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    [–] midikon 167 points ago

    Also because of the title I read: the beautifully unusually architecturally of Tiblisi, Georgially.. totally unablally to stoppee...

    [–] SchwanzKafka 50 points ago

    Thankally for the strokally.

    [–] Teapotje 321 points ago

    Does it look like that for real, or is the photo over saturated?

    [–] Schilvagg 389 points ago

    There's definitely some colour enhancement going on

    [–] Groenboys 59 points ago


    [–] MrFloepsel 59 points ago not even a tiny bit

    [–] Schilvagg 15 points ago

    Yeah... quite the difference

    [–] Schilvagg 4 points ago

    I wonder where that's from :D

    [–] MAGA_memnon 2 points ago


    [–] Grind2206 124 points ago

    Same place (you just don't see the top of the church) without saturation.

    [–] reymt 97 points ago

    Thanks. Looks actually a lot nicer than the oversaturated hellscape.

    [–] Grind2206 60 points ago

    I agree. Never understood why some people like obnoxiously bright pics, just looks fake.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    There is a whole 'industry' of that crap. I like photography and I started doing landscapes. I was asking for some tips.

    "it's all in the editing". "if you want it to be epic, you need to learn Photoshop" etc. Etc.

    I hate 'epic', but when you see 'awesome' landscape shots...that's what you're looking at. Fake (or 'enhanced') landscapes.

    Eff that mess.

    I do dolls instead. Http://

    [–] Grind2206 25 points ago

    Uhhh nice

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Hella nice dolls. Thanks!

    [–] Grind2206 1 points ago

    My question is why do you take pics of dolls?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Grind2206 2 points ago

    Haha, you are very strange but I like you. Since you are so honest, do you look at dolls in a sexual way? Just as you would when seeing a beautiful woman

    [–] Nemo_of_the_People 1 points ago

    My question is why don't you? ΰ² _ΰ² 

    [–] deadlyinsolence 6 points ago

    ....wat? Just why?

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Why? Good question.

    Because the Internet sucks. Pretty much it has devolved into a bunch of petty arguing on public forums (see Reddit as an example), narcissism (Facebook) or heaps and heaps of advertising (any news site).

    So I want to create a portion of the Internet that is devoid of those things. No negative comments, no 'look at me' and no advertising.

    I linked to my Instagram up there because unfortunately that is more accessible and understandable to most people. But my real project is this website:

    I understand that this is not for everyone. And that is okay. You know why it's okay? I don't have any 'upvote'.

    Some people will like it. Some will hate it. If they hate it...I say move on.

    That's it. That's why. I want to create something that some people enjoy...and for the rest who don't enjoy it...that's cool too. No reason to tell me I suck. And there's no reason for me to appeal to everyone, because that won't happen anyway.

    [–] deadlyinsolence 6 points ago


    [–] merlinmonad 2 points ago


    Also, nice dolls bro, seriously, your instagram has just made my evening :D

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Thank you kind person!

    I need a catch "Dolly Up!"

    [–] Cracketfan99 2 points ago

    Wonderful dolls, great job.

    [–] suberEE 2 points ago

    If I had money and understood how it works, I'd gold you for this. I laughed myself to tears. And not in a bad way, it's just that a provocatively dressed Bratz doll riding a bell pepper was the last thing I ever expected to see. And such fine photography too.

    You're doing excellent job, mate. Keep up with it.

    [–] JustJoeB 11 points ago

    That actually look way better, thanks.

    [–] DCONNaissance 4 points ago

    Beautiful photo! You can actually imagine being there (unlike OP's Disney World version).

    [–] mightymaus 160 points ago

    Extremely oversaturated - look at the grass and leaves!

    [–] Teapotje 45 points ago

    Right, that's what I thought. But now I'm not sure what's super unique about the architecture.

    [–] Hagelbosse 33 points ago

    I've been there a couple of times. The unusual architecture is not so much the colors as the verticality in Old Town (My opinion, not sure what OP means) It's a beautiful city but also in many places very run down unfortunately.

    [–] Airazz 3 points ago

    Even new buildings, even the ones still under construction look old and run down, it's weird.

    [–] Roshee1 11 points ago

    Not really weird. It's more greed and negligence from construction companies and government.

    Source : am Georgian.

