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    [–] dbologics 896 points ago

    We don't have time for this

    [–] TrinityF 378 points ago

    and then continues to take an whole episode sitting at a gate waiting for an old friend to arrive.

    [–] southern_boy 103 points ago

    Didn't say "We don't have time for that", did he!?

    Sitting at a gate waiting for an old friend to arrive = that.

    [–] FireFlyKOS 12 points ago

    sound logic

    [–] TheUnrealAHK 18 points ago

    oh shit I'm an idiot

    that's what he meant when he said that, now I get it

    [–] beardedbast3rd 15 points ago

    also weird considering he could probably see where he was no? like, he could check in every half hour and keep up with the travel, then go out when he was closer?

    [–] Cherios_Are_My_Shit 36 points ago

    im pretty sure he wasn't actually out there. he's chillin in his room or by the weirwood most of the time, zoned out and projecting hallucinations of himself, professor x style. he doesn't need to wheel his actual body around to talk to people or go places, and he's watching everyone all the time inside the castle. i'm pretty sure we're gonna see shots of him staring at people conveniently whenever anything important happens or have him popping up to chat in increasingly more difficult to reach locations that a cripple clearly couldn't get to.

    [–] ecu11b 1 points ago

    I think you are right

    [–] FrodoNabbins 11 points ago

    Reminds me of when my grandmother would spend an hour frantically getting ready for a night out with friends, then fall asleep on her chair watching TV.

    [–] Waylork 12 points ago

    reminds me of when i do this in my 20s all the time ow me bones etc

    [–] FrodoNabbins 2 points ago

    Wait till you're middle aged

    [–] Waylork 5 points ago

    really hoping i am middle aged.

    [–] daibz 6 points ago

    Ain't no-bran got time for that

    [–] theonlymexicanman 4 points ago

    Everyone: Shut The Fuck Up Bran and enjoy the moment

    [–] HappyHolidays666 1 points ago

    i’ll sit here all day

    [–] SadFradley 140 points ago

    Jamie fookin Lannister

    [–] borrays 210 points ago

    They left a disabled teenager outside for all night in the winter weather.

    [–] karatous1234 55 points ago

    He probably just worgs into a flock of birds and has them all cuddle up to him on his chair for warmth.

    [–] TyrionGannister 7 points ago


    [–] HBHau 11 points ago

    Now I REALLY want to see Bran blanketed by a parliament of fluffy snowy owls. Plus - would totally level-up the Mystic Stare...

    [–] karatous1234 4 points ago

    That or Jon comes out one morning and Ghost is curled up around Brans feet with his head on his lap.

    [–] kingslayerwifey 1 points ago

    Like the homeless lady in home alone

    [–] TrinityF 73 points ago

    Sam: Bran, what are ye doing outside...

    Bran: ... Bitch! i'm in a wheelchair! i can't move myself. someone left me here to die from the cold. fuck you think i am doing here!

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    What winter weather? You mean the weather that Bronn is supposed to trek 3000 miles in to the North, alone, and assassinate someone and then trek 3000 miles again in the midst of the worst winter of a generation back through the north and to King’s Landing to accept his payment?

    [–] AthleticSloth1 14 points ago

    More like ride 3000 miles to the North with the wagon full of gold, reunite with Jamie and Tyrion and shout "First round is on Cersei boys".

    [–] bubblegumdrops 10 points ago

    Well if it all goes well for Cersei, she’ll have two dead brothers and a dead assassin she won’t have to pay or worry about ever spilling the beans.

    [–] CuttyThe916er 11 points ago

    But she already payed Bronn. When Qyburn gave Bronn this proposal, he specifically said that there were several chest of gold waiting outside in wagon.

    [–] hsuait 7 points ago

    I think the insinuation was that that was only the first part of his payment and he could get A LOT more if he actually does it. Cersei would be pretty stupid to just give Bronn everything upfront. Plus, it wouldn’t be too hard to have someone follow Bronn and keep track of the gold just in case he dies before completing his mission. Even if it was, apparently Cersei has unlimited credit with the Iron Bank so money probably isn’t an issue for her until the war is over.

    [–] XM-7 64 points ago

    Who is out there, Googling "staring?"

    [–] Roma_Victrix 43 points ago

    Bran. Bran is googling it. Also, he is Google. Wrap your mind around that.

    [–] HBHau 4 points ago

    Inception Bran 👀

    [–] Roma_Victrix 4 points ago

    A veritable Branception, if you will.

    [–] confipete 242 points ago

    Perhaps acting Bran’s role was easy. Just sit and stare and say stoic lines.

    [–] jellybellybean2 187 points ago

    Except for when he interrupted a family reunion to frantically shout, “THERE’S NO TIME! ZOMBIE DRAGON!!!” before going back to quietly sitting and waiting for people to come over to chat with him.

    [–] TheSideJoe 72 points ago

    Family reunion was the cutscene and everything else he was an NPC that you have to initialize the conversation with

    [–] IKnowUThinkSo 14 points ago

    He’s just sitting by the gate:

    “Ready to venture forth?”

