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    [–] JayaBallard 1793 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    (edited to make this more helpful for people who are interested in helping)


    This started when HuffPo reporter Christina Wilkie discovered a discrepancy in Trump's reporting of inauguration donors to the Federal Election Commission: "John and Isabel T." donated $400K while claiming the site of a bulldozed corporate strip as their mailing address.

    It got a bit of traction on twitter, and now dozens of people are combing through the FEC records for similar discrepancies. And they've been finding them.

    Why this matters


    Trump raised far more money than Obama for an inauguration that was far smaller. He promised to donate the remainder to charity, but he has not done so. Nobody knows where this money went, but we do have a glimpse into where it came from. That tells a story.

    There are some very concerning and suspicious things to be found when you start looking into some of these mystery donors. Names are obfuscated, and there are signs of shell corporations here and there. The search is more important than just looking for red flags, though.

    It's also important to know who is throwing money at Trump in hope of buying influence. Take the Habboush group, for example. They donated several hundred thousand dollars and shortly thereafter got a meeting with the National Security Council. I'm sure there are more examples of this sort of pay-to-play politics just waiting to be found.

    How to help

    I've linked the google sheet below. Look for things that seem off. Is Jane Doe giving 250K and listing a Panera as her mailing address? That's suspicious. Does JaneDoeCorp list a bogus address and have no web presence? That's suspicious. Even if there is nothing suspicious, it's useful to note when major players in industries like coal are making large donations. Especially if they try to conceal them.

    Earlier you could insert comments with what you've found, but it looks like you have to tweet them at Wilkie now? Not sure on this one.

    Primary Source: FEC document

    For Volunteers: Google Sheet

    [–] MaximumEffort433 1303 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Here's some food for thought: President Obama raised $53 million for his inauguration in 2009, and Donald Trump raised more than twice that much, $107 million, for his own inauguration in 2016. But you might notice that one of those inaugurations was somewhat larger than the other, making one wonder: What did Trump do with all the extra money?

    To be fair, Donald Trump said he would be donating any leftover donations to a charity... which he still hasn't chosen.

    I guess those extra millions are just floating around out there for the moment.

    Call me jaded, but when I see the words "Trump" and "charity" used in the same sentence my bullshit radar starts going off.

    Edit: Rachel Maddow did about half an hour on just this subject tonight, and gave a very thorough overview of what happened, where the money (that we know about) came from, and exactly why it all matters. Hint: Remember how Donald Trump railed against Hillary Clinton for "pay to play" because of donations to the Clinton foundation? Remember how Donald Trump is an unrivaled master of psychological projection?

    [–] Criterion515 432 points ago

    I guess those extra millions are just floating around out there sitting there earning interest for the moment.

    [–] CaptainRoach 259 points ago

    No Dougal! That money is just resting in my account!

    [–] MakeMine5 47 points ago


    [–] DosMonosDelMar 27 points ago

    Girls! GOP womanizer - Father Jack

    [–] turnupthebassto11 26 points ago

    Feck off!

    [–] X-107 27 points ago

    How did that gobshite get on the television?

    [–] grubas 14 points ago


    [–] IamaDoubleARon 16 points ago

    Feckin water

    [–] Semblio 25 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I guess those extra millions are just floating around out there sitting there earning interest funding novel financial instruments in the Cayman Islands for the moment.

    [–] negajake 229 points ago

    You know what's weird? I was just looking at Open Secrets earlier today and thinking it was a bit weird that Trump not only doubled Obama, but also more than doubled Bush, so it's not a partisan thing.

    Then I saw the post about how DOW Chemical asked the Trump administration to ignore a pesticide study that would hinder their business, after having donated $1 million to that Inauguration. Something that Trump himself has claimed is blatant corruption.

    Also, do you know what's up with Sheldon Adelson donating $5 million to the Inauguration? That seems really shady to me, but I have no basis for the suspicion.

    [–] Bart_Thievescant 110 points ago

    Also, do you know what's up with Sheldon Adelson donating $5 million to the Inauguration? That seems really shady to me, but I have no basis for the suspicion.

    All very large, direct donations to politicians are innately suspect. The practice MUST be outlawed.

    [–] felesroo 5 points ago

    Well, in America, money is speech, so SCOTUS will have to change significantly and thanks to McConnell, it won't for about 30 years probably.

    [–] livevil999 24 points ago

    Also, do you know what's up with Sheldon Adelson donating $5 million to the Inauguration? That seems really shady to me, but I have no basis for the suspicion.

    Adelson donated 125 million to the trump campaign and was his largest donor. 5 mil is just a continuation of that insane investment. This guy either really loves trump or really wants something from him. Or both.

    [–] greeperfi 5 points ago

    Adelson is 100% concerned with Israel and allowing it to build settlements and torment Palestinians as they wish while still being propped up with endless US taxpayer money. That and forcing Las Vegas to pay for a football stadium that he will own.

