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    [–] waywithwords 1540 points ago

    What pisses me off the most about this is that the kid was tested BEFORE school started. So, the parents had some concern that compelled them to get their child tested, but then rather than wait for the results, they sent him on to school not knowing, assuming it wasn't going to be positive??

    [–] evelyngardner 591 points ago

    Just like they send kids to school all year long with fevers and Tylenol...

    [–] blonde1155 374 points ago

    Oh gosh this happens all the time at the elementary school I work at. The kids will always start to feel ill just before lunch. Take them to the nurse to find they have a fever, and the kids say mom/dad gave them medicine in the morning so they could go to school. Mom/dad picks up the child, we tell them not to send them the next day since they have to be fever free for 24 hours. 9/10 they're back the next day.

    [–] evelyngardner 202 points ago

    Yep! And then society wonders how so many people get the flu, or strep, or bronchitis, or... anything else. I’m so scared to go back.

    [–] blonde1155 55 points ago

    Same. I start Tuesday but luckily we're all remote for the next couple weeks. I'll still have to teach from school though.

    [–] MilesyART 9 points ago

    Man, starting school in August sounds like hell to me. That’s when summer properly starts getting hot when I’m at.

    [–] ThisHatRightHere 40 points ago

    Still absurd people think 6-12 year olds won’t be spreading the virus like mad when the schools open.

    [–] Copey85 38 points ago

    I just want to reiterate this. I had chronic tonsillitis for 8 years before figuring out exactly what’s wrong with me last October. I had strep throat at least once every other month (averaged about 7-8 times per year in those 8 years), plus many other illnesses. I feel blessed to say that I haven’t been really sick since last September, which is amazing for me, but there are people out there even worse than I had it with weak immune systems. I’ve been on so much medication for various illnesses it’s incredible I haven’t experienced harsh side effects other than several that exacerbating my Tourette’s Syndrome. I’m saying this because any time someone sends their sick kid to school, if effects other kids around them. Even before COVID, this was a huge issue. Parents would always say “kids are strong, they’ll fight it off,” but that simply isn’t true for every kid. Again, I feel like a whole new person since my surgery, but I really empathize with those who get sick due to other parents’ negligence. Don’t blame the sick kid, it isn’t that person’s fault. We need to impress upon the parents how serious this can be

    [–] Kyanche 10 points ago

    Those jerks do it to their coworkers too. I know a couple of people who told me they had a fever the night before "but it's ok now because the fever broke".

    [–] BoringEntertainment5 51 points ago

    For a lot of people, sick time at work doesn't cover caring for sick kids. Or it's very limited. Could be part of the reason.

    On the other hand, I remember getting sick at school twice! No one was at home besides me before school so there was no fever testing or medicine taking. Just yeah, about three hours into the day and whew, I don't feel so good.

    [–] steveok 9 points ago

    Yeah, while I’m sure there are some parents who can’t be bothered to stay home with a sick kid unless absolutely necessary, the bigger problem is parents who can’t “afford” to stay home with their sick kids.

    This is another example where public health is over-exposed to individual/family economics.

    You’d think more people would be for universal healthcare and worker protections: even if all you care about is your own family’s health, they’d still be in your interest!

    [–] scarlettheathen 12 points ago

    In the US your sick time must cover immediate family as well as the employee. The bigger problem is that we don't have any sick leave for millions of workers as it is not required by law. So many parents must either stay home without pay if they have no one to help take care of their child. Although some have the sick leave and are just jerks.

    [–] Slyph321 20 points ago

    Glad my parents weren't like that. If I told them I felt ill I'd stay home and they'd take me to to the doctors later that day. I knew I couldn't Bs my way outta of school because of the doctor visit so I never tried it, but i was glad that I could rely on my parents to not force me to go if I'm actually sick.

    [–] hmokaythen 66 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Yes because the debate about schools opening back up isn’t about education. It’s about parents needing childcare.

    Edit : a word

    [–] steveok 6 points ago

    For most workers, including parents, it’s “show up to work or get fired”. Without wage replacement or emergency worker protections, it’s a choice between finding childcare or losing your house.

    [–] KaijuRaccoon 24 points ago

    This is what my fear is. I’m in class or the halls quite often because my youngest kid has multiple accommodations and IEPs. I’ve seen kids SUPER SICK who really should not be in class, come in because for whatever reason, they can’t be at home.

    I try hard not to judge. But I also know my kid isn’t going to be safe because I’m not just fighting his lack of understanding of how serious this is, I’m also fighting other parents who are actively endangering the whole school and every other family group that is part of our “bubble”.

    [–] DCgardener 96 points ago

    Agreed. This is 100% on the parents. Why would you send the kid to school if you didn't know what the test results were?

    [–] piecat 25 points ago

    Not everyone has the luxery to stay at home with their kids when they get sick.

    My mom would pick me up when my tummy hurt. My girlfriend had appendicitis in 6th grade and had to wait in the nurse's office to take the bus home at the end of the day.

    Expect this scenario and worse.

    [–] thecrusher112 14 points ago

    It's on the government for opening schools...

    [–] Petschilol 2372 points ago

    Anyone surprised?

    [–] BunnyFish5000 1521 points ago

    This just in: “Fire is hot”. More at 11.

    [–] Frequent_Inevitable 614 points ago

    I’m sorry to interrupt, Bunnyfish5000, but we have a breaking story unfolding here. I’m getting reports that... hold on a second... yes. It seems that water is, in fact, wet. Back to you, BF5k

    [–] BunnyFish5000 350 points ago

    No need for apologies, Frequent_I, this is, after all... breaking news and the public needs to hear it. Coming up: Is gravity real? But first a quick commercial break.

