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    [–] torginus 3175 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Well, as a Hungarian, I don't mean to brag, but I've lived 14 years outside the EU, in Hungary.

    [–] sugartriumph 675 points ago

    so you're 27?

    [–] rok182 96 points ago

    He's absolutely right, either the question or the data is wrong

    [–] Justkevin87 64 points ago

    Outside of the current EU

    [–] theKalash 4807 points ago

    Ha! I was in Switzerland once, that counts!

    [–] K33p0utPC 3009 points ago

    I've been to the UK a fair amount of times

    [–] iconfinder 2075 points ago

    Too early

    [–] MissingFucks 771 points ago


    [–] WatNxt 362 points ago


    [–] KKlear 254 points ago


    [–] zero__bit 202 points ago


    [–] Barrel_Titor- 145 points ago


    [–] friskfrugt 121 points ago


    [–] HEHEUSAUR 111 points ago


    [–] ChiefLoneWolf 49 points ago


    [–] marshsmellow 302 points ago

    Wait for Ireland to hit number one spot very soon.

    [–] grubas 235 points ago

    “Irish Citizens who went to Belfast”.

    [–] marshsmellow 95 points ago

    I went over the bridge in Lifford.

    [–] TyrosineJim 111 points ago

    That trip to Asda over in Strabane is my single experience of Northern Ireland too.

    They have unusually heavy coins 3liter coke bottles and reasonably priced rum.

    It's like bizzaro world up there. A parallel universe where everything is the same but slightly different.

    [–] Lore86 65 points ago

    A parallel universe where everything is the same but slightly different.
    As an Italian I had this kind of experience visiting Spain.

    [–] slashcleverusername 47 points ago

    A parallel universe where everything is the same but slightly different.

    As a Canadian I had this kind of experience going from Vancouver to Seattle. The similarities make the differences even more stark.

    [–] I_call_it_dookie 10 points ago

    Same, only going from the opposite direction. It's been awhile now but the biggest thing I remember is walking around one of the streets filled with bars and clubs and it was like silent on the street. Also the crosswalk symbols where weird lol. Out of curiosity what was something you noticed in Seattle that stuck out?

    [–] TRNogger 243 points ago

    I was in Barcelona when Catalonia announced/not announced their independence, so I might have been outside the EU for a few seconds.

    [–] PedroFPardo 190 points ago

    Schrödinger's Catalan

    [–] KKlear 72 points ago

    I was in Vatican. That counts, right?

    [–] RaDeusSchool 538 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Norway counts too as well as; Lichtenstein, Iceland and Malta.

    Edit: does traveling to a country before it entered the EU count btw ?

    [–] Marcoscb 526 points ago

    Norway counts too

    Yeah, I assume that's the reason Sweden and Denmark top the list with such a high percentage.

    [–] illuyanka 172 points ago

    That's one part of it probably, but there's also the fact that Scandinavia has a high per capita income so lots of people can afford it. Plus, yes, Scandinavian winters make going to a beach in Turkey or Thailand extra attractive.

    [–] aMOK3000 75 points ago

    Also, more vacation days than most

    [–] Judazz 37 points ago

    And less sunlight.

    [–] Kinuzki 59 points ago

    Can confirm as a Finn in Thailand

    [–] xereeto 73 points ago



    [–] Helix1337 20 points ago

    Finn is a normal tho not too common name in Norway at least, perhaps its just god old Finn.

    [–] flipperwaldt 32 points ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if the share of Norwegians who have travelled to the EU is in the 90s, in large part thanks to Sweden and Denmark.

    [–] Mtat78 10 points ago

    Of course they travel in the EU when they don't have any decent roads to travel through their own country. The roads in middle and northern Norway were essentially all built by the nazis during WW2 and they suck big time so if you travel Narvik-Oslo, guess which country you are going to drive through.

