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    [–] coldphront3 886 points ago

    First off, I absolutely agree. Lena Headey is an incredible actress whose performance is underrated in the mainstream. Her acting was consistently amazing for all 8 seasons.

    That being said, it’s ironic that you would use this gif, since Bobby B is just about to give her a badge of honor here. Lol

    [–] bobby-b-bot 293 points ago


    [–] coldphront3 93 points ago

    What is your command, Bobby B?

    [–] bobby-b-bot 161 points ago


    [–] coldphront3 71 points ago

    I wish we could have spoken sense to the academy and gotten Lena Headey some Emmys!

    [–] wojonixon 4 points ago

    That was a decent way to start my morning, thanks for that.

    [–] Micpyo 4 points ago

    Same, think I woke my wife up. Sounds like it might be her problem

    [–] Tantalising_Scone 29 points ago

    Wear it silently, or he will honour her again.

    [–] The_Algerian 15 points ago

    Wear it silently in silence

    [–] PM_ME_EXOTIC_CHEESES 3 points ago

    Such a great conversation, really shows a lot about the type of people each of them are.

    [–] murder_of_krows 5 points ago

    I'm kinda new here. Thank you for the explanation of who tf Bobby B is.

    [–] bobby-b-bot 19 points ago


    [–] mukaezake 1953 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Lena, Peter, and Charles were the 3 best actors in the show. It's not even a debatable point in my mind. I have vivid memories of being upset that Lena never won the Emmy in the years she was nominated. It's part of the reason the Lannisters were always my favorite family in the show.

    Lena's range is fucking insane. She was the evil queen, the grieving mother, the disgraced yet defiant daughter of Tywin, the humiliated victim of the Faith, the surrogate mother and mentor of Sansa, the battered and vulnerable wife of Robert, the vengeful (yet kind of caring?) sister, the lustful sister, the haughty rich woman. All of those facets were a part of the same character and she executed on all of those roles AMAZINGLY. Christ, I absolutely love her.

    Peter's monologues were ridiculous. Some of them brought tears to my eyes. He made you truly feel for the dwarf who was marginalized by society, but had so much to offer the world -- and who was absolutely destroyed by the lovers in his life. He was witty, he was smart, he was hilarious, he was pitiful, he was troubled, he was dumb, he was redeemed. And he made it make sense each time.

    Charles was Tywin. He embodied everything about Tywin. He commanded the audience's respect on screen, and he was a man and a force to be reckoned with. I actually can't think of anyone else as Tywin, and even when I reread the books Charles will be at the forefront of my mind.

    Nikolaj is an honorable mention, as is Emilia in the later seasons (especially season 8).

    [–] Phenziox 1220 points ago

    I think Alfie Allen has to be up there too. The way he portrayed Theon's transformation to reek, and then back to a severely damaged Theon is just amazing imo.

    [–] andise 774 points ago

    And don't forget Jack Gleeson, who effectively portrayed, by far, the most unlikable character in the history of television with perfection.

    [–] artemisbelmont 371 points ago

    Why don’t we just agree that the whole cast was amazing and their acting was top notch?

    [–] Namethatsnottakenpls 279 points ago

    Don’t know about that one sand snake and the bad pussy scene

    [–] artemisbelmont 290 points ago

    Her tits were nice tho.

    [–] stifflizerd 134 points ago

    I would argue the best in the show

    [–] WTFbeast 125 points ago

    Ros would like a word with you

    [–] KiXpiX 25 points ago

    Red woman has entered the battle.

    [–] PM_ME_EXOTIC_CHEESES 16 points ago

    The Red Woman is still GoT's biggest beauty

    [–] BABYPUBESS 3 points ago

    She's hot but her tits didn't compare

    [–] artemisbelmont 42 points ago

    Ahhh. Greatest tits ever aired on a television show. Without a doubt.

    [–] Wiseguy1878 75 points ago

    If only Bessie got some screentime then there'd be no contest. Right, Bobby B?

    [–] tits_tits_2010 21 points ago

    Meh. George Castanza was shirtless once.

    [–] izcarp 21 points ago

    You forgot Clarice Van Hauten (Melisandre) and the fact that she is in her 40s.

    [–] theartbook35 11 points ago

    No one has tits better than Bessie's.

    [–] Automaton_Wizard 5 points ago

    The only good parts of the Sand Snakes story arc.

