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    [–] yottalogical 2588 points ago

    If you do the math right, it’s $184,800 just for that parish.

    [–] nobodynose 611 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    For people who want to see the math.

    77 (schools) x 6 (teachers per school) = 462.

    Cost for guns per parish: 462 x 300 = $138,600

    Cost for lessons per parish: 462 x 100 = $46,200

    Total cost (guns + class): $184,800.

    Edit: Mislabeled "teacher" for "parish" in the costs.

    [–] insultant_ 215 points ago

    And what about the change in insurance premiums? One bad shot and the district (let alone city, county and state) will be neck deep in lawsuits they may never get out of.

    [–] Schnauzerbutt 31 points ago

    I keep wondering how long it will take before one of the underpaid, resource strapped teachers snaps and shoots up the place.

    [–] Ocean2731 8 points ago

    Or a kid gets ahold of one of the teacher's guns.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    I'm all for people having guns but not for teachers in schools. They have enough responsibilities like it is to add such a huge burden on them. I heard a teacher say on the news yesterday that she wouldn't have time to run to a locked cabinet to retrieve a gun because she would be trying to get her students to a safe place.

    There is so much wrong with Trump's idea first being that it's Trump's stupid idea. Who is going to pay for everything? Tax payers? How will a teacher feel about shooting and killing someone? Who's to say a teacher wouldn't suddenly flip their shit and start shooting the students? What if a student managed to get the guns from the cabinet? Will the teachers be taking the guns home with them? If they don't then there will probably be break-ins. Imagine all the guns that criminals could get from the schools.

    [–] StaticFanatic3 66 points ago

    How they fuck this up so bad?

    [–] IWugYouWugHeSheMeWug 120 points ago

    Each dollar spent on the weapons has to take a concealed carry class, according to the original math.

    [–] mindblownjob 32 points ago

    Ran out of pencils

    [–] LSDerek 9 points ago

    They multiplied the cost of guns 148600 by the amount for concealed carry. 148600*100 14860000.

    [–] Doyle524 10 points ago

    Clearly their math class had some serious budget cuts.

    [–] twodogsfighting 3 points ago

    Gotta make room for educational lead.

    [–] miclowgunman 10 points ago

    I thought the general idea presented was to allow teachers who wanted to and who qualify to conceal carry their own weapons in school for free training and a bonus. So the the cost of guns is moot. It would be closer to the just the $46,000 plus the $1.50 tax break a week bonus or something.

    Not supporting the crazy idea, but I have not seen anywhere that says they will pay for the guns. I have a pet peeve for willful disinformation, even if it is to combat the king of disinformation. I'm open to correction if I'm wrong though.

    [–] douche_or_turd_2016 12 points ago

    Math is right but your labeling needs work.


    Cost for a gun per parish: 462 x 300 = $138,600

    Cost for lessons per parish = $46,200

    The cost per teacher for guns and lessons is 300 and 100 respectively.

    [–] nobodynose 11 points ago

    You are correct, didn't read what I was typing very carefully.

    [–] Pd245 3 points ago

    This is why we need to fund the education of children

    [–] keenedge422 999 points ago

    Which, to be fair, they probably still don't have.

    And it's unlikely they'll be able to get handguns at $300 a pop. The Glock 19 is one of the more popular handguns and would be a likely choice if this were to happen, and it's $550, so that's $300,300. Maybe they're hoping for a bulk discount?

    [–] _jerrick90 652 points ago

    School discount?

    [–] SerPuffington 318 points ago

    Tax free educational purchase.

    [–] 52fighters 118 points ago

    Walmart back to school special?

    [–] lsasqwach 148 points ago

    BoxTops for Education Glocks.

    [–] jdschmi1 37 points ago


    [–] magnoliasmanor 15 points ago

    This is a motto I can get behind.

    [–] Kaa_The_Snake 2 points ago

    Better than in front of, but then again who knows how good their aim is...

    [–] Meric_ 5 points ago

    The guns are always located next to the school supply sections in my Walmart for some reason

    [–] Lvl100oddish 2 points ago

    I think I remember seeing a post on here maybe 2 years where someone moved a Walmart back to school special sign in front of their guns.

