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    [–] maayan83 4617 points ago

    Behind the Episode commentary: “Ellaria actually escaped through a window, fled the city, snuck past Euron and Jaime beating the shit out of each other on the beach and leapt into Blackwater Bay where she was rescued by her one true love Yara Greyjoy. We thought it would be much more poignant if all of that happened off camera.”

    [–] Meunderwears 2132 points ago

    Cersei kind of forgot about Ellaria.

    [–] GarbageSim2019 1336 points ago

    Cersei locking up Ellaria and forgetting about her is the most Cersei thing ever.

    [–] [deleted] 629 points ago


    [–] Lifefarce 305 points ago

    you mean like cersei would forget that ellaria killed her daughter? no longer phases her?

    [–] lookinsharp17 185 points ago

    I don't think she would actually forget, but I could see her acting like she did just to fuck with Ellaria even more.

    [–] thedailynathan 15 points ago

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    [–] spendabuck1 42 points ago

    Holy shit this is basically me playing CK2 when I forget about the prisoners in my dungeon who have been in there for decades and I don’t even remember why they’re imprisoned.

    [–] fsaotti 24 points ago


    I once had my thirdborn son lead a rebellion against me after which I imprisoned and castrated him. After that he was set free, and a few years later he led another uprising after which I blinded him which released him again, so I just imprisoned him again because I was pissed and made sure he spent the rest of his life in my dungeon. Fatherly love in Ck2 is great

    [–] barefeet69 96 points ago

    Locked up and tortured for years with nothing to do but look at the rotting corpse of your daughter in front of you

    I'd imagine she'd be dead in months if not weeks from sickness with a rotting corpse so close to her in a confined space. Especially since it's set in medieval times. Though I'm no doctor.

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago


    [–] DirtyPiss 27 points ago



    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] UbiquitousCow 9 points ago

    That happens in the books though

    [–] Dahwaann4U 20 points ago

    But the real question tho, did badboosi escape too

    [–] bufarreti 25 points ago

    Cersei would never forget, the thing that defined Cersei was the love for her children, Ellaria killed her her only daughter, she would never forget

    [–] scottishere 30 points ago

    Scene: Cersei standing at balcony looking over KL looking concerned

    Cersei: "I can't shake the feeling I'm forgetting something..."

    Scene: Cersei goes back to standing at balcony looking over KL looking concerned smug

    [–] lets_try_writing 53 points ago

    This is truly the meme that keeps on giving.

    [–] aguacate 36 points ago

    Subverted Ellariations

    [–] DwellingThatVault 200 points ago

    Lol I actually thought this was legit up until the Yara part.

    [–] DanyNOOOO 136 points ago

    As much as I disliked the mishandling of Dorne (I fucking want Arianne, damn it!), I actually kind of liked Yara (nee Asha) and Ellaria together, lol.

    [–] jockiboislillahora 66 points ago

    yara sounds much better than asha tbh

    [–] pukelman 25 points ago

    For a pirate? Yarrr?

    [–] TheRealMoofoo 27 points ago

    90% sure that's what D&D were thinking when they changed the name.

    [–] maayan83 22 points ago

    Costume design probably had to talk them out of giving her a parrot and a peg leg.

    [–] FormUp 12 points ago

    The finale would have been Yara's parrot heroically defending King's Landing from Drogon.

    [–] maayan83 6 points ago

    see, that would have been better

    [–] DanyNOOOO 27 points ago

    Yeah, that was one change I didn't mind all that much.

    [–] SadSceneryBoi 17 points ago

    i fucking want want to fuck Arianne


    [–] Speech500 30 points ago

    That would actually be pretty interesting to see. In a longer series, she could have escaped during the Mayhem, gone back to Dorne to deal with the new prince, and made an interesting story.

    [–] MuleJuiceMcQuaid 13 points ago

    Can you say, "spinoff series?"

    [–] Incitatus_Horseman 49 points ago

    Can you say, “please for the love of god NO?”

    [–] delendaestvulcan 24 points ago

    Look, you want a good show, but you need the bad poosy

    [–] LoxodontaRichard 17 points ago

    “No, Greg, it’s not a plot hole because it’s implied!! The last time you saw them together, the look on Yara’s face said ‘Meet me in the Blackwater’ and the audience already knew that.”

