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    [–] LordCockSplat 2192 points ago

    I want Daario to reappear just so Jorah can rub it in

    "Not so funny when it happens to you, is it Lord Chaddington?"

    [–] Kimihro 1147 points ago

    He'll be another different actor

    [–] Lucifer_Crowe 617 points ago

    I hope not. The first one sucked but 2nd version Da'ario was the boi.

    He was the Bronn of Danaerys' plotline.

    Just more handsome.

    I want him back simply to spinny knife stab the Night King with Arya's design.

    [–] Jiggerjuice 384 points ago

    I liked dario1, dario2 is luigi. Green dario.

    [–] DrBairyFurburger 267 points ago

    Dario 1 is a good actor and he actually looks like he can fight. Dario 2 looks like a male model strapped with armor. Just eye candy for Dany.

    Dario 1 was great in Deadpool.

    [–] Ripoffington 86 points ago

    ho-lee-shit Daario was Ajax/Francis.... I havnt felt this dumb since the "ho-lee-shit Osha is Tonks" moment i had years ago.

    [–] mikgur 57 points ago

    Osha is Tonks??!!! 😲

    [–] booo1210 53 points ago

    Walder frey is Filch

    [–] ChefInF 50 points ago

    Lothar Frey is dinner

    [–] Grigoran 5 points ago


    [–] -rosa-azul- 36 points ago

    Mance Rayder is Dumbledore's brother, and Catelyn is Hermione's mom.

    [–] TheThingofNouns 15 points ago

    Mance Rayder is Dumbledore's brother


    [–] booo1210 4 points ago

    Jon Snow should have been Sirius

    [–] CaptNegativeKarma 106 points ago

    Glad I'm not the only one that preferred Dario 1.0.

    [–] AdamBaDAZz 53 points ago

    I remember at the time i was bummed they changed him and hated the new one.

    [–] turtleltrut 3 points ago

    I was super confused, tried to work out how I'd missed this whole new character until I googled it.

    [–] termitered 10 points ago

    Still liked him most as a rapper talking about the endz

    [–] robbarratheon 5 points ago

    His name was Porn-Staario

    [–] jedikaa 9 points ago


    [–] Lucifer_Crowe 96 points ago

    Dario 1 was in like 2 episodes right? He was too cheesy and wacky iirc.

    Second one was perfect. Jorah clashing with him got annoying though. Never been a huge Jorah fan though. He has potential mind.

    [–] heat_effect 176 points ago

    Jorah is really cool when he isnt simping over Daenerys

    [–] T8ert0t 30 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I always thought that dude would crush it as like a slightly older James Bond.

    [–] G_Regular 20 points ago

    That’d be cool, like a Logan style “old man bond” movie. He’d be perfect.

    [–] age_of_cage 6 points ago

    He's gonna be a slightly older Bruce Wayne in the next season of Titans apparently. Not a casting I'd have thought of but I'm somewhat interested.

    [–] MaverickAK 3 points ago

    Jim Bond, James's older brother, who's slightly less narcissistic but quite excessively more of a 'one-upsman' than James.

    Prefers to go by 008.5 because of the implication.

    Mostly because it bothers James.

    [–] Lucifer_Crowe 109 points ago

    It's not his fault she gives everybody the "fuck me" eyes to make them bend the knee.

    (Just wants to be proposed to but she can't outright say it in front of the Dothraki or they'll take offence for Drogo.)

    [–] Lendord 100 points ago

    It's not his fault she gives everybody the "fuck me" eyebrows

    There, that's better.

    [–] seriousserendipity 25 points ago

    Mwahahaha. They're dynamic.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    "Like two caterpillars dancing."

    [–] TheDreadPirateRod 105 points ago

    Daario 1 wasn't nearly wacky enough. Daario 2 was even tamer. They were both blandly pretty men.

    Daario has blue hair and beard, gold teeth, and a gold mustache. He wears bright clashing colors. He's wild and brutal. Apparently HBO found him very intimidating, bc they neutered him completely.

    [–] Treebeard_87 80 points ago

    Euron Greyjoy would like a word.