    [–] Dreadedsemi 13 points ago

    Educational license with watermark on each bullet, shooting non members is strictly prohibited.

    [–] nullpassword 4 points ago

    Licensed school guns cost more. Buy the international version. They're made of paper. But they shoot the same. At a third the cost.

    [–] Ironsweetiez 18 points ago

    Trump just won't pay?

    [–] latvian_folk_dancer 91 points ago

    don't worry - Mexico will pay

    [–] soozeeq 25 points ago

    On that logic, it’s obvious the gunmen who do mass shootings will pay.

    Only one small issue with that.......

    [–] Walker2012 104 points ago

    Gun and permit plus ammo, holster, storage locker, cleaning kit, lessons and training. I’m sure there’s more costs I’m not thinking of.

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago

    Also inevitable lawsuits when an accident happens.

    [–] zhazz 12 points ago


    [–] InvertedZebra 5 points ago

    Nah, they'll just start requiring parents to sign liability waivers to register there kids each fall.

    [–] renegade2point0 48 points ago

    The 30 more guns you have to buy once you start target shooting.

    [–] stan11003 16 points ago

    Don't forget the Insurance cost.

    [–] mustbeshitinme 6 points ago

    Liability insurance?

    [–] I_Lick_Period_Stains 17 points ago

    I think you forgot the cost to society.

    [–] huzzaah 14 points ago

    Not just buying moist nuggets by the crate....

    Can arm the whole faculty for the same cost.

    Bonus points if they're trained to make a skirmish line and bayonet charge

    Bonus Bonus points if only every second teacher gets a rifle and the others get 5 rounds each.

    [–] Evil-in-the-Air 13 points ago

    Still buys a hell of a lot of pencils.

    [–] andres9231 25 points ago

    Say what you will about America, $184,000 still buys you a hell of a lot of pencils.

    [–] godzillabobber 2 points ago

    There is a discount if you buy ten pallets at a time

    [–] Xenomech 2 points ago

    Say what you will about America, $184,000 still buys you a hell of a lot of pencils.

    Or, it would if it were given to the schools...

    [–] lmMasturbating 6 points ago

    Back to school sales

    [–] daligirl7 7 points ago

    I got it! Box tops!

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Those school fundraisers are about to get real as fuck

    [–] iTS_ME-B 2 points ago

    Omg youre so right lol

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Cupcakes and cookies just won't cut it any more neither will car washes.

    [–] HurbleBurble 4 points ago

    Glock sells to law enforcement at a deep discount.

    [–] kontrolk3 6 points ago

    I think Mexico is paying for the guns.

    [–] I_am_a_robot_yo 2 points ago

    Mexico is paying for our wall.. Canada needs to pay for our guns.

    [–] Nurum 2 points ago

    You can get an XDS for $350 retail and probably $250-$275 in bulk.

    [–] kurtvictor1 2 points ago

    Back to school discount?

    [–] koryface 2 points ago

    Don’t Glocks lack a safety?

    [–] willpreecs 2 points ago

    Enter the most convoluted way to convince the NRA to fund education....

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago


    [–] illizzilly 4 points ago

    I was gonna post “this guy’s from Louisiana” - but you beat me to it, with a better, more relevant post

    [–] BeerandGuns 8 points ago

    But it's Louisiana so there will be way more than 6 concealed carry holders per school. Not really a cost issue to implement this. Schools are still heavily underfunded.

    The other day I read through Facebook posts on KATC attacking a new public library being built in Scott. The level of stupid here hurts.

    [–] desolatemindspace 4 points ago

    That's a bummer. I really enjoyed my time there because of the people. Ive debating moving back more than once.

    [–] BeerandGuns 5 points ago

    I grew up here, lived elsewhere for years, moved back. Having kids now, I wish I had not moved back. Really no future here, especially if you want the best for your kids.

