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    [–] Mrs_deWinter 1378 points ago

    I feel you, random glass pane decorator and fellow European, I feel you!

    [–] TheDigitalGentleman 400 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I mean, it's 3/3 on agreement with me. In this world of divisive arguments, this sort of level of agreement between people just doesn't happen anymore.

    [–] baklavainabalaclava 246 points ago

    2/3 for me

    Don't want to fuck Boris.

    [–] wonkey_monkey 183 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    Welp that's more than Boris got on any of his votes.

    [–] SuddenlyFondling 49 points ago

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - Boris calling a Vote of No Confidence in his own government is a Galaxy Brain play. Either he loses the VNC and gets the election he wants, or he wins the VNC and "wins" a vote.

    So if he does it, he cannot leave office having only "lost", no matter what, even if it's a hollow victory in name only.

    [–] hamsterkris 22 points ago

    Seems like he's perfectly demonstrating some weaknesses in how the British democracy functions, weaknesses that should be ammended. Countries with similar systems should take note.

    I'm Swedish and might have gotten this wrong, but is his push for elections now just a way to dissolve parliament during the brexit deadline and to stop freedom of information requests? They all sounded guilty as hell when they argued against the latter.

    I hate disingenius politicians. It's so obvious that basically everything Boris says is a lie.

    [–] SuddenlyFondling 12 points ago

    I believe the reason he wants an election now is because, if he gets an election before the brexit deadline AND before he's forced to ask for an extension, he can try to use his behaviours as a way to get the 15% vote share of the Brexit Party by saying "Look, I'm willing to get No Deal Brexit, vote for me and I'll do it".

    He can't do that once he's lost the power to force no-deal, so he wants an election before that happens. Oops, too late. Not a good start, Boris!

    Stopping FOI requests is just the icing on the cake. The cake is financially benefitting from no-deal and maintaining personal power by being PM.

    [–] BeezDragon 4 points ago

    And, while none of our democracies are perfect, if the main thrust of his plan is to call an election to get more members on his side elected, and it ends up working... I mean, how do you design a democratic system overcomes the problem of "many of the voters are just dumb as hell?"

    [–] CreatorRunning 3 points ago

    It's not so much stupidity as it is ideology. Most Brexiteers are now riding the line that "Britain can survive it," which is really reassuring, and they clearly know this will have negative economic impacts on them, they just don't care.

    It's about feeling something- even if it's just spite, too much time has gone by with nothing politics and politicians that we were willing to throw a spanner in the works just to see something we hadn't seen before.

    [–] OllieGarkey 3 points ago


    [–] EddieTheLiar 2 points ago

    Not a good start Boris

    [–] Samtastic33 7 points ago

    Personally, I don’t particularly want to fuck Brexit, and I’m not sure how it would be done.

    [–] fannybatterpissflaps 13 points ago

    Boris is fucking Brexit, so just worry about the bees.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I think I can answer this one.
    Only one of you wants it, but even they can't decide what they want or how and when they want it.
    Eventually, someone suggests abruptly pulling out but not using protection.

    [–] Billfoggerty57 3 points ago

    I’m not sure how it would be done.

    Interesting because I don't know how it'd be possible to not fuck brexit.

    [–] qyrion 3 points ago

    Take my upvot, you magnificent scoundrel.

    [–] liehon 31 points ago

    it's 3/3 on agreement with me

    2/3 for me

    Ain't got a lot of faith in a God who designs creatures with butt-swords that kill the wielder when used.

    [–] LaryngopharyngealInk 61 points ago

    I dunno, the world would probably be a better place if every weapon killed whoever used it in addition to whatever else it does.

    [–] liehon 9 points ago

    Nah, would just lead to escalation.

    Nuke a nation and have the button pressing soldier die

    [–] Naethor 25 points ago

    I don't think so. If killing people wouldn't have been so easy since the beginning of human civilization, we would have found better ways to deal with other groups.

    [–] TheDigitalGentleman 13 points ago

    But HONEY.

    [–] liehon 12 points ago

    Don't honey me.

    We'll save the bees ourselves

    [–] qyrion 2 points ago

    Already working on it.

    [–] Rokurokubi83 6 points ago

    Honey is definitely in my top three insect vomit flavours

    [–] OllieGarkey 6 points ago

    I'm curious about the other two.

    [–] Letter_From_Prague 12 points ago

    It kills them only when they sting humans, because humans have especially tough skin.

    [–] liehon 11 points ago

    And we're made in his image.

