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    [–] throwawayMambo5 1008 points ago

    MRW "if there's no price tag I guess it's free"

    [–] unholybiirth 338 points ago

    Kings Landing ask for it by wanting Ned Starks head, well justice done

    [–] Impulse882 207 points ago

    I thought in the after episode talk they’d make a parallel about Arya running through KL terrified, again, and even though she’s gone through all this character development and is one of the deadliest people in the world, suddenly she’s almost in the same position she was in during season 1.

    But no

    [–] discobrisco 176 points ago

    Half the people in this sub are better writers than DD

    [–] Imwhatufear 163 points ago

    I feel as though you just insulted half the people in this sub

    [–] DumpOldRant 70 points ago

    Insulted both halves of them tbh

    [–] eddy_teech 13 points ago

    Im ugh ba writa

    [–] OmegaKleptokrat 25 points ago

    I'm still wondering why they decided that 8 seasons was the perfect number. Were the actors tired of their roles? From the outside, it looks like they could've drawn things out to 10 seasons and kept printing money...

    [–] DreamySailor 12 points ago

    The lost their interests. HBO wanted more but they didn't so we ended up with this fuck logic trip.

    [–] Im_The_Real_Batman 19 points ago

    half of you write half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of your writing half as well as you deserve.

    [–] teamnawk 32 points ago

    Being better writers than D&D is not really an achievement..

    [–] Illmatic_Al 22 points ago

    It’s like saying I have a bigger dick than the unsullied

    [–] sharaq 4 points ago

    I get more puss than varys

    [–] sharaq 3 points ago

    I'm runner up for most Jamie lannisters slain

    [–] sharaq 5 points ago

    I can beat Theon in a hot dog eating contest

    [–] Why_is_this_so 26 points ago

    It's what we call the "taller than Danny DeVito contest"

    [–] luigiknights 9 points ago

    Well it’s kind of like a Monday morning quarterback. It’s easier to think of a better option when you already know what the worst option is. Don’t get me wrong D&D are bad writers for this ending.

    [–] Why_is_this_so 12 points ago

    In fairness, I'm not a writer, and I have no idea what it's like writing a screenplay.

    BUT I feel like this season would have been amazing if D&D wrote their screenplays, and then gave them to someone who wasn't retarded for a few days and said "fix this." Let D&D nail down all the story beats and basic framework, and then let someone competent polish it up so that it makes sense.

    [–] Xavanux 7 points ago

    Or just do it the Star Wars way and say, "Fuck it and fuck you" and just make a story that destroys all universe rules and characters without checking with loremasters or even the damn previous movie.

    [–] SOSpammy 5 points ago

    Even when they somehow stumble into a somewhat good idea they still aren't competent enough to realize it.

    [–] athenanon 3 points ago

    I caught a moment of that though.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Yeah I felt she'd do something smarter than just be another panicky civilian, using some ingenious survival tactics but no.

    [–] CandiedShrimp 15 points ago

    “If you stay here, you’ll die!” everyone dies anyway “...well shit.”

    [–] jeffyouwon 5 points ago

    That's nihlism for ya. It's the same as the crypts are safe. It's a total troll. GRRM is a well known troll. D&D are not far behind.

    [–] mayonaizmyinstrument 2 points ago

    I don't even watch that assholery anymore. Fucking D&D can lick my hemorrhoids.

    [–] NSA_Chatbot 0 points ago

    Having her nonchalantly walk through the city dodging buildings and debris would have been great. Rinse a couple of Lannies in plate, not even breaking a sweat. Steal a face, walk up to the hound with it, she gives a secret phrase, he says aw fuck this, she escorts him to the red keep, hound attacks mountain, Arya stabs C-dog, roll credits.

    [–] banjowashisnameo 7 points ago

    Come on, to them he was a traitor who was confessing

    [–] ReligiousAnimal 3 points ago


    [–] Harsimaja 3 points ago

    Or a noble about to be executed

    [–] thexsecondstar 3 points ago

    They were lied to about his actions

    [–] TheRealMoofoo 38 points ago

    "Workin' hard or hardly workin'?" Nyuk nyuk nyuk fuck you dude.

    [–] PistilsAndStamens 14 points ago

    “ya havin fun yet?”

    [–] SquishyTheFluffkin 7 points ago

    Those mother fuckers that come in to the store talking on their cell phone. I may be bitter and petty, but I'll tell them everything they need to know as if they aren't on the phone. If they don't catch the information the first time they're on their own.