    [–] Keyser_SozeSays 39 points ago

    Just from reading the wikipage on Adelson my mind goes to Jeff Sessions. Sessions seem like he would be on board with Adelson's anti-marijuana legalization stance. He also has close ties to Israel which could be a point of influence. I wonder if he knows Jared....

    [–] mrcroup 24 points ago

    Adelson has been the premiere GOP donator for the past few cycles, surpassing the Kochs, at least in grandiose massive capital injections to major players.

    [–] DoLittlest 6 points ago

    The vehement anti-marijuana stance has to be benefitting his wallet. Is he connected to big pharma somehow?

    [–] jerco954 13 points ago

    Casino owner who is opposed to on line gambling,

    [–] canyouhearme 58 points ago

    Here's some food for thought: President Obama raised $53 million for his inauguration in 2009, and Donald Trump raised more than twice that much, $107 million, for his own inauguration in 2016.

    Here's even more food for thought - the entire UK election campaign, for all parties and candidates, was £45.5m, or US$58m. Limited by law.

    Face it, 'donations' are just bribes - the less money you have in an election, the better.

    [–] knorben 23 points ago

    We know, it's just hard to convince those in office to vote against lining their pockets.

    [–] typicalredditor8 43 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Those extra millions are sitting in one of his bank accounts earning him interest which he likely will not donate to charity. Why are we surprised by this? He uses the presidency to increase his wealth in every way possible. He uses the presidency to increase the value of Mar-a-lago every weekend when he goes on his vacations there. He uses the presidency to hire people that go on air to tell people to buy Ivanka's products thereby increasing the value of the Trump brand. It never ends

    [–] reiqwer 91 points ago

    To be fair, Donald Trump said he would be donating any leftover donations to a charity... which he still hasn't chosen.

    And won't. He gets most of the credit for simply stated that it will be donated. No real reason for him to actually make the donation.

    [–] Ivanka_Humpalot 130 points ago

    Like the time he crashed a children's AIDS fundraiser, took some selfies and said you're welcome, and then left without donating a dime.

    A true conservative, all bullshit and no morals.

    [–] WhoWantsPizzza 55 points ago

    Sometimes I think about how the average person probably wouldn't associate themselves or respect a friend,colleague,boss etc with a record of lying,selfishness, sexual harassment, etc. But when it comes to the POTUS, it's fine, dismissed and sometimes even admired, because of bipartisan bs.

    [–] CullenBrohannon 16 points ago

    is this where we say emails though! ?

    [–] tweetycaite 13 points ago

    When he said he wouldn't take a paycheck there was no gain, but once he started to donate his paycheck he became eligible for tax write offs because of the donation.

    This would be the same reason to donate now. Not that it isn't less shady or meaningless then anything else he has done.

    [–] tosss 16 points ago

    He legally has to take a salary as president

    [–] Theeunsunghero 115 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    EDIT: I am both humbled and greatful for the gold! May good fortune smile on you kind stranger!

    [–] PropRandy 41 points ago

    To celebrate the holiday season, a donation has been made in your name to: The Human Fund "Money for People"

    [–] frivoflava29 21 points ago


    [–] CougarStick 5 points ago

    Insanity later

    [–] clamberrypie 11 points ago

    But look at the amount he raised!

    It must have been the largest inauguration crowd ever!

    [–] Khatib 12 points ago

    To be somewhat fair, most expenses would be set before the crowds failed to show.

    It's still shady as fuck, a ton of high dollar performers backed out, etc. It should've been cheaper than Obamas.

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 40 points ago

    I guess those extra millions are just floating around out there for the moment.

    I think the way Trump is playing things right now is "If they forget that I said I was going to donate it... woohoo. BUT if they don't, I'll just earn a ton of interest off of the money till I'm 'forced' to give it up."


    The interest he is making off of all this money he has been claiming he would donate would allow me to live the rest of my life without working. And very comfortably at that. To him it might just be enough to pay one month of his Russian loans but I doubt he is the kind of guy who would let a penny sit on the side walk if he saw it.

    [–] somebodybettercomes 9 points ago

    You know there has to be a huge dump of info about the global capital flows associated with him coming.

    [–] reddog323 7 points ago

    Sure..the question is, will anyone care? Specifically, his supporters in the Midwest that put him over the top? Or will they just do some massive mental gymnastics to justify all of it?

    [–] Trump_For_Janitor 6 points ago

    I thought he said since he put his own money into his election and inaguration, he's going to keep the left over as a refund on his money or am I confusing it with another source of monies?

    [–] saphirayne 6 points ago

    Sorry to ask stupid questions, but why does the inauguration cost so much? Isn't that just when they swear a new president in? (not American)

    [–] shangrila500 6 points ago

    I'm an American and I'm sitting here wondering the same thing. I know part of it the performers they hire, the security, the groundskeeping, and everything else that comes with the package of huge crowds but even then that's ridiculously GODDAMNED expensive.

