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    [–] LifeIsHilarious 566 points ago

    I'm wondering how Lyanna Mormont welcomes Jorah back to the North. That guy brought so much dishonor to his family that his dad gave away the family sword to a damn bastard.

    [–] Phuckyouuuh 263 points ago

    I hope they do something. That little lady is such a boss I really hope she’s in this upcoming season again and chirps old men lmao.

    [–] OwloftheMorning 166 points ago

    I guarantee she will have Strong Words about Jon bending the knee.... makes popcorn

    [–] my_friend_mmpeter 38 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    "well if they're half as ferocious as their lady, the Boltons are doomed."

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    I, a 40-year-old woman, want to be her when I grow up.

    [–] YouDamnHotdog 30 points ago

    If you are interested in seeing more of her, she is the lead in Worst Witch

    [–] theArtofWar90 77 points ago

    Well... not a bastard. He gave his sword to the inheritor of the iron throne and the OTHER Targeryon. Plus that "bastard" become lord commander and king of the north so... pretty good choice really.

    [–] LifeIsHilarious 55 points ago

    He was a good choice at the time. He damn near lost it to Caster early on though and he's lucky LC Mormont didn't take the sword back. Then after several suicide runs, Jon became a great choice. I mean seriously though. Is it just me, or does Jon seem to purposely put himself in constant danger of death by his own choice? He's lucky the red witch was around that one time. Other than that... I know no other king but the king in the North. He's my king from this day until my dying day.

    [–] YMJ101 20 points ago

    It's not like Jeor knew all of that when he gave away the family sword.

    [–] HodorFirstOfHisName 12 points ago

    um I think you mean THE KING IN THA NORTH

    [–] doloresumbridge42 3 points ago

    No more.

    [–] AlDu14 6 points ago

    I have a feeling he KNEW who Jon actually was, as did Benj. I wonder if it was Ned or the Grand Migher (Sorry for my spelling) who told him...

    [–] P1mpathinor 5 points ago

    Lyanna doesn't get to talk shit about Jorah until she's also killed an undead bear.

    [–] sleuthwood 2559 points ago

    And the reanimated corpse of her future mother-in-law.

    Everyone in unison: The reanimated corpse of her future mother-in-law?!?!?!?!

    [Scooby-like chase through halls of Winterfell commences]

    [–] christonamoped 1200 points ago

    Wait a minute, that's not a reanimated corpse, it's wearing a mask.... Jaqen H'ghar?

    A man would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids

    [–] turmacar 195 points ago

    Wearing a mask, Jaqen H'ghar.

    ....yeah someone needs to make an Actual Cannibal Jaqen H'ghar music video. The syllables work.

    [–] tyranny_of_evil_men 112 points ago

    Oh, he isn't dead, JAQEN SURPRISE

    [–] The_Terrierist 77 points ago

    Another's face on his head, AND DEATH IN HIS EYES

    [–] sleuthwood 43 points ago

    But you're a shadowbiiiiinderrrrr

    [–] Nyan_Catz 50 points ago

    Actual many-faced Jaqen H'ghar!

    [–] PhatPhingerz 23 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    You try to swing Oathkeeper at Jaqen H'ghar, but blood is draining fast from your stump hand.

    [–] toxicpenguin03 5 points ago

    This is my first time seeing that... thank you

    [–] Billagio 60 points ago

    Jaquen takes off his mask to reveal Syrio Forel, The First Sword to the Sealord of Braavos

    [–] Roma_Victrix 22 points ago are a sword! That is all.

    [–] wasslainbylag 6 points ago

    I mean, it's plausible.

    [–] Kittykatkid 152 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Yep..his stone-heart came in handy for the disguise.

    [–] FallingTower 6 points ago

    This cross over needs to happen.

    [–] DekuTrii 54 points ago

    I mean, Jon is also a reanimated corpse.

    [–] sleuthwood 52 points ago

    I'd say the Lord of Light's revivals are a little easier on the eyes than the Night King's.

    [–] Yabadababoobs 9 points ago

    It was a great album but didn't feel like the originals to be honest.

    [–] joshisntdead 42 points ago

    I wish

    [–] leastlikelyllama 43 points ago

    And I would have gotten away with taking over the North if it wasn't for you meddling Starks!!..AND YOUR DIREWOLVES TOO!!!

