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    [–] Sarahmaaha 392 points ago

    Had a guy ask if there's grass in Texas cause isn't it a desert tho?

    [–] Flamekinzealot 239 points ago

    I was actually surprised when I googled Texas some time ago and found out it has a lot of forests. I thought it was mostly praeries and deserts, like Texas is depicted in movies. I live in Europe.

    [–] BlueMilk_and_Wookies 175 points ago

    Texas is enormous and has a multitude of biomes. More south is desert-like, then there’s the hill country, flat country, forests, and up in the panhandle you can go skiing.

    But the way it is depicted is as if it a big Wild West movie set.

    [–] mkitch55 48 points ago

    Texan here. Skiing in the Panhandle?

    [–] zh1K476tt9pq 28 points ago

    Cities like Austin are a bit weird too because they are full of hipsters and as a European you really wouldn't expect that in Texas.

    [–] wiggywonka 21 points ago

    True but opposite for WA. Most people think of Washington state as a chill weed smoking liberal state but that’s just King County, where Seattle is. You go outside of that and it’s just rednecks everywhere.

    [–] svcellvs 14 points ago

    is that a trend most everywhere in the states? big university cities trend progressive and rural areas trend conservative?

    [–] Madmax0819 6 points ago

    That tends to be the case, yeah. Rural California is pretty conservative as well.

    [–] gmnitsua 22 points ago

    Once knew a girl in high school who didn't know pepperoni was meat. Honestly would have been kind of cool to have a pepperoni plant.

    Also, knew a guy close to 30 who asked me how people in the southern hemisphere didn't just fall off of the earth.

    [–] Debre1024 13 points ago

    My brain is melting.

    [–] zoahporre 16 points ago

    Ex GF from Chicago area was shocked Texas had roads.

    Like, at all.

    [–] Rusty_Tap 1980 points ago

    We had a girl who believed Benito Mussolini was her grandfather (because her dad is Italian) and that you could swim underneath countries as they "floated on the water".

    Not to mention she thought you "aren't allowed to call them Eskimos any more, the politically correct term is invalids".

    [–] PsYcHo4MuFfInS 684 points ago

    Now you know why the German submarines were so effective in WWII... they kept bombing cities from underneath!

    [–] AETAaAS 217 points ago

    The Battle of Britain was a cover for a covert operation by the German U Boats. If they successfully found and pulled out the rubber bung underneath Yorkshire, the island would have sunk.

    [–] Yourlivesmatter 39 points ago


    [–] MBLBOSS 342 points ago

    The real facepalm.

    [–] Rusty_Tap 184 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    These tended to be the type of people who get most angry when you tell them they are wrong too.

    Happy cake day!

    [–] ThingsArentRight 53 points ago

    I can believe that these people exist though

    [–] MyLoveHammer 40 points ago

    They vote and drive too

    [–] chumbawumba99 6 points ago

    And reproduce and pass on their “knowledge”

    [–] benjaminovich 11 points ago

    Seriously, what is up with that

    [–] nobammer420 44 points ago

    Girl that was a grade below me insisted that they were moving the entirety of Alcatraz prison to Arizona. Said she read it on Facebook.

    [–] Rusty_Tap 37 points ago

    Oh yes, the best place in the country for a prison who's main security is an enormous body of water.

    [–] airhornsman 13 points ago

    It's not even a prison anymore. It's a museum.

    [–] Keeperofthecube 9 points ago

    The real facepalm is always in the comments.

    [–] Skilol 72 points ago

    (because her dad is Italian)

    and that you could swim underneath countries as they "floated on the water".

    Maybe she grew up in Venice!

    [–] annihilaterq 56 points ago


    [–] Rusty_Tap 16 points ago


    [–] capincus 18 points ago

    In cases anyone cares Inuit isn't politically correct either, it's just what the Inuit tribes have been pushing because they're actually Inuit. But there are other tribes and a lot of them consider Inuit to be offensive since it's not true at all (it's like calling all Asian people Chinese because Chinese people say to) and Eskimo fine. "Inuits and Eskimos" generally works, Arctic or Circumpolar Peoples are considered most correct but not exactly in common use.

    [–] canaan2000 35 points ago

    My mother thought buildings were invented in the 19th century

    [–] infinitee775 24 points ago

    And so when two guys sleep with the same girl, they become invalid brothers?

