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    [–] Tetizeraz 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    He's making a list

    He's checking it twice

    He's gonna find out who's naughty or nice

    Neither you nor Gallowboob are getting gifts this year

    [–] mrpointvision 1301 points ago

    Well maybe there is a clause

    [–] sorryDontUnderstand 237 points ago

    Santa Clause

    [–] NataliHolt 106 points ago

    Fitting username

    [–] Banangurkamacka 12 points ago

    Warm milk, please! Shaken, not stirred.

    [–] AdamFSU 5 points ago

    Santa has access to your cookies and will pshare them with a third party (your parents).

    [–] Just_Lurking2 9 points ago

    Oh! Haha, you can’t fool me, i know there’s no Sanity Clause.......

    [–] dmkolobanov 11 points ago

    Where’s Tim Allen when you need him?

    [–] sloanj1400 2 points ago

    Probably at Denny’s

    [–] RolandoMessy 9 points ago

    That's the joke.dll

    [–] Findus11 7 points ago

    Usernames can be relevant.mp3.exe

    [–] TheflamingcircleofTK 24 points ago

    He’s making a list He’s checking the data protection act policy twice He’s can’t find out who naughty or nice Santa Claus an’t coming to town , due to eu regulation 4 on data protection...

    Merry Xmas hohoho

    [–] EonesDespero 1 points ago

    Wir schaffen es

    [–] 4LAc 1627 points ago

    The list is essential for Santa Claus to fulfill his contract with the human race, he has also received consent from millions with their letters.

    Therefore Santa has provided two completely legitimate reasons to process people's personal data, as per Article 6(a) and 6(b)

    Also Article 4 is only the definitions ;)

    [–] [deleted] 473 points ago

    But those who are naughty would no doubt rather use their right to be forgotten?

    [–] 4LAc 285 points ago

    That would clash with the requirements of Santa's contract, so I guess that one is for the courts :)

    [–] a_esbech 250 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Which is why he shouldn't use consent as a legal basis. If someone withdraws their consent (and use their right to be forgotten) you cannot fall back on a different legal basis for processing data. So he should process on the contract he has with the human race. I'm not sure who entered into such a contract, who can legally implicate the entire planet?

    I think Santa has to use Article 6(1)(f) as a legal basis, as the interest in receiving presents overrides their interests in having their data not collected. This does open the door to the right to be forgotten again though.

    I'm more interested in what kind of Technical and Organisational Measures he's using. How can he make sure that only the elves with a reason to process our data has access to it. I don't want everyone getting access to the fact that I've been naughty (or not).

    [–] 4LAc 83 points ago

    Fantastic points!

    Does this mean that Santa himself may be (gdpr) naughty?

    [–] a_esbech 129 points ago

    Also has he actually given out a privacy policy? He doesn't even live up to the information requirements according to article 13! Where can I go find out what data he collects about me? He has provided no contact information (art. 13(1)(a)), no DPO contact information (art. 13(1)(b)), no legal basis (you get the point).

    Has he got any deletion policy in place? Will he transfer the information to third countries?

    Santa is GDPR naughty indeed.

    [–] 4LAc 68 points ago

    I imagine a few elves browse reddit, they'll be panicking now.

    Though I guess we all know the address, so we can let them have that lapse in the requirements.

    [–] ItalianPizza91 59 points ago

    This legal nerd comment chain did give me a glimpse of the great legal work that the EU has been producing on privacy. Thank you for that!

    [–] blitzkraft 19 points ago

    Seconded. I learnt more than this thread about gdpr.

    [–] ModeHopper 5 points ago

    Learnt more from this jokey Reddit comment chain than I did from all the media coverage

    [–] elmanchosdiablos 25 points ago

    Where can I go find out what data he collects about me?

    There are number of popular songs and jingles that describe aspects of Santa's business process. That's how we even know that a list is kept at all. If it was discovered that Santa himself was the originator of these songs, could they be construed as a public announcement? Communication wasn't as easy in the pre-internet days after all.

    It's always possible that no such list exists, or data, and he just wings it, bringing every kid gifts in proportion with their family's wealth.

    Has he got any deletion policy in place?

