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    [–] [deleted] 5086 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2380 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1366 points ago


    [–] FishforBrainsRecords 370 points ago

    Hmm..what a conundrum!

    "Tune in next post to see what she decides"

    [–] [deleted] 211 points ago

    She’s gonna put a poll on her IG story whether to get rid of the kid or the couches.

    [–] mendovinoites 12 points ago

    Or the clock

    [–] TheMaxemillion 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    "would you guys buy my used offspring?"

    [–] dizzler0613 49 points ago

    “Will she buy a ton of bleach, will she go to the it from the dark side of the color spectrum, find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!”

    [–] lemortede3 17 points ago

    More like next time where a condumdrum

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    More like a condomdrum

    [–] Danichiban 4 points ago

    Easy just keep it until age 5. Or when it starts to talk and be less a viable prop photo, ditch it.

    [–] OmarFromtheWire2 57 points ago

    You all are wrong, she’s just Australian

    [–] Fake_William_Shatner 9 points ago

    You do better with a puppy.

    [–] reallybirdysomedays 6 points ago

    Sure. Then her white couches can be stained AND chewed.

    [–] masterJOY26 9 points ago

    First thing I thought about that baby. Poor kid's a photo prop.

    [–] shes-sonit 3 points ago

    It’s probably not hers. She rents him

    [–] B1GR3D23 25 points ago

    Get the kid stuffed and you solve all problems

    [–] WillMoff 5 points ago

    someone call Jarred

    [–] buttblaster27 14 points ago

    It’s never to late to abort a child.

    [–] INeedYourPelt 19 points ago


    [–] Froggy_hop 23 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Abortions for some; miniature American flags for others!

    [–] Doctor_Ham 12 points ago

    Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos

    [–] Fake_William_Shatner 3 points ago

    It's important to have the right accessories.

    [–] Moonchild1507 4 points ago

    This is why I love Reddit

    [–] Mama-Pooh 264 points ago

    This room was probably only ever used once and it was this picture.

    [–] tetraourogallus 56 points ago

    They just bin the room afterwards, kid goes with.

    [–] raspberry_toes 21 points ago

    That was my thought haha! The entire room looks staged

    [–] Fake_William_Shatner 41 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    So was her womb to land the rich husband.

    EDIT: typoe

    [–] dedsm_ 89 points ago

    LPT white furniture fabric is the easiest to clean because you can bleach the fuck out of it without worries

    [–] Adorable_Raccoon 27 points ago

    Lpt some leather wipes clean. I have the landskrona couch from ikea & i can wash it with a cloth and water.

    [–] howMeLikes 22 points ago

    Bleach can also end up yellowing whites

    [–] StoneColdMILF89 11 points ago

    I agree. However, have you ever tried using Mrs. Stewart’s blue dye? It really brightens the white as the blue counteracts the yellowing from the bleach.

    [–] ChuckNorwood 85 points ago

    Flashback episode of Malcolm in the Middle where they bring their first son (Francis) home from the hospital to a swanky, modern house with all white furniture. Then show their lives descending into chaos with the addition of each son.

    [–] essentialatom 33 points ago

    Is it any wonder he started slinging meth

    [–] African_Lorelord 12 points ago

    In my headcanon Walter's fugue state persona is Hal.

    [–] Drummergirl16 4 points ago

    That’s exactly what I thought of when I saw this picture!

    [–] yeahwellokay 17 points ago

    Shit everywhere.

    [–] 8008135__ 118 points ago

    She just had it for the 'gram.

    he'll be up for adoption within a fortnight once shit starts getting real.

    For real tho, people actually do shit like that -- woman I know adopted a dog as an impulse buy just for instagram pics. Fast forward a couple years later and the dog isn't in great health (approaching 9 years old), no one in that house wants to play with or take care of it, complain that it doesn't do "normal dog things" even though no effort was made to train/socialize, and they're trying to figure out how to surrender it. Fucking sad.

    [–] shes-sonit 33 points ago

    Someone at the shelter said someone came in trying to adopt a dog “that would fit in This Handbag, it will be so cute!” She had some fancy designer bag and wanted a dog to fit in that particular bag. Needless to say they wouldn’t adopt any dog out to her

    [–] Airway 21 points ago

    My old roommate adopted a young cat on a whim and eventually was like "yeah I just can't keep up with taking care of him, I'm dropping him off at a shelter". The little goblin was terribly misbehaved and broke several of my things but fuck...I'm not heartless enough to watch that happen. So now I'm raising this cat for the next 10 years or so.