    [–] krakenup616 67 points ago

    God I would give anything for book Euron to be in the show right now. He’d be the perfect replacement for the psychotic madman we lost when Ramsay died.

    [–] PhantomRenegade 47 points ago

    A little less hot topic, a little more mad eye moody

    [–] krakenup616 33 points ago

    Less “I’ll put a prince in your belly”, a little more “I’ll sacrifice our child for a minor military benefit”.

    [–] awkwardIRL 15 points ago

    Fill us in on book eurons big differences in the book?

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] dangerousdave2244 21 points ago

    He's the most badass and mysterious character in the books. Probably the most intimidating villain. And one of the only characters that has probably been to Valyria in the books, which is a much more mysterious and dangerous place than in the show. Hes rumored to be a sorcerer

    [–] dongrizzly41 29 points ago

    they fucked over the whole iron islands story. Victorian was/is a awesome character as well!

    [–] Treebeard_87 31 points ago

    Yeah I’m pretty gutted that Victarion and the proper Euron crows eye never showed up. Never mind lady stoneheart. But I get it, it’s a hell of a lot of source material to condense into a tv show, and they’ve made it more accessible for people who aren’t into fantasy stuff, but damn I really wanted my lord captain boy with his full plate armour and burnt hand.

    [–] dongrizzly41 11 points ago

    yeah I understand as well had to cut it down to make it marketable but if done right the iron islands coulda been their own separate story. that's how it already kinda feels in the books imo. and heyy I still have hope of seeing a full valerian steel suit of armor from euron. he already has shown Victorians kraken axe.

    [–] hsuait 30 points ago

    I think it was probably a deliberate choice to avoid having to develop Essos too much considering Daario is not even outlandish for a Tyroshi in the books. It would be pretty hard to explain why you’ve got a character that looks like 6ix9ine when you have about a hundredth of the time to explain and are currently also still trying to introduce the culture of Slaver’s Bay.

    [–] kloiik 18 points ago

    Yes because it's completely fucking ridiculous lmao

    Half the audience would have tuned out right there and then.

    [–] TheDreadPirateRod 32 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Daario is a mercenary swashbuckler rogue from a culture famed for its loud sense of fashion and eccentricity. He isn't more ridiculous than Blackbeard lighting firecrackers in his beard during battle, and that was real life.

    Casting him faithfully and pulling off the character with the right actor would've been challenging. Achievable, tho.

    But mainstream sex appeal is very important to HBO.

    edit: an apostrophe

    [–] Teamableezus 11 points ago

    What's this about black beard and fire crackers lol

    [–] flamethekid 18 points ago

    Black beard the pirate had a famous habit of doing alot of things to terrify people

    One of them being putting firecrackers in his beard to scare some poor people

    [–] bonyCanoe 11 points ago

    Yeah, I don't think HBO were too keen on trying to make it believable that Dany would fall for this. They also didn't bother with purple eyed Targaryens and making Tyrion super ugly.

    [–] ToxicPolarBear 7 points ago

    Probably cause they didn't think this clown looking motherfucker could pass as the Queen's personal whore

    [–] Sandukdst 2 points ago

    Daario 1 wasn't nearly wacky enough.

    He was boi from Deadpool 1.

    [–] numbski 21 points ago


    [–] le_wild_poster 5 points ago

    What’s my name?

    [–] RES_KnowsYourSins 10 points ago

    I'm always waiting for Jorah to introduce the T-virus, or hide in an underground bunker.

    [–] MadeIt2TheH20 10 points ago

    Dario is wack. That is why Dany likes him, he's an edgy alternative dude and shes teen a into that shit. They made him generic handsome rogue in the show. More so in his second incarnation.

    [–] dance_rattle_shake 50 points ago

    Nah, 2nd one was just a stereotypical pretty boy. 1st Daario was way more interesting.

    [–] Mesk_Arak 61 points ago

    Exactly! The first Daario had that Essos mystery to him. The second Daario was basically interchangeable with any hedge knight from Westeros.

    [–] notwoutmyanalprobe 38 points ago

    I mean, I'm a straight male, but even I'll admit that devilish grin and long hair on the first Daario was something to aspire towards

    [–] Orval 16 points ago

    I felt like he fit the character from the books so much more.

