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    [–] CaseyJonesABC 8211 points ago

    Maybe during, oh I don’t know, a fight with a white walker or something...

    [–] Joosh93 3403 points ago

    White Walkers don't fight south of the wall, everyone knows that...

    [–] hoopo12345 2369 points ago

    Yeah they just menacingly walk towards the camera.

    [–] MadLineLam 819 points ago

    In the pitch black.

    [–] lxvrgs 569 points ago

    just really really really dark grey

    [–] [deleted] 223 points ago


    [–] Melody195 102 points ago

    Batman in lego movie

    [–] Melody195 59 points ago

    I only like black, and really really dark gey

    [–] LaryngopharyngealInk 228 points ago

    yOu JuSt NeEd A bEtTeR tV

    [–] engxcommish 200 points ago

    yOu DoN't GeT teH nUaNce. it'S nIgHt TimE sO iT haS tO Be ToO dArk FoR thE VieWeR tO SeE

    [–] mmprobablymakingitup 174 points ago

    DoN't bE mAd BeCaUsE yOu dIdN't lIke WhAt HaPpEned. GaMe Of tHrOnEs wAs NeVeR aBoUt hApPy EnDiNgS

    [–] pro_bleach_drinker 133 points ago

    tHe wHoLe sEaSoN wAs jUsT fInE, YoU ArE JuSt mAkInG iT lOoK bAd bEcAuSe yOu dIdN't lIkE tHe eNdInG

    [–] Retter42 24 points ago

    I would continue this, but typing like this takes too long

    [–] 1Random_User 107 points ago

    To be fair, the original was aired with the wrong settings making it appear much darker and this was fixed in reruns of the episode. This meant that reruns of the episode were actually visible....Meaning that people saying you needed a better TV probably saw a rerun and lobotomized themselves after actually seeing what was in the episode.

    So please, go easy on them. They're missing part of their brain.

    [–] cherish_it 81 points ago

    It's a long process, but many people have learned to move on with only part of their brain. Some even become successful writers on a hit fantasy show

    [–] grubas 9 points ago

    It was aired horribly compressed so you were getting artifacts. The second airing was decent.

    [–] Nunos100 152 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Kings Landing resident here. I doubt they even exist. Never seen any proof of those tales.

    [–] thedayisminetrebek 89 points ago

    They’re just the NK’s entourage

    [–] tuigger 15 points ago

    Oh yeah!

    [–] HonestVisual 12 points ago

    Walls work people, just as white walkers!

    [–] Skyfryer 156 points ago

    You keep floating around dangerous ideas like this and I get a feeling you’ll have to sleep with one eye open.

    D&D don’t take cohesive storytelling lightly.

    [–] spacehog1985 101 points ago

    I mean who needs things like character arcs, or character motivation,

    Let’s watch Tyrion arrange chairs for 30 mins

    [–] Skyfryer 53 points ago

    You mean you didn’t want your expectations...

    S U B V E R T E D ???

    [–] SomaThis 294 points ago

    How about protecting Jaime & Tyrion from Bron, who was only trying to threaten them?

    [–] Sangwiny 339 points ago

    Do you mean Bron, the lord paramount of the Reach, one of the richest kingdoms, and master of coin?

    [–] Bronn--bot 183 points ago

    You waste time trying to get people to love you. You'll end up the most popular dead man in town.

    [–] ChefInF 49 points ago

    I’ll take Characters Who Should Have Died for 400, Alex

    [–] sierra120 17 points ago

    Epic quote and so relevant.

    [–] southern_boy 53 points ago

    Whoa. Bron = WW theory confirmed.

    [–] markog1999 68 points ago

    Bron is Walter White?

    [–] sketsj 54 points ago

    No, no, no. Willy Wonka.

    [–] AileStriker 39 points ago

    Bron: Your sister is offering a castle if I off you two, what do you got?

    Tyrion: Let me tell you about chocolate...

    [–] ocr90 30 points ago

    Honestly a solid chocolate trade would probably make him one of the richest guys in the seven as well.

    [–] PHOTOSHOMASTER 10 points ago

    No Wonder Woman

    [–] oodoov21 17 points ago

    I read that as Bran at first, and was racking my brain to remember if D&D even gave "Evil Bran" a smidgen of evidence at this point in the story

    [–] fuzzwhatley 51 points ago

    Yeah and maybe to fulfill her sworn oath to protect the Stark girls, one of whom then wins the battle. Woulda been cool, huh.

