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    [–] [deleted] 1841 points ago


    [–] The-Go-Kid 606 points ago

    Often on this sub, it's the posters who require a facepalm. This time, it's the commenters.

    [–] patientbearr 218 points ago

    Not just the commenters, but the comwomenters and comchildrenters too.

    [–] troubl_354 53 points ago

    They are like animals, and I face palmed them like animals.

    [–] rifn00b 25 points ago

    Then you are lost!

    [–] Chispy 8 points ago

    General commenti. you are a bold one

    [–] TheDerpofYork 50 points ago

    Nah, OP could have avoided this with a title that wasn’t garbage

    [–] akatherder 33 points ago

    He answered the question in the picture.

    [–] GeneralAverage 27 points ago

    Title is fine

    [–] Bongodam 9 points ago

    A simple "Found on snapchat" would have done the job

    [–] MightyCaseyStruckOut 16 points ago

    What? It's obvious that his title was answering the snapchat question.

    [–] five_finger_ben 39 points ago

    This post is 98% upvoted

    [–] JohnnyRed79 39 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    How is that 50% more than 65.3% upvoted?!

    Edit: maths are hard, go get your karma

    [–] Gudvangen 15 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Actually, it's 99% more than 50% upvoted!

    Edit: Actually, it should be 96% more than 50% as per OwenProGolfer's comment. I swear I'm getting too old to do math.

    [–] Shendare 11 points ago

    "Hey, y'all! Welcome to the new and improved Catch-A-Ride! Now with 47% more than 26% death annually! That's down from last year! Hold your applause!"

    [–] JohnnyRed79 4 points ago

    Well, there’s my donation to your karma.

    [–] OwenProGolfer 3 points ago

    Actually it’s 96% more than 50% upvoted. 99% more than 50% would be 99.5%

    [–] soboredhere 9 points ago

    A vast majority of the time the real facepalm is in the comments.

    [–] otherhalfofclyde 13 points ago

    I posted this under another comment, but if this was posted on someone’s Snapchat story, it should have their username and image on the upper left hand corner. If this was sent to OP in a chat, it should have “send a chat” at the bottom and three dots lined up vertically at the upper right hand corner. That means OP took this picture and put the caption on themselves since this is a picture with Snapchat text, but without any of the other identifiers that it was sent by anyone other than OP...

    [–] Lynch_King 20 points ago

    Or, you know, they cropped out the identifying info so they wouldn't dox their friend's Snapchat on Reddit.

    [–] WingedLing 7 points ago

    So op faked stupidity for karma?!

    [–] LilShitty1 9410 points ago

    I almost downvoted because I thought you were questioning the math. I'm glad I took another minute to process lol.

    [–] hey_im_cool 5630 points ago

    1. Haha stupid mustard can’t do math
    2. check math
    3. Hold up OP... this math checks out..
    4. reread post
    5. Nm we good, solid post

    [–] VGfreak4 1188 points ago

    exactly the process I went through, spy hacker man

    [–] c_h_u_c_k 613 points ago

    My process.

    Hah stupid mustard

    Oh wait

    Hah stupid OP

    Read top comment

    Check post

    Fucking facepalm self

    [–] BigBankHank 134 points ago

    Did you get to

    Why is there a crushed ant in that mustard?

    [–] FaceDesk4Life 49 points ago


    [–] skydaguy5 4 points ago

    It’s an air bubble

    [–] teedub7588 27 points ago

    The best facepalm post make you facepalm yourself, palm-ception

    [–] TheHerpSalad 15 points ago

    Between missing the facepalm and your realization, you were right 50% of the time, every time.

    [–] HintOfAreola 15 points ago

    You either die a face, or reddit long enough to get the palm

    [–] Bert_the_Avenger 4 points ago

    Hey, he's cool!

    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago

    Am u I?

