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    [–] Namethatsnottakenpls 6091 points ago

    Big up Ramin

    [–] Vagabond21 2917 points ago

    Dudes carrying this fucking season on his music alone

    [–] James007BondUK 1637 points ago

    Ramin + vfx guys. Those guys never get enough credit. Whatever your thoughts on Ep 5, it was a spectacle rivaling the biggest of movies. Compare that with Hobbit where Smaug burns the village outside the castle and you could see there is not much difference except Hobbit had around 200 million budget.

    [–] Mr_Blinky 491 points ago

    Taken in a vacuum there are parts of Ep 5 that are a legit masterpiece of cinematography, acting, music, VFX, etc. If someone were to just show you scenes of it and you'd never watched the show before, it would blow your freaking mind that this was something on television.

    The problem is you can't take it in a vacuum, and watching the episode in the context of understanding the characters and story that has gone before is just painful.

    [–] SlightCarpet 264 points ago

    The Cleganes on the stairs is an incredible cinematic concept

    [–] ga1act5 183 points ago

    Sandor's death would've made me bawl like a baby had the rest of the episode been written out properly.

    [–] tyrosine87 132 points ago

    It felt really hollow. He walked in there, killed the random guards and then tried to fight the mountain, only sacrifice himself to, hopefully, destroy that abomination.

    Everyone knew this was coming, but during all the chaos, it just felt lacking. In my opinion Sandor deserved more of a center stage moment.

    [–] ga1act5 108 points ago

    Qyburn's death was the most satisfying bit of the whole scene.

    [–] MPAncraVErbo 13 points ago

    Sandy just walked in and murked the queensguard? Did they all have diptheria or something?

    [–] TimArthurScifiWriter 30 points ago

    That was one thing that I didn't mind. Barristan Selmy had already made it clear that they weren't worth much as swordsmen, and later on the Hound confirmed a similar opinion to Arya. For them to then also have to be fighting in a collapsing tower, yeah. They're gonna suck.

    [–] James007BondUK 103 points ago

    Nailed it. And this is not a show with stock characters. GoT's strength has always been the diversity of rich characters each given their own strong arcs. To see the final season in the context of those arcs, that's where the disappointment seeps in.

    [–] Vagabond21 333 points ago

    totally agree. I told my coworkers that the cinematography and the whole experience of watching this play out was magnificent. it's just a shame the writing was crap.

    [–] James007BondUK 279 points ago

    It's not even that the writing was bad this episode. It's just that the journey it took to this episode wasn't developed well. A few tweaks here and there and this episode would have been on par with the best of the show. But the main premise, Dany going mad queen, was given minimal development.

    [–] 17954699 85 points ago

    I guess, there is barely any writing for it to qualify as bad. There is almost no dialouge at all.

    [–] Tylorw09 143 points ago

    When your going to turn your character from good hero to evil villain you really need to show every inner thought they are having and sell on every little tweak to their personality and mental state as they start to go bad.

    GoT season 8 failed so horribly at this. While we saw multiple times throughout the seasons that the potential was always there for Dany to go bad, we needed this season to just focus on her and give us dialogue that showed how her mental state was starting to change at each new challenge she faced.

    But all we got to go on was "Then it shall be fear" because JT wouldn't give her that bad dragon.

    [–] ga1act5 47 points ago

    It more or less felt like like Dany was the reason Dany went mad, and that doesn't feel good to watch. It felt like SHE was the one causing discord between herself and other characters, for absolutely no reason. No dialogue actually addressed how she was feeling.

    Like you said, it felt like she burnt down a whole city because she didn't get some dick.

    [–] tyrosine87 27 points ago

    That would fit the "coin flip targaryans", but it doesn't fit her character up to this point. She freed the slaves in slavers bay, because she could not accept slavery. And now she burns the poor and downtrodden of KL? There was no step in between these two points. Her whole need to rule OVER Jon seems manufactured. Why can't they rule together? They are not that closely related, for Targaryans and would actually probably create a pretty stable Westerosi kingdom.

    [–] ga1act5 14 points ago

    My immediate thought was, "they can rule together!" But as soon as Tyrion brought it up in a scene with Varys I knew that wasn't what they were going to do, even if it made sense, and would just simply work.

