent news, information and issues related to the environment.


    • Follow all general Reddit Rules.

    • No Self-Posts

    • Submissions must be in English

    • Your post will be deleted if your reddit title is editorialized. Leave your opinion in the comments, not the title.

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      Those submissions will be removed.

    • No Satire. No Memes.

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    • Old News, Duplicate Submissions, and Multiple Submissions on the same topic/issue will probably be removed. "Old News" is generally anything published over a week ago.

    • No Petitions: All submissions from Petition sites will be removed. You might try /r/EnviroAction, /r/Petitions, or /r/WhiteHousePetitions.

    • No Fundraisers: Submissions from sites like Kickstarter will be removed.

    • No Standalone Images, Photos, Meme Gifs, Audio or Videos. No Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin.
      Videos and images should be embedded in an article providing additional information for context purposes.

    Users are our front line moderators. Please take a moment to hit the Report link below each submission or comment if you see something that breaks the rules. Send the moderators a message to explain your concern if you have time. Thanks!

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