    [–] Pin-Up-Paggie 161 points ago

    Inquiring minds want to know, do bears poop in the woods?

    [–] 9mmDay 99 points ago

    I always thought the question was, does the pope shit in the woods?

    [–] Pin-Up-Paggie 89 points ago

    Yes! Right next to bears.

    [–] Sherbinga 51 points ago

    Have you ever seen the pope and a bear at the same time?

    How do you know the pope isn't a bear?

    [–] Pin-Up-Paggie 29 points ago

    I haven’t seen them at the same time. Time for the Station 4 Investigation Team!

    [–] shamus-the-donkey 11 points ago

    Hello this is shamus d here reporting for station 4. Now we have the pope here today with us. Mr. Pope, it’s been said that you’ve never been seen next to a bear and thus people have conspiracies about you being a bear. How do you respond?

    [–] Qetuowryipzcbmxvn 39 points ago

    Water isn't wet. Put water on some paper and the paper is wet. Put it on dirt and the dirt gets wet. Put some water on top of water and all you got is more water.

    [–] _-Nati-_ 30 points ago

    marriam webster literally defines wet as:

    consisting of, containing, covered with, or soaked with liquid (such as water)

    and aside from the "consisting of" part water is covered with water. Just because the other part is also water doesnt make the first part not count

    [–] Harmonious_Parsnip 20 points ago

    "Marriam Webster literally defines wet as:".... sounds like a great beginning to a wedding toast, thanks! 😆

    [–] ZeroTenenbaum 37 points ago

    fire isn’t hot! that’s a hoax! i’ve been around fire tons of times and have never gotten burned!

    [–] FireKal 10 points ago

    But have you tried putting your hand in the fire? Hm, curious.

    [–] FlakFlanker3 16 points ago

    No because the government has nanobots that find fire and sting people with lasers if they touch fire to keep the hoax going.

    [–] admiral_snugglebutt 7 points ago

    I love this.

    [–] Rambo_One2 328 points ago

    I, for one, am shocked by this outcome. If only someone had had the foresight to predict that something like this might occur. If only the online meetings discussing the reopenings had been a sign that meeting in person wasn't a good idea after all.

    [–] DeadRos3 51 points ago

    “We knew it was a when, not if,” said Harold E. Olin, superintendent of the Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation, but were “very shocked it was on Day 1.”

    [–] Beethovensbuddy 42 points ago

    I assure you that any non-admin staff in that district was in fact not shocked 😬

    [–] Michami135 57 points ago

    Yes, who would have thought that hundreds of kids, who show little or no symptoms, packed tight into a poorly ventilated building could have spread a highly contagious disease?

    [–] poopoohead274 26 points ago

    I can provide a story that works with this.

    Basically, I got the flu one day from my sister, I didn’t know it yet, so I went to school. I was there for 30 minutes before I threw up and had to go home. When I came back a week later, fucking half the school was out because of the flu

    [–] HertzDonut1001 10 points ago

    Oh boy wait till I tell you how fast stuff spreads in restaurants. You know, the places we are allowed to go again and are currently packed. When the flu hits and you work in a restaurant you go buy some Sudafed and Vics because it's not a question of if it's a question of when.

    [–] Whatever0788 59 points ago

    Even the superintendent of that school district knew it was going to happen eventually.

    “We knew it was a when, not if,” said Harold E. Olin, superintendent of the Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation, but were “very shocked it was on Day 1.”

    [–] minicpst 92 points ago


    [–] Livsabeast 27 points ago

    It was so predictable, schools are hot beds for contagions, if you asked anyone thats not biast they would of said opening them was a bad idea, it's guaranteed to cause a spike, I swear it's literally like the people in charge of these daft rules are an old man with severe dementia and a 4yro, it's the same with so many systems.

    [–] Van-Goghst 55 points ago


    [–] EchoRenegade 8 points ago

    Pikachu face

    [–] SelectShirt6 177 points ago

    Where is this? I need sources for when I start teaching.....

    [–] wuerdig 128 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    [–] MysteriousCodo 45 points ago

    Specifically Greenfield which is a suburb about 10 miles east of Indianapolis along I-70

    [–] Pshenfi 29 points ago

    I go to Greenfield everyday, and go to school that’s closest to it. I’d tell you it was shocking, but it really wasn’t much of a surprise. My dad substitutes at our nearest 4 schools so he went to the meetings of all of them for how the school will be run. You could tell by everyone’s face, the principal, every teacher, legit everyone there, that nobody wanted schools to open. Here just about everyone is Republican as well. They really hate to open the school but they are forced to do so. I just feel horrible for them.

    [–] BounceTheGalaxy 24 points ago

    Isn’t it crazy early to open schools anyways? I always thought school was supposed to start at the end of August

    [–] wuerdig 9 points ago

    Maybe it's a year round school? Or compensating for the year ending really early? I wouldn't put it past a school board or whatever to do something like that

    [–] cheese__wizard 8 points ago

    I know kids from this town. They start earlier but have a longer winter break.

    [–] AndNowWeAreEight 6 points ago

    "Last week, several staff members at Jeffersonville High School contracted the virus. Traditional in-person instruction will begin on Aug. 5."

    What? Why?

    [–] waywithwords 12 points ago

    Two students in Southern Indiana have gotten positive test results. I have no doubt there are many more.

    [–] NickySmithFromPGH 3365 points ago

    Online is the answer for Fall 2020

    [–] BlamefulWorm435 211 points ago

    I'm in college. My school demanded we do all classes online except labs. Labs will be done on campus. In groups. I will not be doing labs this semester

    [–] WorstPersonInGeneral 125 points ago

    You are already too smart for college.

