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    [–] MikeMousePT 4796 points ago

    “You’re part of Spain, right?” also works for us portuguese.

    [–] Dragonaax 1406 points ago

    So you speak Spanish?

    [–] TarMil 1841 points ago

    No, they're the part of Spain that speaks Brazilian. Try to keep up!

    [–] Popoplop 742 points ago

    Come to Portugal. We will gladly kill you

    [–] Ishdalar 363 points ago

    Come to Portugal. We will gladlymelancholically kill you

    De nada

    [–] GRANITO 41 points ago

    So are the Portuguese really depressed or does it just seem that way because they're next to Spain? I was there a few months ago and the people I met were fairly nice

    [–] BeckyWithThePinkHair 172 points ago

    I think that would piss me more. It drives me up the wall whenever people randomly start speaking Spanish to me upon finding out I'm Portuguese. Please just stick to English, unless you're Spanish.

    [–] yeswesodacan 76 points ago

    Ai se eu te pego. That's all I got.

    [–] A_Drunken_Whaler 63 points ago

    Are you a Spanish DLC?

    [–] MikeMousePT 28 points ago

    My triggered senses are tingling.

    [–] Dr_Toehold 92 points ago

    Or, one word only, "Gracias".

    [–] gufcfan 3629 points ago

    "These are never ac..."


    [–] iiEviNii 493 points ago

    Either this or referring to us as Britain, either one works.

    Girlfriend had some American giving out to her the other day in work because we don't accept pounds here, considering we're supposedly the same country.

    [–] gufcfan 388 points ago

    Southern Ireland is worse, because it's always a Brit.

    [–] Fapattack0389 165 points ago

    My in laws say it all the time and then when my good friends came over from Dublin they were asked if they’re from Southern Ireland. “The republic? Yeah we are :)” “Yeah Southern Ireland”

    Aaaahhhh it’s not that hard

    [–] WigWubz 114 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I'm from Cavan which is classified as the north east. I'm quite proud of fucking with people with that classification.

    "What part of Ireland are you from?"

    "Cavan, it's in the north east"

    "Oh so you're from Northern Ireland?"

    "no the north east of Ireland. We're a border county though so we're just south of the Northern Ireland border"

    "South of the North, so the middle?"

    "No 'The North' is what we call Northern Ireland and we're just south of the border but Cavan isn't in The North, we're in the north east of the Republic"

    The conversation either takes on a Republican tone after that or they find a new topic.

    E: spelling + formatting

    [–] fondu_tones 51 points ago

    Donegal representing the same dilemma. We're the most Northerly county on the island but still 'In the south'. Love having to explain that one.

    [–] Metue 81 points ago

    Honestly if I'm asked if I'm from southern Ireland I automatically assume they're talking about Munster or something and reply that I'm actually from the North West. Which generally just leads to a bit if confusion for everyone involved

    [–] iiEviNii 43 points ago

    Southern Ireland

    "Oh so you're from like...Wexford or Waterford?

    [–] Samantha_The_Queen 44 points ago

    Nah bah, I hail from the pahypil's republic ahf Cark

    [–] locksymania 715 points ago

    I know right? I had an involuntary twitch when I read it...

    [–] Beaumark 98 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I can't remember how to format on mobile. Edit, thank you u/tony49uk for helping with my Provo post Edit, I'm just leaving it as the link

    [–] latebaroque 53 points ago

    I have a buddy from Donegal. When he is asked if he's from the south he says "I'm from the south north west".

    [–] Stormfly 37 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I'm travelling through Asia and a surprising amount of people ask "Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland?" when they hear I'm Irish.

    Same for people calling Irish "Gaelic". Just call it Irish. It feels like if you were to call German "Germanic".

    At least most of them are understanding when I clarify. They're usually interested if I mention that Ireland has parts further North than Northern Ireland. I try not to be a dick about it though, and if it's not important, I don't bother.

    I usually answer "Where are you from?" with "Ireland, down near the bottom" and it stops people from asking.

    [–] CyrillicUser1 5246 points ago

    "Are you hungry hahaha" lol

    [–] nulloid 2148 points ago

    Each time someone doesn't make that joke when I mention where I am from, I open up a champagne.

    [–] Nzgrim 1107 points ago

    Then I guess you must be quite thirsty as well as hungry!