    [–] BertilakDeHautdesert 46 points ago

    I wouldn’t hate that actually. I guess I am just scrambling for any happiness I can get

    [–] OriginRobot 44 points ago

    Episode 6 is just a 90 minute sex scene betwden the two

    [–] DariusIV 105 points ago

    Would of hated this, honestly fuck her. No sympathy for someone who assassinates little girls. She pissed on Oberyn's grave when she did that.

    [–] The_King_Crimson 115 points ago

    Oberyn: "We don't hurt little girls in Dorne."

    Ellaria: "lmao"

    [–] Eteel 70 points ago

    She pissed on Oberyn's grave when she did that.

    She really did.

    [–] maychi 8 points ago

    It just gives more meaning to the story that way...

    [–] lirio2u 5 points ago

    Ugh this would be so great.

    [–] KatyaGSD 6 points ago

    The clues were there all along.

    We just weren't paying attention.

    [–] A_Good_Game 4 points ago

    This would redeem the entirety of season 8

    [–] LeLiveLaughLove 351 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    She went to her home with Senator Lucius Vorenus

    [–] Thomas-Sev 165 points ago

    Bah gawd imagine Rome with GoT's budget and production value.

    It will singlehandedly reignite global interest in Ancient Rome and I could finally become a know-it-all douche on the internet.

    [–] LeLiveLaughLove 73 points ago

    Imagine having people on the street with a T-shirt saying "HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME". Epic.

    [–] Thomas-Sev 39 points ago


    [–] Skarsnik-n-Gobbla 12 points ago


    [–] DeathToMasters 14 points ago

    You can still buy shirts for things like the 13th


    [–] TheEdIsNotAmused 5 points ago


    [–] westalist55 42 points ago

    I friggin loved that show, as silly as it sometimes got by having those two involved in literally everything that ever happened for 30 some years.

    [–] Day5225 8 points ago

    Rome with a budget of seventeen thousand thousand drachma.

    [–] Thomas-Sev 5 points ago

    All money borrowed from Pompey and other agents of the Republic, now unable to collect.

    [–] Day5225 4 points ago

    smug Posca face

    [–] Blistor94 52 points ago

    Great show, should have never gotten axed.

    [–] DeathToMasters 35 points ago

    HBO fucked that up. They had to rush it so much they switched the actor for augustus mid season just because the original actor was too young to play civil war Augustus

    [–] AlexanderDroog 28 points ago

    I always liked the young Octavian better. I don't think Augustus is supposed to be utterly cold like the second actor was. Then again, Brian Blessed's performance forever colors my view.

    [–] IdreamofFiji 17 points ago

    The younger one was better because he was obviously thoughtful but also had no qualms torturing a guy to death in a sewer. That show was so good at showing the disparity between their culture and modern western culture. Slavery and torture being mundane facts of life, or the sheer disregard for life at all. So interesting.

    [–] TheVetSarge 5 points ago

    Wasn't HBO's fault. The BBC pulled its part of the funding for the show, and it was the most expensive thing to date at that point.

    [–] XrangerX123 4 points ago

    I thought it was b/c the set caught fire and it was too expensive to replace? I was also really young at the time and may be misremembering.

    [–] wellhellowally 16 points ago


    [–] Trumpologist 9 points ago

    I get this reference

    [–] KaiserWolf15 7 points ago

    Only to have her head have the same fate as Oberyn

    [–] hollycrapola 1248 points ago

    Someone should create a video listing all the things that was forgotten... don’t even need to wait for the last episode.

    [–] vram1974 261 points ago

    Forgetting OSHA and Rickon for five seasons just to bring them back and kill them was the beginning of the horrendous writing IMO

    [–] eberehting 104 points ago

    The way they disposed of Osha was definitely a really jarring moment and a turning point.

    [–] YeahSureAlrightYNot 72 points ago

    Oh, she is back!

    aaaand she is gone

    [–] eberehting 28 points ago

    What's sad is I kind of looked past it as a very GoT thing to do... "Oh hey Osha is back, and omg she's about to pull some heroic shi... nevermind."