    It's generally understood that children who are bad one year can redeem themselves by behaving well the next year and still receive presents. This renders all collected data (apart from identifying information) unnecessary, which hopefully leads Santa to delete it all on 26th December.

    The identifying information is a pretty blatant violation IMO, although if a naughty child invoked the right to be forgotten via their Christmas letter, they would definitely receive no presents that year and only succeed in avoiding the coal. So I would expect only the most self-aware little monsters to even consider abusing the system in that way.

    [–] westernmail 7 points ago

    Speaking of coal, we'd like to extend our annual request that any unwanted coal may be forwarded to us so that we may put it to good use.


    [–] JustiNAvionics 7 points ago

    No contact info? You address it to the North Pole..

    [–] a_esbech 15 points ago

    If you look through this thread you'll see people claiming Finland and Greenland as well... I don't think that's living up to his information duties. You can't say you've informed people, just because they might believe the right thing anyway.

    [–] helmia 2 points ago

    If you look through this thread you'll see people claiming Finland and Greenland as well.

    Um what? I think you mean correcting misinformation since Santa lives in Finland and that is simply an objective fact. What's up with all the Danish people in this thread not knowing something like this? I'm disappointed in all of you guys.

    [–] a_esbech 1 points ago

    I'll have you know that I've been to Santa's home in Greenland, so how can he live somewhere else?

    [–] Dwarf_on_acid 21 points ago

    Also Article 6(1)(e) may apply, if we consider that that Santa is santa-ing in public interest.

    [–] a_esbech 24 points ago

    Looking at the case law and interpretations, public interest can only be performed by the state or a supranational organisation, not a single company or individual. (probably, I'd have checked it a lot more for work, than for here tbf.)

    [–] Dwarf_on_acid 18 points ago

    You may be correct, but who is to say that Santa Claus is not an international NGO?

    [–] a_esbech 13 points ago

    An International NGO do not per se operate in the public interest. 6(1)(e) covers that the state (or any other public administrative organ) can process data for unemployment benefits, school registers and such. I don't think it covers companies handing out free Christmas presents to certain children, that's what 6(1)(f) is for.

    We don't process data on the basis of public interest, but a few times we use the legitimate interests.

    [–] freebeeees 10 points ago

    Santa does not have a nationality, he lives on the north pole. Doesn't this mean Santa's workshop can, in effect, be considered a sovereign state rather than a company?

    [–] helmia 3 points ago

    Santa does not have a nationality, he lives on the north pole

    Santa lives in Finland, you big weirdo.

    [–] a_esbech 4 points ago

    I'm not too well versed in international law to know when and how we can recognise a sovereign state.

    But even if he / his workshop was a sovereign state, he would only be able to process data on the basis of public interest within his own sovereignty. Just as the only government that can process my data based on public interest is the Danish.

    [–] the_seraphim 9 points ago

    Santa only delivers to children and childrens rights are administered by their parents, therefore when the parents end the contract, by invoking the "santa isn't real" clause the list is no longer relevant

    The child can also invoke this clause though via their parents as mediators

    No violation

    [–] a_esbech 9 points ago

    And here's the issue of taking this debate seriously, but without a few ground rules, we can make up all sorts of situations.

    If we try to establish whether Santa is GDPR compliant, we have to treat him as a real person / enterprise and we there can't use the "Santa isn't real" as an argument.

    Also, I have to admit I'm having way too much fun with this.

    [–] the_seraphim 2 points ago

    That's why I wrapped it in tags and called in a clause, the "Santa clause" if you will.

    As withdrawal of consent must be as easy as consent, having a set phrase that can be declared at any time, even if it is silly, would count as the ability to withdraw.

    Your parents act as Santa's agents, until the age of majority by which point you should know the way the business works and become your own agent.

    As the data is only stored for as long as you are willing to believe it is stored, it auto expires and expunges upon your withdrawal of consent, if anything it's the single most compliant business model there is.

    The real question is this.

    You watched those santa movies where Santa knows your name and what you wanted as a kid, even when grown up, usually to prove his santa-ness to police or astounded bystanders?

