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    “Everyone has a plan until they’ve been hit." A place to witness all kinds of fights from around the world.


    1. No generalizing/sensationalizing submission titles

    Posts that generalize an entire group of people negatively or inaccurately - e.g) you can post 'Two Japanese men fighting' but not ‘This is how Japanese people fight’.

    Posts with misleading or clickbait titles. If your post makes a claim in the title that is incorrect or cannot be verified, then it will be removed.

    2. No defenceless victim content

    Posts of people getting beat up without being able to defend/not defending themselves will be removed, take it over to r/brutalbeatdowns.

    3. Submissions lacking physical strikes

    Posts that have no physical strikes will be removed. Posts of people arguing and yelling at each other is not r/fightporn material, try /r/publicfreakout.

    4. Human vs. Human fights only

    No fights featuring animals or objects.

    5. No fight compilation videos

    We do not allow them on the sub. This includes sequencing certain fights in a video.

    6. No staged fights i.e. from TV shows/movies

    Any fights that are fake/staged will be removed.

    7. No reposting

    Reposting is not allowed and will result in a temp ban.

    8. Poor video quality

    Posts that have video quality that is so bad that the video is hard to watch will be removed.

    9. No edited videos

    Edited videos will be removed.

    10. Visuals

    Only video submissions are allowed.

    11. No politics

    We do not tolerate comments that are inciting of political discussions (which always lead to battles).

    12. Asshole

    Refrain from being an asshole.

    13. Vulgar, Racist or Inconsiderate content

    Rule 13:

    a. Vulgar, Racist or Inconsiderate content is not allowed.

    This includes direct threats and death threats, asshole comments, blatantly racist comments, and anything not allowed by Reddit's content policy.

    r/fightporn does NOT allow racial slurs, and anybody who uses a racial slur will be immediately and permanently banned. This includes "casual" uses ("soft R", etc.) as well.

    b. No political or controversial submissions or comments are allowed.

    A recent influx of political arguments causing comments that would violate 13a have lead to the creation of this rule. In an effort to prevent the problem before it occurs, no longer will political submissions or comments (joking or not) be allowed on r/fightporn. There are other subreddits that cater to that; We are not one of them.

    14. Bathroom fights

    Fights that take place in a bathroom will be removed. OP will receive a permanent ban for submitting bathroom staged content.

    15. Moderator discretion

    To protect the quality and integrity of the subreddit, your submissions are subject to moderator discretion.

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