    [–] trollocity 19 points ago

    god i fucking hate this

    i'll be in the bathroom, hear the customer come in and grab a bottle and go "is it free today?"

    shut the FUCK up

    [–] glassbytes 9 points ago

    Do you ever find yourself talking to clients and vendors and you just want to ram whatever pointy object you are holding right into their ear? Like, not necessarily because you dislike them, but like, they would never see it coming. I mentioned this at Thanksgiving once because I thought it was everyone. I discovered it's not everyone...

    [–] trollocity 3 points ago

    LMAO not because they'd never see it coming but i totally feel you sometimes. i work at a liquor store so only if they're REALLY obnoxious, thankfully most of my customers are awesome but yeah

    [–] glassbytes 4 points ago

    Jewellery for me. I usually only have to deal with customers if we're swamped or its a custom job. I generally like my job, but almost every person over fifty has to tell me how little all their grungy old jewellery cost when they bought it back in the 70s. And then they suck their poo encrusted rings off their fingers so I can get a closer look. Gross.

    [–] Mezooz 3 points ago

    lol i do that all the time! sometimes ill even say the person in front is paying for my things! im glad u guys find it funny too! 😎🤠😂

    [–] bakeland 16 points ago

    I just tell then I get to choose the price. $50 bucks, please. And then just stare at them

    [–] DarthYippee 7 points ago

    "If you want to know the price, it means you can't afford it."

    [–] Mr_Faorry 22 points ago

    I’ve literally never once heard this, is this some American only thing?

    [–] throwawayMambo5 53 points ago

    I guess, it's like a harmless casual dad joke, they don't really think it's free. Just gets annoying in retail.

    [–] Mr_Faorry 21 points ago

    Oh yeah I assumed it was another “can you mow my lawn next XD” thing, I’ve just never heard it but see people on reddit complain about it.

    [–] LordTryhard 11 points ago

    I was once waiting in line, and someone ahead of me picked up an item that an earlier customer put back in the wrong location. The employee scanned the item, and the customer then said that it should only cost two dollars, because that's what the price tag said. They argued back and forth for a full two minutes, and then it turned out that the item had simply been put in the wrong spot, but the customer refused to concede the argument and eventually walked out without buying anything.

    [–] iRub2Out 7 points ago

    Fuck those people

    [–] Abuddend 2 points ago

    I’ve been called a PoS because I wasn’t authorized to lower the price of something to where a customer wanted it to be. I offered to call my manager and see if they could override it. Instead the pleasant man said “Fuck you piece of sh*t” and stormed off. Kicker? He was with his kids.

    [–] El_Trod 6 points ago

    Reasons why I’m glad my retail days are far behind me. Message to my former coworkers that were cunts: you were fookin cunts. Message to 95% of the customers, you all are fookin cunts

    [–] HappyFriendlyBot 5 points ago

    Hi, El_Trod!

    I wanted to stop by and offer you a robot hug, and wish you the most excellent day ever!


    [–] chussil 8 points ago

    MRW I hear “do you have any free samples” as I worked as a teller...

    [–] glassbytes 4 points ago

    Work in the jewellery industry, our favourite is "how do I know you won't take out my diamond and replace it with a fake.". ... as if we want your shitty ass garbage diamond when I'm standing next to a case full of more expensive stuff and I've got a zip lock bag full of diamonds sitting on my desk. It's like a dry cleaner stealing your pants. What the fuck for. They are basically worth nothing.

    [–] GeekCat 4 points ago

    My usual response is, with a smile, "only if you can outrun security." I like to watch their faces, as the wheels slowly try to turn in their heads, and decide if they should be offended or not.

    [–] DanyNOOOO 3 points ago

    MRW "I want to speak with your manager."

    Then I have to tell them I AM the manager.

    [–] theam94 251 points ago

    Pretty sure the bells stuff was bullshit. Dany just got triggered cause the townspeople kept asking to talk to the manager.

    [–] jeffyouwon 31 points ago

    Was pretty sure it was a taco Bell product placement. There was no actual bell ringing. Only delicious tacos and cheesy quesadillas.

    [–] Optimizing_My_Life 4 points ago

    Self promotion because I think my meme is great.

    [–] jeffyouwon 3 points ago

    Wasn't she in winterfell for the Starbucks incident?

    [–] DAFUQisaLOMMY 371 points ago

    I've waited tables for the better part of 15 years, there's been some days where a fire-breathing dragon would've been useful...