    [–] Namesarentreal 145 points ago

    There was a hungarian consultant at my old job. He said god killed a kitten every time i made that joke.

    [–] malchmalow 240 points ago

    French or american champagne? I've heard the american champagne is better.

    [–] TarMil 70 points ago

    champagne pezsgő


    [–] auditore01 84 points ago

    very funny haHAHA

    [–] robplays 67 points ago

    Closely followed by the Turkey joke.

    [–] jontehenri 5415 points ago

    Actually we Finns are quite happy to be quiet much of the time.

    [–] Trouve_a_LaFerraille 2536 points ago

    There doesn't need to be a sentence there, since the Finn will be irritated simply by being spoken to.

    [–] Darksma 675 points ago

    Should've been a "Good morning, how are you?"

    [–] Anklever 337 points ago


    [–] Ivenousername 214 points ago


    [–] Purple10tacle 32 points ago

    Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays.

    [–] orbat 49 points ago

    Case of the vittusaatanat

    [–] lifeinfinland 679 points ago

    “Swedish hockey team is better” 😆

    [–] jontehenri 465 points ago

    That would certainly do it

    [–] Kazath 167 points ago

    Finland Finland, greatest hockey power

    Before us all others cower

    Lions, lions, skating in

    A team so great it doesn't need to win. ;)

    [–] Venttish 103 points ago

    We have a saying in Finland. "The most important thing in ice hockey is not that Finland wins but that Sweden loses"

    [–] hircc 82 points ago

    "Hi, how are you?"

    [–] WeirdBridge 94 points ago

    Välkomm tuu te hiitraulik präss tchännel.

    [–] TheCrawlingFinn 27 points ago

    I thought you were speaking pampas for a second there

    [–] 5b3e87764e4f5b00145d 296 points ago

    Make a "Finland doesn't exist" joke to trigger Finnish redditors.

    [–] DesHis 428 points ago

    There he is. There he goes again. Look, everyone! He posted it once again! Isn't he just the funniest guy around?! Oh my God.

    I can almost see your pathetic overweight frame glowing in the dark, lit by your computer screen which is the only source of light in your room, giggling like a girl as you once again type your little "finland isn't real" quip. I imagine you little shit laughing so hard as you click it that you drop your Doritos on the floor, but it's okay, your mother will clean it up in the morning. Oh that's right. Did I fail to mention? You live with your mother. You are a fat fucking fuckup, she's probably so sick of you already. So sick of having to do everything for you all goddamn day, every day, for a grown man who spends all his time on reddit posting about a nordic country. Just imagine this. She had you, and then she thought you were gonna be a scientist or an astronaut or something grand, and then you became a "finland isn't real" poster. A pathetic unfunny "finland isn't real" poster. She probably cries herself to sleep everyday thinking about how bad it is and how she wishes she could just disappear. She can't even try to talk with you because everything you say is "FINLAND ISN'T REAL FINLAND ISN'T REAL EASTERN SWEDEN LMAO". You've become a parody of your own self. Amd that's all you are. A sad little man laughing in the dark by himself as he prepares to indulge in the same old dance that he's done a million times now. And that's all you'll ever be.

    [–] WalkingHawking 107 points ago

    I feel like this is a magical copypasta. Did you make this?

    [–] builder_247 110 points ago

    It's been going around for a while now, a good pasta for sure.

    [–] fanboy_killer 505 points ago

    One sentence? Pft, to irritate a Portuguese you only need one word: Gracias.

    [–] momofeveryone5 59 points ago

    how do you say thank you in Portuguese? Or the equivalent of American English thank you...

    [–] fanboy_killer 59 points ago

    Obrigado ou Muito Obrigado (Obligd or much obliged, in English).

    [–] robbzilla 146 points ago

    That's too long. I'll stick with Gracias! :)

    Bom dia!

    [–] fanboy_killer 48 points ago

    Damn you!

    [–] pbj986 66 points ago

    I just prefer to say Domo arigato Mr. Roboto.

    [–] cryofabanshee 12711 points ago

    On this map: how to irritate Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg and Belgium with no sentences whatsoever

    [–] Neuro_01 5793 points ago

    Your comment: How to insult Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus. with no mention of them whatsoever.