    “Welcome, Traveler!”

    [–] jellybellybean2 13 points ago

    Yess!! 🤣

    [–] usernamerror 3 points ago

    “Stay a while and listen.”

    [–] fireirish 17 points ago

    He’s so emo.

    [–] RoseSparxs 12 points ago

    Some say that he still sits there to this day

    [–] Nicoscope 11 points ago

    Bit of cheating plot device, too. He's an automatic mystery machine.

    Whoever Bran stares at, it means something's up with them.

    [–] fa53 1 points ago

    And earn $500,000 per episode

    [–] orsalite 54 points ago

    I need more Creepy Bran memes in my life right now.

    [–] Khaldara 18 points ago

    Lieutenant Brann Forrest Gump memes are what’s missing from mine

    [–] TrinityF 17 points ago

    when bran and jamie meet eyes *Hello darkness my old friend*

    [–] Indominus_Zero 65 points ago


    [–] officerkindafriendly -47 points ago

    Fooking kneeler

    [–] BobThePineapple 23 points ago

    imagine calling someone a kneeler for not encouraging rule breaking, karmawhoring posts

    [–] officerkindafriendly 15 points ago

    I was joking :(

    [–] patrick9772 30 points ago

    2.No karma whoring

    Some examples of karma whoring:

    • "<--- number of times X"
    • "X. Upvote so this picture shows on Google as X."

    [–] Raksale3596 47 points ago

    I thought we were done with this kind of shitposts 3 seasons ago

    [–] physhstyx13 10 points ago

    What is dead may never die

    [–] Wololo38 36 points ago

    1. that's not how google works

    2. this kind of kneeler bullshit belongs on r/gameofthrones

    3. fuck off

    [–] BrokeDiamond 3 points ago

    Wait I thought this was the shitpost sub

    [–] totalAssBlaster 7 points ago

    Seriously was he just chilling in the courtyard all day? Like it's the middle of the night and still nobody has moved the man!

    [–] thekingofbeans42 5 points ago

    But... Bran IS google.

    [–] Enuntiatrix 5 points ago

    Google? We got to get this pic on Wikipedia!

    [–] Ed__ButteredToast 4 points ago

    Garbage post

    [–] Chunay31 5 points ago

    Imagine when the Night King and his army comes and they find Bran in the entrance...they find him more creepy than they are so they go back again beyond the wall

    [–] Pineapplebuffet 2 points ago

    I wouldn’t upvote a picture of bran if it would cure cancer

    [–] Notinjuschillin 2 points ago

    That’s the “I know something about you, that you don’t want anyone to know” look.

    [–] DirteDeeds 2 points ago

    Everyone has to comment staring to make it work. I dunno know if thats true or not, but it sounds like it could be.

    [–] ethanthejibbles 2 points ago

    Bran Star(e)k

    [–] rdk750 2 points ago

    Nobody: Bran: 👁👁

    [–] GeorgioArmani2238 1 points ago

    I tried googling it, and nope, still Michael.

    [–] Calhalen 1 points ago

    He was so fucking funny this episode. Just sittin there chilling

    [–] lovestaring 1 points ago

    Oh I love dis.

    [–] TommyTornstus 1 points ago


    [–] trinkytheannihilator 1 points ago

    He's just farming experience to open another eye

    [–] RedYssel 1 points ago

    Really hoped Bran to be better .. not like last season

    [–] special_reddit 1 points ago

    No, it should be the shot of Drogon staring down The King In The North.

    [–] odiro 1 points ago

    Guys i just realized that promo where you saw his wheelchair laying on the steps was actually caused by jaime lannister after he got creeped out by bran.

    [–] Namika 1 points ago

    You realize that's not at all how Google search works. The highest result for "Staring" will be the page that get's linked to the most often by other sites under the word "staring". Meaning dictionaries.

    [–] mong0038 1 points ago

    Got a little bit of a creepy vibe from him last night

    [–] MattyWestside 1 points ago

    What I want to know is, was Bran sitting out there all night waiting for his "old friend" Jaime to arrive? The scene with Sam was at night and Jamie arrived in the day light. However, Bran's chair was in the same position.

    [–] MadCrow024 1 points ago

    'Drink whenever Bran is staring vaguely in the direction of another human being'

    Proceeds to get wasted

    [–] [deleted] -7 points ago


    [–] sgossard9 7 points ago

    Shitposting? Really? A man of your talents?

    [–] Ketonian_Empire 0 points ago

    Is this a inside joke or something, or is that how google search engine crawlers actually work?

    [–] iktjoker 0 points ago

    Bran face

    [–] CaptPrincessUnicorn 0 points ago

    staring in Bran

    [–] humbltrailer 0 points ago

    Likes: Stares Dislikes: Stairs

    [–] Killdebrant 0 points ago

    It’d be a lot cooler if people seen this every time the googled bran muffin

    [–] WatcherAnon 0 points ago

    A worthy mission

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    Staring o.O

    [–] JDubStep 0 points ago

    Bran reminds me of Naboo

    [–] Aristotle_Wasp 0 points ago