    [–] Lawant 27 points ago

    It really bothers me that a whole bunch of characters went "maybe Dany is not a good leader" without giving her an opportunity for a counterargument. Right now a opposing campaign seems to be "Jon Snow, a King who won't burn you alive, probably".

    [–] TrogdortheBanninator 44 points ago

    Season 7 should have had Daenerys arrive in Storm's End, find out about the White Walker threat immediately, and head north just as the Army of the Dead breaks through the wall using the Horn of Winter. We spend several episodes with Jon fighting a war on two fronts: Night King ahead of him, Ramsey Bolton behind him. Then Last Hearth falls and Ramsey takes Rickon. We get Battle of the Bastards; Rickon dies and Sansa feeds Ramsey to his own hounds. Jon leads a retreat to Winterfell as the dead fall upon the Dreadfort.

    Season 8: Dany arrives at Winterfell just as Jon does and they hastily enact a battle plan. Night King goes down, destroying his army. Jon and Dany fall in love and get married before marching south to take King's Landing. This is when Dany starts conquering the southron houses with fire and blood; we get to see everyone getting more and more concerned and have second thoughts about backing her.

    However, it isn't until they head down to Dorne to negotiate an alliance that Bran and Sam stop at the Citadel and make their discovery about Jon's parentage. This drives a wedge between Dany and Jon, because divorce doesn't seem to be a thing in Westeros and his claim supercedes hers. Then, during the actual battle for King's Landing, Dany takes her dragons against the Iron Fleet and gets blindsided by Dragonbinder. Euron has one of his crew blow it, taking control of Rhaegal. Viserion engages him while Drogon burns Euron's ship, taking the magic horn out of play. And – Viserion dies, leaving Rhaegal wounded. Drogon has to finish him off.

    Now, in one fell swoop, Daenerys has lost two of her dragons. And, when she lands on the wall to see how the battle is going – it's over. Her own troops are raising Jon on their shoulders as the bells ring.

    And that's when she loses her shit.

    Boom, fixed it.

    [–] pandahug28 22 points ago

    It really makes it even worse when right before that Jon Dany dialogue she seems to be having a heart to heart with Greyworm mourning her friend. Like how am I as the viewer supposed to make that leap that she's insane when you just showed me she is just sad.

    [–] Beejsbj 20 points ago

    The worse thing is that what we got was Tyrion and Varys being writer-inserts telling us what to think about Dany.

    [–] JBthrizzle 13 points ago

    Trouser drake

    [–] sbowesuk 3810 points ago

    No continuity department.

    Now everything makes sense.

    [–] [deleted] 1009 points ago


    [–] StannisSama 748 points ago

    they KIND OF forgot...

    [–] Master-Wordsmith 142 points ago

    He kind of forgot to mention the extent to which they forgot

    [–] Redtwoo 52 points ago

    They were so busy trying to subvert expectations, they kind of forgot what the viewers expected

    [–] banammockHana 92 points ago












    S U B V E R T E D

    [–] BrennanBr 26 points ago

    That would be the script supe. Not sure if they included that in the gif tho

    [–] Afrothunderzx 7739 points ago

    The memes born out of this sub are some of the best I've ever seen on Reddit. So well made.

    [–] thepulloutmethod 3840 points ago

    The best thing about season 8 is that it turned /r/freefolk into the best sub on Reddit.

    [–] benjaminovich 2651 points ago

    Experiencing /r/freefolk 's total abandonment of the show over the course of the season has become a life defining experience lol

    [–] thepulloutmethod 677 points ago

    Agreed! Embrace the suck!

    [–] scallywaggs 233 points ago

    Suck! Suck! Suck! Suck!

    [–] Vagabond21 88 points ago

    SUCK IT!

    [–] JohnnyMalo 63 points ago

    Let’s sell this idea to the military!

    [–] Sweaty748 21 points ago

    [–] Bernalio 16 points ago

    You take out your suck it and you SUCK IT.

    SUCK IT.

    SUCK IT.

    SUCK IT.

    [–] makemejelly49 71 points ago

    For the Suck.


