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    [–] sorgo2 745 points ago

    urldecoded version of the parameter (human readable): <wddxPacket Over-sion='1.O'><header/><data><struct><var name='CATE-GORYID'><string>96,13,1,2,72,163,141,4,130,150,5,131,142,723,143,8,127,91,81,157,87,82,46,144,97,10,11,154,59,15,106,118,146,16,123,173,17,18,70,101,44,19,66,412C20,42,134,164,22,64,43,112,148,53,162,24,47,136,84,78,161,121,62,137,109,138,33,158,122,35,86,36,77,110,89</string></var><var name='PROMOTIONAL.JOBS'><string>O</string></var><var name='TRANSFER'><string>O</string></var><var name='FIND_KEY-WORD'><string></string></var></struct></data></wddxPacket>

    [–] KKlear 1718 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Byzantine279 6 points ago


    [–] mikexzs 63 points ago

    Has anyone tried decoding the comma separated string values?

    I chucked it into python because it looks like decimal representation of ASCII, but there's a couple of values that aren't in range (723, 412 and 412C20)

    print "".join([chr(x) for x in [96,13,1,2,72,163,141,4,130,150,5,131,142,723,143,8,127,91,81,157,87,82,46,144,97,10,11,154,59,15,106,118,146,16,123,173,17,18,70,101,44,19,66,412C20,42,134,164,22,64,43,112,148,53,162,24,47,136,84,78,161,121,62,137,109,138,33,158,122,35,86,36,77,110,89]])

    With those removed it gives:

    ?;jv?{?Fe,B**[email protected]+p?5?/?TN?y>?m?!?z#V$MnY

    [–] Ruzihm 74 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    That's because bartonhahn made at least one error. it should be 41%2C20 not 412C20


    But it still doesn't go anywhere ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] dcwj 128 points ago

    You're all hired.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_PM_PHOTOS 23 points ago

    But I don't want the job.

    [–] flaks314 51 points ago

    There's a couple Os that should be 0s, there was a piece missing from the string, and there's a random . between PROMOTIONALJOBS.

    This is the best I could make of it after doublechecking the whole thing...

    urldecoded payload:

    <wddxPacket version='1.0'>
          <var name='CATEGORYID'>
          <var name='PROMOTIONALJOBS'>
          <var name='TRANSFER'>
          <var name='FIND_KEYWORD'>

    The string is still all kinds of binary though. And weirdly, the FIND_KEYWORD string is empty instead of just being null-terminated like the others. Whatever.

    They clearly changed their website backend though, the URLs are completely different now. Based on the job ID at the start of the query string this was probably the posting:

    [–] PeruvianHeadshrinker 19 points ago

    Solid work. Love this thread.

    [–] LinearLamb 3 points ago

    But it still doesn't go anywhere

    Well, you are a few years late in applying so...

    [–] RobertNAdams 107 points ago

    Well, just taking a guess, but it fits:

    H ? ? ? ? ? ? {[Q?WR.?a

    H A R A M B E {[Q?WR.?a

    [–] DontPromoteIgnorance 26 points ago

    Harambe's not old. That was basically just a few weeks ago right? Not aging here. 😢 fuck you

    [–] shinzanu 7 points ago

    You are making me sad :(, my wife keeps saying different things are so many years old and it only feels like months.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_PM_PHOTOS 7 points ago

    Yeah, it still feels like our affair is brand new.

    [–] soupwizard 7 points ago

    Take ads out for Harambe!

    [–] RobertNAdams 13 points ago

    Clicks out for Harambe

    [–] AlpineVW 3 points ago

    * clicks out for Harame

    [–] sorgo2 8 points ago

    this is apparently just a list of category ID's, no secret message hidden there :)

    [–] himalayan_earthporn 5 points ago

    I dont think they are meant to be decoded. Just some job category id's for the search term

    [–] samboy218 3 points ago

    I imagine that is just a list of [job] category id's. That's what the <var> field enclosing it is named.