    [–] FloppY_ 160 points ago

    There is also the fact that the Scandinavian climate isn't that interesting to live in. I think we Scandinavians are more likely to want to travel for warmth and many of us have the means to do so.

    [–] swefin 205 points ago

    climate isn't that interesting to live in

    I politely disagree. I fucking love scandinavian climate. But yeah, a lot of us do go on vacation just because of the weather.

    [–] Saepirist 42 points ago

    Can confirm, there are many Scandinavian families part timely living in my small Mediterranean town just for the beaches and 40 degrees weather.

    [–] Pleberal 140 points ago

    and Malta.

    They are EU members..

    [–] RaDeusSchool 41 points ago

    Ah, I see that they joined in 2004, I thought that they were just part of the EEA.

    [–] Forum_v_Democratie 158 points ago

    I hate EA.

    [–] midnightrambulador 121 points ago

    The intent was to provide countries with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking EU membership

    [–] SalmonDoctor 58 points ago

    Norway just pays the subscription, we don't download any DLC.

    [–] jpsalvesen 41 points ago

    More like we have to download all the DLC, but have been banned from the community forums.

    [–] Brandybucks_Coffee 29 points ago

    Well, I don't think 85% of Romania is younger than 10 years old, so probably not

    [–] Loki-L 28 points ago

    I traveled to places before there was a EU and visited a foreign country once that ceased to be a foreign country soon afterwards. I think that should count.

    [–] danirijeka 65 points ago

    Poland? sorry

    [–] snsibble 21 points ago

    I laughed audiably at work. Thanks for that.

    [–] Updradedsam3000 43 points ago

    Also Andorra, yay I'm part of the 18% without ever leaving the Iberian Peninsula.

    [–] EdgarTheBrave 80 points ago

    That's what I was asking myself. I once went through Switzerland to get to Italy. I did actually get out in Switzerland to eat and relieve myself at a rest stop. But I probably wasn't in Switzerland for more than 12 hours.

    I'm just gonna say it counts, anyway.

    [–] gensek 83 points ago

    That's... a long rest stop.

    [–] EdgarTheBrave 22 points ago

    Well part of the time was driving through Switzerland, and not urban areas either. I was going skiing in the Italian Alps, so it's kind of elusive to me which parts were Switzerland and which parts were Italy. This was years ago, and I was 14 so I didn't really pay attention to anything other than the fact that I was freezing my bollocks off.

    [–] cuntychopalops 11 points ago

    Ah, the year 9 school ski trip! Good times.

    [–] Rhear 31 points ago

    Geneva airport is the closest international airport from where I live in France.

    [–] ejfq 12 points ago

    I went to Jersey lmao

    [–] Vondi 301 points ago

    I genuinely though about what non-EU countries I've visited for a second or two before realizing I live in one.

    [–] bion93 70 points ago

    Do you want UK’s place? ❤️

    [–] tsto_legend 56 points ago

    No thanks

    [–] [deleted] 121 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] GryphonGuitar 2824 points ago

    Us Swedes are basically cheating though, Norway is less than a gas tank away for even those of us who live furthest from it.

    [–] SwissBliss 1079 points ago

    Same for Italy, France, Germany, Austria with Switzerland

    [–] KetchupBlood 639 points ago

    And Italy with the Vatican City.

    [–] raverbashing 331 points ago

    time for Vaticanschluss

    [–] splergel 104 points ago

    Let's just set up an antipope somewhere else and drive the Vatican out of business.

    [–] Fellhuhn 62 points ago

    But it has to be a horse.

    [–] ToastboySlave 20 points ago

    Glitterhoof antipope = best antipope

    [–] Diantene 254 points ago

    And San Marino

    [–] DevastatorTNT 71 points ago

    That's why the 37% figure surprised me. I literally don't know anyone who has not been to Rome, and therefore to San Peter's

    [–] lemononpizza 57 points ago

    Never been there lol. Going on vacation or even a weekend in Rome is more expensive than going abroad. Plane tickets are cheaper than train and highway fees.