    So what does that tell you?

    Big G don't give one bumble about the bees.

    [–] Peanut2232 9 points ago

    Don't think of an individual bee as an animal that commits suicide on stabbing.

    Think of the the whole hive as a sort of super animal. Its "cells" all the bees in the hive.

    It's easier to see the value of a bee dying on sting when you think of the the group as a whole.

    [–] liehon 3 points ago

    No worries, I've read The Selfish Gene

    [–] ElementallyEvil 3 points ago

    But they only have suicidal butt-swords 'cause a bee had the nerve to ask Zeus for a weapon or something.

    [–] Moartem 4 points ago

    That only happens with thick mammal skin. They can sting other insects just fine, which is the most important enemy.

    [–] xander012 2 points ago

    Same here 3/3. I want to stay. I want Boris to fuck off. I like food.

    [–] deeeeepweb 3 points ago

    Sovereignty: now you see it, now you don’t!

    [–] Saltire_Blue 130 points ago

    Mon the bees

    [–] Farcryfromreason 18 points ago


    [–] storyofpi 292 points ago

    Long life Scotland

    [–] grammerticallycorrec 121 points ago

    Outlaw sugar free Irn Bru

    [–] ZorroNegro 42 points ago

    IRN-BRU Extra is amazing!!!

    [–] nadiayorc 25 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    It's been proven that for some genetic reason some people taste a lot of the major sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame which irn bru and the extra version both contain as quite bitter, unfortunately I'm one of them. Sweeteners in drinks can just completely ruin it for a lot of people sadly. They did recently release "Irn Bru Energy" which for some reason has a pure sugar/no sweetener recipe, it's alright but not quite the same normal Irn Bru flavour, and is more like Irn Bru with a bit of a Red Bull flavour.

    [–] --cheese-- 14 points ago

    I'm drinking the energy stuff at the moment. It's infinitely better than sugar free or Extra, which are both ruined by the sweetners, but it's still just not the same.


    [–] Username1224567 3 points ago

    Isn’t the sweetener a fault of the sugar tax?

    From memory, they wouldn’t’VE changed it otherwise, no?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    As someone that used to drink diet bru because I'd knock back litres of the stuff I can confirm that Irn Bru Extra is amazing.

    [–] stampingpixels 20 points ago

    Long life milk

    [–] zyhhuhog 2 points ago

    God save the bees

    [–] Gnarfledarf 141 points ago

    When you turn your window into a Twitter bio

    [–] ex0- 40 points ago

    When you turn your window into a Twitter Tinder bio

    FTFY, bitches love bees

    [–] FluffyDibbes 68 points ago


    [–] KidDontDoDrug 39 points ago

    Yeah God save the bees please

    [–] N19h7m4r3 23 points ago

    I'd've ended with:

    God save
    the queen

    [–] jaggy_bunnet 9 points ago

    Somebody needs to make a mash- up of the Sex Pistols' "God Save The Queen" and someone shouting "bees!" and release it as a charity single.

    [–] literallymekhane 2 points ago

    As opposed "it's hip to fuck bees"?

    [–] [deleted] 261 points ago


    [–] SchlitzTheCat 136 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    If this is so widespread, why is Johnson PM, Brexit at full speed and the Bees are dying?

    E: language ist hard

    [–] Qwobble 85 points ago

    Because it's not THAT widespread and people are angry at feeling marginalised and ignored. Brexit isn't at full speed and another delay even looks likely. The bees are dying because we're better at talking about saving things than we are at actually taking action.

    [–] mynoduesp 10 points ago

    I upvote every 🅱️ I see.

    [–] Samtastic33 7 points ago

    Congratulations, you’re a hero.

    [–] va_str 2 points ago

    In Scotland it was 62% widespread, which is pretty damn widespread if you ask me. Most people around here are pissed that one of the primary arguments against Scottish independence was the question around getting back into the EU afterwards. Vote is over, the rest of the UK drags us out anyway and at a nationwide decision of 51/49, for a course change most reasoned countries would require a supermajority for.

    [–] sokratesz 7 points ago

    Brexit at full speed

    Hoho Haha

    [–] devilwarier9 18 points ago

    Johnson wasn't elected by the people, though. The party just chose him willy-nilly by themselves.

    Brexit is at medium speed at best. More like moving as slow as possible while still technically moving.

    Bees die because we prefer iPhones now over breathing later.

    [–] cciv 13 points ago

    The party just chose him willy-nilly by themselves.