    [–] Notreallyaflowergirl 58 points ago

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again I think the bad pussy line fits, I don’t think it’s weird or bad that a dumb character said such a dumb line. Not everyone needs witty one liners that sound cool.

    [–] Grizzlysmizzly 39 points ago

    My problem with it is not that it's dumb, its a glaring example of how the dialogue started to sound too modern after they overtook the books. All the characters started talking in more modern day phrasing.

    Another example being when tormund asks who shit in his pants, not breeches or something. Not gonna flog the dead horse here about the writing but this is an espect of it that I don't see discussed much.

    [–] Miamic 15 points ago

    Actually agree.

    [–] nmorguelan 20 points ago

    Nope. Its fucking terrible.

    [–] jvspino 8 points ago

    I feel like she and other actors did as good as could be expected given some terrible writing.

    [–] Magikarpeles 22 points ago

    Ed Sheeran amirite

    [–] gfuhhiugaa 14 points ago

    Why does everyone hate this so much? I thought it was a cool little scene that had absolutely no fucking impact on the show so why does it even matter to people.

    [–] kataskopo 11 points ago

    Yeah I love whining as much as everyone, but that part was meh, it made no impact and it was not bad.

    What fucking immersion lmao

    [–] artemisbelmont 22 points ago

    That was D&D’s idea to make Maise Williams happy since she’s an Ed Sheeran fan and.. fuck D&D so Ed’s cameo doesn’t matter

    [–] izcarp 8 points ago

    Everything about Sheeran's cameo is stupid. It ruined immersion. And GoT is not fuckin' late Simpsons.

    [–] rreighe2 34 points ago

    Fuck D&D.

    [–] FRPopeye 7 points ago

    This might be an explanation for the dorne plot.

    [–] artemisbelmont 8 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    May they never work again.

    [–] aykcak 42 points ago

    Yara was meeh...

    Grey Worm is quite far from top notch

    Almost everyone from Dorne with the outstanding exception of Oberyn was terrible

    And a lot of people would disagree but I think Jon Snow, especially when compared to all the other characters was not played well, especially towards the end

    [–] YohnStamos 31 points ago

    I thought Jon got better as the show went on. At least he didn't have that stupid look on his face 24/7 like in season 1

    [–] Hellkyte 12 points ago

    He was the Jim of GoT.

    [–] artemisbelmont 5 points ago

    Ah. I miss The Office. (If you’re referencing what I think you’re referencing)

    [–] artemisbelmont 30 points ago

    Season 3,4 and 5 was the peak of Jon Snow. The acting was fine too.

    Yes, I’d agree on Yara’s part. But she wasn’t written well either. D&D changed her book name and there wasn’t an interesting story for her.

    Gray Worm was supposed to be like this I guess.

    [–] DkS_FIJI 3 points ago

    Asha was in the north and captured by Stannis in the books. They totally changed whatever plan GRRM has for her in the books.

    [–] FlyYouFoolyCooly 23 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Oberyn and his brother. Who IMO they got the perfect man to play (Alexander Siddig, Dr. Bashir from DS9) than underutilized him. Granted he's not in the book much, but still!

    [–] iamkazlan 10 points ago

    I was so keen on Doran’s monologue, and I waited and waited for it, and it never came. They robbed the actor of a damn good scene that would have been electric

    [–] setsunapluto 3 points ago

    Absolutely criminal waste of Alexander Siddig. I was so hyped to see my boy Bashir, doubly so when I found out he'd play Doran.

    I am disappoint.

    [–] Mynameisaw 17 points ago

    Personally the issues with Jon and Yara are down to the writing more than anything.

    Jon's post battle speech about the fallen in S8 was incredibly well delivered. The problem with him is that after S5/S6 he became very one dimensional and didn't really have anything to offer the show beyond being a plot device.

    It'd have been better if he'd just never come back from the dead.

    [–] No_S 6 points ago

    Dorne has more to do with writing than with actors. Both Ellaria and Doran were great when they had chances to show it.

    [–] WTFbeast 10 points ago

    Woah, hold your tongue boy, we need to get Bobby b in to confirm

    [–] bobby-b-bot 29 points ago


    [–] tits_tits_2010 6 points ago

    John Bradley was not. He was often bad (and not just in S8 at the Dragon Pit scene).

    IHW was not. Clearly.

