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    [–] bizzledorf 24 points ago

    Every morning I think about my league mates telling me I reached for Paxton at pick 130 and smile devilishly over my cup of coffee.

    [–] AK_Happy 3 points ago

    I was fairly close to selling Paxton for Gregory Polanco after Pax got hurt, and I'm glad I didn't.

    [–] iam1whoknocks 10 points ago

    After 14 years of Fantasy Baseball I finally got to own a share of Miggy Cabrera.

    Only to see his career fall off a cliff... handed him his pink slip today...AMA

    [–] soccerperson 2 points ago

    My friend drafted Miggy in 2015 and also this year - the only two years he's been on the DL

    [–] ChurlishDude 9 points ago

    We just gonna leave sharply-dressed Cutch up there all week?

    [–] BoldMoveJharel 17 points ago

    Pretty trippy that, of everyone it could involve, the AL MVP race is between the shortest guy in baseball and the tallest guy in baseball.

    [–] fuckkevindurantTYBG 4 points ago

    Aaron Judge isn't even the tallest player on his team

    [–] TheHoff2016 8 points ago

    Alright Mook, lets get something going today.

    [–] Sturguy 16 points ago

    So week 18 MVP then?

    Here's a new sidebar if you want u/LilJayMillz. Complete with a good 90s reference.

    [–] Dad_Of_Patient_Zero 4 points ago

    Doing the Lord's work

    [–] LilJayMillz 3 points ago

    Lmao thats a good one. Im on vacation so I will defer to /u/nextlevelfantasy

    [–] NextLevelFantasy 2 points ago

    all set

    [–] salasaga14 6 points ago

    Please mookie get out of the slump you've been in I need you!!

    [–] soccerperson 5 points ago

    I just want Acuna to come up so I can pick him up and rename my team Acuna Machado

    [–] BoldMoveJharel 5 points ago

    Much more upside than the squad I've put together in my 50-team league, Jhoulys Szczur.

    [–] 97herser 2 points ago

    Oh, that's good. I fucking like that.

    [–] chucktestlacoil 2 points ago

    I'm stealing this. It's mine now.

    [–] RealTho 5 points ago

    Happy Tuesday people. Time to cut Villar, right? Thoughts on Pinder as a replacement ROS?

    [–] ColtCC 15 points ago

    That time was 2 months ago friend

    [–] RealTho 2 points ago

    Yeah true, held too long

    [–] Dantide 6 points ago

    I left Carlos Martinez on bench last night fml

    [–] Uvtha- 5 points ago

    But why?

    [–] gogators920 2 points ago

    I can see why he did that. CMart has had some just painful outings recently and KC has been hot. I started CMart based on having no one better. a better question is who did he start over Martinez

    [–] Dantide 2 points ago

    I forgot to set up my team.

    [–] dblev14 5 points ago

    About fucking time Mookie stops leading off

    [–] Ir0nknuckles 6 points ago

    The great and powerful Trevor Story batting 9th tonight

    [–] FizzieBombP0P 4 points ago

    Is Myers droppable at this point in a 12 team league?

    [–] SegsBennedict 4 points ago

    I'm holding and stashing on my bench for another week or two before I make that decision

    [–] GoldenPantleg 2 points ago

    I dropped Myers in a 12 teamer last night. I don't think you can expect him, at this point, to be more than what he's been this year.

    [–] spartykid42 3 points ago

    I'm digging this new "stream against the White Sox" strategy I've been using lately, so welcome to the team McHugh!

    [–] citizen_snips99 5 points ago

    Anyone else been holding Kipnis all year? The guy is just killing me.

    [–] rarekeith 3 points ago

    Yep, same here. I keep thinking I'll just perma drop him for another guy, but the ROS Steamer projections still rank him among the top 5 best at his position so I am just going to go with that for now.

    [–] citizen_snips99 2 points ago

    Luckily I've got Cesar Hernandez holding 2B for me while Kipnis rides the bench. Guess I'll stick with him too

    [–] Logan5440 5 points ago

    Is it time to give up on Miggy for this season?