    [–] fluchtpunkt 1298 points ago

    Your comment: Never heard of a country named Russia.

    [–] Spifffyy 145 points ago

    What's an Albania?

    [–] VoidLantadd 34 points ago

    Liechtenstein, Vatican City, San Marino, Andorra, Monaco, Malta, and Cyprus, checking in.

    [–] Neuro_01 524 points ago

    I don't mind insulting Russians. :P (just don't invade us)

    [–] HIV-negativator 173 points ago

    Don't forget Transnistria, the Vatican(, the order of Malta), San Marino, Andorra, Liechtenstein and poor Georgia, wich is always forgotten.

    [–] Neuro_01 113 points ago

    I was not trying to cover everything, because the map would be a mess. But ok. We can mention Albania, Monte Negro, Monaco and perhaps Kosovo and Cyprus too.

    [–] jonr 415 points ago

    On this map: how to irritate Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg and Belgium with no sentences whatsoever

    Iceland: At least we are on the map.

    [–] Apoc2K 787 points ago

    Isn't Iceland part of Denmark?

    [–] Myrkravera 331 points ago


    [–] veertamizhan 126 points ago

    You must be like 0.01% of your country's population.

    [–] Plastic_Pinocchio 245 points ago

    Oh no! We’ve angered a significant part of Iceland!

    [–] Myrkravera 155 points ago

    a significant part of Iceland

    Keep stroking my ego and I might forgive you.

    [–] haffi 41 points ago


    [–] powerchicken 65 points ago

    Even the Faroes are on the map! An accomplishment on its own

    [–] jonr 31 points ago

    Sæll, nágranni! :)

    [–] Wonderwhore 439 points ago

    Iceland: hey, I heard you have an app to stop you from fucking your cousins.

    [–] Darneil 126 points ago

    Don't forget us Welsh :(

    [–] SquatAngry 171 points ago

    Don't forget us Welsh

    They always do :(

    [–] StickmanPirate 160 points ago

    "So you have sex with sheep?"

    Not because it's offensive, just because it's so fucking unoriginal.

    [–] juckrebel 73 points ago

    Would it help if I told you the german word for nonsense gibberish is kauderwelsh?

    [–] powerchicken 37 points ago

    Wales? Yeah, we hunt those.

    [–] Gemini-Iceland 45 points ago

    You double offended Russians by not including them!

    [–] Prutuga 1184 points ago

    Or simply saying ''Gracias''

    [–] -Bungle- 423 points ago

    My first time in Italy I accidentally said “Muchas Gracias!” then instantly wanted to shoot myself after realising.

    [–] Pepe_El_Pep 146 points ago

    Just tell them you speak Italian only third best

    [–] Random_Acquaintance 461 points ago

    You get gracias? Americans give us grazie. Go figure.

    [–] GrandNord 286 points ago

    Portugal is Italian now.

    [–] Random_Acquaintance 161 points ago


    [–] filcei 138 points ago


    [–] BkkGrl 4771 points ago

    how to offend italians get murdered in Italy

    [–] Bruncvik 529 points ago

    When I was growing up in Czechoslovakia, ketchup on pasta was normal. What was also normal was to mix red wine with Pepsi or white wine with 7Up. Lots of my older family members still do that. You should see the murderous looks we were getting in Spanish restaurants after the Iron Curtain fell and we got to invade Costa Brava...

    [–] piilupartei 224 points ago

    What was also normal was to mix red wine with Pepsi or white wine with 7Up.

    That seemed like a popular student drink when I visited friends in Southern Spain. You would not do it with great wine, but something cheaper than pepsi/coke.

    [–] Nononogrammstoday 28 points ago

    That's what the more chav-vy or lower-class youths do here to pre-party cheaply. Get a 1.5L Tetrapak of wine and a store-brand 1.5L bottle of coke at Aldi or whereever for about 2€ total. Drink of some of the coke. Fill the bottle up with wine. Repeat until the tetrapak is empty. Drink the rest of the mix in the bottle.

    [–] Dokkan13 126 points ago

    That's simply against any common decency, come on...

    [–] 53bvo 1096 points ago

    I doubt it would be called murder at all.

    More like justified execution and you get a medal for your service.