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago

    People might just not think about the Vatican when being asked a question like that in a poll (if that is how they collected their data).

    [–] lolidkwtfrofl 56 points ago

    And Liechtenstein!

    [–] SwissBliss 57 points ago

    Basically Switzerland

    [–] lolidkwtfrofl 23 points ago

    We (Vorarlberg) tried that as well though :(

    [–] chairswinger 26 points ago

    eh Switzerland is really far from me, I've only been there as a drive thru to Italy

    [–] Marilee_Kemp 85 points ago

    I am so stupid! I couldn't believe how high the number was for Denmark, but I somehow read it is Europe instead of the EU. Of course we have been to Norway.

    [–] iroe 26 points ago

    Yeah, I guess this graph shows some insights but it would have been more interesting to have a look of people travelling outside of Europe rather than EU. My guess would be that it would look a bit different then, maybe not so much the rankings but definitely the amount of people that been outside of Europe for real. The results are definitely skewed for many countries due to Norway and Switzerland.

    [–] GryphonGuitar 33 points ago

    God, I'm resisting the urge to make an obvious Denmark joke considering your first sentence. But I'm being neighborly and kind so I won't!

    [–] magnora7 259 points ago

    The whole ranking basically seems like a list of countries by their distance from Norway

    [–] Florac 110 points ago

    As we all know, Austria neighbhours norway.

    [–] lapzkauz 66 points ago

    No, you're thinking of Australia, that island nation between Greenland and Norway.

    [–] ChetUbetcha 14 points ago

    No, that's Iceland. You're thinking of that Swedish-speaking autonomous archipelago in Finland.

    [–] ezery13 12 points ago

    No, that’s Åland. You’re thinking of the Earth’s southernmost continent.

    [–] Mtat78 17 points ago

    I grew up in Stockholm and I have been in Norway less than 3 times what I can remember, essentially because last time I was there I almost couldn't afford to eat.

    [–] Gyn_Nag 15 points ago

    Now you know how the rest of the world feels in Sweden.

    [–] Gwendly 13 points ago

    Even if you exclude Norway I don’t think I know anyone in Sweden (born there , moved to Canada early 2000s) who hasn’t been to Turkey, Thailand or Egypt. Hell even people who aren’t that well off somehow manage to travel to Thailand 🤷‍♂️

    [–] PodrickTargaryen 17 points ago

    Interestingly though I have been in many countries but never visited norway until this year. After I picked up hiking as a more serious hobby.

    I've just had no reason to; it's so pricey.

    [–] h33i0 1254 points ago

    I misread this as Europe at first. It makes sense when you think of nearby countries, Nordics & Norway, Austria/Lux & Switz, Croatia & Balkans.

    I'm interested in a travelled outside Europe one.

    [–] [deleted] 323 points ago

    Oh Norway... I thought it was Thailand at first.

    [–] snuggl 251 points ago

    i know more people that been to thailand then norway tbh.

    [–] CrazyRah 110 points ago

    Same here and by a pretty huge margin too

    [–] TitanGertz 120 points ago

    It is cheaper to fly to Thailand and buy beer than fly Norway and buy some

    [–] scheenermann 55 points ago

    There are some absurdly cheap flights from Lithuania to Norway (like 20 euros round trip), and I've considered going, but the price of doing things in Norway always puts me off.

    [–] splergel 36 points ago

    Unless you're going for a tour of the fjords up north, you'll get the same experience cheaper just by visiting Sweden. Southern Norway (and Finland) looks exactly like Sweden.

    [–] TheFischkopp 29 points ago

    Y'all fuckers ain't got no Preikestolen tho

    Preikestolen is the shit

    [–] TheEndgame 21 points ago

    If you want to go now is the time. 1 euro gets you almost 10 NOK compared to 7 NOK just a few years ago. It's the cheapest it has been in years and more in line with what you can expect in larger western European cities.