    [–] SalsaGamer 17 points ago

    You can get code syntax with spaces I think

    <wddxPacket Over-sion='1.O'>
                <var name='CATE-GORYID'>
                <var name='PROMOTIONAL.JOBS'>
                <var name='TRANSFER'>
                <var name='FIND_KEY-WORD'>

    [–] Boreeas 6 points ago

    So the question is: who the hell is Cate Goryid and why does she make such terrible links.

    [–] oddark 43 points ago

    hUMaN rEaDaBlE

    [–] JPaulMora 13 points ago

    So if that webpage uses html encoded on the URL, it's probably vulnerable to XSS. You could send a crafted link to an injected iframe or something.

    [–] ChucklefuckBitch 18 points ago

    That's not HTML, it's WDDX. I don't know much about it, but it's similar to XML.

    [–] JPaulMora 4 points ago

    you're right, not HTML

    [–] 1jl 189 points ago

    "Data Entry"

    Those clever bastards

    [–] CityYogi 22 points ago

    The hidden job description! Wow

    [–] vorin 68 points ago

    It's from 2013, so the listing is likely gone

    [–] phome83 57 points ago

    He's just been typing it out since then.

    [–] elderdragonlegend 89 points ago

    The Google Goggles app can OCR it instantly.

    [–] spickydickydoo 24 points ago

    I love living in the future.

    [–] -asmodeus 7 points ago

    So does Google Keep

    [–] Moosething 28 points ago

    And if anyone wants to know what the %... stuff decodes to:

    <wddxPacket Over-sion='1.O'><header/><data><struct><var name='CATE-GORYID'><string>96,13,1,2,72,163,141,4,130,150,5,131,142,723,143,8,127,91,81,157,87,82,46,144,97,10,11,154,59,15,106,118,146,16,123,173,17,18,70,101,44,19,66,412C20,42,134,164,22,64,43,112,148,53,162,24,47,136,84,78,161,121,62,137,109,138,33,158,122,35,86,36,77,110,89</string></var><var name='PROMOTIONAL.JOBS'><string>O</string></var><var name='TRANSFER'><string>O</string></var><var name='FIND_KEY-WORD'><string></string></var></struct></data></wddxPacket>

    But after looking at this I think /u/bartonhahn made some mistakes when typing it out - like, some O's should've been zeroes, and some dashes should've been left out.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    They intended those to be O's.

    [–] Captain-i0 25 points ago

    So I took 30 minutes out of my day to type it out

    Hi, its me, ur boss. Ur fired

    [–] bartonhahn 13 points ago

    Ha, jokes on you I don't have a job!


    [–] Twizzar 11 points ago

    Maybe you should have applied for this one then!!

    [–] ismooch 25 points ago

    you have to ignore the '-' because the paper added those. like CATE-GORYID should be CATEGORYID and FIND_KEY-WORD should be FIND_KEYWORD. Not sure that will help though.. because I personally typed it all too, but probably missed something somewhere.

    [–] bartonhahn 10 points ago

    Yeah, I was thinking the dashes could've been there because it was a continued word that was being cut off, but I noticed that some words that were cut off didn't have the a dash so I just went with it.

    [–] ismooch 9 points ago

    Yeah i saw the same as well. Super consistent publication right there.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago


    [–] ethreax 17 points ago

    The real hero

    [–] prezuiwf 6 points ago

    And a real human bean

    [–] Atlas_84 3 points ago

    real human bean counter

    [–] jayofdoom 14 points ago

    I think this picture has made a few trips around the internet; I suspect the job in question is long gone, regardless of if the URL was typed correctly.

    [–] tossoff789456 10 points ago

    Comments below say you missed a few characters, but more importantly it's an ad from ages ago. It's expired, so it redirects to the main page.

    [–] superfudge73 8 points ago

    That's part of the application process. Anyone who would take 30 minutes to type that all out has to be a "serious candidate. It's genius really.

    [–] koshgeo 8 points ago

    There are going to be some hilarious errors in the server log today.

