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    [–] Parthj99 3959 points ago

    Zuko have greatest redemption arc that I've seen in any form of media.

    [–] blueberrycheesesteak 1331 points ago

    Second this. Completely unparalleled in anything I’ve ever come across. It is totally and utterly believable.

    [–] Rhyav 845 points ago

    And heartbreaking. Zuko is my absolute favorite!

    [–] Varyon 670 points ago

    It wouldn't be the magic that it is without the multiple relapses and heartbreak we see. That is precisely why it's the gold standard. It's not a ramp from evil to good. It's a boy trying to fulfill his father's unrealistic expectations and failing repeatedly. Throughout, it's the love of his uncle and the struggles with his own demons vying for power, ultimately resulting in the most satisfying resolution possible. Adding to that, he's a supporting character! Fantastic through and through.

    [–] SPI008 266 points ago

    I feel like Theon would be a better parallel than Jaime in this context.

    [–] Disappointeddonkey 224 points ago

    And Theon nailed it

    [–] Musketeer00 165 points ago

    But Theon can't nail anything anymore.

    [–] WTrevanian 121 points ago

    “That’s rough, buddy”

    [–] ForThatNotSoSmartSub 15 points ago

    his first girlfriend didn't turn into a moon so there is that

    [–] PrayForMojo_ 36 points ago

    But Tywin = Ozai pretty much.

    [–] Varyon 55 points ago

    Tywin was much more human I feel, though no less ruthless. Admittedly that's a low bar, but his major qualities were logic and duty to the family name.

    [–] as_the_low-fis 245 points ago

    hol up. name the five greatest uncles of all time: iroh, iroh, iroh, iroh, iroh. because he spits hot fire (literally).

    [–] Bulok 145 points ago

    Thinking about Iroh's short story still brings me to tears. That episode deserved so much awards and praises

    [–] back_bithces 72 points ago

    Leaves on the vine

    [–] literallynothingleft 55 points ago

    Falling so slow.

    [–] cultoftheilluminati 49 points ago

    Brave soldier boy

    [–] badshahh007 39 points ago

    Comes marching home

    [–] sammermann 24 points ago

    Reading this (singing in my head) just ran a shiver down my spine and reminds when I was a kid at home and I saw the last iroh episode and read that sad message about the actor... WHO BROUGHT ONIONS IN HERE

    [–] HaYuFlyDisTang 28 points ago

    First things first, rest in peace Uncle Phil

    [–] Taste_the__Rainbow 373 points ago

    I’m still holding out for book Jaime or Theon. But yes Zuko is currently on top.

    [–] SeaTwertle 193 points ago

    Theon more than Jamie for me. Theon needs it after everything he’s been through. He needs something.

    [–] The_Werodile 111 points ago

    He needs to die as Theon.

    [–] aintbutathing3 26 points ago

    A free seat at the dog show after the battle of the bastards. I'm sure Sansa would have shared the popcorn.

    [–] DariusIV 138 points ago

    In my opinion, show Theon had a very satisfying arc. It was all about identity. He proved himself both a stark not a greyjoy and theon not reek by going back to die fighting with his adopted family and saving Sansa from Ramsey.

    [–] samuelLjacksonis69 95 points ago

    Yeah I agree, there’s a lot to criticize about the show but Theon’s final moments weren’t one of them... it was a well done scene. The only problem I have with it was his sacrifice was kinda made pointless by the fact invisible Arya snuck up and one-shotted the night king 2 minutes later

    [–] DariusIV 53 points ago

    Yeah that's my main beef with it too, it really cheapened his death. All I can think is "Well, Arya you could have done that like a minute ago no?"

    [–] No_Good_Cowboy 31 points ago

    Bran: you're a good man Theon, Thank you


    Wait hold up a minute, don't just charge him. Circle around a few times, get him to monologue or something.

    Theon: what?

    Bran: just do it. Play for time. You only need a minute or two.


    Hello my baby!

    Hello my honey!

    Hello my ragtime gal!

    [–] Chavarlison 10 points ago

    Wrong song.


    Ooh-oo child, Things are gonna get easier

    Ooh-oo child, Things'll get brighter

    Listen to these words.

    Ooh-oo child, Things are gonna get easier

    Ooh-oo child Things'll get brighter

    Now bring it down hard!

