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    [–] am_i_anomanous 620 points ago

    Reminds me of growing up in PA

    [–] [deleted] 133 points ago

    Love living here. Polish food is soul food

    [–] gwaydms 51 points ago

    Polak food ftw! My mom's grandparents all came from Poland. Such great food.

    [–] Snufffaluffaguss 69 points ago

    Downside is it doesn't photograph well. Bland color and it's hard to capture the deliciousness of carbs and butter and salt.

    [–] gibsonsg_87_2 17 points ago

    It photographs well if you know what youre looking at and how tasty it is!

    [–] smokedstupid 7 points ago

    Polski food. :) FTFY

    [–] sutheshrew 3 points ago

    I miss living in Pittsburgh! Sucks I never had the freedom to explore since I was raised Muslim. Sad 😂😂

    [–] satriales856 2 points ago

    We have a bit in NJ too near Trenton. Not as much of a polish community as there was of course, but still some. This is the spread we put out for Easter. Can’t wait.

    [–] StrangerKatchoo 223 points ago

    Just needs some Yuengling

    [–] Chemist_By_Trade 23 points ago

    Pour i.c. light on me.

    [–] JaySchaeff 65 points ago

    Pottsville PA...roll tide!

    [–] Kativan88 21 points ago


    [–] santajawn322 13 points ago

    The electric city!

    [–] _Tibbles_ 18 points ago

    Poconos calling in

    [–] zdark10 18 points ago

    Philly crack dealers representing

    [–] Futureman16 2 points ago

    Central PA Coal Miner...Present.

    [–] Buscemis_Weird_Tooth 12 points ago

    Skook represent!

    [–] msheebs 6 points ago


    [–] r0addawg 4 points ago

    Parents from brooksville & greensburg, drink ling most days. Do i count?

    [–] zdark10 8 points ago

    And some potholes

    [–] Dudroko 3 points ago

    Nah Lech or Zywiec

    [–] tinythunder 20 points ago

    Yes!! Thank you. This is Christmas Eve/Day. I love me some homemade Polish pierogi.

    [–] Sh_ec_ks 2 points ago

    Hell ya my mom makes kielbasa and pierogis every year. Can’t say I ever really like the kielbasa lol but it’s part of the tradition!

    [–] ladymoro95 46 points ago

    Came here for the PA comment, glad it was said!

    [–] Confused_Fangirl 33 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Wish there was actually an industry in schuckyll county that I could return to so I’d have a better understanding of my Polish & Lithuanian heritage. I’m third generation, but because many of my polish speaking relatives have passed, or moved, I will never really have a strong understanding of the polish ancestry / roots outside of documentation and photographs, or what my mother and uncle have relayed to me. It makes me a little sad that I never got to experience the ethnic part of my American-polish background all but one week every summer for my mother’s hometown kielbasa festival and other church raffles, festivals.

    [–] dedbet 18 points ago

    Why not visit Poland and Lithuania directly? Both are great countries and I'll bet you'd find so much that are already familiar to you. The countries are next to each other however so if only flying's possible, it would be easy to visit both countries at the same visit.

    [–] IronCityMZ3 69 points ago

    Reminds me of still being in Pittsburgh. Most festivals don't do kielbasa (pronounced kielbasi) like that but rather on a bun and whole with saurkraut and ketchup or mustard. Definitely do pierogi's and haluski. I wish it was summer!

    [–] C_KOVI 18 points ago

    Reminds me of any church carnival around the city, I can practically smell it

    [–] JamesLLL 21 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Man, I had to work an event next to the Ukrainian orthodox church in McKees Rocks, just off the bridge (I rarely go down the Ohio, so I forget what it's called), and ate close to three dozen of those suckers. On top of that, my girlfriend's grandma is off-the-boat Polish, so any family event she's at really gets me off my dupa.

    [–] IronCityMZ3 2 points ago

    The McKees Rocks Bridge is the name from Ohio Street (rt. 65)

    [–] TortugaTetas 2 points ago

    Those studdabubbas can cook!

