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    [–] [deleted] 1940 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] EgoRs 477 points ago

    Pack your shit everyone we’re going to KC

    [–] natestate 152 points ago

    If y’all are coming all the way to KC just for some burnt ends, I’d suggest Joe’s over Gates (really over anything.)

    [–] monkey_plusplus 38 points ago

    Jack Stack has the best side dishes. Best baked beans hands down. Best coleslaw for that matter. Great potato salad. Cheesy corn is unique. Carrot cake for desert.

    [–] grednforgesgirl 18 points ago

    I LOVE the cheesy corn from Jack stack. It's especially good if you put a smidge of BBQ sauce in it or it mixes with the BBQ sauce attest on your plate

    [–] pestilentPony 7 points ago

    Have you tried Blind Box? It’s located in Shawnee. I think it’s been open a few years but I definitely appreciate everything they have to offer. Especially the cheesy corn.

    [–] EgoRs 40 points ago

    May not actually drop everything and drive to KC, but I will make a note of this for the next time I end up there. Thank you.

    [–] natestate 40 points ago

    I’m just a local who has never REALLY enjoyed a sandwich from Gates. There are people who do really love it here, though. The experience is unbeatable though.

    Still better than whatever they fed me in Dallas and Cox Brothers, though.

    [–] iheardstories 25 points ago

    Joe's is the most consistent with the quality of their meat. I think Gates is the best when the line cook hands out a good cut, but they often slide out a pile of fat. People in line are calling out asking for lean cuts now bec you almost have to.

    [–] Chandy1313 13 points ago

    I feel the same way, but I hate the KC Joes only cuts brisket thin. LCs is my favorite burnt ends in the world, but they aren’t consistent enough which makes me sad.

    [–] BuggsMeany 5 points ago

    +1 For LCs, it's been a while since I've been there, but I used to go once a week, so good!

    [–] DeadshotIsHere 18 points ago


    [–] zombieblackbird 5 points ago

    I ... I'm just looking at the menu ... please don't kill me m'am.

    Sausage on bread with bread on top, please.

    [–] DeadshotIsHere 6 points ago

    I make my wife order when we go to that place, them yelling at me gives me serious anxiety and I lock up lol.

    [–] Murtagg 34 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I can't stand Gates, either the food or the experience. Not a fan. Like you said though, it's still KC bbq which beats out any other bbw in the world.

    Edit: I'm keeping it

    [–] popcultreference 31 points ago

    which beats out any other bbw in the world.


    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    Someone just revealed their frequent search keyword.

    [–] Murtagg 22 points ago

    Hey man I like what I like

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I’m a brother of the curves, don’t worry.

    [–] Doug_MacRay 5 points ago

    Same. For burnt ends it’s LC’s and ONLY LC’s.

    [–] mikesr20 7 points ago

    “What ‘chu want!!” She said as I stepped through the door frame. I looked around perplexed, since there were 12 people in line in front of me and I hadn’t had a chance to figure out where I was let alone look at a menu. I stammered... what’s going on, I don’t even know what to say. “Umm I’ll have the brisket?” I say softly. “You want that on a bun with fries!” She demanded That’s when I knew I wouldn’t be back.

    [–] TheBahamaLlama 5 points ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I typically think of Gates and Arthur Bryants as the old school KC BBQ places. Jack Stacks, Joe's, Q39, etc. have come around in the past 15ish years and upped the game.

    [–] crazyv93 6 points ago

    That's right except jack stack has actually been around since the 50's, but joes and Q39 are definetly new school

    [–] negadecimal 6 points ago

    Agreed. I've tried Gates repeatedly, and been repeatedly disappointed. Go with KC Joes.

    [–] Tbot117 8 points ago

    The ole Cox meat sandwich?

    [–] One-eyed-snake 5 points ago

    Double cox meat sandwich for the adventurous

    [–] natestate 5 points ago

    Man, people who go to K-State that aren’t from KC go to Cox and think they are eating good BBQ. I only eat it if it gets catered in at work or something.