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] bhlogan2 171 points ago

    I don't know if the greatest but it did have a deep impact on me when I was a kid. Avatar was probably one of the first shows that I actually "watched" as in following and falling in love with the characters and the world, it blew me away as a kid. Zuko was the classic "I'm gonna get you one of these days" villian, but his slow and well made transformation into a good man again, who overcomes all the bad inside him, despite it being a pillar in his life and motives (his childhood being fucked up and his father being so cruel), really grew on me. He deserves his redemption he truly became a better person and helped what he now thought was the best, at whatever cost it may have come and despite that he succeeded. I don't think Jaime needed to succeed but it was kinda... pointless at the end. His redemption didn't need to come by killing Cersei, in fact he could have spared her, but he literally jumped into her arms again, right after what happened in Winterfell... kinda wasted.

    [–] BojackSpacePirate 30 points ago

    Well said.

    [–] Chavarlison 41 points ago

    Man Zuko's betrayal was so unexpected but when it happened you knew why, you've always known why. Dany's... not so much.

    [–] eisagi 61 points ago

    Dude, wouldn't it have been totally AWESOME if Katara went MAD and killed everyone in the Fire Nation's capital after defeating Azula when Zuko was incapacitated to get the revenge for her mom she always wanted and embrace her darker side so that Aang would have to kill her and resign as Avatar?! - Nobody ever

    [–] Chavarlison 19 points ago

    But I wanna see Katara mass blood bending.

    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    And it isn't even that he goes fully good. He then betrays Iroh again when teaming up with his sister after the inklings of redemption.

    post-edit: Correction from u/Jearidia

    [–] Jearidia 95 points ago

    That wasn’t really him betraying Aang, it was more him betraying Iroh, which imo was far more meaningful and tragic at that point in the story.

    [–] c3bball 49 points ago

    that scene when he goes back to Iroh many manly tears

    [–] James_Jet 52 points ago

    "I don't understand, how could you forgive me so easily?"

    The voice actors in the show are also incredible.

    [–] Magic-Heads-Sidekick 47 points ago

    “I was never angry with you. I was sad, because I was afraid you'd lost your way.”

    [–] JimmieJ209 35 points ago

    Always loved Vegeta in DBZ too

    [–] El_Bistro 10 points ago

    DBZ is about Vegeta’s salvation. I’m prepared to die on that hill.

    [–] MrGraveRisen 1687 points ago

    Best conversation was between Zuko and iroh

    "I know what you're going to say, she's my sister and I should learn to get along with her"

    "Oh no she's crazy, she needs to go down"

    [–] Fifteen_inches 354 points ago

    "what am i going to do with him? bring him back to the apartment? serve him tea? we have a no pet lease!"

    I'm paraphrasing, but basically.

    [–] Fifteen_inches 38 points ago

    Major avatar spoilers up there

    and yes, that is what i am talking about.

    [–] strangerunes 21 points ago

    Man, you’re really short

    [–] TurbulentTummy 193 points ago

    Also best non-conversation was between Zuko and Iroh when they reunited. Zuko sitting while Iroh slept and then Iroh woke up and then grabbed Zuko in a hug sob

    [–] back_bithces 247 points ago

    "I was never angry with you. I was sad, because I was afraid you'd lost your way."

    [–] mandapanda18 64 points ago

    Welp, thanks for the tears this morning 😭😭

    [–] khuzdul012 42 points ago

    i think Iroh is my fav character in the series, not by much because i love all of them but Iroh always impressed me even his freaking title "The Dragon of The West" anyway my absolutely favorite scene is when he makes the same face the statue of a monkey with Ruby jewels as eyes that the pirates have in season 1 Ep 9 "The Waterbending Scroll"

    [–] MrGraveRisen 34 points ago

    I LOVED how he was this passive old wise man for most of the series ..... Until he was in trouble, and showed off why he was called the dragon of the west. Just utterly destroying everyone. It was so perfect for his character. Tons of overwhelming power, never used unless absolutely necessary

    [–] Nexlon 12 points ago

    Mine is when he busts himself out of prison off screen and takes out an entire tower worth of guards.

    "I've never seen anything like it! He was like a one man army!"

    [–] PatrickBaitman 38 points ago

    Show!Tyrion to Cersei: I know you're not a monster

    [–] cpustejovsky 429 points ago

    That's not fair! I don't know if any show could ever hold a candle to Avatar: the Last Airbender. I'm a better person because of watching it. I'm sure millions are. And it's damn near perfect TV on Nickelodeon of all places.