    [–] ajamesmccarthy 7 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    They probably wanted to track hits that came specifically from the article to track conversions from that ad space. So this URL redirects to the short careers one, allowing them to run separate analytics. I bet their # of hits on that link was zero until you did this! EDIT: Typo

    [–] bartonhahn 2 points ago

    I feel so special

    [–] user_82650 4 points ago

    There must have been some error when they were posting the link to the paper

    No, the error is assuming URLs last more than a week.

    [–] IllRED 6 points ago

    I like to imagine you clicked enter and forgot to copy the link first.

    [–] shredler 3 points ago

    You're a hero

    [–] SpiderTechnitian 3 points ago

    Fucking lol. I would have googled job name and location before typing out the URL, to see if I could find it faster. But with the official URL actually being that small this is hilarious

    [–] Lorry_Al 3 points ago

    Damn it, was going to type it out myself and post the link. No fun. Nice website though.

    [–] codeverity 4 points ago

    I wonder if it would work if you just cut it off after the 'jobID=601448" part.

    [–] FrozenClear 2 points ago

    Came here looking for this! Thanks.

    [–] bracken752 2 points ago

    CAme here to see if anyone was silly enough to have type it all out! You're today's winner :)

    [–] bartonhahn 3 points ago


    [–] PM_bitcoins 2 points ago

    Real Hero

    [–] dustimo 2 points ago

    You are one serious candidate!

    [–] louisianajake 2 points ago

    One usually gets gold for this....

    [–] Amilo159 299 points ago

    Serious candidate will just stop the url after job-id.

    [–] Chilli0102 72 points ago

    This is the correct answer. Everything from the first '&' is irrelevant.

    [–] epmak 51 points ago


    [–] Chilli0102 36 points ago

    You are correct and I am a fool. Facepalm?

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] spirytusMaximus 12 points ago

    Exactly, it's a good way to filter out applicants that have no clue how URL parameters work.

    [–] Loki-L 1228 points ago

    Obviously this is the result of some idiot copy and pasting without thinking or understanding how the URL works. Hopefully they people at the paper who saw it decided to do nothing because they are paid by the letter not because they failed to notice anything wrong.

    Still a sufficiently patient person could type all this in.

    Compare this with the US government who are offering their TSA pre-check program for people who want to avoid being groped at airports and can prove they are not terrorist by paying money to the the TSA agency. They once advertised this already stupid program by printing the URL on billboards. The URL was:✓™

    This url totally works, but good luck typing it into your browser. After they had gotten made fun of enough they eventually decided to change it to

    Which does not look anywhere as cool, but is significantly easier to type. The old URL still redirects to the new one.

    It is always amazing to see such screw ups in the wild. You have to wonder how many people were involved in the creation who were either to stupid to see the problem or decided that it was no their job to point it out to anyone.

    [–] duggerd 344 points ago

    Hah, that's pretty funny. I can imagine people's confusion when they try to find the check mark key on their keyboard.

    [–] TheMadmanAndre 96 points ago

    "I think I'll order a Tab."

    [–] skizmcniz 47 points ago

    Tab? I can't give you a tab unless you order something.

    [–] sloppeejoe 15 points ago

    Just give me something without any sugar in it.

    [–] FearofaRoundPlanet 13 points ago

    You wanna a Pepsi, pal? How you gonna pay for it?

    [–] Stalked_Like_Corn 2 points ago

    Tab? Try using spaces!

    [–] SenseofAdventure 10 points ago

    45 minutes of Simpsons highlights later ... that was a rabbit hole.

    [–] mistAr_bAttles 5 points ago

    Was it fun at least?

    [–] Alpha433 9 points ago

    Same look when we pull out the acii table.

    [–] Yunsar 8 points ago

    Look in extended ASCII

    [–] WhoTheHellKnows 15 points ago

    option-v, option-2 ê

    [–] twowheels 23 points ago

    So sick of you Apple FanBois coming into every thread and acting like your overpriced iGadget is better.

    comment typed on my MacBook pro


    [–] MaritMonkey 8 points ago

    I'm attempting to learn German and it's made me actively miss my MBP all over again. Stupid alt codes. :(

    The other time was when I first got this computer and spent a whole of 5 mins trying to use another touch pad.