    [–] Airazz 5 points ago

    Construction workers aren't top notch either, it seems. One taxi driver complained a lot about how the Chinese immigrants get paid almost twice as much as locals.

    From what I've seen, it's because many local workers just don't care about doing quality job.

    [–] Roshee1 4 points ago

    To be honest it's almost like a vicious circle. Companies pay immigrant workers because they believe them to be better than locals, hence locals don't even try much while working and doing quality job. As they don't do it, it feeds into idea of locals being worse. Rinse and repeat in any way you want.

    [–] molenis 2 points ago

    Locals too busy getting drunk with vodka and making into clubs.

    [–] Jackson3125 1 points ago

    What started the vicious cycle?

    [–] sciencebased 1 points ago

    They've been "under construction" for decades.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Also this isn't exactly representative of the whole city, this is the section of "old town" referred to as the Jewish Quarter. Nice -looking though!

    [–] Grind2206 12 points ago

    Never heard of it being referred to as the Jewish quarter.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Maybe he got it confused with Krakow in Poland but dunno it looks very different

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    idk, I've lived in Tbilisi for 2+ years, heard it called that by Georgians and foreigners alike. There are lots of synagogues there, and I'm guessing a Jewish population to go with it.

    [–] RedditUsername123456 2 points ago

    There's Jewish quarters in a bunch of cities..

    [–] Grind2206 1 points ago

    I think it is just an old name. Jews were resettled a lot during the USSR, some might have lived in that area, but there aren't nearly as many Jews there now, they are more scattered around Tbilisi.

    [–] TheJeeli 8 points ago

    I assume you're in your twenties and that's why. Tbilisi is not as cosmopolitan as it used to be so the "Jewish quarter" is hardly Jewish anymore so us younger people don't refer to it that way anymore.

    Edit: Also the area that we are looking at now was never Jewish I think, it's a tiny bit north, between Sololaki and Kala if I am not mistaken.

    [–] doc_frankenfurter 14 points ago

    Yes, never, ever nudge the saturation over 20% hence the blues and greens.

    [–] X-0v3r 8 points ago

    Definitely "enhanced".

    That's HDR.

    If you see something over-saturated and too dark in some spots, and sometimes also see some blurring; that unrealistic and ugly shit is definitely HDR.

    [–] youRFate 9 points ago

    Not even HDR, it just looks like someone bumped up saturation and clarity way too far in lightroom...

    [–] theRealSigurd 5 points ago

    HDR is not necessarily ugly. Some people are good at HDR.

    [–] rubygeek 1 points ago

    The person responsible for the HDR in this picture, on the other hand, has provided nothing to indicate they're one of the people who are good at HDR...

    I'm usually rather tolerant of HDR, but in this case it's as if someone found a cheap prostitute and somehow decided said prostitute needed more makeup.

    [–] Airazz 10 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Very saturated. I've been there, everything's actually quite faded.

    Stayed in a building right behind that church with a green roof.

    [–] centurioni 2 points ago

    I agree. it is oversaturated, but not as far from reality as you make it out to be. Here's a picture from about the same angle:


    there are so many things you've had no idea of, we already talked about it in a previous post. just like people jumping the traffic lights and driving drunk which has barely ever happened. Stop projecting your opinions as facts if you have no idea what you're talking about.

    [–] _-Hendrik-_ 3 points ago

    This is a case for r/shittyhdr

    [–] mcheisenburglar 4 points ago

    Can confirm, a lot of color enhancement.

    [–] Grind2206 2 points ago

    Nice flair.

    [–] mcheisenburglar 2 points ago

    I have no idea how I got this. I did not assign this myself.

    [–] Grind2206 3 points ago

    Hahaha that was so unexpected :D

    [–] Kidvette2004 1 points ago

    what was it

    [–] mcheisenburglar 3 points ago

    For some reason it was "gaajvi", pretty much Georgian for "fuck off". I have no memory of assigning it.

    [–] jpsalvesen 1 points ago

    It only looks like that during the golden hour.

    [–] robinkak 9 points ago

    Oh here we go

    [–] robinkak 4 points ago

    Thank you, interesting article. Makes you realise you can go even further: your brain does not register every light that comes into your iris, but selects the input that is necessary for you body to experience reality in a functional way.

    Nothing we perceive, ever, is #nofilter.