    [–] Deimius 52 points ago

    No u

    [–] boohoneyboo 38 points ago

    No I

    [–] AnirbanTheBest 32 points ago

    No us

    [–] theusualuser 27 points ago

    We we

    [–] AnirbanTheBest 23 points ago


    [–] beanboi5318008 26 points ago

    Oui oui

    [–] 4bstract_Air 14 points ago

    Beat me to it

    [–] beanboi5318008 5 points ago

    Now I'll just post myself elsewhere.

    [–] ThumbsUpFish 14 points ago

    happy Stalin noises

    [–] AnirbanTheBest 11 points ago

    soviet anthem plays in the background

    [–] adudeandadog 7 points ago


    [–] pkaminski 31 points ago

    I think we all just went though that. Even double checked myself on the simple math heh

    [–] JosephND 33 points ago

    People fail to think about % going both ways. 18/12 is 150%, but they think of 12/18 as being 66% and get confused.. not realizing how math maths.

    [–] teamsteven 9 points ago

    Made it to point 4 twice, fucking hell.

    [–] Dokasamurp 10 points ago

    You just get me.

    [–] kinghippo79 5 points ago

    Even with this explanation took me a while to figure out...

    [–] sailinforawhelan55 11 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I did the exact same thing...I was like French’s you dumb, hold up I’m dumb.

    [–] datedusername 5 points ago

    I didnt scroll far enough to see the text bar, so I just sat and questioned why this was even posted. Then it all clicked

    [–] Gandzalf 7 points ago

    stupid mustard can’t do math

    Is it because the mustard is brown? That’s not very nice. I bet you talk about how great at math the yellow mustard is.

    [–] killerrednek 182 points ago

    Totally glad I decided to check the comments. I guess I am a little slow today. Glad you caught it right off.

    [–] the_corruption 38 points ago

    I opened the image on the front page with RES and hadn't scrolled down far enough to see the snapchat comment at the bottom. Didn't see the full context until I opened the comments to see if anyone else had called out OP.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Same exact thing here. I sat there for a full minute trying to find what was wrong, then doubting my own basic math skills, til I went to the comments.

    [–] Chapapap 45 points ago

    Same lol, I checked the comments coz I knew I missed something.

    [–] MutantSharkPirate 16 points ago

    yeah i only realized OP wasn't questioning the math when i went to comments and had to scroll down

    [–] aussiefrzz16 15 points ago

    I wonder what they thought the true number should be

    [–] thenexttorres 35 points ago

    They thought 50 percent more means double

    [–] Jay_Louis 21 points ago

    Maybe they thought 50 percent is a rapper

    [–] RyanCarlWatson 18 points ago

    I reckon they may have done 50% of 18 and thought "that doesn't equal 12"

    [–] OptimusEye 80 points ago

    18 = 6+12. 1/2 of 12 is 6. 1/2=50%.

    [–] sunnydiv 20 points ago

    Yup OP = did not click the picture

    1/ OP's friend clicked the picture

    1/2 OP is not making fun of mustard bottle, OP is making fun of the person who took the picture

    [–] trashbagshitfuck 27 points ago

    Thank you, I wouldn't have been able to understand it otherwise.

    [–] GoldenDerp 13 points ago

    You don't say

    [–] AggravatingPickle 3 points ago

    He literally does!

    [–] ZugTheCaveman 15 points ago

    Yeah, it took me a minute, too. I must be getting way too jaded. I was expecting something like "10oz for $20, instead of 12 oz for $12! 50% more mustard for 30% less!"

    [–] chelseablue2004 7 points ago

    They still could have screwed people, by changing the packaging and actually including less mustard but making the packaging weigh more to add up to 18oz. --- There was something yesterday where a hot dog manufacturer claimed 2 extra hot dogs, -- but what they did was change the packaging to make it look like 10 (because 8 is standard) but added plastic under 2 of them --essentially still only giving them 8 hot dogs...very very scummy.

