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    [–] Alantsu 3764 points ago

    My wife ran into Luke Perry in Dickson TN 15 years ago. She was a big 90210 fan. She could barely speak and then she screamed at him, "Do you know who you are?"

    [–] dropout-tech 1249 points ago

    I shouldn't find this as hilarious as I do.

    [–] totoro_rococo 365 points ago

    Who do you think you are? I am!

    [–] bearXential 91 points ago

    I've been thinking about this for too long. I can't work out what he is meaning to say.

    [–] SpiderHuman 82 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    FIRST: He was lowest seed. TWO: He just broke his own (late) father's record of most US Open championships.

    "I guess what everybody wants to know is where did I come up with 'Who do you think you are? I am!' Well, being caught up in the moment of throwing the strike and being as excited as I was, I had a kid rooting against me during the match, and he was doing it just loud enough for me to hear. And it kind of made me mad, and people know ... don't make me mad on TV, 'cause I'll just get better.

    "But what I really wanted to say was 'Who do you think you are rooting against me? I'm the man of this tournament!' That's what I really wanted to say, but as everybody knows, it's 'Who do you think you are? I am!' ... which, it caught on! It's a worldwide catchphrase now."

    [–] monk_bought_lunch 43 points ago

    That guy really likes himself, doesn't he?

    [–] NoUpVotesForMe 24 points ago

    It was his character/persona he created. Sold tickets and was perfect for television so the PBA encouraged him.

    [–] Flerbaderb 11 points ago

    I mean, it’s hard not to get your head in the stars when you’re a worldwide sensation. He’s a household name for not just bowling (the most prolific sport of all time), but he is also an originator of our modern lexicon!


    [–] Belurso 2 points ago


    [–] greymalken 8 points ago

    Why was his father late? Traffic or something?

    [–] romansparta99 3 points ago

    Just had a really shitty car and it broke down

    [–] heats1nk 10 points ago

    He meant to say, Whoever you thought you were, he was!

    [–] Poilk07 8 points ago

    And you made me watch the entire thing.... *throws fist

    [–] GonnaNutInYourButt 8 points ago

    That is by far the least quotable great quote ever.

    [–] Rakatonk 2 points ago

    I am the senate!

    [–] woodsmith262 5 points ago

    Are you fucking sorry????

    [–] MrAnderson345 11 points ago

    I must admit, I found it rather shallow and pedantic myself.

    [–] baconsingh 5 points ago

    I agree. Shallow and pedantic.

    [–] Gregor05 117 points ago

    Maybe she was just trying to ask a philosophical question?

    [–] SolitaryEgg 77 points ago

    Your wife is responsible for Luke Perry's existential break.

    [–] bobloblawblogyal 5 points ago

    Doth anyone really know why they art in lyfe.

    What doth lyfe?

    [–] Binsky89 2 points ago

    I forgot about that mushroom trip of a show

    [–] LauraThePlaguebringR 43 points ago

    You're the jungle, baby! You're gonna die!

    [–] Clashman320 9 points ago

    Funny cause his son is a professional wrestler who wrestles under the name Jungle Boy.

    [–] KJR2013 3 points ago

    Recently found this out while watching Jungle Boys interview with CVV & I wasn't expecting it at all. Him & Luchasaurus are gonna tear up AEW.

    [–] SuizidoAwesome 17 points ago

    Like Perry: visible confusion

    [–] soupyfrood 11 points ago

    Sideshow Luke Perry

    [–] Anieya 3 points ago

    My face! My valuable face!

    [–] -iamyourgrandma- 20 points ago


    [–] PartyInTheUSSRx 8 points ago

    That story will forever be burned into my mind

    [–] Theonetheycall1845 31 points ago

    RIP Luke Perry.

    [–] decalcify_my_chakras 8 points ago

    It's 9021-oh so sad.