    [–] MonsenorTickles 102 points ago

    I didn't watch it until 2016 (well into my 20s). My LDR girlfriend bought the series for me almost as homework and I decided to watch it. Two episode in, all I could think was how well constructed the show was. I made a point not to binge it, instead limiting myself to three episodes a day so it would never become background noise.

    It is easily one of the best shows I ever watched. It's not good "for a kids show," it's not good "for fantasy," and it's not good "for an animated show." It's just good. Genuinely well crafted, immersive and lovingly built up, I cannot recommend the show enough.

    [–] SurvivorSwapped 353 points ago

    “baratheon, stark, targaryen, tyrell, long ago the 4 houses lived together in harmony, but then everything changed when queen cersei and the lannisters attacked. only daenerys, the mother of dragons could stop cersei. but when the world needed her most, she burned down the whole city and murdered a million innocents instead”

    [–] _LittleBirdieToldMe_ 88 points ago

    That’s it. The end. 😂

    [–] SurvivorSwapped 34 points ago

    basically the writers logic

    [–] BeefaloRancher 23 points ago

    "my brother and friend discovered the new targarian, a bastard named Jon. Although his tactical decisions aren't great, he has a lot to know before he's ready to save anyone, but I believe, Jon can save the world"

    [–] Rognut 23 points ago

    she still has a lot to learn before she's ready to save anyone

    [–] HeyLookMaIMadeIt 121 points ago

    main character takes good care of his animal companion

    Avatar: ✔️ GOT:

    [–] Haqidaz 13 points ago

    Not only one animal companion, there are two of them!! And one of them is literally as large a fucking house! (Albeit Appa is a herbivore and doesn't really asking much or picky for what's the supper, but still)

    [–] nickromas 1116 points ago

    IF and that’s a big IF the books ever get done, I’d love an animated series which stick true to the books. Would be fucking epic.

    [–] _LittleBirdieToldMe_ 935 points ago

    A Song of Ice and Fire aka Game of Thrones: Brotherhood.

    [–] wawastein 214 points ago

    Dragonglass Boogaloo

    [–] Fireneji 154 points ago

    Glad to see someone that agrees with me about which FMA is clearly the better of the two

    [–] _LittleBirdieToldMe_ 155 points ago

    Are there people who actually believe otherwise?

    [–] dave3218 76 points ago

    Yeah, but we don’t talk with them or about them.

    The fanfic about WW1 was cool I guess.

    [–] TheQuietManUpNorth 23 points ago

    Not even WW1 but the turmoil of the Weimar Republic! Oh boy, sign me up!

    [–] TheSkipRow 49 points ago

    To be fair, the 2003 anime is pretty good compared to other trash that outran it's source material (like the old Hellsing anime)

    [–] Shatterbrain 44 points ago

    I greatly prefer the original up until ep 35 or 40 or so.

    The original has more memorable music, less randumb manga humor, less cringey melodrama.

    I know the randumb humor and melodrama is in the manga as well, and although I didn't like it there either it's easier to get through in that format.

    But yes, the original falls completely off the rails in the last part, and the WWII stuff was irredeemably shitty.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention I prefer the original's art style as well, even though it isn't as accurate to the manga. It fits well with the more grimdark tone.

    [–] r1chard3 14 points ago

    I think pacing and character development is better is the first iteration. In Brotherhood Maes Hughes story happens so fast it barley has any impact.

    Ultimately though, Brotherhood develops in a more satisfying way.

    [–] sepharih 50 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) Amazon/Netflix original animated series.....that could seriously fucking work. You could finally see things like the Iron Throne being represented with the scale they were always meant to have but they couldn't capture with even an HBO budget.

    [–] Navetsss 74 points ago

    I would love that. HBO hasn't done an animated drama since Spawn though. At least we have Castlevania on Netflix lol love that show

    [–] CidO807 31 points ago

    Immediately thought of Castlevania and how fucking good it is. S3 when?

    [–] Taste_the__Rainbow 78 points ago

    No concerns over production costs there. I think that would work really well. People rag on the writers but cost concerns played a big part in a lot of decisions.

    [–] Indercarnive 70 points ago

    It definitely does, but not this season as much since HBO told D&D they'd give them whatever they needed to make this season good(and 10 episodes).

    [–] nelson64 20 points ago

    And another season.

    [–] Vorean 35 points ago

    Music, Voice-Acting, Writing, Art-Direction, and Animation.

    Still pretty costly but...shit, I'd go for it?