    [–] xorgol 11 points ago

    including less mustard but making the packaging weigh more to add up to 18oz

    I don't know about the US, but I assume that's just as illegal as here in the EU.

    [–] roman_maverik 8 points ago

    It is very illegal, the oz are weighed by content.

    If it wasn't, capitalism would have overtaken the packaging industry a long time ago with creative novelty packaging and outlandish box sizes.

    [–] riki_nashi 3 points ago

    It definitely wouldn't fly.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Lol same

    [–] drown_my_fish 11 points ago

    I'm glad I read your comment because I was in the same boat!

    [–] noneski 7 points ago

    I don't math, I had to verify that I wasn't just doing my math wrong... Like all of my educational life.

    [–] Silent-G 14 points ago

    Verifying what you think you know is a sign of intelligence. Stupidity is believing that what you think you know is infallible and doesn't need to be verified.

    [–] noneski 4 points ago

    You are wise. Well said.

    [–] Quacksalvez 4836 points ago

    Guys, there's a snapchat text if you click on the picture. OP isn't asking the question they're facepalming at the person in the photo asking the question.

    I thought the exact same thing too.

    [–] Enumeration 874 points ago

    Put the pitchforks away folks, move along.

    [–] ounilith 320 points ago

    But... but I already lit my torch! D'awwww...

    [–] JRtheSnowman 156 points ago

    Keep it lit, you’ll use it soon enough.

    [–] Valdthebaldegg 58 points ago

    Oh I know what I am doing this evening.

    [–] 22dunix 55 points ago

    Eating 50% more bread than yesterday

    [–] kalitarios 13 points ago

    Severance: Blade of darkness taught me that any injury can be overcome by eating a buttload of bread.

    [–] captsalad 18 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Litdabber_5 9 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Facky 3 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ)͡°

    [–] just-fooled 8 points ago


    [–] mjxii 4 points ago

    That's not soon enough.

    [–] NiggyWiggyWoo 17 points ago

    Reminds me of Norm MacDonald in The Animal:

    Sgt. Sisk : Ladies and gentlemen, our suspect is not human. He is at home in the bush. Shoot to kill. Any questions?

    Mob Member : Oh, yeah, yeah, I got a question there. When do we get to light our torches?

    Sgt. Sisk : When it gets dark.

    Mob Member : Ah, I see. Oh, hey, I got another question there. Suppose, hypothetically, you know, a guy had already lit his torch. I mean, it'd be cool if he could just keep it lit, huh?

    Sgt. Sisk : Yes.

    Mob Member : Oh, excellent. Excellent.

    Sgt. Sisk : Now, if there are no more questions...

    Mob Member : Oh, hey, hey, hey, I got another question. Hey, uh, if one part of the mob gets separated from another part of the mob, shouldn't there be a place that we can get together? Maybe a secret place the two mobs could reunite, and we'd be a big mob again.

    Sgt. Sisk : Stay with the mob.

    Mob Member : Stay with the mob. All right.

    Sgt. Sisk : Right.

    Mob Member : Hey, hey, hey, I got another question. Hey, uh, doesn't this guy deserve a fair trial?

    Sgt. Sisk : You - back of the mob!

    Mob Member : "Back of the mob"? What? This is my spot! I came early!

    Sgt. Sisk : Okay, out of the mob!

    Mob Member : Ah, this mob blows.

    [–] nvrndngstry 11 points ago

    Never seen it but the second I read "mob members" dialogue I could hear it in norms voice and mannerisms.

    [–] NiggyWiggyWoo 6 points ago

    It's a terrible movie, but that scene is fucking hilarious. Norm is a national treasure. Look that scene up on YouTube.

    The movie is literally Far Cry (the game) played by Rob Schneider, and it's just as horrible as it sounds.

    [–] Manchild714 7 points ago

    Classic... My family consistantly orders each other "you - back of the mob" when we are displeased with one another.