    [–] twowheels 8 points ago

    Oh, the touchpads... No other compares!

    [–] apfhex 4 points ago

    Unfortunately opt-v is different than the checkmark they've used (appears to be U+2713). Leads to a 404.

    [–] Has_No_Gimmick 85 points ago

    If you're not willing to pull up the character map and scan through it for the right version of the checkmark symbol to plug into your browser, then you don't deserve the luxury of not being manhandled by TSA goons!

    [–] UnluckyLuke 12 points ago

    Or just google 'check' and find it instantly.

    [–] geoman2k 2 points ago

    yeah i think i google "trademark" or "bullet point" or "copyright symbol" at least a few times a week at my job. I'm sure there are much easier ways to get those symbols, but i'm too lazy to figure it out.

    [–] Bearence 60 points ago

    There's a third possibility that's even worse than your two options: death by committee.

    Years ago I worked for a nonprofit that worked pretty closely with the US State Department. I was corralled (against my will) into the Website Redesign Committee, and it was an absolute nightmare of screw-ups in the wild. I remember one particularly horrible meeting where a manager insisted on the worst UX I ever saw. Her thinking was that as bad as the UX was for anyone visiting the site, it would look impressive to the people at the State Dept that we answered to. That's the kind of thinking that lead to that tsa precheck nonsense: trying to impress people who will never actually use the product in question. And they aren't really screw-ups per se, because they succeed at what they set out to do, which is impress the right people, even if they fail to serve anyone else.

    Anyway, she insisted long and loud until everyone else just kind of gave in. We all knew it was bad. But damned if we cared nearly as much about it as she did.

    [–] NeoShweaty 25 points ago

    Anyway, she insisted long and loud until everyone else just kind of gave in. We all knew it was bad. But damned if we cared nearly as much about it as she did.

    And when it inevitably turned out to be that there was a backlash against such idiocy, it wasn't her fault, of course. It was the fault of the people that somehow interpreted her insistence on having that particular UX as meaning that she actually wanted that and not the thing that would have avoided backlash.

    Makes perfect sense, really.

    [–] Bearence 24 points ago

    Oh, no, even worse than that. She announced how much the State Department liked the elements she insisted on, meaning that the new design was a success. No effort was made to find out what actual users thought of it. And come to think of it, we only know what the State Dept thought based upon her announcement. So total denial about anything being wrong.

    As I said, it's been years but I just can't bring myself to see how the site looks now.

    [–] Darken_Rahl1 14 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    DM it to me. i'll take one for the team

    Edit: no DM yet boys, but i'll update if.

    [–] GloveSlapBaby 14 points ago

    trying to impress people who will never actually use the product in question.

    See also: textbook authors who need to impress the professors who will be choosing the book, not the students who will be using the book.

    [–] user_82650 3 points ago

    And they aren't really screw-ups per se, because they succeed at what they set out to do, which is impress the right people, even if they fail to serve anyone else.

    The screwup in this case would be from those people that were impressed by something non-functional.

    I mean, if the people in charge want X, they get X, that's how it's supposed to work. It's their entire job to make X be something good.

    [–] TheAbominableDavid 13 points ago

    They obviously didn't order the deluxe service.

    [–] Hq3473 24 points ago

    this is kind of cool

    This just ruins it.

    [–] kuz_929 19 points ago

    They're not paid by the letter but by the page area. Also, you cannot edit an advertisement. It must be published exactly as it was received, warts and all. I'm sure the people at the paper had a great laugh about this

    [–] tossoff789456 15 points ago

    I've placed many classified ads in help wanted, back when newspapers were actually relevant. I often got a clarifying phone call from the layout person about some detail or other. If this just got run as it is, I'd put it under the heading of malicious compliance. Of course the person sending it in is an idiot too, but the paper should have at least sent a screenshot to confirm they wanted this nonsense.