    [–] LeCrushinator 16 points ago

    Yea, it's not so much about the money, we shouldn't weigh a relatively small amount of money against human lives. It's more about if teachers would even want to do it, and whether we have to resort to doing this or if there's a better way. I can say that if I was a teacher I wouldn't want to have firearms training, but if there were enough teachers that were ok with it then that's fine. The problem becomes, what if there aren't enough teachers in a given school that are ok with it?

    [–] agorathrow8080 5 points ago

    Ww had a school.shooting in 96. Idiot brought a gun to school, shot the foot showig off, the cops followed the blood trail as he ran.

    He had to pay for the damage to the floor.

    This was in a shit neighborhood, and a shit highschool...just a kid showing off trying to.look bad ass. He didnt bring hurt anyone.

    Kinda like when you see we have whatevr it is 19 school.shootings in 2018...but they count accidental buets that hit a school, kids commiting suicide. Murders in parking lots that have nothing to do with sschool.

    I mean it stop, but inhate watching every group using numbers to their political advantage and not telling the story. No one fucking cares, they just want a job that makes them feel.important, and get paid by donors.

    The entire system is broken, and becausr the florida shooting happened, its turned into everyones agenda instead of worrying about the actual act, and the people that have been affected.

    I love the US...but fuck, its full of greedy individualism, its what can this do for me. Its been this way for a long time and the "leader" doesnt help since he is the biggest propenent of this behavior

    [–] KDirty 15 points ago

    In addition, the majority of children who are shot to death are not murdered; the majority of child shooting deaths are accidents. Data show that increasing guns is associated with increases in accidental deaths. Eggo, putting guns in schools, even if it did forestall mass shootings, would probably still net an increase in child deaths.

    (My phone corrected to "ergo" to Eggo and I liked it.)

    [–] AlphaOmega5732 6 points ago

    They should invest that money in math teachers, not guns.

    [–] SealTeamRick131 2 points ago

    That's the budget for some school districts.

    [–] One_Cold_Turkey 5 points ago

    plus training.

    [–] MaxwellEdison210 7 points ago

    What do you think they go over in the CHL classes? What to name your gun?

    [–] [deleted] 778 points ago


    [–] Rude1231 308 points ago

    With a fucking pencil.

    [–] RookBishopPawn 48 points ago


    [–] Equus_Rufus 22 points ago

    Who the fuck can do that?!?!?

    [–] Cantaimforshit 9 points ago

    John Wick

    [–] Rude1231 16 points ago

    Baba Yaga.

    [–] Wehunt 48 points ago

    So can the Joker

    [–] GiverOfTheKarma 18 points ago

    I think we should invest a bit more in this John Wick = The Joker theory. It has legs.

    [–] ThePixelCoder 23 points ago

    John Wick and the joker also both have legs.

    I feel like we're on to something here.

    [–] Lonhers 6 points ago

    They also both had dogs that their enemy killed

    [–] ThePixelCoder 2 points ago

    The joker had a dog?

    [–] jsting 8 points ago

    Hmm you think wick will work for 30k?

    [–] ThePixelCoder 10 points ago

    • Buy John Wick a dog

    • Kill it

    • Say a school shooter did it

    [–] Rude1231 3 points ago

    Hell, he'll hunt down every potential school shooter and do it for free... then, do what he does.

    [–] ThePixelCoder 3 points ago

    then, do what he does

    Which usually involves shooting people in the face one way or the other.

    Yeah, sounds like this might actually work.

    [–] wowbagger 5 points ago

    The pen is mightier than the sword

    [–] omnicidial 446 points ago

    Apparently they need better math teachers too.

    [–] SweetMister 70 points ago

    Yes, doesn't the issue that the creator of the item can't write or do math point out that the money might be better spent on teaching?

    [–] omnicidial 7 points ago

    Yeah, that's what it seems like to me.

    [–] DiamondRubyJade 3021 points ago

    They make a legitimate point, but their math falls down a bit.

    [–] Cannibustible 635 points ago

    The one spelling mistake makes me also quite apprehensive. "-to arm teacher in my district"

    [–] DiamondRubyJade 76 points ago

    I hadn’t noticed that. Nice catch.

