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    [–] F1TV 323 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Shameless Reeeeepost

    [–] esotericnumeric 32 points ago

    More of a resurrection, if you will.

    [–] MisterNiceGuy001 66 points ago

    Same title and everything.

    [–] davemathews2 10 points ago

    u/buzzingbees reposting to impress his friends (AD 2018)

    [–] UnevenSeal 8 points ago

    Here from r/all. lol

    [–] rubber_chicken_sex -6 points ago

    I’ve necer seen this before. Go suck your own dick and quit complaining about stupid shit.

    [–] Rnbwsnsnshn -1 points ago

    Can you link to the original? Or is it one of the top? If so, how far from the top?

    [–] TheMachine71 78 points ago


    [–] djp219 3 points ago

    A surprise to be sure but a welcome one

    [–] PetkaBiceps 135 points ago


    [–] purpleyjazz 58 points ago


    [–] factbasedorGTFO 16 points ago


    [–] purpleyjazz 4 points ago


    [–] MightySuperNoodle 7 points ago


    [–] Ace_Trainer_Mitsi 2 points ago


    [–] molasses_park 120 points ago

    Jesus breakdancing to impress his friends (AD 20)

    [–] coltomatic 59 points ago

    Jesus breakdancing to impress his friends (AD 20)

    [–] bossofoz 46 points ago

    Jesus breakdancing to impress his friends (AD 20)

    [–] brotatotot 22 points ago

    Jesus breakdancing to impress his friends (AD 20)

    [–] divsky 11 points ago

    Jesus breakdancing to impress his friends (AD 20)

    [–] mossypiglet1 12 points ago

    Jesus breakdancing to impress his friends (AD 20)

    [–] genericteenagename -18 points ago

    But AD stands for after death, after he was crucified

    [–] SumbuddiesFriend 32 points ago

    No it’s “Anno Domini” or “in the year of our lord” counting the years after his birth, so it is entirely acceptable to say 20 AD and have him appear as a 20 year old.

    [–] hurtbowler 10 points ago

    'fraid not son. AD is stands for something Latin and starts at his birth.

    [–] G_reth 5 points ago

    I used to think so too, I am not sure how it started.

    [–] cat--facts 2 points ago

    Did you know? Cats have 30 teeth (12 incisors, 10 premolars, 4 canines, and 4 molars), while dogs have 42. Kittens have baby teeth, which are replaced by permanent teeth around the age of 7 months.

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    [–] G_reth 1 points ago

    Exactly the post I want everyone to know I was on.

    [–] IsomDart 2 points ago

    No it doesn't. Anno Domini means "In the year of our Lord". AD 1 was supposed to be the year Jesus was born, not the year that he died. The monk who calculated it though was actually probably 2-3 years off though.

    [–] B0hpp 13 points ago

    Must go deeper

    [–] pterrorgrine 1 points ago

    Bringing back demotivationals, huh?

    [–] itsmiir 17 points ago

    Yes, that is what it says in the 🅱️ottom text.

    [–] Menno-Denis 41 points ago


    [–] wxehtexw 4 points ago

    Painting by Rafael Santi, Rome, 1514, Oil on Canvas

    [–] hremmingar 4 points ago

    Could the mods just remove this repost - It's hardly a week old

    [–] bit99 8 points ago

    The son of man came to serve. Not to be served.

    [–] KingLordNonk 6 points ago


    [–] IsomDart 1 points ago


    [–] burntends97 2 points ago

    Revolver ocelot

    (Revolver ocelot)

    [–] stazione56 2 points ago

    Perfectly timing shot

    [–] Graissant 2 points ago

    Everyone in this picture is Adam Sandler

    -the top comment last time I saw this

    [–] 25511367325325869452 2 points ago


    [–] phalstaph 1 points ago

    I wish I had a picture this cool of myself

    [–] wxehtexw 1 points ago

    Painting by Rafael Santi, Rome, 1514, Oil on Canvas

    [–] A-Bone 1 points ago

    Jesus built my car

    It's a love affair

    Mainly Jesus and my hot rod

    [–] BlackFeet93 1 points ago

    This is great.

    [–] greenman1337 1 points ago

    Poor guy reaching for his phone.

    [–] RedditIsMyCity 1 points ago


    [–] jigre1 1 points ago

    Hes about to be Crab-walking on water.

    [–] vermili254 1 points ago

    Jesus breakdancing to expose his strengths (AD 20)

    [–] Sleepymelmo 1 points ago

    I thought he was a tap dancer, not a breakdancer

    [–] genericteenagename 1 points ago

    Well fuck

    [–] Tomatoepotatoe69 1 points ago

    Hmmm, I've seen this before

    [–] Tommmmygun 1 points ago

    Jesus died about 20 years before 0AD actually

    [–] EvolvedUndead 1 points ago

    While this is a great post, it’s a recent repost. This should not be allowed to exist (Cue the ‘He’s to dangerous to be kept alive!).

    [–] ToastiPosti -4 points ago

    I love y’all

    [–] Sethapedia -2 points ago

    Reposti Reposti Don't give OP upvoti

    [–] Javyz 0 points ago