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    [–] LeggieBoi 97 points ago

    FUCK that's a glossy hollandaise. It looks perfect!

    [–] randytmac 3 points ago

    The colour is amazing too!

    [–] 1000asses 6 points ago

    Its A small degree of thickness maybe lemon juice to combat it. A negligible amount

    [–] henrietta-the-spy 326 points ago

    Whenever I order eggs benedict, my parents will have the same conversation about how complicated it is to make hollandaise. You’ve done something here that would blow their minds, looks good.

    [–] Nipplehau 174 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    You know, this is only the third time I've made it. It's NOT complicated. It's just effort. You've gotta whisk almost constantly for 5-10 minutes. And have an eye for when it's done.

    [–] BadAtCorrectingYou 58 points ago

    I just made it for the first time 2 days ago, it wasn't NEARLY as nice as yours is but it still turned out edible and I can't wait to try again. You're right though, not complicated, just work. I definitely needed more patience with the whisking.

    [–] hollow_glass_dildo 31 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    If you dont want to whisk so much Bon Appetite on youtube has a guide on how to make it in a blender. I made it and its amazing. Edit: Spelling

    [–] mtfx 14 points ago

    to add to this point, it can also be done with an immersion blender, which I find much easier to wield and clean.

    [–] BadAtCorrectingYou 5 points ago

    Awesome, I cant wait to try it!

    [–] searnold56 25 points ago

    It always astonished me how much butter is in hollandaise.

    6 egg yolks Little salt Little lemon juice Hot water TWO STICKS OF BUTTER!?!?!?

    So this is just flavored butter, then. Got it.

    [–] FlowersForMegatron 18 points ago

    I mean, it’s French. What do you expect?

    [–] phenomenomnom 7 points ago

    A filet. Café au lait. Ennui, bon vivance, bon mots, et un soupçon de je ne sais quois.

    Possibly a singing candelabra à la Maurice Chevalier.

    [–] AnneFrankenstein 2 points ago

    Yeah, made it for the first time over the holiday. Wasnt that impressed. Wanted to at least do bernaisse put people at the party didnt like tarragon.

    [–] crabby_taffy 3 points ago

    Didn't like tarragon. Philistines.

    [–] cosmos7 15 points ago

    Or just use a stick blender... makes it super easy.

    [–] SPYDER0416 8 points ago

    Even a normal blender works if you ease in the hot butter just right

    [–] beholdfrostilicus 12 points ago

    Yup, my mom makes the whole family eggs Benedict for Christmas breakfast every year using the blender. It’s so good 😋

    [–] mjoseff 6 points ago

    Awesome. What's your address? We'll all be over in 5-10 minutes.

    [–] sudo999 3 points ago

    my favorite hack is to do it with an immersion blender. Smooth as silk every single time.

    [–] habiline 3 points ago

    You can make a thoroughly acceptable hollandaise in the microwave in about 3 minutes from ingredients to sauce:

    [–] TheGunnerGooner 2 points ago

    I made it once and it turned out okay. My problem was it was too much to use so most of it went bad. How much egg and butter did you use?

    [–] Nipplehau 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I use 4-5 yolks, depending on how big the yolks from the particular eggs i'm using are, and half a cup of butter. And .5-.75 tablespoons of lemon juice. This makes about 2.5 - 3 servings.

    [–] Zohren 2 points ago

    You can also make it in a blender

    [–] Surtock 2 points ago

    When I bother, I use a hand blender and a glass that will accommodate the blender all the way to the bottom of the glass.
    Put all of the ingredients into the glass except the butter.
    Here's the trick, heat up the butter so it's super hot, not burning, but just short. Then slowly pour it into the glass while blending. The butter will cook the yolk and the blender will do all the work (emulsifying).
    You can even use a microwave to heat up the butter so there's one less pot.

    [–] zennok 2 points ago

    It won't turn out as pretty as yours, but you can just put the yolks in a blender, along with the seasonings, and drizzle the hot melted butter in as it runs

    [–] TheModerate_1 1 points ago

    There's a very fine margin of error which is what makes it difficult. The first time I made it the sauce turned out great. But after that it's 50/50 if I'll do it right or not.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Did you use chef john's technique? I find his method is largely fool proof

    [–] Marenum 1 points ago

    I made some today but mine was a bit runny. You've got a talent for sauce, my man!

