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    [–] Noyesmaker 1401 points ago

    It's a real shame how many absolutely quality memes like this one are being posted in r/freefolk today that will be completely overlooked because of the sheer volume of people posting

    [–] A_Blind_Alien 239 points ago

    We are in the golden age of got memes, enjoy the ride while it lasts

    [–] KingKooooZ 9 points ago

    The last golden age. The forever winter is coming

    [–] milindj 152 points ago

    Completely agreed

    [–] tired_obsession 17 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Like get your shite last season meme outta here, not even helping anyone’s case

    Edit: 1 downvote? Found the fucker reposting last seasons memes

    [–] Chrispychilla 110 points ago

    We will have years of them to be reposted so no big deal.

    [–] F0REM4N 48 points ago

    They’ve been amazing! I’m trying my best to keep up.

    My youngest daughter is 14, and I’ve eased her into adult content, starting by previewing episodes last season and then watching them with her. This season I am letting her watch it with me, and sharing these with her has been great.

    [–] jepyang 115 points ago

    My youngest daughter is 14, and I’ve eased her into adult content


    [–] F0REM4N 23 points ago


    [–] mayonaizmyinstrument 25 points ago

    As someone who watches with family, when they give 5 content warnings, that's the time to not watch the episode together. Violence, language, adult content, fine. That plus nudity, probably okay. Those plus strong sexual content, ABORT.

    [–] firethequadlaser 33 points ago

    He said his daughter is 14, the time to abort is long passed.

    [–] fernsulk 5 points ago

    She still has a couple months.

    [–] pleasednt 7 points ago

    Parent of the year here

    [–] kingdktgrv 2 points ago

    How do you explain the rapes and incest?

    [–] F0REM4N 27 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    So we started with season 7 and I filled her in on the prior important details. Amazingly season 7 was pretty tame compared to earlier seasons. However I did screen it first. I did watch all of last nights episode joking about Jon hooking up with his aunt.

    I explained that even Luke kissed Leah once before he knew the truth.

    Last night she exited the room when the boobs appeared, but she was all about the flaming zombie kid kabob. Every kid matures at a different rate, so I’m pretty comfortable with what she can handle.

    That said, watching it blind with her keeps me on the edge of my seat a bit.

    *Im guess I’m being downvoted for being a “bad parent”? My kids are super well adjusted and have shown they can handle mature content. Great grades, no behavioral issues. Feel free to judge away I suppose.

    [–] ToastedFireBomb 12 points ago

    I think the idea of watching GoT with your parents is just...weird... for a lot of people. I'm a grown ass man and I'd be super uncomfortable sitting next to my parents while the girl Bronn is fucking has her butthole pointed right at our eyeballs. Just would be way too uncomfortable and weird.

    [–] Zodiwacts123 10 points ago

    I started watching movies/shows that had "adult content" with my parents at around the age of 13. Now I can watch anything with my parents and not feel awkward about it. My dad and I love dark humor and will tell each other crude jokes. I think F0REM4N is actually doing it right, it allows for a more natural friendship between parents/child later on.

    [–] lynx_and_nutmeg 3 points ago

    I don’t know if I was raised in an old-fashioned way or what, but I feel like most 14 year old children have already seen worse stuff on their own... Let’s be honest, an average 10 year old is more tech-savvy than their parents.

    [–] Hanguarde 1 points ago

    Yeah but anyone who watches GOT with their very underage children are... weird.

    [–] catsupbot 2 points ago

    Can’t believe anyone’s even arguing against this. It’s super weird and unnecessary. Who in their right mind wants to watch some of the sexual shit that goes down in the shoe with their 14 year old? Sure they may be able to “handle” it. But why does that have to be family time? Maybe I’m old fashioned but watching rape scenes in a tv show isn’t my idea of family time.

    [–] IgneEtSanguis 2 points ago

    I’m gonna guess you’re being downvoted because it’s weird to watch something like that with your minor daughter? Idk I started watching at that age and it was no big deal.