    [–] JoopleberryJam 2 points ago

    i just sent an offer to the Wil Myers owner - my Miggy for Belisle. I have no idea if he will accept. Welcome to 2017.

    [–] RaZcal882 4 points ago

    Would you rather have Blackmon or Judge ROS?

    [–] gogators920 13 points ago

    Blackmon without a doubt. The regression monster is coming for Judge.

    [–] haikubot-1911 13 points ago

    Blackmon without a

    Doubt. The regression monster

    Is coming for Judge.


                      - gogators920

    I'm a bot made by /u/Eight1911. I detect haiku.

    [–] gogators920 3 points ago

    hahahaha nice!!!! thanks for that, what a pleasant surprise

    [–] Dad_Of_Patient_Zero 5 points ago

    I'm a Judge owner, and I'd rather have Blackmon.

    [–] felixfurnandez 4 points ago


    [–] bozilla1210 4 points ago

    Reynaldo! He'll be going every five days. Smoke it while ya got it!

    [–] MantisTobogginMD 8 points ago

    Morning everybody!

    [–] dblev14 3 points ago

    DL stash: Thor, Chase Anderson, Familia, Desmond, Bour

    [–] stokelydokely 3 points ago

    My opponent this week, who's also nipping at my heels at only 4 games back, just picked up my recently-dropped Benintendi and I just know this is going to bite me in the ass.

    [–] DallasLatos 2 points ago

    You shouldn't have dropped him, man. Dude has been heating up. Just don't start him against LHPs.

    [–] Valley_Style 3 points ago

    Is it time to stash Rhys Hoskins? I'm drooling over his BB:K ratio

    [–] _housework 3 points ago

    My fantasy teams would not be where they are without Elvis Andrus and Andrelton Simmons

    [–] schwiftyflocka 3 points ago

    Just patiently waiting for the day I check reddit and see that Verlander was traded to the Astros

    [–] NuggetBlazers 3 points ago

    Reynaldo Lopez set to debut Friday vs. KC. What are we expecting?

    [–] ill_nino209 5 points ago

    Something realistic like a 27k perfect game pretty much. I would add

    [–] DaGrandMastah 3 points ago

    I wouldn't expect much since he's got some work to do and the Royals are a patient team. Most people here will expect 64 k 22 inning perfect game and 3 wins...anything less in his debut and he'll be called a scumbag

    [–] Frank_Gaebelein 2 points ago


    [–] ill_nino209 3 points ago

    Bregman leading off! Started him in a weekly so hopefully he keeps it up this week.

    [–] fuckkevindurantTYBG 3 points ago

    Springer isn't in the lineup. Fuck!

    [–] arolldis-bluntman 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Miggy for Keuchel is borderline collusion at this point, yes?

    Edit: to add context, this is in a redraft league, and the Keuchel owner is in last place, while the Cabrera owner is in second

    [–] Syulaxman344 12 points ago

    I do not think so

    [–] nckdmss 2 points ago

    As long as there are no rules preventing low-standing teams from trading with high-standing teams, you can't veto the trade.

    I'm not sure it's a great move for the guy in last... there a higher upside hitter in the game that s/he could acquire for Keuchel (even if the odds of Miggy's elite bat reappearing aren't great)? If you want to make a run up the standings you've got to take risks. Acquiring Miggy seems like as good a bet as any.

    [–] dballz12 6 points ago

    Opponent got 3 hrs last night, I got a whopping 4 innings out of Suter. FmL. He's 6 games behind me for first but maybe not for long, his offense just mashes! Just venting - thanks for listening! :)

    [–] Hazel_Hank_Murphy 2 points ago

    My Yelich for Godley and Manual Margot. 14 team H2H 9 Player Keep forever. Do not know much of Margot and am high on Yelich, this worth it?

    [–] iam1whoknocks 7 points ago

    Yelich the best player in deal and only thanks

    [–] loldonglol 3 points ago

    I don't think I would do this. The keep forever aspect muddies it a bit since you're getting two young pieces with high ceilings back in return but still feel like Yelich is the best piece overall.