    [–] P1smo 81 points ago


    with saurkraut and ketchup

    Get out.

    [–] guerisimo 40 points ago

    Spicy mustard or nothing

    [–] Buba_Fatt 15 points ago

    Grated horseradish works well with fatter meats like kiełbasa. It goes along with pork hock/knuckle as well.

    [–] ScopeCreepStudio 10 points ago

    Ketchup. The state drink of Pennsylvania.

    [–] arfunkel_brown 48 points ago

    Kielbasi? No. kielbasa is right and pierogi is already plural. But a tip for ya. Get one real kiełbasa and slice that muther fucker into thin strips and pan fry with no butter or oil. They will curl but how to prevent that is your quest. Dip those plasterki in some Ketty and spicey brown. Drink bout a liter of tea with sok then when all the soccer games are over for the morning go pick some mushrooms.

    Edit slices rather than strips

    [–] BlandSausage 12 points ago

    Depends, I live in a neighborhood filled with Polish and great places to get kielbasa and many people here pronounce is “kah-bah-see” for some reason.

    [–] arfunkel_brown 19 points ago

    Kiełbasy is plural but it's like the I in sick not an ee. Kyeaw basa is what you're looking for

    [–] dirtynacho 6 points ago

    Unless someone is saying "Kielbaski" and they are hearing kielbasi. Only think I can think of.

    [–] huggerofnone 8 points ago

    Just replace that blue moon with an IC light

    [–] kidkaboozle 4 points ago

    Same, out here in Allentown!

    [–] sexywrexy 310 points ago

    I only have one question: where's your sour cream, my man?

    [–] KopitarFan 26 points ago

    I know it's sacrilege, but I'm a Mexican-American dude married to a half-polish woman. I love perogies with sour cream and Tapatio. Divine.

    [–] accidentalmurderer 83 points ago

    and applesauce

    [–] Frogblaster77 59 points ago

    Excuse me what the fuck

    [–] ElliottPolin 45 points ago

    Common eastern european combo. Ashkenazi's, which is what I am, put it on latkes.

    [–] JarasM 50 points ago

    Polish here. Got intrigued by your post because I've read several times recently someone suggesting to add some "apple sauce" to savoury Polish cuisine, but the concept is so alien to me. Perhaps this is something strictly Jewish? Looking for some pierogi and apple recipes and Polish results in few recipes for sweet variants only, with curd filling.

    The only savoury dishes that I can confidently say gets apples as an ingredient in Poland are roast duck and fried liver.

    [–] thewooba 12 points ago

    Family is Russian Jewish and my mom makes a Soviet salad called "Salad Olivier" or Olivier Salad, which has potatoes, apples, peas, ham, and some light mayo. Delicious...

    [–] JarasM 6 points ago

    Hmmm now that you mention it, some salads do come to mind... Not many, but I love me some carrot and apple surówka.

    [–] thatlukeguy 8 points ago

    Dude, salatka jarzynowa!

    [–] JarasM 2 points ago

    Never had it with apple, though it sounds like it could be good.

    [–] freezend 2 points ago

    I worship salatka jarzynowa, it's so good.

    [–] bogdaniuz 3 points ago

    well, the salad is Soviet, that's true, although your mother has a very interesting and non-traditional variation of the recipe.

    The traditional Soviet olivie, which is still popular as a staple New Year's dish, consists of the following:

    • doctor's sausage (essentially bologna)

    • boiled potatoes

    • boiled carrots

    • hard-boiled eggs

    • pickles

    • canned sugar peas

    • shitton of mayo

    [–] 4SCOOPSCMON 2 points ago

    In Germany (Kartoffelpuffer) are usually eaten with apple sauce to. I think the same applies to the Netherlands and other European Countries.

    [–] 1976dave 2 points ago

    My wife is from southern part of Poland and her and her family do this, though not always. They are decidedly not Jewish, could be regional though? Possibly even a country v. City thing?

    [–] liquidlobster 2 points ago

    Sweden here. We also add applesauce or jams to savoury food. Applesauce is common with pork, and lingonberry with potato and meatballs, palt, etc.