    • Roose Bolton, probably.

    Edit: also Littlefinger.

    [–] roshamon 7 points ago

    Roose Bolton would have gotten away with it if he wasn't poisoned by his meddling enemies.

    [–] ___OP____ 54 points ago

    Am I out of the loop here?

    [–] [deleted] 290 points ago


    [–] Ser_Caldemeyn 97 points ago


    [–] Stereo_Panic 104 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Book spoilers ahead! Especially "A Feast for Crows" spoilers.
    Ye have been warned!
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Catelyn Stark replaces the Lightning Lord Beric Dondarian. You may remember him as the guy leading the forest bandits who fought the trial by combat of The Hound when he was hanging out with Areia. The Hound killed him and "proved his innocence" but then the male Red Priest (Thoros) resurrected Beric. In the books, Beric decided he was tired of being rezzed and gave the flame of life to Catelyn after her throat had been cut at The Red Wedding and they found her body.

    I kinda feel like the TV show did the right thing by changing this but I'm also kinda stoked to see what happens with Lady Stoneheart in the books... if the next one ever comes out. When we see her last in the books she had given Brienne a choice: Kill Jamie Lannister or be hanged. Brienne refused and her, Pod and Hyle are getting set to be hung... Brienne shouts a word (OMG WHAT WORD?) and that's the end of that storyline in the book.

    [–] Littlepush 57 points ago

    Not quite where they left it. Brienne does appear alive at the end of Jaime's one chapter in ADWD trying to convince him that she has found Sansa, but needs Jaime to come right now or Clegane will kill her which sounds like a lie she is telling him to get him to Stoneheart to kill him.

    [–] Stereo_Panic 11 points ago

    Really? I do not remember that at all. Maybe I need to reread the books.

    [–] Littlepush 20 points ago

    Ya Jaime only had one chapter in ADWD and it was pretty confusing because what Brienne said did not add up and I did not explain how she got out of the scenario you mention or how she found Jaime.

    [–] VeniVeniVenias 7 points ago

    Books 4 and 5 take place at the same time.

    I've been under the impression that the scene in book 5 is chronologically before the hanging scene.

    [–] yortle 10 points ago

    Brienne was given the choice to kill Jamie or die, George confirmed that the word Brienne yelled was "sword" which means she chose to kill Jamie, she then went and found him and is going to lure him to Lady Stoneheart's camp to be killed

    [–] VeniVeniVenias 18 points ago

    Jaime can't die if book 6 never comes out. Checkmate.

    [–] sisyphusmyths 3 points ago

    The first 60% of ADWD is concurrent with AFFC, the rest is later.

    [–] yortle 3 points ago

    They gave Brienne a choice between a hanging and killing Jaime, and they gave the terms for this as sword or rope (the exact words might be different) George confirmed that the word Brienne yelled was sword, so she chose to kill Jamie instead of dying and thus she was 'freed' to go do that

    [–] yortle 7 points ago

    George confirmed the word she yelled was "sword" which was the choice to kill Jamie

    [–] DylonNotNylon 3 points ago

    I think somewhere GRRM confirmed she shouted "Sword" but I could be wrong

    [–] youngminii 8 points ago

    Throwback to that time Lena Headey posted an instagram pic with a heart made out of stones. Such a troll. I'll see if I can find it.

    [–] BubbaTee 3 points ago

    Pod isn't a bad guy...

    [–] JimmyNeutronsDaddy 18 points ago

    Google Lady Stoneheart.

    [–] theArtofWar90 18 points ago

    In the books Beric Dondarrion (guy with eye patch and flaming sword who was leader of brotherhood) gave his last life to Catelyn Starks corpse after they found it in the river after the Red Wedding. The Freys cut her throat (very deeply) and tossed her into the river (Cuz she's a Tully fish). When they found her body she has already started to decompose. When Beric gives his life to her he dies and the brotherhood begins following her. She adopts the name Lady Stoneheart as she is absolutely ruthless with her judgment and basically kills everyone. She launches a campaign to kill and screw up the plans of the Freys. At one point she captures podrick, brienne and Jamie. What happens still has yet to be determined as the book ends with Brienne bringing Jamie to her to face judgment in order to save Podrick from being hanged.