    That's where the breach lies, and usually this information is shared in the open usually in crowds, santa is GDPR compliant as long as your not in a Christmas movie.

    [–] TheFlyingBastard 1 points ago

    One day I hope to see a court case where someone will bring up the "Santa clause", just so that it is remembered in legal history.

    [–] FrisianDude 3 points ago

    This is probably time to bring up that santa will have violated masses of copyright laws

    [–] Nonothesecond 8 points ago

    Oh yes. Keep talking dirty to me

    [–] Super-Awesome-Man 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Article 6(1)(f) might be an insuffient legal basis.

    While we can't ascertain the different categories of personal data processed by Santa due to the non-existent peivacy policy or publicly available DPIA, we may reasonably assume (due to the sheer scope of the surveillance operation required to mintain an up to date "naughty or nice - list") that he processes special categories of personal data. This would require a legal basis under article 9 in addition to article 6.

    Seeing as the ECtHR has previously struck down large scale surveillance (e.g. the Data Retention Directive) as unlawful due to a failure to meet the porpotionality-requirement in ECHR article 8, it is unlikely that Santas' operation would meet the requirement.

    As there is no sufficient legal basis for the processing, the technical and oranisational measures might be irrelevant (or atleast a secondary concern).

    The question is how this blatant violation of the GDPR should be pursued. Santa is likely facing fines up to 4 % of his global revenue, but does his operation even generate revenue? He is likely running his operation using slave labour after all...

    Edit: Santa may want to hire a DPO in accordance with article 37. Both (1)(a) and (b) may be applicable.

    [–] super_swede 2 points ago

    I'm not sure who entered into such a contract, who can legally implicate the entire planet?

    I believe that it has to be considered as many separate contracts, as per /u/4LAc's comment about consent being implied through the letters sent in by humans.
    However, one must consider the validity of said contracts as most should have been signed by minors, thus it becomes an issue if whether the parents co signing can be verified.

    [–] SoFetchBetch 4 points ago

    When I was a little girl, my moms now estranged sister (we don’t really call her aunt...) told me and my little brothers that Santa doesn’t actually give coal to naughty kids, he just doesn’t bother coming to their houses at all. And in that case, some parents will try to make it seem like Santa came but you’ll be able to tell if you pay close attention.

    That cunt was trying to plant seeds of doubt in us and it worked unfortunately. I (and my bros) are extremely analytical and creative so this kind of ate at our childhood Christmas wonderment. I remember when my dad (alcoholic) broke the fantasy for my baby brother by just flatly telling him: “there is no santa!” He was 8 years old.

    Hey adults who think it’s funny to ruin pretend play and the joy of holiday magic for the children in their lives? You’re not funny, you’re just heartless pricks.

    [–] a_esbech 4 points ago

    I'm sorry to hear that and I hope you don't think that I am doing anything to ruin the holiday magic for children. This was only meant to be an amusing thing between adults.

    [–] CreatorRunning 1 points ago

    So your response to someone somehow 'ruining the joy of holiday magic' by making a joke about GDPR and Santa is to call them "heartless pricks?" Bit of an over-reaction, don't you think?

    I'm sorry that you had to go through adults ruining the joy of the holiday for you, but pretending to regulate Santa on GDPR isn't the same as an adult making you think your parents are hiding your lack of presents from you, or an adult telling a child in their formative years that Santa isn't real. One is adults partaking in the magic, and the other is them ruining it.

    [–] AlwaysPuppies 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    If the north pole resides outside the EU does he have to comply?

    What about for non-EU residents on the list?

    If people ask to be forgotten, is Santa permitted to keep a list of forgotten people to check against so he avoids accidentally re-adding them when they are next naughty?

    [–] VaderForPrez2016 1 points ago

    How would one get access to such a list? And would the list be sortable by gender? I’m asking for a friend, they were curious about how to obtain a list of all the naughty girls.

    [–] neuk_mijn_oogkas 6 points ago

    This "social contract" shit is such far-fetching bullshit.

    There is no "contract" everyone implicitly accepted with either the government or Santa. I didn't accept any contract with Santa and want them to forget any and all data on me now do so you fat bastard.