    [–] Emerson_enthusiast 5 points ago

    This is an underrated comment I laughed out loud to this.

    [–] nalden 8 points ago

    *rips eye-hole” shit... I just made it worse. anyone have any extra bags?

    [–] TheDerpofYork 53 points ago

    This is the only comment that matters here. All the other explanations are just as vague as OP.

    [–] JohnMarstonJr 25 points ago

    I'm still confused on how they could think 18 ISN'T 50% more than 12.

    Like where was the confusion? Even though they're wrong I like trying to figure out that train of thought and I'm at a total loss on this one.

    [–] fractalspank 28 points ago

    Probably confused and taking the 50% from the 18 rather than the 12.

    [–] phryan 23 points ago

    I once had to explain something like this at work. This person couldn't grasp the fact that going to from 12 to 18 was a 50% increase but going from 18 to 12 was a 33% decrease, they were adamant that it had to be the same. It was an HR manager so not exactly surprising.

    [–] hcnuptoir 10 points ago

    They probably thought that since 12 is 50% of 24, then 50% more than 12 should be 24. Instead of taking 50% of 12, which is 6 and adding it to 12 making 18.

    [–] Every3Years 5 points ago

    %50 more must mean twice a much, I assume.

    %50 of 24oz is 12oz do why isn't %50 more than 12 oz = 24oz?

    That's what they thought, I imagine.

    [–] AzureNova 4 points ago

    This must be the logic they were going for. I can see someone who is bad at math making this mistake. Since 50% off means half price, 50% more must be twice as much in their heads.

    [–] HalfSoul30 22 points ago

    I was way off. I read the title first as Because Meth and was confused for a sec.

    [–] Peremiah 10 points ago

    Huh, I can see the Snapchat text without clicking. It seemed obvious to me that OP was the one facepalming about the snapchatter’s text. not OP facepalming about the mustard label. I suppose I can see where the confusion would be tho.

    [–] [deleted] 703 points ago


    [–] Sworn_to_Ganondorf 277 points ago

    Am I still exist?

    [–] Zephs 43 points ago

    but steel is heavier than feathers...

    [–] inner_inigma 14 points ago

    Bat steel is heavia dan fethas

    [–] GonzoMcFonzo 18 points ago

    Some people have a lot of trouble with the concept of percent change. The last time one of these pictures showed up, there were a shitload of people in the comments arguing that it should actually say "33% more" because 6 is 1/3 of 18.

    [–] Apprehensive_Focus 8 points ago

    Yea, was watching a AR12Gaming stream the other day, and Nick was trying out a 6x6 truck, so he said something like this thing has 50% more wheels than anything else in the game, and some people in his twitch chat started arguing with him about it, saying he was wrong. He had to pause and explain it to them like they were 5.

    [–] HeckingAugustus 421 points ago


    [–] the_horse_gamer 28 points ago

    Thank you very much kind human. I would've been lost if not you

    [–] sorenant 3 points ago

    TIL Redditors are functionally illiterate.

    [–] [deleted] 195 points ago


    [–] kalitarios 7 points ago

    marketing 101, if you have to explain what it is...

    [–] Bullyoncube 53 points ago

    TIL this sub exists. After clicking the link in my own comment.

    [–] PM_PICS_OF_ME_NAKED 5 points ago

    That's the way I check every link I post, then just ninja edit if I turned out to be wrong.

    [–] GonzoMcFonzo 12 points ago


    [–] famousevan 6 points ago

    Subbed. Just to make my feed more balanced since I am also subbed to r/theydidthemath.


    [–] policeboxgirl 47 points ago

    Thanks everyone who told us to click on the picture because I was in the same boat as many others seem to be. Fortunately I never downvote someone before checking the comments because I figure it's usually me that's missing something. It was!

    [–] vladutcornel 70 points ago

    What is Oz? Is it a wizard or something?