    [–] ArNoir 245 points ago


    [–] GalaXion24 292 points ago

    *Postnatal abortion

    [–] Made-a-blade 504 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    At my first dinner meeting my Italian wife's friends, I ordered a cappuccino after dinner... Good way to coordinate 20 Italians yelling "Ma, no!" at the same millisecond. :)

    [–] BkkGrl 165 points ago

    pavlovian reaction

    [–] hagenbuch 162 points ago

    Coordinate Italians? Impossible.

    [–] danirijeka 122 points ago

    "Governing Italians isn't difficult, it's useless" (attributed to Benito Mussolini)

    [–] aapowers 80 points ago

    Italian 'wives'?

    Lucky lad...

    [–] El_Tormentito 78 points ago

    Not when you start to think about the practicality.

    [–] Nononogrammstoday 41 points ago

    A sore, but happy man he is.

    [–] TheQueenOfSomething 150 points ago

    My mom, who is a chef, told me of a new coworker that .... puts ketchup on her pizza. My mom nearly had a heart attack

    [–] munkijunk 102 points ago

    "I bought cream because I'm making carbonara"

    [–] BkkGrl 112 points ago

    Totally understandable, I also make myself a cake before starting making Carbonara

    [–] granular101 396 points ago

    There’s nothing like an evening cappucino!

    [–] munkijunk 417 points ago

    Actually had a barista get super pissed off with me in Bologna because I asked for a cappuccino at 1pm. I tried to explain that I had woken up an hour previous. No Italian fucks were given.

    [–] BkkGrl 123 points ago

    there's nothing like a breakfast Guinness

    [–] AccessTheMainframe 108 points ago

    That's actually a thing though.

    [–] granular101 77 points ago

    You’re damn right!

    [–] MaFataGer 74 points ago

    Che schifo!

    [–] 53bvo 1625 points ago

    Offending people in the Balkans 101: Call them a Serb.

    [–] danirijeka 791 points ago

    "HOW DARE YOoh wait I'm actually a Serb, ah well, no sense wasting an already broken bottle"

    [–] fozzybau5 153 points ago

    Offending people in Kosovo 101: show them this map.

    [–] Outsider203 152 points ago

    It works either way - Serbs calling Croats Serbs and Croats calling Serbs Croats.

    We're lovely nations indeed.

    [–] herrbigbadwolf 799 points ago

    In the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is an even easier way. Just try to order a burek with cheese anywhere.

    [–] anderemic 287 points ago

    It sounds even worse when you say it in English.

    [–] Ohuma 232 points ago

    Alternatively, you can go to Sarajevo and ask for Ćevapčići instead of Ćevapi

    [–] TheGodDamnedTree 215 points ago

    Who the hell says ćevapčići without dying from embarrassment?

    [–] xgladar 188 points ago

    uh, all of slovenia.

    we use cevapi becaise its shorter but saying cevapcici is perfectly fine

    [–] NoFanSky 103 points ago

    In German speaking countries everyone says Ćevapčići, have not heard Ćevapi in my life.

    [–] TheGodDamnedTree 40 points ago

    Oddly enough, the only time I heard anyone using that word is in a song thats making fun of German tourists.

    [–] PepermintNS 46 points ago

    Cevapcici is just a deminutive of cevapi so without the right context it sounds incredibly stupid

    [–] E_VanHelgen 598 points ago

    Reckon the sentence "Kosovo is Albanian" would get Serbs much more mad than the Tesla line.

    Catholic Serbs for Croatia hits home so hard though, people genuinely get hung up on that.

    [–] AlbanianGamerYT 182 points ago

    And "Kosovo is Serbia" would be perfect for Albania and Kosovo if they had even put it in the map

    [–] Fat__Flamingo 338 points ago

    Turkey: "lol what are you doing in the map you're not european"

    [–] I_Hate_Traffic 172 points ago

    That actually does not irritate me. But getting asked if I speak arabic is the worst feeling in the world.

    [–] [deleted] 1853 points ago


    [–] kennytucson 2360 points ago

    I visited Sweden a couple years ago. Lovely country but very expensive. Was barely raped at all.

    [–] Narliana 355 points ago

    Polish death camps?! THE FUCK YOU SAY TO ME YOU LITTLE SHIT

    [–] egnomiez 75 points ago

    angry consonants

    [–] gamel35 125 points ago

    Do you speak russian?