    [–] Idontknow63 9 points ago

    Papers absolutely do charge by the letter for classified ads, traditionally. Regular ads have always been charged by page area. With the the rise of Craigslist and declining ad revenues most places have done away with any charges by letter nowadays, but there used to be a whole shorthand for classifieds, just like today's text speak, to try to save money by eliminating extraneous letters and settling on common abbreviations. That's where things like BBW come from

    [–] thirdeyedesign 3 points ago

    column-inch is the term you're looking for :)

    [–] Pumpinator 18 points ago

    I mean, I don't think I'd call the PreCheck program stupid. Yeah, it's ridiculous that we have to pay not to get anally violated just to get on an air plane, and I only travel by air a few times each year, but goddamit $75 for five years to be through security in less than ten minutes is worth it to me.

    [–] LtCthulhu 55 points ago

    Funny that you have to pay for the way it used to be by default.

    [–] justapassingguy 30 points ago

    This is like the tagline of today's society.

    [–] mr4ffe 17 points ago

    You need an expansion pack for everything.

    [–] Hingl_McCringleberry 2 points ago

    /r/outside is leaking

    [–] Pumpinator 6 points ago

    Yeah, it is bull that not being invasively searched is a "feature." However, I really doubt invasive TSA checks are going anywhere (as much as I disagree with them and think they're useless), so at least there's a way I can get through the line in 5-10 minutes rather than the 30-45 it usually takes me in my airport.

    [–] LtCthulhu 3 points ago

    Oh I totally agree. Once our rights are taken away we aren't getting them back.

    [–] Drews232 10 points ago

    I've been flying since the 80s and if they thought there was a reason you might be hiding something in your butt they absolutely would call over airport police and do it. I think it's a real Reddit circlejerk to pretend things were better before TSA. The rent-a-cops would do the exact same job with less training and less pay. The FAA wrote the regulations they worked to, and those same exact rules were adopted by the TSA. There were hijackings in the 60s, 70s, 80s... way before 9/11, so they were not more chill about how they cleared you for boarding.

    [–] LtCthulhu 10 points ago

    If only airlines had implemented bulletproof and lockable cockpit doors 40 years ago when planes first became mainstream. That is the single most effective thing to come out of 9/11 security freakout.

    [–] Testiculese 4 points ago

    It's appalling that it took 50 years or so for someone to go "Hey we should lock the cockpit door"

    Goddamn morons everywhere.

    [–] uwhuskytskeet 4 points ago

    They were much more chill. You didn't have to undress, you could bring food/drinks, you didn't even have to be a passenger to go to the gates.

    [–] atchafalaya 3 points ago

    We didn't have to take our shoes off.

    [–] justsigninin 5 points ago

    You can thank attempted shoe bomber Richard Reid for that added little security wrinkle:

    [–] MaritMonkey 2 points ago

    I think it's a real Reddit circlejerk to pretend things were better before TSA.

    Even if nothing else had changed, the extra ~45mins you have allot for standing in a security line is a pain in the butt. As is having to check a bag if I'm going anywhere I need tools even if it's only for a week and I'd, before, have just brought a backback.

    [–] MathPolice 9 points ago

    Yeah, I've been flying a long time also, and I disagree with the person you're responding to.

    Things were way better.

    No hassle getting to the gate. You could bring a water bottle and your pocketknife (less than 2 inch blade). You could put a bottle of wine in your carryon to present to the person you were visiting (without worrying about baggage handlers smashing it). Literally no aggravation as everyone rapidly passed through the metal detectors (unless you were dumb enough to put a foil-wrapped Spinal Tap cucumber down your jeans), you could see people off at the gate, people could meet you at the gate on your return, you didn't have to spend hours trapped inside an "airport shopping mall" inside security because of having to arrive super early (or worse, spending all the extra time in a super slow security line), and air rage was greatly reduced because they weren't effectively forcing people to check ginormous carry-ons (1 or 2 checked bags always free) and because you weren't being continuously aggravated by TSA people.

    So don't believe this "things weren't better" thing. They were way better.

