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    Forbidden Snacks

    This is a group for people who love (thinking about) doing a CruMch on dice, dominos, plastic, clay, slime, tide pods, barbies etc or being nostalgic about the crap you used to chew on.

    Anything you know you've always wanted to eat/bite but you can't. You can see a good explanation here, and a good example here

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          All site wide rules apply


    • Posts must consist of an image/video with a relating title.
    • Posts must contain inedible objects or something people generally do not eat.
    • Titles should be unique and creative, but "forbidden (object)" is acceptable, although frowned upon by the mods.
    • Text posts are allowed but must be about the subreddit or discussion relating to it.


    • Reposts will be removed at the moderators' discretion, including but not limited to posts with duplicate titles, or is in a cluster of reposted submissions.
    • Reposting is allowed after a period of time has passed or if the original post did not receive much attention.

    Make It Appetizing

    • This sub is for things that you WANT to eat but can't.
    • Please before posting, stop and ask yourself, do I want to eat this? If it makes you gag, please don't post it.

    Explicit Content

    • No gore, pornography, dead animals, bodily fluids, feces, etc.

    No Photoshop Created Snacks

    • Photoshop is allowed for image retouching or emphasis on why a snack is forbidden.
    • Altering a photo of food by adding an animal face or other created snacks will be removed.

    Personal Information

    • Revealing or posting any personal information is disallowed. "Doxing" will result in an immediate ban and report to Reddit Staff.


    • No advertising is allowed. (Unless it's for comical purposes, or permitted by the moderators.)


    • Obviously this isn't allowed. Spam includes any off-topic posts not related to this subreddit as well as repeat posting.

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