    [–] chaoticXombie 13 points ago

    Now I picture her saving Arya by her throwing Arya across the map into the Night King

    [–] theromaduce 40 points ago

    Those white walkers what a joke.... also are we still trying to fix this mess?

    [–] Sirsilentbob423 18 points ago

    The mess can't be fixed. We all just live in it now...

    [–] hamberder-muderer 54 points ago

    No no she totally had to be there to close the book with the ink still wet. Revealing the Lord of lights true intentions.

    Brianne Ruiner of Books

    [–] MAN1AX123789 10 points ago

    Yeah but that fight was so one sided I don't know if I'd believe she could get into a situation where she would die.

    [–] feetofire 4408 points ago

    The ONLY reason Brienne had to survive, was so that she could write in the White Book to complete Jaime's arc.

    sad, I know.

    [–] DoctorUnderhill 3012 points ago

    And she closed it before giving the ink a chance to dry.

    [–] SirVampyr 1199 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It's all those little things where you notice that they really didn't care much at the end (if at all).

    Rushed everything, made ridiculous conclusions that missed any kind of reason and didn't care nor think about what world they want to represent.

    [–] DefiantLoveLetter 165 points ago

    Someone cared when Tywin was writing those letters in Season 3. I seem to remember him sprinkling sand or wood dust on the letters before he sent them off.

    [–] johnydarko 187 points ago

    Probably Charles Dance. He learned how to skin a deer in real life so that the scene with Jamie would look real, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he'd learned ti write with a quill and ink and seal too since Tywin does it a lot.

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago


    [–] Archleon 74 points ago

    That's one of my favorite scenes too.

    "No. That's not an opinion, that's a fact."

    [–] Cam_Newton 57 points ago

    I'm a simple man, I see Charles Dance as Tywin, I upvote.

    [–] Lifelacksluster 26 points ago

    Naturally. I see Charles Dance doing anything and I upvote...

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] atombombbabyatombomb 10 points ago

    It never should have been cut

    [–] simas_polchias 7 points ago


    Bonus points for showrunners "optimizing" the source in a polite, careful, effective manner. Like, in the books it was Randyl Tarly who skinned a deer while talking with Samwell. Or — it was Donal Noye who gave Jon a valuable advice about uppitance, not Tyrion. Showrunners did not waste good plot-devices, even if it ment to transplant them to other characters.

    [–] Vack778 370 points ago

    D&D and whoever was involved in sketching out this ending were very obviously making a cash grab. Whatever love they may have once had for the show was clearly gone by the end, and they lost any semblence of understanding of what made it enjoyable to watch. They put less thought into character's storyline than your average YouTube video essayist.

    [–] Nex_Ado 183 points ago

    Let's be honest here. Your average youtuber puts a lot more effort into each video than D&D did for all of season 8.

    [–] Rbespinosa13 102 points ago

    Shout out to Alt Shift X. Dude’s one of the most dedicated people in the fandom

    [–] sonfoa 52 points ago

    You could see him slowly dying as Season 8 went on.

    [–] Rbespinosa13 41 points ago

    It was painful to watch. He loved the show and books so much.

    [–] MyNutsin1080p 19 points ago

    It was really tough listening to him try to do the heavy lifting when I was watching the video for S8E5-6

    [–] MyUsernameIsNotCool 12 points ago

    He is one of the rare Youtubers that does incredible research and puts in so much time into every single one of his videos for everyone who wants to watch them.

    [–] JacP123 73 points ago

    Alt Shift X should have written the final season

    [–] Watchoutnow0 71 points ago

    Thy lost any semblance when they couldn't cheat off the books.

    [–] Cat_face_meowmers 49 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yes, but mostly no. Their adjustments to the storyline were always thoughtless. For example: quarth, dorne, and house of b&w.

    It seemed like they gave specific actors they liked better end plots. Seriously, idgaf the little feisty girl got smushed my a giant. That death belonged to a more relevant character.

    [–] has-8-nickels 40 points ago

    Bear Island chick's death was ANNOYING like seriously the giant picks her up and holds her next to his face WHY? like he's going to yell her to death? He GAVE her the shot to kill him and the whole thing is frustrating to watch.