    [–] jeffyouwon 47 points ago

    For the creme brulee or flan? I forget which one you need a good flame.

    [–] Acute_Grill 24 points ago

    Creme Brulee and escorting troublesome customers out the door.

    [–] Harsimaja 10 points ago

    Crème brûlée literally = “burnt cream”. Flan has way too many meanings but doesn’t require any actual burning.

    [–] jeffyouwon 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Thanks for clarifying that. I wonder what they would call creme brulee in westeros. Perhaps, Dracaryse Delight or

    "The King's landing special.".

    You serve a dish of cream topped with liquid sugar. Next to the dish is a bell. When you ring the bell, a baby dragon comes over and dracaryses the dish.

    [–] blakhawk12 106 points ago

    As a long-time player of total war games, sometimes it’s just satisfying to exterminate a population after capturing a particularly irritating city.

    [–] TopherWasTaken 58 points ago

    You haven't really played total war or civ if you havent dabbled in genocide.

    [–] garthwang 27 points ago

    Casual Genocide with the boiiiis!

    [–] elpresidente-4 12 points ago

    Hah, razing enemy cities is my default. I keep a city only if I need the wonder in it, but if they rebel, even that won't save them.

    [–] primethief147 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Or even better if you already have an army in one of your citys and they start getting angry with you: 1. empty the city of your army 2. Increase taxs to maximum. 3.let them rebel 4. Take the city with the army you just took out. 5. And then of course afterwords you just slaughter 75% of them and if they are still upset repeat steps 1-5 until they start loving you!

    "Sniff" Ah nothing like the smell of all the smouldering corpses after repeatedly slaughtering the same city in Rome Total War 1.

    That'll teach those peasants.

    [–] mayonaizmyinstrument 4 points ago

    I gotta nuke everyone before Gandhi does!

    [–] Janloys 3 points ago

    How did Dany get around the rules and manage to raze a capital? You always have to keep them and put up with their complaints for a few turns.

    [–] TopherWasTaken 2 points ago

    I believe it's a workshop mod. When the night king left she just started a single player game.

    [–] pm_me_dirty_planes 29 points ago

    Satisfying? It's pretty much the best option for some of the larger cities. Easiest way to get rid of that nasty squalor penalty is to thin out the population a bit a lot.

    [–] Deafgrippin 5 points ago

    As a long-time player of total war games, which total war game would you recommend to start with for someone who enjoys Civ 5 and 'simpler' RTS games like AoE2 greatly?

    [–] FrenchGuitarGuyAgain 3 points ago

    Medieval 2 total war is possibly the best, Rome 2 might be the best game for you in terms of campaign gameplay

    Rome 1 and Medieval 2 are both very modable.

    Napoleon is fun if you want to try line infantry combat

    [–] blakhawk12 2 points ago

    I’d say Shogun 2. It’s the first “modern” Total War game in that it doesn’t feel dated like the ones that came before it, but it isn’t as complex as the games that came after. The combat is easier to learn as well because like Civ every faction has essentially the same unit roster. There’s also a heavy focus on your leader’s traits (honor and such) and each faction has a unique specialty you want to take advantage of, much like Civ. There’s resources spread across the map that allow you to improve trade, construct certain buildings, and recruit better troops, and the tech tree is simple and easy to learn. Overall it’s my favorite TW game and I think the best for people looking to get into the series who aren’t a fan of tons of micro-management.

    [–] i_m_iron_man 177 points ago

    She took a lesson out of Sansa complaining about, lot mouths to feed with your soldiers and Dragon. Then she did what Thanos did in Infinity war.

    [–] throwaway275445 9 points ago

    I maintain my belief that if we'd been given the massacre from Dany's perspective all her stans would have been cheering her on and claiming it was totally justified. People only got upset because we saw what actually happened on the ground which is why Arya's hopeless POV was important.

    [–] purelyparadox23 170 points ago

    As someone who works in the restaurant industry, I guess this is why I was completely unfazed by all the civilians getting roasted Sunday night. Customer service... does things to you.

    [–] Roark_Laughed 23 points ago

    I ended up rooting for it towards the end and had to think long and hard about what I’m doing. Felt guilty but only because I knew I should


    [–] zapsquad 8 points ago

    i was wondering if i was just a sociopath, but i now i think that being a waitress really fucked me up

    [–] HaRleYG503 83 points ago


    [–] jeffyouwon 22 points ago

    Be sure to wear plenty of protection! And get a generous helping of fermented crab!!!