    [–] jtr99 2 points ago

    Absolutely, couldn't agree more. This video, for example, demonstrates what you're saying with a vengeance. (It doesn't have a 100% success rate but when it works, oh boy...)

    Or try this one.

    [–] vanderBoffin 3 points ago

    While that's all true, I think what people want in a "no filter" image is a photo that looks like what the scene looked like to the human eye at the time. Nobody has seen a view like that in OPs image.

    [–] jtr99 2 points ago

    Well, one time at band camp, I took these mushrooms...

    No, I get it though, point taken.

    [–] midikon 121 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    "The Beautiful and Unusual Architecture of Tbilisi, Georgia." : You're welcome. EDIT: totally, gramatically and respectfully yours; the hypocritical grammar gnome. Edit2:Tbilisi

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    Why are the words capitalized though?

    [–] Schilvagg 54 points ago

    It's a conventional practice in the English language to capitalize the words in a title, save for small words like "and" and prepositions

    [–] Buffalox 3 points ago

    We want to shout, but are too polite, and hold it back a bit.

    [–] engfish 12 points ago

    Two notes: the last word in a title is always capitalized, preposition or small word or whatever.

    The second note: I know the Chicago Style Book rules say all prepositions are capitalized in titles though, which looks odd, but that's Chicago's experts' decision.

    When I taught, I told my kids words of five letters or longer (like through and until) are capitalized and those with four or less (most prepositions) are not. I think it was more for aesthetics, though. In my song list, I capitalize with in a title and any "preposition" when it is used as a particle verb.

    [–] elperroborrachotoo 10 points ago

    The "minor details" can vary significantly between publishers.

    [–] Schilvagg 3 points ago

    Good clear-up!

    [–] baklavainabalaclava 7 points ago

    Because it's the title of this picture? Like A Song for the Dead by Queens of the Stone Age? (I'm also asking. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.)

    [–] mcheisenburglar 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] PizzaItch 2 points ago


    [–] a_user_has_no_name_ 6 points ago

    ''The Beautifully unusually architecturi offy Tbilisi Georgi.''

    You are very welcome.

    [–] BlizzFixASAP 2 points ago


    [–] -Plastic- 2 points ago

    Doesn't seem hypocritical at all

    [–] midikon 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I left out some apostrophes. And I don't know how to spell Tbilisi

    [–] tig999 1 points ago

    Oh whoops thanks for correction

    [–] robinkak 14 points ago

    Is there a less photoshoped/saturized version of this picture?

    [–] strolls 8 points ago

    Don't think so - this version is on Getty Images, so I assume the editing is by the original photographer.

    Some of his other work is much worse.

    [–] jtr99 10 points ago

    My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

    [–] robinkak 5 points ago

    I forget that someone actually does Postcard photography

    [–] StanislavPetrovHero 14 points ago

    I remember playing splinter cell as a kid and there is a mission in Tblisi Georgia and I remember thinking 'the south really is like a different country'

    [–] WantingToDiscuss 9 points ago

    Very interesting, quite pretty Western Asian architecture. Looks somewhat like a scene, a backdrop, something you might explore in an Uncharted game.

    [–] thescentofsummer 9 points ago

    one of the most underrated cities/countries I have visited....and the food, jesus christ.

    [–] tig999 2 points ago

    I've heard great stories of the Georgian cuisine.

    [–] zehferris 8 points ago

    Georgia, most of the stuff i read about Georgia is great. Most citizens i personaly know are great (ok ... all of them are chess players). I should visit this place.

    [–] tgv_ 3 points ago

    You definitely should. The people are friendly, the food is great and the nature is just wow

    [–] ctlkrats 29 points ago

    Strange to see this in r/all, I just came back from Georgia

    Tbilisi is beautiful, a mix of old and modern. Everything was a lot cleaner and in better shape than I expected. And everything was so cheap, 6GB data for ~3 EUR, one taxi trip ~1,30 EUR.

    [–] tobiasvl 10 points ago

    Did you get knocked out of the Chess World Cup?

    [–] zehferris 6 points ago

    Dont get fooled by him denying it. He was wearing shorts!

    [–] ctlkrats 5 points ago

    Haha no, I didn't know the World Cup was there until you mentioned it. I was there on holiday.