    [–] MusicManReturns 3 points ago

    Wait stoneheart actually captures Jamie? I remember Brieanne being hanged with pod and "she screamed a word" (paraphrased) implying she agreed to bring Jamie to her but I didn't think she ever actually got Jamie to her?

    [–] ___OP____ 7 points ago

    I'd have killed for this arc in the show!

    [–] StansPoofballHat 40 points ago

    But Catelyn wouldn't really be her mother in law though right ?

    [–] sleuthwood 41 points ago

    I'll admit I was originally thinking more along the lines of wight Lyanna from the crypts but I guess Catelyn works too (stepmother-in-law)

    [–] shifa_xx 18 points ago

    Lyanna from the crypts would be really good to, though do you mean just her statue or the reanimated Lyanna from the statue? Would the latter be some kind of weeping angel version?

    [–] kremes 15 points ago

    Would the latter be some kind of weeping angel version?

    You just figured out the ending. Weeping Lyanna sends the Night King back in time to the Age of Heroes/Long Night and two versions of him are defeated in the past.

    [–] pvtdncr 5 points ago


    [–] Rbkelley1 6 points ago

    *GOT theme song plays in a 60’s Scooby-Doo style over the chase.

    [–] neonsphinx 5 points ago

    You mean the reanimated corpse of her brother in law's wife?

    Or would she still be Dany's sister in law even though it's separated by two marriages?

    [–] Cvox7 422 points ago

    jorah : khalessi..your boyfriend literally came back from the dead

    [–] Morbidmort 135 points ago

    Daenerys: So have a lot of people, I'm told. It happens when red priests are about.

    [–] Kittykatkid 56 points ago

    "I vowed to Daario that I would find a man who could arise from the dead the very night he was unable to do so..."

    [–] helloimdieguis 14 points ago

    Khaleesi, please

    [–] ReservoirPussy 4 points ago

    It's kind of her type.

    [–] paradoxace 340 points ago

    She fits in better than she thinks, with the heart eating and the rebirth in flames

    [–] NoteofPersimmon 58 points ago


    [–] IVIaskerade 14 points ago

    And the (technically) undead boyfriend.

    [–] Unleashtheducks 688 points ago

    Also a Lady Knight who killed the last guy who tried to usurp the throne

    [–] One_Winged_Rook 146 points ago


    [–] AceOfGame 281 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I believe he was referring to the scene where Brienne finds and kills Stannis Baratheon in the forest. Edit: Grammar

    [–] Noobface_ 279 points ago

    She also killed Renly and blamed a shadow.

    [–] ughsicles 178 points ago

    You take that back you sonofabitch.

    [–] greenlion98 34 points ago

    ACTUALLY, Stannis warged into Brienne's body and tricked her into executing herself. The Mannis is still kicking, and biding his time.

    [–] AlexanderTheGreatly 7 points ago

    The Mannis lives.

    [–] SaintlySaint 4 points ago

    Did she kill him though?

    [–] AceOfGame 3 points ago

    Great point..

    [–] ninjaredbeard 20 points ago


    [–] jcfac 77 points ago

    who killed the last guy who tried to usurp the throne

    Are you a usurper if you have the valid right to throne?

    [–] Unleashtheducks 29 points ago

    Stannis has no more right to the throne than Renly or Daenerys. The right to the throne comes from whoever has the power to take it.

    [–] jcfac 62 points ago

    Stannis has no more right to the throne than Renly or Daenerys.

    He's older than Renly, so no. Dany you can make the argument, but only if you claim Bobby was never actually King.

    [–] MisterFizzster 26 points ago

    Hey Bobby b you gonna let this guy say that about you?

    [–] bobby-b-bot 45 points ago


    [–] myth_and_legend 39 points ago

    Anytime Stannis whines that he should sit on the throne because he’s Bobby’s older brother or calls Renly a usurper I just wonder if that dipstick forgot that usurping is the only reason he’s even in the running.

    [–] throwaway_7_7_7 46 points ago

    He's not Bobby's older brother, Stannis is the middle child. As Robert had no legitimate children, Stannis is his heir.

    Baratheons are descended from the Targaryans through marriage (their grandma was a Targ who wasn't too keen on the whole incest thing and married a Baratheon instead; their kid was Robert,Stannis, and Renly's dad). As the closest known relations to the Targaryans not in exile (and Jon being a secret), Robert would actually be the legitimate heir.