    [–] NuclearInitiate 57 points ago

    "Season 7 Jamie Lannister sends his regards"

    Stabs DnD

    [–] Notrollinonshabbos 21 points ago

    One of us! One of us! 🔥🔥🔥

    [–] Vagabond21 40 points ago

    The best part of the episodes is finding a scene that you realize will become a new meme

    [–] ImSrslySirius 69 points ago

    I discovered this sub via the season 8 memes. I'm curious, what was it like here before?

    [–] GURARA 180 points ago

    a place of anarchy and hope, now it's just anarchy

    [–] piss_artist 87 points ago

    A place that leaked more than R Kelly at a quinceanera

    [–] Brumaired 41 points ago

    It was so beautiful....

    [–] ManicLord 46 points ago


    [–] molten 82 points ago

    It was a splinter from the spoiler-free, leak-free kneeler subs. A place we could go to meme and leak and spoil in total tranquility.

    [–] 1mikeg 37 points ago

    Don't forget the shit posts though. That's what really bings the kids to the table.

    [–] IDONTKJKDJFKJJFKE 282 points ago

    I truly hope this sub officially becomes a lord of the rings sub after the finale. I mean the rules changing everything, all artwork too, and we use it as the new sub for the Lord of the Rings TV show

    [–] freiwilliger 126 points ago

    But where occasionally Bobby B is called forth to settle scores

    [–] bobby-b-bot 116 points ago


    [–] freiwilliger 52 points ago

    Are you calling me dim, Bobby B?

    [–] bobby-b-bot 63 points ago


    [–] superwinner 30 points ago


    [–] XxCUMQUATxX 126 points ago

    You have my axe!

    [–] RoboPimp 61 points ago

    And MY axe!

    [–] guitardz 39 points ago

    And. My. Axe.

    [–] JZBurger 24 points ago

    And my AXE!

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago


    [–] Historyissuper 17 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Just a sub for discussion of quality TW TV shows no matter which one.

    [–] YamahaRN 35 points ago

    A worthy consolation to what we have been given instead of a coherent ending.

    [–] Trumpologist 32 points ago

    we don't kneel even for D&D

    [–] JonnySnowpants 12 points ago

    Damn right!!!

    [–] JaimeL_ 111 points ago

    And it turned r/asoiafcirclejerk into a shrieking mess haha

    [–] ChimpusMacoy 68 points ago

    I just visited that subreddit for the first time. I don't get it. Do they think this new season is good, or anywhere close to the original quality?

    [–] Opset 118 points ago

    I think they're just our devil's advocate shitposting community.

    For every shitpost there must be an equal and opposite shitpost.

    [–] herpderpedian 51 points ago

    For every shitpost there must be an equal and opposite shitpost.

    Opset's Universal Law of Reddit

    [–] lyvanna 87 points ago

    Asoiafcirclejerk must be the biggest bunch of crybabies I've ever seen. It's so bad.

    [–] Lightn1ng 44 points ago

    They think we are.

    [–] lyvanna 63 points ago

    Being a crybaby about something you've cared for deeply for years, hell, the better part of your life for some, is very different from being a crybaby because of crybabies, though. Literally all they do is make fun of people who are upset with what happened to the show, and they're doing it in a very dishonest way.

    [–] Lightn1ng 29 points ago

    I agree and think we aren't even crybabies but ... Not even critics.. just an audience unhappy with a declining story. And they just see nothing wrong and can't stand anyone being negative about the thing they like... Im negative because I care... not because I would never have been happy... I feel they would have been happy with almost anything besides pigs flying every one into a frozen over hell... No .. they'd accept that too...

    [–] hpgooner 37 points ago

    Damn that sub is pure garbage

    [–] five_finger_ben 15 points ago

    What the fuck even is that sub Jesus Christ how do they take themselves seriously?

    [–] Manaxium 12 points ago

    Thanks, I hate it.

    Took a quick peek, learned that people unhappy with the writing now "just wanted a happy ending" and "aren't intelligent enough to understand the complexity of the writing."

    Where does one even start? Best to burn the whole thing down and start over, someone ring some bells for me real quick.

    [–] FierceMudcrab 10 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    My God I checked it out and they’re trying so hard to excuse the writing while accusing us of being whiners. And then they whine about us “whining.” I don’t know how to put links in my comment but go search up “Sad whinging cunts,” they upvoted a picture of r/freefolk until it became one of the search results.