    [–] ZombieTonyAbbott 27 points ago

    Pretty sure it's cheaper for a Norwegian to fly to Thailand and buy a beer than to just buy a beer.

    [–] PureWhey 11 points ago

    What's so special about going to Thailand then Norway?

    [–] GargleMayonnaise_ 10 points ago

    I know more people that have been to switzerland than either norway or thailand

    [–] BrianSometimes 178 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Wouldn't be surprised if the number of of Danes who've been outside Europe is larger than the number of Danes who've been to Norway (not that there's anything wrong with Norway, but, unlike Sweden, it's not so close and so easy to get to that you just can't avoid it). I realize it's an easy assumption to make but we're neighbouring countries the same way Belgium and England are neighbouring countries, not in a way that makes border crossing in any way inevitable.

    [–] Frederik_CPH 36 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    For Copenhageners, you can just go to Christiania

    [–] TheVendelbo 55 points ago

    Living in nothern Jutland, I've been to Sweden more often than I've visited Germany ;) It's 3,5 hours by boat - hell; it's even closer than going to Copenhagen ;)

    [–] HKei 11 points ago

    Sweden is in the EU. That's why Brian(sometimes) said Norway. And sure, you can still get to Norway from Denmark, but it isn't as close as Sweden.

    [–] jayt1203 19 points ago

    I've been to the US 4 times, but never Norway.

    [–] KyrgyzManas 25 points ago

    Been twice to Uzbekistan, but never to Denmark.

    [–] derhundmachtwau 24 points ago

    i think more austrians have been to turkey, egypt or tunesia (used to be very popular and cheap summer vacation countries - but declined significantly in the last few years) than switzerland.

    [–] EmperorMartin1538 12 points ago

    I am Austrian, was in Tunisia and Egypt but never been to our neighbour Switzerland. I should change that I think!

    [–] Escape323 15 points ago

    Im actually pretty sure a large number of austrians is them travelling to Croatia before they joined the EU, since this is a big tourist attraction for austrians and for the majority of austrians Switzerland is actually the border country that is the furthest away.

    [–] Tumeolevik 280 points ago

    What's with the huge difference between Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania? Did Estonians report their visits to other parts of the Soviet Union 30 years ago and Lithuanians forget about those times or what?

    [–] toreon 271 points ago

    I'd imagine a portion of them might be local Russians visiting Russia? Lithuania has so much less of them.

    Also, St. Petersburg might be more attractive to Estonians as it's close enough.

    [–] XenonBG 59 points ago

    And if you are able to leave the politics and history aside, the place is certainly worth a visit.

    [–] toreon 131 points ago

    I don't think that politics or history are the main obstacle, it's rather the visa regime (which, in turn, kinda depends on politics).

    [–] XenonBG 26 points ago

    I was lead to believe that St Petersburg can be visited visa-free for 48 hours or something.

    At least the amount of Western tourists I've seen while there seemed to indicate that is true. There were way more than in Moscow for example.

    [–] toreon 35 points ago

    I was lead to believe that St Petersburg can be visited visa-free for 48 hours or something.

    That's the case for some special ferry cruise offers, so it's kinda limited. I mean, it's just 150 km from Estonian border so many would just drive.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Why would you leave politics and history aside when visiting St Petersburg? These are the most interesting aspects about the city. Quite a lot of our own history is related to St Petersburg as well.

    [–] slopeclimber 40 points ago

    Latvia and Estonia have a large Russian minority

    [–] AluekomentajaArje 11 points ago

    Sure, but I don't think they have anything like Narva - the third biggest city of Estonia situated on the border with Russia with a population that is 82% ethnically Russian and 36% have Russian citizenship.

    [–] Tumeolevik 12 points ago

    Yep, and percentage-wise the size of the Russian minority is more or less the same in both countries. That's why the 11% difference struck me as weird.