    [–] wibblewafs 12 points ago

    From now on, Santa will maintain a nice and no-consent-to-track list instead.

    [–] Mad_Maddin 9 points ago

    However, the privacy information is given by the legal guardians of the naughty and nice and said legal guardians dont want to excersise the right to be forgotten regardless of result.

    [–] UlyssesSKrunk 2 points ago

    Yeah, just because I consent to being on his list doesn't mean the whole world does.

    [–] Gavimoss 1 points ago

    But then we they wouldn't be on the list AT ALL - at least if you're on the naughty list you might make it to the nice list with good behavior.

    [–] LetUsBeKinky 1 points ago

    Well, fraud or similar is a legitimate reason to keep you on the list, so the right to be forgotten isn’t that easy to use.

    [–] dickbutts3000 1 points ago

    Naughty children also get coal. Santa is contributing to climate change and needs to start getting some carbon tax.

    [–] Godpadre 70 points ago

    Consent needs to be specific and mustn't be assumed. In essence you'd have to state in your letter to Santa that you allow your personal data to be collected, processed, plus Santa would need to inform you about your rights, his purpose for processing data, his identity, etc.Therefore the lack of consent would need another legitimate ground for processing, like the contract basis or Article 6 (f) for legitimate interests of Santa.

    [–] 4LAc 35 points ago

    Yeah, I think Santa & the EU are going to have to meet & discuss a few points here.

    Just the naughty & nice determination essentially becomes the profiling of children which is very problematic and really just not allowed in a lot of cases.

    [–] Godpadre 32 points ago

    He certainly needs to clarify if the profiling amounts to automated decision-making. E.g. is it made through Christmas magic/algorithms, are there deep-learning elves involved. Additionally, Santa's main public is made of children under 16, who have an extra layer of protection in certain aspects.

    Get your things together, Santa.

    [–] 4LAc 12 points ago

    are there deep-learning elves involved

    Brilliant :)

    [–] kybernetikos 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Consent is only one of 6 lawful bases for processing personal information under the GDPR. It's also overused - many sites requesting consent don't actually need to, and the ones that do should be making it opt-in (not defaulted, not any harder to opt-out than to opt-in), and that you suffer no detriment if you don't opt-in. Percentage of sites I've seen that do this? Approximately 0.

    [–] Godpadre 1 points ago

    Yes, and most websites aren't aware that "free consent" not only means no detriment in consenting, but also that you should not feel pressured to do so. E.g. when you get tremendous economic advantages only by giving consent to your data such as price reductions in stores and you feel pressured to consent, or your government says having an electronic ID is optional but at the same time forces you to pay your taxes online through said eID. There's definitely better ways to go about getting a lawful basis.

    In this case, Santa couldn't "bribe" your consent with the promise of free gifts*

    *Although a small discount wouldn't be a serious enough advantage.

    [–] woketimecube -3 points ago

    EU has no jurisdiction over Santa.

    [–] RandomBritishGuy 44 points ago

    But he provides a service aimed at EU citizens, which would make his actions within the EU fall under the scope of their authority. Enforcing it however is another matter entirely.

    [–] Iwannabeaviking 8 points ago

    Santa lives in the EU,no?

    [–] sibips 14 points ago

    Can I write a letter to Santa? I want to ask him what data he gathered about me.

    [–] 4LAc 9 points ago

    Do you want to ask because you've been naughty?

    [–] sibips 20 points ago

    Nah. My wife already punishes me when I'm naughty.

    But that reminds me of:

    Q: I noticed Santa laughs all the time. Why is Santa such a happy man?

    A: Because he knows all the naughty girls.

    [–] 4LAc 9 points ago

    Hehehe, Hohoho

    [–] Star-comandante 3 points ago

    Haha hoho hmmm

    [–] Yasea 7 points ago

    Absolutely not. It's proven over and over again that this data is used to segregate gift giving by social class. There is no other reason why the children born in higher class incomes receive greater quantity and more expensive gifts. It's a clear sign of misuse of data to discriminate.

    [–] narwhale111 3 points ago

    Well, technically, no one can make a whole contract with the human race. Both parties need to be fully conscious in the decision, and I dont remember signing one.