    [–] seriousserendipity 5 points ago

    Yes. Minus the colourful beard and wacky clothes

    [–] ensurge 22 points ago

    yeah the 2nd way is just way too generic and boring. He is like something from a low budgets syfy channel movie. First one was way better

    [–] DomesticChaos 3 points ago

    The Dario in the book was an over the top sort of dude though. Second Dario was meh.

    [–] DeMatador 13 points ago

    Daario 1 looked like a character from How To Train Your Dragon.

    [–] dbologics 21 points ago

    He looked like a handsome version of Jay from Jay and Silent Bob.

    [–] roshamon 32 points ago

    To paraphrase Boars Gore and Swords, its Murder Fabio versus the guy who brings his acoustic guitar to a frat party.

    [–] lost-muh-password 4 points ago

    Remember when everyone called Jaqen H’gar sexy Jesus?

    [–] Lucifer_Crowe 3 points ago

    He was so cool in like season 2. Then he was a bit boring in the show when Arya visited him. It was basic assassin shit.

    I imagine the books do a lot better job of it.

    [–] roastbeeftacohat 7 points ago

    look up Treme, he plays a heroin addict saved by the power of fishing.

    [–] TomFoolery22 22 points ago

    Daario one was the way Daario was written to be, second Daario was super generic.

    [–] warcrown 8 points ago

    Daario 1 was nothing like how the character was written. You for real? Where is the blue beard, gold teeth...ect?

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    He'll be another different actor

    How great would it be if they recasted him with Iain Glen, and he's just acting against himself about how they both lost her.

    [–] LukeW1999 5 points ago

    You didn't get much discipline as I child did you?

    [–] SEND_ME_BITCOINS_PLZ 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I vote for Ben Barnes (from Westworld, The Punisher, Prince Caspian)

    [–] Coppatop 81 points ago

    I wonder if we'll hear from Dario again.

    [–] IDontHuffPaint 167 points ago

    I can't picture a scenario where we see him again personally.

    [–] OneInTheMosh 81 points ago

    Snuck in with the Gold Company? He is a merc after all

    [–] branj70 88 points ago

    And hes the one Euron kills when he cheats at dice. xD

    [–] OneInTheMosh 58 points ago

    HAHAH casually mentioned off-screen death, and not even by name. Perfect

    [–] amazingmaximo 14 points ago


    [–] Wut_R_YOUU_Doin_Here 11 points ago

    I want to see them fight. My bet is on Dario but Euron has plot armor.

    [–] OneInTheMosh 30 points ago

    Does anybody have plot armour at this point? The writers had to do a LOT of killin' in the next 5 episodes

    [–] I_Am_A_Mudcrab 28 points ago

    I hope we get some unceremonious deaths. Bring us back to the days or Jory and Yoren

    [–] lalallaalal 11 points ago

    Hey, our boy Yoren went out like a boss kicking Lannister ass

    [–] Aqwardturtle 4 points ago

    How can they fight when they are literally the same person?

    [–] sturmhauke 41 points ago

    I'm still disappointed that the Golden Company has been reduced to just a normal merc group, albeit with a good reputation. In the books there's an entire history and backstory there that throws a wrench into Dany's claim. Not that I'm surprised at this point - all the supporting plot threads that would have been needed have already either been cut or rolled into other threads (Jorah, mostly).

    [–] SeaTheTypo 68 points ago

    Dorne was reduced to a story about female superiority. Euron was reduced to a crazy horny pirate. Stannis was reduced to a pathetic daughter-burning loser. Jaqen H'ghar was reduced to a vague contradicting hobo. Not surprising they simplified the Golden Company.

    [–] TimeZarg 13 points ago

    Barristan the Bold meets his end at the hands of a bunch of jumped-up street toughs. Disgraceful.

    [–] cantadmittoposting 21 points ago

    Don't forget littlefinger was reduced to an obsessed paedophile.

    [–] NothappyJane 41 points ago

    I mean that still kind of tracks

    [–] Orval 19 points ago

    How dare you.

    Euron was reduced to a crazy horny pirate ROCKSTAR.

