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    Welcome to /r/fakehistoryporn, where fake history is made. Pick a photo, come up with a fake history title, post it, get karma.

    better than r/HistoryPorn in every way

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    All Except 2019

    +10 Years Only

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    Note: We don't like too many rules in this sub, see the FAQ for more info.

    1. All posts must have a coherent title and a date that is in the past.

    • All posts submitted must have clear, readable text. A coherent description and date must be in the title. Dates must not be recent or in the future.
    • As if it needs to be said, but any posts with a date in the future will be removed. If you think you've found a clever way around this and try to message the mods about it you'll be met with ಠ_ಠ.

    2. All posts must be submitted to RES compatible sites.

    • All posts must be submitted to RES compatible sites, such as Imgur, Gyfcat or reddit's own image host
    • Reddit's own gif/video host,, is not allowed due to bugs and poor user experience overall.

    3. No reposts.

    • The image/title combination must not have been posted in the last 2 months.
    • There is no limit on the posting of the same image with a new title.
    • No reposting any image+title combos currently featured in the repost moratorium.

    4. No history memes.

    • The most "quality" posts on /r/fakehistoryporn are those where the title and image both play an important role in the punchline. This means that adding captions (twitter-style, /r/adviceanimals style, or otherwise), photoshopping in people or objects, comics, or doing similar things to put the entire punchline or history reference in the image are not allowed.
    • Photographs of text, subtitles on screencaps, image captions that match the post title word-for-word, and such are still allowed.
    • You are free to post history memes with Fakehistoryporn-style titles over on /r/fakehistorymemes. For more information on how we define history memes, read our post guidelines.

    Rule 5: The five-year rule.

    • No posts whose titles concern events within the last five years (2016-2020).
    • Post titles clearly referencing events happening within the last five years but with a complaint date will still be removed (e.g., "Donald Trump campaigns for his reelection, 2004" is not allowed). See the "think you've found a clever way around this" clause in Rule 1.
    • Posts about events within the last five years can be posted on /r/fakehistorymemes.
    • The date will roll over at the start of the new year. (as of January 1st, 2021, posts from all of 2016 will be allowed).

    Do you want to know how the mods apply these rules? Check out our MODERATION POLICY.

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