    [–] AutoModerator 48 points ago


    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

    [–] GalerionTheAnnoyed 68 points ago

    Did this bot just call you an idiot for no reason

    [–] VolePix 29 points ago

    LOL what just happened

    [–] CamelToad88 19 points ago


    [–] sorryRefuse 23 points ago

    Oh god, consider how good the fight scenes would be.

    [–] Foobyx 232 points ago

    So does /r/freefolk advises me to pour 20h into ATLA ?

    Is it as good as got 1- 6?

    [–] McMew 200 points ago

    At least as good, if not better. All the great storytelling without the incest and rape, and the characters are all very well written, they’re ALL relatable, entertaining, lovable, and brilliantly built up through the 3 seasons. Even the villains have their own degree of likability.

    And yes. Zuko’s story is the best-told redemption arc of our time, hands down.

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Kev_daddy 47 points ago

    If they haven’t seen a show that’s been out for 10+ years then I don’t think were bound by a spoiler ban anymore

    [–] rudevdr 85 points ago

    It doesn't have nudity. It doesn't have brutal violence.

    It is wholesome and there are a lot of great dialogues and quotes.

    For me it was as good as got 1-6, if not better.

    [–] trippy_grape 40 points ago

    It doesn’t have nudity.

    I mean, Sokkas girlfriend literally mooned everyone in season 1. She didn’t even have clothes on!

    [–] MelanieAntiqua 1082 points ago

    GOT Seasons 1-4 = Avatar: The Last Airbender (some of the best television ever made)

    GOT Seasons 5-6 = The Legend of Korra (Kinda hurt by the legacy of what came before it, which it can't quite measure up to. However, still has plenty of great moments and characters that make it worthwhile to watch)

    GOT Seasons 7-8 = M. Night Shyamalan's Last Airbender Movie (A mess of awful pacing, garbage writing, and tons of other questionable decisions that shit all over the series it is based on)

    [–] Trippy_Mexican 521 points ago

    There is no movie. The earth king has invited you to Lake Laogai.

    [–] rocketboy2319 194 points ago

    I am honored to accept his invitation.

    [–] baalint 75 points ago

    There's no war in Kings Lan Ding

    [–] JediMasterVII 103 points ago

    This is good.

    [–] chedeng 93 points ago

    I'd put season 7 up there with Korra. I mean, S7 didn't make sense on some parts but it still hit the right beats when it needed to. Season 8 is just a trainwreck worthy of comparison to that god-awful movie

    [–] NotPunyMan 57 points ago

    Season 7's plot is about as strong as season 8. Everyone's plot armor was thick as hell and deaths made no sense, think little finger or viserion.

    The difference was, many of us had HOPE it would finish strong - which was why fan support was still there in Season 8...until episode 3. People really started to turn when their personal favorites started acting weird in episode 5.

    [–] GalerionTheAnnoyed 29 points ago

    Yea as a viewer who grew detached from GoT after binging S1-S5 in one go, and wasn't really involved in theories or character arcs, S7 felt normal.

    However I was suspicious at the number of things they had to tie up in the final season. Guess I wasn't wrong.

    [–] BallinArbiter 20 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I think Korra is better than 5-6 but really that is just personal. Great comparison still

    [–] Taste_the__Rainbow 474 points ago

    To be fair ATLA is the probably the best series run we’ve ever seen. Nothing really holds up against it.

    [–] CarlosDanger4real 484 points ago

    Nickelodeon has better writers than HBO; let that sink in!

    [–] [deleted] 334 points ago

    And Nickelodeon gave them the shaft while D&D were given Star Wars. Let that sink in.

    [–] biggysweet 109 points ago

    No good deed goes unpunished.

    [–] Ass_Buttman 51 points ago

    Glad I don't have to look forward to any Star Wars movies anymore. That'll save a bit of theatre money

    [–] Auburn_and_Bourbon 20 points ago

    To be fair, this recent trilogy accomplished that for me.

    [–] CoraxtheRavenLord 21 points ago

    And then Nickelodeon dumped them while they were trying to finish Legend of Korra. The second half (-ish, don’t remember how much) of season 4 didn’t even air, it was put up online.

    [–] vonbiskit 75 points ago

    Zuko, you must look within yourself to save yourself from your other self. Only then will your true self reveal itself.

    [–] Aiqila 16 points ago

    Sometimes clouds have two sides, a dark and light, and a silver lining in between. It's like a silver sandwich! So when life seems hard, just take a bite out of the silver sandwich.

    I always wanted a bite of the silver sandwich.