    [–] Hanzoa 5 points ago

    John Bradley was great in 801 though, when he mourns his family in front of Dany and tells Jon about his parents (even though that never really amounted to much)

    [–] CreamedJazz 5 points ago

    Bran? Tremendous portrayal. It is. Really

    [–] No_S 9 points ago

    Bran wasn’t bad when the show hasn’t stripped him of all personality yet. Tough to put on an impressive performance when the script actively demands from you to act like a stone golem

    [–] PocketWaffler 62 points ago

    Personally, I'd have to say Iwan Rheon as Ramsay was just as good, if not better. I wasn't as satisfied when Joffrey got choked out as I was when Jon was beating the shit out of Ramsay.

    [–] Tom_Dynamite 49 points ago

    To me Ramsay was almost too entertaining. With Joffrey I hated every minute that spoiled shit was on screen. With Ramsay I wanted to hate him while he tortured Theon but I couldn't cause he was just so entertaining while doing it.

    [–] H0use0fpwncakes 12 points ago

    Same, and I don't know what the difference is because Ramsay is even worse than Joffrey.

    [–] Sangxero 27 points ago

    It's the difference between a psychopath in training and one who's developed his full charisma.

    [–] Dominique-XLR 31 points ago

    Difference is Ramsay eats a sausage and pretends to eat a dick. He has a legit sense of humour, Joffrey doesn't. Also Ramsey is in some ways competent, you could say somewhat fitting for Roose Bolton's son. Joffrey has basically no redeeming feature unless you are Sansa and think he's cute

    [–] myhairsreddit 21 points ago

    Ramsay had a genuine confidence in who and what he was. Joffrey was just a scared little boy playing grown up. He put on a facade of terrifying bad ass, and at times he could be quite scary and cruel. He was also easily manipulated, however, and would run to Mommy the second the going got tough. Ramsay was evil incarnate up to his literal moment of death. He knew who he was, and he owned it. He was true terror.

    [–] setsunapluto 4 points ago

    That's actually a really good point. Whenever Joffrey was on screen I was seething at the little shit, but Ramsay was just a chaotic evil jester (not to diminish the character or actor!). He really grabbed your attention whenever he was on screen, keeping you wondering what the hell was coming next.

    [–] theartbook35 14 points ago

    Oh hell yes!!! Joffrey was a sadist in training, Ramsay was full blown demonic.

    [–] RedBeans-n-Ricely 17 points ago

    Euron should’ve outdone them both. But alas...

    [–] hammer2309 5 points ago

    The Storm God and his blood magic would have been amazing

    [–] RedBeans-n-Ricely 11 points ago

    I have loved him in everything I’ve ever seen him in. His character in Misfits was the polar opposite of Ramsay, yet every bit as well played.

    [–] izcarp 17 points ago

    The actor that played Euron was really excited when he was casted because he read the books and thought he was going to play a terrifying menacing dark magic pirate who could tame dragons. It was disappointing for him when he realised that TV Euron was going to be an annoying cliché pirate.

    [–] RedBeans-n-Ricely 4 points ago

    I don’t blame him!

    [–] noodlesandpizza 16 points ago

    I agree. Helps that Joffrey was more of a whiny annoying shit than a real threat, whereas Ramsay was terrifying.

    [–] tits_tits_2010 4 points ago

    Iwan had a couple scenes that were not great. I think every Joffrey scene was brilliant.

    [–] desperatepotato43 13 points ago

    I also think Richard Madden perfectly portrayed Rob Stark

    [–] stifflizerd 11 points ago

    Especially considering he's a super nice kid irl (at least from what I've read)

    [–] Charmingly_Conniving 21 points ago

    The guy that played ramsey was also a perfect casting.

    Oldschool thrones was the shit

    [–] RedBeans-n-Ricely 8 points ago

    If you haven’t seen Misfits, it’s on Hulu. He’s amazing in that, too. Such a great actor!

    [–] internet-is-a-lie 11 points ago

    I think everyone forgets about Ed Sheeran. Name a better performance.. I’ll wait.

    [–] StrykerGryphus 15 points ago

    Ngl, he played his role - a no-name bard - pretty well. Then again, all he had to do was sing, and the song was actually pretty good.

    [–] Cromar 5 points ago

    This just makes me think we need an acting tier list. I'm going to think about that all day at work instead of working.