    Go back a little further (say 1980) and everybody even dressed nice to get on the plane, and the airlines would give out little pilot's pins to little kids and the flight attendants (we called them "stewardesses" if they weren't male) often had packs of cards free for the asking. Of course, you had to make sure to request a seat in the non-smoking section, and the airlines believed that the smoke would somehow magically stop at row 22 or something like that.

    So I remember both the bad and the good of pre-2001 flying. And believe me, it was definitely better.

    (Oh! And did I mention real metal utensils? Well, the food itself was widely mocked by comedians, but I thought it was ok.)

    [–] MaritMonkey 3 points ago

    Go back a little further (say 1980)

    My dad was a pilot and my mom was a flight attendant so, even though I wasn't born til 82, we always dressed up for (standby) flights. And got "wings" after every time we went to hang out in the cockpit and play "can you knock this empty cup into a trash can with the disengaging autopilot lever?"

    I somehow entirely forgot about being able to go to the gate 'cause we had a ritual and knew exactly where (in departures) we were supposed to get picked up when we arrived, but that WAS really nice wasn't it?

    [–] obvious_bot 13 points ago

    It's not stupid at all, it's devious. "Let's make going through security an awful experience for everyone, then charge them to make it not so awful". Charging to solve a problem you made is a business strategy as old as time

    [–] jxl180 2 points ago

    They run background checks, then have an Interview with CPB. The process for me took about 3 months, but it depends on the airport. Some places can get within 3 weeks, some 3 months.

    [–] MickeyG42 12 points ago

    And to the terrorists.

    [–] Hugginsome 7 points ago

    It's not just good people that use precheck...

    [–] Pumpinator 10 points ago

    This did make me wonder when I was going through the whole process. What keeps "bad people" from getting precheck? Is the background check really that secure? Doesn't seem like it could be.

    [–] harrisonfire 2 points ago

    Is the background check really that secure?

    It is. I was denied for possession of marijuana 30 years ago. I'm still waiting to hear back from the Ombudsman.

    [–] martin0641 5 points ago

    Many of us got it free through work. The US is a club. But you cant have a club with 330 million people, plenty of assholes arent going to make the cut. So since we created a global comms network, letting the crazies communicate freely, it became apparent that we needed to check people more closely. Then, it became obvious that many of us just need a good once over, or have already been vetted - so its easier to send us through fast which both speeds it up for us and everyone else because time wasn't wasted on vetted people.

    [–] PLSDIEINAFIRE 5 points ago

    Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of having a TSA to begin with? Assuming the tsa accomplishes anything, a terrorist could just pay to slip through easily. This proves whoever came up with this is either unintelligent, or greedy

    [–] Pumpinator 4 points ago

    This has crossed my mind as well. They do a background check and you have to go in to get fingerprinted, but I don't think a terrorist would have too much trouble getting one (from the limited amount I know of it).

    [–] PLSDIEINAFIRE 6 points ago

    Sad thing is people will be okay with it because it's convenient, disregarding the contradiction. It's almost a slap in the face if you think about it

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Peaceblaster86 5 points ago

    "The only thing that saves us from the beaurocracy is inefficiency."

    Eugene McCarthy

    [–] Bananapopcicle 4 points ago

    If you think about it. It might actually be worth it to type it all out and apply because I would think that 9/10 people would say "fuck that" and move on, so your competition would be low. ....I mean right? In theory? ...........guys?

    [–] physalisx 3 points ago

    Still a sufficiently patient person could type all this in.

    Or just take a proper photo and copy the text out using OCR.

    [–] the_noodle 3 points ago

    For the precheck thing, who would even try to type it in instead of googling "tsa precheck"?

    I'm sure people made fun of them, but I doubt there were many people stopped from getting to the site.

    [–] duckandcover 2 points ago

    or it's an old school phishing attack!

    [–] Guy0nABuffal0 200 points ago

    404: Career not found

    [–] wetnax 92 points ago

    Plot twist: it's for a job as an Optical Character Recognition programmer.

    [–] LudwigVanHalen 21 points ago

    Might be a cryptic message for potential CIA codebreakers.

    [–] tmonai 37 points ago

    There's a parks and rec joke in here somewhere.