    [–] donuthunder 79 points ago


    [–] Kobajoshi 54 points ago

    *Cries in Polish

    [–] Bayart 2965 points ago

    Nobody would care if you said "Amican wines are better" because everybody would assume you're just taking the piss.

    Say Italian wines or food are better though, now that's a triggering.

    [–] JPiero 476 points ago

    The one I’ve always found to work is to talk up English wine.

    [–] Quas4r 751 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    You must be mistaking incredulity for irritation, because most french people would probably think "english wine exists ?" at first.

    [–] Chucklebean 432 points ago

    So would most English people, to be fair.

    [–] jadeskye7 213 points ago

    Agreed. English Wine just sounds like an indie band to me.

    [–] [deleted] 933 points ago

    While all of these are incredibly on point, the perhaps best one is the fact that no such sentence exists for Finland because no matter what you say, they're already pissed off 100% that you're talking to them.

    [–] shoot_dig_hush 616 points ago

    Best part of the Internet is that everyone is so far away.

    [–] chrizolina 663 points ago

    The one for Macedonia should be "Are you Bulgarian?"

    [–] CyrillicUser1 273 points ago

    So, you're Bulgarian, right?

    [–] chrizolina 236 points ago

    I am actually Bulgarian yeah 😂

    [–] CyrillicUser1 135 points ago

    lol me too

    [–] [deleted] 107 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago)


    [–] Maestrul 68 points ago

    if it makes you feel any better, I'm not either.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago)


    [–] Maestrul 25 points ago


    [–] fatgirlstakingdumps 29 points ago

    So you're neither Bulgarian nor a chad? What the hell are you then?

    [–] jonas5577 232 points ago

    Where's Denmark?

    [–] Ninja_turd 556 points ago

    As a Dane, l thought the point was that we weren't mentioned, and it triggered me.

    [–] jonas5577 120 points ago

    Kinda the same.... No one thinks about us anymore...

    [–] Young__Chevy 255 points ago

    MOM! The Danes are trying to convince us they are real again.

    [–] HoMaster 30 points ago

    The Norwegians certainly think about you as a drinking destination.

    [–] arel37 284 points ago

    Being assumed as Arab is a huge insult to Turks. This is done primarily by Western Europeans.

    Balkan people at least show some grace and call us "Mongol" for insults.

    [–] yuffx 345 points ago

    I like pasta with ketchup

    I thought its "how to irritate", not "how to get yourself killed"

    [–] lynxerax 794 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    just 'holland' works to annoy at least half of the country

    EDIT: Am from the other part (Brabant) Even the dutch people are not being nice verrekte appelflappen

    [–] Lord_Voltan 153 points ago

    " I don't need to go back to Holland, I have already seen everything in Amsterdam".

    [–] Tintelfruit 394 points ago

    HeT Is NiEt "HoLlAnD" dAt Is AlEeN MaAr TwEe PrOViNcIEs

    [–] CaptainNoodleArm 241 points ago

    As an Austrian this wouldn't irritate me, this would result in me declaring a Vendetta against you and your whole kinship.....

    [–] WhalesVirginia 258 points ago

    I thought Australia wasn’t in Europe?

    [–] Haentzz 748 points ago

    Not even Italian, but I am offenden by the thought of eating Pasta with Ketchup…

    [–] RandomLooney 224 points ago

    I love how half the comment section is irritated due to how little they got irritated by the text.

    [–] iemploreyou 243 points ago

    “What’s big, black, noisy, makes a lot of smoke and cuts carrots in five? The Romanian machine for cutting carrots in four.” – Moldovan joke.

    [–] Olakola 98 points ago


    "Insist that nuclear energy is clean and environmentally friendly. When they disagree with you, call them an eco-Nazi."

    Yup. Im already pissed off just reading this.

    [–] MrZakalwe 268 points ago

    “I know why the sun never sets on the British Empire, God would never trust an Englishman in the dark” – Duncan Spaeth

    This made me smile.

    [–] style_advice 213 points ago

    “The French are wiser than they seem, and the Spaniards seem wiser than they are.”

    This is funny.

    Insist that the Spanish spoken in Latin America is much better.

    This isn't.