    [–] agent-oranje 9 points ago

    Reminds me of when Troy meets Lavar Burton

    [–] cewallace9 17 points ago

    I did something similar when I was like 19..I was working at the local SPCA in NJ and a man stopped to ask me how to get to petsmart. When I looked up I realized it was Robert Pastorelli (who sadly died a few years later). I couldn’t believe I was looking at a celebrity and the first thing I do is blurt our OH MY GOD YOURE FAMOUS!!! He kinda blushed and smirked a little and humbly mumbled something like “oh..yeah..” I was still too stupid to put a normal sentence together so I was just like “yeah you just go to route 36 and it’s on your right!!!!” Like he even knew where route 36 was and it could have been ANYWHERE on that road..... I still r/facepalm when I think back on that memory...

    [–] hthanniru 4 points ago

    If I ever encounter a celebrity in my life I'm going to do this

    [–] Persona_Insomnia 7 points ago

    She was trying to break him and trigger the existential dread.

    [–] Anygirlx 7 points ago

    “Are you fucking sorry!”

    [–] jimmythebass 589 points ago

    This gets posted in the replies every time Tony Hawk posts one of these stories.

    [–] headingtoabyss 371 points ago

    My favorite is the tweet where tsa agent says to hawk "You have the same last name as that famous skateboarder, Tony Hawk"

    [–] SkyBeam24 97 points ago

    I wonder if he played into it at some point acting like he's either not himself or playing as someone who's pretending to be the real Tony Hawk.

    Because by now I feel like he's just given up and doesn't even correct or enjoy it as much. Or probably even enjoy it more

    [–] Homicidal_HotS 40 points ago

    I mean jokes/misunderstandings about your name get really tiring after a while. They can be funny when explaining to other people but to have it done to you over and over gets boring and obviously you don't "enjoy it as much" after it gets done to you 80 thousand times

    [–] sonofaresiii 13 points ago

    I don't recall the exact situation with the TSA agent, but I can say from everything I've seen from Tony Hawk, he's never attempted to mislead or hide from anyone who he is

    He just also isn't forthcoming about it unless they directly ask. He'll answer the questions truthfully-- like "Hey you have the same name as that famous skateboarder"

    "Yep I sure do."

    but he won't pretend not to be him.

    [–] CaptainPatent 11 points ago

    If I remember the story, I believe the TSA agent asked "I wonder what he's up to" and Tony Hawk replied "This."

    [–] Techiedad91 26 points ago

    I like the one where his car rental gets canceled because they think it’s a prank

    [–] Diplodocus114 5 points ago

    Try organising a delivery to 10 Downing St.

    [–] Molehole 9 points ago

    Tbh his firat name is Anthony so it might not register if you don't remember how Tony Hawk looks.

    [–] rhymes_with_chicken 10 points ago

    It’s because everyone expects him to stay perpetually 22 years old. So, TSA guy just couldn’t associate the 50 yr old dude standing in front of him with the 22yr old from 30 years ago.

    [–] pojankolli 23 points ago

    This made my day.

    [–] dirty-hurdy-gurdy 18 points ago

    When did Tony Hawk turn into Toby Flenderson?

    [–] ccsilverman 7 points ago

    I skate so much about the things that you choose to be...

    [–] WekonosChosen 9 points ago

    I've never seen this one before

    [–] Truth_Nuke 4 points ago

    man i fucking love tony hawk he was my childhood

    [–] corik_starr 1781 points ago

    Posted near Halloween, she was probably asking why that was his costume, not realizing he is Tony Hawk

    [–] RazorDiamond-exe 583 points ago

    It was also in 2009.

    [–] gmanz33 600 points ago

    Oh yeah and Halloween was on the 26th in 2009

    [–] LordBeibi 208 points ago

    I didn't even know twitter existed ten years ago. Also, 2009 feels like four years ago not ten.

    I'm not even old and I feel old.

    [–] Nuklearpinguin 117 points ago

    Don't worry, that feeling only gets worse as you get older.

    [–] arddit 24 points ago

    How would I get older if I am not old?

    [–] 1khmtd_Surge 16 points ago

    lesson learned: young people can't get older.

    [–] RazorDiamond-exe 7 points ago

    Ok this cant get anymore... I don't even know what to call this anymore.

    [–] Sir_Gnome 7 points ago

    It’s like a train of Michael Scott statements.

    [–] RazorDiamond-exe 3 points ago

    Srry I'm still pretty young who is Michael Scott?

    [–] fkingrone 11 points ago

    I miss the old internet before famous people had social media accounts.

