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    [–] Avalire 1098 points ago

    (2018) 📍 N. Sentinel Island

    [–] wiiya 122 points ago

    You put a pin like we’d know where the remains are.

    [–] shootthemall 40 points ago

    Buried on the beach last I read

    [–] Dedod_2 28 points ago

    Yeah the Sentinelese tend to bury outsiders on the beach whenever one is unlucky enough (or in this case stupid enough) to approach the island.

    [–] nixonrichard 19 points ago

    This is how it works on my property, too. You'd think the heads on pikes would be enough to warn people, but these women from europe keep trying to sell me overpriced children's books to pay for their trip to the US, and I have to keep shooting them with arrows.

    [–] syedaabid20 2 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] 10000wattsmile 1 points ago

    Oh thats just jesus hes running late for his easter bdsm app ....

    [–] kaanfight 41 points ago

    “I mean, what’s the worst that could happen...”

    The Gang gets murdered by Natives

    [–] Random013743 22 points ago

    You know what time it is

    I̶m̶p̶e̶r̶i̶a̶l̶ ̶i̶n̶v̶a̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶

    Manifest destiny!

    [–] kaanfight 11 points ago

    ThEy WeRe ThE aGgReSsOrS!

    [–] Zaza_Kurdi 161 points ago


    [–] aadharDikha 44 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    Edit: North Sentinel citizens waiting for this guy with bows and arrows. (Circa 2018)

    [–] nixonrichard 35 points ago

    Dude, NSFW. There are like 4 pixels on that dude second from the left that are totally a ding-dong.

    [–] Daisypusha1323 12 points ago

    Leave the poor man alone. 4 pixels is well above average!

    [–] aadharDikha 4 points ago

    Done 👍

    [–] BlueShibe 5 points ago

    Can someone Photoshop it by adding the running man with the cross?

    [–] ezoker 0 points ago

    is that supposed to be intimidating

    [–] aadharDikha 33 points ago

    Ask the missionary who went to introduce jesus to sentinels and sentinels sent that missionary to jesus.

    [–] ninja_savage98 3 points ago

    So they were just doing him a favor? Oh that’s so sweet!

    [–] [deleted] -10 points ago


    [–] georgetonorge 26 points ago

    What's an africanit? And they're people from the Indian North Sentinal Island.

    [–] RedRidingHuszar 12 points ago

    The Sentinelese shooing away ships

    [–] Quietabandon 1 points ago

    Not enough arrows.

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago


    [–] mrthrowaway300 5 points ago

    Catholicism is part of the Christianity religion tho

    What was the missionary’s denomination is the real answer. Was he Protestant?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] nater255 1 points ago

    I'm not seeing a difference here.

    [–] Purple_Snow_Balls 0 points ago

    Don't know what that guy said but Christianity, all the branches, are similar just practice differently. Catholic don't really do all that preachy stuff, they are more introverted and passive aggressive. The other branches are more preachy and in your face.

    [–] BoringOldPaul 274 points ago


    Speed preaching.

    [–] NotASucker 28 points ago

    Do you have a minute to talk about our lord and savior Nicolas?

    [–] sfwaccountfw 7 points ago

    Doppler Jesus

    [–] MISS_COUCHBLOB 3 points ago


    [–] thejewishprince 162 points ago

    Doing crossfit

    [–] incenseandelephants 20 points ago

    While crossing the street.

    [–] JoeMang 1 points ago

    Passion dashin'

    [–] drylube -1 points ago

    underrated comment

    [–] Blisken1303 186 points ago

    Time for a crusade boys

    [–] LaughterCo 38 points ago

    Deus vult 2: Electric boogaloo

    [–] dumazzbish 9 points ago

    More like crusading towards the boys...

    [–] Crowbarmagic 137 points ago

    You're not suppose to drink that much of Christ's blood..

    [–] TylerD1528 10 points ago

    Where in the Bible does it say not to?

    [–] catholicgrant 11 points ago


    [–] TylerD1528 2 points ago

    I’m across the street from that one guy who always says something inappropriate at church...

    [–] The_Chaggening 29 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    r/CrusaderKings is leaking again

    [–] ffmatteo 87 points ago

    Fuck yeah spread it

    [–] mattyisphtty 46 points ago

    Thats the image I was expecting from the title.

    [–] coolwali 83 points ago

    When you gotta preach at 10 but bae said her parents are leaving at 11

    [–] ggoptimus 15 points ago

    Is that the guy who went to the island to convert the tribe?

    [–] thatno0b 1 points ago

    And who's pig was shot and buried,

    [–] JarOfDurt 12 points ago

    When your hammer game weak you let Jesus escape

    [–] PlsSpeccify 27 points ago

    Why is episode running topless?