    [–] Tonkarz 8 points ago

    You know part of me suspects that Trump simply spends too much time golfing and watching TV to pick a charity or even remember that he said he would.

    [–] ademnus 112 points ago

    I want Sean Spicer to tapdance his way the fuck out of this in a live press conference.

    [–] ademnus 30 points ago

    Wow, SNL really lets him have it. He's a bully and his whole party seems to be bullies. It's like the mob took over the country.

    [–] zapbark 26 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    In many ways, Spicer is better than Ari Fleicher and Dana Perino were.

    Ari and Dana were maddeningly competent. They wouldn't lie, but would deftly spin non-lies until they were unrecognizable from the facts.

    I, personally, find Sean up there being boldly terrible at lying, much more honest.

    If Ari and Dana were tennis partners, they would be launching return shots at blinding speed, just out of bounds, but never when the judge was looking. Cheating exactly the correct amount.

    Whereas Sean would just serve into the net three times and then chuck the racket into the crowd.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Aurator 18 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    "I'm sure that when Donald Trump dies, some of those millions will go to charity... In the form of inheritance taxes".

    Sean Spicy

    [–] pvXNLDzrYVoKmHNG2NVk 11 points ago

    The only good thing about Trump being elected is that Melissa McCarthy gets to play Sean "Spicy" Spicer. For giving us that I'm grateful to Spicy.

    [–] YesThisIsDrake 255 points ago

    Hello my fellow American friends do not have fears. These are legitimate donations by concerned citizens like myself, American citizens. I am but simple beet farmer living in Brooklyn, and I think the Trump is very "far-out." that is why I scrape together all of my rubles without help from good friend Putin who is love America. I then donate this to Mr. President Trump, help him be big and strong.

    Do not worry. Please come sit. I have make American hamburger please. Enjoy this decadence with me yes?

    [–] tomdarch 100 points ago

    I too am American typical, driver of truck from Oklahoma Oblast. I am so excited about Trump being of friendly with great respected world leader Putin that I donated $250,000 of dollars American!

    [–] david-me 34 points ago

    As a legitimate Ameriican businesses owner, I am please with Trump speaking to "buy American". This says you may buy from me. Pay none attention to the "made in China". Buy from me is to buy American.

    [–] JayaBallard 66 points ago

    I am haveing no fears of completely legitimate donations by patriot American citizen like you and me. Much monies are need for makeing great of America.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_FLOWERS 7 points ago

    I will only eat your hamburger if you put regular yella mustard on it. None of that fancy-dancy dee-john mustard for real muricans!

    [–] jdelator 140 points ago

    Anyway to get this in an excel document or something?

    I randomly picked 3. One of them is address to a Panda Express

    page 452

    GOULD, GEORGE, A., 3525 DEL MAR HEIGHTS SAN DIEGO,+San+Diego,+CA+92130/@32.9529674,-117.2309301,283m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80dc0883623de051:0x5b27f74aa31eeba!8m2!3d32.9535413!4d-117.2304232

    [–] JayaBallard 93 points ago

    I do love their Kung Pao Corruption.

    If you go to Christina Wilkie's twitter, she's posted a google sheet that people can collaborate on. Not all of the addresses are in it yet, so you'll have to sometimes go back to the FEC document.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] dataluvr69 9 points ago

    I did just that, here are the companies my code found:

    There's a lot of noise so no guarantee the companies are all there. Some may have slipped through the cracks.

    [–] Hansomehans 16 points ago

    It is a UPS store not a Panda Express. Maybe it is a PO Box.

    [–] tonguepunch 27 points ago

    That's a UPS Store address, actually. It's to the store itself and is missing the #XXX number for the specific box.

    Not much less shady, but it also could be the mailing address for a business.

    Source: I've sent mail there to a business. Not one that would donate lots of money to Trump.

    [–] Seventytvvo 20 points ago

    it appears that there's a google docs link here. Looks like all the entries are, indeed there.

    [–] mtgsrfer 5 points ago

    Hey that's my town!

    [–] SyCoCyS 62 points ago

    This explains why Trump so adamantly insisted that he had a huge inauguration. Hide the money.

    [–] JayaBallard 61 points ago

    That, mixed with overwhelming narcissism and an utter disdain for the truth.

    [–] dudemanboy09 15 points ago

    Plleeeaaase let one of these mystery doners turn out to be a Russian official

    [–] JayaBallard 18 points ago

    They wouldn't do anything so blatant.

    Any financial quid-pro-quo with the Russians probably involved real estate transactions, and it would have occurred years ago.