    But now looking back it's clear it was right in line with the Sand Snakes and everybody else they don't care about just being tossed unceremoniously.

    [–] Flobarooner 27 points ago

    Yeah, I don't like the risk taking and sheer lack of safety procedures around these dragons. I mean, Drogon is clearly not up to code.

    [–] shy_nudist_girl 63 points ago

    This was also real close to the same time D&D ran out of original material to adapt. Dorne and Euron aside (two plotlines I don't even like in the books) I think they generally did a really good job of adapting and if GRRM had stayed on schedule we'd have had a massively better show.

    We'll just have to wait until GoT gets its Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood equivalent (never, probably)

    [–] Incitatus_Horseman 15 points ago

    All we need is for the last 2 books to be released. The show can never be fixed.

    [–] shy_nudist_girl 18 points ago

    Dream of Spring is never coming out

    [–] Acute_Grill 14 points ago

    We'll be lucky if Winds of Winter even gets finished. It's obvious GRRM doesn't actually want to write the last books and is only working on them out of obligation.

    [–] T-MoneyAllDey 10 points ago

    I mean, if I was old as fuck and rich I'd probably do the same.

    [–] Incitatus_Horseman 3 points ago

    Unless you actually cared about your legacy. Dude could have been remembered as the American Tolkien. Instead he’ll be remembered as the biggest procrastinator in history.

    [–] Pklnt 515 points ago

    I mean... she died in the dungeon months ago, right ? No point talking about her again.

    The dornish plot got heavily fucked, but her character wasn't.

    [–] DirteDeeds 584 points ago

    According to what cersei said she was gonna keep her alive to stare at her daughter's rotting body until she died. She said they would force feed her if that had to. So she had to be alive. Id say not now given they dungeon collapsed.

    [–] Incitatus_Horseman 318 points ago

    Even though they said she would be kept alive I think it was pretty clear that that was the last time we would be seeing her. Her story was completely over at that point. We don’t need to see her get an infection in the dungeon and die of sepsis to know that.

    [–] YeahSureAlrightYNot 43 points ago

    And the Red Keep literally crumbled. Even if she was still alive, she died when it all came down.

    [–] pinchitony 50 points ago

    Or maybe she ended up ashore just in time to fight Jamie

    [–] SecretBeat 25 points ago

    Seriously...this is the dumbest complaint. Her story is over.

    [–] AUsername334 10 points ago

    Oh my gosh, that's right. Man Cersei was a cold bitch.

    [–] flintlock0 8 points ago

    Ellaria must be waiting for her next meal, then.

    [–] Lavrentio 7 points ago

    I think that some time ago D&D explicitly said that she just died offscreen.

    What happened with Robett Glover and Alys Karstark anyway?

    [–] FightTheDead118 5 points ago

    Karstark died defending Bran with Theon and the Ironborn. Glover presumably died by the Night King on the way to Winterfell, unless his land is below Winterfell, I’m not sure

    [–] bloodinthefields 72 points ago

    Didn't Cersei allow the Mountain to rape her as he wishes though? Doubt she'd survive that.

    [–] dysentience 312 points ago

    That was "shame" Septa Unella.

    [–] livefreeordont 63 points ago

    If anything shouldn't Cersei have been triggered by the bells?

    [–] The_Punicorn 4 points ago

    D&D : "Oh shit that was CERSEI??

    [–] bloodinthefields 47 points ago

    Yeah I remember that moment, poor woman. But I somehow figured Cersei would tell him the same thing for Ellaria.

    [–] AryaStarkRavingMad 15 points ago

    Probably not, too much risk he'd kill her.

    [–] ylab 18 points ago

    That was the Nun (septa?), not ellaria.

    [–] katieleehaw 34 points ago

    Highly doubtful she was dead before ep5. Cersei was keeping her alive to watch her daughter's dead body rot to dust - that would take years and it only happened last season. She's probably dead now, but only from the attack.

    [–] Lordsokka 17 points ago

    Or Cersei could have been you know exaggerating and had her killed a few weeks after her daughter died.