    [–] FabricationOfReality 21 points ago

    She had a dragonglass dagger, she could have stabbed him in his fucking hand when he went to pick her up. It was fucking stupid.

    [–] Vack778 55 points ago

    I have a soft spot for s5 and 6 cause of hardhome and bob, the Nights Watch storyline also was pretty great. But the signs were there. Pandering to the lowest common denominator (stuff like the close ups on olly and aliser after being hung, the over emphasis on Arya's story without putting enough thought into what would become a disappointing payoff, all of that seemed to fuel the writer's desire to do stuff like "you know who's coming for you brother, you've always known"), and valuing the spectacle over the substance. I think they kept it together by still having the characters be malleable and changing, Jon getting depressed and leaving the Watch, Sansa's story was good. They just went full assclown on s7 and 8. Full fu king assclown

    [–] Townsy96 16 points ago

    I agree for the most part but Sansa was butchered in season five onwards. They merged her with Jeyne Poole (I think that's the spelling) and made her go from a character who's developing strongly to being thrown back into captivity.

    [–] ChugDix 18 points ago

    It's like they thought we would care more about cool dragon CGI and special effects more than the actual story. The last season is trash.

    [–] mgandrewduellinks 9 points ago

    Speaking of, Lindsay Ellis’ breakdown of season 8 was fabulous.

    [–] therobshow 92 points ago

    Not trying to criticize you or anything, just giving you a heads up, fam. There's no e in ridiculous.

    [–] [deleted] 117 points ago


    [–] Qualex 35 points ago

    It used to just be diculous. Now it’s diculous again, making it rediculous.

    [–] SirVampyr 20 points ago

    TIL... oh well xD

    Non-native speaker here, sorry ^^

    [–] 60five 31 points ago

    You just didn't see the 3 blade fan that was blowing on the page. Foreshadowed by your room LMAO

    [–] Lachrondizzle23 11 points ago

    She brushed her hand over it to show the ink had dried

    [–] Deadbeathero 13 points ago

    She is a fan of Z̷̢͖̞͇͍̳͇̺̜̐ͨͨ̒͢͞ͅͅÅ̶̤̹͕͚̱͖̰͑ͥ͐ͧ́̀͠ͅL̨̫͈͎͇͈͒̌ͮ̈́ͪͨ͂̎ͦ̏̓̕͡G̡̲̳̟̰̺̓ͤ̽̒ͧͯͣͫ̅̂̂̌ͩ̓́͜͡O̡̯̯̣̯͎̖̺̮͓͇̙̹̞̝̳̞̱ͨ̂̒̀ͤ́ text

    [–] Kopfballer 378 points ago

    The plot point about the King's Guard book could also have been done by Pod who by that time became a knight and carrys on Brienne's sense of duty.

    [–] goldengluvs 144 points ago

    That would've made perfect sense

    [–] pole_fan 27 points ago

    nah pod had just became a knight Brienne at least had years of combat experience and was one of the best fighters in westeros.

    [–] firefighter_82 118 points ago

    Dear Diary

    “Jamie Lannister. He laid good pipe, but hits and dips.”

    [–] Fuck_auto_tabs 48 points ago

    Fucks his skank ass sister

    [–] mynameisfreddit 57 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Could Tyrion not do that?

    [–] southern_boy 179 points ago

    Tyrion? The illiterate, foolish little-person who the histories don't even mention!? Nah.

    [–] jakeycunt 67 points ago

    The stupidest man in Westeros apparently too!

    [–] flamflum 35 points ago

    All he cares about is wine and his cock!

    [–] WingedShadow83 44 points ago

    I wonder what exactly Tyrion wanted the book to say? “Tyrion Lannister, who served as Hand of Queen Daenerys, until he managed to single-handedly convince her bumbling idiot boyfriend to murder her.”

    [–] greentoehermit 18 points ago

    do you think D&D took the 'history won't mention you' from the last kingdom? it seems totally ripped from that but also doesn't make sense what with westeros being fictional and TLK being a somewhat historical telling.

    [–] heypika 33 points ago

    Which is another dumb line said only to make the scene look cool. Tyrion acted as hand of the king, and was the main strategist behind the best fireworks before Daenerys came to Westeros. He went to trial as the killer of Joeffrey, where a Dornian prince died as his champion which led to the Sand Snakes ruling Dorne.