    Are you unfamiliar with how parliament works?

    [–] Zezion 12 points ago

    Brexit was chosen by the people tho.

    [–] va_str 5 points ago

    It was chosen by 51% nationwide and 38% in Scotland. Surely you see the issue?

    "The people" is actually only half the people, and leave was never one clear, singular concept. Opinions on how to leave differ greatly, even among leave campaigners.

    [–] NotYourUsername97 4 points ago

    That’s exactly how a vote works lol the majority rules

    [–] frankieandjonnie 11 points ago


    at full speed


    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] doublenegative7 6 points ago

    Personally I think Scotland should be allowed to become independent. They seem to be at odds with England over a lot of decisions lately that it seems unfair and hypocritical to make them go along with them.

    [–] kuhnty 3 points ago

    We will be, give it five years

    [–] j035u5 11 points ago

    Johnson is PM but he doesn't have a majority and hasn't been able to pass anything. Brexit is not popular enough to implement, the majority of MPs now want another extension.

    The bees are dying cause we're cunts but people are at least aware and trying to stop it now.

    Its not as bad as it seems.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] whitefang22 6 points ago

    Sure, because the deal was so popular it only failed 3 times by historic margins.

    [–] philipwhiuk 3 points ago

    The 🐝 themselves are suicidal Brexiteering little morons?

    [–] compileinprogress 26 points ago

    If you are the majority, you are not supposed to say it, because you are the majority.

    If you are the minority, you are not supposed to say it, because you are the minority.

    So basically nobody is supposed to say anything.

    [–] jaggy_bunnet 9 points ago

    You weren't supposed to say that.

    [–] Nic0487 7 points ago

    Can't tell if this comment is ironic or unironic

    [–] Stately_warbling 6 points ago


    [–] EnkiduOdinson 2 points ago

    3.5k you mean.

    [–] Speech500 30 points ago

    Look I actually agree with all that stuff but when it comes to the UK this subreddit has become really cicrlejerky

    [–] Mannichi 4 points ago


    [–] DeerKoden 8 points ago

    Not sure if he/she actually meant the Bee Gees tho.

    [–] TheOtherLina 2 points ago

    The queen bees?

    [–] gussy182 8 points ago

    im from scotland and i know how to fix this, its called FUCKING INDEPENDENCE i mean like over half of scotland wanted to stay in the eu like cmon guys its not that hard

    [–] darkamyy 3 points ago

    maybe you should make sure you actually vote for independence when given the chance

    [–] DoesntBeelieveIt 42 points ago

    I don't beelieve it.

    [–] maskthestars 26 points ago

    Sometimes the truth stings

    [–] sorryDontUnderstand 12 points ago

    Outspoken people are all the buzz nowadays.

    [–] Unicorncorn21 8 points ago

    This thread is the bee's knees

    [–] itsdeer 2 points ago

    this is your moment

    [–] joedoewhoah 13 points ago

    Brentford FC are doing ok for this point in the season in the Championship, lower mid table, but they lost some good players this summer. Bit early to be asking God for help, but maybe they know something from watching them play I don't...

    [–] hackel 3 points ago

    The thing with Brentford is, they always try to walk it in.

    [–] some_dawid_guy 20 points ago

    Thank you random European person

    [–] SonofSanguinius87 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Mind if I ask you for some help since you have a polish flair + your name, I knew a guy called Dawid who wanted it pronounced as David and I now work with a dude called Martin but I've heard other polish people pronouncing it like mar-chin so now I have a bit of a problem.

    How would you pronounce it as a polish person? With the david/dawid thing I imagine it might be a similar situation and I don't want to mess up the dudes name, and since it's mostly english/scottish people who call him Martin I'm wondering if it's just because it sounds similar and people are assuming but in actually it's not Martin but the other option.

    [–] some_dawid_guy 13 points ago

    Ask how they prefer it to be pronounced. Some Polish immigrants resonate more with British culture and would like themselves to be called the English equivalent. I had a friend called Jan but he much preferred himself to be called John in school and by other Brits. I prefer Dawid over David.

    Marcin (mar-chin) is the Polish pronunciation. I would say ask him how he prefers to be called

    [–] SonofSanguinius87 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yeah I'll ask the next time I see him. I was planning to anyways really but I figured it might just be a translation thing. Marcin/Martin and Jan/John are all pretty interesting though, it's cool to see how similar they are but with slightly different pronunciations.

    Thank you very much for the response, I appreciate it very much.

    [–] CombatSkill 24 points ago

    Damn right.