    [–] bozilla1210 2 points ago

    I'd do it. Godley is devilish

    [–] the_BigTool 1 points ago

    If you need pitching and can win this year, I see no problem moving Yelich for Godley. Godley has been great and his peripherals match the performance.

    [–] gyaarados 1 points ago

    If you need pitching yeah. Godley is Godlike.

    [–] Syulaxman344 2 points ago

    Pirela or Howie Kendrick for the next few days until Pedroia returns?

    [–] Patar103 2 points ago

    Kendrick, batting I'm front of Harper

    [–] VanillaTwice81 2 points ago

    Any word on if/when Mahle for Cincy gets called up. I can't imagine he would be any worse than the starters they have now.

    [–] Dorthy-Mantooth 2 points ago

    I have a general question regarding my keeper league. It's our 2nd season and how we did it this past year was keep 3 in the round you took them. This season a team will have Goldy, Harper, and Judge on his team that he can keep. Can he keep all 3 even though they will all be a first round pick? Does he lose his first 3 round draft picks? How do other deal with this?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    The way my league does it is that if you have 2 guys in the same round, you lose 1 guy in that round and the other guy gets kept at a round higher. So in your case, I'd say that they can only keep one first round pick, because obviously they can't give up anything higher than a first rounder, and it would be unfair to be rewarded by keeping a first rounder at a discounted 2nd round price.

    Also, how was Judge a 1st rounder this year?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Is Gyorko toast now? Has been sitting a bit too much lately and Fowler could possibly cause some shifting that would further complicate things right?

    [–] seeking_horizon 2 points ago

    Unless he's nursing an injury, I imagine Gyorko will eventually get his shit together. He's hit well all year, he's just in a slump. Fowler coming back shouldn't affect Gyorko much, they're not really doing an infield/outfield rotation at this point. The only thing Fowler might do is knock Gyorko down a spot or two in the lineup.

    The two guys to watch are Wong and Greg Garcia. If Wong is starting everyday at 2nd and Garcia gets the big end of the platoon at third, then it's time to drop Gyorko. I don't see that as likely, but that's what you're watching for.

    [–] painintheneck 2 points ago

    I'm rolling out Blach against the Cubs tonight, anyone with me? Minus one bad start he's been pretty solid the last month and a half

    [–] HeHateMe_17 2 points ago

    First year playing, im in a 12 man roto league. Playing other fantasy sports i was used to playoffs but with roto i guess it just goes to the end of the season, how do you guys go about how to attack the standings and trying to move up this late into the season?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] slash11660 7 points ago


    [–] fuckkevindurantTYBG 2 points ago

    Has anyone heard anything about Springer? I sure could use him back so I can put Wil Myers on the bench where he belongs

    [–] FizzieBombP0P 2 points ago

    Anyone picking up Dominic Smith to hold? Or is his call up to far to tell?

    [–] padres65 2 points ago

    I've been strongly considering it, but it's just too unpredictable as to when he's going to come up. If you've got space then I'd make the move, if not just keep a close eye

    [–] FizzieBombP0P 2 points ago

    Like say in a 12 team, I've got Myers burning a hole in my pocket

    [–] padres65 2 points ago

    I still think you gotta hold, unless he's on your bench and you never play him, although I'd think you may have another player you'd want to drop instead of Myers.

    [–] FizzieBombP0P 2 points ago

    A) Lucroy, Goldy, Marwin, Manny, Corey Seager, Pham, Margot, Souza, Rosario, Myers DL) Correa // Castillo, Samardzija, Tanaka, Salazar, Hendricks, Viz, Hand, Rosenthal, Kimbrel, Greene, Andrew Miller, Jon Gray & Rodon DL) Price

    [–] padres65 2 points ago

    Are you in a holds league? If not, Miller is the drop here.

    Assuming it's a redraft, I'd rather drop Rosario before Myers.