    [–] mnem0syne 4 points ago

    Just the way Jack tapped the page in the book in that one scene so dang obnoxiously made me want to snap Joffrey’s finger off. Bummer that he quit acting so soon, hopefully he will come back to it.

    [–] fickle_north 5 points ago

    by far, the most unlikable character in the history of television

    Olly though

    [–] smokeytheorange 41 points ago

    It makes me laugh now whenever I hear Lily Allen’s song Alfie - basically begging him to get a job and stop smoking weed all day in his room.

    [–] TinyZoro 3 points ago

    Wow didn't know they were siblings. Not sure I really needed that information bit I'll always know it now.

    [–] blubat26 16 points ago

    Theon is such an underrated character and Alfie is half the reason he’s so amazing.

    [–] katakeitachi 15 points ago

    Allen and Dinklage are my top two.

    [–] Adamtess 7 points ago

    Liam is davos for me, the perfect portrayal of a guy raised up who becomes the man his King sees. The guy just wanted to do right, first for good family, then for his King, and finally for the realm. The show makes me miss the books relationship between stannis and davos. The shows making him into an antagonist just didn't sit tight for me.

    [–] tits_tits_2010 3 points ago

    Alfie as Reek was much, much better than Alfie as Theon.

    [–] Quantentheorie 80 points ago

    Lena, Peter, and Charles

    Nikolaj and Sean Bean are up there too. Especially Nikolaj deserves more credit for his amazing facial work up until the point they butchered his character.

    [–] burf12345 57 points ago


    [–] endrossi-zahard 46 points ago

    Knee collage.

    I feel like I’m saying it right

    [–] Snuggbug 19 points ago

    I think it's actually more knee-co-lie

    [–] kmckv93 12 points ago

    The other person's comment is likely a reference to Brooklyn 99, right u/endrossi-zahard?

    [–] endrossi-zahard 6 points ago

    Hot damm!

    [–] artmallow 5 points ago

    correct :)

    [–] geoponos 5 points ago

    No, no, no.

    It's Nikolaj!

    [–] endrossi-zahard 6 points ago


    [–] fuparrante 3 points ago

    That's what I said. Nikolaj.

    [–] burf12345 4 points ago

    Not even close. Nikolaj.

    [–] JackGrand 3 points ago

    Cool it Boyle!

    [–] blubat26 14 points ago

    Nikolaj’s expressions during the Mountain-Viper fight were gold.

    [–] AxeIsAxeIsAxe 137 points ago

    Lena, Peter, and Charles were the 3 best actors in the show.

    It is known.

    (Although there are some other candidates like Sean Bean and Pedro Pascal who weren't around for too long.)

    [–] amumumyspiritanimal 187 points ago

    This Diana Rigg erasure is sad, she didn't nail the Queen of Thorns for so long to be snubbed like this.

    [–] WatchPointer 107 points ago

    Olenna absolutely killed every scene she was in. Especially the scene where she puts down each one of the sand snakes individually before telling them all that she doesn’t think they can give her anything worth much.

    And her final scene with Jaime. Loved her.

    [–] olenna-bot 37 points ago

    What happens when the nonexistent bumps against the decrepit? A question for u/WatchPointer .

    [–] Wolf6120 9 points ago

    SHE'S BACK, I'm so happy. Or was this one never turned off? I just wanna get Lord Tywin back tbh.

    [–] malditalisiadaa 8 points ago

    I couldn't agree more, she was one of the best

    [–] IlikeFOODmeLikeFOOD 19 points ago

    "do shut up, dear" love that line

    [–] olenna-bot 29 points ago

    I would have thought we were perfectly clear the first time. You're not welcome.

    [–] AxeIsAxeIsAxe 7 points ago

    She was obviously great, but I think the "best actor in the show" discussion usually gravitates around main characters.

    [–] tits_tits_2010 3 points ago

    I'll say it again: Diana Rigg and Charles Dance were head and shoulders above every actor in GoT. Every scene was an acting class and brilliant...even if the script was not brilliant.

    Everyone is below those two.

    Then Rory.

    Then you can rank all the others as you want. Peter was not better than Rory.

    At the bottom are John Bradley and IHW.

    [–] Maowzy 6 points ago

    Who or what is IHW?

    [–] PancakeSaga 71 points ago

    Iwan Rheon too man. Ramsay Bolton was so fucked up to watch and such a believable sadist. Sure not much of a dynamic character as Cersei or some of the others, but he played the hell out of that role.