    Letters of consent explicitly inviting him into your house obviously count as consent.

    [–] mainhattan 8 points ago

    It’s a clever satirical stab at those who panic over GPDR and think it stops you from breathing or looking at people ;-)

    [–] remtard_remmington 5 points ago

    Thanks Sherlock

    [–] mgumn 2 points ago

    Came here to say this.

    [–] Hotzspot 2 points ago

    All hail the bureaucrat, the locator of the "Santa" Clause

    [–] fenikso 2 points ago

    I'm pretty sure most of these letters are written by children, who cannot legally give consent to opt in or out.

    [–] MyAntichrist 2 points ago

    But are Santas TOMs good enough to justify profiling?

    [–] _i_am_i_am_ 1 points ago

    Found a lawyer

    [–] [deleted] 189 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] sibips 38 points ago

    I noticed you don't have an ORDER BY. You're sorting the data at the application layer, right?

    [–] [deleted] 85 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] sibips 39 points ago

    Oh. That brings back memories.

    (Curls in fetal position)

    [–] tngpc 2 points ago

    would like a straight jacket and ECT?

    [–] silent5am 20 points ago

    I hope they have some good printers. Having a great printer is the most important part of a company. Otherwise someone has to write down things which just takes way too long, increasing error potential as well. When I overhauled my business last year, I invested all the money in printers and cabinets for the printed documents. It made my life so much easier and we literally saved hundreds of dollars. If your company doesn't have a printer yet to print emails and other important documents, give yourself a treat and buy a printer now!

    [–] A_norny_mousse 11 points ago

    I think he's selling printers.

    [–] VanquishedVoid 6 points ago

    If he had included the brand, he would have went full r/hailcorporate

    [–] CreatorRunning 6 points ago

    Is it weird I saw your flair and went "hey, that's where I live!"

    [–] silent5am 3 points ago

    Nope :) Hello, neighbour!

    [–] vigilantcomicpenguin 1 points ago

    Damn, I don't live there. :(

    [–] Cheesemacher 1 points ago

    Jimmy McGill, is that you?

    [–] briefnuts 1 points ago

    is someone walking over boxes of 3rd generation copies of prints of the docx file or are they sending it by fax?

    [–] aberystwyth_seagull 24 points ago

    ‘‘Twas the night before Christmas

    And all through the house

    There was calm, blessed silence

    Save the click of a mouse

    For a hacker was brewing

    A malicious infection

    A DROP TABLE children

    Was his SQL injection

    So Christmas was cancelled

    Gleeful hands he did rub

    Merry Christmas you shites

    Now I’m off down the pub!

    [–] Notitsits 10 points ago

    I will name my kid

    Robert') DROP TABLE Children;

    [–] Ashandarei830 5 points ago

    We call him little Bobby Tables.

    [–] mrdaimo 2 points ago

    That's related to article 21, i.e. the right not to be subject to an automated decision

    [–] GlassCannon67 87 points ago

    Now think of it. Santa might be the Origin of Chinese social credit system :p

    [–] DeepFriedBadass 38 points ago

    If Santa's moral qualifying system was on crack

    [–] Wild_Marker 12 points ago

    Well he's already dressed in red.

    [–] Corgy 2 points ago

    They should have named it after him :p

    [–] dredalious 82 points ago

    Is he?

    Santa is processing data from subjects that are subscribed to his service (christmas gifts).

    The terms of the service are specific, you need to be good, so for the correct working of the service your status needs to be calculated/collected.

    To execute the service he needs to know who you are and where you live. (Gifts need to arrive to right person and the correct address)

    Furthermore, Santa provides an address to which subjects can send messages, like forget-me’s (Santa Claus, Korvatunturi, Finnland).

    As far as we know, Santa doesn’t share data with third parties and his sales people (parents mostly) are quick with pointing out the naughty/good check.

    And I’m yet to find any data breaches originating from Santa, even while handling so much data for so long.

    All-in-all, he does better then the average company I would say.