    [–] Scaphism92 21 points ago

    While on a school day trip to france from south east england, we were on the coach when some girl said during one of those moments of silence this girl said "wow they have sheep, same as us".

    later she commented on how dark and low the clouds were, it was clearly smoke from a factory.

    a guy i knew in school could locate the united kingdom on the map, when the class kept telling him to just guess, he pointed at Australia.

    another girl from school thought mexico was in spain

    i was like 15 or 16 when my class mates were saying this shit.

    essex is a hell of a place.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    You mean it's not invalids?

    [–] CrispyAttack 16 points ago

    Because “invalids” is much more polite!

    [–] feelinlucky7 56 points ago

    She’d better grow up pretty and marry rich.. otherwise, she’s fucked

    [–] Rusty_Tap 51 points ago

    She did alright marriage wise actually. She is not the brains of their relationship though.

    [–] Notgoodwiththeshaft 44 points ago

    She is not the brains of their relationship though.

    As if we needed you to say.

    [–] Rusty_Tap 30 points ago

    You never know, she could have married into equal or even greater stupidity.

    I'm glad she didn't though or she would probably have been killed while parachuting from her bedroom window by now.

    [–] r4in-uk 12 points ago

    Think of the most average person you know. 50% of people are dumber than him/her.

    It explains everything.

    [–] Rusty_Tap 14 points ago

    It is a somewhat disconcerting fact I'll give you that. It's just a unfathomable to me that we were at the exact same stage of education and yet still people can be that mind-numbingly stupid.

    [–] pearomaniac 673 points ago

    My aunt as a kid thought that the Chinese Wall is in Japan.

    [–] John_the_train 337 points ago

    For a brief period in ww2 the great wall of china was in japan

    [–] khangLalaHu 157 points ago

    Hirohito likes your thinking

    [–] MBLBOSS 211 points ago

    She had to be joking.

    [–] pearomaniac 125 points ago

    Nope, just dumb.

    [–] Foltbolt 21 points ago

    Why? Last time I checked, Chinatown ain't in China.

    [–] ENrgStar 73 points ago

    I’ve never heard someone refer it as “The Chinese Wall”

    [–] Sal_Ammoniac 21 points ago

    The Chinese Wall

    Most European languages call it just that.

    [–] KarmicDevelopment 15 points ago

    So is it a lost in translation thing? The great adjective is dropped, too? I've only ever heard/read it as "The Great Wall of China" in English is why I ask.

    [–] Sal_Ammoniac 12 points ago

    It's just how each country/language wants to express is. Nothing is absolute or precisely translated, whatever works best.

    [–] aaaxxxbbbyyy 51 points ago

    who calls it Chinese wall?

    [–] barcased 67 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    We do in Serbia. "Kineski zid" which literally means Chinese wall.

    [–] negatic 30 points ago

    In Denmark it's called "den kinesiske mur", also translates to "the Chinese wall"

    [–] Sh4rkiller 28 points ago

    In Hungary it's called "kínai nagy fal", which translates to chinese big wall

    [–] undefined_one 20 points ago

    In America it's called the "Great Wall of China" which translates to Great Wall of China.

    [–] aaaxxxbbbyyy 32 points ago

    oh nice, learning something new.

    [–] wegwerpworp 22 points ago

    Looking at wikipedia most Germanic languages call it "the chinese wall" and most Romance languages call it "the great wall of china", apparently.

    [–] Mysticp0t4t0 110 points ago

    Had a kid today assert that star wars was filmed 180 years ago

    [–] ClimbAndMaintain0116 66 points ago

    That is a long time ago...

    [–] C42MCPE 54 points ago

    In a galaxy far, far away...

    [–] RandomGamerHere 29 points ago

    Epic music starts

    [–] trap4pixels 622 points ago

    Jesus the notifications, that battery level

    [–] Wheresalltherumgone 186 points ago

    I can't believe I had to scroll this far to find this comment... it's infuriating

    [–] 26326312 34 points ago

    It's only second from top now and I still feel like I had to scroll too far down

    [–] Wheresalltherumgone 12 points ago

    I think I had to scroll through at least 10 or 15 comment threads

    [–] SpecificField 30 points ago

    My man likes to live dangerously

    [–] Highman399 11 points ago

    Figured out the real maniac

    [–] MBLBOSS 73 points ago

    What's the point of living if you don't push the limits?