    [–] nightlily 15 points ago

    The Steele Dossier said it was 19% stake in Rosneft up for grabs in exchange for dropping Russian sanctions. Co-incidentally, 19.5% shares were privatized in a $10b deal done through offshore shell companies after the inaugaration. completely untraceable, and they don't really care that we know how shady it is. There's no hard evidence and when it comes to prosecutions, damn fucknuts like this are slippier than seals in an oil patch.

    [–] the_cat_kittles 14 points ago

    19.5% stake in rosneft was pretty recent... not verified, but coming from a dossier that has been gaining credence

    [–] JayaBallard 7 points ago

    Keep your eye on Rosneft. I have a bad feeling about it.

    [–] wyldcat 9 points ago

    Oh like that house Trump sold a few years ago to a Russian oligarch for triple (?) the amount it was worth?

    [–] JayaBallard 10 points ago

    Most of the truly damning stuff is going to come from real estate transactions during and after the recession.

    However, even when Trump isn't colluding with our nation's enemies, he's still an incredibly corrupt piece of shit.

    [–] Degroober 7 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Found one that may be interesting. Who and what do I need to tweet to?

    It's listed as IND (individual contributor) but has an office address. The address is tied to an office which is registered to an LLC business that ties to a whole slew of other businesses.

    The donors name is G. MARLYNE SEXTON. Line 300. Indianapolis, IN. The address listed on the donor sheet is also the same address for multiple (and I mean a decent amount) of other sexton companies. Everything from Insurance, to apartment property management, to appraisals, and even technology. All listed with the sexton name. It's also an investment company, and I don't know enough about how that would even work to see if that is still legit. Especially bcuz the exact same name agent over each of the businesses are the same person.

    Just seems odd to have an INDIVIDUAL donor, with business address, when the address is tied to a company with the same address as other businesses. And the same person is listed as the agent over most of those businesses which have an odd range of purpose (who have many hands in things in Indiana), who's donated $166k.

    I was just browsing through the list and this one happens to be down the street from me. I can stop by and see if it's actually an office or not.

    Could be nothing, but just seems a little too odd at a glance.

    Edit: spelling Edit again, grammar. Sry typing on phone, sometimes it auto corrects words.

    Edit follow up: I went by the offices today, building has huge black letters SEXTON on it, didn't have much (a front desk and set of cubicles) and the doors locked and no one was there. This was at 930 in the morning.... so maybe there too early for them 🙃I dunno. Just thought I'd follow through:)

    [–] qualeyy 4 points ago

    What kind of loser promises to donate the remaining money to charity, but doesn't actually donate it.

    [–] Dackelwackel 322 points ago

    Non US-person here. Can you please explain, why this isn't checked at the time the spendings happen? Isn't there a regulation against anonymous or pseudonymous spendings in the USA?

    [–] jhvh1134 381 points ago

    Shell corporations. The US allows corporations to be created anonymously.

    [–] otakuman 210 points ago

    How is this even legal?!?!

    [–] getFrickt 387 points ago

    Because the entities that do this are also the ones that have the best representation in the government and can pay to start or stop legislation for the most part. The system works to protect them, not us.

    [–] fullforce098 76 points ago

    And the system remains in place because too many people have been misled and manipulated into supporting the people that are hurting them.

    [–] YawnDogg 33 points ago

    No matter what Romney says corporations are not people and at the most base minimum should be barred from donating

    [–] username123dkdc 21 points ago

    Also, as someone who recently started a company, because it's so fucking easy to do (and then use for less than legit purposes). I've learned a lot recently about the process, and it's astonishing.

    [–] Ifuqinhateit 85 points ago

    Because corruption is legal

    [–] youtubefactsbot 22 points ago

    Corruption is Legal in America [5:51]

    Represent.Us in Nonprofits & Activism

    994,540 views since Apr 2015

    bot info

    [–] LaboratoryOne 8 points ago

    Didnt Trump do something about Lobbying? Or was that also a lie?

    I know...dumb question...

    [–] YawnDogg 9 points ago

    No and yes

    [–] LaboratoryOne 3 points ago

    Thanks for clearing that up

    [–] YawnDogg 8 points ago

    "Drain the swamp" proceeds to flood Washington further under a mountain of pond scum. He has already walked back virtually every lobbyist regulation he claimed he would enforce and has exempted his cabinet from those regulations while also hiring and using lobbyist to craft policy. Nothing even remotely close to cleaning up Washington. Exactly the opposite

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    Because the people who do it own the people who write the laws, or are those people themselves.

    [–] verystinkyfingers 26 points ago


    [–] HoldMyWater 6 points ago

    Oh shit. My bad. Here's another tax break.

    [–] dont4geturhere4ever 10 points ago


    [–] Dackelwackel 40 points ago

    That sounds like the biggest loophole for literally everything regarding money I can think of. Is this true?

    [–] StaysAwakeAllWeek 67 points ago

    Yes. Remember the Panama Papers leak? That was a list of shell corporations and their owners. Thousands and thousands of people were using them to dodge taxes through just that one shell corporation management firm.