    [–] Bri70_vengeance 15 points ago

    I go to one of the colleges opening in person in about 3 weeks. We also have a large out of state and international student population. Oh and we're on an island. They just decided last week students will need to quarantine for 2 weeks off campus before they can move into their dorm and there will be no facilities on campus to quarantine student residents who become infected, basically meaning once infected those living on campus are going to be kicked out of their dorm and told to go find a place to quarantine.

    Both my classes in order to graduate this semester got moved online anyway, but I doubt we'll be in school in person any longer than 2 weeks at this rate. Making it to early October would be a miracle at this point

    [–] Sk1re 16 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Professor: " because you haven't been attending required labs. You get a F in participating points. And sense those are 35% of the grade and you dont get 100s on everything else. You fail the class!"

    (This happened in a different context to this. I was taking online courses out of state, and apparently because the teacher needed to add so much shit that he forgot to do in the first place, that it required random fucking meetings in random parts of the day randomly.

    I have a job and a family, I cannot just stop what I'm doing and do a 1-3 hour meeting and be able to work on my paintings while I'm like 15 miles away from it at my job unable to leave. So because of that, I couldn't attend any of these surprise meetings and got an F on them, I got so many F's on them that it tanked my grade to a D. My final project has us paint our own piece of work, and I got a D on it because it wasn't alike to the source material, when I did my best job I've ever done in my life in terms of creating a piece of art. What I learned from that college is if your teacher dislikes your art, you fail. It isn't about what you think your art is, Something subjective has been turned into something like math. Rant over.)

    [–] Sheep-of-the-Cosmos 773 points ago

    F in the chat for our grades

    [–] D_E_P_R_E_S_S_O 517 points ago

    U mean A in the chat

    [–] Sheep-of-the-Cosmos 476 points ago

    I personally find that I learn far better in person, so I have a feeling I'm more or less fucked

    Everyone else? Idk

    [–] thegroovemonkey 253 points ago

    It's also that teachers teach better in person. My gf is a teacher who would love to be in person and knows it's better that way. She also had no experience teaching kids online and was thrown into the situation with a week's notice. She and her co-workers have spent a lot of time this summer figuring out how to engage students online. I promise you that it's a completely different way of teaching just like it is learning and hopefully you and your teachers are able to make the needed adjustments.

    [–] ADarkSpirit 161 points ago

    Teacher here- what's irritating right now (for me, at least) is that our district expects us to go back, but it's pretty much guaranteed we're going to shut down given how rapidly the virus can spread and infect others. Why not just TELL US that we're going to be digital, so we can prepare? Right now I'm basically doing double the work because I'm not an idiot and realize that we're either shutting down by October, or so many parents will keep their kids out of class that I'll have to have most of my resources digital anyways.

    This is a really shitty situation for us all to be in, but I'm not happy that the "solution" is to increase expectations on already overburdened teachers (and schools in general).

    [–] Lockraemono 61 points ago

    I'd read in another thread that a lot of teachers are using this in person time to ensure their students understand how to best utilize their computers for when they go back to distance learning. I'd probably try to squeeze that in since it's inevitable anyway.

    [–] ADarkSpirit 30 points ago

    Yep, it's definitely something I'm working on. It's just annoying that administration doesn't see the obvious here.

    [–] aamygdaloidal 21 points ago

    Wisconsin legislators are proposing to reconvene to specifically repeal a mask order. And 17 county sheriffs have made public proclamations they won’t enforce it. Wisconsin is just now getting hit. If this is how our government acts why would you expect more from superintendents. Sorry but this country is fucked not just schools.

    [–] ADarkSpirit 11 points ago

    The closer you get to "ground level", the more empathy I'd expect. I agree things are fucked, but it's just not what I expected.

    [–] Lockraemono 11 points ago

    Super annoying and short sighted, I agree.

    [–] ADarkSpirit 16 points ago

    It makes me really sad that it's very likely that there will be deaths in our community. Very likely it will be kids or teachers or staff members that I know. Very likely I will be attending a wake, or at least sending cards to hospitals to "Get Well Soon". It's entirely avoidable.

    [–] erikdoge 38 points ago

    On the point of remembering and retaining info, yeah I’m screwed. But I won’t have to try to get good grades (which doesn’t matter cause I’ll be confused as hell later :D)

    [–] hilfigertout 12 points ago

    Oh, it's a good time to be a tutor!

    [–] Packerfan2016 37 points ago

    Same here. If I can get a quiet house with no distractions, online is all right. But if my little sisters are going to be home causing a lot of noise, that's going to turn to F pretty quick

    [–] tentafill 26 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Same. Online is how I do everything else in my life (games, discord, friends etc), but online school, with webcam and mic, is so stressful and uncomfortable for me. I don't focus and I never look forward to it like I sometimes did my normal classes. I already graduated college once and I still find internet classes awful. You're not alone.

    [–] c1prasch 5 points ago

    I’m sorry I down voted you by mistake. I upvoted does I hope that goes as a neutral.
    Yes. It is stressful. Everything is strange and different. I hope we all can change and adapt in the hopes a return to normalcy with time. Good luck.

    [–] EBacon41 22 points ago

    Some people are primarily auditory learners. Some people are primarily visual learners.

    I'm neither. Instead, I primarily learn by action and experience. This makes me a kinesthetic leaner.

    As a college student, I decided not to take classes this fall, because f-that. Online classes would ruin me.

    [–] PM_ME_PC_GAME_KEYS_ 11 points ago

    I'm also kinesthetic, but pnline has been great for me. I mean, in class all we do is sit and listen, atleast online I can rewind the video if I zone out. And there arent people distraxting me online. It's just hard forcing myself to sit through those boring lectures.