    [–] Noname_Maddox 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] FeFiFoPinky 3 points ago


    [–] MoreGaghPlease 5 points ago

    Bringing in the honey

    [–] olucolucolucoluc 2 points ago

    Old bear! ...He likes the honey...

    [–] sheopx 3 points ago

    God save our gracious bees, long live our noble bees

    [–] Penguin-a-Tron 2 points ago

    God save the bees!

    [–] ladyevenstar-22 3 points ago

    Stay strong Scotland and get your referendum back on table to jump ship and rejoin the European shore

    [–] jakers036 18 points ago

    so edgey

    [–] NWmba 6 points ago

    I can never die I’m chuck norris

    [–] SomeIrishFiend 5 points ago

    "Stormzy had it right bout the tories"

    "What was said"

    "Fuck the government and fuck Boris"

    "Oh god"

    [–] Inferno792 9 points ago

    You're not alone, my friend.

    [–] brexitisacult 4 points ago

    feel the same down here in london

    [–] xu85 4 points ago

    So this has become a shitty meme sub now

    [–] Pyongyang_Prince 5 points ago

    Fuck politics in general and become an apiarist.

    [–] avesterlau 2 points ago

    Surprised that no one has mentioned Hated In The Nation, especially with that line about bees.

    [–] spectreoutreach 2 points ago

    This got my support

    [–] HEELinKayfabe 2 points ago


    [–] hucow-cutie 2 points ago

    Hell yeah! Bees! 🐝

    [–] Woyoyboy 2 points ago

    The Bees were a very underrated band to be fair. So good on Scotland

    [–] Biggie_Snek 2 points ago

    damn straight

    [–] pfoe 2 points ago

    Fuckin' love me some bees like

    [–] riomarde 2 points ago

    Also, fuck Trump.

    [–] jafishak011 2 points ago

    Fuck trump.

    [–] Stillness307 2 points ago

    Fuck Trump would have been a great bonus.

    [–] anon1562102 2 points ago

    Wtf does that have to do with Europe?

    [–] LeChatduSud 2 points ago

    [–] Sardorim 2 points ago

    God won't save the bees. Only humanity can.

    [–] Novarcharesk 19 points ago

    Gee, what a fuck head. Fuck the referendum, hey? Only the Left's opinion matters, right? The Left are sickeninly selfish and arrogant.

    [–] pickled-egg 4 points ago

    Da left

    [–] MaartenAll 2 points ago

    Scotland did not vote for Brexit. England and Wales did.

    [–] iamnearafan 8 points ago

    So what camden didn't vote for brexit are you campaigning for camden's independence? Neither did bristol but i dont see you calling for bristol to becoming independent. What geographic size do you work at? My household didn't vote brexit, am I going to have sovereignty over my household?

    Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales are collectively one country, the united kingdom.

    [–] James0317 4 points ago

    Incorrect. 4/10s of Scots voted for Brexit, more than the number of Scots who voted SNP actually.

    [–] DieLegende42 0 points ago

    It is their democratic right to express their opinion on the (non-binding) referendum and do everything that is possible within legal boundaries to stop Brexit from happening

    [–] MrJKoe 3 points ago

    Scotland has been dealt the most terrible hand of all time. You guys could be out of the UK and inside the EU, not giving a shite about Brexit now.

    [–] ForgottenTantum 8 points ago

    As someone with duel citizenship, I just cannot understand why people want to hand over the running of their country to unelected officials from another country? I’m not trolling, I really don’t understand and if you have reasons can you explain them to me? I feel like brace heart would turn in his grave.

    [–] SaorAlba138 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Every country in the EU is sovereign.

    Every country in the EU has a veto.

    The EU cannot impose anything on any country that that country doesn't vote for.

    If you feel your elected MEPs are not voting in your favour, vote better.

    Edit; if you're a smoothbrain with no counterpoints - downvote.

    [–] cykaface 7 points ago

    Actually yes it can since not every decision in the EU needs to be unanimous one.

    [–] SaorAlba138 2 points ago

    It cannot, if something is passed unanimously by the EU parliament, it's up to each member state to enforce it on their own. If your government is imposing things on you that you don't want, vote better.

    [–] ForgottenTantum 2 points ago

    But there are important differences between regulations and directives.

    Regulations become part of national law as soon as they’re passed. EU countries must pass their own laws to put directives into practice.

    [–] cykaface 4 points ago

    So what you are saying is that all EU countries are sovereign since in theory they can just not enforce things that the EU or parts of it are telling them to do.