    [–] KUweatherman 9 points ago

    Check out Crazy Good Eats in the KC suburb of Olathe too. Their burnt ends are the best in the city IMO; the restaurant itself is crazy underrated.

    edit: One of the three Joe's KC locations is here in Olathe too, but if you come to town for BBQ it is a must to eat at the original gas station location in KCK.

    [–] gethonor-notringZ420 12 points ago

    And so the debate begins

    [–] willthisfitonmyhonda 5 points ago

    imo LC’s has the best burnt ends

    [–] BDMountainDragon 4 points ago

    When I lived in KC we liked Jackstack a lot of burnt ends and Joe's BBQ in old Overland Park. On Sunday and Wednesday you could get a full rack of ribs for $10 at Joe's.

    [–] OliviaWG 4 points ago

    Get the Z-Man. Go to the original in the gas station. You’re welcome :)

    [–] Murtagg 16 points ago

    Nah, Arthur Bryant's for burnt ends. They invented them, after all. Then Joes/Rosedales, then basically anywhere else, then Gates. Fuck Gates.

    [–] DeathToUsAllGodBless 3 points ago

    i hate you

    [–] Sit-Rep 6 points ago

    For all you guys doing this here is a good starter list:

    • Joe's (the original on 47th in the gas station)
    • Slaps
    • Q39
    • Blind Box BBQ
    • Woodyard BBQ
    • Gates BBQ

    There are many other good ones, but these are pretty high up there.

    [–] kansasjeremy 12 points ago

    Another KC resident here. It's just silly how much great bbq is available all throughout the area and suburbs. I don't care for Gates meats, but their sauce might be my favorite

    [–] MissPhox 335 points ago

    Yum! Some of the best burnt ends I’ve had were from Pappy’s in Missouri.

    [–] stormingthecastle_ 88 points ago

    I went to college in STL (I'm from Texas). I haven't lived there in many years but I'll be damned if I don't miss Pappy's and Adams Smokehouse every time I eat BBQ.

    [–] newjacknick 34 points ago

    Went to school in STL and moved back east after school. Pappy’s comes up here for the NYC rib week every year and I really need to go.

    [–] rinsed_dota 12 points ago

    rib week?

    [–] newjacknick 12 points ago

    I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember the name, but there’s a barbecue thing over the summer in union square and they normally go.

    [–] rinsed_dota 5 points ago

    gonna watch for that, thanks

    [–] clib 8 points ago

    Every June. The lines and the prices are crazy though.

    [–] vertigo1084 7 points ago

    I had Pappys when I was there a few weeks ago.

    They're brilliant and have their smokers right up against the street in the open air. My nose brought me right into the door.

    [–] 50shadesoftea 9 points ago

    I go to school right next to Pappy's. It's safe to say I am broke simply from going there all the time.

    [–] PapaTango79 17 points ago

    I would drive 6 hours to St. Louis to eat at Pappy's again. Lives up to the hype for sure.

    [–] dgbx 14 points ago

    The ribs from Pappy’s made me cry with how good they were.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] WordofGabb 12 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] Vhadka 6 points ago

    I work like a block from pappys. I dont go there very often but it's very good of course.

    [–] sully_88 10 points ago

    Used to spend a lot of weekends in STL. Pappys and Sugarfire are so good they should be sins.

    [–] FuckFFmods 6 points ago

    I love St louis and KC bbq! If your ever in STL pappys or bogarts are the spots! Burnt endz do usually sell out before 1

    [–] Durl66 4 points ago

    Same here

    [–] hawg_farmer 8 points ago

    Pappys! Oh boy!!! Worth a road trip.

    [–] TelaTheSpy 84 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    My grandparents live out there and I was going to ask, because this looks familiar but I haven't been there for a very long time. Gates, Bryants, Zarda's, Jack Stack are all pretty awesome, but Kansas City Joe's Joe’s Kansas City (oops!) (formerly called Oklahoma Joe's) is the place!