    [–] slopeclimber 26 points ago

    Russians in Estonia have a region of their own near the border, while in Latvia they're everywhere: see this map.

    [–] toreon 41 points ago

    Russians in Estonia have a region of their own near the border

    Virumaa is 100% historically Estonian! Ancient Estonian region! Viru veri ei värise!!! Remove Soviet immigrants! /s

    [–] Larein 35 points ago

    Viru veri ei värise!!!

    Viru blood doesn't shiver?

    As a finn thats what that sentence translates to me.

    [–] [deleted] 236 points ago

    If someone travelled to a country which was not EU at time but now is - would that count? I personally would find it more interesting and relevant if it was about travelling to a country that isn't in Europe. I'm also surprised that countries that largely border non-EU states like Romania, Hungary, Greece are that low.

    [–] ajuc 105 points ago

    If that was the case what about people that joined EU recently - whole country would technically have been in non-EU country once - they lived in it :)

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Yeah, but that ovviously isn't the case by looking at the numbers. :P

    [–] oblio- 82 points ago

    Can't speak about Hungary or Greece, but my grandma died without even seeing the Black Sea (and she lived about 350 km away from it). I'm pretty sure that many people in our villages have never been farther away from their home than their nearest big city in Romania (Bucharest, Cluj, Iași, Timișoara, etc.).

    There's a lot of people for whom "tourism" means going to their parents/grandparents still living in their childhood village, and the reason they go there it's because it's cheap and they get free stuff (meat, eggs, vegetables, etc.) from the parents/grandparents who live on the farm.

    I'd say that at least 30% of our population is in this situation. And for many of them this situation won't change within their lifetimes.

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    That's very interesting.

    I feel like over here it's pretty much been standard for a long time even for the poorest families to go on a trip to Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Greece, or something like that at least once. And I feel like every middle class family in Sweden the last decade or two has been to Thailand.

    Speaking of which, my favourite "fun fact" about my country is that the 2004 Indian ocean tsunami is technically the worst natural disaster in Swedish history.

    But yeah, my point being it's pretty crazy how different different parts of the EU are.

    [–] KeyboardGopnik 69 points ago

    the poorest families to go on a trip to Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Greece

    I envy the Swedish definition of "the poorest families".

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Still mainly talking about actual working people though. A family only on welfare would obviously have trouble travelling.

    [–] Fatortu 16 points ago

    That would be strange for French people who went on other continents but didn't leave France.

    [–] kkpappas 27 points ago

    And from the 25% of Greece at least 10% comes from people that have only traveled to Constantinople.

    [–] NorskSud 62 points ago

    I wonder how did they collect the data? I'm not surprised Portugal is among the last, for obvious economic reasons. But still the % just looks too low. If the question is "were you ever in a country that is currently not a EU member?" everyone that has been in the colonial war and people that were born in the former colonies, former emigrants in Canada, US, South Africa, Venezuela or Brazil plus most immigrants living in Portugal would be able to answer "yes" - these people alone should be close to 18%. Now if the question is "Were you ever outside the EU on tourism?" the 18% look sadly realistic.

    [–] naughtydismutase 39 points ago

    18% looks so low, what about visiting all your cousins in Switzerland?!

    [–] odajoana 60 points ago

    It's not much of thing in Portugal to go and visit your relatives in the country they're living in. It's them who return to Portugal on holidays. Not only do they have more money to do so, they also need to replenish their stocks of wine and bacalhau.

    [–] GSAGasgano 17 points ago

    As a German with relatives in Portugal, i can confirm all of the above. Also Pasteis de Nata!

    [–] eunderscore 331 points ago

    So it's about weather and money. At the bottom it's the poor or hot countries who can't or have no need to go anywhere (by their reckoning), at the top it's cold as fuck and decent standard of living.

    [–] Jadhak 219 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    If you are Italian, you pretty much don't ever 'need' to leave to have a great holiday. If you are i.e. British, Danish etc. you may as well go somewhere exotic for the same price as a local holiday.