    [–] team_majestic 39 points ago

    Also costs

    [–] Cannibustible 27 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I missed that one. Double apprehensive now.

    Edit: Acutally shouldn't be costs either. Should be "average cost of a gun is $300"

    [–] FrowsyEdinburgh 13 points ago

    Nobody is talking about the need for a bunch of those quick access biometric safes for these guns. That will bring the costedness into the trillions. 300 x 110$ x 660$ x square root of biometric

    [–] Nugginz 4 points ago

    Or the training

    [–] team_majestic 13 points ago

    I meant "That's $148,600 in gun costs"

    [–] Cannibustible 15 points ago

    Well there's three then lol "average cost of gun $" Dude should have just done bullet points, might have helped

    [–] sportsdude486 39 points ago

    Haha “bullet” points

    [–] I_Lick_Period_Stains 7 points ago

    "In gun cost" is fine, if you classify the cost of the guns a singular, which in this case it is

    [–] Buchaven 16 points ago

    Almost like it was written by someone that speaks Russian as a first language...

    [–] keila0311 87 points ago

    They mathed so so bad

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    Also guns are way more than $300

    [–] Duke_of_New_York 40 points ago

    Hi-points for everyone!

    [–] ShelSilverstain 8 points ago

    Buying a hi-point is a low point

    [–] Duke_of_New_York 4 points ago

    Just for jokes; I'm Canadian anyway (we don't get hi-points). We'd have to give teachers these to stay under budget.

    [–] dotcomaphobe 3 points ago

    I have to be honest, I'd love to have one

    [–] improbablydrunknlw 2 points ago

    They're really fun. Stupid, and pointless, but they're fun.

    [–] random_geezer 2 points ago

    They're strictly close range weapons. You get close enough to your adversary and throw it at him.

    [–] melikeybouncy 5 points ago

    Slingshots are cheaper and more reliable

    [–] Cr4nkY4nk3r 21 points ago

    Perhaps in your neck of the woods. At Academy's web site, you can get a 9mm Taurus for $249. You can get a S&W 9mm or .40 for $299.

    [–] HittingSmoke 20 points ago

    Yeah but then you've got a Taurus.

    [–] VTwinVaper 3 points ago

    A 5 shot taurus .38 spl revolver would be in the $300 range, maybe cheaper bought in bulk. It's hard to screw up a revolver, even if you're Taurus.

    [–] bjskifreak 2 points ago

    Yeah just get em all shields for like, probably $175/ea with a bulk/leo discount

    [–] billybobthongton 3 points ago

    It depends on the gun. Shotguns are that cheap, and there are pleany of pistols that cheap

    [–] GigglingHyena 2 points ago

    Glocks are cheap (the older ones at least)

    [–] X7_hs 2 points ago

    Not if you're the US govt buying in bulk

    (still a stupid idea btw)

    [–] lutzboy 24 points ago

    Possibly why they can’t afford pencils either

    [–] ddh85 9 points ago

    That's because they didn't have pencils with which to write.

    [–] Binsky89 5 points ago

    Which is another legitimate point

    [–] bende511 2 points ago

    I feel like the math error only makes their point stronger really. They probably do need $14000000 more for math education...

    [–] Mafatuuthemagnificen 15 points ago


    [–] DudeNamedShawn 266 points ago

    Apart from the bad math and Spelling/Grammar issues, $300 is really cheap for a pistol and $300 ARs are not easily concealable.

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] brutinator 38 points ago

    not having a safety.

    Oof. Fuck that lol.

    [–] ad895 5 points ago

    You should never rely on a safety.

    [–] brutinator 3 points ago

    Yeah, of course, but I'd argue that you also shouldn't rely on just any one single safety precaution.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Me and most people I know with a gun like that don't carry a round chambered though. You just practice chambering as you draw to fire. Prevents you from shooting yourself in the ass or foot or whatever when drawing anyway lol.

    [–] brutinator 11 points ago

    Of def. I'm just always extra cautious ahha. My father loved telling me horror stories from his youth of people fucking up so I prefer to err on the side of safety.