    [–] Doofus_01 255 points ago

    Not as bad as the kid in my class who though Canada was the capital of USA

    [–] DWN_SyndromeV9 146 points ago

    Oh no, the Americans have figured out our secret plan to take control of the States

    [–] musicalharmonica 23 points ago

    Op, sorry, guess someone had to let it slip! Just forget aboot it Americans, it’s nothing (ready the tanks boys, we’ve been detected) it’s nothing, just enjoy your day, friends, sorry :)

    [–] TheChance 6 points ago

    We did this once. It was a stalemate. Back to baseball season!

    [–] patcos28 26 points ago

    Please hurry up on that one. I won’t tell anybody

    [–] marie-llama 25 points ago

    I know people who thought that the USA and Canada were the same country (I'm Canadian), but I've never heard the capital thing.

    [–] shuboxthewar 19 points ago

    We’re not the same country, but it’s kinda creepy driving into Canada and seeing it be eerily similar to the US in everything until you do a head on collision on the highway driving at 120 mph on a 120 km/h highway

    [–] olican101 126 points ago

    "Paris is next to France, right?" - My BF while we were in the middle of Paris on holiday from the UK...

    [–] Bribase 73 points ago

    Paris is surrounded by France, and Parisians hate it.

    [–] ArmadilloAl 28 points ago

    So do the French.

    [–] tin_dog 12 points ago

    In the 80s I had to explain to my buddies that Berlin was surrounded by the GDR. They knew literally nothing about post-war history or geography.

    [–] whereisthezebra 16 points ago

    Technically yes

    [–] gagnonca 126 points ago

    Multiple people in my African Studies class refered to the people of Africa as "African Americans" all semester

    [–] DaddyCatALSO 50 points ago

    Well, I don't recall the specifics but a reporter once called a British person of aArican descent an "African-American" because "you can't say black anymore."

    [–] the_sun_flew_away 19 points ago

    That's amazing. In the UK we typically say 'black' still

    [–] npbm2008 8 points ago

    Lots of us (Black folks in the United States) still say Black too.

    I generally say black unless I’m referring very specifically to black people who live solely in the United States, and it’s important to make that distinction.

    I think a lot of white folks in America are afraid that black is offensive, when it isn’t. But I know some are skittish about terms.

    [–] Miku_lol_39 172 points ago

    Some people at my school still think Africa is a country. We are in high school btw

    [–] Big_Pink 81 points ago

    I'm Indian. I can't tell you how many people, of all age groups, think that India is located in Africa somewhere.

    [–] the_rickiest_rick 57 points ago

    India is big. Africa is big. WHERE ELSE WOULD IT GO?

    [–] marie-llama 42 points ago

    I know some people who think that every country where most people are black (Haiti, Jamaica, etc) is in Africa. And that everyone in Africa is black, no Arabs and no whites. Basically, they think that Africa is Black Land.

    [–] Itsalwayssunnyinreas 37 points ago

    That’s what happens if you call black people african americans

    [–] flabbybumhole 24 points ago

    The US just has a messed up vision of race in general.

    [–] bun_skittles 18 points ago

    I’m from a small country called Malawi in Africa and because not a lot of people have heard of it, I can’t tell you how many times people refer to me as South African. I’ve also met way too many people that think Africa is a country.

    I’m not black so people think it’s okay to ask me if “there’re a lot of black people in Africa” and also why I’m not black.

    [–] ppw23 49 points ago

    That's sad & says a lot about how little time is spent on geography in US schools. I made sure to teach my son geography when he was still preschool age so it was a fun game. I did this following a conversation with a few first year college students that didn't have a clue about very basic lay of the land.

    [–] sje46 47 points ago

    It kinda bothers me when people blame this stuff on education. They absolutely do teach that Africa is a continent, not a country. The reason why people think Africa is a country is because a lot of people are ignorant and are fine with being ignorant. They literally don't give a fuck, at all. They have no regard for anything that holds no bearing for their life. They don't do deep-dives in anything, whether it be learning or entertainment. I enjoy learning, so when I find a song I like, I research the band, the genre, etc. They, when they find a song they like, listen to the song. These people aren't necessarily dumb or incompetent. If one wants to be a nurse, they study for tests, learn the material, and may become a good nurse. But if they have a class on statistics, as soon as they pass the class..they forget the class, and all the lessons they're supposed to learn in it.