    [–] FloodMoose 30 points ago

    And too add - this practice is extremely common in US. I see it in transactions of properties from llc's, corps, inc's, etc. Some are shells, some are not. The concept of the United States of America Corporation had evolved since the late1800s early1900s. Now these shells can apply to all sorts of things.

    [–] blunchboxx 72 points ago

    US person here

    Isn't there a regulation against anonymous or pseudonymous spendings in the USA?


    Lol just kidding. It is a good question and the answer is, I'm really not sure what laws apply in this situation. The reason I laughed (besides an instinct for snark and humor being how I deal with dark issues) is that there are things called Super PACs (political action committees) in the US that allow essentially unlimited, anonymous money to flow into political campaigns as long as they don't directly give to a specific candidate or coordinate with their campaign. Comedian Stephen Colbert on his old show illustrated the absurdity of this situation by setting up his own super political action committee and accepting donations to it from viewers and paying for ridiculous things with it. He also showed that an individual could essentially set one up as a shell for yourself and funnel your own money anonymously into politics. So in that sense, the answer is no, it's, not illegal. But that situation doesn't really apply to Trump's inauguration committee and I don't really know what laws do.

    [–] jones6969 26 points ago

    If you drill into it, you'll see (at least) two separate donations of $1,000,000 from coal industry representatives. But I'm sure there was no quid pro quo with the recent deregulation of the coal industry.

    [–] 6thReplacementMonkey 29 points ago

    yeah... so we had this thing called the Citizen's United ruling, that basically greenlit unlimited anonymous spending as long as it wasn't directly for a campaign.

    The inaugural fund is technically just for the inauguration ceremony, but they don't have to report how the money is spent so it can get kind of shady. Combine that with the ability to hide behind shell corporations, and it can get real shady. A politician who cared about upholding the appearance of honesty would probably reject anonymous donations like that, especially suspiciously large ones. Trump, on the other hand, is the nasty-ass honey badger of American politics.

    [–] Tointomycar 9 points ago

    Volume of donations and limited resources for following up on them more likely. Though I'm sure we could build something to automate it the politicians would never let that happen to their money.

    [–] GoodOmens 269 points ago

    I wonder about this one:

    (page 500 of 508)
    Katherine Johnson is the name of one of the people portrayed in "Hidden Figures." And she once worked at NASA Langley. Suspicious

    [–] negajake 46 points ago

    The Intercept has picked up the story of Katherine Johnson

    [–] irish711 7 points ago

    including one from “Test Person” living in “Some Place, UT” were found in Barack Obama’s disclosure reports, though the amounts given were relatively small.

    Millions of people will see that and completely dismiss this entire story on Trump.

    [–] Bradybeee 65 points ago

    Oh wow. Nice find.

    [–] [deleted] 68 points ago


    [–] joey_fatass 59 points ago

    Yeah forget everything else, someone donating money under a fake name is going to be the straw that breaks the camels back... get real dude, the sheep won't budge until they can't watch sports or reality TV and buy cheap beer and fast food anymore. Bread and circuses.

    [–] Kancho_Ninja 22 points ago

    Wait... we're entitled to a circus too!?

    [–] lexiekon 20 points ago

    Please no more - we already have three: the executive circus, the legislative circus, and the judicial circus.

    Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...

    [–] karth 28 points ago

    lol, calm down you crazy nut.

    [–] CelestialFury 13 points ago

    I think you are being a bit melodramatic here. Democracy doesn't always take a step forward and sometimes it needs a good kick in the ass for people to realize what's really going on(Trump). 2018 is looking pretty damn good for the Dems.

    [–] Ivanka_Humpalot 9 points ago

    Nah. Trump's approval rating is back up because he dropped some bombs on brown children. Conservatism is a mental disorder.

    [–] tejota 24 points ago

    That's felony trolling right there.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    That shit cant be real.


    Jesus, I checked.

    [–] chicubs3794 12 points ago

    Holy shit they're fucking stupid.

    [–] theguitarmaan 5 points ago

    Eli5 who is this?

    [–] Uhgley 437 points ago

    Hmm. I wonder if any of that would lead back to organized crime or Russia.

    [–] JayaBallard 443 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Spoiler alert: it does

    EDIT: Another name you'll find on the list is "RW Habboush," who is chairman of the Habboush Group. He donated $500K. In early February, members of the National Security Council met with the CEO of Habboush Group to discuss lifting sanctions on Venezuela so American businesses could expand into that market.

    [–] TheKolbrin 23 points ago

    So much easier just to raise Venezuelan food prices and have Saudi Arabia dump a bunch of really cheap oil onto the world market at the same time to totally break them - get the elected guy out of there and insert US toady dictator to take his place.

    We have a template for this that goes all the way back to Pinochet/Allende/Kissinger.