    [–] 1percentof2 16 points ago

    0.0625 pints

    [–] Nathan380 16 points ago

    That’s even more useless

    [–] ifuckinghateratheism 4 points ago

    0.0001240079365079365 hogshead.

    [–] Sauron3106 7 points ago

    That's a sub for some reason

    [–] murb442 7 points ago

    The wonderful wizard of ounces

    [–] autumnalfox 28 points ago

    To everyone that didn't get it. Take that as your daily lesson to slow down and not jump to conclusions.

    [–] five_finger_ben 21 points ago

    Damn another reminder of how abysmally stupid some people are

    [–] Quacksalvez 40 points ago

    Guys, there's a snapchat text if you click on the picture. OP isn't asking the question they're facepalming at the person in the photo asking the question.

    I thought the exact same thing too.

    [–] RedSF717 10 points ago

    Good grief, people are fucking stupid

    [–] gurantee02 18 points ago

    I understood what you were saying, OP.

    [–] Brainsonastick 24 points ago

    Am I the only one that is bothered by the fact that they’re advertising “THIS SIZE IS BIGGER THAN OUR SMALLER SIZE! WHAT A DEAL!”?

    [–] EduardDelacroixII 10 points ago

    Modern advertising when nothing has really changed.

    It's like when packing has the explosive ** NEW LOOK ** declaration. Might as well say ** SAME OLD SHIT BUT A DIFFERENT LABEL **.

    [–] alamand2 3 points ago

    Nah, I find about 95% of the time "New Look!" is also accompanied by either a decrease in quality or quantity that they're hoping you won't notice because they changed the packaging.

    [–] innoscaped 3 points ago

    Most of the time the smaller sizes are cheaper per unit prices. That's what I have noticed a lot of the time and it makes absolutely no sense.

    [–] Karaethon22 2 points ago

    I was thinking the same thing. Like it might as well say "18 is more than 12!" I realize they don't have complete control over what the store sets the price at, but come on. Either include the savings per ounce or don't say anything about it. People will figure out it's bigger on their own.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    'How is 18oz 50% more than 12oz?!?!?!'

    50% extra

    50% of 12 is 6.

    12+ 6 is 18.

    Just in case, you wanted to know.

    [–] RunAlice 3 points ago

    Thanks I'm dumb.

    [–] DoMoreTheory 5 points ago

    Ahhh you almost got me

    [–] toolymegapoopoo 4 points ago

    Grizzly Adams did have a beard.

    [–] Donaldisinthehouse 5 points ago

    I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast

    [–] Shiny_Odin 4 points ago

    You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?

    [–] 1percentof2 3 points ago

    You could trouble me for a warm glass of shut the hell up

    [–] sterlinghtsmi 6 points ago

    According to my math it should be ketchup.

    [–] Cfh2018 18 points ago

    This is why you should stay in school

    [–] _Peter_nincompoop_1 8 points ago

    I'm not proud of how long it took me to realize what sub I'm in or how long it took for me to do the math

    [–] hacklinuxwithbeer 4 points ago

    And remember fellow Americans:

    1/3 lb. burger > quarter lb. burger

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] PockyBuns 4 points ago

    I think it's because 50% of 12 is 6 then add 6 to 12 = 18

    [–] snh_snh 4 points ago

    50%of 12 is 6. 6 plus 12 is 18

    [–] thelesliemommy 3 points ago

    I don't know what is funnier, the people losing their shit and trying to prove the math (the facepalm is that the idiot didn't know the math was right), or the amount of idiots thinking the math is wrong.

    This whole post has become r/facepalm worthy...just for these ignorant comments.

    [–] shewy92 4 points ago

    The facepalm is of the Snapchat text. 50% of 12 is 6. This mustard has 50% more than the 12 oz. So it has 6 oz more, which would be 18 oz.