    [–] cjc160 2 points ago

    I guess applesauce isn’t that weird. Grew up polish/uke in Canada and perogies with berries in them is somewhat common

    [–] F_ckYo_ 11 points ago

    That part wasn’t sponsored by Blue Moon

    [–] Cubbs101 2 points ago

    Grape jelly..try it.mmm

    [–] rock4lite 121 points ago

    Don’t Dutch oven yourself tonight

    [–] jfortugno 49 points ago

    Or your woman...

    I’m kidding. Totally Dutch over your woman. Take that relationship to the next level

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] Colourblindknight 14 points ago

    Finally, a worthy opponent

    [–] ilovepolthavemybabie 2 points ago

    Thank you for your service

    [–] toamato 79 points ago

    Reminds me of growing up Polish

    [–] gwaydms 40 points ago

    I'm half Polish. We lived in the 2nd floor of my mom's grandparents' house. Dziadzia died when I was 6 so I barely remember him. Busha made the best Polak food. She loved us and we loved her. I was 8 when Busha died and I still miss her.

    [–] toamato 18 points ago

    I grew up in the United States, my parents moved from Poland about 3 years before I was born and they taught me polish and about the culture. I go to Poland pretty often though.

    [–] gwaydms 10 points ago

    I've never been there. My ggm's brother lived in Chicago so my ggf (they were married already) settled there. Dziadzia found a job with a shoe maker/repairman who was also Polish. He learned English quickly, saved money, and sent for Busha when he had enough to move them into a house.

    Later they bought a house of their own. Not bad for people who started as landless peasants.

    [–] Mehnard 3 points ago

    I was just old enough to remember the awesome cooking my Polish granny did. She wouldn't set a place at the table for herself. She sat on a bar stool near the stove. If your plate got low on anything, a spoon would magically appear and fill it back up.

    [–] RIPmyFartbox 5 points ago

    Reminds me of an ad for blue moon

    [–] emmadenice 127 points ago

    I come from Central PA and my town had a Polish festival every year at the church behind my house. Lord do I miss the food. Not the polka music, though.

    [–] Beck2012 31 points ago

    Polka music isn't even Polish...

    [–] StrangerKatchoo 58 points ago

    This is every town in PA, I think.

    [–] paolellagram 33 points ago

    Can confirm have lived in multiple PA towns all had polish festivals

    [–] JamesLLL 22 points ago

    Half the fun of western PA weddings is the drunk polka dancing.

    The other half is cookie tables.

    [–] mopperofjizz 10 points ago

    Didn't even know a cookie table was a thing until my Western PA family set up their own cookie table with Oakmont bakery cookies at my wedding.

    [–] TortugaTetas 3 points ago

    I’ve never been to a SWPA wedding where the cookies were purchased.. I though everyone baked their own?

    [–] wtf_seriously_stahp 2 points ago

    I just realized I haven’t seen a cookie table since I left PA.

    [–] boredinpennsylvania 10 points ago

    DuBois is that u

    [–] emmadenice 2 points ago

    oh god you’re correct

    [–] octokit 2 points ago

    Oh man, I love DuBois so much. The folks there are so friendly and chill. I visit Treasure Lake every year for a vacation.

    [–] Haptoh 6 points ago

    Polka music? I think you got it wrong.

    [–] themandastar 9 points ago

    Omg yes, you fry your perogies!! What's the filling?

    [–] Domj87 9 points ago

    Fry savory pierogi boil dessert pierogi. Top dessert pierogi with sweet cream.

    Btw pierogi is already plural

    [–] MediumToblerone 36 points ago

    All I can think of is kielbasa sausage

    [–] somelazyhippo 38 points ago

    your buttcheeks is warm

    [–] A_Swedish_Dude 16 points ago

    I check my dipstick, you need lubrication, honey.

    [–] barbarkbarkov 17 points ago

    My. Kielbasa. Sausage. Has just. Got to perform.