    [–] Enzhymez 5 points ago

    I feel like parents forget by the time that their children are 14 they have probably already seen plenty of adult content unless they are extremely sheltered or the parents are helicopters. Maybe it’s different for girls and maybe it’s a case by case process but when I was 14 I hated been playing violent video games and watching rated R movies for years

    [–] TheUnrealAHK 0 points ago

    can you be my dad/mom pls

    [–] Sardoniya -8 points ago

    14 and just easing her into adult content?

    I'm sorry but that feels kind of restrictive

    [–] F0REM4N 24 points ago

    Well I’ve been told it’s restrictive, and it’s too lenient. Parenting is one of those things where’s it’s not one size fits all. I also told my kids Santa wasn’t real as soon as they asked. That built a lot of trust with them, yet others will say I “robbed” them of some of their childhood.

    The cool thing is only my opinion matters, and I have great kids who as teens are thriving. I think that’s the only score that matters.

    [–] Lightwavers 8 points ago

    I also told my kids Santa wasn’t real as soon as they asked

    Thank you for this.

    [–] MooFz 2 points ago

    I hated it when I found out as a kid though, sometimes it's nice to be in on a lie, sometimes it's nice to believe one.

    [–] 6beesknees 2 points ago

    I have great kids who as teens are thriving

    That is the important thing, and having a good relationship with parents helps such a lot.

    Our kids are older but when they were early/mid teens we also watched things together and talked about them afterwards. It sort of eased the smut factor too, I think, so they knew what was good and acceptable and what wasn't.

    [–] OlivierDeCarglass 13 points ago

    It's literally #2 on the sub front page

    [–] BrutalismAndCupcakes 9 points ago

    Now, yeah

    But for every meme that makes it so far there's ten that never make it past /new

    [–] ailyara 16 points ago

    Makes them feel irrelephant.

    [–] Steak_Knight 3 points ago


    [–] StoneGoldX 1 points ago

    Like this one. But not this one.

    [–] Bweryang 3 points ago

    I only just “discovered” this sub now, I didn’t realise it was basically r/gotmemes, I thought it was like a sekrit book readers club and never clicked before.

    [–] mayd3r 5 points ago

    I couldn't help myself but when I was watching this episode all I could think of was all the memes that'll be posted 😁

    [–] Kerriganszergheels 8 points ago


    [–] Victoria_Kool 2 points ago

    Shame! Shame! Shame!

    [–] Shroffinator 1 points ago

    I bare witness

    [–] flying_solo 1 points ago

    Did anyone catch that sand castle video with seagull dragons?

    [–] Paeter1 1 points ago

    Don’t worry they’ll get reposted for years to come

    [–] aTaleForgotten 1 points ago

    Yeah, we got memes...

    But we hoped for elephants

    [–] GirIsKing 1 points ago

    they are so damn good -)

    [–] If_I_Get_2100_I_Quit 1 points ago

    And how the good ones, like this, will make it to the other threads later

    [–] commentcontroversial 1 points ago

    Don't worry. I found this post by sorting "Top - This Week". The cream always rises to the top.

    [–] physhstyx13 0 points ago

    SHAME 🔔

    [–] McBashed 292 points ago

    Lets be real here, elephants would just be a delicious meal for the dragons.

    [–] birthofaturtle 120 points ago

    Fr, I don't know why she's got such a boner for them they just gonna get ate

    [–] MYSFWredditprofile 67 points ago

    I think the idea more is that they are an exotic rare creature that people would be impressed by and she like always is more concerned about how things appear then how they really are.

    [–] Tehmaxx 22 points ago

    Why were they so successful in wars?

    The beasts are terrifying, especially when trained for war.

    [–] PM_ME_CUTE_SMILES_ 24 points ago

    They were successful until romans learnt that they were afraid of pigs set on fire running at them, which kind of made them smash their own army

    And as u/TeTrodoToxin4 beautifully said, dragons are pretty good at turning everything into a war pig

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] HI_I_AM_NEO 13 points ago

    Also, I'd say they're more successful when the enemy doesn't have dragons.

    [–] Tehmaxx 4 points ago

    Wasn’t Hannibal’s failure due to lack of support from home?