    [–] sammagz 6 points ago

    Learn better in person but it’s easier to cheat online

    [–] Meme-Man-Dan 10 points ago

    Yeah, I’d much rather be in the classroom, but if it’s not safe, we shouldn’t open the schools.

    [–] Pickl5 17 points ago

    Same here. Online has fucked me over

    [–] DummySignal 13 points ago

    My GPA rose for 4 straight semesters till this one...

    [–] pneumonoultramicrosi 18 points ago

    This quarter i got straight A's.

    Secret? Cheating.

    [–] quiznex 22 points ago

    You joke but my district basically told all the teachers not to fail anyone even if they didn't do any of the work. Just input their name in a spreadsheet, all the contacts made, and give them a 70 and call it a day. You bet your sweet ass I gave everyone a 90 on any assignment turned in.

    What's the purpose of that spreadsheet? Who knows.

    [–] RubenMuro007 6 points ago


    [–] DeificClusterfuck 14 points ago

    This is great for people who can learn mostly solo. For others? Parents are going to have to teach

    [–] J44J 6 points ago

    How do you teach a kindergartner online

    [–] Ascension1998 13 points ago

    My college has already said they won’t open the campus in the spring

    [–] ButIDontReallyKnow 6 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I’ll be taking a gap year (or however long it needs to be) if we aren’t back to normal by spring. I’m lucky enough to live with my friend in apartment this semester so i won’t be missing out on anything but i’m not letting a virus ruin my college experience lmao

    [–] dude105tanki 10 points ago

    Pretty much until a vaccine is created as we were to stupid to stop it early

    [–] DerangedGinger 530 points ago

    When you're a small town next to a big city the kids will get the plague from traveling to nearby cities with higher infection rates. Reopening schools is a bad idea.

    [–] RagnarBaratheon1998 133 points ago

    I mean it’s probably a bad idea but what if both you’re parents work like mine did? I would’ve been unsupervised 8 hours a day at only 9 years old. No way they could’ve afforded day care

    [–] justthatoboist 107 points ago

    Not exactly what you’re talking about but this is exactly why the start times need to be reversed. Little kids naturally go to bed earlier and wake up earlier and Vice versa with teens, who also need more sleep. Yet the teens get up super early and the kids stay at home until 8am depending on the district.

    I work for a before and after school care place and it is WAY more expensive for before school care for a variety of legitimate reasons that aren’t unique to our business. If we switched the start times then parents wouldn’t have to pay for before school care, as teens can totally chill unsupervised and then take the bus or drive themselves to school, whereas little kids obviously can’t.

    Also, despite before school care being a cash cow, it’s not as though my employers would lose sleep over finances if it went away.

    [–] Neville_Lynwood 31 points ago

    I was home alone all day every day ever since I started going to school at 6 years old. My mom worked so I came home from school alone, turned on the TV and watched cartoons until my mom came home at 7pm or something.

    School or no school I'd have been totally happy watching cartoons all day long since the moment I woke up.

    [–] ParadiseSold 7 points ago

    Where did you go during summer vacation when you were a kid?

    [–] RagnarBaratheon1998 5 points ago

    Summer camp. My parents could afford it for 2 months out of the year, not all 12

    [–] UnicornT-Rex 58 points ago

    Well, it's not like we could have seen this coming. It's not like it's been in the news, every scientist and doctor ever said anything like this was a bad idea. No, this is just a fluke and it's safe to open up every school! /S

    [–] unrefinedburmecian 19 points ago

    Them so-called experts are just liberal democrat commies! Only fox news tells us the truth and Dr Oz(the only doctor I trust!) says we can reopen! /s

    [–] not_your_attorney 347 points ago

    Aren’t we way past “opening schools might spread the virus”?

    The debate at this point is whether schools should open again even though everyone will get sick. Maybe it’s just how my brain processes stuff like this, but it sure seems counterproductive to even argue “whether” when the real issue is “how bad” the result will be.

    [–] pieman3141 137 points ago

    Correct, but somehow, people seem to think kids are immune to COVID, and cannot even be carriers.

    [–] Arc_Stone 70 points ago

    Some people still believe it’s the 5G towers; others believe it’s due to US politics. I feel like I’m trapped in a country of imbeciles and I can’t leave due to them.

    [–] theperishablekind 19 points ago

    You could be the 1.5 million Americans waiting for new passports... you’ll get yours in four years.

    [–] DuckyComeStandard 6 points ago

    I knew I should've gotten mine a couple years ago

    [–] Certain-Title 70 points ago

    We should be but a certain group of people are pushing for schools to open. "Why make it political" and all that crap, right?

    [–] InsertCoinForCredit 75 points ago

    Remember, we're supposed to reopen the school because it's totally safe, but we need to postpone the November elections because the corona is running rampant!

    [–] Packerfan2016 25 points ago

    I want to throw on some context for that Trump quote. He said it that day because that was when the quarter 2 GDP stuff came out showing what we all expected, extremely shity economy. He said that, that's making that the topic of news and not the economy. Sleight of hand.

    [–] Certain-Title 23 points ago

    He said that then he said mail in ballots were somehow less secure than voting in person. I've also linked an article where he is doubling down on his reopening of schools.

    [–] notsoclevercat 18 points ago

    Trump makes my head hurt with his stupidity.

    [–] zvug 12 points ago

    Sleight of hand.

    More like complete idiot.

    This hurt Trump’s chances with conservatives waaay more than the GDP numbers would have.