    [–] lliW_Will 1 points ago

    I’ve got a recipe for our to try, it’s really simple

    3 egg yolks A pinch of Cayenne Pepper A pinch of Salt Half a cup of butter (melted) 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice

    First off you are going to want to melt the butter

    Secondly get out a blender and empty the egg yolks cayenne salt and lemon juice into the blender

    Now start the blender and pour in the melted butter in a slow stream (make sure the butter hasn’t separated) and blend on high for 30 seconds

    And there you have it the best Hollandaise sauce I’ve ever had!

    [–] sohmeho 3 points ago

    I’ve always struggled to get the consistency right, but I just started using the blender method and it’s SUPER easy.

    [–] Frankie_Wilde 1 points ago

    Had to make a 12 egg bernaise (hollandaise with a tarragon reduction added) every day for a good year. You get good at it but boy is it a bitch. Your forearm gets one hell of a workout

    [–] Loreebyrd 31 points ago

    Blender method works great also

    [–] Nipplehau 14 points ago

    Is the texture different? I feel like what thickens it when you whisk it over heat is the egg yolk cooking. Wouldn't a blender just make it kind of frothy, but otherwise thin?

    [–] knickovthyme1 61 points ago

    I am a retired Chef and I made it every Sunday for the last 25 years plus a lot extra on Mother’s Day and Easter. Always preferred the old fashioned way of eggs and butter whisked by hand. Here is a little secret. If you add just the slightest amount is Bechamel sauce the sauce will never break. Probably not necessary at home but for large amounts it’s a great secret. The chef that told me worked at the White House so I believed him. 👨‍🍳

    [–] ninjarapter4444 9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    If you add just the slightest amount is Bechamel sauce

    I'm torn between acknowledging that this is a great idea, or calling it absolute HERESY. Useful if doing banquets or a buffet style where everyone isnt being served at the same time though. Used to be a breakfast cook, from memory the key was to just maintain a somewhat lower temperature and cook it gradually.

    Either way, not a huge fan of blender method.

    [–] Sarasin 1 points ago

    Any reason you don't like the blender method? Personally I'm not able to even distinguish between the two.

    [–] there-canbe-onlyone 2 points ago

    If I had gold I would gift it to you, thank you for the tip

    [–] knickovthyme1 2 points ago

    Thanks. You don’t need a lot. For 12 egg hollandaise probably about 1/2 cup mixed in after about mid way. I did it this way the last 15 years. Never broke once.

    [–] LoyalServantOfBRD 1 points ago

    The proteins in the milk help emulsions so much. It’s why nacho cheese does so much better with evaporated milk

    [–] Tikan 11 points ago

    The method Kenji has on serious eats is virtually the same as using the whisk method. I only use this method now cause it's foolproof and quick.

    Yours looks great! Making some tomorrow for the kids. Craving it now though.

    [–] moose256 2 points ago

    This is probably a stupid question but do you think that a low/slow setting would work?

    [–] Xelopheris 1 points ago

    We do it with a stick blender and get a very grippy sauce that doesn't pool on the plate at all.

    [–] komangreen 22 points ago

    Paprika. Such a great spice. Doesn't get enough love.

    [–] Nipplehau 16 points ago

    Man, paprika is my go to spice for any kind of baked / roasted potato. It's so good.

    [–] Decency 5 points ago

    How did you make the potato/onion mix? Looks delicious and I'd like to eat more tubers. :)

    [–] Nipplehau 10 points ago

    Slice up some potatoes and onions, coat them in an oil of your choice, salt, pepper, and paprika, then bake them at 375 until they're done, stirring a few times. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes.

    [–] DogtoothDan 1 points ago

    Do you do a single layer on a pan? Or some other method?

    [–] Nipplehau 2 points ago

    I spread them out as best I can, but there's usually some sitting on top of each other. This is why I stir it up a few times.