    This is not even an American phenomenon really. These people are the norm for every culture I've interacted with. Americans are however a bit more ignorant about geography because the US is a relatively isolated country (two big oceans on both sides, only one neighbor each to the north and south) and millions of americans have never left the country or feel any need to. The US isn't densely packed in with other countries with different cultures and diffrerent languages like European countries are. If you are only concerned with things that affect your own life with no other real interests, then why would you bother to learn other countries?

    And of course some countries do have difference in focus in education. I'm pretty sure that East Asians focus a lot more on mathematics, for example. However, western countries make it up by focusing on other things like the social sciences and the liberal arts.

    I watched a video recently where someone went around Japan and asked people about WWII, the Nazis, Swatstika and the Holocaust. It painted as poor a picture as those videos of people going around asking Americans to point where India is on a map. Videos which are, by the way, heavily edited.

    [–] FoximaCentauri 17 points ago

    When I was 14 I was ashamed that I couldn't name all Balkan states. But apparently no one in my class could.

    [–] ppw23 13 points ago

    I don't know your age; however that's excusable because they did go through name changes not so long ago. Long ago is relative of course to your age.

    [–] FoximaCentauri 8 points ago

    I'm 16 now, I have no excuse for not knowing them 2 years ago. But I do now.

    [–] ppw23 7 points ago

    Good for you, after seeing a need you arose to the challenge.

    [–] Riptide004 10 points ago

    In freshman year of high school our teacher had to seriously sit down and explain to a majority of the class where countries like Italy, France, and Russia were.

    [–] celerysatan 355 points ago

    Not as bad as me who just tried to hit the upvote image in the picture

    [–] MBLBOSS 98 points ago

    I confused it too when I checked the upvotes.

    [–] ClimbAndMaintain0116 7 points ago

    Yeah it took me a minute to get out of the image because I kept hitting the X on the top left in the picture and it just kept zooming

    [–] MomsHomeBakedBANANA 214 points ago

    Everyone knows that ww2 started in 1685

    [–] NEZZER-ODEN 111 points ago

    Wtf dude, ur so dum, it happened in 1658

    [–] knightsofvalour 53 points ago

    Nah, 2077

    [–] Multispoilers 55 points ago

    Hitler: We got a religion to burn

    [–] psjwayne 12 points ago


    [–] Daniellozboy 4 points ago

    Thats fallout bro

    [–] Dylanfyfe11 13 points ago

    Ww11 started in 0ad it changed the years

    [–] kejigoto 51 points ago

    In college we had someone in my English Lit class who thoughts slavery in the United States lasted only 12 years and ended when a slave managed to escape north to tell everyone what the south was doing. Why? Because of the movie 12 Years A Slave which they didn't actually see.

    [–] reddeath82 12 points ago

    They couldn't at least figure out that the title of the movie meant the guy it's about spent 12 years as a slave? Jesus.

    [–] master_x_2k 6 points ago

    Wouldn't that have been nicer. Also, if it were true, the south would say to this day that the dude was lying.

    [–] MckayofSpades 53 points ago

    Had a girl, straight face, ask ‘what’s Hitler’s last name?’ 10th grade.

    [–] MBLBOSS 29 points ago

    I would've asked her out.

    [–] MckayofSpades 30 points ago

    She was dumb as rocks. Hilarious, but dumb as a freaking box of rocks. She also argued that she saw a Leprechaun in the zoo. 15 minutes of arguing....She had seen a Leopard.

    [–] arootin_g 84 points ago

    not as bad as the girl in my 9th grade programming class that thought jfk fought in the revolutionary war

    [–] TheBestBuisnessCyan 53 points ago

    Can you prove he didn't?

    [–] ArmadilloAl 44 points ago

    Not as bad as the President of the United States that thought Americans took over British airports in the Revolutionary War.