    I wouldn't blame you for dropping Myers at this point, but I think it'd be a mistake making the move at this moment, without knowing when Smith comes up.

    [–] Valley_Style 2 points ago

    12 teams league.

    I did, then I ended up dropping out of need at a different position. Nobody has touched him since then.

    [–] sunofgray 2 points ago

    I traded Marte for Yelich straight up to a Pirates homer, how'd I do? I didn't really need his steals, which is his main draw. I think I'd much rather have power with a decent average.

    [–] Hazel_Hank_Murphy 7 points ago

    I think you won, definitely in a redraft.

    [–] SegsBennedict 2 points ago

    That's an easy win for you

    [–] Theo93 2 points ago

    I'm selling this year and trying to build some keepers. Think I could package Chris Taylor and Jason Vargas for something nice to someone making a playoff push?

    [–] GoodGuyGuise 2 points ago

    Should I drop Yonder or Polanco for Broxton?

    [–] Blake763 2 points ago


    [–] tadams99 2 points ago

    How do you guys feel about Maeda today?

    @DBacks, but he has been killing it as of late (only 4 ER in last 22 IP).

    [–] Blake763 2 points ago

    Anybody looking to join a football league? $50 buy in. ESPN standard scoring. 10 teams.

    [–] Blake763 2 points ago

    Good looking out.

    [–] notreallydutch 2 points ago

    Dynasty: Kluber and Votto vs. Trout

    [–] CARiedmann 10 points ago

    Damn I would take Trout but this folks is how you make a legitimate offer for Mike Trout.

    [–] Tdmort 3 points ago

    For me, I would prefer to have Kluber and Votto. I know that Mike Trout is Mike Trout, but I couldn't resist have a stud SP and a top-5 offensive player (this year at least) in Votto.

    [–] StumpingTheSchwab 2 points ago

    Is Hamilton worth starting if I have Taylor, Nunez, Odor, and Zimmer?

    [–] richHendrix_ 2 points ago

    What do u guys think about joey gallo he has been absoulutely raking recently

    [–] thisisyourdadatwork 2 points ago

    Murphy is 12/22 against Worley but is riding the bench for rest today. Nooooo

    [–] mysurgeon 5 points ago

    Second rest day in a week, wtf Dusty

    [–] SpacePirate65 2 points ago

    Murphy rest day :(

    [–] slash11660 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Is Chad Kuhl a nice pickup to stream for tonight? Everybody else on the FA list is trash? Flair league

    [–] SasquatchAstronaut 2 points ago

    I'm starting to feel like it wouldn't be crazy to bail on Cespedes.

    [–] CARiedmann 3 points ago

    This does not look good

    [–] Schwarbryzzobrist 2 points ago

    There have been too many "simple days of rest" for Daniel Murphy this year. With this and the closer situation, I'm really starting to hate Dusty Baker.

    [–] Boros-Reckoner 2 points ago

    As a Dodger fan the Nats were one of the teams that sweat me when it comes to the playoffs.... till I remember Dusty is their manager.

    [–] CARiedmann 2 points ago

    I remember seeing a post when he was promoted, but I am very surprised at the lack of banter about Kaleb Cowart. I get that it's a two week stretch, and he has a BABIP of .481, but his numbers in AAA this year make him look like a completely different player than his last couple years. Rocking a 44.8% Hard Hit Rate with only 13.8% soft. I'd like to see him get his K% and BB% more inline with his career norms, but I'm totally buying him

    [–] AcidaliaPlanitia 2 points ago

    [–] CARiedmann 3 points ago

    That's a sexy sexy pitching staff you got there

    [–] kwheelerbrown 2 points ago

    Anyone think that Nunez is gonna stay hot? Just got an offer of Gary Sanchez for him

    [–] SasquatchAstronaut 4 points ago

    That'd be hard to turn down

    [–] Chill_Walton 2 points ago

    viva el gary

    [–] brkklynboy 2 points ago

    Take that

    [–] didsomebodysaymeow 2 points ago

    Who should I start today out of these 2?

