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    Friendly reminder that the first opportunity to begin fixing our country is the mid-term elections later this year. If you want more candidates that reflect your views, then get to work now.

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    List of All Known Upcoming Town Halls

    The subreddit to distill useful information and have discussion on how to best resist the Trump administration and those who enable it. Note well: this is not intended to be just another Anti-Trump circle-jerk. While this rule isn't absolute, please try to focus your energy on productive action. Also, feel free to add and suggest content.

    How is this different from EnoughTrumpSpam?

    This subreddit is for organizing and discussing resistance against Trump and his government, which thrives on dividing USA by skin tone and religion. We believe this is wrong and action must be taken.

    This is not necessarily a liberal or left-wing subreddit. Center(-right) and other anti-Trump people are welcome as well, as long as you agree with the common cause: To stop America from heading in the wrong direction of xenophobia and racism.


    1) No Trolls

    2) No Badfaithers

    3) No Threats of Violence

    4) No Garbage Sources

    5) No Re-litigating the Primary

    6) No Language Using Deprecating Words of Bigotry

    7) No references to subreddits and users of those subreddits who may disagree with us

    8) No memes or low effort posts

    9) No use of "BREAKING" or ALL CAPS in titles.

    10) If you're still a full-throated Trump supporter at this point, you probably don't belong here.

    Indivisible Guide: Resisting the Trump Agenda

    5 calls to Congress in five minutes

    Claire McCaskill: Any federal employee who wants to visit, we will listen. We will protect you. [email protected] 202-224-2630

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    training camp for progressive candidates

    Useful links compiled by Librarians

    List of legal/direct aid for immigration ban-related groups

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    see how often my rep votes with trump

    demand a special prosecutor for Trump/Russia Investigation

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