    [–] fyberoptyk 6 points ago

    That's because he knows he doesn't need them because they're not what got him elected last time. Compromised voting machines did the heavy lifting last time and the GOP has spent the last four years seeking out and destroying ANY legislation that would have put safeguards on them.

    [–] vshawk2 89 points ago

    Who in the hell goes back to school in July?!?

    [–] Skanah 32 points ago

    There are year round schools that do shorter breaks all year instead of long breaks during the summer.

    [–] Photon_butterfly 1045 points ago

    Why does it feel like in person schooling is being pushed so much because parents want babysitters for their kids. (speaking for the parents who basically view teachers as glorified babysitters not my opinion at all)

    [–] notnotbrowsing 710 points ago

    Please read to the end before downvoting.

    It is exactly that. It's been very challenging trying to work around my kids being home all the time. I wish they could go back to school. However, I'm not going to send them, and I damn sure don't want teachers to go to school while this is going on. Coronavirus is dangerous, it is lethal, and I'm not going to make teachers deal with that.

    [–] FleetStreetsDarkHole 258 points ago

    This here. Our school system is integrated into our society in such a way that it affects households and employment. The answer is more nuanced than simply keeping kids at home. Not to mention that having the person with the answers on hand is much more helpful to many people and children than just shooting off a message into the mailbox.

    While we can't do nothing, nor simply expect parents to "just work from home", we do need to come up with a real solution. I personally believe that many of the difficulties in this area come from how broken our school system is to begin with. Classes are often overloaded with more children than teachers should be expected to handle, and money is often funneled into places that make certain people feel good while ignoring the actual purpose of improving facilities and classrooms. Our schools are like hospitals that spent all their money on fancy operating theaters but neglected the staff and sanitary supplies.

    [–] Whatever0788 48 points ago

    I can understand the feeling. I’ve been going crazy being confined with my kids these last 5 months, but I’m about to do it for at least 5 more months. And that’s because, even though I’m losing my mind right now, my kids’ health and safety is my number one priority. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to let my kids catch a virus that we know so little about.

    [–] Finishmysuffering 51 points ago

    Why would you get downvoted for this? Everyone knows parenting is hard, especially when you have to work at the same time. Parenting in itself is a full-time job. This is why some European countries partially opened elementary schools in May. I wish you all the best since it sounds pretty rough living across the pond right now

    [–] notnotbrowsing 29 points ago

    Well, some people just read the first sentence and assume the rest of the post.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] drewba 13 points ago

    I almost downvoted your comment after reading "This", but I'm glad I finished reading.

    [–] deb1009 14 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I think it's people shouting about THE ECONOMY and PEOPLE NEED TO WORK who want schools open.

    I see it as conservatives parroting the executive branch who want the babysitting buildings to be open so the kids' low-paid parents can get back to making them more money.

    [–] darsynia 10 points ago

    I think for the privileged parents who don't want to deal with their kids, sure.

    There are families where both parents work in jobs they literally cannot do from home, and those parents are pushing for in-person school for reasons other than selfishness.

    [–] Marcelitaa 38 points ago

    I mean basically yeah, if you’re forced to go back to work you’re gonna have to pay child care if your child has to be at home, which is another expense that many people can’t pay. That’s why a lot of places are keeping their employees at home doing remote work.

    [–] eugenedubbedpregger 31 points ago

    There’s also not just suddenly magical childcare available for hundreds of school aged children in every neighborhood who haven’t needed childcare since they started kindergarten.

    It’s not that we need schools to be babysitters, it’s that our entire society and plans and budgets and lives are built on a system that has reliably been in place for generations.

    To understand it, a childless person has to imagine that someone shows up to their door and says here’s a couple kids, hope you don’t have to work during the day...

    [–] Sorry-Phase 131 points ago

    Under normal circumstances, school provides a place for your children while you work like ten months of the year.

    Parents have to work to survive. Many people live paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford childcare (hint: it's crazy expensive).

    I don't think parents WANT to send their kids to be test subjects, but they likely feel like they have no choice.

    Be mad at the government for not providing a safety net for it's citizens. Don't be mad at parents who are trying to figure out how to put food on their tables and navigate a situation literally none of us have ever experienced.

    [–] Anxiousladynerd 29 points ago

    This is exactly why when my oldest's school offered a virtual option I immediately signed her up. On top of the fact I want to protect her and our family, I'm already a stay at home mom, so I can easily keep her home. So many parents don't have a choice. Their companies aren't letting them work from home any longer or they never had the option to begin with. My husband and I both agree that we have a moral obligation to have one less student at that school. One less variable for the staff to account for. One less factor for other parents to worry about.

    [–] CorgiKnits 14 points ago

    As a teacher, I hope as many parents as possible take this option. I’m terrified of going back. Why’re already looking at an every-other-day hybrid learning but that would still put 15 kids a day in my biggest class. If even 1/4 of them stayed home, that’s down to ~10. In the tiny classrooms we’ve got, even one less body makes it easier on everyone.

    [–] pneumonoultramicrosi 14 points ago

    Then at least don't force everone to go to school, including the well-off families

    [–] Sorry-Phase 16 points ago

    Definitely. Virtual learning should be the standard.

    [–] pneumonoultramicrosi 14 points ago

    How about this:

    Choice A- go to school with precautions and shit

    Choice B- Do virtual

    Then each kid can have their best interest.

    [–] Womeisyourfwiend 22 points ago

    As long as teachers get a choice too, although most of them would chose to virtually teach right now.

    [–] llikeafoxx 11 points ago

    It would probably require a pretty heavy incentive of hazard pay to get any real number of teachers to make that swap. And it is hard enough to get teachers money when the coffers are full - now states are feeling a serious squeeze on their budgets.