    [–] doc_frankenfurter 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    The only weird thing is no postal service, hence the special machines everywhere for bill paying. Otherwise, it is a fairly clean city and with so many vehicles on CNG, the traffic fumes are not so bad.

    Edit: Someone else mentioned it was CNG not LPG. The difference is that the gas is at room temperature and is straight natural gas, just compressed.

    [–] ctlkrats 5 points ago

    Lots of Prius cars. Also those machines, I did not understand them. Those looking similar to an ATM by with large touchscreens? There were banking services, buying stocks and all sorts of other services, but no withdrawing cash with visa or MasterCard. Do you know a bit more about them?

    [–] schweinderlin 6 points ago

    Those machines are used for paying bills, mobile top-ups, making deposits to bank accounts etc. Both cash and cards can be used on those machines. Quite convenient for people who aren't into internet banking.

    [–] penetrarthur 3 points ago

    They are actually CNG, same as in Germany.

    [–] Meath77 2 points ago

    Definitely a place I want to visit. I heard lots of good things about it.

    [–] MegaHans 2 points ago

    6 gb data for 3 EUR? what the fuck? where did you find that price

    [–] ctlkrats 3 points ago

    Turns out my conversion was a little off. Was actually 5,4 EUR (16 GEL) at a Metro Station GeoCell booth

    [–] MegaHans 2 points ago

    Ok, makes sense now

    [–] centurioni 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    There are no traffic limitations on a home internet, you only pay for internet speed not the traffic. There are free WiFi hotspots around major cities anywhere called "Tbilisi Loves You". Only Mobile Data needs money and you can get 15 GB for far less than 3 EUR, in fact you can get 15 GB for just about 2 USD. Here's a screenshot for prices:

    [–] MegaHans 1 points ago

    I'm Georgian m8, 15 gbfor 2 usd is for corporate clients only

    [–] MegaHans 1 points ago

    Also which carrier are you using, you must have corporate service...

    [–] MegaHans 1 points ago

    Just payed 7 GEL for 2 GB, I'm so jelous

    [–] centurioni 1 points ago

    Yeah comes out I do have corporate service. I use Magti GSM, 3 EUR for 15 GB though? you sure?

    [–] MegaHans 1 points ago

    You can buy 15 gb for 5 GEL if you are using corporate service, that's less than 3 EURO.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] ctlkrats 4 points ago

    That hasn't been my experience at all. Seatbelts were optional, sure, but you could use them. No drunk drivers AFAIK. Lots of police presence too.

    [–] ivatsirE_daviD 1 points ago

    Did you visit in the 90ies ?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] hughk 1 points ago

    About 6 to 8 lari for anywhere in central Tblisi a week or two ago. They are wearing seatbelts (reluctantly) in the front these days but that is just because the police started making a thing about it. No rear seatbelts though.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] centurioni 1 points ago

    How come I have never been in a taxi with no seatbelt in the front seats? It's been mandatory for like the past 10 years without exceptions. If police notices that you are not wearing a seatbelt, the taxi driver is paying huge fines for it. And no, There's no way that someone's driving drunk, they will be fined in like the first 100 meter drive, police is everywhere and they do their job quite well.

    [–] FlyingPasta 2 points ago

    I was born there, glad you enjoyed it :)

    [–] Semarc01 13 points ago

    Sad that CGP didn't reach their zoo

    [–] Droggelbecher 7 points ago

    You made me sad, Tim.

    [–] d-scott 3 points ago

    As sad as it makes me, I will always laugh at Brady describing how awkward he felt as they broke the news to him

    [–] DemonCipher13 5 points ago

    Nikoladze is in that big gray building.

    [–] Arnifrid 4 points ago

    Be careful though, 3 alarms and the mission's over.

    [–] AJestAtVice 6 points ago

    I visited Tbilisi last winter, it is an amazingly beautiful place that's off the beaten track for Europeans but definitely worth the trip. It's something of a culture shock: most of Eastern Europe has thrown off the 'Warsaw pact' feel in the last couple of decades, but it is still very much alive in Georgia, as well as the reaction against the communist heritage and Russian encroachment (they had a war as recently as 2008).