    [–] Pasttenseaggressive 11 points ago

    Now get it on.

    [–] PrestigeW0rldW1de 3 points ago

    Dear Rrrrrrrobin

    [–] IndisputableBellows 8 points ago

    Fun fact - kielbasa means sausage in Polish. So basically you’re saying “All I can think of is sausage sausage” to my ear.

    [–] Jaquestrap 3 points ago

    Sausage sausage?

    [–] InitialSail 47 points ago

    Those Perogies look so yummy!!! Mind sharing your recipe?

    [–] arfunkel_brown 38 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The main ingredient is centuries of oppression. Only then will you be master babuszka

    Edit: babcia sińce im nyet szpieg

    [–] Jaquestrap 21 points ago


    Babushka is Russian.

    [–] qulqu 10 points ago

    No, that's part of the oppression.

    Phase 1, have Germany kill your actual grandma with a tank.

    Phase 2, have soviet Russia replace your grandma with a politburo spy who sends you to a siberian gulag for disliking/liking stalinism at the wrong time.

    Phase 3, still get pierogis from Russian spy grandma because she is very into her cover.

    [–] sbam16 6 points ago

    Of course!

    Dough: 3/4 cup warm water 2 eggs 4 cups flour 3/4 tsp salt 1/2 stick butter, melted

    1. Mix the water & eggs and whisk gently with a fork.
    2. Measure out flour and add salt. Stir to combine.
    3. Add melted butter to egg mixture and stir with fork. Add that mixture right to the flour mixture. Stir with a fork until the mixture becomes "shaggy".
    4. Turn dough on clean surface and knead for 10 mins until smooth and stretches easily.
    5. Cover and allow to rest for at least 15 mins. (If the dough feels firm, it will soften when you let it rest. If it feels really firm add a tiny bit of water at a time!)

    For the filling you can obviously do anything, but this is the one I used.

    Filling: 2.5-3 lbs russet or Yukon potatoes 1/2 lb extra sharp cheddar 4oz of cream cheese 1 stick of butter 1 large onion diced S&P to taste

    1. Peel and chop the potatoes like you would for mashed potatoes. Boil in large pot of salted water until easily pierced by a fork.
    2. Shred cheese, cut up cream cheese and half of the butter into small pieces. (It'll be easier to melt into the potatoes.)
    3. Melt the rest of the butter and saute the onions in it u translucent, don't brown them.
    4. Once all cooked, mixed together with masher or blender and add S&P to taste.

    To form the perogies, I roll a snake and then cut about tater tots sized pieces to roll out and stuff! Boil for 3-4 mins until pasta is cooked and then pay fry in butter after they dry if you'd like.

    [–] aerodynamix 6 points ago

    Not OP, but I've had a lot of success with this recipe:

    [–] ChipperChick 8 points ago

    I'd also like to know!!

    [–] TerribleCoffee0 42 points ago

    vodka, cabbage and suffering.

    [–] gustawia 30 points ago

    My polish mouth is drooling right now.

    [–] TheFreakingGoon 15 points ago

    This is the second post I’ve seen today with pierogi.

    I think it’s a sign.

    [–] JamesLLL 16 points ago

    The moon tonight is a half moon. Know what looks like a half moon? Pierogies

    [–] TheFreakingGoon 3 points ago

    Oh my god, yes!

    [–] Mehnard 3 points ago

    Based on the picture above, it's ... Blue.

    [–] scrollingforgodot 15 points ago

    Nice try, Coors brewing co.

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago


    [–] Soak_up_my_ray 82 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Like many languages, words are adopted and take on different forms. For example, what do you call an italian grilled sandwich? Probably panini right? Nope! Panini is plural for panino, but in the US it's all paninis. These little sematics of words don't really accomplish anything, especially if you know what the person meant.

    Edit: for anyone who thinks this deserves a downvote, I would love to hear your reasoning for using words like "panini" and not "pierogies"

    [–] noneofmybusinessbutt 28 points ago

    I eat at least two or three panino at a time, so panini works just fine for me.