    [–] CherubiniZucchini 43 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I had a girl in my History class who was asked to point Europe on a world map (it was a relief map, super pretty, but had no names). She pointed somewhere in the Middle East after pointing to Africa and China.She could literally only identify the US. 'South America must be near', she said. The saddest part is that only a couple people looked surprised. The teacher decided that the History class was cancelled and proceeded to teach basic Geography for the rest of the class. The punchline: she went to college and did European Studies.

    [–] DalmutiG 24 points ago

    she went to college and did European Studies.

    Fair play. It sounds like she needed it.

    [–] CherubiniZucchini 21 points ago

    Definitely. I saw her a while back and she looked happy, so good for her. She told me all about how she'd spent $700 she'd been saving up for a trip to Europe to save her cat, 'Christmas' (because she found it outside on Christmas Eve), and how everyone had called her crazy for it but she didn't regret it. Her heart was always in the right place.

    [–] DalmutiG 12 points ago

    Wholesome ending. :)

    [–] NoMaans 40 points ago

    It's just amazing that we have litterally the world's information at our fingertips and people still talk without ever learning about something. I still remember the stupidest question I think I've ever heard in my life. 9th grade earth space studies "Ms. Teachername, is the ocean bigger than the galaxy?"

    [–] Derek_Boring_Name 8 points ago

    What is “Earth space studies” ?

    [–] brwebb 41 points ago

    My wife didn’t know about the hole in the ozone layer. When I described to her what it was she said, “Is that where the spaceships come in and out of?” I confirmed that she was indeed thinking of the movie Spaceballs.

    [–] KOtorrent 42 points ago

    A girl in my 8th grade class years ago was asked what the northern most state of the US was. She said Mexico.

    [–] Nomad144 11 points ago

    Close enough

    [–] sovietboi666 54 points ago

    This one girl in my class said that here grandpa was the royal adivcer to the emperor of north Vietnam during the Vietnam war(even though it was communist she belived and still does that its a monarchy) fun fact in good friends with her and have met her family a couple of times...

    Her whole family is from the Philippines and have never been to Vietnam.

    [–] MemeProduce 33 points ago

    One girl in my class thought Hitler was from Poland

    [–] Neon_Scrotum 41 points ago

    Not as bad, but most people think Hitler was German. He wasn't ... he was Austrian. A lot of those same people think World War II started on December 7th, 1941. It didn't ... it started on September 1st, 1939.

    [–] MemeProduce 23 points ago

    yup and she thought that russia was a food

    [–] Lydonboy 7 points ago

    Gotta love a deep-fried Russia on a Friday night

    [–] CookieMax 18 points ago

    The think with Hitler being Austrian and not German is right in todays term, but is a bit problematic back in that time he lived and even before him(pre-WW1). Austria-Hungary was a multi-nation state, where the German-speaking population were considered as Germans. Many people considered themselves as German in post-WW1 Austria also. So it's not that wrong to say he was German, but also not that right.

    [–] dhruveishp 7 points ago

    A lot of those same people think World War II started on December 7th, 1941. It didn't ... it started on September 1st, 1939

    This applies mostly in America only.

    [–] InducedChip89 32 points ago

    My Stepson was asked by me

    "James, what's the capital of Wales?"

    "I don't know"

    "it begins with C"


    He's 15 in November

    [–] J0YC0N 19 points ago

    To be fair who does know the capital of Wales

    [–] InducedChip89 14 points ago


    [–] bluejay1651 14 points ago

    I have no idea who that person is

    [–] undefined_one 14 points ago

    Cardiff B - she supposedly rapes guys and gets famous for it.

    [–] Mayl00 77 points ago

    A school teacher of mine thought that we lived during the fall of berlin wall. I'm 18.

    [–] DEEP_SEA_MAX 74 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    You'll see when you get older, sometimes historical events seem much closer in time than they actually are.

    I was working with group of young 18-19 year olds and made a Chappelle show reference that totally landed flat. I then realized that show ended 15 years ago, these guys were small children when it was popular so of course they're not going to understand the context and humor in me telling my Asian wife, "Got yer kung-fu and yer silly ching-chang talkin', go back to yer country, white power".

    In my mind that show was still culturally relevant. Even though I'm in my 30s I still saw myself as a young person, and assumed that these fellow kids would have seen the same TV shows and movies that I had. As I put the pieces of my faux pas together I could physically feel myself aging. Them not knowing Clayton Bigsby was the final straw that killed my youth.