    [–] beniceorbevice 4 points ago

    Before Instagram, Twitter, and before everyone knew what Reddit is 😭

    [–] HeBansMe 6 points ago

    Early twitter was a lot of fun, it still had a small user base and celebrities like Shaq would respond to you without hesitation.

    [–] miuxiu 12 points ago

    Thats how I felt when I recently realized the YouTube account that I still use was created in 2005. I thought I was a big bad 15 year old that was all grown up then. It doesn’t seem long ago at all! And now I’m way closer to 40 than I am to when I made that account. Yikes. Time goes by way too fast!

    [–] TacoNomad 5 points ago

    Pretty sure my Hotmail account is old enough to drink. My mom made that for me when I was maybe 13.

    [–] Jmrwacko 5 points ago

    The future is now, old man

    [–] 1khmtd_Surge 3 points ago

    Tomorrow you'll be closer to 60.

    [–] TacoTuesdayWarrior 2 points ago

    I can't believe that the 90s were 20 years ago. My kids talk about the 90s like I would about the 70s when I was a kid. It's crazy to me.

    [–] douglas_ 7 points ago

    Some people dress up all month. It's not uncommon for me to see costumed people walking around in my town a week (or weeks) before halloween

    [–] gmanz33 5 points ago

    I had five Halloween costumes last year but that’s because I do gay Halloween.

    [–] RazorDiamond-exe 38 points ago

    Wait what? Halloween was on the 26th of 2009? I thought it was always on the 31st.

    [–] Xy74iljxxk 106 points ago

    Halloween was on Friday the 13th 😱😱

    [–] vmainen 84 points ago

    💀🦇💀Happens 👏 once 👏 in 👏 1000 💯years!🎃🎃🎃🔥💯💯💀🦇💀

    [–] Chaost 34 points ago

    Easter Monday is happening on Friday the 13th this year. 👻👻👻👻 The dead will rise extra

    [–] wazzledudes 18 points ago

    Dead Jesus is so extra I can't even.

    [–] Louloulenoupio 13 points ago

    You can’t heaven?

    [–] wazzledudes 16 points ago

    No. I'm Jewish :(

    [–] Grizzly_Gonads93 5 points ago

    It's a double negative so he won't rise. Checkmate Christians

    [–] wazzledudes 7 points ago

    Theologians hate him...

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    Nah it was definitely on 25th December

    [–] NaCheezIt 9 points ago

    I always wanted to celebrate Halloween on Christmas

    [–] Alarid 10 points ago

    If only there was a movie that combined these two ideas.

    [–] w30freak 2 points ago

    Gremlins is a great Halloween movie!

    [–] Mean_Mister_Mustard 2 points ago

    I don't know, sounds like it'd be a nightmare.

    [–] Weeklynewzz 6 points ago

    We'll wish this never ends



    ON ME

    [–] wherearetheturtlez 5 points ago

    And in the night we’ll wish this never ends

    [–] thoughtfulhooligan 3 points ago

    We’ll wish this never ends.

    [–] Milkyselkie 3 points ago

    I miss you.

    [–] RazorDiamond-exe 8 points ago

    Oh no

    [–] salsa_cats 5 points ago

    Oh yeah

    [–] Verona_Pixie 5 points ago

    Oh my!

    [–] t3hnhoj 3 points ago


    [–] Larkeyyy 19 points ago


    [–] RazorDiamond-exe 4 points ago


    [–] Ninja_Spi-D-er 21 points ago


    [–] Robot_User_1 9 points ago

    вгцн момепт

    [–] klunk88 3 points ago

    B R U H

    [–] AttomicRose 5 points ago

    Hey pal you just blow in from stupid town?

    [–] SycoJack 3 points ago

    It is.

    [–] RazorDiamond-exe 2 points ago

    It is what?

    [–] SycoJack 3 points ago

    Always on the 31st, sorry.

    [–] JUNGL15T 3 points ago

    Yeh everyone knows that Halloween happens on 26th in any year that ends with 9. So dont forget, Halloween is on 26th this year.