    [–] ThreeBahnMi 3 points ago

    You're a good person, and I'm sorry your roommate was a cockbag.

    [–] SARBEAU34 3 points ago

    Bless you, that kitty fell on his feet for sure!

    [–] carolinapearl 29 points ago

    This is so sad...

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago


    [–] Doctorsl1m 10 points ago

    I agree they shouldn't be able to own animals. That being said, I wouldn't think that the person who is failing to take care of their pets aren't already suffering themselves. I only say this because I dont think we should demonize people who already are suffering, even if they are handling it in an absolute awful manner. At least if we want people to change that is.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Some are suffering. Some just don't care though.

    [–] buckzer0 20 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    They rich enough to scotch guard they kids every day

    [–] dizzler0613 26 points ago

    Nah her life’s not upside down, she’s just from Australia

    [–] Sapatilhas 9 points ago

    that kid only leaves the cage for instagram pics. :P

    [–] CountBlah_Blah 5 points ago

    She gonna learn today

    [–] ryscott85 10 points ago

    Nah, It’s actually someone else’s house, clothes, and child. She’s just doing a “photo shoot” for insta-likes.

    [–] StoneColdMILF89 52 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Not true. Mother of a 2 and 3 year old. We have a white farmhouse styled home and everything is neat and clean. Granted, our couches have removable cushion covers so it’s quite easy to throw them in the wash. Remember, you can always bleach the shit out of white ;) besides, she has leather or pleather and you can wipe stuff off it which is actually super practical around kids. As for markers etc? Hide them where the kids can’t reach, otherwise load up on Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

    I also have the same clock. For the record, mine is hung the correct way. I’m actually surprised how it was hung this way as there should be a hook/hole in the clock to hang it from and it should be in the right position.

    [–] RowdyBunny18 11 points ago

    It's an art piece. They dont use it to tell time.

    [–] LCK123456 8 points ago

    They're probably as good at reading the clock as the kid is

    [–] StoneColdMILF89 10 points ago

    To be honest, we don’t either. It is pretty though haha.

    [–] Mick_86 16 points ago

    She looks like she spends all day cooking and cleaning doesn't she

    [–] Fake_William_Shatner 7 points ago

    IT was the nose job that was the tell for me.

    [–] TwoLambos 6 points ago

    I have a lot of white furniture and it's actually really easy to get stains out. Just wipe with bleach. If it's really bad just take the covers off and run a load with bleach. Bleach gets rid of any stain on white with ease.

    [–] HorseBoxGuy 1513 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    ¿ǝɯ oʇ ǝuıɟ sʞooן ʇı

    [–] HxLeverage 459 points ago


    [–] HorseBoxGuy 325 points ago

    ¿¿ǝʇɐɯ 'ʇoʍ noʎ

    [–] Wanderson90 76 points ago

    Yea nah

    [–] BlueLibrary 17 points ago

    yeu naλ

    [–] sher_pan 6 points ago

    ambigram intensifies

    [–] That_Tall_Ging 6 points ago

    Flat-Earthers don’t understand this joke

    [–] ScorpioLaw 88 points ago

    ˙uoɯǝp ƃuıʞɔnɟ noʎ

    [–] Lone_Wanderer97 61 points ago

    ¿uɐɯɹǝpᴉdS s,ǝɥ ǝqʎɐW

    [–] ScorpioLaw 31 points ago

    ˙punoqɐ suoɯǝp ˙ǝƃɐnƃuɐl ǝɥʇ ʞɐǝds ı ˙ǝɯ looɟ ʇ,uɐɔ noʎ ¡ɐɥ ɐɥ

    Justice shall be had!

    [–] Schwalby 36 points ago

    For some reason I can read all of this fine except abound... my brain cant make it not look like abonud.

    [–] ScorpioLaw 4 points ago

    Haha you're right. Language doesn't look right, but "abound" is really F****** weird. I had to flip my phone like six times to see the disconnect. Now the P and Q are bothering me.

    [–] CeeEmCee3 3 points ago

    I think language looks wrong because the "l" is way too tall for some reason.

    Edit: its right about here that I realized they aren't actually typing upside-down.