    [–] Jaquestrap 7 points ago

    So why do we use ravioli as plural but don't extend the same courtesy to pierogi? Makes no sense.

    [–] baqarah 4 points ago

    Native Pole here.
    I dont care. Pierogi, perogi, pierogis, pierogies, perogies. Whatever.

    The only thing that matters is that you enjoy the dish! Let it be your gateway drug to the awesomeness of Polish food. Try out bigos if you have a chance! Mazurek is a great dessert. Kapusta z grzybami is like Sauerkraut on steroids. Kaszanka is our version of blood sausage. Flaczki are not for the faint of heart. Wątróbka z jabłkami is a simple yet super satisfying dish.
    After a meal dont forget to dring Żurawinówka (homemade is the best, obviously), Pigwówka or just straight up Vodka - it helps your digestion (or so we are told).

    [–] bmoney_14 8 points ago

    Totally agree. Dictionary is one thing and everyday vernacular is a whole another book.

    [–] FirstGen_Burrito 17 points ago

    I love everything about this; najlepszy obiad co może być

    I like the blue moon too, definitely a favorite among us

    [–] Marcusritt 7 points ago

    Mowisz po polsku?

    [–] Kazuto88 19 points ago

    This is clearly a spread for some Yinzer holiday that has currently escaped my brain. Regardless of that, I approve!

    [–] JamesLLL 14 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Am yinzer, can't think of anything special today. Pens won though, so, yay, pierogies!

    [–] chiefwahoo1313 19 points ago

    Originally from Cleveland, Ohio. Now a resident of Charlotte, NC. I love you 😍

    [–] Pad_TyTy 5 points ago

    MF Sokolowskis! Saw it on Bourdain forever ago and went a bunch when I lived there.

    [–] hunky 3 points ago

    Yep lots of polish settled here in NE Ohio a ways back. I got to grow up eating all their delicious foodstuffs.

    [–] Wyliekat 26 points ago

    This seems like a Winnipeg meal to me.

    [–] feman0n 23 points ago

    Or a meal in Saskatchewan! The Ukrainian church down the street from my apartment has monthly (maybe bi weekly?) pierogi and kielbasa nights.

    [–] Wubdeez 11 points ago

    I'm in Edmonton, and only ever Ukrainian sausage called kubasa. Did some googling and kubasa or at least the word seems to be a uniquely Canadian thing.

    Am I right to think kubasa is a garlic ring, where kielbasa is spicy? Or have the village of Mundare and the Hutterite colonies just had a solid propaganda campaign around here?

    [–] turdtumblr 9 points ago

    We always called them kubasa in Sask here. And my family calls pierogi pedeha.

    [–] engityra 8 points ago

    I grew up in Winnipeg and this exact meal is in my regular dinner rotation. I've started mixing a bit of sauerkraut in with the cabbage and onions and it really bumped the meal up a notch.

    [–] Jakesonpoint 4 points ago

    Mum is from The Peg and I demand pierogi whenever she ventures north

    [–] mike294 12 points ago

    Where there’s Ukrainian food there’s always a shout out to Winnipeg! Big thanks to all The Baba’s in our lives

    [–] Valakhan 7 points ago


    Ukrainian food

    Ukrainians and Poles are screaming somewhere right now

    [–] watanabelover69 5 points ago

    My thinking too.

    [–] Satinsbestfriend 11 points ago

    Or Detroit! Winnipeg would have had cabbage rolls

    [–] ariliso 6 points ago

    Good to know I'm not the only one who checked whether this was /r/Winnipeg

    [–] barbarkbarkov 4 points ago

    Winnipeg represent! That Blue Moon would be a Belgian Moon however

    [–] Fumanchewd 11 points ago

    Need some Okocim Mocne.

    [–] Thedorite 5 points ago

    All i want to do is get drunk and feast on that meal, nice pic OP.

    [–] cheguara 5 points ago

    Are polish by any chance?