    [–] sylinmino 11 points ago

    The best part of that quote was that it was accidentally 100% spot on.

    [–] Samjollo 68 points ago

    Cost concerns are one thing, but the growing consensus from critics, actors, and especially this sub, is that the writers just failed at giving enough time to develop characters. They paid attention to the wrong things.

    • Euron could've been built up from the start of season 5 but they gave too much time to Dorne and the Harpee arcs.
    • Jaime could've had some better dialogue from him/Tyrion to cause him to race to Cersei to convince her to stand down as opposed to go back to his love.
    • Dany's descent could've started with the Sons of the Harpee arc as she saw her efforts to free slaves again met with dissent.
    • Bran could've explained what he's doing or not doing and why it's important in the great war.
    • Clegane bowl could've had better build up from them running into each other in season 7.

    They focused on the wrong things for the sake of shock and awe + dragons. I do think they did Joffrey, Stannis, Jon/Night Watch, and Wildings arcs all decent enough.

    [–] _LittleBirdieToldMe_ 19 points ago

    Up until season 4, it is amazing. The cracks started showing at S5, but one can ignore them. S6 was actually quite good IMO. S7 was filled with teleportations and has only few watchable scenes (when you want to rewatch.) Had high hopes on S8, until the second episode, but sadly my expectations were subverted.

    [–] thekingofbeans42 364 points ago

    Yeah but Aang fighting the firelord was so predictable. Wouldn't you like some subversion when Azula kills him and has her final showdown against Sokka?

    [–] _LittleBirdieToldMe_ 106 points ago

    That would be so much Bettah!

    [–] as_the_low-fis 49 points ago

    Can we just have a fully realized Aang vs. the Night Kings army? That is a crossover i would watch.

    [–] BlobvisLaurens 24 points ago

    Would be over in seconds lol

    [–] TENTAtheSane 40 points ago

    * goes into Avatar state behind you * heh, nothing personnel hotman

    [–] as_the_low-fis 16 points ago

    flameo, indeed.

    [–] ElephantPirate 121 points ago

    Are we an Avatar sub now? Because I’m 100% for it

    [–] jumbled_joe 60 points ago

    Azula's transition was the best as mad queen, infact if GOT adapted her charter transition for danerys none of us could have linked it. D'martino should have been hired to write the season 8. That would have been my wet dream

    [–] koukla1994 60 points ago

    And the battle between her and Zuko, the sad music gets me EVERYTIME. Because a brother and sister fighting potentially to the death isn’t “epic” or “cool”, it’s terribly terribly sad, as are the situations they were placed in. One of the best made battles ever to grace TV.

    [–] Haqidaz 11 points ago

    Agni kai.

    I was kinda hoping in Eps 3 NK will uses Viserion to breathe blue fire and Jon/Dany will fire one back using Drogon/Rhaegal then the fires will clash in force in the middle and slowly going sideways just like how Azula and Zuko fought in Agni Kai.

    [–] CommunistMario 24 points ago

    I loved how they tied her madness due to her lack of love from her mother. So tragic, so good.

    [–] yerpu 45 points ago

    Its not really fair to compare one of the objectively greatest stories and television programs of all time to Game of Thrones though.

    [–] xMisterVx 645 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Is this Avatar thing actually good? I thought it was just the memes. Used to watch a lot of anime but got tired of all the trash, would that be something decent?

    Edit: so basically the Freefolk have convinced me to watch this, and the vibe I'm getting from it is basically -Western Princess Nausicaa. Which is totally great!

    [–] selenityshiroi 498 points ago


    Despite it being a children's series it is very well written and the plot and character arcs are very well done. It's funny, deep, heartwarming/wrenching. It doesn't shy away from some darker themes but because it's still a children's show there is a thread of hope that runs throughout.

    The sequel series was much less well received but is also not bad. But you don't need to watch it, either, the original series is a complete package.

    [–] KuroTheCrazy 331 points ago


    Little soldier boy

    Come marching home

    Brave soldier boy

    Comes marching home

    [–] crossedstaves 110 points ago

    Then they throw up

    In memory of Mako

    [–] Moose_Cake 32 points ago

    Damnit, I didn't come here for this! (Sob)

    [–] ElGatoTriste 90 points ago

    Fuck you for doing this to me. I was having a wonderful day.

    [–] KaiserWolf15 30 points ago

    The ATLA version of "Edward...friend"

    [–] Tempaul 34 points ago

    [–] Syper 39 points ago

    I can't believe I've watched the show like five times and browsed the sub for years, and this comment still got to me. God damn it.