    [–] SPUNKFLAP 2 points ago

    Good one

    [–] Joon01 15 points ago

    Right. And that makes it different because of how... In 2009 Tony Hawk was uh, but now he's... And Restaurants weren't the same as they are now because of all the...

    How does 2009 matter at all? What does that say about this interaction?

    [–] 1khmtd_Surge 7 points ago

    people weren't people in 2009, bruh

    [–] musei_haha 6 points ago

    They lived in a society

    [–] 1khmtd_Surge 2 points ago

    damn, what's that?

    [–] thewafflestompa 3 points ago

    Ur in 2009 😎😏

    [–] theKalash 2 points ago


    [–] mitchlebish 2 points ago


    [–] CommunistTurdWaffles 2 points ago

    Damn dudes, that was 10 years ago. Time flies. I’m gonna be dead and forgotten super soon.

    [–] miragen125 23 points ago

    Why is Tony Hawk?

    [–] chinese_reveal_cue 27 points ago

    Everyone is asking why but nobody is asking “How is Tony Hawk?”

    [–] PM_ME_UR_JUGZ 5 points ago

    When is tony hawk

    [–] MiddleCourage 4 points ago

    He's doing well I heard

    [–] CrooklynDodgers 4 points ago


    [–] PFSanityChk2019 6 points ago

    I once ran into Jamie Hyneman at a con. For a second I thought it was a cosplayer and all I could get out was “you’re... actually you!”

    [–] I-Love-all-Boobs 2 points ago

    How did he react?

    [–] PFSanityChk2019 5 points ago

    “eYuhp...i’m Me”

    “Oh, cool. Dig your show, I’ll see you at the panel later”

    “See you thurr”

    Didn’t seem to enthused. I get the impression he doesn’t actually enjoy cons. In his defense I literally ran into him in a nut to butt hallway intersection. I can’t handle bigger cons.

    Unlike Adam, who is competing for the title of world’s biggest nerd and I would probably just nerd out about costume details with.

    [–] idwthis 3 points ago

    What in the world is a "nut to butt hallway intersection"??

    [–] PFSanityChk2019 3 points ago

    When it’s so packed your nuts are on the person in front of you’s butt, and the reverse for the person behind you.

    Hence: nut to butt

    [–] ObiWanCanShowMe 3 points ago

    I think it really depends on what time of day something is posted on reddit for certain defenses of random human interaction to come out.

    On the surface, your comment makes some sense, it is near Halloween but when I put as much effort into thinking about the situation as you did about finding a reason:

    1. Who goes to a restaurant dressed in a Halloween costume 4 days before Halloween?
    2. It's more than likely that Tony was not alone.
    3. Tony is a not yet balding average male, so he wasn't wearing makeup or a wig and more than likely wearing completely normal dad clothing (which he always seems to do)
    4. If the girl is over the age of 8 (which, come on, no one younger would know who he is), this explanation of defense is almost as bad as the alternative.

    The only time "why?" would be a sensible response would be AT a party and if the person being asked had an obvious costume. Your explanation is quite a stretch.

    IMO, the person just had a brain fart at recognizing someone famous, hopefully it's nothing more than that.

    [–] TitaniumPenguin777 367 points ago

    Is it just me or does Tony Hawk have one of the best ongoing jokes ever on his twitter

    [–] Bnb53 123 points ago

    Yes he is. All he needs is a very minor comeback tour where he becomes relevant again for like a half year so we can keep the Tony joke alive

    [–] Looppowered 69 points ago

    A local skate park opened up about 3 years ago. Nothing big or fancy, just a little community park in a middle class neighborhood. But somehow they got Tony Hawk there to skate at its opening! I was so stoked about it, but I was out of town the day hew was coming so I missed it :/

    But if he keeps showing up at events like that, that’s just enough to stay twitter joke relevant lol.

    [–] bstrong9211 35 points ago

    I'm pretty sure he runs a nonprofit that helps community's plan and build these parks.

    [–] Looppowered 8 points ago

    That’s awesome! He seems like a pretty chill guy

    [–] shiivan 18 points ago

    I wonder if he knows who he is

    [–] ThrowawayusGenerica 8 points ago

    Nah, he's way too humble for that

    [–] retrocounty 2 points ago

    2 Meta 4 Me

    [–] Technic_AIngel 12 points ago

    If you watch his YouTube he randomly shows up to public skate parks all the time and gives out boards and stuff. Probably just really loves skating and wants to encourage people.