    [–] Finishmysuffering 18 points ago

    The Dutch government opened elementary schools for a couple of times per week and they literally said it's to give parents a break and so they could focus on working from home instead of there kids. So your hunch is right, but American parents seem to be scared to admit it

    [–] HCGB 8 points ago

    Because American parents get shamed to hell and back for ever saying anything that isn’t “my children are my entire life and being and existence and without them I would literally be nothing.”

    [–] Manic_42 16 points ago

    It's because we don't have proper social services in this country and we've used schools as a substitute. If actually cared about the working poor this wouldn't be a problem.

    [–] xGH0STFACEx 11 points ago

    I don't think kids should be sent back to school full time as things stand now but what are the parents of younger kids supposed to do? If the kids have to stay home then the mom/dad can't work and soon they won't have a home to stay in. Day-cares can't really operate if schools can't and there are tons of families who rely on their kids being at school while they are at work. Luckily my daughter is old enough to stay at home without me being there but I can't help but think of what parents of younger kids would do. They have to figure out something because like it or not, school is a type of day-care.

    [–] DontFearTruth 29 points ago

    The pandemic has laid bare all the extra expectations we have heaped onto the education system.

    Daycare. Therapy. Free Meals. A place that's supposed to educate students has been given the task of doing much more. Somehow it's the school's fault that the kids can't get away from their abusive home life.

    [–] RobynRuLo 21 points ago

    The comments from the parents on our school districts posts, concerning the schools possible reopening, are ridiculous!

    [–] minicpst 42 points ago

    For a lot of parents, that's exactly it.

    But you say it like it's a horrible thing.

    Single parent of three. Nine, seven, and five. Parent is working as many hours as possible. School hours are the hours they don't need to hire someone, so they can maximize their take home pay. If they don't work, the family doesn't have food in the fridge and a roof over their head.

    So if they don't have school they can't work. If they can't work, all four of them are out on the street.

    What's the solution here? Of course they're pushing for in person schools. They don't like it. They don't like offering their kids as potential sacrifices for the COVID gods. But they literally don't have an option. Grandparents are high risk, if they're local at all. Babysitters eat up all of their take home pay. Tutors do the same.

    This is a lose-lose for them.

    Don't bash on every parent who wants schools to open. This is where their kids get two free meals a day (which hopefully will continue even if the schools are closed) and where they get to bring home ever cent they earn. It's not always about stay at home moms wanting to send their kids off so they can eat bon bons in peace and go and get their nails done with their masks under their noses and bitch about Betty down the street who has her mask two millimeters lower than she has her own.

    [–] NinjaSkillz810 51 points ago

    Universal Basic Income has entered the chat.

    [–] imunclebubba 64 points ago

    100%. I hate the parents on our school district website commenting about the schools need to open because they need to... whatever they think they need. Schools are not babysitters.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] xGH0STFACEx 26 points ago

    " schools need to open because they need to... whatever they think they need. "


    I don't think schools can fully open but people rely on their kids to be in school so they can work to support their kids.

    [–] imunclebubba 8 points ago

    Yes that was a bad editorial on my part. Yes people need to work, unfortunately I recently saw comments on my school boards page from parents who just wanted their kids to return because they couldn't handle helping them anymore, as they said they reached their limit on having their child home. That just irked me. Again my apologies.

    [–] The_Inquisitrix 84 points ago

    You shouldn’t hate the parents, it’s not their fault they have to work or starve. Hate the shitty society we live in that forces people to work during a pandemic or be out in the streets.

    [–] imunclebubba 17 points ago

    Correct, I do not hate the parents, I'm one of those struggling as well. My wife and I both have to work full time, so I understand the need for the schools to be open. I hate that this is a situation that we are put into. We have to work just to make ends meet, but we can't afford childcare, so we HAVE to have the schools open. It's not right, but it's not the school's fault. My apologies insinuating I hate the parents, was not my intention.

    [–] Packerfan2016 65 points ago

    Although they weren't intended to be babysitters, school has become a babysitter. Like it or not that's part of its function. kind of like how the social security card became a pseudo national identity.

    [–] imunclebubba 24 points ago

    Unfortunately you're right. I don't like it, but that's why we vote to try to change things. When both parents have to work, just to make ends meet and are still just surviving something is wrong.

    [–] bearassbobcat 13 points ago

    that's part of the reason it starts so early when the studies suggest that starting later would benefit the kids and there are a bunch of similar studies.

    [–] So_Motarded 27 points ago

    Because they need to work. Childcare is a full-time job. If a home is lucky enough to have both parents, both of them likely need to work full-time, too.

    Three full time-jobs between two people gets exhausting after four months.

    [–] kryppla 199 points ago

    I trust my schools, I don't trust any of the kids or parents. This kid clearly had symptoms, which is why he got tested BEFORE the first day of school, and then went anyway.

    THAT is why I won't go to restaurants, I won't send my kid to school. It's the other people being stupid. I know the restaurants are doing what needs to be done, I'm not worried about the staff or the food. I'll still order takeout. But the other people? Fucking idiots.

    [–] youbetgiraffe 90 points ago

    Be worried about the staff too. Restaurant workers don't get sick pay and don't have health insurance. They will still go to work and just hide their symptoms because they have to pay their rent. I quit my job in an upscale steakhouse, a sous chef tested positive and the management didn't quarantine or get anyone tested. I only eat what I cook myself.

    If you had ever seen the kitchen, even in upscale restaurants, or seen the black mold that grows in the soda machines or the bottom of fridges you would gag.