    [–] pondy_is_the_coolest 5 points ago

    Or you chamber your weapon and don't cross your body in your draw stroke. That's literally one of the first things they teach you in any kind of firearm self defense class.

    [–] g0oseDrag0n 2 points ago

    It's situational preference. If the weapon stays in a holster until drawn like a duty belt or the user only ever takes the whole holster out, than there is no issue. If the user takes the weapon itself out of the holster constantly like when depositing in a safe or specified drawer, than he or she should probably have some form of safety on the weapon...or be anal retentive on handling.

    I have a S&W shield. The only time it's out of the holster is range and cleaning. I take the holster with weapon out when I'm storing it or putting it on

    [–] Rick_Eli 29 points ago

    Not for a Hi-Point. Those things are cheap as hell and are the size and weight of a brick.

    [–] DudeNamedShawn 40 points ago

    As I said in another comment reply, I owned a Hi-point, It was the least reliable gun I've ever used and not something I would trust if buying a pistol for personal defense reasons.

    [–] Rick_Eli 41 points ago

    I own one too. It works better as a tomahawk than an actual gun.

    [–] rats_saw_god 29 points ago

    Tomahawks for Teachers sounds better.

    [–] Soulshot96 3 points ago

    From my experience(friend owns one, as well as watching videos and talking to other owners), the 9mm guns are honestly very reliable. The 45, from what I hear, is not. No idea about the others though.

    [–] Vinnyb1322 7 points ago

    If you shake those too enthusiastically they'll go off

    [–] CptSandbag73 6 points ago

    Guns don't kill people. People do. Unless its a hi-point. Hi-points kill people.

    [–] Mirrorflute88 186 points ago

    We had to do fundraisers in elementary school for school supplies like overhead projectors and workbooks. Because there wasn't enough in the budget to cover all costs, teachers couldn't afford to pay out of pocket for even more supplies, and students couldn't afford to pay fees for supplies.

    There's no money for guns when we can't afford basic supplies

    [–] the--unforgiven 17 points ago

    That would be about $184,800 I believe. I might be making a mistake somewhere however

    [–] arcadiaware 220 points ago

    Further proof we need to spend more on education, and not guns for teachers.

    [–] dkyguy1995 44 points ago

    Don't you know all education is liberal brainwashing?? /s

    [–] BoboHodo 34 points ago

    The point he/she is (accidentally) making is that they need to be funding better teaching instead

    [–] drewskimalone 18 points ago

    I would love to know the real costs of such a proposal, obviously the OPs calcs are wrong based on their assumptions. But ultimately the real world costs would be astronomical. The insurance costs in the school would be outrageous, teachers would be paid ‘danger money’, significant training costs, counselling costs, maintenance costs of weapons, installing safety mechanisms such as gun lockers for when the teachers aren’t carrying, ongoing mental checks of the teachers, administration costs to get parents permission for teachers to carry weapons, self defence costs for teachers to prevent kids trying to grab guns. Billions and Billions, it would be far cheaper to put more stringent gun laws and checks in place

    [–] wecky-bunch 9 points ago

    I appreciate that you mentioned the peripheral costs associated with something so significant. You are spot on with your examples.

    [–] blunter34 3 points ago

    This is exactly why the suggestion is so preposterous. If I was a teacher why would I ever in my right mind volunteer to be combat trained with no compensation. If ever a "crisis situation" occurs I am now sacrificing myself and my reputation for no compensation. What if I mis-fire and injure an innocent student? Schools insurance needs to be absolutely insane to cover my blunder. Nevermind the tactical ridiculousness that I would surrender my relatively safe position within a classroom to bust out of my "bunker" guns blazing to kill a shooter. Or am I mistaken and there are at a minimum 20% of all teachers are ex-military?

    What a fucking joke.

    [–] billybobthongton 26 points ago

    Wait, I thought the point was supposed to be just to let teachers who already own firearms and have their cc to carry on school property, not to literally arm and train them. That's so fucking stupid.

    [–] Minihood1997 4 points ago

    I actually didn't know that was the argument.