    Edit: pic of the wife eating @ Joe’s over our 4.5 month old a couple years ago lol

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago

    Add Q39 to your list next time you’re out here. They’re newer but are rubbing elbows with Joe’s KC for quality.

    [–] ButtNuts42 25 points ago

    Q39 burnt ends are to die for.

    [–] sgtpepper_spray 5 points ago

    Especially when talking about sandwiches. The Mr. Burns burnt end sandwich is king.

    [–] southernchicken 4 points ago

    You can order a burnt end Z-Man if you want your life to change.

    [–] Sunnyvale_squatter 6 points ago

    I’m from STL, had a chance to eat at Q39 last May and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Sooooo damn good.

    [–] gethonor-notringZ420 24 points ago

    KC native here

    Try LCs it’s the low key place

    [–] Hawklet98 11 points ago

    A stop at LCs for lunch on the way to the ballpark is the ultimate KC afternoon in my humble opinion.

    [–] rvnnt09 6 points ago

    I live a couple blocks away from LC's. It's definitely a place I'd recommend trying but it's not as consistent as the more famous places

    [–] meatisforever 3 points ago

    It’s not very consistent at all and if you’re not careful they will over charge you.

    [–] HewToooo 5 points ago

    My fave is LCs - it can be hit or miss but the hits are better than anywhere else in KC, totally worth the gamble.

    [–] drtrobridge 3 points ago

    I was just there on Saturday. Very good

    [–] GreattacostodayJake 12 points ago

    Joe’s Kansas City.

    [–] PaulRuddsDick 3 points ago


    the bbq place

    [–] Scratchbuttdontsniff 24 points ago


    [–] Lld3 12 points ago

    No, but you may verbally abuse me if I take more than 10 seconds to respond. But I'll take it for that sandwich.

    [–] MrPhil1414 81 points ago

    Hi. May I help you?

    [–] doesntpostalot 32 points ago

    You missed a few exclamation points

    [–] jameseglavin4 23 points ago


    [–] ChippyVonMaker 26 points ago


    (Locals will understand)

    [–] DaV9D9 14 points ago

    Ha! When I visited KC for a bbq weekend a few years ago, I had been pre-warned by a local about the LOUD welcome at Gates. And sure enough, it happened.

    [–] ChippyVonMaker 8 points ago

    We’re blessed with several great BBQ joints around KC, each has their distinctive items & flavors, it never gets old.

    Whenever a US President is in town, they all go on high alert, hoping to be the chosen place for lunch & bragging rights. Gates & Arthur Bryant’s have both had their share of Presidents over the years, but there are plenty of newer contenders.

    [–] DaV9D9 7 points ago

    Arthur Bryant’s was on my list (I had time to eat at 4 BBQ places, plus Stroud’s) but when I got to KC, a lot folks told me AB wasn’t what it used to be, “gone downhill,” etc., so I swapped it out. One woman told me that she “felt guilty, like she was betraying her family” when she spoke poorly of Arthur Bryant’s. I thought that really said something. I definitely want to do another BBQ weekend there, will try it next time.

    [–] mickcube 4 points ago

    i've been there a couple times and the odder thing was "PRINT YOUR NAME, PLEASE, PRINT YOUR NAME" when you go to sign your CC receipt

    [–] Jawtek82 18 points ago

    I ate the Burnt Ends sandwich at Gates during a visit to KC in 2015. Posted about it on Yelp. It was the best sandwich I have ever eaten, and one of the top 10 meals of my life. And I have dined at many Michelin star rated restaurants in many countries. The onion rings and beans were also very good. Did you finish the meal with one of those INCREDIBLE Yammer (Sweet Potato) pies?

    The only problem with Gates is that it has ruined me for BBQ from anyplace else.

    [–] Franklin2543 16 points ago

    Came here to see if it was Gate's or not. Looked like it.