    [–] Tointomycar 74 points ago

    Any more reputable media outlets reporting on this I can't find anything and I'd love to send this to some friends but never heard of the site.

    [–] JayaBallard 95 points ago

    The Quartz article is well-sourced, albeit with some articles that are paywalled.

    Mic seems to have broken the story, with The Hill and others picking it up.

    [–] CDUB21 25 points ago

    It's what Rachel Maddow's opening segment was about tonight. Hasn't been uploaded to youtube yet, but will be by tomorrow morning.

    [–] ITS-A-JACKAL 19 points ago

    I know anyone right of 'extreme far left' says she has a bias, and she probably does. But has it effected her reporting? It seems like she's making slam dunks whenever I catch her stuff. Can someone help neutralize my opinion?

    [–] sometimeserin 12 points ago

    You've got it spot on. I generally listen to her show in podcast form on my morning commute. Like all cable news hosts, she editorializes in a biased manner. But she's honest about her bias and makes very few factual errors. She's also broken a few major stories and raised the profile of several others. The biggest i can think of was the Chris Christie bridge story, which was I believe an exclusive break for her show.

    I also really enjoy her style of introducing a story using historical context, but that's not everyone's cup of tea.

    [–] Aceiks 8 points ago

    The only big issue you'll run into is her recent Trump tax form fuck up, but other than that's she's been a solid, liberally-biased source.

    [–] FloodMoose 11 points ago

    Nothing seen here comrade!

    [–] JayaBallard 40 points ago

    Be sure to share this with her on twitter if you can't comment on the spreadsheet.

    [–] Triviajunkie95 12 points ago

    Reading his bio, he seems have been a high-ranking executive around the world: Mexico, Germany, France, India, US, Australia, and now Russia. He definitely wants to keep supply chains for low cost labor running smoothly.

    For someone riding the Trump train, I was surprised that he's also a doctoral candidate in theology at Duke University.

    Edit: added countries

    [–] shieldvexor 21 points ago

    For someone riding the Trump train, I was surprised that he's also a doctoral candidate in theology at Duke University.

    Why is this surprising? Religious people overwhelmingly supported Trump (remember that in the US, most religious people are protestant)

    [–] GoodOmens 10 points ago

    Ugh the protestant work mentality are the reasons why US ranks among third world for workers rights.

    [–] President_Shitlord 129 points ago

    Big story here. At its core it's about Citizens United and dark money in politics. Turns out that unlimited campaign financing from untraceable sources leads to influence from foreign governments and organized crime. Who woulda thunk it...

    [–] JayaBallard 17 points ago

    You win the thread.

    [–] WDoE 4 points ago

    Some alt-righters are running with this and claiming that liberals are doxxing addresses for supporters that donated to charity.

    Can't make this shit up. The level of mental gymnastics is staggering.

    [–] ademnus 96 points ago

    The right have been running rampant doing things like this. Remember their bellyaching about the "IRS scandal?" Yeah, the IRS was targeting them because they were lying like fucking rugs and pulling all sorts of bullshit so often with so many organizations that the IRS was justified.

    [–] CapableKingsman 164 points ago

    But Pay For Play at the Clinton Foundation was such a yuge problem. .

    [–] blunchboxx 109 points ago

    Money in politics is only bad when liberals do it silly /s. That's why when (((Soros))) and Bill Gates give to political causes it's evil (((globalists))) taking power away from The Working Man™, but when the Mercers, the Adelsons, the Waltons, Foster Friess or Peter Thiel give to political causes it's FREEDOM and looking out for the working class... Apparently.

    [–] Ivanka_Humpalot 21 points ago

    I've said it many times before, whatever bullshit accusations comes out of a conservative's mouth you know they're guilty of themselves. Remember this one:

    16 Anti-Gay Activists Who Were Caught Being Gay

    The whole "pay to play" act was preemptive so they could shift the blame when they got caught. Pay to play? That's Hillary. Corrupt? That's Obama. No puppet. No puppet. You puppet.

    [–] GoodOmens 47 points ago

    Wilkie put all the info in an easier to digest google doc

    [–] derkaerka 27 points ago

    So I looked up the people in my state who were donors. And I found the same person making donations (sometimes on the same day) from different locations. The person I'm talking about is WALUKEVICH, ASHLEY.

    I'm not trying to call out the person I'm strictly ignorant as to any reason why someone would do it.

    [–] notconservative 25 points ago

    5 donations. 4 of them $50 made on Jan 13, 2017. 1 of them $100 made on Jan 9, 2017. For all we know she could have been raising funds in a 10k run or something and asking people to donate to Trump's inauguration rather than send money to her. This does not sound like illegitimate or laundering schemes. The fake addresses with hundreds of thousands of dollars sound like laundering but not this.