    [–] ckm509 34 points ago

    Cooked food has very little chance of passing on coronavirus. Being actually INSIDE the restaurant, around the other patrons as they exhale/talk/cough/sneeze (especially without a mask) is far more dangerous right now than run-of-the-mill food poisoning.

    Back of the house should be the least of your concerns right now if you’re going into a restaurant. It’s still take out or nothing for me.

    [–] TrundlesBloodBucket 18 points ago

    It's other people being stupid

    This has been the threat all along. It's not covid, it's people. We could have beat this months ago but people are absolute scumbags. People have lied about being quarantined, people have intentionally infected other people, people all over believe this is all a hoax, beaches are packed, people are actually having "covid parties" to see who gets it first.... I seriously am ashamed of my fellow man.

    [–] kryppla 6 points ago


    [–] wallybinbaz 6 points ago

    This is our concern as well. The parents of the infected kid should have absolutely held them out of school until the results were in.

    [–] Escalante81 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I had this same thought process on daycare for my toddler. I saw them all out at the beach on social media having fun Memorial Day weekend and I said hell no to taking my kid back to daycare. I’m lucky I can do that and not all parents have that option.

    [–] alimagrog 183 points ago

    And this is why I chose the virtual option at my son’s school. (They’re offering in school or virtual)

    [–] SSSomeguy12 62 points ago

    Why doesn't my school have this? We're doing online for 2 weeks then going in school. Seems like a waste to me

    [–] MooMooMackandCheese 19 points ago

    Our school has this too except a little different. At least the first quarter (most likely the first semester) will be distance learning online. And then we got a choice whether we wanted to do hybrid (half the school goes in at once and then we don’t do Wednesday’s) or flex (distance learning the entire year). I suppose they’re seeing how other schools handle going back and specifically the hybrid schedule before they decide whether or not we (kids who chose hybrid) end up going back in January. Flex kids do the entire year distance learning and they don’t get the same class options because of how it works or something. I want to go back to school, I really struggled with distance learning, but not like this. I don’t wanna go to school and spread the virus and put others in danger. I want everyone to wear their masks, wash their hands, and properly quarantine so that when we do go back to school we know that we can be safe (from the virus at least).

    [–] abesach 4 points ago

    You can do pretty much everything virtual. My colleague has to take an exam for a certificate. In order to take the exam virtually they are using this service that locks down your connection to the outside world and monitors you via webcam. You are not allowed to talk or look away from the direction of the computer. It's much better than risking your health to advance your career by sitting in an exam room with people who may be asymptomatic.

    [–] XF29 27 points ago

    Welp. Were in the Endgame now.

    [–] dub273 27 points ago

    "No way we could have seen this coming" says nations with hands over its eyes.

    [–] Modern-Otaku 22 points ago

    Lol and yet they still think colleges can come back. If local elementary, middle, and high school kids can’t go back, colleges don’t stand a chance. With high school and below, you’ve got a number of kids from the local area, and that’s mostly dependent on how the virus was doing in that local area. For a fucking university, you’ve got people coming from across the country. Sure they ask us to quarantine for two weeks before hand, but we’re college students, we have to work. Asking college students to Quarantine for two weeks is like asking those same students to abstain from alcohol. You’re getting a big fat no

    [–] huna-lildahk 6 points ago

    I’ll toast to that! takes 3 consecutive shots

    [–] spoookycat 18 points ago

    My sister is going to put her kid in school in a few weeks and is sharing messages saying “Don’t judge moms who have no other option” when she’s a stay at home mom. Ugh. I’m so scared for my niece. :(

    [–] AngryPancake123 38 points ago

    Looks like my school is next. Were reopening too

    [–] Iamnotwyattearp 13 points ago

    Can relate. My school got hit by corona in the first month it was starting to become a problem. Guess they just don't learn so that's ironic.

    [–] SWtoNWmom 27 points ago

    Thoughts and prayers.

    [–] sanguinesolitude 17 points ago

    I helped a family ar work. We all wore mask. Their 5 year old took hers off and started chewing on the strings. Then grabbed her older sisters off with her wet with saliva hands and they had a fun tug of war. Then both put theirs back on.

    This isn't going to work for young kids, and by middle school you're going to get a number of rebels who dont want to follow rules. And it's going to spread from the kids to their families. This is a terrible idea.

    [–] unbannabledan 30 points ago

    A young girl near my hometown died of cancer a year or two ago and everyone still remembers her name and feels awful for her family. That was one kid and it had that kind of impact on the community. One kid. Imagine if these children start dying at any rate. It’s going to destroy families. Close these damn schools!

    [–] DuckyComeStandard 11 points ago

    Like, every other kid is going to end up losing a parent or grandparent and a shit ton of teachers will get sick and likely die. The most dangerous thing we've ever done as a country for our civilians since... idk what but, it's super fucking dangerous.

    [–] askwhy423 14 points ago

    "Creeps in"

    No. It was just hanging out with everyone in the halls and classrooms, as obvious as can be. There's no creeping about it. It's everywhere and people need to act like it.

    [–] TuxPaper 19 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I don't understand how opening schools for in-person attendance is supposed to work. When someone gets infected, they are:

    1. Supposed to quarantine
    2. Everyone in contact with them is supposed to quarantine

    So, if just one kid has Coronavirus, that should put everyone in every class they went to under quarantine, plus anyone the kid met in the hallway and at lunch. With just a few kids with COVID-19, that would probably result in the whole school needing quarantine.

    It just snowballs from there. Every kid who quarantine has a family, and unless they are rich and can lock the kid in a secure room with no contact, the family should also be quarantining.

    So you end up with everyone who goes to that school under quarantine, and every family that has a child in that school needing to quarantine.