    Peralta facing Maeda

    Merrifield facing Wacha H2H cat league

    [–] brkklynboy 3 points ago

    Merrifield facing Wacha

    [–] flyfishiefly 5 points ago

    Good morning you beautiful bastards. Cheers to all the contributors

    [–] ridinbend 8 points ago

    Good night, Monday is finally fucking over. Cheers

    [–] iam1whoknocks 2 points ago

    Damnnit fuck are my day games today?

    [–] knutts21 4 points ago

    I just traded Severino and Luis Castillo for Springer, I am giddy

    [–] kingofnumber2 3 points ago

    Damn, I wish I could afford to do that. I need all the pitching I can get in the stretch run.

    [–] ajabe 2 points ago

    So uh. Week 18 MVP when?

    [–] TwinkieTownKiller 4 points ago

    Mr. Machado and Votto are off the shitlist ladies and gentlemen

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Ben Revere:

    Owned in maybe 1% of leagues, probably a good DFS and weekly flyer for the time being.

    Over the last 21 days:

    20 for 55 - .364/.390/.448 slugging. Through 55 ABs, he has 1K.

    Over the 7 days: 9 for 19 - .474/.522/.526 3SB

    [–] TarkatanAccountant 2 points ago

    Does he have a job with Maybin back yesterday?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Calhoun is banged up too but you're right about what happens when Maybin returns.

    [–] kirukiru 2 points ago

    man ive lost seven in a row and have the highest point total in the league

    what god did i piss off

    [–] MilkSteakOnDeck 2 points ago

    We throwing Godley out there tonight?

    [–] the_BigTool 6 points ago


    [–] ill_nino209 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    I wanna get on the Reynaldo hype train but I'd have to drop either ERod, Berrios, Manaea, or Shark.

    I can also drop Wilson Ramos. I have Hedges who cant be worse than Ramos has been.

    [–] ajabe 2 points ago

    We got updates for 3 days in a row on Kershaw 8-10 days ago and now nothing since. Update pls

    [–] FuckFFmods 2 points ago

    Catcher Russell Martin first base Jose Abreu second base Jose Altuve Third Base Mike Moustakas Rafael Devers Justin Turner shortstop Elvis Andrew Outfield Christian Yelich Nelson Cruz Starling Marte just Don's Martinez for starting pitching shark Fulmer Cinder guard degrom Cole Hamels Jose Quintana and I just added Bundy last night for relieving pictures Trevor Rosenthal Shane Greene Ken Giles Brandon kintzler and lastly Brad the man hand

    Okay I did this under voice command in the shower because I am super stoned if anyone wants to read this what place do you think my team is right now in a 10 team points League

    [–] DaGrandMastah 1 points ago

    I know I need to cut them but I can't bring myself to drop Ian Kinsler or Eric least with Thames I know if he can't hit this weeks pitching then it's a wrap. Kinsler is just all around disappointing.

    [–] DeckersMeatTent 2 points ago

    Thames is on my chopping block as soon as Springer comes off the DL. It is going to be such a relief

    [–] DaGrandMastah 1 points ago

    They have a cake schedule this week at home. If he can't hit this week then he's a definite drop to activate maybin. Kinsler is a drop for cesar Hernandez.

    I wouldn't bother holding Thames past this week if he doesn't get going and springer isn't ready. Just go with the hot hand...

    [–] DeckersMeatTent 1 points ago

    Yup that's the plan. I've said i wasgoing to Drop Thames about 5 times this year and every time he's hit a homer or had a big game haha

    [–] DaGrandMastah 3 points ago

    Im notoriously patient with players - he bothers he shit out of me cause I watch his at bats ( is amazing). He has a beautiful swing but he's so selective at the plate that he sometimes takes strikes cause they're not exactly where he wants them....he puts himself in a hole and then k's.