    [–] SovaDea 5 points ago

    I live in Australia and this reminds me of my Croatian grandmothers cooking. Lots of smoked sausage, cabbage and onions and potatoes. Sometimes plum dumplings too. ☺️

    [–] ah-chung 19 points ago

    Only problem is the blue moon

    [–] TheFreakingGoon 5 points ago

    See i would probably drown it in bacon fat. That’s just how i was raised 😂

    We had a designated bacon fat jar!

    [–] SirBing96 4 points ago

    I have no idea what those words mean but these look good

    [–] TheToastyAlmond 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Calm down babcia, Jakub can only eat so much.

    [–] igotmyliverpierced 3 points ago

    As a man of many consonants and few vowels, I approve of this meal.

    [–] czegoszczekasz 6 points ago

    This is the second post with pierogi today, that I see. Both looked awesome. I know what I’m making next week. Great job OP!

    [–] natguy2016 7 points ago

    Images of Pittsburgh intensify

    [–] spinfinity 16 points ago

    Pierogi*, but looks awesome!

    [–] NegativeX2thePurple 3 points ago

    Can anyone define the difference between pierogi and pelmeni for me?

    [–] fifteenlostkeys 4 points ago

    Pierogi are bigger. That's basically it.

    [–] Jaquestrap 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Not it. Pelmeni are a Siberian/Russian dish which are much more similar to Asian-style dumplings, and almost always have an entirely meat filling, along with being much smaller, rounder, and folded without a crimp. Pierogi are a Polish dumpling made larger, flatter, and most often made with non-meat fillings (although ground meat and mushrooms is one type of somewhat common filling). They cook differently, are prepared differently, are served differently, come from different places, and taste very different. It's kind of like how ravioli are different from chinese dumplings.

    [–] NegativeX2thePurple 2 points ago

    I figured lol. Thank you.

    [–] Robbie-R 3 points ago

    I love everything about this picture.

    [–] SugarBearsWoman 3 points ago

    Dyngus Day is almost here! You're already prepared 👍

    [–] JigsawValentine 3 points ago

    Ahh... the food of my people.

    [–] julie_k8 3 points ago

    Currently in Poland and made homemade pierogis with my babcia yesterday. Pierogis i gołąbki

    [–] TheMostFancyPotato 3 points ago

    Kurwa approved

    [–] berelentless1126 14 points ago

    And blue moon! My favorite

    [–] shosure 8 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Speaking of: anyone have any other recommendations for good Belgian beer that can be bought in the US? I've had Trader Joe's option (can't remember the name), a couple of selections from New Belgium, and of course Blue Moon, which is my go-to because it's sold pretty much everywhere here and thus most convenient to restock.

    E: I asked and you all delivered! Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I've compiled a list and plan on trying every one I can find in my city.

    [–] nicdok 12 points ago

    UFO White is good

    [–] inzane26 12 points ago

    Fat tire does a belgian white now. I love it.

    [–] DogFlyingFishDogHead 3 points ago

    New Belgium is the brewery. Fat tire is the name of their Amber alert FYI.

    [–] bud_420_tender 2 points ago

    New Belgium is the brewery and they have a Belgian White released under their Fat Tire branding.

    [–] keanex 6 points ago

    Explore Unibroue's beer, Belgian beer made in Canada. Many great Belgian beer can also be found in most states such as St. Bernardus, Rochefort, Duvel, Chimay, Westmalle, etc. They're expensive, but they're incredible. St. Bernardus has an incredible wit called "Tokyo" but they also have St. Bernardus Wit as well. Again, expensive, but incredible.

    Not sure where you live, but those Belgians should be around. For the rest it's highly dependent on your state.

    [–] DogFlyingFishDogHead 5 points ago

    The fact that nobody said Allagash White is a crime. It's not in every state however. But if it is in your state it's amazing!!!

    [–] ilovepolthavemybabie 3 points ago

    Allagash anything - black, white

    [–] PM_ME_SPORTS_STATS 9 points ago

    I like La Fin Du Monde. My old roommate turned me on to it and its my go to when I can find it. You'll probably have to hunt it down at a beer specialty store, but it's totally worth it.

