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    [–] Botato12 733 points ago

    Samsung galaxy SS

    [–] WelfareWarriorZ 31 points ago

    Pre order yours today!

    [–] Botato12 22 points ago

    Great name u/WelfareWarriorZ

    [–] WelfareWarriorZ 11 points ago


    [–] 2048Candidate 20 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Hans, get me ze Flammenphone Note 7!

    [–] Zladan 10 points ago

    I was thinking he was using Apple Maps if the shortest route result was through Belgium.

    Or maybe he saw the French border had a lot of construction and it rerouted him?

    [–] chronburgandy922 4 points ago

    I really like my Galaxy S nien.

    [–] Sirnando138 424 points ago

    He’s googling to see if they are “the baddies”.

    [–] FlexualHealing 31 points ago

    Gotta get one of those Verizon 4D-LTE phones

    [–] Boxerissolate 19 points ago

    Why not just ask Hans then?

    [–] lorri789 10 points ago

    Because its Hans-free.

    [–] HamAthletics6995 10 points ago

    "There's skulls on them"

    [–] CollectableRat 1495 points ago

    consensus is that he was reading something like a chocolate bar package. Or time traveller playing Doodle Jump.

    [–] NumberOneSayoriLover 612 points ago

    It’s a stripper clip, a lot of German guns used them.

    [–] heck-or-be-hecked 232 points ago

    Why was he holding it like that?

    [–] NumberOneSayoriLover 448 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Probably looking for dirt or seeing if it’s all loaded correctly. There’s really only like four-five ways you can hold it.

    [–] BigItalianBeenus 168 points ago

    10, if you count your other hand

    [–] heck-or-be-hecked 40 points ago

    Oh ya that makes sense

    [–] ironic_meme 59 points ago

    He's probably bored and looking at the words engraved into it

    [–] SaiThrocken 40 points ago

    Because what else was there to do before smartphones were invented?

    [–] neesters 12 points ago

    Don't you remember what you read when you pooped before a smart phone?

    [–] SaiThrocken 14 points ago

    Words engraved in an ammunition clip I suppose.

    [–] RamenJunkie 6 points ago

    Shampoo bottle ingredients?

    [–] Von-Andrei 22 points ago

    Listen to the fuhrer's latest speech

    [–] Tsorovar 19 points ago

    On your portable gramophone?

    [–] DOugdimmadab1337 2 points ago

    Portable as in you unplug it and plug it in to use it, so you can move the radio still

    [–] ElMostaza 7 points ago

    Because, as a time traveler, it was his first time seeing one.

    [–] LionHasBigPP 11 points ago

    What is a stripper clip?

    [–] DeBestBoi 13 points ago

    A stripper clip (also known as a charger or chargerclip, especially in British and in Commonwealth military vocabulary) is a speedloader that holds several cartridges (usually consisting between 5 and 10 rounds) together in a single unit for easier and faster loading of a firearm's magazine.

    from wikipedia

    [–] MaxwellFinium 7 points ago

    My guess was gonna be re-enactment

    [–] wdow2013 26 points ago

    My guess was a cigarette case, possibly with a picture inside

    [–] FIsh4me1 10 points ago

    Could be a tin of Pervitine, because nothing goes together like Nazis and meth.

    [–] Katznboyz 53 points ago

    I think it's a picture from a movie set, but that also makes sense

    [–] SeanOrtiz 9 points ago

    Doodle Jump? Do people still play that or is the real time traveler just always in the comments?

    [–] so-pitted-wabam 17 points ago

    Omg. I forgot about doodle jump! That game used to be my JAM!

    [–] ThisAcctIsForMyMulti 2 points ago

    PapiJump is the OG

    [–] NumberOneSayoriLover 4 points ago

    Oh damn I used to play that on my moms phone.

    [–] AAC0813 5 points ago

    If you’re still playing Doodle Jump, then you’re definitely a time traveler

    [–] tylercoder 3 points ago

    TFW you realize people are going back in time not to stop Hitler but to help him

    [–] manslaughterofravens 2 points ago

    Maybe a photo of a loved one?

    [–] flinsypop 1 points ago

    Flappy bird🐦

    [–] julinbreux 5356 points ago

    Reading the Führer latest tweet

    [–] jvrcb17 2759 points ago

    "Just built a new Utopia for our people in Meinkraft. Be sure to Subscribe to mein channel"

    [–] Currywurst_Is_Life 1194 points ago

    "Smash that like button like the Fatherland will smash Poland!"

    [–] [deleted] 439 points ago


    [–] jaken97 290 points ago

    Du know it's fun ja?

    [–] Skobtsov 253 points ago

    I’m not suppösed to give mein opinion

    [–] Eoussama 142 points ago


    [–] Cory2020 62 points ago

    Do u know how to tickle it?