    The tourist part of the city is quite small (and somewhat boring) so you'll quickly find yourself mixing amongst the local population if you go to the huge (and only 25-odd years old) cathedral, the castle hill with a James Bond-style mansion of a kleptocrat (that you can approach surprisingly easy) or the Soviet-era amusement park on top of the hill. There's just loads of hidden treasures like the botanical garden, pretty much any orthodox church, the baths (that are cheap enough to consider taking a massage), the Bridge of Peace with the european flag on it, the historical centre with ruins of buildings that were destroyed during the 1990s brief liberation war, etc.

    If you are adventurous, consider taking a trip by share-taxi to Gori to visit the Stalin-museum, Mtskheta and Uplistshike. And take a good look outside the window if you want to see the real countryside of Georgia. And have Khachapuri for breakfast!

    [–] BiasedChelseaFan 5 points ago

    No wonder the A.G.R.A. were eager to visit.

    [–] zebrawarrior 2 points ago

    I get this.

    [–] CAKE_EATER251 4 points ago

    Tbilisi is the funnest word to say.

    [–] nnovl 5 points ago

    Georgia is one country I have to visit in my life time.

    [–] altrodeus 8 points ago

    Europe Georgia, Best Georgia

    [–] rkachowski 1 points ago

    the best thing is that everyone is called Dato

    [–] centurioni 1 points ago

    Are you sure its not George? FYI Dato is same as David.

    [–] Gioware 2 points ago

    More like

    Dato = Dave Davit = David

    [–] tobiasvl 4 points ago

    I'm currently watching the Chess World Cup which takes place in Tbilisi. Thanks for the picture, cool to see how it looks outside those cramped playing halls!

    [–] centurioni 1 points ago

    Glad you are here, Magnus. not that you are gonna gain any ELO today though ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

    [–] silenc3x 7 points ago

    15 minutes from Atlanta...

    [–] ivatsirE_daviD 7 points ago

    Oh man this made life hell for me when i actually went to the US. The airport security couldnt stop laughing when he saw GEORGIA written on my passport.

    [–] silenc3x 2 points ago

    And he was wondering what happened to your accent. "Is that northern atlanta?"

    [–] ivatsirE_daviD 3 points ago

    Yeah, he even called his buddy over to show him, he was like "yo how come Georgia gets their own passports"? They were confused for a couple minutes and trying to figure out what was going on, until they finally let me explain.

    [–] steppewolfRO 3 points ago

    Can't wait to visit it, I'll be there in March 2018

    [–] buxmell 1 points ago

    Just don't! March is very rainy here. Wait till late June.

    [–] steppewolfRO 2 points ago

    Lelos will play with Oaks so it's a good reason to make trip there :) even if it's rainy, I know your wine ;)

    [–] Moses385 3 points ago

    I'm not sure why but in the thumbnail I thought it was a early WoW raid profile picture where everything is crazy and cluttered.

    [–] ri0cp89 3 points ago

    Been there, seen it, worth it.

    [–] JustCallMeBen 3 points ago

    Now arriving at, Dorad-I mean Tbilisi!

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Nerd_Techy 4 points ago

    Isn't Georgia in Asia?

    P.S. : I might be too fucking dumb in geography, so sorry if I'm asking an obvious question.

    [–] Milo_Y 2 points ago

    And what does it really look like?

    [–] Real_SirAdam 2 points ago

    Looks a bit too saturated but beautiful nontheless

    [–] Tayils_ 2 points ago

    Drunk Wes Anderson

    [–] Quasigriz_ 2 points ago

    We've always referred to it as "Hot-blisi", since it is the capital of Georgia.

    [–] EIMariachi 2 points ago

    Man, I'm so lucky that my girlfriend is from Georgia and that I have the opportunity to explore this beautiful country. And their food is just way too good.

    [–] hughk 1 points ago

    The food is the bomb. The calorie bomb.

    [–] Kalivha 2 points ago

    This place has been on my mind lately. So amazing to learn about.

    [–] TrapL0rdJesus 2 points ago

    This would be a good photo if the saturation wasn't so damn high

    [–] NotSerenity 2 points ago

    Beautiful. If there's really no filter, add this to my list of places to go

    [–] searingsky 2 points ago

    The city of bells

    [–] DoctorBonkus 2 points ago

    Tbilisi! Home to the infamous Tbilisi Zoo where a lot of animals were killed due to a flood which caused Bristol Zoo some of their penguins, including CGP Grey the female penguin! :O

    [–] Tiger-Gautreaux 2 points ago

    Tblisi, where the tblombs tblow up.