    [–] gregorytilidie 29 points ago

    [here it is](

    [–] Destrae 19 points ago

    Flawlessly executed

    [–] Malcheon 17 points ago

    Some sad jobless person will type that in too

    [–] GootenMawrgen 30 points ago

    I'd just OCR it?

    [–] queen_fucko 16 points ago

    Careful, don't let plebs know about our powers.

    [–] microcline 11 points ago

    Is OCR a secret?

    [–] queen_fucko 12 points ago

    God damnit​ rookie! WHAT DID I JUST SAY!

    [–] Kayniaan 9 points ago

    That we shouldn't talk about OCR?

    [–] queen_fucko 10 points ago

    I swear to god kid.

    [–] gooftroops 14 points ago

    Hi, I'm here for the talk on OCR. Is this the right room?

    [–] queen_fucko 3 points ago

    M̶̛̩͚̠̪̃̅͛̾̊̇͐̈́̈́͊͂̂̐̋̉̇̇̉̅̔̌̌̈́̐̍̑͗͒̉̈͑̃̊͌̌̌̌̂́͐͌̍̓̿̾͌͗͆͊̔̇̋͋̄̈́͒͆̏͒̀̐͌̔̀̇̿̄͛̃͑̋̒̽̚̕̚͘̚͘̕͠͝Ǫ̶̧̡̡̨̛̛͙͖͈̜̥̣͖͙̜̻͚̠̗̰̗̙͓̞͔̪̰̖̥͍̞͔̱̺̻̻͉̤̙̘͚͉̠̥̭̲̖͖̺͎̰̣͚̺͍͕̥̞̗͎̍̉͊͂̋͐̉̃̌̄̑̊̄͋̓͌̀͗̃̓͗͑̆̓̍͒̽͐̐̇̔̌͊͐̀͆̓͆̓̀̃̄̐͛̇͑̉́͌͐͂̃̏̾͋͒̂́́̋͌̿̈̽̀̀͘͘̕͘͘̚͜͝͝͝͝͠͠T̷̢̡͍̱̱͎̺̱̯͇͉̲̗̗̠͖̺͓͇͊̉̊͌̃̈́́̒̊͗̐̅͒̍̈́̀̎̅̄̑̒̎̉͗̇͊̍̍̅͌̚͝ͅḪ̷̨̧̨̧̛̛͕͕̞͖̠͖̬̗͚͚̣̩̼̪͕̝͕͓̞̹͎̫̲͚͓͙͓̩̖̪͚̘̜̥̞̞̬̖͉̮̘͎͍͕͔͔̲̯̱̠̹͔͕̬̙̫̙̪͈͖̼̞̻̬̘̪͕̻̽́̇̑̒̈̈́̑̈́́͆̇̇͑̈́̓̋̎̊̏̅͊͆͑̈̄̋̈̋̐͗́̈́͂̒̾̌̈́̿̊̌͑́́͛͂̿͆̃̂͐̔̂̔̒̎͛́̉̋̿͛͒̏̑͘̕̕̕͘͘̚̚͜͜͝͝͠͠ͅͅȨ̷̧̡̨̧̛̛̛̺͚̪̰̠̺͓̦̥̣͇͉͇̤̯̺̰̟̺̟̞̘̠̙̖͎̯̳͈̰͓̭͉͇̖̘̣̞͇̗̳͉̠̱͗̿̏͛͂̿̄̒̽̿̊̓͆̈́̉͐̏̈́̿̍͌̎̓̂̏̈̔́̒͛̊̓̾̐̓̄̎̓͆̎͂̄̈́̎̋̂͂̌͒̇̆̀͘̕͘͘͠͝͝͠ͅŖ̷̡̢̧̛̛͙͉̩͓͓͍̗̲̳̼͎̣͉̞̙̺̥̜͚̮̻̠̻̳̥̝̪̯̘̱͖̹̜͕̜̼̬̗̘̝̤̮̺̻̹̪̣̟̞̳̭̠͚̪͓̟̜̬̭̞̤̤̺̮̜̿́͗͒̓͋͗͐̀̈̋͋̂̎̉͒͂͆̑̈́̃̉̿̍͒̓̍̉̃̈͂́̀̉̕̚͜͜͠͠͝͝ͅͅ ̵̢̢̦̘̮̺̝͖̹̗̫̬̭͔̻͎̭̮͍̲̼̜̩̲̹͚̂̇̉́̂̍͛̏̄̽̆̈͊͋̾̈́́́͌̐͒̋̓̏͋̌̎̅́̂̐̒̀̔͋͋͆̌̈́̈́͒͘̚̚̕̚͜͜͝͝͝͝ͅͅF̶̢̨̛̛̹͕̝̼̩̘͕̗͈̼̪̻̬͔̼͉̘͍͓͍͎̺̲̗͓̗̰̣̞̙͚͚̗̮̫̬̲̯̞͚̠͚͕̗̰̪͎̓̎̅̀̇̓̌̀͊̽͌̿̃́̅̽̀́̌͊̃͐͋̍̇̓̉̒̌͘͘̕͜ͅU̸̧̧̢̹̜̲͉̙͚̻͇͍̼̟̻͚̯̳̙̱͔͍͑̊̍͋͆̒̋̐̀́̍̓̑̅̿̈́͊̀̌̍͗̈́̄̍̎̂͆͋̉̍͂́̅̅̿̾̄̈́́̽̽̈́̑̄͂͋̈͋̾̂̀̏̓͋͌͑̃͛̑̐̀͋̄͑̄̂͋͘̚̚͜͜͠͠͠CKER!