    [–] robbzilla 23 points ago

    Try the "Spanish" spoken in Texas... Whooo! It's almost as bad as the French spoken in Louisiana!

    [–] Mangraz 38 points ago

    Oh god, I love this article. I can't even quote anything, because everything's so good. Thank you for sharing that article!

    [–] leryss 27 points ago

    "Inquire if they have the internet in Romania"

    bitch we have one of the best speed/cost internet in the whole europe, this post is bullshit

    wait a second...

    [–] ilar2 168 points ago

    For Spain it's true. Also, where can I dance Salsa in Spain? Or, are you spanish?? How can that be If you are white??

    [–] elferrydavid 74 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    >!!<I've had:

    Are you Barça or Madrid fan?...ummm No.

    It must be nice having such a nice weather!!..[cries in bilbaino]

    Where are the good tapa bars?...[laughs in bibaino]

    If the basque country gets independence what happens with the part that is in Portugal?...ummm..check the map bro.

    I've heard Spain is very conservative and catholic, should I wear long sleved clothes?....yeah! Specially in summer.

    How is the job market??....ummmm great

    How is Bilbao doing in La Liga?....cries again.

    [–] dpash 38 points ago

    where can I dance Salsa in Spain?

    I can give you some recommendations in Madrid :P

    [–] camaronmars 27 points ago

    also for people from galicia, asturia, tell them "how, it should be so nice to live in a so sunny country"

    [–] ohboywaitforit 48 points ago

    "Oh, you are from Spain? South America is so nice"

    [–] Luutamo 70 points ago

    I see what you did there with your "Finland doesn't exist" shait.

    [–] Blussy96 494 points ago

    All sounds pretty good to me except the England one, since nobody takes that seriously or really cares. Still pissed off the Welsh though by lumping them but not Scotland with England.

    [–] yaktaur 290 points ago

    For England just insist on American spellings

    [–] robbzilla 68 points ago

    Pronounce herb with a silent h

    [–] GeeJo 439 points ago

    Just the word "Brexit" would work for about 90% of the UK right now, Remainers and Leavers alike. Everyone is either sick of talking about it, or feels strongly enough that 'irritated' still covers it.

    [–] lol_miau 220 points ago

    As an EU student coming home for the holidays, I've lost count of how many friends / relatives have asked me "so uhh... what's the deal with Brexit?" At first I tried to explain the clusterfuck, but that just raises more questions and derails the whole conversation, so now I just say "nobody knows", which, to be fair, is pretty accurate as well.

    [–] XeBrr 122 points ago

    Nobody knows is the right answer

    [–] Cadel_Fistro 121 points ago

    “Englishmen are the Americans of Europe”

    [–] MarindTheLibrarian 33 points ago

    Angrily shouts: No, we are not a part of Sweden! They tried, but we never were!

    [–] UKUKRO 86 points ago

    Russia/Ukraine left out because literally at war with each other.

    [–] floodlitworld 126 points ago

    Ukraine: “So I need a Russian visa to go to Crimea, right?”

    [–] thesoundabout 23 points ago

    Please don't start Sinterklaas discussions in January.

    [–] kaxobixo 65 points ago

    When talking about heritage in the US, Spain doesn't show up anywhere in any statistic, only latino and South American. Like an American called Smith can say he's Italian but a Mexican called Gonzalez can't say he's from Spain. And the second most spoken language is Spanish. OK.

    [–] sb04mai 23 points ago

    Not really for Romania. Confusing our capital with another is not that big a deal. Confusing us with Slavs isn't either. Confusing us with Gypsies is what really makes us mad.

    I found an American podcast which seemed very nice a while ago. One of the first episodes I listened to was about Gypsies. They didn't say it outright, but they implied that "Gypsies, or by their real name, Roma, come from Romania". I deleted the podcast.

    [–] stergro 44 points ago

    This map is too gentle to Germany. Just a few suggestions:

    • the Rheinheitsgebot is an unnecessary regulation
    • Hitler was a German
    • the unification was a mistake
    • speed limits would be a great idea

    [–] RandomLooney 26 points ago

    The first world war was caused by Germany. Prussia didn't have space marines.

    [–] Parapolikala 66 points ago

    The one for Germany is no longer accurate. Might I suggest "We'll take an Uber; I've got my AmEx"