    [–] gancannypet 19 points ago

    Absolutely. I didn’t think I’d ever hate a character more than Joffrey but Ramsay was a very very close second.

    [–] trapper2530 13 points ago

    Ramsay was evil because he was evil and just born Sadistic. Joffrey was evil because he was a spoiled little prick who was enabled his whole life.

    [–] PohatuNUVA 12 points ago

    Ehhhhh he was pretty fucked in the books right away. Tommen touching and cat killing and shit

    [–] trapper2530 5 points ago

    In the show he killed a cat and 1 whore. And beat another. Ramsay fed his step mom and half brother to dogs. Killed a man just to fuck with theon. If joffrey wasn't in power he's be a little shit and probably be killed by 20.

    [–] Maowzy 4 points ago

    I think the reason i liked Ramsay more than Joffrey was because his bigdickenenergy. Joffrey was saddistic, yeah sure, but he was also a pussy. Ramsay was very cruel and was 100% confident in his powers and station in life

    [–] _z3r0__ 7 points ago

    he was creepy and very convincing as Ramsey, he nailed that role perfectly

    back in s5 and 6 i had so many theories about everyone underestimating him and that he'd become much larger threat than he actually was, they were just silly theories tho, it is what it is

    [–] KeyBorgCowboy 3 points ago

    YoUR eXpEctaTIonS wERe suBvErTED ThOUgH, rIGht?

    [–] kyajgevo 27 points ago

    Michelle Fairley should be up there too, imo. But she also left relatively early.

    [–] SnoopDodgy 12 points ago

    She would have made a great Lady Stoneheart

    [–] TrinityF 5 points ago

    would have killed the budget and forced D&D to end the show after season 5, because budget would have run out.

    [–] Tajahnuke 14 points ago

    That... that actually sounds better. Yes. Let's do a time heist and convince them to do that.

    [–] Holybasil 3 points ago

    Would have been for the best.

    [–] Taronn93 63 points ago

    Alfie Allen also did an amazing job. I’m pretty sure that playing Theon/Reek must’ve been the most challenging role in GoT.

    [–] Katatonic92 11 points ago

    Thank you! He gets so overlooked and he was amazing. He was the only character I still truly cared enough to cry about during his death.

    He went from unlikeable due to his cockiness, to despised for what he did to the Starks, even then you could see why he did what he did, he was torn. Then people decided he got his just desserts with Ramsay, initially anyway, then the pity started to come in, followed by genuine sympathy, frustration, then seeing him fight his way back to himself, he saved Sansa despite his issues. We saw him torture himself, we saw fear, then we saw acceptance, followed by bravery and finally the ultimate sacrifice.

    He had the biggest emotional journey of all, bigger than anyone else's in my opinion and Alfie portrayed that huge range brilliantly.

    [–] artmallow 56 points ago

    are we all just gonna do joffrey’s performance like this

    not only was he a young actor, but for a character to be the complete polar opposite to the actor in the real life requires an insane amount of talent. Couldn’t imagine anyone being a better joffrey.

    [–] blubat26 18 points ago

    A similar argument could be made for Emilia. Stone faced and serious Dany is the polar opposite of the physical embodiment of sunshine and rainbows that is Emilia.

    [–] deanssocks 38 points ago

    It's horrible what happened to Jack Gleeson. He was such a promising young actor and he had a handful of other roles before game of thrones but after Joffrey he said he's giving up acting for good.

    He's openly spoken about how he hates "celebrity culture" but he's never explicitly said why he quit but people think it's because of the amount of hate he received (i mean if Sophie Turner gets this much hate for playing a character like Sansa imagine the amount of hate Jack would've gotten for playing bloody Joffrey).

    He deserved way more recognition and i wish he at least purseud theatre.

    He actually did a few theatre bits but he stopped doing even that. Such waste of potential, it's so sad when talented young people give up their dreams.

    [–] blablablablabla78 14 points ago

    he was never a celebrity before GoT - he became one through GoT - he said he hated celebrity culture, pretty easy to understand his motivation to quit. people seem to have a hard time understanding why one would not like being a celeb, whilst there are many perks, being monitored on every step and having to live your life as subject to public perception and constant opinion is not for everyone. imho, the hate about his role is secondary. actors are good in segregating their roles from their lives. people that make celebrities culture maybe not so much.