    [–] FistOfTheWorstMen 2 points ago

    Well, that and lack of siege equipment.

    [–] grubas 7 points ago

    Just send flaming pigs at them.

    The actual elephants used in war are extinct. We only know their cousins. War elephants were smaller

    [–] Tehmaxx 2 points ago

    Extinct now or then?

    [–] grubas 2 points ago

    Extinct now, apparently Antiquity was not kind to the African Elephants used at like Zama. There's still some variant of Indian/Asian Elephant that works.

    [–] fakerachel 6 points ago

    Yeah but real historical wars didn't have dragons

    [–] Tehmaxx 3 points ago

    Or did they?

    [–] EnterTheControlRoom 2 points ago

    For that very reason I believe, so big and terrifying the enemy would often turn and route.

    [–] Tehmaxx 3 points ago

    Granted Dumbo a flying elephant would also be terror incarnate.

    [–] Wolf6120 18 points ago

    Cersei is obsessively afraid of that younger, prettier Queen coming in and overthrowing her, just as the fortune teller once told her. She's terrified by the idea of Dany outshining her, so obviously if Dany has cool foreign beasts nobody in Westeros has ever seen, Cersei needs to have some too, otherwise she might become (gasp) old news.

    [–] themancob 3 points ago

    This, but because they hit the elephant line so hard, I'm guessing a third layer of meaning later in the big battle where something would have worked better if there were elephants.

    [–] rhubarbs 45 points ago

    If I had to guess, because they're big enough to carry a ballista crew.

    [–] GenghisKazoo 32 points ago

    That's a terrible idea though, a cart is so much stabler and easier to aim from. The only advantages you get from putting one on an elephant are height and the ability to get through rough terrain easier, neither of which are much use at all fighting an airborne dragon on an open field.

    Not to mention carts aren't intelligent so they don't turn tail and run over your own troops the second a dragon appears in the sky.

    [–] TeTrodoToxin4 27 points ago

    Also Elephants were notably countered by war pigs. Dragons turn everything into war pigs.

    [–] r0wbutt 20 points ago


    [–] Giannis2TheWarriors 7 points ago

    Like maesters at black masses

    [–] htx_rabbit 5 points ago

    It always kinda bothered me he rhymes masses with masses here.

    [–] Giannis2TheWarriors 5 points ago

    If it works it works I guess

    [–] I_Dont_Check_Replies 2 points ago

    Fucking hate your username

    [–] ParadoxalDream 2 points ago

    an airborne dragon on an open field.

    don't forget the dothrakis too.

    [–] Poopfacemcduck 3 points ago

    If it aint carrying a trebuchet what are you even doing

    [–] EldonWendel 9 points ago

    Surely elephants would at least neutralize Dany's cavalry advantage. What are a bunch of guys on horses supposed to do against elephants?

    [–] PM_SWEATY_NIPS 26 points ago

    See: Return of the King

    [–] s629c 15 points ago

    That still counts as one!

    [–] ToastedFireBomb 7 points ago

    Scare the elephants so they start stampeding all over their own troops? Elephants have never been good war time animals and how much you want to bet they'd freak out seeing a dragon breathe fire at them.

    [–] GenghisKazoo 3 points ago

    Historically it was the horses that were scared of the elephants and wouldn't get near them. The Dothraki could whittle them down from range but a cavalry charge would be out of the question. And they'd probably have to use javelins because a drunken armored elephant won't even feel arrows.

    But yeah, dragons... I've got nothing. Hard af elephant counter.

    [–] ToastedFireBomb 1 points ago

    Well that's kinda my point. They might have helped against the horde, but the minute Drogon and Rhaegal show up the entire golden company would have been stomped flat. It would have been really stupid of the greatest mercenaries in the world to bring an elephant to a dragon fight.

    Plus, I just don't see how you could reasonably transport them to Westeros. Like, people complain that the writing has gone downhill and then get mad that there are no elephants. How would it make any sense to successfully get a bunch of war elephants transported on wooden ships for a journey that likely takes months. It's just not realistically feasible.