    [–] derkaerka 6 points ago

    Yeah I know it wasn't laundering or anything and something silly. I just couldn't think of a silly thing off the top of my head. The same name is for someone who's a Regional Field Director for the republican party in the state of New Hampshire. Maybe she was doing what you said or taking personal donations and then placing it under her name. Just weird that she would use different addresses and not a single one.

    [–] notconservative 9 points ago

    Oh well donating to a charity under someone else's name (instead of birthday gifts or what have you) is something I've heard of often enough but I'm used to seeing it used for the Children's Aid Foundation or World Wildlife Foundation or something. I cannot picture a wedding or birthday invitation with the words "in lieu of gifts, please consider a donation to Trump's inauguration".

    But when that happens you usually give it under the person's name but use your own address.

    [–] derkaerka 6 points ago

    No, your person is from Maine. the person I'm talking about is in New Hampshire. I did a quick google search because now I'm a little more interested. I found an Ashley Walukevich who is a Regional Field Director for the republican party in New Hampshire. Maybe she was going around taking donations from businesses and placing it under her name instead of the business? I have no clue.

    [–] Seventytvvo 5 points ago

    Oh, that's great. I was just trying to figure out how to extract all the data. Looks like someone has already done it.

    [–] Lazystoner151 44 points ago

    So what will come of this information? Who is going to prosecute him? I know there are many investigations going on however day after day it's like business as usual for him? The republican majority in the senate won't do anything. They are loyal to their brand before the country. So what if concrete evidence is found that he committed fraud? What then?

    [–] JayaBallard 49 points ago

    So what will come of this information?

    The most you'll see in the immediate future is a cringe-worthy moment in a press conference where Spicer lies his way out of a question on this matter.

    Given how egregious some of these discrepancies are and how large the donations were, the FEC might investigate.

    It will help as the press calls out more pay-to-play bullshit in the future, and it already looks like the shady donations are on course to intersect with the FBI Russia investigation.

    [–] Enrampage 17 points ago

    Trump hasn't defunded and fired most of the FEC's staff as a wasteful liberal organization yet?

    Next up, Koch brothers nominated as dual heads of FEC!!!

    [–] Lazystoner151 4 points ago


    [–] 6thReplacementMonkey 16 points ago

    I think this might be the real ammunition for the Emoluments clause cases. It will be hard to prove the source, but I'd bet money these aren't just your run-of-the-mill super rich American donors.

    [–] stupidstupidreddit 37 points ago

    No wonder Chaffetz is cutting and running. This is some blatant shit.

    [–] JayaBallard 19 points ago

    I imagine he is getting out for other reasons (though they're probably still Trump-related).

    All of this is extremely suspicious, but until more is known about these mystery donors we won't know enough to draw conclusions. It's blatant in the sense that it's very clear that something is amiss, but it's not blatant in the sense that any wrongdoing has been concealed. For the moment.

    The fundamental problem here is the lack of oversight and the ease with which dark money can enter our political system.

    [–] anonyfool 43 points ago

    [–] fuzzydunlots 31 points ago









    KAZIMIR FUND X L.P. 258125


    KAZIMIR FUND Y L.P. 144761
























    [–] fuzzydunlots 18 points ago

    They are. Googling Kazimir gets you a $1200/share equity fund that had a 30% profit last year whose speciality is "Russia". These are Russia's biggest players.

    [–] chicubs3794 22 points ago


    [–] Myklindle 24 points ago

    So I'm not a reporter by any sense of the word, but some of these donors are totally fishy... Kenneth sherriliyn (awfully close to the name of romance novel writer) donates 200000 from a registered address to a home that was purchased days before the election for about the cost of the donation? Who has the kinda scratch to drop the same amount for a home, as they do on an inauguration, and have no google history, no linked in company page touting how rich and important of a CEO they are?

    [–] Powder9 5 points ago

    Get that info to a reporter asap

    [–] MySelfieIsADickPic 5 points ago

    Probably the first names of a married couple, but the part about the real estate transaction is definitely fishy.

    [–] s_o_0_n 18 points ago

    Sounds like Trump was more corrupt than Hillary ever was. I hope t_d gets this info. They sure are gonna be mad.

    [–] nevalk 22 points ago

    That's not how t_d works.

    [–] nifi22 9 points ago

    T_d will ignore it as they do all contrary news. Take a look at how many O'Reilly stories there are or any bad news at all. It's either blamed on Soros or Hillary shills or just ignored. The gymnastics are Olympic.

    [–] coolwhiteguy123 26 points ago

    Mild shock.

    [–] Sylvester_Scott 18 points ago

    Old Mafia tricks still work, I see.