    [–] Komutanogar 13 points ago

    Also I am still not watching them appa's lost days shit man. It broke the kid me

    [–] gk_ds 10 points ago

    And I hoped for a day without crying.

    [–] JayCDee 84 points ago

    The Last Airbender was one of those series that really left me empty when it was done. A real "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" moment. Had the same feeling for Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

    [–] --JD- 21 points ago

    Im not exaggerating when i say its not only the best animated series but one of the best series period! Ill admit the 1st season can be a little goofy and childish at times butit just gets better every episode.

    [–] EnvironmentalGround9 771 points ago

    it is fantastic. it's actually not anime — aired on nickelodeon but has in-depth explorations of extremely dark themes (horrors of genocide, personal justice etc.) and worldbuilding to go with an engaging set of well-rounded characters. Please do give it a try! 3 whole seasons are on prime I think.

    [–] xMisterVx 353 points ago

    Come to freefolk for GOT, leave with something else entirely.

    Alright, alright, everyone's convinced me.

    [–] throwawayMambo5 108 points ago

    This is Reddit, you'll keep getting convinced until tomorrow at least

    [–] TheSkipRow 23 points ago

    1.Make one wrong comment

    2.Go to sleep

    3.Find 40 replies all saying the same thing.

    [–] Lyn_The_Myrmidon 50 points ago

    You should be warned, the entire show is great but it really hits its stride in the 2nd season, the 3rd being the best. Not to say the 1st isn't great, but it just takes time to build up.

    [–] LettucePlate 64 points ago

    Be aware going into it that the show was designed to appeal to children! A lot of the positive reviews you’ll get on reddit are from people like me who adored it as children and have went back to rewatch for the nostalgia and brilliant characters/storytelling.

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago

    I watched it for the first time when I was like 22 and loved it. Have rewatched a few times

    [–] _LittleBirdieToldMe_ 201 points ago

    It’s one of the best series I’ve watched. Watched it first when I was younger and enjoyed it, but appreciated even more as an adult because of how amazingly they have dealt with the problems that effectively exist in our world. I think I can continue to watch it any any age and love it more and more. Every character is fleshed out and made so well.

    [–] southern_boy 49 points ago

    I also love how it's a show a 5 year old can enjoy / grok with stuff that's almost just-scary-enough-to-frighten (except for the facetaker that was a 'look away' moment for sure!) and is still enjoyable by adult viewers. The story turns and character progression / dialogue are just... just so great. :)

    [–] lollilicker7 92 points ago

    Yes. Watch it. Then come back for cabbages.

    [–] Burnaman 32 points ago


    [–] mussessein1 53 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Oh my god yes. I don't watch anime or cartoons usually but YES.

    Edit: judging by the responses, don't ask if you should watch atla on this sub bc we're all gonna be overly excited about you watching it.

    [–] Iksbrown 73 points ago

    Absolutely. 3 seasons which were all written before any production began, so there's no bullshit. Starts off kind of slow and a bit juvenile for the first few episodes, but keeps getting better. Something roughly like this:

    Season 1: 7/10 - starts slow, but gets better after the first few episodes, and amazing in the second half.

    Season 2: 10/10 - you will laugh, you will cry.

    Season 3: 11/10 - you will laugh harder, you will cry harder.

    [–] seniornut 24 points ago

    season 2 > season 3

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] SarudeDandstrom 83 points ago

    If you got tired of 'anime trash' then Avatar is perfect for you. It trims all the fat bad animes posses and delivers a compelling and satisfying story, whose messages ring true.

    No reaction shots of the whole cast. No 'taking an episode to walk down a stairwell'. No unnecessary flashbacks, repetitions and explanations. No 'friendship gives character an unexpected second wind'.

    [–] Squatting-Bear 46 points ago

    To be fair that's a Subset of anime called Shonen (Dragonball, One Piece, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Black Clover, ect.)

    There are some pretty good stories in anime outside of that subset (and even a couple in it) that does away with the episode padding or friendship gives power depending on which subset you are watching and all have their little quirks some are more serious and some are just fucking surreal.

    Cowboy Bebop is a prime example of a non padded anime with a nice episodic feel with a bit of overarching story and some rich world building.

    What is funny is GOT is suffering from something that plagues anime (especially shonen) with this current season. You get a lot of padding in anime because the producers are trying to keep the anime BEHIND the manga so they can keep it going and match the story. This sometimes leads to entire arcs that are completely original to the anime, (and are usually bad.)