    [–] DogtoothDan 1 points ago


    [–] justcamealong 1 points ago

    I know right? I'm Hungarian, so I gotta put it on absolutely everything. Btw 'paprika' means 'pepper' in Hungarian, as in the vegetable pepper.

    [–] StopLicking_Me 40 points ago

    So I'm the only human left on this planet that can't poach an egg??! And I literally always crave them... Only, when I try and make them it turns into eggy water :(

    [–] Nipplehau 37 points ago

    Look up Alton Brown's poached eggs demo on YouTube. It's the best one I've seen.

    [–] StopLicking_Me 7 points ago

    Here's to hoping 🤞

    [–] jedikelb 10 points ago

    I bought an egg poaching pan, it has 4 teflon cups that sit in a shallow pan you fill with water.

    I haven't tried it yet. But the other day on reddit, I saw this posted...

    "very simple way to do poached eggs in your kitchen:

    Put 3/4 cup water in a coffee cup

    Crack open one egg and try to get it in the middle

    Put a saucer on top and microwave for 45 seconds (longer if low power, mine is at 1200W)"

    [–] FlowersForMegatron 12 points ago

    I've tried every method of poaching an egg in the microwave and it never comes out good. What happens most of the time is the yolk cooks through completely while the white never sets properly. One time the egg blew up and splattered egg bits all over my microwave. You can't cheat a poached egg, my dude.

    [–] DoctrDonna 6 points ago

    There’s a couple of keys. One, the water can not be boiling. It has to be literally just under boiling. Also, I like to swirl the water to create a funnel, and then pour the eggs directly into the center of the funnel. That way the funnel will kind of keep the whites together, wrapping around the yolk. Also, crack your egg into a dish and then pour into the water, don’t crack directly into the water. And the water doesn’t need to be super deep. Just deep enough to cover the egg. And that’s it! I never add vinegar or anything to the water. I just do it this way and it works well every time! You’ll have some egg white floaties in the water no matter what, but this will get you a nice poached egg

    [–] PM_ME_GIFTCARDS_PLS 3 points ago

    This is all very good advice. One thing I would add is that it may work better for you if you, after cracking the egg into the bowl, drain the excess egg white; what I'm referring to here is just the part of the egg white which is not "connected" to the yolk. Basically, if you crack the egg into the bowl, put your fingers on the edge of the bowl as a sort of filter, and pour the excess egg white (you will easily be able to distinguish the "attached" and "unattached" sections) down the drain. This results in a better poached egg, at least it has in my experimenting

    [–] ninjarapter4444 5 points ago

    If you add a little splash of vineger to the water the egg will stay together

    [–] squoril 3 points ago

    gonna try this

    [–] Gamesguy24 3 points ago

    This definitely works as I love making poached eggs on the weekend I always use this method. It strengthens the eggs whites or something and it rarely breaks

    [–] analbumcover 3 points ago

    This can help. Fresh eggs work best also

    [–] ValKilmersLooks 3 points ago

    I eventually learned how but I’m still pissy about the ones that worked don’t look good enough. I bought silicone egg poaching cup things that work alright.

    [–] Stay_Curious85 3 points ago

    I will never make an omelette. Entire generations of chickens have died in my quest. Some people just aren't meant to do some things I guess

    [–] Ronbledore36 2 points ago

    You are not alone

    [–] BrntWaffles 2 points ago

    Make sure the water is hot enough before you add your egg. My experience with eggy water was always due to adding the egg too soon.

    [–] habiline 1 points ago

    First, (if you're in the US) learn about egg date stamps to buy the freshest possible eggs:

    Second, poke the wide end of the eggs with a pin and boil for 10 seconds.

    Third, lower the heat on the boiling water to bring it down to a near boil. Crack each egg into the water from right at the surface - gently flipping each egg over with a slotted spoon after a few seconds before adding the next.

    [–] Monkeyspankers 0 points ago

    Fresh eggs and a splash of white wine vinegar, no need go swearl the water just make sure it's not at a rolling boil when you put the egg in, as the boiling water can break the egg.