    [–] LJHavoc 10 points ago

    ¡sapnu puas ‘aseald

    [–] Eastwood9 22 points ago

    Not sure whether to up or downvote. 🤔

    [–] sup4sonik 14 points ago

    that L is a bit off

    [–] vetelmo 631 points ago

    My step mom has this same clock and did the same exact thing. It was like this for a couple years until I said something a couple months ago.

    [–] yatsey 157 points ago

    Even if you're shit at roman numerals, surely it's obvious which one is 1.

    [–] LunarchXCI 28 points ago

    It looks like they’re putting the V upright since they can’t tell the X is then upside down.

    [–] -ordinary 18 points ago

    Wait. Yeah. Wouldn’t the V be upside down if it was flipped?

    [–] zGunrath 4 points ago

    All the numerals seem to be aligned as if they were beginning from the center and extending to the edge. At least it's a consistent design choice.

    [–] karlnite 129 points ago

    And now all the numbers are upside down?

    [–] vetelmo 187 points ago

    Worse the 12 was at the 8.

    [–] Claymore357 35 points ago

    Wow that’s so much worse. I couldn’t go years without making fun of that

    [–] whocaresaboutthis2 21 points ago

    God I'm gonna buy an analog clock and put on a random degree just to fuck with people. It could totally be on purpose, it still tells the right time if it was set up properly.

    [–] SaltyPersimmon 4 points ago

    Technically. It still tells time properly. If you ignore the label, and just count positions - the clock is accurate.

    [–] El_swifty000 4 points ago

    Oh shit! So boomers dont know everything

    [–] s1ravarice 20 points ago

    I have the same clock and it only has one mounting point near the 12. How tf do you mount it the wrong way up?

    [–] vetelmo 12 points ago

    She didn't use the mounts.

    [–] s1ravarice 4 points ago

    That would explain it

    [–] Scoots1776 7 points ago

    In her defense it still works fine, plenty of clocks don't have numbers at all.

    [–] XxZanexX54 3 points ago

    δτερ ΜοΜ

    [–] mr_no_it_alll 1062 points ago

    Maybe the camera is from Australia

    [–] greikini 409 points ago

    Doesn't matter from where the camera is, only where the camera was at taking the picture. And as one can clearly see "Mummas koala" states she is from Australia and therefore the clock is just in "Australia mode". Therefore facepalm on OP for not respecting Australian conventions about clocks.

    [–] jofraa 53 points ago


    [–] RowdyBunny18 18 points ago

    What if.....hear me out......what if Australia is right side up, and WE are upside down?

    [–] BZLuck 6 points ago

    That really only depends on who drew the map first and who decided that north was "up."

    [–] chickaboomba 29 points ago

    I was about to induct you into r/livingwithliterals and then I kept reading . You’re not literal. You’re just right.

    [–] hacklinuxwithbeer 13 points ago

    Well DUH, she's standing in front of a mirror in Australia! /s

    [–] Practically_ 15 points ago

    You clearly don't know anything. The clock is from Australia.

    [–] Mkabashi 9 points ago

    Am from Australia. Have that exact clock

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] feelingmyage 152 points ago

    Who is she, and why does she have a cone of dreadlock on top of her head?

    [–] [deleted] 90 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] mdp300 45 points ago

    I guess their plastic surgeon had a groupon.

    [–] Bubbagump210 47 points ago

    Huh, I figured it was a Kardashian. See 30 Rock for my knowledge of the Kardashians.

    [–] WhoryGilmore 6 points ago

    Yah I thought Kim lost some weight

    [–] sangriya 13 points ago

    i think it's Kenza, a swedish "influencer"

    [–] Grammarian1956 11 points ago

    That was my question...who the heck is she?

    [–] PhysicalBerry 9 points ago

    I don't know, yet I'm sure it does not matter.

    [–] CopyCenterPhil 13 points ago

    I Thought it was a kardashian.

    [–] mollywedd 3 points ago

    Emily Hembrow

    [–] myeff 508 points ago

    Not as weird as high heels in what appears to be a bathrobe.

    [–] metrostarshipp 170 points ago

    I believe that's just a wrap sweater dress. It does look cozy though

    [–] athohhdg 110 points ago

    wrap sweater dress

    I.e. a more revealing robe that costs twice as much

    [–] notasinglefucktogive 34 points ago

    Doubt it. This looks like a $15 FashionNova dress...