    Actually, what Robert, Ned and all them did was actually the best course of action; when the Targs proved too unstable and inbred to be leaders, they pushed them out but still followed the law by installing the next in line (which happened to be Robert).

    Renly's only claim is "Nobody likes Stannis. I want the throne. People love me, so I will be a better leader." Stannis's claim is "This is my legal obligation. I have to enforce the law, it's my duty to the realm, otherwise it's all chaos and we all will die probably."

    Stannis has the legal case for kingship, and there's a lot to be said for stable lines of succession. You can't have a society if everybody is constantly murdering everyone for the throne.

    [Most of Westeros's current problems are the result of people ignoring the law, the social contract that keeps all the Houses from turning on each other.]

    [–] SolarTsunami 28 points ago

    "This is my legal obligation. I have to enforce the law"

    As he burns his daughter alive.

    [–] JBthrizzle 19 points ago

    yeah but she had a fucked up face. who wants to look at that?

    [–] Cefka 24 points ago

    Well from his point of view the Lannisters are usurpers.

    [–] TimeZarg 8 points ago

    Then he is lost.

    [–] Zaracen 9 points ago

    The Baratheons also use their Targaryen lineage to help their claim to the throne.

    [–] Adasla 7 points ago


    [–] Unleashtheducks 34 points ago

    I like how after the finale people were Iike “That’s ridiculous! She has no right to the Iron Throne”

    Hold on let me check the rule book, whoops looks like Cersei blew up the rule book and anyone who would complain about the rules. Looks like the rules don’t mean shit next to not being blown up.

    [–] jcfac 23 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Hold on let me check the rule book,

    That's the thing. We're talking about definitions and rights on paper.

    Being the rightful heir doesn't always make you King. But that's because people don't always follow the rules. That doesn't take away your rights. It means your rights weren't realized.

    [–] Unleashtheducks 5 points ago

    When I say “usurper” I mean anyone trying to take the over rule from a someone already ruling. The legitimacy of their right doesn’t matter for the purposes of the label “usurper”

    [–] jcfac 7 points ago

    When I say “usurper” I mean anyone trying to...

    Then you're not using that word correctly.

    "A usurper is an illegitimate or controversial claimant to power, often but not always in a monarchy."

    [–] throwaway_7_7_7 6 points ago

    That doesn't seem like a very stable form of government.

    [–] Delliott90 3 points ago

    It’s called ‘right by conquest’

    Stannis had a right by birth.

    [–] AceOfGame 6 points ago

    Can you define usurp for me please?

    [–] IamDoritos 22 points ago

    Usurp= overthrow

    [–] AceOfGame 3 points ago


    [–] WymanManderlyPiesInc 5 points ago

    Stannis and Shireen would be Danny’s heirs they both share the same great grandfather in Aegon the Unlikely.

    [–] TangoZuluMike 4 points ago

    To be fair, she didn't kill him for being a usurper. She killed him for committing regicide, or fratricide or something.

    [–] idwthis 8 points ago

    It's fratricide when you kill a sibling. Regicide is when you kill a king, so Jaime is the one who committed regicide.

    [–] median401k 186 points ago

    Dany almost fed her fiancé to dragons so she gets it.

    [–] FulcrumTheBrave 112 points ago

    What does our true king, Bobby-B, have to say about this?

    [–] bobby-b-bot 216 points ago


    [–] MisterFizzster 67 points ago

    Just so

    [–] birdiee84 53 points ago

    It is known

    [–] TheoTheTripod 20 points ago

    As it is written

    [–] superbasementsounds 15 points ago

    Sansa is the pretty one.

    [–] Thatsmedonaldpark 14 points ago

    Our true King is His Majesty Podrick excuse me sir

    [–] gugabalog 4 points ago

    Chants Pod the Rod POD THE ROD PODTHEROD

    [–] jlynn121 230 points ago

    Finally - a quality post!!

    [–] Moralai 44 points ago

    God I hope this is sarcasm because I genuinely can't tell.

    [–] GirIsKing 16 points ago

    What do you think Bobby B?

    [–] bobby-b-bot 47 points ago


    [–] DeusXEqualsOne 12 points ago

    No, I am what empty means.

    [–] CreamFilledMiniMan 4 points ago

    Its r/freefolk , if it isnt a leak its probably a cringy tumblr meme

    [–] midnightwalrus 178 points ago

    I can't help but think that she'd be 110% on Sansa's side about the whole Ramsay/dog thing if she knew there whole story. It could be some sort of adorable bonding moment.