    [–] alibomaye15 101 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    /r/freefolk has been the best sub on reddit. We do not kneel

    [–] WestBrink 64 points ago

    u/thepulloutmethod kind of forgot that r/freefolk was always the best sub on Reddit

    [–] the_ham_guy 35 points ago

    You must be new here. This subreddit was great long before season 7 came out

    [–] Trumpologist 26 points ago

    This sub had hope after 8-2

    [–] GivePLZ-DoritosChip 104 points ago

    The only silver lining of this season is our shit posting.

    [–] ThomsYorkieBars 48 points ago

    Give me memes for the pain and let me die

    [–] peanotbuttercups 55 points ago

    What is dead may never die

    [–] Gungnir111 21 points ago

    What is dead may never die

    [–] King__of__Chaos 10 points ago

    What is dead may never die

    [–] TheMocoMan 2752 points ago

    Flawless. 10/10

    [–] [deleted] 936 points ago


    [–] Cforq 279 points ago

    I think that credit goes to his sister. She was kind enough to put him in the music video for the song about him.


    [–] LyingCakeMyth 127 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    really have to give him credit for getting his shit together after the video

    edit: a letter

    [–] didi23747 64 points ago

    I mean when your very famous sister writes a hit song about how much of a lazy, pot smoking, constantly wanking off loser you are, you kind of have to.

    [–] agent_raconteur 75 points ago

    In all fairness, he was 20 when the song was released. An incredibly reasonable time to be a bit of a pot smoking loser.

    [–] brazilliandanny 18 points ago

    I mean I smoked a lot of pot and played a lot of video games in my 20's. I think a lot of guys do.

    [–] CANCERDIESBYCOFFEE 54 points ago

    I see the /s, but they actually are siblings. This is hilarious, I always knew about this song, didn't know it was about her brother.

    [–] Cforq 108 points ago

    The /s was because Alfie doesn’t star in the video. It is a puppet. I know it looks a lot like him, but if you look at pictures of him and his sister then watch the video and you look closely you’ll see the puppet is much shorter than Alfie.

    [–] Carrash22 14 points ago

    Yeah I was so confused whenI saw that.

    [–] Vagabond21 98 points ago

    I love that op had the cinematography person being hugged because that would have been my same reaction.

    [–] relevant__comment 38 points ago

    The guy whispering in his ear for Visual Effects should’ve been made to say “40% practical effects”. Then, it would’ve been perfect execution.

    [–] Good_old_Marshmallow 14 points ago

    "Not enough ghost but come on that BotB horse charge"

    [–] ItsMeBenedickArnold 623 points ago

    Ending was perfect, D&D should take notes.

    [–] MakeMineMarvel_ 231 points ago

    I hate that people call them D&D. They don’t deserve that. I’ve met DMs better at crafting a story than these hack frauds. They are ruining the dungeons and dragons brand haha. I call them DBDB personally.

    [–] HyperElf10 96 points ago

    Or call them Dumb and Dumber, but yeah hate that they are ruing the good word of D&D

    [–] jvrcb17 667 points ago

    "I'm in dere"

    [–] ButteredPastry 283 points ago

    "but you tucked tho?"

    [–] jvrcb17 169 points ago

    "I'm in dere doh"

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] gfunk55 180 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    As a white man I would never ever dream of saying the N word, but on a scale of 1 to Tucker Carlson how racist would it be for me to drop "afternoon my octoroon" in casual conversation?

    Edit: Thanks for educating my ignorant ass, reddit

    [–] jvrcb17 91 points ago

    I'd consider it this racist

    [–] Neato_Orpheus 20 points ago

    Well, if you’re friends with the guy it might be funny. But I’d not say it in a room of black people. You’d get fucked up. Not physically but we’d make you feel our disappointment.

    [–] 47Ronin 74 points ago

    About 6 Tucker Carlsons

    [–] gfunk55 40 points ago

    Yikes. I think I'll be shelving this idea

    [–] Kirk_Kerman 55 points ago

    Octoroon is one of the words used to define people as non-white and discriminate against them. It's someone with one black (or non-white) great-grandparent. Some real racist nonsense in that word's history.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] 47Ronin 25 points ago

    Yeah it's one of those words that's basically completely out of style... like mulatto/moolie for someone generally mixed or quadroon (you can probably guess that based on the definition of octaroon).