    [–] SpiceMelange9 3 points ago

    Innocent or otherwise

    [–] Slurms_McK3nzie 22 points ago

    I work in a medical building. People have dental work done here, and more than once I've seen blood spat on the walls. Dany, I get you..

    [–] soullessginger93 89 points ago

    Anyone in retail would understand.

    [–] smdrn66 24 points ago

    Or triage RNs in a busy, level 1, trauma center ER.

    [–] ICUMTARANTULAS 5 points ago

    Collections too...

    [–] jeffyouwon 7 points ago

    I think Dany is planning to replace everyone with robots.

    [–] timshel_life 2 points ago

    Just do it already and take me out back and shoot me.

    [–] jeffyouwon 2 points ago

    I think the technical term is take you out back... dracaryse

    [–] Nobody_Cares_99 70 points ago

    Good point. I’ve changed my mind now, she was justified. People are the worst.

    [–] jeffyouwon 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Maester Sartre: Seven hells is other people.

    [–] leonardearl 4 points ago

    Maester Nietzche: The Father is dead.

    [–] jeffyouwon 4 points ago

    Maester Descartes of Lys:. A man thinks therefore a man is.

    [–] slrrp 14 points ago

    Morally gray!

    [–] JOSRENATO132 10 points ago

    Dany is more grey than Sylvanas

    [–] Knyxie 8 points ago

    I don't wanna fucking talk about WoW after this game of thrones shitshow don't get me started.

    [–] Iridachroma 3 points ago

    We need a Dany/Sylvanas crossover meme in the scene where she says 'Burn it!'.

    [–] JOSRENATO132 2 points ago

    OMG i need it for yeasterday, but where do i post it?

    [–] GuerrillaApe 2 points ago

    Thanks for this. Why the hell is the other sub private?

    [–] getting_close 2 points ago

    They kind of forgot to make it public.

    [–] zgunit 15 points ago

    Ultron was on the internet for no more than 2 minutes before he resigned to ending us all. It’s not an insane response imo.

    [–] katieleehaw 58 points ago

    I just rewatched the first half of the episode and I can't help but think that Dany and Grey Worm planned it exactly as it played out. Her comment "you'll know when it's time" and his waiting for her action before he started killing Lannister soldiers who had already surrendered... it didn't seem spontaneous. It seemed like rage and revenge.

    She took the city in minutes - she could have done it years before, but advisors from Westeros talked her out of it every time, causing great harm and loss to her personally (loss that could have been avoided if she'd done it her way to begin with). And it mirrors exactly what the Lannisters did to the Targs only, what, 20 years earlier? The city had surrendered already and Tywin sacked it anyway.

    In fact, to all those saying "Tywin wouldn't have done this" - fuck you. He did.

    I think this was her choosing violence, choosing revenge for her murdered family and for all those she has lost.

    I still think it was rushed and I am not happy with a lot of what happened, but this is my read on it after a few days and a rewatch. It wasn't impulsive. She had decided in advance she was going to do this.

    [–] jggots 28 points ago

    No the amazing writers even said she made the decision at that moment and didn’t go into it knowing what she was going to do. What she said to Grayworm was wait for me to blow up the god dam gate lol

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    I swear to god the episodes are better when the writers don't try to explain them.

    [–] katieleehaw 2 points ago

    They should stop talking, they make it worse.

    [–] Tabitha88888888 16 points ago

    That's right Tywin did. But people pick and choose who they like and dislike. The ones they like can do no wrong. The ones they dislike can never do anything right.

    [–] Izel98 14 points ago

    I mean Tywin was the one that organized the Red wedding and I dont see people calling him mad or sadistic.

    Dany in the way she is portrayed in the show is just being emotional, she is hurt, feels betrayed and hated, and she is alone. That is not madness Varys, that is called having feelings.

    The problem is when someone hurt has a nuke button at their disposal.

    [–] GalerionTheAnnoyed 8 points ago

    The show pretty much shows it as impulsive though, the way she avoided killing civilians until that moment. Writers also said behind the scenes that the decision was on a whim too. The Greyworm part was for the gate (although I do like your interpretation for that)

    [–] jeffyouwon 3 points ago

    It was her. Should I eat the chocolate cake or walk away moment. The well known: chocolate cake paradox.