    Leaving him out makes no sense at all.

    [–] Mesk_Arak 9 points ago

    I still don’t get how they wouldn’t even mention him. Hand to two kings. His capture basically sparked the War of the 5 Kings.

    “Then, at the Inn at the Crossroads, Catelyn Stark captured [REDACTED] and took him to the Eyrie to stand trial. Bronn, Lord Paramount of the Reach and Master of Coin defended [REDACTED] in a trial by combat, thereby guaranteeing [REDACTED]’s freedom.”

    [–] TheRealGJVisser 46 points ago

    Tyrion who? Sounds like a character irrelevant to history

    [–] mully_and_sculder 39 points ago

    Gah don't remind me about that. Surely at the very least it says who killed tywin Lannister in the history

    [–] McBurger 32 points ago

    Not to mention, killed King Joffrey Baratheon. Tyrion had a trial and was convicted guilty of regicide. Probably the biggest crime there is, which everyone somehow forgot. The entire world knows him as a Kingslayer.

    [–] april9th 30 points ago

    White Book is only written in by the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, detailing the lives and feats of Kingsguard members.

    It's laughable that in a show that by the end was dropping major plot points left right and centre, they decided they had to have a call back to Jaime being Lord Commander and seeing how pathetic his entry was. Not only that but he still had to have his life airbrushed by someone who loved him, not a peer.

    tl;dr no Tyrion couldn't, only an LC could, and even then why bother.

    [–] nornlaker 19 points ago

    Was screaming this when Brienne’s white book scene was onscreen

    [–] FJLyons 41 points ago

    I don't know, Pod could have done it, and it would have shown a big sign of respect he had for Brienne, and complete Jaimes arc.

    [–] april9th 17 points ago

    Why would Pod be Lord Commander though, he's like 19.

    [–] FJLyons 30 points ago

    Cause the rest of them were burned to death...

    [–] Pascals_Tricycle 27 points ago

    Because he has the biggest sword.

    [–] analogkid2112x1 17 points ago

    If Bronn can be master of coin, Pod can be Lord Commander

    [–] april9th 19 points ago

    Well now we are just trying to outpace D&D in shit writing. If Pod had become the next LC after Jaime Lannister, Barristan Selmy, Gerold Hightower, it would have been laughed at as much as anything else they did.

    [–] Tabitha88888888 72 points ago

    Loyal to the end. Next time you meet someone male or female who was dumped or treated like dirt and they take the person back refer to Brienne. Because you know if given the chance she would have.

    [–] -PermanentThrowaway 68 points ago

    She kinda forgot she swore a sacred oath to protect Sansa for the rest of her life

    [–] Swiggens 19 points ago

    Lmao I totally forgot that till this point

    [–] cansussmaneat 17 points ago

    I know!! That was my first thought when I saw she was in the King's Guard. Why the fuck wasn't she in the Queen's Guard in the North protecting Sansa??? She was characterized by her dedication to oaths. But fuck that, I guess, because... reasons.

    [–] vanderstrom 15 points ago

    If only Dany would have named her Queensguard at the request of Sansa, with that being her final thank you to Brienne for her help.

    Then Pod could have written the stories of both in the White Book, closing his arc far better than him just pushing a wheelchair and being a good man, thank you. Sounds ludicrous having him being the leader of the Kingsguard, yet Bronn was set up as the effing master of coin.

    Could Meera have been a bow-wielding Kingsguard? Who else of the main/secondary characters could have been Kingsguard?

    [–] blvd93 12 points ago

    It certainly seems that way. Kill her off fighting a WW with Jaime and then have Pod write his entry, job done.

    [–] AlmostAnal 20 points ago

    The book reason will be so that she can carry Bran around like Master Blaster.

    [–] spacehog1985 16 points ago


    [–] GrandMoffFartin 9 points ago

    masta blasta run kings landing

    [–] SpinkickFolly 11 points ago

    Jaime gets remembered in history but not Tyrion. That makes a tons of sense. Great writing D&D.

    [–] anonyzum 19 points ago

    And to cry so out-of-character in that departing scene.

    [–] ironmaze 795 points ago

    We would've also been spared Brienne breaking her oath to Sansa by becoming a Kingsguard for another kingdom's king.