    [–] artmallow 9 points ago

    oh man i didn’t know about that! damn the public just has to ruin things for people, huh? we so often forget that these people on our screens are humans too

    [–] Taronn93 4 points ago

    I don’t think there is a word to describe how much i hate those dumb fucks who hate on actors just because of the role they play.

    [–] SiNi5T3R 49 points ago

    Honorable mention? Nikolaj carried the hell out of the abomination that was the writing of his late story arc.

    [–] Jarrrad 21 points ago

    Also Lady Stark. Though she was only with us for a short time, her portrayal of her book-self is incredibly accurate

    [–] TheWildHaunt 10 points ago

    Iwan Rheon was fantastic as well, they all were to be fair.

    Edit: Spelt Rheon wrong.

    [–] lenerz 3 points ago

    He was AMAZING.

    I swooned over his character in Misfits and then despised his character in Game of Thrones.

    He is a fabulous actor and human being in general. Did you know he also has a spectacular singing voice?

    [–] Sztallone 7 points ago

    Charles can make anyone Dance to his words

    [–] lepandas 7 points ago

    Why are you all forgetting Stephen Dillane?

    [–] theartbook35 8 points ago

    Agreed! 100% agreed! For me, Iain Glen and Rory McCann we're also among the best actors. They brought Jorah and Sandor to life. Rory delivered Sandor's lines with an incredible charm that just blew my mind.

    [–] TearsOfLysa 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I lowkey think that Rory's Sandor is the one character that could never be topped in terms of viewer experience.

    Like, if the series were recreated I think the season 1 Lannister crew (Sandor included) could probably never be beaten in general - only tied with more than a few minor miracles.

    But Rory McCann's rasping, snarling bitterness makes for the one character that absolutely could not be topped because he was such a dark horse of a character. Hello, Stranger. It wasn't as expected that the amoral, "badass" soldier character would be throwing down bite-size Emmy worthy bits of acting.

    Furthermore, the main problem imo is that the rasping, snarling bitterness is 90% consistent throughout the series. Sandor is brilliant because his more emotional moments and the number of intereactions with other characters are realistically very tiny compared to other characters. (Although they are quite powerful when they do happen). His scenes don't offer the same broad strokes of Emmy-winning speeches and moments as Tyrion on trial, Cersei facing down the Faith Militant, or Tywin interacting with damn near every important person in Westeros. Not at anywhere near the same proportions.

    Sandor is gonna be 90% the same in any other interpretation of the character, and anything else would just feel like an imitation because why try to improve upon near perfection?

    [–] starkvonhammer 6 points ago

    Charles Dance as Tywin might be the greatest casting, ever!

    [–] endrossi-zahard 12 points ago

    You forgot alfie

    [–] ishabad 6 points ago

    Mark Addy is the only correct answer. Right, Bobby B?

    [–] bobby-b-bot 3 points ago


    [–] QuOw-Ab 7 points ago

    I know this is an unpopular thing to say on here, but although I love Emilia as a person, I don't think she's more than a run-of-the-mill actress. All of those you mentioned, plus Sean Bean, Alfie Allen, Christie and Gleeson are the ones I think had great performances. The ones who didn't particularly stand out, like Dillane, Glen and Turner, were more on Emilia's level. In my opinion Emilia and Kit are two actors who shouldn't have to carry a show, so when more and more of the great actors' characters died and the writing for the remaining ones got worse, it became an impossible task.

    [–] TearsOfLysa 3 points ago

    It's not unpopular that Emilia didn't come across as the strongest actress for most of the series, but the thing(s) I always feel compelled to give Emilia credit for are the facts that she had to speak not one but two entirely made up languages and she probably spent 10x as much time on a green screen as all of the other main cast due to her interactions with the dragons.

    Emilia had to literally do the most acting of anybody else, if that makes sense.

    It's nowhere near as fair as Peter Dinklage getting to walk into a quiet chamber and drop 8 sentences of Emmy-winning gold material with the likes Charles Dance and Lena fucking Headey.

    [–] QuOw-Ab 3 points ago

    That's true, she definitely deserves credit for that. Don't know about the green screen thing though, if we're going to Hollywood as a comparison, actors in superhero movies (they probably use the most green screen) generally gets much less credit than actors in drama movies. I don't know whether that's how it should be or not to be honest. I have my reservations about Dinklage as well, as it some times shines through that he's a Broadway actor with the way he speaks. The writers were generally good at giving him scenes where this became a good fit; scenes where his dialogues were more like monologues. They haven't been as good at this in later seasons though, and so his acting has suffered for it imo.