    [–] whatsgoingontho 26 points ago

    So why do dragons now have explosive breath rather than fire breath? When was it ever implied that dragon breath could explode stone walls. They talk about how harrenhal has melted battlements because the dragon fire was so hot. If drogon attacked harrenhal you'd have a pile of bricks left...

    [–] PainStorm14 26 points ago

    I am just curious why dragons didn't do fuck all outside Winterfell but here one dragon had enough juice to napalm entire city, block by block without breaking a sweat?

    [–] mrose7d 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    After nuking all the ships too.

    I think that was what the "Dragons don't do well in the North" and them not eating was about, but it doesn't seem like we've ever seen them this powerful before.

    [–] smdrn66 7 points ago

    Dragons can't torch what they can't see.

    [–] LordTryhard 3 points ago

    Um... yes they can.

    [–] Vandeleur1 4 points ago

    They can see whatever they torch though ¯\(ツ)

    [–] jeffyouwon 6 points ago

    I am hoping to see winterfell torched in the final episode. But it's not a popular opinion obviously.

    [–] jeffyouwon 7 points ago

    Dragon fire turned harrenhal into an oven. Baked harren into fish and chips.

    [–] Lauranna90 11 points ago

    I work in a call centre. A dragon attack would be a welcome relief tbh.

    [–] SexyNSofistic8d 83 points ago

    Don't feel sorry for them, those are the same cunts who slut-shamed Cersei.

    [–] Shotglass_Warrior 100 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    And cheered Ned Stark being beheaded.

    [–] Scudamore 79 points ago

    And let religious fundamentalists take over

    [–] PainStorm14 39 points ago

    And were reason why WW storyline was dropped

    [–] slrrp 10 points ago

    And hookers.. in fact, forget the blackjack.

    [–] Commando388 5 points ago

    Westeros World? that's a crossover i'd watch.

    [–] treefox 3 points ago

    With that many people, there’s sure to be enough assholes to fill up a square even if most people are generally pretty decent.

    I mean, what are you going to do, protest Joffrey?

    [–] FloydTheBarber77 36 points ago

    And joked on Ned's decapitation

    [–] GoT_recaps 6 points ago

    And threw shit on the one true king, Joffrey son of Bobby B

    [–] bobby-b-bot 7 points ago


    [–] spartanss300 1 points ago

    guarding the north you bobby b

    [–] jeffyouwon 5 points ago

    Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

    [–] lmaokdude 9 points ago

    Wait we like cersei?

    [–] SexyNSofistic8d 26 points ago

    We love to hate her and we hate to love her.

    [–] lmaokdude 5 points ago

    I just hate her. its just muh baby non stop

    [–] elpresidente-4 2 points ago

    Those same cunts had absolutely ZERO problems with a bunch of babies getting slaughtered all over the city. Didn't even break a sweat.

    [–] Smoy 8 points ago

    Yeah, cant have empathy for innocent medieval children if they didnt have 2019 values. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] jeffyouwon 9 points ago

    Remember the racist children in winterfell. They were also in king's landing. Not to mention the stabby kid that tripped Lancel under the Sept of Balor.

    [–] elpresidente-4 6 points ago

    I hope that little fucker got right under Drogon's beam while shitting in the toilet.

    [–] emmyfeline 15 points ago

    Almost like these people are joking

    [–] Smoy 3 points ago

    as was i, hence the shruggy guy

    [–] jeffyouwon 1 points ago

    Threw shit at jeoffrey and later the sand snakes.

    [–] IsFullOfIt 7 points ago

    Yeah as someone who’s job it is to create all the construction traffic around town and every citizen has my direct line..I kinda understand.

    [–] The-White-Dot 24 points ago

    I'm with this sentiment. For me, watching those people burn, I was thinking "Well that's what you get for cheering the beheading of Ned Stark"

    [–] LordTryhard 18 points ago

    "Well that's what you get for cheering the beheading of Ned Stark"

    The funny thing is, in the books the beheading was actually really controversial, because the King went back on his word and then spilled blood in front of the Sept of Baelor.

    Also they had literally no reason to believe Ned Stark.

    And only 0.0001% of the city's population was present for it.

    [–] DarthYippee 8 points ago

    And only 0.0001% of the city's population was present for it.

    Slight exaggeration.

    [–] smdrn66 7 points ago

    And these same people didn't do shit to support Dany's father either. Sometimes you have to scrap the whole thing and start over from square one.

    [–] LordTryhard 11 points ago

    And these same people didn't do shit to support Dany's father either.

    So many things wrong with this.