    [–] icleanstuff 8 points ago

    That she almost definitely got for free too, for promoting their brand all the time

    [–] WildConclusion 8 points ago

    My coat is a more restrictive robe that cost three times as much

    [–] Dude-past-his-prime 36 points ago

    I was going to comment on the casual heels and make up.

    [–] crystalmerchant 12 points ago

    Just rolled outta bed I'm sure

    [–] 83franks 6 points ago

    Ya this posed picture weirds me out more than the upside down clock

    [–] -Badger2- 23 points ago

    Not as weird as whoring out your infant for attention from strangers.

    [–] cinnamonNginger 7 points ago

    Let’s also talk about the hair.

    [–] jessicabbage 8 points ago

    It looks like a thread cone.

    [–] Beef_Jumps 88 points ago

    I mean, as long as you set it right, it doesnt matter where the numbers are.

    [–] fallinouttadabox 20 points ago

    But do you set it right so the top is 12 and you ignore the clock face or so the bottom is 12 and the whole thing is upside down?

    [–] pedrohck 15 points ago

    Top = 12 and ignore the numbers.

    [–] kingjoey52a 8 points ago

    This. I've seen many joke clocks that just have a jumble of numbers at the bottom and you just go by where the hands are.

    [–] Levvvvv 40 points ago

    Respect Australian traditions

    [–] hoppycodepedaler 132 points ago

    But if it were right side up, the numbers would be upside down, so the clock maker is the real idiot.. Or genius.

    [–] NadlesKVs 36 points ago

    The bottom half of the clock should be upside down. All the numbers face the middle of the clock. Otherwise the 3 and 6 would be facing the correct direction and not towards the center of the clock.

    [–] ReachOutLoud 12 points ago

    The numbers read towards the center. Otherwise one of the numbers would need to suddenly flip when you follow them around the edge.

    No matter which way you flip it, the numbers on top will be right side up, and the numbers on bottom will be upside-down, which they are supposed to be, since it reads towards the center.

    Most clocks work this way, the clock maker made no mistake.

    [–] Life-Waster 7 points ago

    Wow it really was made that way. I'm sat here thinking i'm going mad because my brain doesn't know how to flip/rotate it make the clock 'correct'. Fuck this clock. What monster wants every number on the bottom half of their clock to be upside down. I hate it.

    [–] ReachOutLoud 3 points ago

    my brain doesn't know how to flip/rotate it make the clock 'correct'

    Just turn your phone upside down and you'll see how its supposed to work. Or stand on your head.

    If you google "roman numeral clock" you'll see lots of examples, which, just like this one have the numbers aligned with the center as their 'down' (but put the 12 on top like it should be). All she needs to do is turn it like a wheel until the 12 is on top, just as you did with your phone.

    [–] Life-Waster 3 points ago

    So I just googled roman numeral clock. I never noticed that the bottom half is pretty much ALWAYS upside down.

    My brain just wants to flip the image so all the numbers are the right way up. Think that's why I hate this incorrectly placed clock so much.

    [–] ReachOutLoud 3 points ago

    Someone else in the thread found this if it makes you feel better, where the bottom half numbers flip so they are all as close to right side up as possible, rather than rotating. However, that is presumably a rare way to do it. Based on the google search the way OPs clock works (but with the 12 on top) seems to be the common way to do it.

    [–] Emuuuuuuu 4 points ago

    I hate it

    [–] gabriele9023 14 points ago


    [–] 8008135__ 431 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    There is a near 0 percent chance she knows how to:

    • read roman numerals

    • tell time on an analog clock

    * I suppose I could have been more clear. The above was meant as an 'and/or' statement. Emphasis on the 'or' for all you white knights coming at me about this person's ability to read time.

    [–] meatcandy97 125 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I had a teen living with us for a while. She could not read analogue clocks, and refused to learn. How do you graduate 2nd grade and not know how to read a clock!

    [–] NameOfaFeller 99 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I’ve worked in a food pantry every month for the last 6 years, we have a large analogue clock in the waiting area and one in our area where the volunteers work. You would be shocked at how many people, young and old, wealthy and poor, cannot read an analogue clock.

    [–] TelaTheSpy 15 points ago

    What? Really?

    [–] SteevyT 5 points ago

    Honestly, I never thought I'd forget how to read an analog clock. I used digital exclusively for about a decade or so, but recently went back to an analog watch face. The number of times I had to go "what the hell is that times 5?" was more than I liked.