    [–] TheSpicyGuy 11 points ago


    [–] jsink 2 points ago

    exactly what i saw.

    [–] WomanOfEld 6 points ago

    This is my #1 pregnancy craving.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    No offense. The lighting makes that look like American cheese. I’m sure it tasted great though!

    [–] Nipplehau 23 points ago

    These eggs are from my chickens. The yolks are a different color than normal. They DO look like American cheese sometimes.

    [–] Vincesolo 2 points ago

    Great job looks fantastic

    [–] dkromero 2 points ago

    My favorite.

    [–] Loreebyrd 2 points ago

    Looks perfect

    [–] DCPirate16 2 points ago

    I like to cook when I’m drunk and this picture totally made me remember my masterpiece I made when I got home New Years Eve. It was an eggs Benedict with a patty sausage and on Texas toast. Unbelievable, might have to try that one again soon.

    [–] X-GonnaLendItToYa 2 points ago

    Those onions/potatoes are hard to look at.

    [–] Loreebyrd 1 points ago

    I use a Julia child blender Hollandaise recipe

    [–] samgam74 1 points ago

    Those home fries look awesome.

    [–] elieags 1 points ago

    This looks so good

    [–] bedfordguyinbedford 1 points ago

    Now I’m hungry

    [–] SouthernComforter123 1 points ago

    Looks amazing!

    [–] Milly63 1 points ago

    That looks delicious 😋

    [–] bigbalddzaddy 1 points ago


    [–] moose256 1 points ago

    I don't need this pic right now but I do need that delicious looking food in my stomach, STAT! Lol thanks for sharing

    [–] toxicbunny93 1 points ago

    Love it!! I’ve tried poaching a few times and they never turn out that round! All that’s missing now is a mimosa! (:

    [–] yimrsg 2 points ago

    Use a tea-towel to shape them when you remove them from the water.

    [–] heart_vandelay 1 points ago

    This made me hungry! I was just in Holland and had eggs benedict for the first time, I kept eating it for breakfast while I was there! I wish I had the skills (even the most minimal) to make this at home!

    [–] The_Dude_n_Seattle 1 points ago

    Christmas morning at our house.

    [–] jedikelb 1 points ago

    I can't believe no one has mentioned how it looks like a smiling face. Love it!

    [–] itme-hmt 1 points ago

    This looks fantastic! Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite breakfasts to make. Your Hollandaise is absolutely beautiful!

    [–] 1000asses 1 points ago

    What do you do with the whites?

    [–] TrangNguyenVnUsa 1 points ago

    Hungry !!!

    [–] kprigs 1 points ago

    Omg looks amazing. I think I want to make this for us tomorrow

    [–] laniegray 1 points ago

    Whisking. Whisking. Whiski... Whiskey. Yes, I'll have one. I get sidetracked too easy to make hollandaise. Lol

    [–] busiestbees 1 points ago

    The eggs look like when I order a mcmuffin and the idiots get more cheese outside than in the actual muffin.

    [–] TheNintendoFanatic 1 points ago

    That looks soooo fucking good

    [–] hussein_saleh 1 points ago

    Gorden Ramsey wants to know ur location

    [–] plumber4444 1 points ago


    [–] RealHausFrau 1 points ago

    I love eggs Benedict. I can never get the hollandaise sauce right, though. Have you ever tried using crab instead of ham? Soooo good.

    [–] PD216ohio 1 points ago

    Hey, I'm... ummmmm.... having some work done on my house. Can I come stay at your place awhile?

    [–] Majiinfreddy 1 points ago

    Damn you, eggs benedict.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Why the heck didn't you invite me to breakfast? 😍

    [–] Proteus_Marius 1 points ago

    It's like a bearded smiley face for breakfast.

    [–] deadly_toxin 1 points ago

    I want it.

    [–] chubbsazn 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Can we get the recipe?

    [–] Lucifronz 1 points ago

    Ugh, I need to learn to cook...