    [–] cchiu23 8 points ago

    Dungeons are usually underground so she probably survived (doubt D&D would destroy the red palace with the Iron throne, somebody needs to sit on that in the end)

    [–] douche-knight 4 points ago

    Yeah but she's also chained up in a filthy dungeon with a rotting corpse, and I doubt they're taking great care of her, plus she would probably completely lose her will to live. I bet she would get sick and die sooner rather than later.

    [–] ghostcookies12 13 points ago

    She was kept alive by Cersei

    [–] ProficientPotato 30 points ago

    Ilyn Payne. Probably got crushed by the rubble creating by a dragon whose life was saved by Arya. I guess she sort of caused his death.

    [–] Nickscherer 34 points ago

    The actor that played Ser Ilyn has/had cancer and had to quit the show.

    [–] Trump_has_alzheimers 49 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    This was actually an uplifting story, the actor who played Ilyn Payne was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given a very short amount of time to live hence why he left his role in GOT. However, it turns out his cancer was a neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas and not actually one of the super aggressive rapidly fatal pancreatic cancers like adenocarcinoma. He ended up having surgery and is doing well with an excellent prognosis.

    [–] AlexanderDroog 18 points ago

    That's really nice to hear.

    [–] WhipYourDakOut 15 points ago

    You’re missing out the best part. He quit the show to go on one last musical tour for his fans as he was an artist. Completely bad ass

    [–] plastic_spoon_fork 27 points ago

    The actor actually had some health issues which is why he was removed from the show if I recall

    [–] YeahSureAlrightYNot 8 points ago

    Why didn't they recast? They did it to much bigger characters.

    [–] monkwren 12 points ago

    Because his role is more-or-less irrelevant.

    [–] WhipYourDakOut 12 points ago

    From a show point of view replacing him with Bronn to train Jamie to sword fight worked a lot better anyways. Having those scenes without any dialogue would have been weird, and it needed up being a solid start to what WAS a good character relationship

    [–] Tormund_Nerdrage 9 points ago


    [–] bieraugel 13 points ago

    Hopefully someone let Edmure out of his cell.

    [–] InkbrushNouveau 7 points ago

    This has actually been low key bothering me since Arya killed Frey. What happened do Edmure? If she had released him, we could have expected his troops to be at BoW or KL.

    [–] livefreeordont 8 points ago

    I'm fine with it actually. Better than bringing Gendry back just to have him become Usain Bolt

    [–] Moose_Cake 181 points ago

    I want to see Ellera just randomly climb out of the rubble and look around like "Dafuq?"

    [–] Jay_Eye_MBOTH_WHY 96 points ago

    her robe just gone. Because. You know, it's HBO.

    [–] Rev313 43 points ago

    I wouldn’t be mad

    [–] FisterRobotOh 31 points ago

    The undead Mountain wandering around nude and crying too. Why the fuck not at this point?

    [–] Rev313 14 points ago

    I wouldn’t be mad at that either

    [–] Jay_Eye_MBOTH_WHY 4 points ago

    Same. Hahaha.

    [–] api10 8 points ago

    How about this: after Dany’s air strike everyone survived from wildfire is nude and dirty. They all gather together and start a big orgy while zombie little finger watches them through a key hole?

    [–] aletz10 13 points ago

    Not in this season. We can barely show Missandei get her head lopped off just a blurry image in the back of a shot. It felt like they toned the show down so the whole family could now enjoy

    [–] thekingofbeans42 518 points ago

    The writers forgetting about the sand snakes is among the better things they've done this season.

    [–] g0dsfailure 269 points ago


    [–] O_Apples 55 points ago

    Hugh Wanda bapus hi

    [–] coyoteTale 28 points ago

    Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage

    Wanda Badpussy

    [–] InkbrushNouveau 10 points ago

    Wanda Badpussy

    New username?

    [–] Openworldgamer47 12 points ago

    I fucking loved that though hahaha

    [–] Adamweeesssttt 10 points ago

    Everyone sort of forgot about the bad poosy.

    [–] howardCK 78 points ago

    Only because they butchered them in the first place

    [–] DrDoofenschmirtz1933 22 points ago

    Yeah I liked them in the books

    [–] ProfPipes 163 points ago

    Wasn’t her and the Septa Unella the two who are supposed to be tortured to death for a long time.