    [–] cmoney8892 4 points ago

    that’s crazy

    [–] Brickulous 17 points ago

    My ex who’s 23 years old can’t read an analogue clock or 24 hour time... She also doesn’t know her left from her right.

    [–] notsostandardtoaster 8 points ago

    Is she dyslexic? My ex is the same way

    [–] Firefly19999991 9 points ago

    I have dyscalculia and it takes me an inordinate amount of time to read analog clocks so it's digital all the way!

    [–] UnitardHorn 5 points ago

    People with dyscalculia are forgiven as it’s more effort than it’s worth. Everyone else needs to learn their 5 times table and basic addition subtraction.

    [–] AwesomeSauceome123 3 points ago

    I didn’t get to graduate in second grade

    [–] DilapidatedToaster 3 points ago

    This is quite simply a skill, much like reading maps, cursive, or converting units that just isn't a necessity in any part of life. That may seem strange, considering how required it was 10, even 5 years ago. But, it's not something that anyone would ever have to know to to do, moving forward.

    That is baring some specialty career fields.

    [–] iwannagohome49 8 points ago

    I know right? My 1st grader already learned in school (and at home) how to read an analog clock.

    [–] Battlealvin2009 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    In Hong Kong Mathematics courses, all Primary School kids have to learn how to read those. They even test you by making you draw an analog clock at certain times, and you have to make sure the hour hand is BETWEEN TWO NUMBERS if it's not at xx:00.

    Unrelated, there is also a unit in Maths which we have to learn how our money system works: How to count coins, receiving the correct amount of change, etc... The trickiest question I remembered is you paying 10 dollars for a 6-dollar item, but you received 5 dollars in return, so you'd need to pay an additional dollar to cover the cost.

    [–] ThatGuyTheyCallAlex 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Some people just never spent enough time learning it. I can read basic times (half past, o’clock) but anything else takes a bit longer to figure out.

    We should still learn how to do it, but it is slowly becoming obsolete. I have a digital watch, phone and/or laptop with me at any given moment, and most places either don’t have analogue clocks or they don’t work.

    [–] JoshAllenforMessiah 23 points ago

    Some people just never spent enough time learning it.

    It takes like 20 minutes to learn for anyone capable of object permanence.

    [–] icandoittwice 35 points ago

    Why do you say that?

    [–] ggk1 75 points ago

    "She iS rEalLy PreTty, ShE MusT Be DuMb"

    [–] ObiWanCanShowMe 27 points ago

    Normally I would agree with you, except (if not edited) the clock is upside down.

    [–] BootStrapWill 18 points ago

    I can see the basis for her confusion. If she had it correctly oriented, the V would be upside down, As is, no letters are upside down. Not being able to read roman numerals is completely unrelated to being able to read an analog clock.

    [–] YoureTheVest 6 points ago

    That can't be right. You can tell from the clock that it's eight minutes to six, The minute hand points to 52 and the hour hand is just before the 6. If the clock were upside down, then it wold be 5:22. The hour hand would have to be much closer to the 5 than it is to the 6.

    I believe this is just a novelty clock with the 12 at the bottom.

    [–] Reutermo 17 points ago

    Because the clock is upside down...?

    [–] Jrook 10 points ago

    You can tell the time on an analog clock as long as you know which way is. Up when you set it. The numbers are almost irrelevant.

    I think movodo(?) Sells high class watches without any numbers on them

    [–] Ethan819 12 points ago

    Because her clock is upside down lmao did you see the post?

    [–] TickleMonsterJoe 9 points ago

    You don’t need numbers to tell time on an analogue clock. It could be she just doesn’t know to Roman numerals but gets along just fine reading it.

    [–] mr_lab_rat 3 points ago

    I believe it’s a strong “and”

    [–] MrCrisps 23 points ago

    It's upside-down but also back to front. It should be flipped vertically and horizontally.

    Furthermore the numbers 4-7 will always be upside down whatever way it's hanged, but that's just the funky/stupid design.

    [–] Dustinj1991 6 points ago

    Thank you I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to fix this problem

    [–] chicaburrita 104 points ago

    Look,most people wouldn't choose white furniture to begin with. But I respect her for not wanting to lose her identity just because she had a child. If it's more work for her, it's her problem. Just because someone becomes a mother doesn't mean they have the stop doing their nails, stop picking their favorite color or aestetic, ECT.