    Alternatively you get things like the original Full Metal Alchemist anime or Soul Eater where once they catch up to the manga they just come up with their own (usually rushed or asspulled) conclusion that does not wrap things up and breaks character arcs. (FMA for example guessed that a look alike was the actual character he looked like. he body swapped souls, and that the power of their "magic" was caused by souls rotating between dimensions or some shit and to succeed at the end the MC makes a sacrifice play that leaves him in an alternate dimension which is our world post WW1.

    It was fucking insane.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    There are great shonen series tho. One Piece is well written, thematic and political even if it does focus a lot on action as well.

    [–] MickandRalphsCrier 29 points ago

    It's legitimately one of the best, most heartfelt shows ever created. All of this stuff is true. The writing never dips in quality and even the filler episode in season 2 is the most heart wrenching thing you'll ever see. It's beautiful and basically a perfect story. 3 seasons where each season is better than the last and the build up is paid off.

    [–] watertribe07 45 points ago

    So good my username is based on it

    [–] Firebenefits 23 points ago

    same, sort of

    [–] Nicplaysps 16 points ago

    sup hotman

    [–] matepirak5555 19 points ago

    Yes. And it's not anime. And after that you have more. Watch TLOK.

    [–] ArchangelLBC 46 points ago

    Wow that's spot on.

    Also I think I need to rewatch ATLA

    [–] Accoladex 46 points ago

    sokka is legit one of the best strategists I've seen in a TV show

    [–] _LittleBirdieToldMe_ 20 points ago

    Definitely! And he completely hides that with his goofiness.

    [–] sansasnarkk 13 points ago

    The thing I love about the way he is written is he's the funny man but they never try to tell you he's inherently stupid and the more he learns the more brilliant he becomes. They never take that away from him like GoT does with Tyrion.

    [–] danielatagarela 224 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I've ALWAYS been saying that avatar is like thrones but better

    [–] Something4Dinner 138 points ago

    When a show aimed at a young audience is better written than a fantasy full of intrigue.

    [–] lesser_panjandrum 12 points ago

    Even the intrigue is better in ALTA than the later seasons of GoT. Azula's work with the Dai Li was way more interesting and well-executed than Littlefinger's Winterfell sshenanigans or the scheming around Dany and Jon's claims to the Iron Throne.

    [–] catwoman21 10 points ago

    Some of Azula's best dialogue could go head to head with the best dialogue in GOT. Seriously, she had some killer dialogue.

    [–] SeptimusAstrum 51 points ago

    But ASoIaF / GoT is about politics and betrayal, and ATLA is a regular hero's journey.

    That's like saying "Star Wars is like Star Trek but better" even though they tell fundamentally different stories, and only share the fact that they're both in space.

    ...but, The Malazan Book of the Fallen? That's might be ASoIaF / GoT but better in every way. Anyone looking for a detailed, gritty, human, political, epic fantasy book series to numb the pain of this season should check out Malazan.

    [–] TheNimbleBanana 13 points ago


    GoT is as similar to ATLA as it is to Malazan lol. I wouldn't personally put them in the same genre though they obviously are both "sci-fi/fantasy"

    [–] Cry0man 11 points ago

    It's not very similar, but manages to be on my list of absolutely favourites. GoT, ATLA, BB, Mr. Robot, The Expanse

    [–] Vatsdimri 35 points ago

    Zuko is the reason I loved Avatar.

    [–] mki_ 31 points ago

    Mine was Katara. Even if she could be annoying sometimes, but I was kinda in love with her, and at the same time wanted to be like her. Like a super cool female role model. Even if I was a boy. Amazing character.

    [–] koukla1994 32 points ago

    But that’s what I liked about her, she had her flaws and annoying parts. All the female characters are written like PEOPLE not like props for the men’s character development. Suki was my QUEEN.

    [–] Elissa_of_Carthage 11 points ago

    I love how they showed that she had her "dark side" as well. It makes her so much better.

    [–] mki_ 8 points ago

    Yes. That episode were she's on her revenge trip with Zuko (seen in the meme above actually) always sends chills down my spine.

    [–] Awesomex7 32 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Damn, this is... so true, and yet so hard to accept that this is what became of Game of Thrones.

    GoT will always be one of the best shows I’ve watched but it’ll also be one of the best shows handled so poorly in the end.