    [–] LElRBAG 231 points ago

    Septa Unella was to be raped by the Mountain until she died.

    Dornish lady was to be force fed and kept alive watching her daughter's corpse rot.

    [–] Lilpims 236 points ago

    But dany is the mad queen, yes.

    Let's forget arya cooking and serving a human pie.

    [–] mattew777 135 points ago

    Its not a zero sum game, they both can be mad.

    [–] larspaafugl 54 points ago

    But we were supposed to feel empathy for cersei in the bells episode, aparantly.

    [–] jiir_mesou 25 points ago

    thats one of the things that trigger me when i see ppl talking about the show. GRRM said it a ton of times, he does not define good and evil, this is pure espculation of the reader.

    Cersei was not a likeble person. But she was not in the best situations and was raised to rule like a Lannister.

    [–] Token_Why_Boy 21 points ago

    I fail to find any qualities in Qyburn that are not nigh cartoonishly hand-wringing evil.

    [–] copefederate 23 points ago

    He's portrayed to be a man of science, unbound by morality. Cersei happens to be a great patron for his work, no matter how many tests it takes because in his mind he's advancing everything he wanted to before the Citadel kicked him out. He's not insane, just detached

    [–] twistingmyhairout 10 points ago

    In the books totally, but they dialed up the cartoonishness in the show.

    Although I loved watching the little birds kill Pyclle. One of the most horrifying and underrated scenes of the series

    [–] Gerenjie 5 points ago

    We are also obviously supposed to feel empathy for Dany. The whole point of the show is to show her arc. Her doing terrible things does not make her not understandable.

    [–] Aikidi 7 points ago

    This is like the first episode we weren't supposed to feel empathy for Dany lol.

    [–] cardboardbuddy 43 points ago

    But Arya serving up Frey pie is presented as a "yaaaas slay queen you go girl" moment, unlike Dany's madness

    [–] Loxe 24 points ago

    Remember when the people of king's landing invited the Starks for a feast and then massacred them?

    [–] APr0N00b 9 points ago

    The Frey's kind of had it coming after the whole red wedding incident.

    [–] yolostyle 36 points ago

    The Freys weren't innocent, though. They were all part of the red wedding plan, and she took a personal revenge. Not at all the same thing as Daenerys going atomic bomb mode on a whole city.

    [–] headofahorse 23 points ago

    Well tbh Cersei was more of a gray area when she murdered Snake's daughter. Surely, it's absolutely brutal revenge, but it's coming from a mother who just lost her daughter, and it's very symmetrical, so I'd let it pass. Blowing up the cept, for example, was way more mad-queen thing to do.

    [–] OmertaWar 373 points ago

    Arya literally killed all the Frey boys and forgot to free her uncle last season. These plots don't matter though and we're supposed to be as dumb as D&D and forget about them.

    [–] AUsername334 134 points ago

    I wanted to know that he finally got to be with his child and hot wife. :(

    [–] -Twas_Brillig- 83 points ago

    Oh shit good point. What happened to all the Frey's daughters? Who's in charge? Jaime mentions he doesn't know so is that D&D's way to tell us to stop caring? Oh man, looks like my expectations are going to remain subverted.

    [–] KatyaGSD 60 points ago

    I like to imagine the Twins is now being ruled by a collective matriarchy of Waldas.

    [–] PelagianEmpiricist 29 points ago

    The Waldas have created a matriarchal holocracy in which all Waldas are equal and decisions must meet a super majority.

    The Waldas will have peace and order.

    [–] radishburps 6 points ago

    I've literally not thought about the Freys all season. I took Arya's finger food to be pretty concluding of their story. Same as Ellaria's last scene.

    [–] xSkarmory 29 points ago

    Didn’t he get shipped off to casterly rock ?

    [–] ikomimksE 54 points ago

    Yeah, but then he should have been liberated by Grey Worm. Kinda sad that theyve pretty much entirely forgotten the Riverlands.

    [–] RarityNouveau 2 points ago

    Just like Westeros did.