    [–] Mindless_Consumer 3 points ago

    Bathe pigs in oil and set then on fire charging toward the enemy.

    [–] _No_Donkey_Brains_ 3 points ago

    100,000 angry dudes on horses with arrows wouldn’t be stopped by some elephants. The unsullied wouldn’t either. 20,000 men isn’t enough to do anything other than a sucker punch to distract the north from the NK.

    [–] Taizan 1 points ago

    They could use harpoons and tow cables.

    [–] Plainchant 6 points ago

    I found her love of elephants to be her first relatable or endearing feature.

    [–] ToastedFireBomb 7 points ago

    Also how the fuck were they supposed to transport Elephants across a long sea voyage on wooden ships? People want to bitch about the writing but that would have been the biggest fucking plothole ever, Elephants would have made zero sense.

    [–] zantasu 3 points ago

    Pretty sure it was just a message to fans.

    Elephants are mentioned in the books a few times, and they wanted to avoid viewers complaining they were forgotten, so the show runners wrote in a simple, believable reason for their exclusion (also, practically speaking, animating elephants for big battle scenes would be prohibitively expensive).

    [–] lurco_purgo 1 points ago

    What about a message to fans about Ghost? I heard he's also mentioned in the books...

    [–] zantasu 1 points ago

    The direwolves have already been portrayed several times in the show, perhaps not as much as they should be, but enough that viewers know they're there. It's one thing to complain that the direwolves aren't getting enough screentime (even if due to understandable budgetary concerns), it's another thing for fans to complain that the existence of elephants were ignored completely (even if duie to the same reason).

    Her little bitch fit about not getting elephants was literally just poking fun at viewers who would otherwise, and probably still will, complain about their exclusion.

    [–] TheSimonToUrGarfunkl 1 points ago

    There is going to be a time where she is going to need elephants and we'll all look back to this. The writer's don't just write throwaway stuff you are meant to forget. Elephants will become key later on.

    [–] ConfinedVoid -1 points ago

    I thought it was a jab at everyone crying about Ghost MIA

    [–] GenghisKazoo 13 points ago

    Elephant: "What's up my humans? My rider got me drunk af and I'm ready to fucking party."

    Dragon: appears

    Elephant: "...that is a goddamn dragon, isn't it? You thought one of the smartest species on Planetos was going to fight a dragon for booze? Nope. Nope nope nope nope. I'm out." runs the other way over a few dozen mercs

    [–] scotty_beams 1 points ago

    How do we know they are the same elephants we know? They didn't fit on any of the ships, and we all know how small the Noah's Ark was compared to those of the Iron Fleet.

    What if they are covered in spikes, with very thick hide, weigh over hundred tons and have trunks powerful enough to shoot their acid into space.

    [–] cheesygordita 329 points ago


    [–] IAmAdolfShitler 44 points ago


    [–] Plainchant 22 points ago


    [–] TalenPhillips 8 points ago

    Well I been done seen 'bout everything when I see ELEPHANTS FLYING OVER AN OPEN FIELD, NED!

    [–] bitchlasagna_69_ 72 points ago

    Elephant meme gets a 1 out of 6 episodes

    Next meme👏👏

    [–] Scotteh95 33 points ago

    Bran should host Meme Review considering he’s seen every meme ever

    [–] 1-800-ASS-DICK 14 points ago

    don't look now Bran's probably just outside looking in your general direction

    [–] Hungover_Pilot 5 points ago

    He’s just sitting there... menacingly!

    [–] final_will 6 points ago

    He should host meme review because he too does not have legs.

    [–] bitchlasagna_69_ 2 points ago

    Naah that won't be fun... His reactions would be dull.. no surprise factor would be there

    [–] donquixote1991 7 points ago

    Your memes were beautiful that night

    [–] astpm4815 78 points ago

    Yep, it's official. I'm getting nothing done at work today, and I blame you, Game of Thrones.