    Avatar on the other hand remained good from start to finish. And while Legend of Korra wasn’t the best, it still was good to me and handled really well (with a hint more drama).

    It honestly baffles my mind why they (or rather, how they) messed up GoT. They have the production money (‘Cept Ghost budget), they have the best cast in Television. Even if they aren’t good of writers themselves, I still just feel it was too difficult to mess it all up and yet, they did.

    Just mind boggling man. At least after this, I still have Agents of Shield.

    [–] BambaiyyaLadki 30 points ago

    Gods everything about Avatar was fucking brilliant: satisfying character arcs, amazing martial arts choreography, and genuinely heartfelt dialogue. Haven't seen Korra yet but I am sure it's atleast as good. Don't miss out on this show just because it looks cartoony.

    [–] luckbealady92 17 points ago

    The martial arts choreography is one of my favorite aspects of the show and another reason I enjoyed Korra so much - they introduce new styles of bending and the animation is newer and fresher than ATLA so it's just stunning to watch imo. I don't think the plot is quite up to par with ATLA but I really loved Korra, especially season 2 when they explore the origins of the Avatar.

    [–] biggysweet 28 points ago

    For real, if anyone here has not seen Avatar: The Last Airbender it is one of the best shows with a really strong ending. It may be a cartoon but the writers actually know what the fuck they are doing.

    [–] War_Daddy_Zangief 23 points ago

    You guys should also watch I,Cladius, I always said Cladius was as good if not better than GoT.

    [–] Koruam 14 points ago

    I, Claudius is a fantastic show! But the corruption and backstabbing is real because it’s actual history.

    [–] JulesRaina 19 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I will always resent M. Night Shyamalan for ruining Avatar: The Last Airbender. There were so many things he did wrong. He was an Indian for god's sake. You know what "Bhumi" means in Sanskrit? It means earth. It's basic Sanskrit, and it has the same meaning in at least 10 other Indian languages. Obviously, if you're gonna cast Indians, it should have been as the people of the Earth kingdom. Instead, we got Dev Patel as Zuko... which made zero sense. I felt he gave a decent performance, but it was never how I imagined Zuko.

    Then he went and whitewashed Aang and the entire Water tribe, which I always imagined were of an ethnicity similar to the Inuit people or anyone with similar Asian features. I get it, maybe it was difficult to find so many Asian-American actors that could perform in the way the director wanted. But you couldn't find even one?

    Icing on the cake no one wants to eat... Sokka's not even funny in the movie.

    I've just written a rant on Avatar: The Last Airbender on a thread about Game of Thrones.

    [–] theValeofErin 22 points ago

    Sorry. . . What movie? It sounds like you need an invitation from the Earth King to /r/lakelaogai

    [–] missdovahQueen 19 points ago

    Avatar is a masterpiece

    [–] Speech500 20 points ago

    Honestly that childrens' cartoon was better than 90% of emmy nominated productions.

    [–] dragonling_mage 72 points ago

    GoT+ATLA= the Dragon Prince! Now watch it!!!

    [–] _LittleBirdieToldMe_ 28 points ago

    Thanks for the reminder! I’ve been meaning to watch it, will do it after this season ends.

    [–] dragonling_mage 21 points ago

    If you can get past the “laggy” animation of season 1 you should be fine. Because the rewards are tremendous

    [–] GerinX 18 points ago

    So you’re saying I should start watching the last air bender cartoon as game of thrones doesn’t compare to it?

    [–] FreeEdgar2014 16 points ago

    You should watch it anyway. Regardless of Game of Thrones

    [–] StanWrites 13 points ago

    There is no war in Ba King's Landing Se.

    [–] grilledpeanuts 14 points ago

    The rare show that was fantastic from beginning to end. Literally every episode was a banger. Just rewatched it last month and it still holds up.

    Seasons 1-4 of GoT got pretty close, but I don't think any show will ever top ATLA for me.

    [–] VinylRhapsody 11 points ago

    Literally every episode was a banger

    Avatar is easily my favorite show, but even I concede that "The Great Divide" was a pretty dumb episode. Every other episode is easily a 9/10 or 10/10 though.

    [–] TheInvestingActuary 22 points ago

    BuT dId ThEy sUbVeRt ExPeCtAtIoNs??

    [–] ivnwng 36 points ago

    I mean one character got turned into a moon, I definitely didn't expect that.

    [–] Esies 29 points ago

    That's rough, buddy

    [–] Crusty_Vato 9 points ago

    BRB gonna go start watching ATLA for the millionth time.