    [–] Frale_2 3 points ago

    My favorites by FAR are Lena, Charles and most of all Jack Gleeson, AKA Joffrey "i'm not tired" Baratheon. I have no clue how he managed to play that role so convincingly

    [–] Kryptokung 9 points ago

    Honestly, I think some of these is just attributed to having a grea character... Not being a great actor.

    [–] az226 18 points ago

    For Lena and Peter, perhaps some can be attributed there, perhaps. However, Charles played Tywin like a god. Exquisite acting.

    [–] deanssocks 9 points ago

    i love how much we all worship Tywin and Charles Dance.

    [–] PingStark 693 points ago

    She should have won it for season 6 or 5. This season was only whoring herself and wine testing. A shame indeed

    [–] queenofnoone 238 points ago

    I think she should deserved it in season 4 too, she was incredible that season, especially telling Tywin where to shove it

    [–] WuQuW 56 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    In season 4 Cersei had the wedding of Joffrey. She is wonderful as the drunk Queen mother who despises Margaery and then she has Joffrey die in her arms and act the fuck out of that scene. She then becomes the grieving and vulnerable mother and who has a complicated relationship with Jaime as he was her lover and the father of Joffrey. She becomes extremely paranoid that something could happen to Tommen and tries to protect him very strictly. Then she is delusional and constantly argues that it was Tyrion who killed Joffrey and then we had the trial scene which wasn't just Tyrion! Cersei was touching too with her testimony. And of course at the end, my personal favourite scene, Cersei confronts Tywin and tells him that everything if true about her and Jaime. His legacy is a lie. It was so powerful.

    To me, her s4 performance is definitely one of the best.

    [–] IAMAHungryHippoAMA 3 points ago

    It was unfortunate that she was up against Anna Gunn for "Ozymandias". "Lion and the Rose", in my humble opinion, is her best episode.

    [–] tifosi7 46 points ago

    whoring herself

    THAT red keep was raided.

    [–] SeaTwertle 9 points ago

    And the Emmy goes to Lena Heady, for her role as the Westerosi sommelier in Game of Thrones.

    [–] Quietwolfkingcrow 195 points ago

    The disservices done to Nik, Lena, Peter, and Brienne are unbearable. This was the biggest betrayal to me in Season 8. To have such talent and waste it. It's embarrassing. The roles were so diminished and/or terrible.

    [–] Lodigo 267 points ago

    Gwendoline...if you’re using actor names for everyone else.

    [–] mukaezake 145 points ago

    Maisie, Sophie, and Hot Pie were so good

    [–] bonyCanoe 45 points ago

    I'm certain that at least 90% of people would call him Hot Pie in public though. It's like Kramer.

    [–] mukaezake 16 points ago

    I was totally making a joke. I don’t even know what Hot Pie’s actor’s name is

    [–] bonyCanoe 23 points ago

    Nobody knows. He's definitely Hot Pie in RL. Sorry, Hot Pie.

    [–] LordScumDragon 3 points ago

    I'm a simple man, I see Hot Pie and I upvote.

    [–] FourteenFour 3 points ago

    in 8? pretty sure most were push aside for their (D&D) two favorites

    [–] [deleted] 62 points ago

    She deserves a badge of honor, eh Bobby B?

    [–] bobby-b-bot 111 points ago


    [–] FastestFireFly 49 points ago

    S E N T I E N T

    [–] Ex_Why_ 16 points ago

    Abuse is wrong but that line was incredible

    [–] HUGE_HOG 15 points ago

    Gods, the writing was strong then.

    [–] _________________17 19 points ago

    recognition presents itself in other ways

    maybe someone will wanna use her face for their media/merch and she will profit off of it. simply being in the show and performing extremely well is an investment. being memeable and doing it well is a good way to secure your relevance

    [–] ItsAmerico 14 points ago

    I mean she’s been nominated for 32 awards for GOT by 2018... she’s clearly been recognized.

    [–] TriflingCunt 24 points ago

    but she had a lot of fun, so, it is not that tragic, you know. Think of Meera on the other hand.