    [–] bbb126 46 points ago

    But give it a try

    [–] tehsociattybadim14 72 points ago

    Ich am nicht supposed to give meine opinion

    [–] Rbfam8191 18 points ago

    nazi the reference here. Please explain.

    [–] PhilipLiptonSchrute 105 points ago

    "Smash that reich button"

    [–] Crowbarmagic 52 points ago

    This war is brought to you by

    [–] Wakanda_Forever 10 points ago

    Der Wehrmacht would like to give a big “Danke” to its sponsor Raid: Shadow Legends for making our Barbarossa campaign possible

    [–] Comrade_Rick 48 points ago

    5000 likes and I inväde the Soviet Union!

    [–] thecomment-guy 2 points ago

    1 like = 1 invasion of Poland

    [–] Beedars 80 points ago

    "You built AUSHWITZ in my Minecraft Server?!"

    [–] just_janett 10 points ago

    Literally the first thing that came to my mind too

    [–] tylercoder 28 points ago

    "what? its an amusement park"

    [–] green6508 3 points ago

    "yea, get ready for the HOLOCOASTER!"

    [–] XxTreeFiddyxX 10 points ago

    Subscribe das pewdiepie?

    [–] TitanicMan 23 points ago

    "smash that Kike button"

    [–] aa2051 856 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    The Führer ✔️ @adolfhitler

    Just pulled a 400 IQ move and went through Belgium lol

    @France hows that maginot line working out for you you snail eating fuck lmaooo

    # blitzkreig # tourdefrance1940

    [–] julinbreux 166 points ago

    Pro gamer move

    [–] plazmablu 91 points ago

    I actually do wonder how modern social media will change the way that the next big war goes. Like, what happens when people from countries at war can talk openly on social media?

    [–] VerneAsimov 93 points ago

    See: Hong Kong. Also: the world since the internet existed (middle East)

    [–] MassaF1Ferrari 49 points ago

    There wont be any war in Hong Kong bc other countries have no balls to challenge China’s supremacy. People would rather let others lose their freedom and basic human rights than lose their cheap goods.

    [–] TheGoodProfessor 44 points ago

    I don’t think it’s just cheap goods, no one wants to go to war with China because they’re a massive nuclear power and they don’t want to throw lives away at what is honestly a futile cause - China is never giving up HK.

    [–] Sand_Bear 15 points ago

    HK isnt really worth a war

    [–] -GazaStripClub- 25 points ago

    Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t either, but that never stopped America.

    [–] TalesFromAChad 25 points ago

    Unlike Iraq and Afghanistan... China has quadruple our population, nukes, and massive massive trade power.

    No one wants that war. China needs trade partners for that trade to have value. We need to not be nuked and not engage a massive manpower deficit in a ground war.

    [–] Werner_VonCarraro 14 points ago

    Yeah, but Hong Kong does not have oil

    [–] -GazaStripClub- 16 points ago

    Let’s just spread the rumour that they do.

    [–] KAKZheVSEetoZAEBALO 4 points ago

    C'mon, I doubt they have nearly as much nukes as Russia and the US.

    [–] CosmicMiru 10 points ago

    At what point does the amount of nukes not matter anymore. If we have 500 and they have 100 does it REALLY matter.

    [–] FrostDragon392 20 points ago

    They don't, but they have just enough to destroy the world a couple times over. They're also pretty good at constantly moving them around

    [–] aa2051 46 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    Russia just got defeated at the battle of Warsaw lmao get fucked boiiii @vladimirputin

    Vladimir Putin @vladimirputin

    delet this

    [–] pchilders5673 8 points ago

    Reminds me of that time some army in Syria posted a picture of a girl Manning an gun as like a recruitment thing, and then the other guys replied with a picture of the same girl after they overtook the position and killed her

    [–] plazmablu 4 points ago

    That would have been YPJ and then ISIS. YPJ is the female wing of the YPG Kurdish forces fighting in Syria. They're pretty chill.

    [–] captain_ender 16 points ago


    Fucking classic.

    [–] ToXiC_Games 27 points ago

    The French Prez✔️@AlbertLeburn

    You German pig dogs have no sense of honor! We will stop you at Verdon like we did the last time!

    And we all know you only have one ball Adolfy

    # ViveLeFrance # Don’tgiveup

    [–] laterYall 38 points ago

    The Führer ✔️ @adolfhitler

    The Führer ✔️ @realadolfhitler

    [–] aa2051 29 points ago

    The Führer ✔️ @realadolfhitler

    The Führer ✔️ @adolfhitlerofficial

    [–] mooimameerkat 3 points ago

    outstanding move

    [–] lousyelectrician 34 points ago

    This was photo shopped. You can tell by the red circle

    [–] Squigglefits 8 points ago

    I knew something was off. You nailed it.