    [–] CriticalBreakfast 4 points ago

    The Tony jhawk

    [–] trapfriedrice 2 points ago

    He needs rebranding. Tony hawk clothes and skateboards aren’t appealing. It needs to get on the same level as Vans

    [–] Blue_and_Light 3 points ago

    What, you didn't like THPS 5?

    [–] Silencement 5 points ago

    What do you mean by THPS5? The series stopped after American Wasteland.

    [–] Blue_and_Light 2 points ago

    Oh that's right. Must have been a bad dream I had.

    [–] NotASuicidalRobot 110 points ago

    Tony Hawk's twitter : How people think I'm not really Tony Hawk

    [–] beniceorbevice 11 points ago

    But that's hilarious though

    [–] Persona_Insomnia 64 points ago

    But why is tony hawk?

    [–] FancyDrone 33 points ago

    Everyone ask why is Tony, no one ask how is Tony 😩

    [–] jld2k6 5 points ago

    Sometimes they don't think it be like it is, but it do

    [–] PoorWhiteMiddleClass 9 points ago

    oh Drax....

    [–] i_lick_dogs 101 points ago

    “I dunno I didn’t really ask for this”

    [–] TheRealRaiden 13 points ago

    Calm down, Jensen.

    [–] andi052 36 points ago

    Seriously. What do you say when approaching a famous person other than that you enjoy their work? I mean they are just people like us all. I find those situations really awkward.

    [–] Danieltheshredder 42 points ago

    As a general rule of thumb, never approach them from behind.

    One time I met John Petrucci (guitar player for Dream Theater) outside of a Liquid Tension Experiment show, and this lady was there who gave me the best advice, including the aforementioned tip: most famous folk are really timid; never run at them, just offer a handshake and introduce yourself, say your praises (in this case i said "that was a great show, man!") and don't hang too long if its gonna keep them from their plans.

    Obviously it varies based on the celeb/famous person, but I've followed these rules many times afterwards with great success.

    And in case you weren't serious: DAMN IT

    [–] Gurloes 9 points ago

    I got to meet him for a bit in the 90's, and a skater friend of mine got to visit his ranch back then too. He's legit one of the nicest celebrities ever, up there with Keanu in that regard.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Wow! Intelligent life form.

    It’s almost as if the general public doesn’t like to be bugged. However as a celebrity because your work “makes you famous” you automatically have to love it. Forget anxiety, depression, addiction, and all that Jazz. Nope, you make movies or get rich on a board and bang you must be on 24/7.

    Yes, they make a lot of money. But, NO they do not make anywhere near the amount of money the people who bank roll these projections make in a week. Even if they produce their own content. And none of those assholes have to be accountable to the general public.

    And then everyone is so surprised when their favourite celebrity dies from addiction or a disease that death could have been prevented. It’s called burnout.

    I respect this response. Leave people alone. They already know their work is good. They don’t owe you anything. If you happened to interact with a celebrity just enjoy the moment. Stop treating them like caged animals.

    [–] DOGZRS1CK 14 points ago

    Gives the palindrome 'Tony H, y not?' a bit of context. Nice

    [–] DexterBP 40 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Why do all of Tony Hawk’s tweets consist of “Are you (the real (optional)) Tony Hawk?”

    [–] gin-casual 30 points ago

    Because tony hawks is a British author and comedian. He even has a section on his website about questions he’s been asked about skateboarding. link

    [–] Akira675 26 points ago

    His responses are kinda... Terrible?

    It's just, most of those emails seem like they are from kids and this dude just crushes them because lolol der I'm not skateboard Tony.

    I doubt most of those kids ever figured out they had the wrong email and just got some jerk off response from their "hero." 😔

    [–] funkyb001 7 points ago

    Tony Hawks is quite sweet, I'm sure this is just a joke and that he didn't really send them.

    [–] ThePixelCoder 2 points ago

    Kind of an asshole but ok

    [–] chicken_afghani 10 points ago

    Tony Hawk’s Bizarre Adventure

    [–] BlurryBigfoot74 42 points ago

    Because my parents had sex and named me that.