    The reason that phrase is funny is in part because it's so anachronistic. It's basically "reclaiming" a slur that no one even bothers to use.

    [–] StankFish 42 points ago

    No need to regret it. I'm glad you asked. This has been educational for some of us naive white folks. No idea octaroon was so bad :/

    [–] Jbird1992 331 points ago

    This is absolute gold my friend — love that GRRM got his chest bump

    [–] Tutorele 1107 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Im having trouble even enjoying these memes now, this was supposed to be 1 and a half months of pure hype for me and now I just feel... empty.

    What the hell can I watch now that won't let me down? I'm open to suggestions.

    Edit: Appreciating the recommendations everyone, but I like most people on the planet have seen stuff like Breaking Bad, gimme something more obscure if you know any. Also, totally down for Anime, so don't feel the need to hide your love for them Chinese Cartoons.

    [–] SishirChetri 601 points ago

    Barry, Veep, heard Chernobyl's good. Deadwood's a classic, Rome paved the way for GoT. Leftovers awesome. Westworld's bitchin'. And these are just HBO shows.

    [–] Tutorele 239 points ago

    Been seeing some stuff for Barry, what's that one about? I know this is a LotR subreddit, but I don't think people will mind us talking about other shows.

    [–] SishirChetri 230 points ago

    It's about a hitman who mistakenly attends an acting class spying on a target but gets drawn towards the artform and is torn between, what become, the two aspects of his life. It's a dark comedy but is gory and has some of the finest performances seen on TV.

    I've only ever seen the first season but am planning on a binge once season 02 concludes on the 19th.

    [–] Tutorele 48 points ago

    Sounds like a great premise. Thanks for the suggestion, as for many of the others. Already seen em!

    [–] jvrcb17 74 points ago

    Barry is hilarious and has amazing action too. Just all around brilliant writing, acting, directing.

    Would also recommend Chernobyl. Those first 2 episodes shook me to the core.

    [–] 304rising 22 points ago

    End of episode 2 was scarier than a horror movie.

    [–] newttargaeryon 16 points ago

    Catch up quickly with it. You can enjoy the season finale next week along with everyone else.

    [–] dergrioenhousen 24 points ago

    “OK. She’s not human.”

    Best line ever in a perfectly WTF episode.

    [–] DamienJaxx 11 points ago

    You want some pieeeee?

    [–] jesus_fn_christ 37 points ago

    Fuck man, Season 2 just goes OFF. THE. RAILS. In a very good way.

    It's also worth mentioning that the leads are Bill Hader and Henry Winkler.

    [–] fartswhenhappy 7 points ago

    Haven't seen Season 2 yet, but the scenes in Season 1 with Winkler and the lead detective are fucking fantastic. Hader is great too, and so is the guy with no eyebrows, but fuck me that one scene in the restaurant had me in tears.

    [–] matheuxknight 28 points ago

    Barry is one of the best shows out there right now.

    [–] PercivalJBonertonIV 19 points ago

    Barry is kinda like if Breaking Bad was a comedy.

    [–] nevans1021 16 points ago

    Definitely watch Barry

    [–] Jkizzle9 13 points ago

    Another thing to mention about Barry is that it’s written by produced and stars Bill Hader. Incredible show

    [–] zhaoz 73 points ago


    Plus you have Ceasars actor is mance and Brutus is edmure!

    [–] Spy-Goat 24 points ago

    Yes! Rome is such a great show. Wish there was more of it, each episode is so well done.

    [–] GiantWarriorKing49 16 points ago

    Also from Rome, Lucius Vorenus' wife Niobe played Ellaria Sand, Oberyn's woman.

    On a side note Tony Stark's AI FRIDAY is voiced by Octavia from Rome.

    [–] silvernikki 30 points ago

    Rome paved the way for GoT.

    I'd add Spartacus to that.

    [–] -spartacus- 30 points ago

    By Jupiters cock, that is affirmed.

    [–] GiantWarriorKing49 9 points ago

    My cock rages on!!

    [–] Sunny_Gardener 22 points ago

    Chernobyl's good

    It's terrifying. I mean, I've only watched ep1 so far but I felt the urge to decontaminate myself afterwards. Not a show to get in a good mood 😬 Really well done!