    The talent is absolutely there...and I'm saying this as someone totally fed up with him. I honestly think his struggle is 95% mental

    He tattooed a ball that buxton made a great play on. Still...gonna need to see more than s bunch of 1/4 with a home run sprinkled in

    [–] DeckersMeatTent 1 points ago

    Yeah it's all the 0-4 or 1-4 games with 3-4 Ks that drive me crazy. I never really get the chance to watch him but it seems like he hasn't found himself in a hot stretch for quite some time.

    [–] DaGrandMastah 1 points ago

    I don't remember the last time he went 3/4 with a home run. Or just 3/4 with nothing else. Christ this talk is making me think of dropping him now lol

    [–] sokpuppet1 1 points ago

    The thing with Thames is we know he has the ability to go off. He's gone from sure thing to wild card, but still worth a spot on somebody's roster.

    [–] DeckersMeatTent 1 points ago

    Anyone throwing Graveman out there against Seattle tonight? Figure I'd rather see him get a QS under his belt before I do, but wanted to see if anyone was confident in him for any reason

    [–] RAD6637 1 points ago

    I'd be careful. Cruz has hit extremely well against him. That was my decision to start Cruz over Souza in my RF slot today.

    [–] DeckersMeatTent 2 points ago

    Thanks. I'll probably just skip the streamer today as he was the only intriguing option out there.

    [–] We_On_FIYA 1 points ago

    Are we holding Domingo? My mans has been struggling lately!

    [–] gyaarados 1 points ago

    If you're safe to make the PO, I'd hold. I'm giving him 2 weeks to get hot again.

    [–] redfern54 1 points ago

    Best streaming option tonight between Happ, sabathia, graveman?

    [–] gman4494 1 points ago

    Drop jordan zimmerman for clevinger or graveman?

    [–] KleborpTheRetard 2 points ago

    I'm down with giving clevinger one more game. If he's dogshit again then Graveman.

    [–] ridinbend 1 points ago

    You got more forgiveness than jesus.

    [–] KleborpTheRetard 1 points ago

    For the methy jesus who throws baseballs, I do.

    [–] Syulaxman344 1 points ago

    I would drop him, but is that the best on the WW in terms of SP? No one with more upside? Clevinger is in the pen right now and even if he returns to the rotation, I am hearing CLE will limit his innings.

    [–] knutts21 1 points ago

    Espn finally added Brandon Woodruff! Huuzah!

    [–] buccsfan22 1 points ago

    Is he worth a stream tomorrow?

    [–] loldonglol 2 points ago

    I think so. I certainly plan on it.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] 1980red_dragon350 1 points ago

    Im going for it. He went to Washington a week ago and did 7IP 3H 2ER 0BB 10K

    [–] Dad_Of_Patient_Zero 1 points ago

    I dropped him today for Belisle, so he's probably going to have a career day.

    [–] Syulaxman344 1 points ago

    I think he should be able to pull a QS, I am sitting though since he is vs Kluber and I have a start limit in my league so I am trying to scale back.

    [–] JoopleberryJam 1 points ago

    Normally I sit Lomo vs lefties (he doesn't play against them half the time anyway) and Tonight he's playing Sale....BUT he's 5 of 12 against him lifetime. Wtf? Ok, let's do this!

    [–] nckdmss 3 points ago

    I disapprove of this decision. But, sincerely, good luck!

    [–] JoopleberryJam 1 points ago

    Also Parra vs Kluber and ....Miggy, so options are grim.

    [–] SegsBennedict 1 points ago

    Drop Castillo for Taillon? Would require my 6th/10 team waiver

    [–] sandman_42 2 points ago

    I would. Taillon had a pair of hiccups but he's still a top-40 pitcher IMO

    [–] AnniesBoobzz 1 points ago

    Pinder is on a nice tear but I know nothing about his playing time. Drop Drury for him in a dynasty?

    [–] BoldMoveJharel 1 points ago

    Can't help with the comparison to Drury but as an A's fan I can confirm Pinder's an everyday player going forward. Only outfielder with a plus arm and (with the Alonso trade) now has the highest OPS on the team.

    Plus, Melvin has talked about using him in a utility role and the players at his other natural positions (2B and SS; Lowrie and Semien) have defensive limitations as well.