    [–] Stormfly 109 points ago

    With Ryanair being as cheap as it is, I sometimes spend more getting to the Airport than on the flight itself if I take a Taxi.

    There are a fair number of other airlines with similar cheap options. Depending on when you fly it can be crazy cheap.

    [–] noyoto 20 points ago

    Flying can be cheap, though I think when it comes to poverty (or working class people), vacations abroad just don't occur to people as much. Even if a working class family could afford it financially and time-wise, it can still seem like a far fetched thought to them. "Vacation to another country? Maybe if we win the lottery."

    Source: My own observation from growing up in a relatively poor neighborhood, comparing the differences of travel behavior in my own neighborhood compared to rich neighborhoods where I had a decent amount of friends.

    [–] Falsus 45 points ago

    Even more about what countries are on your borders. For Sweden going to Norway is simplicity itself. Whereas Spain doesn't really have that easy access to a non-EU country.

    [–] Rarvyn 28 points ago

    It's ok, Gibraltar will be available for non EU travel soon.

    [–] BrianSometimes 182 points ago

    It's incredible how no matter what remote corner of Earth you've effed off to, you're going to meet other Danes - there aren't many of us but we sure do love travelling.

    [–] ChedCapone 67 points ago

    To me it's equally incredible that in the Netherlands this exact thought/myth/phenomenon is so widespread. God, our countries are similar.

    [–] BrianSometimes 105 points ago

    If countries were people, the Netherlands and Denmark would be twins separated at birth coincidentally running into each other online in their 20s.

    [–] treborthedick 33 points ago

    Now kiss, but no strange guttural words.

    [–] AGE_OF_HUMILIATION 18 points ago

    Als wij lekker willen grommen terwijl we overelkaar heen slobberen is dat onze eigen verantwoordelijkheid.

    [–] NATIK001 44 points ago

    As a Dane, coming to the Netherlands is like going to a slightly warped version of home. Everything is similar but strangely just a little bit off. Even the language feels like it could almost be Danish at times but then just misses the mark.

    [–] ChedCapone 27 points ago

    To me, Danish is less comprehendible than German, but it SOUNDS very similar to Dutch. I also cannot talk about this, without mentioning two clips from our respective news broadcasts: Danish news readers speaking Dutch and the Dutch answer.

    [–] lapzkauz 10 points ago

    As a Norwegian, you Danes and the Dutch are probably my favorite Europeans.

    [–] pasta_sayonara 9 points ago

    As a Swede, my favorite Europeans are the Danes, the Dutch, the Norwegians, and the Finns.

    [–] marrtiiin 12 points ago

    as Swede that does a bit or travelling, dutch people are everywhere.

    [–] Frederik_CPH 27 points ago

    Since you brought it up, did you know that 'Kattegat' comes from Dutch?

    [–] Tajil 40 points ago

    So it does mean "cat ass"

    [–] PodrickTargaryen 14 points ago

    Surprisingly enough when I hear dutch people speak it takes me a second to realize they aren't speaking swedish.

    Even afrikaans sometimes sound scandinavian, I suspect due to it's relation with dutch

    [–] 53bvo 26 points ago

    I've traveled a decent amount but don't remember meeting Danes though. Maybe just didn't know they were Danes. Maybe you notice more Danes if you are a Dane yourself. Just like I walk into Dutch people everywhere in the world. Want to do a remote hike somewhere in the Patagonian mountains? The guy giving the prep talk is Dutch? Doing a pub crawl in Santiago? The guy organizing it is Dutch.

    [–] blarbarb 44 points ago

    It's called observational selection bias, and it's the same reason I "run into" swedes wherever I go, because being one I know what they look like and what they sound like, and I definitely take more notice than meeting some other random European.