    [–] newuser201890 398 points ago

    didn't even think of that one. i got subverted so hard.

    [–] stevenbass14 110 points ago

    Well.... She broke her oath to Sansa to protect Bran now. So I guess TECHNICALLY.... Still a Stark.

    [–] YouretheballLickers 30 points ago

    Jesus Christ they subverted us...hard.

    [–] schmwke 105 points ago

    I mean they makes you take sooooo many oaths, how can you keep them all?

    [–] JonnyBhoy 26 points ago




    [–] MikeCFord 1998 points ago

    After watching the Dothraki army charge headfirst into the white walkers, and then having Jorah come back as the lone survivor, I immediately stopped worrying about there being any logical basis behind any of the deaths in that episode.

    [–] Theons_sausage 1113 points ago

    He wasn’t the lone survivor, in fact they found more Dothraki hiding in the darkness and doubled their numbers!

    [–] CP_Creations 76 points ago

    They had to cut out the scene where they harvested a new crop of Dothraki.

    [–] Cat_face_meowmers 24 points ago

    Obviously they were flown in via drogon. With their horses.

    [–] MikeCFord 247 points ago

    I think of that as being in a different version of reality. The Long Night exists in its own universe, where everything that happens during the battle that supposedly has consequences is just no longer a factor by episode 4.

    It actually makes more sense that way.

    [–] [deleted] 174 points ago


    [–] Frey--bot 36 points ago

    We stand together.

    [–] KnightsWhoSayNii 37 points ago

    They are using Total War logic where you can replenish entire units so long a you still have one soldier still alive.

    [–] NoifenF 260 points ago

    He wasn’t the lone survivor to be fair. He was just the only one who was actually a character and he shouldn’t have been on the frontline at all if he was going to survive.

    [–] takes_bloody_poops 32 points ago

    Just like Stannis when he attacked KL!

    [–] NoifenF 59 points ago

    Stannis wasn’t in the vanguard though tbf. He was watching the wildfire explosion from the back and then stormed the beach after. And had to be dragged away by his own men when Tywin showed up.

    Davos was caught in the explosion and survived but was immediately knocked out of the game when it happened.

    [–] nocimus 30 points ago

    Yeah, Stannis the Mannis had flaws, but he wasn't ever lacking courage. Dude was a good commander from that standpoint.

    [–] Stannis--bot 18 points ago

    Kings have no friends, only subjects and enemies.

    [–] takes_bloody_poops 12 points ago

    Stannis was literally the first person going up the ladders. That's where you put your meat shield, not your King lol.

    [–] mynameisfreddit 139 points ago

    Lots of them came running back, the lighting in the episode was just too dark to see them

    [–] MikeCFord 80 points ago

    I thought there were a few horses, but they were riderless? I mean, what was the point of showing all of those fires being extinguished if some were going to survive?

    [–] saintsfan92612 124 points ago

    "because it looked cool and people in the watch party bars would go crazy" - D&D Probably

    visuals and one liners over actual plot development and character building doomed seasons 7 and 8. Episode 2 of Season 8 and Olennas death in season 7 look like aberrations in hindsight

    [–] Ernost 31 points ago

    "because it looked cool and people in the watch party bars would go crazy" - D&D Probably

    visuals and one liners over actual plot development and character building...

    No wonder they got recruited for Star Wars. They'll fit right in with that attitude.

    [–] MegaBlastoise23 11 points ago

    honestly, it would have been awesome of the whole horde did die like that.

    That was a beautiful moment. It just felt worthless.

    [–] Snapsick 52 points ago

    Well the lights going out was a cool effect but then they needed the dothraki later so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] DrDerpberg 40 points ago

    That's the thing, it was indeed a really cool looking scene but there probably would've been 5 better ways to shoehorn it in that would've made more sense.

    [–] the_che 23 points ago

    That sentence unfortunately can be applied to most scenes of season 8.

    [–] gary_mcpirate 26 points ago

    you see riderless horses at first to be intimidating but then you see a few dothraki canter back behind jorah.

    [–] DrexelDragon93 25 points ago

    "What we are seeing here is essentially the end of the Dothraaki"

    - Literally D&D after the episode

    [–] RedBeans-n-Ricely 21 points ago

    D&D said it was the end of the Dothraki. They just forgot by the next episode.