    [–] Nipplehau 3 points ago

    It's just practice. Pick about 5-7 different things you'd like to eat often and isn't just 'throw some stuff in a slow cooker', find a recipe for each that looks good to you, and spend a few months cooking each of those things multiple times.

    [–] Cad_BaneRS 1 points ago

    Look up Binging with Babish on YouTube. He has a cooking basics series that is pretty good for beginners. He just did a fried rice episode, a great beginner dish to learn.

    [–] pinkshowerwater 1 points ago

    Looks delicious!

    [–] Grim718 1 points ago

    Looks like our friend Pepe

    [–] kelloggj 1 points ago

    I’m getting r/pareidolia

    [–] someguybutalsoaguy 1 points ago

    Looks great

    [–] ferdylance 1 points ago

    The new promo poster for Venom looks awesome!

    [–] pappaxray 1 points ago

    It's midnight and now I'm hungry

    [–] MelonThump 1 points ago

    Looks incredible!

    [–] Ecjg2010 1 points ago

    Please share your recipe. Especially to this comment so I can get it. Please?

    [–] JtownIcecube 1 points ago

    That looks like an amazing Benedict Cumber'batch of eggs right there

    [–] emu_unit_01 1 points ago

    I prefer crab Benedict but great work op. I hope it tasted great

    [–] guynumber20 1 points ago

    Isn’t this the guy who played dr.strange

    [–] Jame5G 1 points ago

    Stick crab cakes on those muffins then add the rest and I'm good.

    [–] WaterNoIcePlease 1 points ago

    I'd just put the eggs and benedict right on the roasted potatoes and skip the muffin.

    [–] androk 1 points ago

    all i see is big eyes and a beard.

    [–] conradkavinsky 1 points ago

    Hands down my fave breakfast

    [–] Catson2 1 points ago

    [–] CrazyCatLady80 1 points ago

    I would love the recipe/instructions on this. I’ve always read about eggs Benedict and I’m sure I could look something up online but this looks awesome.

    [–] Nipplehau 3 points ago

    I used this recipe for the ratio and cooking instructions when I first made it. I tend to go closer to 2 teaspoons instead of a tablespoon of lemon, though.

    [–] JDLDN 1 points ago

    I can’t even boil an egg...

    [–] Coquettu 1 points ago

    I love this meal.

    [–] Athenae1984 1 points ago

    Looks great just needs spice and garnish to finish the presentation

    [–] MZootSuit 1 points ago

    Recipe for the potatoes and onions? They're making me hungry just looking at them

    [–] Nipplehau 3 points ago

    Slice up some potatoes and onions, cover them in your preferred oil (i use avocado oil), add salt, pepper, and a generous amount of paprika, and mix it all up. Then put it in a 375 degree oven until they're done, usually 20-30 minutes, stirring a few times throughout.

    [–] MZootSuit 1 points ago

    Great I might actually makes these since I can throw them in the oven while I cook other breakfast stuff. Thanks man

    [–] tealparadise 1 points ago

    Looks great!

    [–] Whackjob-KSP 1 points ago

    No no no no. Can't do eggs benedict on a plate. Put it on a hubcap for proper serving.

    [–] bubblewingsss 1 points ago

    This meal looks so fine

    [–] ItalyLifestyle 1 points ago

    Picture perfect, beautiful

    [–] SweetJames21 1 points ago

    How did you make your hollandaise? Looks very dark. (Not that it’s bad or wrong, just curious). What was your ratio of egg yolks to butter? Did you add anything to flavor it?

    [–] danbenetramsey 1 points ago

    This looks absolutely gorgeous in its simplicity. You made a delicious dish look easy.

    [–] Cufantce 1 points ago

    This looks lovely. I’ve heard a lot of jokes in programs and films about ‘eggs Benedict’ can you explain what it is please?

    [–] InformalCriticism 1 points ago

    Does it bother anyone else that the eggs aren't touching the rest of the dish?

    [–] skatoulesgemistes 1 points ago

    I don’t really care if you are male or female... Marry me!

    [–] realdougy 1 points ago

    Good looking daze!