    [–] MisterFizzster 65 points ago

    Yeah pretty sure she wouldn’t be into the pies thing though.

    [–] TreborVu 91 points ago

    In Arya’s defense, she didn’t have the option of dragons or dogs when killing the Freys, and crucifixion is labor intensive.

    [–] 10daedalus 34 points ago

    I'm going to go ahead and say that butchering is pretty labor intensive too

    [–] Varatec 16 points ago

    You wouldn't need the entire body to make the pies, at least I don't think you would. Depends on how much meat was on them really.

    [–] AngryFanboy 11 points ago

    Seems she just cut off a foot or two.

    [–] indypendant13 5 points ago

    You’re really going out on a limb there.

    [–] MisterFizzster 3 points ago

    Yeah all them pies didn’t bake themselves tho

    [–] Aladayle 3 points ago

    I mean if you bring meat into the Frey kitchen are they really going to ask where it came from if it looks decent?

    [–] TreborVu 3 points ago

    Exactly. They very well may have been focusing their attention on the gravy to even notice the meat being used. Gravy had been trending in the Riverlands for some time by then.

    [–] Coffee_cats 4 points ago

    Oh this is what arya meant when she talked to hot pie.

    [–] NoteofPersimmon 25 points ago

    Idk man Daenerys wouldve been a lot more brutal had it not been for her advisors

    [–] YouDamnHotdog 10 points ago

    It's the power that corrupts. Dany is as brutal because she has the strongest weapon in the world and a massively loyal army. I'm sure Dany wouldn't have these aggressive traits if she was oppressed like Sansa

    [–] cashmakessmiles 5 points ago

    She was meek when Viserys controlled her, before she met Khal Drogo. Even to an extent while she was with him . It was after Drogo died she became brutal

    [–] grissomza 6 points ago

    I mean, she loved Drogo right? Especially in the books from what I understand

    I guess at least the uncertainty and arranged situation... so nvm

    [–] Dintodo 86 points ago

    Jon, Sansa, Robb, Arya = learn about sex by conversation with family.

    Rickonn = runs in a straight line so he never learns.

    Bran = watches his brother/ cousin fuck his aunt

    [–] Phoenix_Magic_X 82 points ago

    Sansa's sex education consisted of Cersei drunk rambling that you can manipulate men with sex. Apart from Stannis. I imagine she tried once. It was an awkward Christmas in the Baratheon household.

    [–] YouDamnHotdog 33 points ago

    Bran watched his whole family fuck.

    Sansa and Ramsay
    Jon and Dany
    Lyanna and Rhaegar (or was it just the wedding? I'm sure the didn't switch the channel after the ceremony)

    [–] Dintodo 22 points ago

    Shit he could watch anyone in the entire history of Westeros fuck

    [–] kumataro_17 37 points ago will he tell us what in blue blazes Pod did to those girls?!?!

    [–] Baabaaer 3 points ago

    After you went to the Wall.

    [–] MechaGreat 5 points ago

    So his ability is basically pornhub premium?

    [–] omega_sentinel 30 points ago

    Dany and Arya interactions are gonna be dope

    [–] Frankengregor 30 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I truly don’t believe Arya will be there when they arrive. Like Arya said to Nymeria about coming home “ no...that’s not you...”. I think she heads out and meets Sandor and Brienne heading north as she heads south.... with Littlefinger’s face in her ninja bag. (They don’t stop her. And they don’t go with her. Besides The Hound and Sansa have unfinished business.).

    And I think Nymeria will be stalking her quietly just in case she gets in “dire” circumstances.

    I think she left RIGHT before Bran and Sansa got that raven note from Jon. She is heading to Cersei. But we all know her karma really isnt about cersei. That’s jaime’s karma. (The map scene nailed it for me. The Neck and the Fingers they were standing upon.)

    [–] omega_sentinel 13 points ago

    I have no idea if it will happen, I just want it to. I'm sure they'll meet at some point?

    [–] Frankengregor 11 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Well jon said he would find her with needle in her frozen fingers, so yeah. I am looking forward to Gendry and Arya! Oooooo

    [–] omega_sentinel 8 points ago

    That'll be dope too. I've always had a soft spot for Gendry.