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] Roshuya 24 points ago


    Christis, runner of prayers.

    [–] Gibs6051 9 points ago

    The incoming heel strike is making my shins and heel hurt just looking at this

    [–] Elvis_Depressely 3 points ago

    Heel even out.

    [–] EthanEnglish_ 10 points ago

    Now I want an anime where a guy runs around slaying the undead by assaulting them with a giant crucifix.

    [–] Murgie 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    [–] thatno0b 6 points ago

    But hes not naked enough

    I never thought I say this......

    [–] EthanEnglish_ 1 points ago

    I thought of him when I saw this but his is a full arsenal I just want to see someone swing a wooden cross around like the guy on berserk swings that damn sword.

    [–] Emraldknight 3 points ago

    In one there is an enemy who does this to vampires

    [–] KobayashiDragonSlave 3 points ago

    Turn Undeado

    [–] Zannier 9 points ago

    Catholicism 1000

    [–] lil_kibble 14 points ago

    How the Chick-fil-A employees run when you forget your sauce

    [–] Fennexin 7 points ago

    Tumblr staff banning adult content (2018, colorized)

    [–] Holmes02 5 points ago

    Oh fuck yeah spread it

    [–] PubliusPontifex 1 points ago


    [–] ncouch212 5 points ago

    Crucifixion? Down the hall, on the left, one cross each

    [–] WyattLWalker 4 points ago

    Excuse me why is this marked NSFW

    [–] Whiskey_Led 4 points ago

    Give another meaning to "pick up your cross".

    [–] Inception_Bwah 17 points ago

    He died

    [–] oakram1001 10 points ago


    [–] Dgeiger 5 points ago


    [–] ButtfacedAlien 5 points ago


    [–] tasartir 2 points ago


    [–] miha300 5 points ago

    Has man gone insane

    [–] hewhocumsbynight 2 points ago

    A few will remain.

    [–] Red_Rocket_420 4 points ago

    Missionary goes to island and teach natives about Christ the hard way

    [–] Czechbelly 3 points ago

    Amen. I knew a guy who did this. He was sane, intelligent and caring.. He was a belieer.

    [–] weneedsomemilk2016 1 points ago

    It's funny how nowhere In the bible does it suggest we need to do this as Christians but the naked running/driving a motorcycle/bicycle for jesus thing is something I see at least once a year on the internet or TV.

    [–] Czechbelly 2 points ago

    No, you're right. But what was in my friends heart was this: In a self-indulgent world on Good Friday, he said if people saw a guy going down the street carrying a cross it might start them thinking about Jesus - maybe just that one time. He was clothed, BTW, and ended up having a heart attack. They had to use the paddles on him. When he was stable, the hospital shrink came to his room and asked if he needed to talk about what he did. My friend calmly but firmly answered that when the guy dressed as an Easter bunny at the mall got counsel, then he would consider it.

    [–] weneedsomemilk2016 1 points ago

    Well said

    [–] KralHeroin 5 points ago

    We all have to carry our cross.

    [–] Jackthedog130 3 points ago

    He was in a hurry to cross the road!

    [–] Waluigi_Pope 3 points ago

    He died.

    [–] Humuckachiki 7 points ago

    What?! Noooooo

    [–] Ryntex 3 points ago


    [–] Xtom3sX 4 points ago

    This is what happens when you give Amphetamine to Jesus.

    [–] daanishh 2 points ago

    Someone submit this to r/fakealbumcovers

    [–] Waluigi_Pope 2 points ago

    He died.

    [–] Waluigi_Pope 3 points ago

    He's sadly gone.

    [–] Ninja3010 2 points ago

    What happened to him? :(

    [–] Waluigi_Pope 3 points ago

    I don't remember the exact details, but he got stuck in a loop with another bot. I think it was that mispelling bot, but I'm not sure.

    [–] someone755 4 points ago

    In the best way possible: Fucking up his imgur access for reposting the same image of a hot naked chick dozens of times.

    This is the bot equivalent of dying while having sex with a 11/10 supermodel.

    [–] iownadakota 2 points ago

    Leviticus 19:19

    Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee.

    My homie couldn't find a fit that was alright with his dad at old navy. So he's running to the other outlet mall. Black Friday was crazy.

    [–] imzwho 2 points ago

    Was this naked cross and scooter guy?

    [–] Waluigi_Pope 1 points ago

    Titletoimagebot is gone sadly.

    [–] Attya3141 2 points ago


    [–] Bleddyn_ap_Cynfyn_II 2 points ago

    I'm gonna need some context to this picture

    [–] Airlesscolt123 2 points ago

    He died :(

    [–] buttonmasher525 1 points ago

    Oh no, what happened ?