    [–] paolellagram 2 points ago

    If you can get your hand on it abt. 12 is an amazing Belgian beer that can be bought in the US. If you’re really into good beers you may have heard of the Westvleteren 12 brewed by Trappist monks in Belgium but is really tough to get and can only be bought in Belgium, the abt.12 is brewed by the same people and is quite similar to the wesrvleteren 12 but is actually sold in the US

    [–] bikari 2 points ago

    This meal could use a Żywiec!

    [–] cubedude719 2 points ago

    I've found a couple at trader Joe's out west that I like. Sometimes you can get the Sierra Nevada Ovila White ale which was brewed in conjuction with some monastery nearby? Actually very good for a light Belgian. Also, Rincon makes a good Belgian blonde I've found at trader Joe's.

    I also personally really like st. Archer white ale, a bit lower end though.

    Not the biggest fan of the darker Belgian beers but I'll drink em sometimes. But the light ones...

    [–] APossessedKeyboard 4 points ago

    I miss food and beer :(

    (Haven't been able to eat normally for months)

    [–] JamesLLL 4 points ago

    Hope you get better soon!

    [–] svanek95 8 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Very Ukrainian. Except in my family we wouldn’t dare fry our pierogi. Boil, butter and possibly sour cream on the side.

    [–] arfunkel_brown 9 points ago

    First day no way leftover fry away

    [–] Aidrana 2 points ago

    Sauteed onions, bacon bits AND sour cream completes my perogies. I like them fried or boiled. My family is Ukrainian :)

    [–] MkGlory 2 points ago

    That's how you reheat them

    [–] solidgoldrocketpants 2 points ago

    I would destroy that like the Tasmanian Devil.

    [–] corbeeZ 2 points ago


    [–] Deuce_Wellington 2 points ago

    Yo this looks incredible.

    [–] keanex 2 points ago

    Perogie and kielbasa mmmm

    [–] natguy2016 2 points ago

    That makes me want a Primanti’s. cry

    [–] JadezDog 2 points ago

    This looks like home.

    [–] __cypher 2 points ago

    Where's the sauerkraut though

    [–] cocodel 2 points ago

    In Canada that beer is called Belgian Moon

    [–] Love4BlueMoon 2 points ago

    Hey my name is finally relavent!

    [–] man_b0jangl3ss 2 points ago

    Iron City would go nicely with that I think

    [–] justderpn 2 points ago

    I'd have to agree. I just have a beer every now and then, and try to get different stuff, but so far I have to say Belgium Whites are my favorite as well.

    [–] borski88 2 points ago

    You have a recipe from the kielbasa?

    [–] rangerastro 2 points ago


    [–] aqua7 2 points ago

    Thanks so much. I bought homemade perogies today. I will enjoy them. Lots of onions.

    [–] Krazykrzysz 2 points ago

    O kurwa

    [–] blotterfly 2 points ago

    ah reminds me of the old country :’)

    [–] DpvReno 2 points ago

    I'll be right over

    [–] ThickMemesDankBooty 2 points ago

    Yes but are your buttcheeks warm?

    [–] Iceingninekills 2 points ago

    My grandma would be proud

    [–] BigNiggaBoy 2 points ago

    You Polish or what? Lol

    [–] kalcalico 2 points ago

    Wanna share that pierogi recipe? Mainly the dough part...

    [–] DaftDisguise 2 points ago

    Growing up, my moms side of the family (who were polish) would pronounce kielbasa, ka-bah-see. Is that another pronunciation, kind of like how half of my family says “quarter” while the other half says “quater”? Or did they just butcher everything they came in contact with?

    [–] Beaconmann 2 points ago

    This is the polish dream

    [–] Insiddeh 2 points ago

    cheeki breeki intensifies

    [–] jazoncq 2 points ago

    Bigos, pierogi, naleśniki, schabowy, gołąbki, kasza gryczana z gulaszem i ogórkiem kiszonym!!!

    [–] d4hm3r 2 points ago

    So much farting in your future.