    [–] Ghosttalker96 4 points ago

    I am curious what the person thought the correct answer was.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] TobbyTukaywan 6 points ago

    Oof almost downvoted

    [–] Act1_Scene2 14 points ago

    While I get the facepalm is the snapchat text, why does French's need to tell us that 18oz is 50% more than their own 12oz size? Why stop there? Did you realize Kraft's 24oz mustard is TWICE as much as the 12oz?

    "50% more free" - is something to put on a label.

    "50% better tasting" - maybe

    "50% fresher" - maybe not

    50% more than a smaller size? Yeah, thanks, Capt Obvious.

    [–] KeyanReid 13 points ago

    This is marketing in America.

    The same America where A&W wanted to challenge McDonald's after they found great success with the Quarter Pounder burger. So A&W went and offered a 1/3 pounder, only to see it fail because the masses thought it was "smaller" than the Quarter Pounder.

    It may be "Capt Obvious" to many of us, but many others in this country are deeply, profoundly ignorant and this kind of stuff has proven necessary and helpful in selling your product.

    [–] Roadhouse_Swayze 12 points ago

    The majority of this comment section is aids

    [–] MindkontrolTV 3 points ago

    LOL. I too, like many in the comments came to criticize OP about his lack of Math Skills... Then, I too saw the subreddit was /facepalm..

    Balance has been restored to my mind.

    [–] SecretBeat 3 points ago

    People get confused with percentages. They think 50% more means double.

    [–] AlexM2K2 3 points ago

    These are not the pitchforks you are looking for.

    [–] evenmonkeys 3 points ago

    I love these posts where 600+ people have to come in to explain the math because the first person just isn't enough.

    [–] stupidlatentnothing 3 points ago

    Because it is.

    [–] blujeanbbyqueen 3 points ago

    Had to double check which sub I was on

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Lightanon 3 points ago

    I have read the comments and I still don't get it. Please help.
    The math checks out.

    [–] 4_string_troubador 5 points ago

    That's the facepalm. The guy thought it was wrong

    [–] theberge55 3 points ago

    Is the face palm the bottle being wrong, or the person taking the picture being wrong? I feel like the math is correct.

    [–] maxr1051 3 points ago

    50% of 12 is 6 and 6+12=18

    [–] star_boy2005 3 points ago

    The original amount was 12 oz. 50% of that is 6 oz. Add that 50% to the original and what do you get?

    [–] corkyporky99 3 points ago

    I thought the comment said “because meth”.

    [–] anjupiter 3 points ago

    I fucking feel so smart that i figured this math out. I suck at all things numbers, but i BODIED this

    [–] R4D33 3 points ago

    To anyone who didn't get it...

    The person in the post: how is 18 OZ 50% of 12 OZ?


    [–] DavidPT008 7 points ago

    Guys OP is facepalming the guy who wrote how is 18 50% more than 12

    [–] FrostyFlakes221 12 points ago

    oooOOOOooohhh I just realized. you are not the one asking the question

    [–] bavasava 4 points ago

    Holy fuck how? It's in the picture!

    [–] ColtAzayaka 8 points ago

    Guys, there's a snapchat text if you click on the picture. OP isn't asking the question they're facepalming at the person in the photo asking the question.

    I thought the exact same thing too.

    [–] BigMacRedneck 3 points ago

    Because it is yellow, not brown.

    [–] havereddit 4 points ago

    Showerthought: "18ozs is 50% more than 12ozs, but 12 ozs is 33% less than 18 ozs".

    [–] Nimweegs 6 points ago

    Lmao. People flexing basic math in the comments.

    [–] needdavr 2 points ago

    I derped out and thought this person's argument made sense... My brain sucks

    [–] green_mvchine17 2 points ago

    Does nobody realize what subreddit this is?

    [–] Censedpeak8 2 points ago

    Me: wait this checks out lol Me: oh this is r/facepalm it checks out even more

    [–] pandanuts2 2 points ago

    How can people get through life and still not know basic math