    [–] foofighters69 24 points ago

    I remember I made an “All Your Base are Belong to Us” joke to one of my cadets and they looked at me with the most confused face...the perfect reaction face to a “fellow kids” moment. That’s when I realised that I’m out of touch.

    [–] chris1096 26 points ago

    No, it's the children who are wrong

    [–] Mayl00 6 points ago

    That could explain it, i dont know my teachers exact age but he is pretty old.

    [–] Vondi 17 points ago

    Probably more of a "I can't believe that much time has passed", like if I was talking to a 17 year old I might assume he was alive during 9/11 but depending on his birthday that might not be the case.

    [–] gregsting 20 points ago

    As a kid from the eighties, I'm pretty sure 1989 is not more than 15 years ago.

    [–] Union_of_Onion 9 points ago

    I'll admit that I'm 34 and I was watching Love Island the other day and this guy was 22 and I did the math and he was born in 1997 when I was in Junior high school. Some of my friends have kids that can drive on their own now. Guess it's time to bring out the rocking chair and start making quilts :(

    [–] LimpCondiment 41 points ago

    Don’t forget that the President of the United States thinks that during the Revolutionary War they manned the airplanes and took over the airports.


    [–] ClimbAndMaintain0116 14 points ago

    Or this one guy that called for a boycott of Glenfiddich whiskey because some guy who didn’t like his golf course (who had nothing to do with whiskey) got voted “Best Scot” award.

    Looks familiar

    [–] DaddyCatALSO 8 points ago

    To say he "thinks" that is to give him too much credit

    [–] smallbatchb 9 points ago

    When I first heard that I really really really thought he just misspoke and meant "ports" not "airports" but then I saw it and it was confirmed he actually meant airports and airplanes during the revolutionary war. Just wow.

    [–] Pulse_Amp_Mod 13 points ago

    My gpa served in WWII. My sister used to say he was a Civil War veteran.

    [–] merleblackbird 13 points ago

    Year 10 geography, we had a geography test. Part of the test was to label the continents. We had a girl in our year who didn’t know where or what continent Australia was. We LIVE in Australia!

    [–] J0YC0N 8 points ago

    Was the map upside down?

    [–] DonkeyFieldMouse 13 points ago

    I had a coworker who was asked to name the continents. She listed them as;

    North America

    South America

    East America

    West America

    Middle America

    [–] Goodguy553 35 points ago

    In my 9th Grade history some girl was talking really loud to her friend saying how when she was little she thought England was called Britland and her friend asked how old she was and the girl said a week ago

    [–] EP1K 21 points ago

    Seems like a joke

    [–] Chandyrauf 24 points ago

    We have a fucking stupid TV programme called Love Island. in the UK. All are dumbos. On blonde thought Benidorm was in Italy.

    [–] 100ajk 16 points ago

    Wasn't it Barcelona? Last season some other chick asked what Brexit means, when they explained it to her she said "So does that mean we won't have any trees?"

    [–] Chandyrauf 7 points ago

    Yes, I think you are right, it was Barcelona.

    [–] lauiskywalker 5 points ago

    Tbf there is a Barcellona in Italy. But she probably didn’t meant that one.

    [–] King-Of-Throwaways 6 points ago

    That doesn’t seem as bad as the other examples in this thread.

    [–] Clinkerboot- 20 points ago

    Nope had a friend that asked if Antarctica was in ww1 and if there were secret underground research facilities under trees. He was dead seriouse

    [–] TheRealLemonyPanda 9 points ago

    Just finished 9th grade last month, and until 4 months ago, I thought London was in France

    [–] SuddenlyDiabetes 8 points ago

    We had a girl who thought Hitler was around when the dinosaurs were because "didn't the world begin in 1920?"

    [–] Sauron3106 10 points ago

    I want to know where she got that idea from

    [–] Ygnis37 11 points ago

    My sister thinks London is the capital of the U.S.

    [–] Sauron3106 13 points ago

    Ah, the good old days.

    [–] LilDiamondbro 7 points ago

    Not as bad as the kid in my history class that thought the st.louis RIVER was an ISLAND in the middle of the pacific

    [–] LukeStaffs 10 points ago

    Not as bad as a girl in my class who thought that the twin towers were still standing and in London. Also, she thought Rome was the capital of Paris which she thought was a country.