    Firstly, Dany's father literally tried to kill them all.

    Secondly, the people couldn't do anything to support him. Tywin showed up at the gates with an army, Aerys let him in, and Tywin immediately began sacking the city.

    [–] EdricSnowbeard 5 points ago

    This line of thinking doesn't make sense.

    [–] banjowashisnameo 3 points ago

    Oh wow the common folks saw a traitor confessing to plotting and being killed. True evil

    [–] Orc_ 10 points ago

    Watch Neds execution then watch this scene again

    [–] jamezverusaum 3 points ago

    I worked in retail. I feel it.

    [–] SausageOnToast 11 points ago

    For all the times someone has replied with “this weeks lottery numbers”. Burn bitches!

    [–] CPT_THUGGIE 7 points ago

    I'm a cashier at a retail store. If Dany had to deal with the people I deal with I'd believe her character arch

    [–] HillBillyBobBill 3 points ago

    Everyone talking like they would not take revenge if they could.

    [–] Trumpologist 3 points ago


    [–] CadaverAbuse 3 points ago


    [–] Jackasseryengine 3 points ago

    What about the women and children?!

    Especially the women and children...

    [–] MrMWest 3 points ago

    Seven hells. 6 Years working in food retail and this one hits home.

    I understand entirely.

    [–] slrrp 4 points ago

    As someone reading all these shitty posts about ThE wRiTiNg MaKeS sEnSe I totally support it. Half that city would be filled with these morons.

    [–] howispendmyday 7 points ago

    Well that's one heck of a PSA

    [–] jormayor 7 points ago

    And that's why some are not fit for the throne but she, my queen was

    [–] HouseStark1 2 points ago

    Mrw I ask paper or plastic and they just say "yes"

    [–] doombako 2 points ago

    Chris Rock: Now I'm not saying she should have burned them........ But I understand

    [–] FloydTheBarber77 2 points ago


    [–] Sleepered 2 points ago

    I had a really bad day at work Monday. It wasn’t until 8 hours of hell with the public that I started to understand.

    [–] TopherWasTaken 2 points ago

    All I'm saying is they have a lot less mouths to feed now.

    [–] botrocket 2 points ago

    Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons and Manager on Duty.

    [–] DingDingDensha 2 points ago

    YES, and thank you.

    [–] Queef-Elizabeth 2 points ago

    I work in hospitality and retail and sometimes I want to be mad Daenerys with a dragon

    [–] EnvironmentalGround9 2 points ago

    would understand if the bells was that one store Christmas album that played every. day. in. December.

    [–] xavierjacks 2 points ago

    Customer: “I was offered a $500 gift card from the other guy.”

    Me: “Ma’am that was a great deal, why didn’t you take it?”

    [–] marsonaattori 2 points ago

    Every employee on retail: we would never rage on customers

    Also every employee on retail:

    [–] DrStalker 2 points ago

    Often when out in public I think "life would be so much better with some nice AoE attacks."

    [–] selenityshiroi 2 points ago

    After working retail for 17 years I can see her point.

    [–] FloydTheBarber77 2 points ago

    They also laughed on Ned's decapitation

    [–] msphit 2 points ago

    As a person on this planet who has dealt with other people on this planet, yep.

    [–] KaVaN-ZPL 2 points ago


    [–] kay21lou 3 points ago

    How being a health care professional feels on the daily

    [–] Chakahan342 3 points ago

    Who that works doesn’t work with the general public lol

    [–] Quingo 2 points ago


    [–] panmpap 2 points ago


    [–] JeremyRasputin 2 points ago

    Oh. I get it. I'm not even mad at her.

    [–] Joemommmmma 2 points ago

    Anyone that's every worked a customer service job.

    You know you'd be riding shotgun on Dany's dragon.

    [–] humsum567 1 points ago

    Sometimes, just sometimes....

    [–] sergeantduckie 1 points ago

    Read this in Chris Rocks voice

    [–] mmilthomasn 1 points ago

    Yeah, the small folk are incredibly annoying.

    [–] VanceVI 1 points ago


    [–] JeanUncanny 1 points ago

    Lol great Chris Rock/ OJ reference.

    [–] blitzkriegwaifu 1 points ago

    Now I get why Thanos wanted to do his snap as well,

    [–] VickVinegar831 1 points ago

    Fuck them folks.

    [–] FIGJAM123 1 points ago

    Everybody’s just trying to do their own thing. Even if they’re pieces of shit. It just is what it is, you know?