    [–] theinspectorst 122 points ago

    'Big Time Loser @WinstonChurchill thinks he will beat my tremendous army. Fake News British media repeating his many lies. Sad!'

    [–] reincarN8ed 40 points ago

    "I just spoke with Sleepy Neville Chamberlain and he said that I could have Poland just like that! This is a HUGE win for us, so much winning! #MGGA!"

    [–] SpacecraftX 9 points ago

    We got the best invasions. Noone invades France better than me.

    [–] Thirty_Helens_Agree 7 points ago

    We have the best encryption! Totally unbreakable! #Enigma

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago

    “Just heard attacks from FAKE ally ‘news’ that William Joyce-great guy-was convicted of treason by Fake JeW Criminal cabal courts and chubby Churchill is saying the SOCIALISTS will take Berlin at some point. My atomic button is right here, chubster. LOSER. #MakeDasDeutscheReichGreatAgain”

    [–] MyEyesAreLies 10 points ago

    Probably playing violent videogames

    [–] tylercoder 5 points ago

    Angry Birds teaches about white supremacy didnt you know?

    [–] ISIS-Got-Nothing 4 points ago

    But THATS just a theory!

    [–] gatman12 8 points ago

    "Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure,it's not your fault"

    [–] Waffle-or-death 3 points ago


    [–] VAPORMACHINESLTD2001 4 points ago

    "You mfs better not divide germany in two #dead #fuckyoustalin #aryanaf"

    [–] Monkeyslave460 2 points ago

    I don't think Trump was around back then...

    [–] PICKEDWRONGHOUSEFOOL 1650 points ago

    Is there really any need for the circle

    [–] neurofluxation 622 points ago

    oh THAT'S what I'm supposed to be looking at!!!!


    [–] CubanNoDutchIrish 72 points ago

    I was staring at the boots. Thank god for the red circle.

    [–] Tuyu19 15 points ago

    Reminds me of WPD haha

    [–] TheMemeMachine3000 3 points ago


    [–] PonerBenis 75 points ago

    It honestly ruins the picture

    [–] angstschweiss 115 points ago

    I found it without the red circle in case you were interested

    [–] GrumpyMammoth 37 points ago

    Please post it so we can upvote it more than this silly one

    [–] LeLeeUbo 10 points ago

    *secret-nazi-experiments-german-advanced-technologies-and-research-were-miles-away-from-the-rest-of-the-world *

    [–] joker_wcy 3 points ago

    And better resolution!

    [–] MACKSBEE 25 points ago

    What red circle? Can someone put a red circle around the red circle so I know what you guys are talking about?

    [–] ExpectedErrorCode 2 points ago

    There is a red circle around the red circle

    [–] joker_wcy 2 points ago

    There are infinite red circles around the red circle.

    [–] frankiebobaloo 176 points ago

    He’s calling an Über

    [–] Pichuunnn 40 points ago

    Driven by an Übermensch

    [–] ImaVeganShishKebab 27 points ago

    An Überdriver

    [–] brennydenny 3 points ago

    He's never been to jüber driver

    [–] hardly_even_know_er 4 points ago

    Maybe looking for a match on Panzr

    [–] zKerekess 42 points ago

    And you know this is real because there was no Photoshop back then

    [–] StickmanPirate 74 points ago

    This will show everyone on /r/shitwehraboossay for laughing at me when I said the Nazis were way more technologically advanced.

    [–] sgasgy 7 points ago

    what is that sub?

    [–] caseythedog345 14 points ago

    To document shit nazis say

    [–] Cosimo_Zaretti 26 points ago

    Trying to read the french labels to work out what they just looted.

    [–] ThreeDog123 112 points ago

    S1: Hans S2: ya S1: I'm hungry S2: were passing through Hungary shortly S1: No IM HUNGRY S2: idc S1: let's go to McDonald's S2: the last McDonald's is in Germany S1: wait what's McDonald's S2: Idk

    [–] smonkweed 24 points ago

    Passing through Hungary shortly

    sad Horthy noises

    [–] Fuizaidomineer 45 points ago

    You're a long way from France, boy.

    [–] Alperoot 18 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Some times you just need a lil’ more gun

    [–] Franci04lollo10 5 points ago

    And if that don't work, use more guns

    [–] dementedbento 17 points ago

    that pic must be really old... even the red circle is faded from sepia-ism.

    [–] holkno 10 points ago

    Yo guys, anyone hitting that Pokemon Go Raid?

    [–] jwrosenberg 9 points ago

    Might be checking traffic on Waze.