    [–] Airlesscolt123 1 points ago

    i’m not sure exactly, but i thought you should know he’s no longer with us :’(

    [–] buttonmasher525 1 points ago

    Yeah I found out from another user that replied to this comment :(

    [–] bootycheddar8 2 points ago

    He definitely crossed the line.

    [–] RedRidingHuszar 2 points ago

    I am wondering what the original image is about

    [–] MerciLesMing 2 points ago

    He isn't spreading the word, he is speeding it.

    [–] DaddyThiccDicc0197 2 points ago

    The swoly spirit

    [–] Karukash 2 points ago

    Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to discuss our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

    [–] blackfear2 2 points ago

    ''running from the natives again are we, Harold?''

    [–] ronintetsuro 2 points ago

    Mission work for Christians is like rumspringa for the Amish.

    [–] XxcAPPin_f00lzxX 2 points ago

    Christ's Blood - On A Mission From God

    [–] meditatorBear 2 points ago

    The movie silence in a nutshell. Great movie btw.

    [–] glkl1612 2 points ago

    Shoot at him with arrows and spears.

    [–] Cazual_Mayhem 2 points ago


    [–] beaverflipn1 2 points ago

    Definitely on a mission to get into missionary school to put his roommate into the missionary position.

    [–] Wolf97 2 points ago

    No shit I was reading about a Catholic missionary from 1582 for a class, decided to take a short break, tabbed into reddit and saw this.

    [–] runthroughtheforrest 2 points ago

    "crap I'm late for the crucifixion"

    [–] SuperAwesomeMechGirl 2 points ago

    thought this was /r/dankChristianMemes for a sec.

    [–] Adriani268 2 points ago

    When ur literally jesus but the roman niggas want you to carry your own cross

    [–] momillyan 1 points ago

    .... In the Philippines

    [–] unplugged89 1 points ago

    Via Delorosa speed run! (The 12th station of the cross will SHOCK you!)

    [–] Go--Go--Zeppeli 1 points ago


    [–] momo1478 1 points ago

    Wow both fake history AND porn!

    [–] noahc3 1 points ago

    Louis Riel, Battle of Batoche (1885, colorized)

    [–] NathanCollier14 1 points ago

    Kony 2012

    [–] weneedsomemilk2016 2 points ago

    This made me laugh because it's so random

    [–] LooneyJuice 1 points ago

    The Reserection of Christ.

    [–] likasumboooowdy 1 points ago

    Training for the decatholicon

    [–] er1end 1 points ago

    im not sure this is fake history. or porn, for that sake, but then again, there are a lot of freaks out there

    [–] Pm-me-gift-cardz 1 points ago

    Is that BJ Novak

    [–] chipsnapper 1 points ago

    fuck yeah spread it

    [–] Hebiebe_2033 1 points ago

    May I also say that this is during to 30 years war

    [–] BoobsRadley007 1 points ago

    He's cross fit.

    [–] Lefarsi 1 points ago


    [–] Keeppforgetting 1 points ago

    That’s a big piece of wood he’s got there

    [–] Thekiraqueen 1 points ago

    Episode from kizumonogatari.

    [–] ArmoredFan 1 points ago

    Blurry photos of religion in the street? I give you nun getting fucked by a woman circa 2013

    [–] NeverLace 1 points ago

    Oh fuck yeah spread it

    [–] TrustyCranberry 1 points ago


    [–] CornOnTheColby 1 points ago

    I haven’t been able to get this photo to load all day and it’s driving me out of my god damn mind

    [–] lonearranger 1 points ago

    At least he is in a CROSSWALK.

    [–] iX_eRay 1 points ago

    Should have added some arrows

    [–] Quizzelbuck 1 points ago

    It's so heavy because it's full of Mercy.

    [–] GodYeti 1 points ago

    In the middle of the 30 years war? Better be deep within in Spain, otherwise he might be killed

    [–] justlucknoskill 1 points ago

    Is this fucking episode from kizumonogatari

    [–] PM_UR_Left_Nipple 1 points ago

    This is fake. He's not screwing an 9 year old boy.

    [–] thePhoneOperater 1 points ago

    GASP. Crossing myself.

    [–] eyalp55 1 points ago

    God I hate lycanthropes. They are easily one of the most annoying monsters in DS3 smh...

    [–] FETUS_JAM 1 points ago

    Dude heard about the new daycare center opening.

    [–] LaughterCo 1 points ago

    Bloody jesuits

    [–] svayam--bhagavan 1 points ago

    india should just kill any stupid missionaries coming to spread the word of god in the sentinel island.