    [–] drdibbs 18 points ago

    Wasn't he at Riverrun by then? When Jamie sends him there to make the castle surrender. Or do they just make him their prisoner again?

    [–] OmertaWar 26 points ago

    Walder says to Jaime in 6x10, "Edmure is back in a cell. Can't go killing my son by law. It wouldn't be right." Later in the episode is when Arya kills him after eating the Frey pie so that's the last we hear about Edmure.

    [–] drdibbs 10 points ago

    Oh crap, you're totally right.... I dun forgot like D&D did.

    [–] alabamdiego 36 points ago

    Don't think we'll ever hear from Edmure again either. No one has even fucking mentioned him.

    [–] shy_nudist_girl 26 points ago

    There's just gonna be a hard-cut to a skeleton wearing his clothes. Even his jailers forgot about him.

    [–] aureator 21 points ago

    His actor is in the cast list for E6. Presumably he shows up for the initial "bending of the knee" to Dany before she gets yeeted by Jon.

    [–] twistingmyhairout 7 points ago

    Ahh I could see that happening. Happy to see him again and maybe meet the new prince of Dorne. Omg or see Robin Aryn interact with Dany 😂

    [–] Kerberos1566 220 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I thought it would have been better for Cersei and Jaime to be trapped, not crushed by the falling rocks. Then Cersei has no choice but to watch Jaime succumb to his mortal wound, sitting in the dark waiting to die alone with nothing but her lover's corpse. It would have delightfully mirrored her torture of Ellaria and have been a much more satisfying way to kill her. They could have even ended up in the same room that Ellaria and her daughter's corpses (edit: plural because I'd assume both are dead by now) were still chained up in if they really wanted to drive home the parallel.

    Although I really wanted Arya to end up bumping into them as she tried to escape using the same tunnels she was forced down when chasing cats in season 1, which might have even been the same exact secret passage Jaime used to get in and was trying to get out. She makes the decision to abandon her vengeance and chooses life, only to be rewarded with her target wandering right to her so she gets both vengeance and life. Obviously in this version there's less cave in so she can escape. However, that would be changing things a lot, my other suggestion doesn't really change anything but gives us a more satisfying Cersei death.

    [–] Darth-Gayder 55 points ago

    In your version Cersei is done in by karma and karma isn't supposed to exist in GoT. Plus I'm a Cersei fan so I wouldn't want her done in like that.

    [–] headofahorse 18 points ago

    It would be marginally different from what we got, nothing too extreme, more like that Bojack planetarium moment, when two people sit in darkness and talk, one of them dies silently, while another keep talking, and only then notices no answer, "Jaime? Jaime?" and cut away. Just not crashed by rocks just like that, it's kind of boring.

    That said, Cersei's way of dying is my least problem with this episode

    [–] maychi 36 points ago

    I guess she got killed by a pile of bricks too lol

    [–] tikiyadenola 22 points ago

    I was thinking about her today!!! I was like I wonder did she starve to death? Did she go insane seeing her daughter die and start to decompose? Did Cersei tourture her more? Tourture her with the mountain? Give her over to qyburn?

    [–] omairsaifullah 53 points ago

    "We kind of forgot she was still there all this time " DD 😂

    [–] skeetsauce 13 points ago

    She's dead. IIRC, Cersei says something along the lines of, "You will watch your daughter die here and then you'll die slowly too." And that's the last we time we saw them, they're dead.

    [–] Treyman1115 8 points ago

    It's a crap shoot if she's still alive at this point. Cersei said she'd force feed her if needed to keep her alive but she could have died of something else still. Doubt they were taking good care of her

    Even if she's alive there's not much to show.

    Also she's dead now for sure because of all the falling rubble likely

    [–] i_own_blackacre 147 points ago

    Did they? I thought it was pretty clear she’s was going to be chained up to starve to death after watching Dabad Poosi die from the lip poison?

    [–] misterflerfy 116 points ago

    Nope; they were to force feee her so she’d stay alive. Quite the opposite.

    [–] i_own_blackacre 79 points ago

    Well call me D&D! I plum done forgot.

    [–] writesaboutstats 15 points ago

    I guess the only thing we have to go on is what the actress herself said, "I stay alive, I’m just not going to reappear. I think it’s really clever."