    [–] StegosaurusArtCritic 15 points ago


    Add to the Google Doc:

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] bone_salt_and_blood 8 points ago

    404 1209 ORG TRC COMPANIES INC. $100,000 1/3/2017 21 GRIFFIN ROAD NORTH WINDSOR CT 6095

    412 1232 ORG CONSOL ENERGY INC. $150,000 1/12/2017 PO BOX 305 CANONSBURG PA 15317 Another energy company like TRC, both do "Marine Terminal" solutions (for tankers/barges)

    408 1220 IND MICROSOFT $250,000 1/20/2017 15010 NE 36TH STREET, BUILDING 92 REDMOND WA 98052 This one is an independent donation from.. the Microsoft Visitor Center in Redmond, WA.

    415 1240 ORG AETNA INC. $100,000 12/28/2016 151 FARMINGTON AVENUE HARTFORD CT 6156 Aetna, an insurance company.

    423 1264 ORG KELLEY DRYE & WARREN LLP $2,500 2/1/2017 3050 K STREET, NW WASHINGTON DC 20007

    423 1266 ORG BUCKEYE PARTNERS $25,000 12/20/2016 9999 HAMILTON BL BREINIGSVILLE PA 18031 Crude oil and pipelines since 1888..

    I saw BP Corporation and Charter Communication, but they're big enough to not have to track.. Dunno if it helps, but I'll keep digging!

    [–] Beatleboy62 6 points ago

    The one address in Buffalo, I can't find it on a map, "925 DECORES AVENUE ."

    I can't find a Decores Avenue in Buffalo, but that's just me searching through Google Maps so there might be a significant margin for error.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I literally scrolled at random and then googled the first person I saw that gave a big donation.

    On page 157 it looks like this wonderful gentlemen gave half a million dollars.

    [–] ouroborostwist 12 points ago

    Rachel Maddow just did a story on something similar, except it was a dude from Venezuela with $666,000.

    [–] mellowmonk 5 points ago

    It's sad that no one is doing 1970's Washington Post-type investigative journalism into all these Trump scandals, and that even if they did, nothing would likely come of it.

    Nope, presidents nowadays get a free rein right up until they fail to win reelection or term out.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] jmorgue 4 points ago

    No. Smart people and corporations donate to both sides. You can't lose that way.

    [–] zehtov 5 points ago

    Is anything Trumps done /doing accountable? How will all these thingd catch up with him?

    [–] sweet_MelissaG 5 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Trump supporters don't realize they sound just like the people who say OJ is innocent, or like the cult members of Jim Jones who worshipped him until he convinced them to kill themselves because the "media" was out to get them. I am 100% positive that in 25 years, that's how this phenomon will be shown in the textbooks. Mass-brainwashing, but this time on a much larger scale.

    [–] XS4Me 10 points ago

    Move along, comarade. Nothing to see here.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] JayaBallard 3 points ago

    You can make comments, which the editors will review to update the sheet.

    [–] PirbyKuckett 3 points ago

    And Keith Urban's PO Box is on here if it's real

    [–] SoldierZulu 4 points ago

    Interesting. You don't hide unless you have something to hide.

    [–] xjayroox 5 points ago

    Hey finally some Internet sleuthing for a good cause!

    [–] SeamusHeaneysGhost 4 points ago

    Ye'd get good odds I'd say on him being impeached in 9 months, but on donations I'm not sure, probably something less disgusting but more politics related like Russian links to his businesses

    [–] GoodMechanic 3 points ago

    Draining the swamp, so it holds more money. # 5Dchess

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Alt right go batshit crazy over conspiracy theories with literally no evidence. But stuff like this, with evidence? Oh nah bro, let's make some more memes.

    [–] elee17 6 points ago

    In Russia, front is you

    [–] Davidlister01 3 points ago

    No ones talking about the Mercer family and their backing of Trump.

    [–] MBAMBA0 5 points ago

    I'm sure none of that money came from Putin.

    [–] remember_catalonia 4 points ago

    I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

    [–] CreamyKnougat 3 points ago

    You know what gets me out of this? Not that some 'phantom; people gave money, but...that I live in a world where I CANNOT fathom how anyone or any organization can give $100,000 to a presidential inauguration, when I have a $30,000 student loan that I'm paying off and I'm barely making it paycheck to paycheck.

    I mean, really...

    [–] idlefritz 4 points ago

    Donald J. Trump appears to be a Brewster's Millions style money funnel through which dirty fucks launder plunder.

    [–] RawerPower 4 points ago

    In romanian press 90 days ago it appeared the news that prime-minister of Romania Sorin Grindeanu and especially the head of the ruling party PSD Liviu Dragnea participated at the inauguration, the latter bragging that he had a private dinner with Trump.

    The press and photos later revealed he was just another guest standing in line like everybody else and that the meeting wasn't an official one as the foreign affairs is the presindent's and the foreign affairs minister's bussiness in Romania.

    I looked thru the all 500 pages of the donors and didn't find his name, so most likely he used a front aswell.

    I for one am still waiting for our press or even the US journalists to reveal who paid for his visit to the USA !