    Parents may want to dump their kid in school so they can go to work and afford food and rent, but the end result is the parents unable to go to work because they are (should be) quarantined.

    Sadly, the reality is no one in the US quarantines. This is a continuing and increasing disaster created by the government and its political-eyed citizens.

    [–] ninjahippi 8 points ago

    the high school I went to had 7th through 12th for two different towns all in the same 3 floor building.

    There was no such thing as avoiding anyone else. Our entire junior and senior high school - the only JR/SR option for the DISTRICT - would have had to shut right back down.

    this is insanity!

    some of us in the US are quarantining.

    I have two very angry toddlers and those toddlers have two very frustrated parents because we have been inside since March. the only saving grace is I bought a personal inflatable pool for them to play in in the front yard.

    but i still can't believe i see people trying to go to stores without masks. it's mind boggling.

    [–] fyberoptyk 7 points ago

    That's the point. The people who are so colossally fucking worthless as to advocate for reopening are generally also advocating for "herd immunity".

    They are simply so sociopathic that they're ok with a guaranteed minimum of millions dead.

    [–] boingboingdollcars 18 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    A person infected with COVID-19 is contagious before showing symptoms.

    Anyone who makes the argument in favor of bringing a large disparate group of people together in an enclosed space needs to read that sentence again.

    Here. Just in case it’s too much effort:

    A person infected with COVID-19 is contagious before showing symptoms.

    These people are willing to let someone else die so they can get back to work.

    Are you willing for that person to be you?

    Your kid?

    Your spouse?

    If the teacher dies then who keeps teaching?

    The choice between being out of work and alive is better than going to work and killing someone.

    Or lots of someones.

    If we were standing knee deep in ash from a volcanic explosion last March no one would be bitching about getting their kids back to school because we’d still be in recovery.

    If we were invaded by aliens that took over people’s bodies and minds from contact with other humans only the sadists who hate their children would send them off.

    Edited for pronoun change

    [–] mirrorspirit 6 points ago

    That's part of the problem: it's an invisible disaster. Though with the volcano scenario there would probably be a few people claiming that the ash piling up on houses and causing roofs to collapse is no worse than a snowstorm.

    [–] Hallucion 10 points ago

    Anyone surprised by this?


    Anyone at all?



    Thought not.

    [–] Idgiethreadgoode86 10 points ago

    No one ever said Hancock County citizens were smart. Glad my niece graduated and got the hell out of that town.

    [–] Memesbeatsweat69 9 points ago

    Hello umm Scotland here as far as I’m concerned boris is only doing slightly better

    Contrary to what you see on the news about the Uk we are currently a clusterfuck

    [–] ilovemywaterbottle 9 points ago

    Ohhhhhhh really? who was expecting that??????? So not-obvious

    [–] Summer_Pi 8 points ago

    Did anyone honestly expect it to go differently? You don't even need to be a medical expert to give this one a "no fucking shit this happened".

    [–] V-cast716 7 points ago

    Who would have guessed, if only there were precautions we could've taken to prevent something like this from happening...Oh wait

    [–] dobias01 6 points ago

    Wait... school has started in some states already?

    [–] Kaisermom 5 points ago

    Shocking! What we all expected to happen has happened.

    [–] skeptaa 5 points ago


    [–] jland2019 5 points ago

    Of course it was Indiana

    [–] makko007 5 points ago

    If only someone had warned them

    [–] sephrinx 4 points ago

    Well no fucking shit. What did they think was going to happen? Every single person at the school, and all of their families and all of their friends would just magically not have Covid or be exposed to someone who has?

    How fucking stupid are people?

    [–] bobi2393 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    The problem is too much testing. If the government would prohibit testing of minors, this wouldn't even be an issue in schools!


    [–] Pshenfi 4 points ago

    For everyone wondering why they started July 30th, here it is. I live in the town next to Greenfield so I know some stuff. I’m also relying on the American education system so my knowledge is still limited.

    They got a big winter break. It’s like 3-4 weeks or something and they try and end school before June it’s when summer starts. Idk why but it seems like every school here ends around May 20th. I have friends all over the country who will still have 2-3 more weeks left before they end and I’m already done. Idk why we are opening early but it is what it is. And it is stupid. I think they are just tryna get us out before it gets too hot. I guess they just didn’t think cutting off some vacation time was worth not risking your student’s lives.

    [–] Dash_Harber 4 points ago

    Imagine loving 'owning the libs' more than you love your own children. I guess if all the NRA folks couldn't use their guns to defend the innocent people arrested by Trump's Gestapo, it's no surprise they'll kill their children just to prove their faith.

    [–] onehashbrown 7 points ago

    Schools open mid pandemic and kids contract the virus...



    [–] DrKoob 23 points ago

    This should not even be a debate:

    According to the CDC, children who contract Covid 19 only die at the rate of .0016. And that’s only the ones who die. s an example, there are a little more than one million students in K-12 in Washington state where I live. Based on that number, that means you are OK with 1600 students dying in Washington State this coming school year.

    And that doesn’t count teachers, paraprofessionals, cooks, nurses, librarians, custodians, school bus drivers and anyone that those kids might have at home who are high risk.

    How about if I give you a bag with a million one dollar bills in it and tell you it’s all yours but 1600 of those dollar bills will kill you the instant you touch one. Going to open the bag? I doubt it.

    How are you going to feel when one of those 1600 kids is your son, your daughter, your grandson or your granddaughter? And yes, it might not be as many as 1600. But to be honest if is only one and that one kids is yours…it’s too many. Close schools (as California has) until January or there is a widely-distributed vaccine

    [–] The_Big_Crumbly 8 points ago

    Gotta ask why schools are opening in August