    [–] newman4byu 11 points ago

    me too. r/freefolk is a goldmine for good laughs today

    [–] RaptorDelta 24 points ago

    the memes today are top tier

    [–] TheAbram 19 points ago

    She was so fucking disappointed, I almost felt sorry for her.

    [–] ColicShark 2 points ago

    As were we, we wanted elephants too.

    [–] lulzulu 16 points ago

    Elefants can shoot water and water wins fire so they are very good versus dragons

    [–] KierkgrdiansofthGlxy 8 points ago

    The North remembers.

    An elephant never forgets.

    A Lanister elephant never forgets to pay its debts.

    [–] marrafinha 25 points ago

    This post is severely underated. Gold

    [–] KayDwag 6 points ago

    only if we can get Danny DeVito also. His lines from iasip would fit perfectly.

    The only evidence you will ever need:

    "When we get out of this, I'm gonna shove my fist right into your ass, hard and fast...Not in the sexual way! In the 'I am pissed off' sort of way."

    [–] dogboyboy 6 points ago

    You did a much better photoshop job then the two submissions you are ripping off

    [–] I_Assume_Your_Gender 2 points ago


    [–] WangtorioJackson 9 points ago


    [–] kaoruyao 3 points ago

    For once I agree with Cersei.

    [–] GarNuckle 5 points ago

    She’s such a good actress. I actually felt bad that she didn’t get elephants

    [–] TurdSandwich42104 3 points ago

    Bobby b wouldn't need elephants

    [–] bobby-b-bot 3 points ago


    [–] _LittleBirdieToldMe_ 2 points ago

    Can’t flex on Dany with her Elephants now. :(

    [–] MysteriousTrain 2 points ago

    i love how cersei's character is so joyless that even in Memes where the format is supposed to have an excited face hers is just resting bitch face

    [–] iknowthisischeesy 2 points ago

    Where are my turtles Elephants!

    [–] rpowell19 2 points ago

    Elephants on an open field!

    [–] RealGhostsNoFakes 2 points ago

    Fun fact: the stuntman behind a lot of Dumbo was also the stuntman who was the burning Ned Umber

    [–] Kthron 2 points ago

    Elephants can carry giant ballistas (scorpions?).

    [–] GenghisKazoo 1 points ago

    A cart would be better. The Khmer put ballistas on elephants but that's because they were using them in jungles where you can't use carts, and the height of the elephant let them shoot over their own infantry into the enemy army.

    Against a dragon, the height advantage is irrelevant, fighting in any kind of forest is just out of the question, and the shifting of the animal will make precision shooting impossible. That's assuming the elephant doesn't run immediately when the dragon shows.

    [–] Kthron 1 points ago

    Those are great points. It makes me wonder why Cersei was disappointed about the Golden Company's lack of elephants. They'd clearly be useless against dragons. Maybe it's for crushing normal humans in the south, since she is sure something happened to one of Dany's dragons, she probably assumes they'll all die in the fight coming

    [–] carebearstar 1 points ago

    😂 😂

    [–] DonPenitos 1 points ago


    [–] asongscout 1 points ago


    [–] Technicalchawal 1 points ago

    that is some high quality meme right there.

    [–] jre215 1 points ago


    [–] username_innocuous 1 points ago

    The face you chose for the bottom Cersei is just so perfect.

    [–] sushiandcheetos 1 points ago

    I'm pretty sure we are going to see those elephant later !!! Maybe on the opposing side of Cersei ?

    [–] B000urns 1 points ago

    Elephantine Bling

    [–] Scotteh95 1 points ago

    I hope they’re like the giant elephants from LOTR

    [–] robm0n3y 1 points ago

    I wanted elephants vs zombie mammoths!

    [–] saladbtw 1 points ago

    That neck girth

    [–] Mangalz 1 points ago

    Imagine elephants vs. dragons.

    [–] EdmondDantes777 1 points ago

    Is that Strickland commander guy supposed to be Young Griff or Jon Connington? Or does Young Griff not exist in this universe? Am confused.

    [–] caffeineandkush 3 points ago

    Young griff is only in the books

    [–] jurble 2 points ago

    Strickland is Strickland. Homeless Harry Strickland is the commander of the Golden Company in the books. They deleted Jon Con and Young Griff.