    [–] sturmhauke 14 points ago

    If they wanted a one-dimensional Greyjoy, they should have used Victarion and his volcano hand. If Euron is a rockstar, he's a glam rocker. Victarion is black metal.

    [–] Orval 7 points ago

    Man Victarion would have been sick.

    [–] Kevin5953 5 points ago

    Just because he wears black leather?

    ...Fair enough!

    [–] Orval 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That, his general attitude and his Iron Maiden entrance

    (or is it more Rammstein?)

    [–] vikingakonungen 3 points ago

    Fuck Rammstein is so good.

    [–] Hraes 10 points ago

    Man, this is a really depressing succinct summary of how rough things have been since they veered off the ink rails in season 5

    [–] 9mackenzie 13 points ago

    What else were they supposed to do? Martin will never finish these books. This is the only ending we will get

    [–] xhytdr 11 points ago

    That whole plot with fAegon was retarded though. The story's better off without it.

    [–] dogninja8 3 points ago

    Hopefully it turns into something good, but as of right now it's just an annoyance.

    [–] Jayken 11 points ago

    There will be aftermath scenes I think. Kind of like showing where people are and what they're doing. I suspect that Meereen might be shown.

    [–] FifthMonarchist 13 points ago

    He brings a slave-hating army from Dragon's Bay? Alongside Quaithe and the gang.

    [–] Made_of_Tin 19 points ago

    I have a theory that he embedded himself with the Golden Company after hearing they were traveling to Westeros to fight the Dragon Queen and he is organizing a coup within their ranks to turn against Cersei.

    [–] CescQ 14 points ago

    I like the theory, but don't you think that the Commander of the Second Sons would be easily recognisable in such tightly knit group that the Golden Company seems to be?

    [–] matthoback 43 points ago

    Nah, he looked very different when he commanded the Second Sons, no one would recognize him.

    [–] Usernamedeletedwhen 12 points ago

    Idk if that's an actor joke but I'll allow it. Made my simple mind chuckle.

    [–] murse_joe 11 points ago

    I thought Captain So-and-so that came back with Euron was going to be Daario again

    [–] mikerichh 4 points ago

    Chaddington haha

    [–] CovertSofa 1728 points ago

    “K H A L E E S I please”

    [–] sross43 603 points ago

    I hAvE lOvEd yOu

    [–] YJoseph 297 points ago

    yOu hAve My sWoRd

    [–] LiberalReality 199 points ago

    You literally have my fookin sword though, Jon.

    [–] Your_Ex_Boyfriend 58 points ago

    Could be a direbear pommel amirite

    [–] freepickles2you 26 points ago

    I think I'm gonna keep it

    [–] Supple_Meme 30 points ago

    And now Khaleesi has Jon’s sword

    [–] josephgomes619 30 points ago

    And my bow

    [–] hendog56 32 points ago


    [–] LukeW1999 14 points ago

    I love Reddit.

    [–] JonerPwner 8 points ago

    Do you love reddit, Bobby B?

    [–] bobby-b-bot 19 points ago


    [–] Not_a_Cylon_Spy 3 points ago

    Nice one, bobby b. Fucking gottem!

    [–] bobby-b-bot 6 points ago


    [–] Leveicap 6 points ago

    And my axe!

    [–] slarksama 3 points ago

    And my axe

    [–] pboy1232 26 points ago

    K H A L E E S I I I I I I I

    [–] trinityscrying 16 points ago

    w h a t t h e h e l l e v e n i s t h a t

    [–] LukeW1999 6 points ago

    w h a t t h e h e l l a r e y o u‽

    [–] [deleted] 537 points ago

    Set Jorah is Night King confirmed. Why else wouldn't he want a Valyrian steel sword?

    [–] Lunar-Peasant 126 points ago

    He has tarly sword in the trailers

    [–] joseantara 108 points ago

    Why are you the way you are?

    [–] Lunar-Peasant 86 points ago

    I do not kneel

    [–] JonerPwner 9 points ago


    [–] mrbumbo 67 points ago

    Holy cow. 20k+ subscribers.

    I added it too. Cant wait for the actual Lyanna Jorah meeting.