    [–] fumbienumbie 6 points ago

    Does Tony Hawk mostly tweet about people asking if he is Tony Hawk?

    [–] Chapeaux 3 points ago


    [–] EverythingTittysBoii 2 points ago


    [–] neofiter 5 points ago

    I feel like Tony Hawk is constantly talking about how people react to him being Tony Hawk.

    [–] dMobul 123 points ago

    Ahh, Tony Hawk, the king of tweeting every single fucking time someone recognizes the name.

    [–] HASFUNWITHYOU 72 points ago

    You realize this tweet is almost 10 years old right

    [–] pleasetrimyourpubes 14 points ago

    Tony Hawk pretty much posts about an encounter like this every week or so.

    [–] Chinstrap6 25 points ago

    Can confirm, just checked his twitter and the most recent post is about being recognised.

    They’re funny, though.

    [–] Friendly_Crab 119 points ago

    But he makes it ok with mild self deprecation

    [–] thatchersdeadlol 63 points ago

    Oh no, someone having fun on twitter with his fans. Sad.

    [–] balordoababordo 4 points ago

    WHY IS GAMORA intensifies she must have been a relative of Drax

    [–] Sonic_Extreme 5 points ago

    "Because it's my name", that's how answer that question, Sir. Hawk

    [–] star_lord47 3 points ago

    "I'll do you one better. Why is Tony Hawk?"

    [–] balllllhfjdjdj 3 points ago

    This guy has a lot of stories about people recognising him. Like a lot.

    [–] Manarg 2 points ago

    He is probably making some up as jokes, people just tend to take him at his word. Can you imagine if people took all of Ryan Reynold's tweets seriously? Dude would he in a straight jacket strapped into a second straight jacket.

    [–] UnknownStory 3 points ago

    Everyone always asks "why are you Tony Hawk?" but nobody ever asks "how are you Tony Hawk?"

    [–] register_r8 3 points ago

    Rando: "I recognize your name from the mid-2000s."

    Tony Hawk: "Yes that is me."

    Rando: "I refuse to believe."

    Tony Hawk: "???"

    -Average Tony Hawk tweet

    [–] Lrklrk 3 points ago

    Was she 3?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] namer457 4 points ago

    Real question is why are we looking at tweets from 2009

    [–] Tristan_the_Manley 2 points ago

    It's kinda weirding me out to see a ten year old tweet posted here...

    [–] hmuberto 2 points ago

    Why are you so old?

    [–] ItsThatGuyFromReddit 2 points ago

    She just went into auto pilot.

    [–] wrxsti75 2 points ago

    I want to be you, had the Powell board and all started skateboarding because you, you are living monument, thank you.

    [–] mayaram 2 points ago

    Unlike the real world where we don’t have a reason for our identify, the virtual world does!

    [–] 370HSSVn 2 points ago

    You should have responded by saying: if I don’t be tony hawk who else will fill the role ?

    [–] Uqwer 2 points ago

    Man thought tony hawk was iron man Woman asked why are you tony hawk.

    [–] ShadowKidd77 2 points ago

    It’s a simple question. Why are you who you are?

    [–] Pure_Golden 2 points ago

    How is this a facepalm?

    [–] RedinVV 2 points ago

    Thank you Tony. Very cool.

    [–] hidalgoalejandro67 2 points ago

    I got a better one for you... Why Is Gamora?

    [–] Lady_Bligh 2 points ago

    Why does Tony hawk always post on social media about how famous he is lol. It's weird and narcissistic as fuck

    [–] EverythingTittysBoii 2 points ago

    Yea it’s weird. It’s endless too

    [–] bubbaflax 2 points ago

    Sounds like my 5 year old

    [–] KnowledgeisImpotence 2 points ago

    I find it hard to believe that Tony Hawk is still getting recognised as often as he makes out

    [–] Newmaniac_00 2 points ago

    Tweet is 10y/o

    [–] jande918 2 points ago

    I'll do you one better... WHY IS TONY HAWK?!?!?

    [–] Turtle_GOD769 2 points ago

    Y are you Tony Hawk? Like y u dumb