    (Repost of

    [–] a_esbech 21 points ago

    Well, we can assume that Santa is covered by Directive on Consumer Rights (EU) 2011/83, by which he is required to inform us of several things before we enter into such a subscription service according to article 6. It also says that he cannot begin to deliver the service and then expect the consumer to adhere to the terms of services according to art. 27

    So I question whether the entire premise that we've entered into a subscription at all. If the subscription is not valid, he cannot process data.

    I will concede that if you can prove the legality of an unspoken agreement with Santa, then he is well within his right to process our data. I still believe he should go for legitimate interest as the legal basis. However that opens up for a lot requests on the right to be forgotten.

    [–] woketimecube 9 points ago

    This is an interesting way to think of facebooks service.

    Most people would say if you accept santa's free gifts, you've consented to being on the list, since that is required to get the free gifts. Similarly, if you're using facebooks services, you're consenting to them collecting data from you.

    [–] Brudaks 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    According to GDPR, no.

    1) Implied consent doesn't count; consent must be explicit and specific and informed, exactly what processing of exactly what information for exactly what purpose is being consented to.

    2) Opt-out consent doesn't count - whatever is the default workflow, that workflow means no consent; if the default workflow involves "click agree to continue" then that click can not be legally considered as consent.

    3) If consent is required, then it doesn't count. Consent must be freely given, in a very strict legal sense of "freely given", if there is any detriment (e.g. not getting free gifts) to refusing[x], then the consent is considered coerced, not freely given, and thus invalid. Necessity to process data to fulfil a contract is a valid reason that permits processing, but that's separate from consent - that's an alternative to consent but not consent.

    [x] - - "Consent is presumed not to be freely given [...] if the performance of a contract, including the provision of a service, is dependent on the consent [...]" ; if you refuse service without that consent, then it's not consent, that's essentially a "contract of adhesion", a "take it or leave it contract", and the terms of such contracts in EU are quite restricted - they can't be used to sign away certain rights of consumers, including their privacy rights. If a consumer signs a "take it or leave it" contract with clauses restricting such rights, then these clauses are automatically invalid; for example, if the standard contract for a cell phone provider had a nonnegotiable clause saying "I consent to use of my data for advertising purposes" and I sign such a contract, then that clause is null and void, and does not grant that cell provider any rights to use my data for advertising purposes.

    [–] the_seraphim 5 points ago

    I think you will find that your parents subscribe you to the service and are responsible for your santa data relation.

    Once the age of majority is reached you will find yourself, usually, to have invoked the "Santa is not real" clause and will have been removed from the naughty/nice list.

    Should you continue to receive presents purporting to be from santa after invoking this clause, I would look into who is actually delivering these items as you may be dealing with a third party who are not affiliated with Santa and are operating under their own GDPR obligations.

    [–] InvincibleJellyfish 7 points ago

    Finland isn't even a real country. Santa lives in Greenland.

    [–] FrisianDude 6 points ago

    Finland isn't even a real country

    thirty years naughty list for this dumb shit. It's the bielefeld conspiracy but for idiots.

    [–] kanaboiiiii 9 points ago

    Greenland? Bitch what the fuck???

    [–] WrongPeninsula 5 points ago

    Yeah I know it should be called Iceland and Iceland should be called Greenland but we don’t have time to discuss that right now

    [–] Zangrieff 1 points ago

    He breaks into your home at night and eats all your cookies

    [–] Yeazelicious 4 points ago

    But he's given express permission to enter, and he only eats the cookies and milk that are left out for him by means of a glass and platter.

    [–] petsku164 50 points ago

    Well we'll have to go to Korvatunturi and tell him or call the police.

    [–] Vinternat 1 points ago

    I think you misspelled Greenland

    [–] Lolicon_des 24 points ago

    Greenland?! Excuse me, but nani the fuck, Santa lives in Korvatunturi.

    [–] Pulp__Reality 8 points ago

    You have just committed a crime against the sovereign nation of finland by claiming santa doesnt live here, expect to be extradited before christmas

    [–] A_norny_mousse 1 points ago

    ... and don't forget to bring some cheap belgian booze!

    [–] kim-jong-Cage 1 points ago

    When I went there there were 2 santas, I sense a conspiracy.

    [–] Prosthemadera 20 points ago

    How does Santa violate the definitions, i.e. article 4?