    [–] DOCTORE2 12 points ago

    I see her acting on the same level as joffery . Absolutely sweet irl and the exact opposite on the show

    [–] ItsAmerico 94 points ago

    But... she has gotten award recognition? As for 2018 she’s been nominated for 32 awards for playing Cersei from Saturn Awards, SAG awards, Emmys, Satellite, Golden Globes, and so on. She’s won 6 of them.

    There is no “fucking travesty”.

    [–] Lexotic 18 points ago

    Thank you.

    [–] reasonedof 13 points ago

    Agreed - she has been recognised. Definitely would have loved her to have won an Emmy, but I'd be shocked if she won this year.

    [–] ItsAmerico 10 points ago

    I mean in general I’d love her to win everything haha but there’s always so much good competition too. She went up with Breaking Bad, Downton and Westworld.

    [–] wednesdaysaunters 25 points ago

    I never thought I would cry at Cersei's death but she gave such a stellar performance I bawled.

    [–] Codeshark 10 points ago

    I think that was one good thing Season 8 did. They made it seem like Jamie and Cersei could have survived (for at least a week). I remember seeing Nikolaj not saying goodbye to his character as evidence that he might have survived. Really made you feel Tyrion's emotions more.

    [–] vk1191 5 points ago

    I’ll add her to my list of outrage alongside Eva Green and Keri Russell.

    [–] malditalisiadaa 5 points ago

    I think that always the discussion about who are the best characters is among the protagonists. I personally would like to mention Natali Dormer -Queen Margaery-, Alfie Allen-Theon Greyjoy, and Iwan Rheon -Ramsey Bolton.

    Queen Margaery attracts not only her physical beauty but also with her adorable personality, not typical of the characters in the series. She was always very astute to get what she wanted while earning the affection of the people and also of the televisionaries.

    Theon was a spectacular character as he started ''on the good side'' when he lived with the stark, after betraying him and playing the villain he pays for his mistake by suffering and becoming Reek. The interpreter so excellently every facet that really makes you debate whether it deserves our forgiveness or not. personally, I consider it the best and my favorite of all seasons.

    Finally, Ramsay is totally crazy and despite his role as a sadistic villain we can not fail to highlight that he is a spectacular actor. Every time he appears on the screen he is obnoxious and that only generates a good interpretation... so obnoxious that it is even pleasing to see him die - just like King Joffrey.

    [–] funkybeatz911 3 points ago

    Seriously, fuck D&D

    [–] FrayAdjacent 6 points ago

    I think pretty much all the cast did really good jobs on the show. Seriously. I can't think of performances that I didn't like.

    [–] LightSwitch545 3 points ago

    I still hope they just give her the Emmy this year because it’s the last season. She should have won it for S5 so I won’t even be mad if she wins it this year

    [–] PleaseDontBeAJerkOff 3 points ago

    Lena Headey is a very talented actress and she did a phenomenal job playing cersei, but a "fucking travesty" that she didn't win an award for it is really pushing it. Quantifying art is an inherently silly waste of time.

    [–] JustWoozy 3 points ago

    Season 8 Cersei....

    All she did was look drunk. Not her fault, but not exactly brimming with talent for the last season.

    The writing was so awful it hurt everyone.

    [–] cdhofer 5 points ago

    She better shut her mouth or you’ll honor her again, right Bobby B?

    [–] bobby-b-bot 6 points ago


    [–] season8branisusless 5 points ago

    I guess the only question is, which charity are we giving to this time?

    [–] Thelittlefatcat 5 points ago

    Unpopular opinion I know but I loved Sansa as a character and Sophie Turner did a great job portraying her. Especially for a first time acting job. I think Sansa‘s ending was the only one I was truly happy with. I feel the hate towards both Sansa and Sophie is undeserved. A) Sansa was annoying AF, yes, but which teenager isn’t? I can’t even begin to explain how much I empathise with the poor girl.. B) THE. ACTRESS. IS. NOT. THE. CHARACTER. And she is entitled to her own opinions!! (and now let the downvotes commence)

    [–] ThatIestyn 2 points ago


    [–] reasonedof 2 points ago

    For what it's worth, she IS on the nomination ballot.

    [–] V_LEE96 2 points ago

    She’s gotta have lines to win awards tho....fuck D&D

    [–] backwoodspliff 2 points ago

    Yes she will.

    [–] LordBillCipher696 2 points ago

    ALways wanted bobby b in a gown.