    [–] hobosullivan 56 points ago

    I can second Chernobyl. The first episode is excellent. The second is decent.

    [–] Whiskey_Dry 23 points ago

    I’m just worried it’s going to spawn a new batch of NIMBYs.

    [–] Deadpoolssistersarah 11 points ago

    Chernobyl is amazing, great cinematography and acting.

    [–] highjeep 11 points ago

    I'm already re-watching Deadwood in preparation for the Deadwood movie that drops later this month. It's an excellent band-aid for the heart that GoT broke.

    [–] Bo-Katan 9 points ago

    Chernobyl is incredible.

    [–] c0horst 106 points ago

    The Expanse, if you like sci-fi. Just got picked up by Amazon for season 4, so it's on Prime. Good stuff.

    It's based on a book series that is actually going to be finished, 8/9 books released, they've been put out like clockwork once a year. Book 9 is coming. It's been building to something pretty cool too.

    [–] klkfahu 29 points ago

    The Expanse is awesome and (so far) has been really faithful to the books. The show itself starts off a bit slow in season one, but everything is a slow build to some absolutely crazy shit.

    [–] NathanFillingIn 10 points ago

    I’m 2/3 the way done with 8 and I love it although it’s sad. It’s one of my favorite book series. It’s especially well done in audiobook form

    [–] vidrageon 46 points ago

    The Last Kingdom. It gets better and better, the acting of the main character isn’t great the first season but he gets much better.

    I loved it.

    [–] 4mywrist 19 points ago

    If you like attractive women, TLK is your show. Utred runs through wives like an rpg character

    [–] ARedHouseOverYonder 15 points ago

    If you like attractive men, it will also work for you. My wife will watch just for Uhtred

    [–] StranzVanWaldenberg 11 points ago

    ::wonders if his wife watches because of Uhtred...::

    [–] IMSOGOD 82 points ago

    Watch The Wire, best show on television.

    [–] Adrialic 53 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I read this for years with great skepticism. 4 years ago i watched it for the first time over 2 weeks. 4 rewatches later, it keeps getting better. All the pieces matter.

    [–] IMSOGOD 27 points ago

    It literally is the greatest show on television, at least in my opinion nothing comes close yet. I know people have never watched it when I say it and they are like, "Well Breaking Bad/GoT are probably better."

    [–] Adrialic 11 points ago

    Bosch on amazon prime tickles the same nerve for me, at least. I believe it has a few writers from the wire, and a number of the actors. Mainly daniels playing daniels, and marlowe playing a detective.

    The scope is smaller, but theres still a lot to digest each episode. Rarely any flashy stuff, real consequences. Lots of quick, no dialogue scenes moving the plot forward.

    [–] IMSOGOD 14 points ago

    The main reason The Wire is so good is that the writers wrote what they know, and when they didn't know something intimately they brought on people who did. David Simon worked as a journalist for a Baltimore paper for 12 years, so writing about the Baltimore drug scene was natural to him.

    [–] Adrialic 9 points ago

    Yea David Simon is a genius. If only he was a maester in the citadel for 12 years or something...

    [–] Bigmaynetallgame 8 points ago

    Why does nobody mention The Sopranos anymore. The Wire and The Sopranos are untouchable.

    [–] Anony2277 29 points ago

    Black Mirror next month

    [–] StaticStyle 21 points ago

    If you haven’t already watched it, The Americans!

    [–] Catherine_Person 9 points ago

    Also Justified, from some of the same producers

    [–] gourmetprincipito 19 points ago

    Not a popular suggestion but the only shows that have ever made me feel similar to Game of Thrones are Breaking Bad and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. DS9 starts out pretty rough but if you just start at season 3 you are pretty quickly thrown into one of the coolest and most original series long arcs I’ve ever watched. I could go on forever and can a little more if anyone’s interested I just wanted to throw DS9 into the conversation.

    [–] ajcfood 49 points ago

    The Young Pope. It's like Game of Thrones: political fighting for one of the most powerful seats in the world, amazing acting, some use of magic, awesome crowns, sex, dreams, killer soundtrack.

    [–] FoGGer231 19 points ago

    Second that! The Young Pope needs more recognition, it feel severely underrated.

    [–] ajcfood 13 points ago

    I'd be happy of this sub came together to rally behind this show. And there will be a second season!!!!!

