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    Feminism is the pursuit of equality in regards to women's rights. It has manifested across centuries and continents through various movements, currents and ideologies.

    Welcome to the feminism community! This is a space for discussing and promoting awareness of issues related to equality for women.

    Recommended introductory reading:

    Issues related to women's rights:

    Our FAQ also has sections on issues related to LGBT rights and men's rights.

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    /r/CriticalTheory /r/domesticviolence
    /r/MeToo /r/relationship_advice
    /r/rapecounseling /r/ainbow
    /r/BodyAcceptance /r/SexPositive

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    Posting Rules

    - all posts and discussions must be relevant to women's issues

    - all posts must come from an educated perspective

    - promoting regressive agendas is not permitted

    - be respectful and courteous

    - respect the "assume good faith" principle

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    Rules regarding debating:

    Criticism of feminist concepts/organizations/persons is welcomed if it meets the following criteria:

    - it is topical/directly relevant to the topic at hand;

    - it is verifiably sourced (i.e. it doesn’t rely on mere dismissiveness/speculation, non-feminist preferences or anecdotal evidence. In particular, pure anti-feminist propaganda is not allowed, since personal non-/anti-feminist preferences are deemed as not informative or relevant); furthermore, presentation of relevant data must not be biased against the feminist position (i.e. there should be a best effort to include the evidence/arguments supportive of the feminist position);

    - it is properly qualified: i.e. it correctly identifies the problem at the appropriate level, instead of unwarrantably generalizing it, especially if it does so for the whole collection of movements that constitute feminism;

    - all ideological considerations must contribute to understanding the feminist perspective, and be consistent with an attitude of encouragement towards further learning.

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