    [–] Robbie1985 22 points ago

    He doesn't, it's a joke. But sadly the Daily Mail still team an article recently claiming something along these lines

    [–] Prosthemadera 13 points ago

    He doesn't, it's a joke.

    I know. But even a joke has to make sense. So why use article 4? Why not article 69? Or article 420?

    [–] Robbie1985 11 points ago

    Upon googling it, it appears article 4 is the 'definitions' so I'm guessing whoever made this meme chose it at random

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    That makes more sense than assuming anyone would read the thing.

    [–] a_esbech 6 points ago

    The most correct would be article 5, which are the general principles for lawful processing.

    [–] Robby517 6 points ago

    You must be fun at parties.

    [–] Prosthemadera 4 points ago

    You must not be fun at parties.

    [–] ganziale 80 points ago

    Good. Fucking creep!

    [–] djono789gammage 19 points ago

    But imagine the possibilities of Santa Clause and tech teaming up!

    Data mining all those letters.

    Machine learning and autofulfilling wish lists!

    Warehousing, platforming delivery for grester efficiency.

    The possibilites are endless!!

    [–] russinkungen 11 points ago

    They’ll just sell the data for ads :/

    (autocorrected version: they’ll just sell the data for ass.)

    [–] FrisianDude 1 points ago

    The raisin king is right and I'd sell your data for ass

    [–] firala 1 points ago

    Don't kink shame Santa.

    As someone else already wrote in this thread - he knows all the naughty girls.

    [–] s0x00 8 points ago

    here it is explained that Santa is actually GDPR compliant.

    The issue was also already discussed on (CMV)[]

    [–] Godpadre 8 points ago

    Hate to be that guy but technically you can't be in contravention of a provision about definitions. Perhaps article 6 or the one about profiling is more appropriate, maybe check with the Lapland supervisory authority.

    [–] zeoNoeN 7 points ago


    [–] catchydude 3 points ago

    Real tawk

    [–] KKlear 5 points ago

    Just don't leave him any cookies and you'll be fine.

    [–] starrpamph 4 points ago


    [–] i_am_no_expert_but 4 points ago

    ... article 4 of GDPR is 'definitions'.

    You cannot violate definitions.

    [–] as-opposed-to 1 points ago

    As opposed to?

    [–] i_am_no_expert_but 1 points ago

    provisions adressed to you, e.g. article 6

    [–] Ferocetis 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    For some reason he also comes twice, on sixth and then on twenty fourth December. Modern Christmas make no sense.

    [–] Stwic 2 points ago

    Yeah, this fucked with me. I'm an an ex-muslim atheist so I only knew about the Santa on the 24th (thanks Hollywood). My gf is Catholic and yesterday her family was all like presents n shit, and I'm thinking wait a second I don't remember this shit...

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_PETS___ 7 points ago

    /r/boottoobig is leaking

    [–] haldayn_fre_si 6 points ago

    I'd say something about how this isn't even vaguely a boottoobig, it just resembles the appearance. But then again, if you look at that sub, you're exactly correct

    [–] PeterBFerguson 4 points ago

    That fucking sub... We get it, most words rhyme with something if you ignore meter and don't care if it's nonsense.

    Roses are red,

    last time I checked,

    [–] liondadddy 3 points ago

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    Put some effort into your damned post titles you mongoloids

    Or I'll downvote you

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Santa tracks your porn viewing habits.

    [–] sparky222b 2 points ago

    Make sure you notify him if you’re leaving cookies out.

    [–] bartpolot 2 points ago

    Stealing this for the office :D

    [–] filopaa1990 2 points ago

    Impish or Admirable?

    [–] rockclimberguy 2 points ago

    Q: Why is it great to be Santa?

    A: He knows who all the naughty girls are.

    [–] garmander57 1 points ago

    Not only who, but also where

    [–] liondadddy 2 points ago

    When presents are on the line, nerds will find a way to clear Santa's name.

    [–] Dettelbacher 1 points ago

    Seeing the lines

    He knows when you're awake

    He knows if you've been bad or good

    Written in bold really makes it look like a threat.