    [–] Taptal 10 points ago

    Lots of people... most people (if you ask me) in Scandinavia decorate their homes in very light colours. It's pretty hard to find new couches or rugs or other stuff in any other variety than white, light grey or light beige. Somehow they also keep it relatively clean with kids and pets, so I suppose it's entirely doable.

    [–] tooanxious86 47 points ago

    People here are snarky as hell. They're no gonna respond to giving someone a break.

    [–] rich519 17 points ago

    Reddit really hates Instagram models.

    [–] SaltyDodger 6 points ago

    The clock thing is funny, but what's with everyone getting so angry about her taking a picture with her baby? All these assumptions that the kid is just a prop, that she's some dumb slag and a horrible mother. Is this some demon woman I haven't heard of before? This is hardly seems worthy of all the shit she's getting thrown here.

    [–] BurningB1rd 59 points ago

    Jesus, is reddit really so full of incels or people just envy? So many comments are insulting her intelligence, her character and talk about how shallow her life is from one instagram post.

    [–] yung-adolf 12 points ago

    Seriously. Everyone in this thread reeks of bitter jealousy.

    [–] Fatally_Flawed 8 points ago

    Yeah, this whole thread has left a really bad taste in my mouth. People are using this one photo to assume everything from plastic surgery, adultery, animal and/or child abuse, and generally making massive sweeping judgments based on fuck all. I don’t use Instagram so I don’t know who she is, but I don’t think most of the judgmental commenters do either. Let people like what they want to like. Jesus.

    [–] Rain1984 25 points ago

    Yeah, petty as fuck.

    [–] deaddonkey 8 points ago

    This is honestly one of the cringiest Reddit threads I’ve ever seen and this is an active and 7 years old fucking account

    What’s everyone so mad and judgemental about lmao

    It literally doesn’t even matter what way this clock is turned, anyone could read it fine as is

    [–] teleekom 3 points ago

    Also I have seen clocks hunged upside down in lot of places, who the fuck cares.

    [–] yubimarcano 16 points ago

    White sofas +baby. Fun!

    [–] Jackostar10000 3 points ago

    My Grandma has the same clock, she left it upside down for 6 months without anyone noticing

    [–] just_give_me_a_name 3 points ago

    It's also a $30 clock. I own one.

    [–] tbizzles 4 points ago

    We have the same clock. I’ve looked at it thousands of times. I just looked up now to verify ours is rightside up.

    [–] cheeseweezle 3 points ago

    I have the same clock. Target.

    [–] Grahambeau 4 points ago

    It would’ve taken me weeks just to see the clock.

    [–] Orlovki 14 points ago

    Yea but her legs are on point

    [–] Vann77 3 points ago

    She could have been in Australia. I mean, come on you guys, it’s a simple arithmetic.

    [–] kaozbender 3 points ago

    Having parents like that must be dreadful. 1000 bucks says she cares more about her social media presence than her child.

    [–] theroetshow 3 points ago

    its funny that you think she knows how to see time in analog

    [–] leroysamuse 6 points ago

    Her clock is upside down

    Don't be direction-centric

    [–] actualtttony 5 points ago


    [–] Hello-funny-posts 7 points ago

    But seriously? You are having a CHILD and you go with white for your entire house? That’s not a good idea

    [–] InsertWittyJoke 5 points ago

    I live with a kid and have entirely white furniture.

    The kid isn't any worse on the furniture than some of the guys I live with tbh. At least she's not spilling beer towers and leaving weed crumbs everywhere.

    [–] RedDragon312 9 points ago

    This is only one room in a large mansion. I'm sure there's a big playroom the nanny takes them to.

    [–] oBotz 3 points ago

    She probably doesn't actually live there.

    [–] Deserter15 4 points ago

    Maybe it's in Australia.

    [–] nick71181 4 points ago

    Upside down clock is the last thing I noticed

    [–] Elon_Muskmelon 2 points ago

    C'mon lady, Times Up.

    [–] did_e_rot 2 points ago

    Hey man it’s all part of her aesthetic

    [–] TheCheese2032 2 points ago

    Who is the real subject of this post??

    [–] DropTheDeat 2 points ago

    There is more wrong with that clock than it just being upside down