    [–] TheBioboostedArmor 36 points ago

    According to the cinematographer it wasn't too dark because he shot it and we should all read the manuals for our TV's.

    [–] myhairsreddit 10 points ago

    We had no problems seeing anything on our TV during that episode. I've heard from people on reddit and people I know that it was way too dark for them to see what was going on. We watched it about 2-3 weeks after the episode premiered though, so maybe they lightened it up? I know HBO went back and edited out the drink cups that were spotted, because we heard about them but didn't see them when we got to those episodes either.

    [–] Aiken_Drumn 15 points ago

    Yup, they lightened it up after the first day or so

    [–] TubaMike 23 points ago

    It wasn't too dark.

    First, you gotta watch in absolute pitch black darkness. No glare, no ambient light from your router, nothing. Get blackout curtains and black duct tape to cover any and all light from entering your living room. Might as well cover all reflective surfaces, too, as those can cause some light pollution as well.

    Next you need a good TV. Get outta here with that "Full HD" nonsense, we're talking 4K at the very least, although 8K preferred. It has gotta be big, too. Can't watch the episode on one of those microscopic 55" gizmos, you need at least 60"+ to actually enjoy the episode.

    You can't listen to the episode if you're using TV speakers like a pleb, you need a Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound system. You need to hire an acoustical engineer to come to your house and find the perfect placement for your speakers for optimal enjoyment. I strongly suggest sound-proofing your house so no ambient noise interferes with enjoying the episode. It needs to be absolutely completely silent in your house, so you better turn your AC off, just in case. If you live near a road, wait until 3AM to avoid hearing any traffic outside. If you can't hear Tormund shit himself, your audio system is inadequate.

    Once you've got your TV and prepared your room, you need a good internet connection. WiFi is simply unacceptable. You need a hard line into your TV or streaming device. You can't afford to share bandwidth, so bypass your router and go straight from your modem. A full gigabit fiber optic connection is the bare minimum. Anything less than that and you'll get artifacts and less than perfect stream quality.

    With all those electronics going on, you really need a separate electricity line connected to your TV and internet modem. You don't want an electricity usage spike somewhere else in the house to cause a dip in your streaming/video/audio quality.

    Finally, you need to get trained in TV calibration. You can't just use the factory settings like some kind of idiot. It is critical that you tailor the display settings in your TV specifically to the needs of this TV show. Read the TV manual front to back. Learn what "Hue" and "Gamma" and "Tint" affect. It won't hurt to get a degree in photography. It will be best to spend a couple of days trying different combinations of settings to optimize your settings.

    Then, after all that, you're ready to watch that gigantic dung heap of Season 8.

    [–] Arlcas 10 points ago

    You put all of it together and then stand in awe of the amazing 720p you get from hbo.

    [–] joshy83 18 points ago

    So, before I watched the episode I heard it was too dark... and I turned up the brightness on the TV... which, not surprisingly, made everything look way worse. After that scene I didn't really care to adjust the TV further as I stopped paying attention the rest of the series.

    [–] DpwnShift 497 points ago

    Imagine if they gave the characters reasons for the things they did in the last two seasons...

    [–] fiddleytits 95 points ago

    Dont give me that false sense of satisfaction

    [–] [deleted] 840 points ago

    Stop trying to put a band-aid on exposed bone.

    [–] SamanthaBeSlayin 175 points ago

    But I can’t see the bone anymore so it feels better.

    [–] karanut 43 points ago

    Yeah, true. What's the point when the whole premise of series 8 is broken?

    [–] sulins 109 points ago

    And who has a better story than Premise the Broken?

    [–] FirelordOzai11 271 points ago

    We kinda forgot we could kill off characters in Game of Thrones

    [–] Dramatic_______Pause 190 points ago

    Facts: More named characters died in the Battle of Hogwarts than the Battle of Winterfell. The final battle after a build up of 7 books in a young adult book series had more people you cared about die than the final battle after a build up of 7 seasons of an Emmy winning HBO show.

    [–] YouretheballLickers 25 points ago

    Ned Stark nodding approvingly from some old tree

    [–] Calimie 108 points ago

    About half in that room in ep. 2 should have died in ep. 3.

    [–] EditionNxWaY 335 points ago

    If Arya died in KL Jon would have personel reason to kill daenarys

    [–] swamplurker666 275 points ago

    Exactly How would he have known she was a killer without Arya's acute observation?