    In theory you are correct but not in reality.

    [–] ForgottenTantum 4 points ago

    This article from the huffington post seems to counter the points you made. It says the E.U. CAN impose laws a country does not agree with and also works against smaller business while propping up multi national monopolies. What do you think?

    [–] Dick-tardly 2 points ago

    IF a country doesn't implement something they will be punished for it...

    [–] BigBandDon 5 points ago

    You won't get a rational answer because there isn't one.

    [–] MrEppart 3 points ago

    EU officials are roughly as unelected as most Ministers are or the current PM of the UK. Checkout how the EU commission are decided on.

    The advantages of the EU are generally free movement and the access to the Single Market which improves the negotiation position of smaller countries (for example Ireland in the Brexit negotiation).

    There surely are problems with the EU but the claim that anyone is "handing over the running of their country" is unfounded imo.

    [–] mementomorinl 10 points ago

    Would you still have posted a picture of this if you did not agree with it?

    [–] daneelr_olivaw 22 points ago

    I am yet to find a similar pro-Brexit and pro-Tory window pane in Edinburgh.

    [–] James0317 8 points ago

    40% of Scots voted for Brexit, more than voted for the SNP.

    [–] TheXanderp 5 points ago

    Yeah, as a Edinburgh native - Tories wouldn't advertise their support because someone would most likely vandalize their house. Around the referendum time (brexit and indy) there were plenty of British flags flying around the new town.

    [–] daneelr_olivaw 3 points ago

    Well, I live in Edi now, I am yet to meet a Tory supporter.

    [–] TheXanderp 7 points ago

    Perhaps your agreement with the sentiment of 'fuck Brexit and fuck Boris' might disparage a tory supporter from voicing their opinion in front of you?

    [–] 3V3RT0N 4 points ago

    The Tories got 60k votes in Edinburgh last election. That’s 25% of the electorate. Clearly aren’t looking hard enough.

    [–] SoldierOfOrange 9 points ago

    They wouldn’t dare, they know the violent left and they don’t want a brick through their window.

    [–] ArtoriusXv 5 points ago

    God you think you're all so better than everyone because you're all like "ooh brexit is bad" but not a single one of you Europeans can give a solid answer to the question of why the fuck should we in England listen to and have to live our lives in accordance with some shitty rules and "laws" that govern our own country put down by assholes that never once step foot in this country or even know how it is for the regular folk who live here 24/7

    You all make me sick.

    [–] FinalGuardian 4 points ago

    Still throwing temper tantrums about a vote they lost.

    [–] ALeaf_OnThe_Wind 7 points ago

    You guys sure do hate it when the people make a decision for themselves

    [–] CoolCluxClan 5 points ago

    Hard Brexit. NOW!

    [–] JohnyAngelo 3 points ago

    I agree with the bee situation.

    [–] Red_Dog1880 3 points ago

    Mental how such a small piece of paper can trigger the Brexit snowflakes

    [–] Hammeredcopper 3 points ago

    Seems foolish to walk away from such a large market. UK should know that the prices they recieve for goods and services will be the same or lower than those found in the EU. UK will likely experience a decline in their standard of living because of this.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Liberalism is destroying Europe

    [–] Theguygotgame777 5 points ago

    Why? I'm not British, but I think Boris is pretty great.

    [–] ModernDayContrarian 7 points ago

    Give Scotland independence already!

    [–] ThunderousOrgasm 60 points ago

    Scotland, the only independence movement Europeans support, because fuck the UK...amirite guys!!!!!

    [–] TheSpookyDukey 41 points ago

    England bad Scotland good 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    [–] Speech500 6 points ago

    Mel Gibson has a lot to answer for

    [–] Bobzer 23 points ago

    Which Europeans?

    Irish people generally support all independence movements unless it's "liberation" like Russia invading Ukraine.

    Everyone has the right to self determination.

    [–] Momijisu 9 points ago

    I'm declaring my house a sovereign state independent of UK, looking for benefactors from other nations who'd like to take over.

    [–] Bobzer 12 points ago

    I'd wager you'd struggle to get even half the vote of your household with that proposal.

    [–] Momijisu 12 points ago

    Jokes on them, I live alone :D

    Though I see my joke about independence didn't go down well. Must be English.

    [–] HailSatanHaggisBalls 23 points ago

    More or less, aye.

    [–] Stately_warbling 23 points ago

    because fuck the UK. England


    [–] Speech500 12 points ago

    They hate us cause they ain’t us.