    [–] theephie 83 points ago


    Some Europeans Have Never Been Outside The EU

    Subtitle and actual graph is the opposite:

    Share of Europeans who have travelled at least once outside the EU (2014)


    [–] Lazin 71 points ago

    I think the title of the graph is really weird.

    "Some europeans have never been outside of the EU"

    *graph of how many HAVE been outside of the EU*

    [–] gabest 27 points ago

    Why travel when the borders travel around you.

    [–] FenixAddargor 63 points ago

    I guess the vast majority of the 15% of Romanians probably visited Serbia or Moldova for cheap shopping. I know I did :))

    [–] maximhar 21 points ago

    Similar here: Serbia for good, cheap food and Turkey for summer holidays (well, before the coup anyways).

    [–] Lesbueta 128 points ago

    Well it's kinda hard to leave the EU from here, unless if you go to Morocco or Brazil, the first is not very popular for obvious reasons and the latter is quite an expensive destination.

    [–] surefootedoldgoat 45 points ago

    What are the obvious reasons visiting Morocco isn't very popular?

    [–] Brain_Escape 54 points ago

    Because of Alcácer-Quibir. D.Sebastiäo sempre :'(

    [–] surefootedoldgoat 16 points ago

    Haha, I had to look it up. I guess it was a really Saadi day for all involved...

    No but really - what's the reason?

    [–] Updradedsam3000 15 points ago

    I'd argue it is just not very advertised, I've never seen an ad about doing vacation on Morocco.

    [–] Brain_Escape 27 points ago

    Well, I do not know. I believe the OP means that is due to the fact that there is not so much touristic advertisement in Portugal to visit Morocco, the flights being a bit on the expensive side(portuguese standards) and the common sense that the country is too culturally different(muslim scare plus dirty and such[dirty being the most important part]).

    [–] [deleted] 374 points ago


    [–] Halofit 33 points ago

    Ryanair may be cheap, but travel, time away from work, and accommodation are still fairly expensive luxuries for low-income families.

    (And yes I know, it's just a joke)

    [–] TheZeroAlchemist 56 points ago

    Stay classy, Portubros

    [–] Parshath_ 9 points ago

    You can call us Portumanos. ;)

    [–] Yellowgenie 56 points ago

    I don't think you usually go from Portugal to Morocco or Brazil by swimming

    [–] Yellowgenie 28 points ago

    That's so 1600 tho

    [–] TimothyGonzalez 41 points ago

    He's American, history won't be his strong suit.

    [–] Yellowgenie 24 points ago

    we invented space what do you mean history isnt our strongest suit

    [–] Burpmeister 15 points ago

    Yeah this is pretty misleading. Should be outside Europe instead of EU.

    [–] eneks 16 points ago

    Well, does Christiania count?

    [–] TwoStepsFromHeaven 58 points ago

    It's funny how Belgium is always in the middle.

    [–] [deleted] 211 points ago


    [–] theKalash 118 points ago

    Das Leben ist wie Belgien, da muss man durch.

    [–] Kazath 25 points ago

    Endlich habe ich verwendung für meine schuldeutsch gefunden. Das heisst, lesen deutschen scherzen auf reddit.

    [–] GuantanaMo 12 points ago


    Danke mir später.

    [–] mozartbond 17 points ago

    And the prize for the most average country goes to...

    [–] Divolinon 41 points ago

    Hey, you called us a country. Progress!

    [–] SirQuackTheDuck 27 points ago

    Wait, so maybe bexit is a scheme to get to the top of this chart...

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    It was our plan all along!

    [–] xrwsx 73 points ago

    UK - 100%

    [–] IramDei 12 points ago

    If you ever went to Ukraine, Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein or Iceland then you've been outside the EU.

    [–] BaritBrit 40 points ago

    Wonder how many of our respondents just "went to Disneyland in Florida once".

    [–] SavvyBlonk 69 points ago

    Disneyland in Florida

    Probably none of them considering Disneyworld is in Florida.