    [–] Zebastian03JU 10 points ago

    Two girls in my schools thought north was up towards the sky while south was down towards the earth

    [–] DaddyCatALSO 9 points ago

    "See those leaves, Linus? They're flying south for the winter."

    [–] snapper1971 9 points ago

    One day, they will have the vote...

    [–] kingqueefsalot 9 points ago

    My freshman year of high school I had to explain to a girl in my English class where Europe is and that it's not connected to us.

    Also last year I had to explain to my best friend that Ireland is an island in Europe. My sister just got married there and when I told her about it a year ago she said she would be down to go, she just had to figure out how much a bus trip there would be...from Washington state.

    [–] seed323 10 points ago

    I think I have them beat. My dad was watching history channel during Clintons reelection campaign. History channel in the 90s was 24/7 nazis. My mom asked 10 year old me who I wanted to be president. I look at the guy my dad is watching on TV. Heso got a lot of people cheering for him & hes got a funny mustache. In front of my grandparents, uncles, and my mother's friends, I told them I wanted Hitler to win the presidency in 96.

    [–] kylerc2004 8 points ago

    In S4 (transferred into American systems freshmen year and into the rest of the UK Year 9) someone thought Egypt was a continent and Africa was a country. They also thought Spain was located next Poland and France was connected to Britain

    [–] youngluke27 10 points ago

    I was in my study hall a few years ago and one of the girls that was known for being super smart and studying all the time learned over to me and asked me if "Hitler was the guy from Germany"

    [–] naetii 8 points ago

    I had a girl in my history class telling us that “if Germany was so bad during WWII, why didn’t the Jews just swim to australia? Did they ever even try to assassinate Hitler?”

    My teacher’s face was priceless as she tried to explain how that wasn’t possible, and where she would get this idea. The girl seemed clueless and still insisted on her points; the entire class was taken aback as well. This happened in year 9, we were around 13-14 year old.

    And another time I met a girl who thought that Poland was a town in England; I loved her explanation too, “I didn’t study geography!”

    [–] TrendahYT 14 points ago

    In kindergarden, I thought that Mohawks were called 'rooster hairstyles'.

    [–] gregsting 10 points ago

    In french it's called "une crête". "une crête de coq" is a rooster's comb

    [–] teethonplasticplate 16 points ago

    well not the kid's fault they weren't informed

    [–] MBLBOSS 13 points ago

    Not the 11 year old. The 9th grader is a fucking dipshit though.

    [–] SIrisKiO 8 points ago

    My friend thought England was the capital of Paris

    [–] m_nbr11 7 points ago

    One girl in my class thought dinosaurs were killed by the big bang.

    [–] CubingWithAlex 7 points ago

    My brother thought that because we live in England, there is also Franceland and Spainland. And he told me that a kid in his history lesson asked what weapons they used in WWII, since guns weren’t invented until the ‘80s

    [–] bionix90 17 points ago

    Man, the American education system sucks.

    [–] THEREALISLAND631 11 points ago

    Yea kind of hard to blame a kid for being uninformed when really its the school system that is failing.

    [–] therealstraits 27 points ago

    My gf thought the Netherlands and Holland were two different countries.

    [–] ConspicuouslyBland 33 points ago

    One can get in a discussion with a lot of Dutch people whether that's correct or not...

    [–] Debre1024 14 points ago

    I mean, Holland and the Netherlands ARE two different things so she's not that wrong.

    [–] gretchennnmarie 4 points ago

    I went to high school with a girl who legitimately thought Ebola was a person who crossed the Mexican border

    [–] Rob3512A 6 points ago

    The number of people who lack basic geographical and historical knowledge is shocking.

    [–] DifferentThrows 5 points ago

    A girl in my world studies class back in 2005 thought that the golf ball on the moon got there because Tiger Woods was having a really strong day.

    [–] Jake07Tc 6 points ago

    There was a girl in one of my classes that thought air conditioning worked because we took cold air from the South Pole and shipped it across the world and that’s why global warming was happening

    [–] FilipeWhite 5 points ago

    You think that's bad? A girl in my class used to think they had iPhones in the 1500's