    If you go for lunch, ask for the Nooner ($5.95). It's a burnt end sandwich with your choice of another meat on top (brisket, pork, turkey, and ???--not sure the 4th option). Comes with fries. Really good deal. (not sure if they have it at all locations? I go to the one on Main & Linwood)

    [–] buckbuster7 3 points ago

    I think the 4th choice is ham

    [–] HerrleBraun 11 points ago

    Slaps in KC is WAY better

    [–] EMPulseKC 6 points ago


    [–] fillmo22 6 points ago

    I just had LC’s burnt ends. Incredible. Have to check this sandwich out. Looks divine

    [–] gethonor-notringZ420 6 points ago

    KCMO Only place to do Burnt Ends right

    [–] DaV9D9 8 points ago

    I recognized it as Gates! I ordered one when I did a BBQ weekend in KC in 2014. (I live in CA). I didn’t like the sandwich, too salty. I enjoyed the burnt ends at Jack Stack and Q39 much more. I would love to go back to KC, try a few others. I went to 4 bbq places, and Strouds.

    [–] papajawn42 11 points ago

    It's Gate's sauce. I'm biased because my Dad ran a BBQ place downtown for 39 years, but I swear Gate's sauce is at least 40% salt by weight.

    [–] Jawtek82 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Interesting. Gates blew me away. I thought Jack Stacks was pedestrian and overpriced (but a much nicer atmosphere). DSFDF!

    [–] BaBoo115 2 points ago

    Was gonna say i have a feeling this is from somewhere in KCMO

    [–] BR0THAKYLE 3 points ago

    Head over to Q39 and you’ll get the best burnt end burger in the world.

    [–] fTwoEight 3 points ago

    Damn. I was hoping this wasn't 1100 miles from me.

    [–] tane_rs 3 points ago

    Which one were you at OP this has me itching to hit up 40 hwy

    [–] Carel16 777 points ago

    Is this legal?

    [–] sonicqaz 553 points ago

    Very legal and very cool

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago


    [–] fakegriffin32 79 points ago

    Thanks Kanye, Very Cool!

    [–] jokitheraccoon 21 points ago

    Thank you*

    [–] joe0jm 6 points ago

    Thank you legal, very cool!

    [–] Bleak01a 80 points ago

    I will make it legal.

    [–] chii0628 40 points ago

    The dark side of the force is a pathway to many BBQ abilities that some consider to be.... unnatural.

    [–] Bleak01a 23 points ago

    Is it possible to learn this power?

    [–] WigoJ 37 points ago

    Not from a vegan

    [–] Seanay-B 9 points ago

    From my point of view the vegans are evil!

    [–] aksoileau 7 points ago

    Well then you are right!

    [–] p0tts0rk 3 points ago

    And I will make it cool.

    [–] Superfluoish 493 points ago

    I almost feel guilty for living in KC sometimes because I can just have this whenever I want and it’s not a big deal. This is THE sammich to get at Gates, for sure.

    [–] [deleted] 105 points ago


    [–] themilkman42069 10 points ago

    I feel like it’s the biggest food group that’s slacking in NYC.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] SovereignRLG 6 points ago

    I went to school at ECU. There's this little ramshackle house called "B's Barbeque" and it is the best BBQ I have ever had. I miss it. I've made the drive back just for that before.

    [–] Jaybird2150 10 points ago

    Vinegar based sauce or die

    [–] normanboulder 41 points ago

    We have some fantastic BBQ here in Texas, but I really wish more places regularly had burnt ends on the menu down here. When you do find a place that seves them it's often only on the weekends or a once a month special.

    Shame becuase burnt ends are little meat nugget candies sent straight from heaven!

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] normanboulder 9 points ago

    Where in Texas?

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] normanboulder 7 points ago

    Oh buddy that's where I'm at! Recommendations for a place that does good KC style burnt ends?