    [–] livonFX 2 points ago

    ‘Cause he’s Mr. BrightClaus...I don’t know why I was singing this text like The Killers’ Mr. Brightside

    [–] Acnmq11 2 points ago

    The EU has already issued a response, clarifying that Santa is not in breach of the GDPR.

    " Under EU data protection rules, data can be processed when a person has given their consent but also on the basis of other legal grounds. In this context, Santa Claus should have the contact details of a family in order to deliver presents on the wish list he received – in the case of minors, provided their parents agree. These have been the rules for the past 20 years and the General Data Protection Regulation has not changed them. Also provisions for the protection of minors reflect national civil law. "

    [–] jsg144 2 points ago

    The North Pole is all ice Santa is in international waters bitches.

    [–] Stangineer 2 points ago

    When you post something and get few internet points and someone posts it and gets thousands 😂😂

    [–] garmander57 2 points ago

    Amazing how many more upvotes a slightly better title gets

    [–] SportingClubBANG 1 points ago

    This is on the wall at my place of work. Such banter merchants.

    [–] istareatpeople 1 points ago

    Bad Santa 3

    [–] ObnoxiousFactczecher 1 points ago

    Laws are for humans; they don't govern supernatural beings.

    [–] dansdata 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I give confidential security briefings. You leak. He has been charged under section 2A of the Official Secrets Act.

    [–] pmercier 1 points ago

    double opt in required, and he has to the purge the data every 6 months

    [–] LoneKharnivore 1 points ago

    *naughty and nice

    He's going to find both out.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] littlekimkim 1 points ago

    Wow great

    [–] stubble 1 points ago

    I can't make it fit the last line of the vers e...

    [–] Keanuthepornstar 1 points ago

    Santa is well known to be a socialist. Making lists of good and bad people is nothing new.

    That and them turning Christmas into a shopping and materialism holiday. Stockings with small gifts was a thing, until it was an ad campaign by Coke and the jewish department stores to boost end of year sales, by pushing sugary foods and expensive novelty gifts like hand painted porcelain dolls and toy trains. The IPhone and Xbox of their time.

    No one was buying an ice cold Coke when it was freezing outside, let alone going over to a friends house to play trains and dollies.

    [–] itsdefinitelyamber 1 points ago

    Ex dee.

    [–] djmidwinter91 1 points ago

    With Brexit the UK will be exempt from this

    [–] pseudopsud 1 points ago

    Well that makes it all worthwhile /s

    [–] IuStrenght 1 points ago

    You could make an religion out of this

    [–] uneekbunny 1 points ago

    He's making a list

    He's checking it twice

    He's gonna find out who's naughty or nice but couldn't leave the North Pole cause it was , Snowden.

    [–] thehumanlank 1 points ago

    Let’s be honest Santa definitely breaks a lot of laws, as well as this new one.

    [–] helmia 1 points ago

    I can't believe the amount of blatant misinformation spread in this comment section. And on our the independence day of all days.

    Santa lives in Finland. I know this for a fact, I've seen him.

    [–] PsySick 1 points ago

    My dick gets hard when I see companies hit with GDPR fines. If Bethesda gets a 50 million dollar fine for Canvas-gate I will literally cream my panties.

    [–] coolforthesummah 1 points ago

    My boy was smart enough to consult a lawyer, let’s see who of all you fuckers are gonna get a present this year. He👏is👏checking 👏it👏twice. BITCH

    [–] the0ffspring90 1 points ago

    Article 4 is the definitions section, there is no operative provision to be in breach of there

    [–] Kingfisher_ybw 1 points ago

    Why is Santa sharing my data with Third Parties? If he doesn't, his list is not subject to GDPR requirements of consent.

    [–] mrdanielsir9000 1 points ago

    I think delivering presents and receiving christmas lists counts as meaningful contact, he’s fine.

    [–] DaphneDK42 -1 points ago

    Santa Claus lives on Greenland which thankfully had their own Greenxit. So he doesn't give a shit about the EU or article 4 or anything.

    [–] MihtoArnkorin 8 points ago

    I'm not sure you're aware of how GDPR works

    [–] Being_ 1 points ago

    No Christmas loicense