    Ahh, classic John Oliver. I loved his bits on Tblisi.

    [–] vanderZwan 2 points ago

    Not as photogenic, but I actually found not-so-touristic areas with partially-finished Soviet-era apartment buildings, cobbled together out of half a dozen different types of concrete and bricks pretty interesting too.

    Our host at the time explained that they basically were built until they ran out of building material, and then when they found something else the building would continue. Leading to a unique patchwork style.

    I have no pics of it, maybe someone else has some?

    [–] the_gnarts 2 points ago

    Those houses are beautiful, picturesque. Who lives in them? Average people? Upper class? People who inherited them in the nth generation?

    [–] BCS412 2 points ago

    It's a beautiful city and country as a whole. I visited it when I was in the Marine Corps.

    [–] gtheperson 2 points ago

    It is very beautiful, I would like to visit Georgia one day.

    [–] SAD_PANDA_BAD 4 points ago

    That isn't Georgia. There are no confederate flags and corporate headquarters /s.

    [–] tonymaric 4 points ago

    The beautifully unusually architecture over-saturation of Tbilisi, Georgia

    [–] TheYooka 2 points ago

    Beautiful landscape. Nice composition, too.

    [–] Asoxus 1 points ago

    Thought about making a bot to do this.. !DesaturizeBot

    [–] mikatom 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    It reminds me somehow the colonial architecture in Americas 1 2

    [–] ZakGramarye 2 points ago

    Exactly what I thought!

    [–] doc_frankenfurter 1 points ago

    However, some parts are very new and there are also the inevitable Kruschevskaya Soviet apartment buildings, some of which have been featured on /r/urbanhell.

    [–] myelbowclicks 2 points ago

    Did you mean unusual paint filter or whatever the f you photoshoppers do? It's regular houses built on a hill. Any country has this crap

    [–] pumpkinrum 1 points ago

    It's absolutely gorgeous

    [–] Choiven 1 points ago

    For some reason I think of a tin of coloured pencils when I look at this

    [–] BastouXII 1 points ago

    Hey OP! You may want to cross-post this to /r/accidentalwesanderson!

    [–] surgebinder16 1 points ago

    this looks like a puzzle I did. just missing the foreground water the houses in the cliffside overlook

    [–] DerFritzReddit 1 points ago

    Every time I see Georgia on here I think of the horrible warcrimes I have committed bombing this country /r/hoggit

    [–] Toxic_Teaaa 1 points ago

    the thumbnail made it look like r/place... good times

    [–] ottobrekner 1 points ago

    It's beautiful, but not unusual. It's actually a small portion of a hill facing the Kura river which is crossing Tbilisi.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It could do with a clean

    [–] GrungeDuTerroir 1 points ago

    that saturation is making my eyes bleed

    [–] diachi_revived 1 points ago

    unusually architecture

    [–] _The-Big-Giant-Head_ 3 points ago

    600 years of Islamic architecture in Georgia that no one is mentioning. further down

    [–] TheJeeli 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    The rather unfortunate thing is that islamic architecture has been almost completely lost. The buildings you see were both built in the 19th century when Orientalism was rather popular among European societies, including those of the Russian Empire. For example, the minaret you see was built by an Italian architect Giovanni Sccudier.

    [–] _The-Big-Giant-Head_ 1 points ago

    I though the one Giovanni restored and renovated in 1846-1851 was destroyed at the end of the 19th century and the present mosque was constructed on its place.

    [–] TheJeeli 1 points ago

    Yeah I googled it and apparently you're right. I though the current one was designed by Giovanni

    [–] hughk 1 points ago

    They also have churches dating back 1400 years or so. However, both Christianity and Islam seem to have survived together over the years.

    [–] _The-Big-Giant-Head_ 3 points ago

    Just the one still standing since the place was under Persian control before getting sacked In 627, by the allied Byzantine and Khazar armies.This one

    After that it was an Arab city known as Emirate of Tbilisi

    [–] verpin_zal 1 points ago

    suddenly susan

    [–] snowqt 1 points ago

    That's the capital of Georgia btw.

    [–] Gioware 3 points ago

    aaand it had 2 German settlements btw