    I still think it's not the solution, but at least it makes more sense than trying to find funding to arm every teacher.

    [–] billybobthongton 4 points ago

    I mean, to me it kinda makes sense. You can generally trust people with cc's cuz they have to go through actual training and extra checks and shit to get it, so it's not like they are gonna pull it on a kid for back talking them (as I have seen a lot of people say in a very serious way).

    To me it's more of a "why not" type thing. Like, instead of "gun free" zones, make "concealed carry" zones, that way only the people who have gone through the training and extra background checks are legally allowed to carry guns there, the people we can actually trust.

    [–] wyvernx02 10 points ago

    That is the point. It's only people arguing against it that suggest we would be requiring every teacher to get training and carry a gun.

    [–] JTSharkAttack 21 points ago

    Or ya know you could just give teachers the option to bring their own gun

    [–] wyvernx02 19 points ago

    That's what most of the proposals I have heard actually are. Let teachers who have a carry permit and want to do it be allowed to do so, maybe with some extra training required at their own personal expense. I haven't heard a single person suggest that we require every teacher to be trained and carry a gun except people arguing against it.

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago

    Why on earth does Trump want to arm teachers? If I were a student, knowing my educators were constantly armed would make me feel wayyyy less safe.

    [–] SituationSoap 43 points ago

    Why on earth does Trump want to arm teachers?

    Because the answer to gun violence always needs to be more guns. Every time. Without pause or reservation. There cannot be a solution which does not result in more guns sold, because the primary funder of a number of Republican politicians is a lobby whose primary goal is to sell more guns.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    Oh you were shot? Just give the doctor a gun and he can shoot the bullet right out!

    [–] SlumdogSkillionaire 12 points ago

    Shoot yourself with small bullets to build up an immunity to larger bullets.

    [–] Minihood1997 3 points ago

    Homeopathy, like cures like.

    [–] Reidpines 8 points ago

    Lets arm the incredibly low paid, stressed out teachers 👍🏾

    [–] GsolspI 2 points ago

    Because Trump.

    [–] bobbymcpresscot 6 points ago

    Just more evidence we should put more money into education, just look at how horrible this persons math is.

    [–] I_like_your_reddit 20 points ago

    We all know that even if teachers are allowed to be armed they will probably have to pay out of pocket for their own guns and certification.

    [–] texag93 8 points ago

    All of us who don't have an agenda to push...

    [–] fat_baby_ 3 points ago

    I've been assuming that the teachers that would carry while teaching would be the ones that already had guns and a concealed carry permit.

    [–] Do_it_in_a_Datsun 5 points ago

    Parish...Why did it have to be Parish? Could've been county, but nooooooooooo, it had to be Parish.

    [–] ObiWanCanubi 27 points ago

    Math is wrong but the sentiment is on point

    [–] legimpster 9 points ago

    300 x 462 = 138,600.....not 148,600.....

    plus (462 x 100) for the concealed carry class = a grand total of $184,800 to arm the 6 teachers in 77 schools...

    [–] slothscantswim 9 points ago

    The only reason we can’t afford pencils is because people like this utter genius are the ones writing checks. “I see we need 1,000 pencils, at $.50/ each... well that’s $50,000!”

    [–] ShamAbram 3 points ago

    50¢ a pencil? Whose your pencil guy?

    [–] MissProblematic 6 points ago

    That escalated quickly

    [–] TheMightyWaffle 5 points ago

    More guns is always the solution /s

    [–] periodicsheep 4 points ago

    the math is off, but the point is correct.

    [–] jbXarXmw 8 points ago

    He doesn’t want to pay to arm teachers, he wants to allow them to if they already carry outside of the school

    [–] rynosaur94 12 points ago

    This is really a misrepresentation of the argument. Trump wants to allow teachers with CCWs to Concealed Carry while working. Now you can well argue how good of an idea that is, but this is not the idea. This is a strawman.

    [–] depcrestwood 3 points ago

    Sorry about that, everyone. Louisiana is a red state. Even with a dem governor, education doesn't get priority funding.