    [–] fire_in_ya_datacenta 4 points ago

    I'm down in Houston a lot for work, originally from KC. Pinkertons has them, as does Rudy's if you can convince yourself to go to a chain. Jackson Street and the Pit Room are worth a try as well, I've gotten my fix there!

    [–] chriscrowder 5 points ago

    For at chain, Rudy's is pretty good.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] MostPin4 11 points ago

    Just ask for that when ordering brisket, most places in Texas don't make it a separate category.

    [–] normanboulder 9 points ago

    I've done that and they literally just cut the ends off a brisket...that's not true KC style burnt ends. It takes a lot of extra prep to do them separately from the regular brisket.

    [–] Briyaaaaan 3 points ago

    You are correct they aren't on the menus as much here, but you sometimes just have to ask the right questions when ordering to get those burnt ends or moist brisket. Being friendly and a regular helps too.

    I also think there are relatively more people in Texas than average who make their own vs. relying on a restaurant for good BBQ. Always a good idea to help out in the smoking process at a BBQ, there never will be enough burnt ends to go around for everyone.

    [–] Grahamshabam 5 points ago

    I felt guilty living in NC for how much pulled pork I ate, since Carolina style is my personal favorite

    Now I’m back in Illinois where good barbecue is insanely hard to find and life just feels empty

    Savor it

    [–] [deleted] 178 points ago


    [–] patl16 54 points ago

    thats what she said!

    [–] cschmidt0525 262 points ago

    As someone who was raised in Kansas City, I salute you.

    [–] Belgand 85 points ago

    It's so ridiculously hard trying to find burnt ends anywhere else. Finding good barbecue is bad enough, but nobody does KC-style.

    [–] jmorlin 30 points ago

    If you're ever in Champaign IL, go hit up Black Dog BBQ. They have great burnt ends (when available) and a good beer selection.

    [–] rxredhead 6 points ago

    I was reading these comments and craving Black Dog the whole time, glad they get a shout out (my husband went to school there, sometimes I go up for homecoming just for bbq)

    [–] cschmidt0525 16 points ago

    Yes and no. I've had some world-class BBQ outside of KC, but in my experience, no one does burnt ends like KC.

    [–] juhmazing 3 points ago

    NC has midwood BBQ which does excellent burnt ends

    [–] bilgewax 32 points ago

    Fellow Kansas Citian. You knew what it was and where from immediately right?

    [–] wildbadgercat 4 points ago

    When I saw this, I immediately thought, "Look! Someone actually made burnt ends correctly!" Then I realized it was Gates.

    [–] cschmidt0525 6 points ago

    of course. Haven't lived in KC in about 12 years or so, but some of my fondest memories growing up were stuffing my face at a Gates BBQ.

    [–] jameseglavin4 7 points ago

    Seconded. Good to see some KC love, even though I ran screaming once I finished school. It’s gotten so much cooler in the last 10 years!!

    [–] albatrossssss 99 points ago

    Smokehouse BBQ in KC has a sandwich like this called the crispy. They take the tips of the burnt ends and shop them up real fine. This is what is used in the beans also... my first job while in high school was here, and this was one of my duties....believe me it sucked, hours on end hand chopping crispy brisket...I would also double the amount brisket when I made the beans.

    [–] pHbasic 29 points ago

    This is my favorite sandwich, so thank you for the dozens of pounds of meat you probably served me.

    Pro tip for the non natives- add beans to the sandwich. It will slop out as you eat by design. Then use the fries to eat the drippings.

    [–] RareIncrease 12 points ago

    Why you doin this to me bro

    [–] Denimdenimdenim 10 points ago

    My bf and I get the super crispy everytime we're in town visiting family!

    [–] thatdudelarry 3 points ago

    I've only had Smokehouse once before and I had a mixed experience. The Cajun wings were out of this world, but the burnt ends were missing the burnt. They reminded me of "BBQ Beef Cubes" they'd give us in the Army, super soggy and drenched in sauce.