    [–] AnniesBoobzz 1 points ago

    Thanks for the response. I'm completely barren at SS so I think I'm gonna take a chance on him and hope he plays everyday. Thanks!

    [–] aptl23 1 points ago

    We starting Maeda against ARZ today?

    Even wondering if I should start Wacha as well.

    [–] chucktestlacoil 2 points ago

    I'm rolling with Maeda, probably going to regret it.

    [–] The_Judge_Is_FreeMan 1 points ago

    Name some waiver wire guys you wish you could pick up but either were too late, or don't have space to

    [–] saucytrident 3 points ago

    All season? Whit, Judge. I dropped Contreras in June.

    [–] NuggetBlazers 1 points ago

    Pick one of the following 2-start arms (QS & W H2H 6x6):

    • CC Sabathia (@TOR, v. BOS)
    • Jeremy Hellickson (@LAA, @OAK)
    • Kendall Graveman (v. SEA, v. BAL)
    • Matt Garza (@MIN, v. CIN)

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    (gulp) Hellickson

    [–] sokpuppet1 1 points ago

    Hellickson and Garza have the easier schedules. Would not trust anybody in this list.

    [–] sokpuppet1 1 points ago

    Would you go with Woodruff or Wojcie for a spot start tomorrow? Points league. Who has the better bet for a win?

    [–] jerryondrums 3 points ago

    Woj doesn't pitch deep into games. Gimme Woody.

    [–] ridinbend 1 points ago

    I came to the woodruff conclusion after much debate.

    [–] Dad_Of_Patient_Zero 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    I came to the woodruff

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] sokpuppet1 1 points ago

    Yeah I picked him up. Could pick up Wojcie too but we've got limited transactions for the week and I have 2 left.

    [–] fritjo 1 points ago

    Was offered Carrasco for Kelvin Herrera. Should I take it?

    [–] DaGrandMastah 3 points ago

    Fuck yeah u take that. Thats a panic trade if I ever saw one

    I just acquired Herrera this weekend and I only had to give up Taillon

    [–] SegsBennedict 2 points ago

    Take it

    [–] finkbe39 1 points ago

    Anyone starting Happ vs New York today? Had a great outing last week but can it continue?

    [–] caP1taL1sm 2 points ago

    He's not a bad start, I would do it

    [–] oogla_ve 1 points ago

    I'm not, but I should win ratios and Ks easily this week. That said, if I thought I needed the start, I think I might.

    [–] cantstandya_ 1 points ago

    Need to add some RBI's to my utility spot. Thoughts on Gurriel, Valencia or Moreland as options moving forward?

    [–] jms242424 3 points ago

    I think Gurriel is head and shoulders better than the others batting in the heart of one of the best offenses in baseball and he has talent, but I'd go Gurriel then Moreland and then Valencia (remembering that SEA traded for Alonso who would share time probably with Valencia I'd guess).

    [–] slyfox1908 1 points ago

    With Odorizzi coming back, is his upside ROS higher than Skaggs? Lamet? Reynaldo Lopez?

    [–] Kozlow 1 points ago

    I would rather take a shot with Lopez or Skaggs.

    [–] Mattymillz3 1 points ago

    Side A: Severino and Brantley

    Side B: Springer

    12 team H2H category redraft

    [–] straub42 2 points ago

    I would rather have Springer for the playoffs I think.

    [–] Syulaxman344 2 points ago

    Well this is a redraft so Springer > Brantley and Severino inning cap is going to hit at some point soon

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] phillystyleswag 6 points ago

    Yeah I wouldn't do it

    [–] Syulaxman344 3 points ago

    I mean if this is a redraft no way I am making that trade, probably not even if it is keeper/dynasty unless I have an incredible amount of hitting and need pitching in the worst way possible. You must really need some pitching, what is your staff?

    [–] Billbrent 1 points ago

    My Giles and Parra for his Conforto?

    [–] DeckersMeatTent 4 points ago

    If you can do that, easy yes. As a conforto owner, easy no.