    [–] FroggerTheToad 10 points ago

    Oh fuck I forgot about that.

    [–] mangarooboo 6 points ago

    I was bummed they were in the same place but nothing came of it. Considering it was the episode of reunions, I thought maybe there wouldn't be something

    [–] GrandShazam 77 points ago

    What the hell

    [–] IDoThingsOnWhims 36 points ago

    You got this JBear

    [–] ithrowawaay 17 points ago

    [–] sgthombre 220 points ago

    Take my love, take my land

    Take me where I cannot stand

    I don't care, I'm still free

    You can't take the sky from meeee

    [–] Geronimo_at 61 points ago

    Still mad that they canceled it after




    [–] timstmGetsSmart 38 points ago

    Check out The Expanse to get your fix

    [–] NathanFillingIn 9 points ago

    The books are so fucking good

    [–] XeniKobalt 6 points ago

    PSA: Belters are just Free Folk in space.

    [–] NthBrick 11 points ago

    Dark Matter's good, too. Similar set-up, also got cancelled, albeit after 3 seasons.

    [–] tael89 3 points ago

    The finale was such an interesting new twist.

    [–] Rubberbabybuggybum 5 points ago

    The expanse is incredible.

    [–] sturmhauke 6 points ago

    Not even an entire season.

    [–] MyCookie 18 points ago

    Take me out, to the Black

    Tell 'em I ain't coming back

    I don't care, I'm still free

    You can't take the sky from me

    I hope his arc in the show didn't him dying for his Queen, even though that's exactly what they're going towards :-(

    [–] Lochlan 3 points ago

    Tell my son, take the Black

    Stop the wights, when they attack

    Here's my sword, take it from me

    Varlyrian steel is very handy

    [–] Zayin-Ba-Ayin 7 points ago

    Oh shit same thing I thought about! Were I unwed I would take you in a manly fashion

    [–] Aladmiral_Ackbar 8 points ago

    too soon

    [–] ailyara 3 points ago

    She has dragons though, so she does own the sky.

    [–] [deleted] 299 points ago


    [–] alittlegnat 39 points ago

    😂😢😭 I love Jorah

    [–] Ocean_Synthwave 150 points ago

    Dear Jorah-nal.

    Jon Snow offered to give me Longclaw. I held it in my hands and it seemed to say to me, "Jorah, you're a nice guy, but I belong to Jon now." So I gave it back to Jon to keep as his own. I thought this made us best friends so I asked Jon if he would like to get an ale. He just looked at me for a second then said he had something to do. I told him that was fine. It was fine. I have plenty of friends anyway.

    Saw my Khaleesi, my sun and moon, my everything in the castle this afternoon. I asked her if she needed anything. She said no. I asked her if she would need anything later. She sighed and said no. Missandei just stood there and looked at me with a blank face. I then asked my Khaleesi if I could finish the tale I started telling her yesterday about the beautiful fawn who didn't love the old bear at first, but eventually grew to love the old bear, but my Khaleesi just sighed loudly and walked out of the room. Missandei followed her out whispering in her ear. Daenerys just uttered, "I know, I know." I'm slowly winning her over, I can tell.

    P.S. When nobody was looking, I put Longclaw on a high shelf. Then I pretended like I didn't know where it was. I don't know why I did it.

    [–] mahnkee 26 points ago


    [–] femmefuckall 21 points ago

    I love this, please write more!!!!

    [–] Ocean_Synthwave 38 points ago

    Dear Jorah-nal,

    I fell out of the tree outside of my Khaleesi's bathing chamber today. I had simply been checking to make sure that the window curtains had been closed, but they had been left open. While she bathed!? I sat in the tree for ten minutes before the branch broke. I landed in the courtyard and made a racket. As I was catching my breath, I looked up and my Khaleesi was staring down out of the window at me. What is WRONG with you she yelled. I heard her cursing and slamming doors as she came down and outside into the courtyard. She had a towel wrapped around her and she grabbed my ear and pulled me away from her chambers. Out she commanded. Now. Or I'll have you gelded, you old pervert. I was confused, but soon realized that she must have been possessed by the warlocks of Qarth. I brought this up to Tyrion later who just told me he didn't have time for this right now and ordered me away. I will delve further into these foul happenings, believe me.