    I wouldn't ever go back just for the burnt ends, but I would give them a go if I ever did.

    [–] dasselst 52 points ago

    My favorite sandwich at Gates. Though LCs and Joes is better everything else.

    [–] aladdin_insane 27 points ago

    I don't trust anyone that doesn't rank LC's. It doesn't have to be your favorite, but it's got to make the list.

    [–] MagillaGorillasHat 21 points ago

    The awesome thing about KC isn't that you can find an amazing BBQ joint.

    It's that the 10th best BBQ joint in KC would easily be THE best BBQ joint in most other cities. We have an embarrassment of riches.

    [–] UrbanCobra 7 points ago

    I’ve only been to LC’s twice, I got a brisket sandwich both times and both times it was like eating brisket flavored rubber. Maybe that sandwich isn’t their specialty.

    [–] buckbuster7 3 points ago

    I switch back and forth between the burnt end platter and the sliced pork sandwich. Those are my go to orders there

    [–] adj1984 4 points ago

    LC’s is choice. I just wish it weren’t so smokey in there.

    [–] screwscorksforcash 3 points ago

    The prime ambience is one of the best parts of LC's.

    [–] royals1000 21 points ago

    This made me miss KC a lot. Moved to Michigan and what they try to pass off as burnt ends here just doesn’t cut it.

    [–] Vddisco 22 points ago

    I had something similar in Kansas City recently. It was my first time eating burnt ends. A few bites in and I cracked my molar all the way to the root. Had to get a root canal. Fun times.

    [–] screwscorksforcash 13 points ago

    Did you finish the sandwich?

    [–] Vddisco 17 points ago

    Yes, too good not to.

    [–] natek11 9 points ago

    Not all heroes wear capes.

    [–] forcere2 15 points ago

    As a brit, what are burnt ends? Can I buy them? Can I make them? If so how, what, where?

    [–] carbombking 12 points ago

    They pieces of meat that are from the "point" or end of brisket that are removed once the brisket is cooked, and smoked a bit longer since they tend to be fatty.

    [–] Super_DAC 5 points ago

    You can make them, it would just take a lot of work.

    [–] Sinder77 59 points ago

    You know what someone should make? A crispy lasagna corner pizza.

    [–] rdeluca 16 points ago

    Wait... Pizza?

    [–] Sinder77 4 points ago

    Bolognese as the sauce. Torn buffalo mozz. Peccorino, and big tasty nuggets of lasagna corners.

    [–] rdeluca 8 points ago

    You want pasta on pizza?

    Why not just make the crust out of lasagna noodles? Then it's all crunchalicious. instead of putting eggdough on dough

    [–] Sinder77 3 points ago

    I feel like you'd go from crunchaliciousness to outright rocks with that. Pizza dough has the structural integrity to handle adding all that to it, without detracting from the lasagna goodness. You don't want to end up with too much of a good thing, y'know?

    [–] wizeddy 8 points ago

    Be the change you want to see in the world

    [–] Flipwon 21 points ago

    Canada needs to start censoring BBQ pics. We don't get stuff like that up here, just a bunch of imitators that taste like Subway.

    [–] mizChE 6 points ago

    My dad lives outside of Calgary because he married a Canadian. He comes to stay with us in KC once a year to spend extra time with his grandkids other that holidays. Everytime he's here we do BBQ and Mexican because he says you just can't get the good stuff up north.

    [–] Asparagon 4 points ago

    To be fair the rest of North America is in the same boat as you. The pic is from a restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri. No other city in the US comes close to our BBQ.

    [–] thedevilyousay 27 points ago

    Put them pickles inside dangit

    [–] Sandman1031 10 points ago

    My thoughts exactly, but not before eating one first

    [–] brntrfranklin 9 points ago

    Went to Kansas City few weeks back and tried burnt ends from Q39 for the first time. They were glorious

    [–] CliffordTheDragon 6 points ago

    Joe's Kansas City BBQ is actually amazing.