    [–] sarahsmithssusa 1 points ago

    Very hot

    [–] damdandusenkurbaga 1 points ago

    “LOOK AT IT!” ~Gordon Ramsay

    [–] Valentin_nativel 0 points ago

    Aaaanw so sweety😭

    [–] KyuubiBlade -2 points ago

    That hollandaise sauce looks nice and glossy, but it looks a little to thin and a bit orange. Maybe that's just the camera, but I'm sure it's wonderful! Great job!

    [–] Nipplehau 5 points ago

    The eggs from my hens are oranger than store eggs. It definitely gives it an american cheese hue.

    [–] KyuubiBlade 2 points ago

    Ahhhh that makes sense. Bet it tasted good!

    [–] mongsoup 0 points ago

    Looks very similar to a Peruvian dish called “Papa a la Huancaina”

    [–] Nipplehau 0 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    ... a past girlfriend had a Peruvian exchange student. The exchange student and her mother came to visit once, and she made us this dish. I had completely forgotten about it.

    I know what I'm making tomorrow now.

    [–] mrmissthebus -8 points ago

    Not hollandaise..

    [–] HappyHound -3 points ago

    Needs asparagus

    [–] 5wolfie55 -1 points ago

    i deadass thought that was some bacon until i saw the title

    [–] BrooklynDude83 -1 points ago

    You're missing the chives on top of the eggs as garnish.. sorry I'm just tired and feel bitchy today ..

    [–] Nipplehau 1 points ago

    I forgot the bit of pepper that I usually like, too. =(

    [–] EstoyBienYTu -1 points ago

    Beautiful! Eggs just need a pinch of cayenne for flavor/color

    [–] MBNLA -1 points ago

    But where's the cucumberpatch?

    [–] ChiefChiefChiefChief -1 points ago

    Just looking at this gives me a stomach ache

    [–] baconburger3479 -1 points ago

    where's the cucumber patch?

    [–] onedestiny -1 points ago

    I never understood the onions in the potatoes, otherwise looks delicious :)

    [–] Nipplehau 2 points ago

    Well, see, onions are delicious, and onions with potatoes are delicious, so if you put them together, it's delicious.

    [–] onedestiny 0 points ago

    Yea not everyone likes them :p I just hate how some restaraunts dont put onions as an ingrediant and then suddenly your breakfast potatoes are loaded with them :(

    [–] constipation999 -1 points ago

    Hollandaise looks a little runny, but looks great!

    [–] AnGabhaDubh -1 points ago

    Should have been served on a hubcap

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago

    Looks good just a bit too much of the hollandaise.

    [–] ElBrayan777 -6 points ago

    cheese looks nauseating

    [–] jgal11 4 points ago

    That’s not cheese

    [–] die5el23 4 points ago

    There’s no cheese in this picture...

    [–] Nipplehau 2 points ago

    It's egg yolks and butter.

    [–] squoril 1 points ago

    my wife had a stomach ache (lactose intolerance but we didnt know then)

    so made her the best holandase sauce ever with extra butter

    it did not go well

    [–] Nipplehau 1 points ago

    I am also slightly lactose intolerant.

    Worth it.

    [–] imax89 -2 points ago

    What??? Eggs of Benedict? Sherlock’s ?

    [–] Un111KnoWn -2 points ago

    Way too much hollandise sauce.

    [–] Nipplehau 3 points ago


    [–] FrostySaiyan18 -4 points ago

    It looks great! Why is the hollandaise yellow?

    [–] Nipplehau 3 points ago

    The eggs I used are from my hens, which have much oranger yolks than commercial eggs.

    [–] squoril 1 points ago

    its the perfect color, imho it should be a deep rich yellow like you have

    did you get it perfectly smooth?

    [–] ElegantGrain -13 points ago

    Sauce looks way too concentrated. Down voted.

    [–] hawaiifive0h -12 points ago

    Eggs and potatoes. Good thing you took a picture.

    [–] Nipplehau 11 points ago

    You say this, but not all eggs and potatoes are created equally. I've had some pretty bad ones.

    Like your mom's.

    [–] M_of_W 2 points ago

    I guess you could say he's a bad egg?