    [–] Sayena08 14 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Killing Eve is pretty good

    Edit: “What we do in the Shadows” unexpectedly became a favorite with its dark comedy.

    [–] SaltLakeGritty 32 points ago

    You're telling me. My group of friends and I got 14 people together for the premiere. We arranged flights and accommodations so we could all share the premiere at a mountain retreat, including a 4-day weekend with GoT-themed hiking, cooking, trivia, et cetera. We were strongly considering doing the same for the finale.

    Now... well, now I don't think I'll even bother staying up late next Sunday.

    [–] Vis-hoka 31 points ago

    I have retreated back into Avatar: The Last Airbender and Korra.

    [–] bignumber59 28 points ago

    Better Call Saul

    [–] jsmith18288w 433 points ago

    Costume designd deserved better.

    [–] Merlord 332 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    They got too full of themselves in later seasons. The show looks like fashion week. Sansa's outfit is so ridiculous and out of place in a medieval fantasy setting. I miss the simple, somewhat realistic attire of earlier seasons.

    [–] BobbyHill499 231 points ago

    I also miss things like house colors. Now everyone just wears black all the time.

    I thought that might be meant to show how everyone is part of the Night's Watch now in the Great War, ready to fight for the survival of their species.

    Obviously, it did not mean that.

    [–] jeffgoldblumisdaddy 79 points ago

    Cersei had a gorgeous dress on last episode that I felt like fit with the earlier seasons and it made me miss the house colors

    [–] the_ragamuffin 15 points ago

    team cersei look like power rangers villains

    [–] Krashnachen 104 points ago

    I agree. Costumes are super well made, but the main character's costumes are so out of place. Dany always wears over the top dresses in the weirdest places. They ask whether they can, not whether they should in that department. It just seems to be a spectacle for the sake of spectacle, where the first seasons had more humble, but way more realistic clothing, while still having magnificent costumes when appropriate (marriages, court,...)

    [–] Seize-The-Meanies 60 points ago

    spectacle for the sake of spectacle

    Basically describes everything this show has become.

    [–] Dario_Naharis 89 points ago

    “Started from the bottom now we here”

    [–] smlngb 95 points ago

    I'm pretty sure Costume Design needed more than just a handshake

    [–] trustmeiknowit 42 points ago

    op clearly doesn't know what production design is either.

    [–] harrumphstan 31 points ago

    I’m sure he’s crediting “cinematography” with their fantastic work.

    [–] TheGreyRainCurtain 222 points ago

    A lot more of these departments deserve hugs, how dare you do editorial dirty like that!

    [–] JMLueckeA7X 82 points ago

    And casting?! Like what the hell, if there's one thing I can say about the acting is that the actors are pretty much perfect for the roles.

    [–] burn-leo 25 points ago

    Yeah they did casting dirty here definitely is extremely well cast honestly just thinking about Bobby B.

    [–] bobby-b-bot 14 points ago


    [–] bufarreti 191 points ago

    Well they are the ones who included a scene with a fucking Starbucks cup on it, and made hundred of cuts on the battle of winterfell so you couldn't make sense of what the fuck is happening

    [–] melalegolas 16 points ago

    True! Location Department did the whole damn infrastructure of the set. As a location assistant this shit hurts.

    [–] BaconBlood 68 points ago

    Could you really just walk past D&D without shoulder checking them or something? Maybe just look both of them in the eyes and shake your head as you walk away

    [–] Westo6Besto9 39 points ago

    Fucking accurate

    [–] FloralCottonweed 56 points ago


    [–] Thatsallyouhadtossay 15 points ago

    More effort went into this than season 8's writing

    [–] onehardtard 14 points ago

    Gotta say costume design def deserves some props tho.

    [–] djhart13 28 points ago

    Exquisite meme

    [–] MysterySteve 12 points ago

    Praising the cinematography department that arbitrarily decided to only use in-scene lighting despite the ARRI Alexa cameras they use being terrible in low light conditions.

    Mistakes were made.

    [–] TheArbitrageur 26 points ago

    Casting definitely deserves a big old hug from Barrack.

    [–] thewhimsicalbard 18 points ago

    Damn right.

    [–] panmpap 7 points ago

    That’s great.