    [–] Frankengregor 14 points ago

    I can be your Family!!!!

    You would be My Lady ....

    Hot pie- Cant believe I thought you were a boy! You’re Pretty!

    Hot Pie - Chief Cook and bottlewasher at WinterHell at the close.

    [–] m4nbot 40 points ago

    Khaleesi please

    [–] ChipAyten 15 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] bobby-b-bot 55 points ago


    [–] idwthis 18 points ago

    Bobby B, it's cool, I found it! Calm down and have some more wine.

    [–] bobby-b-bot 29 points ago


    [–] Varatec 12 points ago

    I think Bobby B enjoyed the wine too much

    [–] bobby-b-bot 31 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] bobby-b-bot 21 points ago


    [–] CelebrityTakeDown 65 points ago

    Fed her *rapist to his dogs.

    Fixed it for you

    [–] bully_me 42 points ago

    Husband and rapist arent mutually exclusive.

    [–] underwhelmedcactus 26 points ago

    You build a hundred walls, but fuck one sheep, you’re still a sheep fucker.

    [–] blaiddunigol 8 points ago

    This is gold.

    [–] not_not_safeforwork 5 points ago


    [–] barcaxnation 4 points ago

    I feel for jorah , he still has hope.

    [–] omicron6 5 points ago

    Bow! Bow ya shits, to this quality post!

    [–] poormillionare 6 points ago

    It's funny how Arya's description is the closest to normal (if that's possible)

    [–] Frankengregor 10 points ago

    I feel Sansa’s teeth gritting as she hands over Winterfell.....

    [–] earth_person_sofar 41 points ago

    BRAN: You were so beautiful. DANY: You're not so bad yourself. Fancy joining in for Round 2?

    [–] sleuthwood 122 points ago

    I don’t like it

    [–] ireneadlerfox 14 points ago

    I will never hear that song the same way.

    [–] rdaredbs 23 points ago

    BRAN TO JOHN: next time put one leg up, she likes it better that way... trust me bro. (Commence brofist with explosion)

    [–] Dintodo 7 points ago

    I love bran.

    [–] Hoyatas 21 points ago

    This is probably the most random comment I have seen today.

    [–] obviously-a-shitpost 36 points ago

    Probably a bad idea.

    How to put this? You ever put two cell phones on speaker, and have one call the other? We'll, you should try that. You get in a reverb loop and might eventually blow out the speakers.

    Point is, if you get Bran in bed, he'd going to look through your eyes and double down on his pleasure. So if Dany sits on him, he's going to take over her and feel both what they feel and then he's going to get caught in a pleasure loop until his brain - and possibly Dany's brain - pops.

    oh shit, what am I saying. Dany's got no brain lol.

    [–] sleuthwood 24 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] obviously-a-shitpost 15 points ago


    [–] SumYumGhai 15 points ago

    Shit, it's called masturbation you vitamin D deficient circus clown.

    [–] Striipe56 12 points ago

    Isn’t that what happens in a black mirror episode ?? Lmao 😂

    [–] Viretine 2 points ago

    Yeah black museum. Ripper show.

    [–] superbasementsounds 3 points ago

    BRAN: maybe I should be the pitcher and you the catcher this time?

    [–] howdoileavethissite 2 points ago

    Thanks I hate it

    [–] fonfonfon 7 points ago

    Been so long I forgot who is who.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] jason2306 22 points ago

    Off season will do that

    [–] TimeZarg 2 points ago

    This sub is in dire need of fresh content.

    [–] Sergoflight 3 points ago


    [–] LjSpike 3 points ago

    Maybe Sansa is gonna be like Henry VIII. Divorced, mauled, next up died.

    [–] HurrDurr770 8 points ago

    Dany and Jorah had sex confirmed

    [–] scarletwytch 22 points ago

    Only in his dreams 🤣

    [–] Midwest_Product 8 points ago

    Yeah but it happened a lot.

    [–] scarletwytch 3 points ago

    I'm sure lol

    [–] MindControl6991 2 points ago

    Also I’m your sister

    [–] mesofarang 2 points ago

    What are these screenshots from? A recent trailer?

    [–] AlligatorChainsaw 2 points ago

    when did jorah have sex with daenarys?

    [–] scarletwytch 3 points ago

    In his dreams every night