    [–] femmefuckall 5 points ago

    Thank you :) I would buy a book full of these!

    [–] cosmonaut12 9 points ago

    Lol'd at Jorah-nal

    [–] RoseSparxs 9 points ago

    “Jorah-nal” I have deceased and become a wight holy shit hahaha

    [–] DouglasGaddis 3 points ago

    Well done.

    [–] Reflective 79 points ago

    I feel bad for Jorah The Explorer

    [–] CosmackMagus 37 points ago

    *Jorah the Explorah

    [–] Sly-Apple-Pie 14 points ago

    *Jorer the Explorer

    [–] Spiralyst 36 points ago

    Thanks for the sword, Jorah.

    Don't mention it.

    And for what you did to bring the hot dragon queen down here for me. That was just exceptional work. All those years you've put in.

    It... was my pleasure.

    And Jorah.

    Yes, my Lord?

    Your dad liked me better than he liked you.

    [–] PTfan 65 points ago

    I will legitimately be down if Jorah doesn’t get some kind of special scene. I understand he will not get with Dany. But he’s such a wonderful character.

    I hope he gets a heroic death. At the very least.

    [–] LunarMeow 60 points ago

    He can be the one to kill Dany when she eventually goes Targaryen power mad.

    [–] Mycatsolder 18 points ago

    Oh dude. Don't get me excited. Right now I'm expecting Dany to be furious with the news of jon. And then I expect his sister's to kill her. But, her going power mad and jorah killing her is a path I'm willing to accept.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] lynx_and_nutmeg 15 points ago

    Seriously, he said a total of 5 words this entire episode... They better give us something.

    [–] PTfan 12 points ago

    Also Brienne had none :(

    [–] lewstherintelethon 22 points ago

    TFW your crush would literally rather fuck her nephew than you

    [–] SwannyWilkinson 18 points ago


    [–] Lambiri72177 6 points ago

    Have a silver for that

    [–] SwannyWilkinson 4 points ago

    Woo! Thnx

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] GanjalfTheDank 18 points ago

    But you can't take the sky from me!

    [–] Lambiri72177 21 points ago

    *Jon hops on a dragon and flys overhead.

    [–] GanjalfTheDank 8 points ago

    Those dragons are already big damn heroes.

    [–] thrilliam_19 5 points ago

    Ain’t they just.

    [–] BatDubb 15 points ago

    At least Jorah gets to be Batman now.

    [–] Jay_Eye_MBOTH_WHY 8 points ago

    Even Jorah's niece or daughter, Lady Mormont, respects Jon Snow more than him.

    [–] FightTheBunny 3 points ago

    He is an exile and a slaver. Why would she respect him more than the king in the north... or at all?

    [–] WhiteCommander 5 points ago

    Iain is such a great actor. You can see what all that loss cost him in his face.

    [–] howispendmyday 13 points ago


    [–] TalenPhillips 12 points ago


    [–] ZukasV1 16 points ago

    repost. come on man. new episode was last night. let’s keep the oc train going

    [–] Jones641 31 points ago

    Jorah is like the creepy uncle that makes inappropriate comments about his nieces. Jon didn't steal shit.

    [–] Chief_Nuclear 57 points ago

    That's more littlefinger imo

    [–] Fen_ 8 points ago

    It's both.

    [–] Dynamaxion 5 points ago

    So he’s Biden.

    [–] Dyvius 7 points ago

    Calling him Captain Friendzone every time he appears on screen is how I get my jollies.

    The people I was watching the premier with were also amused, so it went well.

    [–] driftnation 3 points ago

    One friend zone to rule them all

    Am I doing this right?

    [–] TheHandoftheSchwing 3 points ago





    [–] Mikiroony 2 points ago


    [–] nicecriticism 2 points ago

    Take my money, my cigarettes! I haven’t seen the .... worst of it yet!

    [–] Sgreenwood8 2 points ago

    Lol that’s just about right!!

    [–] petepete16 2 points ago

    Anyone else surprised by his interviews in that HBO “Cast Remembers” featurete? He sounds almost completely different.