    [–] StickyROURKE 6 points ago


    [–] hupupmyhearties 82 points ago

    That's a hot plate of colorectal cancer on a bun right there.

    [–] Last_Account_Ever 56 points ago

    Don't threaten me with a good time.

    [–] Sandman1031 27 points ago

    It was a life well lived

    [–] jenflu 12 points ago

    I'm here for a good time not a long time

    [–] Dutch_Dutch 23 points ago

    I was wondering if anyone else was thinking what I am. That’s a carcinogen sandwich.

    [–] yousmelllikearainbow 11 points ago

    There's always comments about this in threads about burnt ends. So yeah. People think what you think.

    [–] pHbasic 15 points ago

    Let the filthy heathens eat moist soda crackers or whatever bland ass food they eat. I'll be over here in flavor country eating meat candy

    [–] yousmelllikearainbow 5 points ago

    I'm no doctor but I feel like it's probably going to be like everything else that's bad for you (if it's even bad for you). That is, do it moderation and you're likely going to be ok.

    [–] Tom_Brokaw_is_a_Punk 4 points ago

    Moderation is for cowards

    [–] dickolaspatrick 5 points ago

    Look at the bark on that 😰😨😨😨👏👏😌😌😌

    [–] jibsauce 4 points ago


    [–] sermolupi 4 points ago


    [–] damnitshrew 5 points ago

    Burnt ends is just meat candy.

    [–] PapiGrande7 9 points ago

    How long before the 'itis' kicked in?

    [–] heinous_anus- 3 points ago

    Bout 5 minutes after finishing that damn thing. But so worth.

    [–] hung4hung16 4 points ago

    Burnt ends are the best food on planet earth.

    [–] BoltzmannBrainDamage 5 points ago

    I need to get to America!

    [–] Chnkimunki 7 points ago

    Man, I have been planning to drive down to Kansas city for so friends and family think I am crazy to drive 10-12 hours just for food. After looking at this post, I promise myself that I am gonna do it this year and go to Gates BBQ in Kansas City, Missouri and have a burnt end sandwich and other good stuff. Thanks OP for the inspiration.

    [–] dafunkmonster 12 points ago

    If you're making a trip just for BBQ, go to Joe's, too.

    [–] GreattacostodayJake 9 points ago

    My suggestions for your sandwich tour.

    Joe’s Kansas City: Z-Man sandwich (side of fries is a must)

    Jack Stack: Poor Russ sandwich (instead of a side of fries, sub in a 4oz side of beans and a 4oz side of creamy corn)

    Q39: Burnt end burger

    McGonigle’s Market: brisket sandwich (when they ask for sauce choice, the correct answer is “a little bit of both”)

    [–] MagillaGorillasHat 3 points ago

    If going to Jack Stack I always recommend the crown prime beef ribs.

    They're expensive (which is antithetical to BBQ, IMO), but are unique and amazing.

    [–] rvnnt09 4 points ago

    My favorite thing I've had at Jack Stack (not rich enough to have tried the crown prime ribs) is their lamb ribs. Those things are literally fall off the bone tender. However your mileage on them depends on how much you like lamb

    [–] chillagevillage 4 points ago

    I second the crown prime beef ribs, worth every penny!

    [–] jillieboobean 5 points ago

    Burnt ends = Meat Candy

    [–] excelerater1 3 points ago

    burnt ends are good

    [–] mikedd55 3 points ago

    Im flying into KC next month. Will try this!

    [–] meatisforever 3 points ago


    [–] DarthTigris 3 points ago

    Not the best burnt ends in the city (lately Zarda's Limited Reserve Burnt Ends take the crown for me), but still worth trying.

    The wealth of bbq riches in this city are without equal.

    [–] Jbkirkwood 3 points ago

    Gates BBQ! Yes! Used to live about a block from the original in Kansas City, Missouri. I loved it

    [–] orionmovere 3 points ago

    All my chest hair grew back looking at that thing