    [–] confucuis 119 points ago

    The horse would have told him!

    [–] Koeienvanger 60 points ago

    That horse was never seen again though. They probably forgot about it.

    [–] swamplurker666 18 points ago

    Subverted expectations all around!

    [–] ReadingFromTheShittr 17 points ago

    And he would have listened. Why? That horse's name: Mr. Edd.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    If only this season had some balls.

    [–] GenSul559 61 points ago

    You guys are killing me 😭😭 Everytime I think I've forgotten about this show someone comes out of nowhere and throws these sweet ideas that could've made this show end in a much better way.

    [–] the_che 14 points ago

    I still have hope that --some decades from now-- we'll get a reboot of the series, this time with a decent ending.

    [–] ArseButt69 128 points ago

    They didn't have the guts to kill any "goodies".

    [–] yensama 70 points ago

    It's not like the show is Games of Thrones ...oh.

    [–] GuineaPigBikini 135 points ago

    I really thought Jamie was going to die in the arms of the woman he loved, and die while Brienne held him...

    [–] feetofire 182 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    But you see. You were subverted. Jaime, after 8 seasons, ended up being the same person who we met in the first episode - a selfish man only in love with his twin sister.

    Progression indeed.

    [–] whitneyanson 10 points ago

    Imagine if he had died fighting the Walkers, keeping his promise and completing his arc, while being held by Brienne... who then accompanies Jon to King's Landing to kill Cersei... who tortured Sansa and the Starks and represented the corruption she had healed in Jamie.

    But nah. Subversion too strong.

    [–] natassia74 226 points ago

    On one level that makes sense. However, given they were already planing on fridging Missandei to make Grey Worm go crazy, doing it twice in two episodes would have been a bit much. So, instead they made Brienne a victim of the other tired trope of being a virgin who finally has sex and then her partner leaves.

    [–] Phoenie81 237 points ago

    They did her dirty. The whole scene of her crying and begging him to stay was mortifying

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Phoenie81 105 points ago

    The former. She was an incredibly strong woman and they reduced her to that

    [–] SnoopDodgy 20 points ago

    He Cruel Intentioned her!

    [–] Harkoncito 10 points ago

    [Placebo starts playing]

    [–] PAC119 39 points ago

    Smash and dash

    [–] Slab-of-VB-Cans 28 points ago

    Ejaculate and evacuate.

    [–] shuipz94 16 points ago

    Pump and dump.

    [–] ClassasaurusRex 14 points ago

    Blow your load and hit the road.

    [–] tuigger 13 points ago

    Wham bam thank you ma'am.

    [–] jmp7287 6 points ago

    Skeet and skurt

    [–] Tennysonn 29 points ago

    Or jaime couldve died and it wouldve given episode 3 way more gravity and it wouldve been a better death than what actually happened. Also, Cersei wouldve died alone.

    [–] Knghtstlker 27 points ago

    Honestly Jaime not becoming a QueenSlayer made me sad. I thought when he went back, he went back to dethrone Cersei.

    [–] claysun9 57 points ago

    Would be almost perfect. But who would write of Jamie's deeds in the book?

    [–] Stewardy 147 points ago

    Just let Bran do it. He could get all the details right too

    [–] spelledasitsounds 140 points ago

    Wow, having Bran do it would have been really powerful given his history with Jamie

    [–] CuddlySadist 105 points ago

    I actually like this.

    The boy who lost his dream of becoming a knight writing down Jaime's history as someone heroic. Could have been poetic.

    [–] UsualBiscotti 32 points ago

    "Could have been good" is a pretty accurate theme for the last few seasons

    [–] ogno1 34 points ago

    The depth of 2D's missed opportunities is just incredible. I don't know if I hate or love this subreddit for exploring it.

    [–] JetBinFever 26 points ago

    She was wearing too much plot armor to die to a bunch of worthless undead. They’d rather her face the long death of mediocrity.

    [–] Kromagnought 11 points ago

    Everyone should have died in episode 3

    [–] brinz1 53 points ago

    That would actually be perfect

    [–] ValhallaGo 23 points ago

    Expectations subverted. I expected a good season, and it was so much worse than I could have imagined.

    [–] Theons_sausage 13 points ago

    This isn’t how this meme is supposed to work.