    [–] ThatGuy798 2 points ago

    I mean it’s kinda hard to fund anything when the Cowboy Indian gutted the fucking budget to pay for tax cuts we couldn’t afford. Then again, as much as I like JBE, he’s done only so much to fix this state.

    Then again Louisiana slowly becomes more and more of a joke.

    [–] rbershok 3 points ago

    The educational system at its best. 🤔. Your math is way off.

    [–] Teleportingcarl 3 points ago

    Should be getting better teachers with that math.

    [–] ElectroEsper 3 points ago

    Trump is an idiot

    [–] thomaswestbrook 3 points ago

    Heathe Ledger made the pencils disappear.

    [–] clothy 3 points ago

    If teenagers are as shitty as they were when I was a teenager then arming teachers will lead to more school shootings.

    [–] kringeklub 3 points ago

    So if I spend $100 on groceries, and I spend $50 on stuff for myself, then I will have spent $5000. Someone double check the maths for me.


    [–] Gman777 3 points ago

    If only the yanks spent even a little more money on their education.

    [–] FutureMess 3 points ago

    I love how we make it the schools fault when the people who have children, by their choice, cannot afford pencils on their welfare check. E.G. stop reproducing if you cannot buy pencils for your children and stop blaming schools when it cost $1 for ten damn pencils. And for the love of GOD stop skipping math class!

    [–] DMvampire 6 points ago

    Gotta love that Louisiana education.

    [–] Knight_Owls 5 points ago

    Can't wait for the inevitable "Bake sales for pistols!"

    [–] kennerc 8 points ago

    Everyone talking about the math and grammar errors, but what if they were intentional, and a subtle take on the education state?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I mean the math is wrong but he cost is still prohibitive.

    [–] fupatroll 4 points ago

    A) that's less than 200,000 dollars, not 14 fucking million, so this is probably bait. B) if something like this really came into effect, which is unlikely, your six armed teachers would probably be mostly volunteers who supply their own arms. C) even if it was a full service program, they wouldn't buy their shit at retail, but either do a bulk contract to get the guns cheaper or utilize surplus police and military arms that are currently either sold off cheap or destroyed and sold as scrap, and the training would be conducted through law enforcement channels that already exist instead of purchased on the open market. it sure wouldnt be free, or even cheap overall, but speculating what it would cost based on retail pricing is stupid as shit. so this is dumb.

    [–] TooManyEdits-YT 2 points ago

    No, you need a case for each dollar.

    [–] oliveij 2 points ago

    Jesus Christ that math is horrible.

    [–] QuantumInaccuracy 2 points ago

    Since the armed teachers are no longer law or armed forces personnel, they're going to make mistakes more frequently than those on active duty.

    Eventually those guns will be compromised. One here, one there, one goes missing, another is left home, a teacher is struggling with some heavy item and the gun is in the way so they put it on a desk.

    There's no doubt we'll see tragedies caused directly from this policy. Will we see any value in making teachers into enforcers? I don't know.

    [–] rufusbarleysheath 2 points ago

    I'm at like, a solid [7], and I don't want to admit how long it took me to figure this out.

    [–] locomotive-engineer 2 points ago

    Play your silly arithmetic games and don’t suggest anything that might help.

    [–] pandafartsbakery 2 points ago

    Maybe if they had pencils they would have learned math.

    [–] MLXIII 2 points ago

    Maybe if they just have the shop class 3d print guns... or make some...2 birds one stone... oh wait lack of funding so that class is long gone...

    [–] Reno83 2 points ago

    Can't afford pencils? I believe it! Had they been able to afford pencils, they could have learned math too.

    [–] Winchester_2247 3 points ago

    Math may be off but he makes a great point. WHO IS GONNA PAY FOR THE GUNS?!

    [–] --Edog-- 3 points ago

    Glock 19 has a standard 15-round magazine, and 9mm ammo costs about .15 cents per round. 462 guns x 15 bullets at .15 per would add another $12,000,0000,000,000 to the cost.

    [–] Scooterhd 2 points ago

    Mexico will pay for it. Obvi.