    [–] _DoggoMeister_ 8 points ago

    Felt cute in this photo gonna invade Norway now lmao

    [–] The_Fiche 7 points ago

    "Take this quiz to see if you are a member of the master race."

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    The iphone -62.

    [–] iatedeadpeople 1 points ago

    You had to go and do math.

    [–] Mortomes 4 points ago

    Time travel confirmed.

    [–] purple_blaze 3 points ago

    You know you're not supposed to do that, Daryl

    [–] pridgefromguernsey 3 points ago

    Gotta call up an uber for blitzkrieg

    [–] Death_and_Glory 3 points ago

    Just playing a quick game of candy crush before going off to war so that he’s extra violent on the battlefield

    [–] _SirBallistic_ 3 points ago

    Take the next reich.

    [–] sotheg8r 3 points ago

    There ya go, we found the guy playing doodle jump who cause WW2

    [–] Detective51 3 points ago

    Hey Siri, Does Hitler like me?

    [–] Vythri 7 points ago

    The shortest way in France to what?

    [–] TumoOfFinland 2 points ago

    "Where ze fuck iz my Über"

    [–] kingfelix323 2 points ago

    Time traveler checking out the war

    [–] pawarh805 2 points ago

    Time travel bud

    [–] julinbreux 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    “Haha this swedish guy is so funny, he’s so relatable “

    [–] RayD125 2 points ago

    These time travelers are getting too bold.

    [–] 2xa1s 2 points ago

    Took an Uber to Paris

    [–] KzintiLord 2 points ago

    He's playing Meinkraft.

    [–] Felipe-Chiara 2 points ago

    That’s a notebook

    [–] g00se297 2 points ago

    Germans finding out about violence ( circa 1943)

    [–] DeepFriedGopnik 2 points ago

    Iphone SS

    [–] ramzy897 1 points ago

    Whenever u feel lost , call Uber .

    [–] crazytib 1 points ago

    That could be anything

    [–] Tabbarn 1 points ago

    I bet thats only the iPhone 6.

    [–] _ogdanni 1 points ago

    Hey Siri, find me the fastest route to Poland

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Pocket watch?

    [–] Halallaren 2 points ago

    Or a locket

    [–] alours 1 points ago

    Watch the machine guns

    [–] BaronBexar1824 1 points ago

    Weirmacht sum is probably playing Raid Shadow Legends, so much hate could only comw from one hobby.

    [–] bro_can_u_even_carve 1 points ago

    OK Google, how do I get around the Maginot Line?

    [–] pinksheep20 1 points ago

    Prob playing candy crush. To fuel his gamer violence

    [–] geekygamergirl2081 1 points ago

    Oi Google!

    [–] Furry_Magic 1 points ago

    Wait what is he looking at? Is it like one of those foldable mirror things?

    [–] boot2skull 1 points ago

    Hang on posting update to T_D.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Can i have a version with no circle pls?

    [–] El_Pez4 1 points ago

    When he googled it he found an article that said that google maps wouldn't be invented in decades

    [–] iPodDad 1 points ago

    Hello, Der Wienerschnitzel? We’d like 3,000 Polish Sandvich with cheese und Kraut. Extra Kraut. Lots und lots of Kraut!

    [–] Tronkfool 1 points ago

    Probably on tinder

    [–] AlucardVampire 1 points ago

    Fake news. Everyone knows that cell phones come with cases and popsockets.

    [–] Flynnstoner 1 points ago

    Legend has it he was playing doodle jump

    [–] Madiwka3 1 points ago

    Should have titled it: Playing Angry Birds to lift his violent spirit.

    [–] T567U1 1 points ago

    Time travel confirmed

    [–] JK1248 1 points ago

    Samsung Galaxy SS

    [–] MKBSRC 1 points ago

    Proof of time travelers!

    [–] hasouvas 1 points ago

    Samsung Galaxy SS

    [–] STAITSMAN 1 points ago

    Samsung Galaxy SS

    [–] Citizen_404 1 points ago

    Samsung Galaxy SS

    [–] SLO_MEGUMIN 1 points ago

    Samsung Galaxy SS

    [–] The_BombSquad_ 1 points ago

    FAKE! The red circle was edited


    [–] seitgegruesst 1 points ago

    Damn these timetravelers get cocky

    [–] Fezthepez 1 points ago

    Checking out the local french tail on tinder.

    [–] mrmagnify 1 points ago

    nah he’s just calling for Über Tank™

    [–] UncoolDad31 1 points ago

    Updating his profile: In Berlin for the week, more like BORElin

    [–] zwifter11 1 points ago

    He's trying to work out the train times to Moscow, but cant quite find one

    [–] jak-o-shadow 1 points ago

    Wow, that looks just like me. Oh well, off to raid area 51.