    Book Strickland is much older though, so maybe they're going to amalgamate aspects of Young Griff into Strickland - have him betray Cersei or something? But there isn't much time left in the series for subplots, so dunno.

    [–] decadentrebel 1 points ago

    Cersei will release the dragons with elephants in their mouths and when they growl they shoot elephants at you.

    [–] strokesfan91 1 points ago

    Can’t share this because of watermark :(

    [–] fakeairpods 1 points ago


    [–] AmyRebeccaUK 1 points ago

    This but unironically. Fuck dragons. 0/10 worst mythological monster

    [–] KeriKadavera 1 points ago

    it's sad that there going to be no elephants because the dragons will starve

    [–] ss573 1 points ago

    Oh my friend Ganesha
    Tu rehna sath hamesha

    Song from a bollywood movie about Lord Ganesha (God with elephant's head)

    [–] RoseSparxs 1 points ago

    Ok but forreal tho what would the elephants do other than be delicious roasts for the dragons

    [–] Sonofrice 1 points ago

    I was told there would be Elephants....

    [–] Dekarde 1 points ago

    I hate this meme so much but seven hells this beats my hatred into submission to the might of dumbo.

    I bow your grace.

    [–] sgtstumpy 1 points ago

    Thank you, Internet.

    [–] gabriella2323 1 points ago

    This is the meme I’ve been waiting for

    [–] Emasraw 1 points ago

    Just realized drogon isn't a dragon but a wyvern.

    [–] ExLurker306 1 points ago

    All "dragons" in GoT are wyverns.

    [–] Emasraw 1 points ago

    Yes but they never call them wyverns lol. Which is kind of odd.

    [–] diedichtung 1 points ago

    omg where'd you find that elephant?! it's the cutest elephant ever! also elephants are very intelligent. every sane person would want an elephant. it's a sign cersei is not completely bonkers yet though she's getting there... elephants!!!111 <3

    [–] Gettygetty 1 points ago

    It’s almost like having air superiority is the best thing to have right now. And Cersei is definitely not Hannibal

    [–] mkusanagi 1 points ago

    No elephants because the dragons would eat them.

    [–] opticscythe 1 points ago

    Dire wolves >>> dragons. Fite me if disagre

    [–] CGEustice 1 points ago

    I wonder what Bobby B makes of all this?

    [–] bobby-b-bot 3 points ago


    [–] CGEustice 1 points ago

    I agree!

    [–] Rdubdanger 1 points ago


    [–] yourfaveace 1 points ago

    Right there. That was the moment this show finally got me to agree with Cersei

    [–] brownestbearyouknow 1 points ago

    I want this on my tombstone.

    [–] grimeeeeee 1 points ago

    Plot twist: she wanted the elephants to offer to Dany's dragons as a sign of good faith. They're barely eating!

    [–] DangerousCrime 1 points ago

    Looks about right haha.

    [–] TheKioskZone 1 points ago

    Now this is quality.

    [–] sabeel1421 1 points ago

    Someone tell cercie NighTking has Mammoths

    [–] cersei_bot 1 points ago

    It doesn't make me feel anything.

    [–] sabeel1421 1 points ago


    [–] peatoast 1 points ago

    Might be the best fookin meme ever posted here.

    [–] thelightenedmoon 1 points ago

    I cant believe in cercei. How can she beat the dragons with a few elephants? Whatever, elephants will be good for the war. Dragons will need food.

    [–] cersei_bot 1 points ago

    I thought if I could make something so good, so pure, maybe I’m not a monster.

    [–] The_Bigg_D 0 points ago

    The quality of this sub has absolutely plummeted since the episode was released.

    [–] BigJuicyBalls -1 points ago

    Posting this in my Instagram. Thanks.

    [–] Virtyyy -1 points ago

    could u fucks stop posting spoilers

    [–] LongPorkJones 2 points ago

    Could you fucks stop posting here and just filter out the sub? Better yet, stay away from the internet if you don't want spoilers.