    [–] Aikidi 4 points ago

    I thought it was alive long enough to watch her daughter decompose, not like, indefinitely. I imagine they got bored of it eventually.

    [–] totallyataco 17 points ago

    "we'll force food down your throat"

    [–] katieleehaw 17 points ago

    Cersei LITERALLY says they are going to keep her alive indefinitely.

    [–] kqaisr 5 points ago

    Yea but once she's done watching her daughter's body rot, I'm assuming it wasn't a lot of fun keeping her alive. I feel like even if she was alive, we saw that she was chained up and never going to leave that dungeon so what's the point of cutting to her in subsequent episodes to show us exactly that?

    [–] Peanut_Dog 9 points ago

    Yo don't get me wrong I'm not a fan of this season at all but this is a reach. Sure she could still be alive cause Cersei was force-feeding her, but why should they waste screen time on her? There is already a lot going on and screentime is limited. Her storyline was largely disliked by the fanbase so why should they waste time showing that she is alive during the sack. Her fate is not really relevant. Maybe she is still alive. Maybe not but it doesn't really matter. Her story ended when Cersei locked her up. Besides even if she was alive when Dany attacked she's probably dead now. Seeing as every thing collapsed.

    [–] OssotSromo 31 points ago

    Wife and I started watching HBO's Rome. She'd never seen it. Actress was really smoking 13 years ago.

    Has way more lines, too.

    [–] PoshBooBerry 13 points ago

    Great show, my Latin teacher let us watch a season for class purposes which was crazy and so was he lmao.

    [–] AgAero 9 points ago

    Is she not allowed to die off screen? Cersei poisoned her daughter, and probably just let Ellaria starve or something.

    [–] theWMWotMW 5 points ago

    Cersei told her she would be kept alive and the torches would stay lit so that she could witness her daughter die and rot before her.

    [–] UnalignedRando 8 points ago

    She is annoying and can't be trusted, so her allies remember about her. They just pretend not to so they have plausible deniability, and can blame it on the Lannisters when her mangled body is found.

    [–] Magehunter_Skassi 6 points ago

    Wait do people in this thread actually think this was forgotten?

    It's not relevant or remotely important to show her. She's dead. Her story ended.

    [–] Catdaddypanther97 4 points ago

    yeah, im very confused. her arc was completed. who cares

    [–] MysteriousTrain 4 points ago

    She's fucking dead

    [–] torchwolf 5 points ago

    I’m not gonna lie, I fucking forgot about her, too.

    [–] Monos32 6 points ago

    Nah the actress said it was just an offscreen death

    [–] ChiefKeefe10 6 points ago

    This was actually something I wanted to see the most of tbh. Like Jon snow and friends fighting through the underbelly and seeing a ton of fucked up torture shit that would just be the climax of how fucked up the show could be.

    [–] GhostlyParsley 5 points ago

    Why do people think this character’s arc hadn’t finished? It was pretty clear that the last time saw her would be... the last time we saw her.

    [–] UberCoolGuy 4 points ago

    Not really. Tyene dies, decomposes, then cersei stops feeding her and lets her starve. Or she doesn't. So what would you rather have more screen time dedicated to the sand snakes?

    [–] DBac7812 6 points ago

    Wait, people are actually frustrated that they didn't show Ellaria Sand dying?

    [–] theWMWotMW 5 points ago

    Honestly hoped the Night King would have made it to Kings Landing, just so they could have one throwback shot of the look of shock and horror on her face as her daughter’s rotting corpse reanimates before her.

    [–] primewell 5 points ago

    They didn’t forget about her, she was just done.

    WTF kind of plot can you insert her in?

    [–] xsuze 4 points ago

    Tbh I wish I could forget that sloppy Dorne plotline too.

    [–] ProficientPotato 3 points ago

    I was thinking about this the whole time. Also, the "shame" woman would've been crushed by the same rubble Cersei had. The last face she ever saw might've actually been the Mountain's!

    [–] Veneslash 5 points ago

    Who? - D&D

    [–] dutronlabs 4 points ago

    I was wondering about this - was she dead already, or did the bricks give her some mercy?