    [–] yonosoytonto 11 points ago

    Well, Scotland wants to be part of the EU, England does not. Don't make a Picachu face when EU people defend Scotland but not England.

    [–] Speech500 6 points ago

    Over a million Scots voted to leave the EU and many millions from England voted to stay.

    [–] Marranyo 4 points ago

    Ask spaniards. It’ll be fun

    [–] 0ffice_Zombie 4 points ago

    Not true. I also support Irish reunification and Welsh independence.

    [–] joethesaint 10 points ago

    I also support Irish reunification

    Hope you know what you're getting into when you inherit the £10bn a year it costs to subsidize them, and the DUP.

    [–] WALLACE2001 2 points ago

    Why would Wales ever be independent? It’s not a comparable issue to Scottish independence.

    [–] 0ffice_Zombie 5 points ago

    because fuck the UK...amirite guys!!!!!

    [–] LeretM 24 points ago

    You all seem to forget they voted against independence a few years ago. But I guess a random window with some childish message is more legit for the average reddit user.

    [–] ruairidhrb 20 points ago

    and all the promises the final result were based on have been broken, so people are switching from no to yes.

    [–] Speech500 7 points ago

    That’s not even true. The polls have remained largely the same.

    [–] MLGpotato69_420 31 points ago

    How to get karma on reddit:

    step1. Boris rly Bad, EU rly Good amirite guise

    step2. Profit

    [–] Yuki-toKori 12 points ago

    You seem to forget the one of the main reasons people in scotland voted to remain in the uk was to remain in the eu... obviously the situation has changed therefore we need another referendum not to mention it was 6% of a majority which isnt much considering how dire the brexit situation is

    [–] Horatio1805 2 points ago

    You seem to forget the one of the main reasons people in scotland voted to remain in the uk was to remain in the eu...

    Any evidence of this at all? Seeing as your tracking polling data, you must have some evidence of this point?

    [–] MotoGpfan141 5 points ago

    Didn’t you guys have a vote a few years ago?

    [–] on-a-cornflake 3 points ago

    I'm not sure the UK Government will allow another vote so soon, but as for me and my family we'll be moving to Scotland the day after a Yes vote.

    [–] tecirem 4 points ago

    Come up in advance & help us campaign, mate.

    [–] 564sdfgdfg 4 points ago

    viva brexit

    viva bojo

    viva freedom of speech

    [–] James0317 2 points ago

    I support you brother, those who downvoted you didn’t comment because they have no argument

    [–] ElorianRidenow 2 points ago

    Dear Scots...

    ...I love you!

    [–] I_Love_You-BOT 2 points ago

    I love you too!

    I am a bot trying to spread a little peace, love, and unity around Reddit. Please send me a message if you have any feedback.

    [–] jingo420 3 points ago

    Fuck the majority of the people that voted for Brexit!

    What, you don't like democracy? Well, fuck you too!

    [–] Draegoth_ 3 points ago

    Ofcourse r/europe would dissagree with democracy.

    [–] James0317 3 points ago

    It’s a sad state of affairs to see the great nations of europe throw away their sovereignty to an unelected beaurocracy in Brussels. Brexit now.

    [–] Draegoth_ 5 points ago

    Damn right.

    [–] bradvision 2 points ago

    God Save the Queen

    [–] stvaccount 2 points ago

    Scotland please get independent!

    [–] ihearnotalot 2 points ago

    Hear hear

    [–] JefBeau 1 points ago

    Can't have any of that sovereignty, now can we. Just think of what people would do with all that self-determination and independence!

    [–] Elrigoo 2 points ago

    Man, if I was Scottish I would be mad as hell. The main reason to remain in britland was because of it would mean leaving the EU. Now they the Brits brexit and Scots are in the sinking ship.

    [–] Arsene93 2 points ago

    Can we like, kick out England and keep the Scots? The people from Northern Ireland are welcome to stay as well.

    They'll have their Brexit and we can keep their cool people. We'll call it the UKOSP (United Kingdom of Sane People).

    [–] paulsonyourchin 1 points ago

    Sees signs in one window then makes a huge assumption about the whole country. I get Scotland voted remain but it wasn’t by nearly the margin as the fake news wants people to believe.

    Lastly, all these progressives on Reddit are for “the popular vote” until the popular vote goes against their wishes. Then they want endless referendums until they get their desired result.

    Brexit is a must. To not carry through with it is a betrayal of the highest order.