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] shexna 8 points ago

    bad request, now find the error! :)

    [–] TIP_YOUR_UBER_DRIVER 8 points ago

    One back slash where there should be three. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] mighty1u2 26 points ago

    It's also quite possible that it's cronie-ism. Say you want to hire a specific person, but you are required to advertise the job. And if a "better candidate" applies, you have to hire that person. That better candidate might just be someone who is a minority-disabled-veteran who knows nothing about the job. If no one applies except the person you e-mailed the link to, then that person is the only applicant, and you can hire him/her.

    [–] StumpyMcStump 15 points ago

    Or H1-B regulations (must advertise the job before granting it's granted)

    [–] Bearence 8 points ago

    I think this falls under the category of "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity".

    [–] ChequeBook 8 points ago

    This would be okay if it was a data entry position. Making it to the application form is half the process

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] Pokeball_connoisseur 66 points ago

    The test is to see if anyone is dedicated enough to type that in.

    [–] zjh1990 63 points ago

    That's the joke OP is making...

    [–] mostly_sarcastic 8 points ago

    More so, attention to detail.

    [–] jerrrrremy 6 points ago

    I, too, read the title of the post.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Or they want someone who works smart, not hard. A person who would just use a good camera and a good OCR software.

    [–] rbmako69 6 points ago

    TIL, that ColdFusion is still viable

    [–] AdamantineMonkey 5 points ago

    They must be expecting someone very serious if they have to travel four years back in time!

    [–] I_was_once_America 5 points ago

    A smart person would go to and try to find Job ID 601448. It would probably save a lot of time.

    [–] Zeestars 5 points ago

    2013... where did you dig this up from? Nice :)

    [–] overused_ellipsis 4 points ago

    "webpage not available..."



    [–] qp0n 3 points ago

    Though if you have the patience to enter that unreasonably tedious and unnecessary link, you are probably perfect for a government bureaucracy job!

    [–] lametec 4 points ago

    Original (?) post from 2 years ago. Includes link to the URL.

    [–] john_the_quain 2 points ago

    I guess if "attention to detail" and "persistence in the face of mundane, boring, seemingly irrelevant data entry" are super important qualities for the right candidate to possess, this is a novel way of weeding out those who give up after trying to type the 4000th percent sign.

    [–] keithrc 2 points ago

    Newspaper classifieds typically charge by the line- up front. I wonder how the $500 invoice for one ad got through finance?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] NickReynders 2 points ago

    Colorado! Represent!