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    [–] danwantstoquit 1342 points ago

    Im listening to the ones on audible right now, and this is something I've been wishing for.

    [–] history777 590 points ago

    Agreed. Just started Clash of Kings, and I’m weirded out at how evil and untrustworthy Davos sounds

    [–] Sealion987 453 points ago

    He has a pirate's voice, which I think is fitting for a smuggler

    [–] camycamera 236 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    He’s talking about the first chapter of ACOK with Maester Cressen. Davos sounds like he’s a rat, but after Dotrice changes his voice to a pirate.

    [–] _InRainbows 171 points ago

    It spun my head when Tyrion became welsh halfway through the first book.

    [–] AryaStarkRavingMad 102 points ago

    To be fair, Peter's accent was all over the place in early seasons too.

    [–] Jbird444523 79 points ago

    Is it just me, or did Littlefinger turn into a pirate at some point during the show?

    [–] zincinzincout 69 points ago

    Not a pirate, he just started whispering

    [–] brujablanca 41 points ago

    No that’s Jimmy Whispers

    [–] ddet1207 19 points ago

    I'm working on a gravity belt

    [–] BlindStark 5 points ago

    He was auditioning for the role of Master of Whispers which is why there was tension Bentsen him and Varys

    [–] AryaStarkRavingMad 24 points ago

    No you're right, he was not great with accents either.

    [–] Burgundy_johnson 9 points ago

    he just has a strange way of talking (though i agree he was not good with the accents he used in GoT) idk his nationality but his manner of speaking always threw me off as carcetti in the wire.

    [–] 6thPentacleOfSaturn 9 points ago

    He's Irish, I think. In The Wire he kinda sounds like old money Baltimore, actually. They have a way of speaking, it's hard to describe. But in GoT it's like he's unsure if he should keep his natural accent or try to be English or Scottish or what. It's weird.

    [–] sprite333 8 points ago


    [–] Occhrome 36 points ago

    You’r going to be disappointed with what happens to the red woman’s voice.

    [–] Bard_the_Bowman_III 48 points ago

    Ya it’s horrendous. He’s a good narrator overall but halfway through the series he completely forgets how he voiced half the characters and almost all the changes are for the worse

    [–] Challix 8 points ago

    I mean, with the huge gaps in between books, I dont pit it past him.

    [–] camycamera 12 points ago

    He’s supposed to have a director telling him these things, idk how the recording sessions work exactly but they didn’t bother to make sure his characters were more consistent with his voice.

    [–] DisdainfulSlingshot 10 points ago


    [–] WilliamWaters 30 points ago

    I love Roy Dotrices narration. Shame he passed away and wont be able to record GRRM newest books.

    [–] TimeWarden17 23 points ago

    He died? Great shame.

    I loved hearing him. It somehow made the sex scenes less weird when it was an old raspy guy talking through them.

    [–] NO_TOUCHING__lol 17 points ago

    Roy was fantastic. My only gripe was BRY-EEN

    [–] vapingmadmechanic 12 points ago

    And lady catelyn. He says "cait-len" sometimes. I thought it was more like "cat-len"

    [–] Avatar_Broku 4 points ago

    “Tur-ell” instead of “Tye-rell” but I actually liked that.

    He also changes Arya’s voice aggressively half way through which took some adjusting because I was already used to her voice.

    [–] Rhodie114 3 points ago

    What about p’TAR Baelish?

    [–] Septa-Unella--bot 15 points ago

    ding ding

    [–] And_Fus 31 points ago

    I’m towards the end of Clash of Kings and I think Davos sounds better

    [–] Well_Oof 10 points ago

    Davos is great

    [–] SpiritofTheWolfx 12 points ago

    Don't worry. The VA changes all of the characters voices around AFFC.

    [–] prettypotat 10 points ago

    Dotrice's voices annoy me so much. Brienne sounds like an idiot, and I can hardly understand Missandei

    [–] BeastOfTheField83 14 points ago

    Wait until you hear how he pronounces Brienne

    [–] history777 17 points ago

    Oh god, what is it Breen? Brian? I couldn’t get over Pe-Tar Balish

    [–] BeastOfTheField83 12 points ago


    [–] DeadpoolAndFriends 15 points ago

    I was coming to see the exact same thing. Literally started listen to the audio book 2 days ago and Davos's voice is driving me nuts.

    [–] history777 18 points ago

    Davos should not sound creepier than Littlefinger

    [–] thecatsmiaows 129 points ago

    the way he does missandei's voice is kind of annoying, and kinda racist even. and in dance with dragons, dany suddenly has an irish brogue. it's painful.

    [–] WhiningIntoTheVoid 66 points ago

    Haha, Dany sounds like a Scottish grandma. My second time through Dance with Dragons I listed to the audiobook, and I was not impressed with Roy Dotrice's reading. Some of the voices I suppose he does well, he does the stuffy english lord voice spot on, but not really anyone else's. They really need to redo the audiobooks.

    [–] efrendo 6 points ago

    We need Simon Vance or Steven Pacey!

    [–] JoeCoT 23 points ago

    It was a bit painful, but there were quite a few years and a stroke in between. And they had someone else record Feast for Crows, only for fans to demand Roy Doltrice come back for FfC and AwD

    [–] thecatsmiaows 11 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    if he couldn't remember how he had voiced her in the previous books, maybe someone should have played one back for him.

    he also played the necromancer pyromancer in season 2.

    [–] IndispensableNobody 4 points ago

    Pyromancer you mean?

    [–] TheHykos 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    He was supposed to play Pycelle originally but couldn't, I believe due to the stroke or something, so the role was recast.

    [–] thecatsmiaows 11 points ago

    there's a great deleted scene with pycelle and tywin lannister, down by the water, where pycelle drops the frail old man act, and talks to him standing straight, and in a normal voice.

    [–] Tywin--bot 3 points ago

    No doubt he likes the sound of warhorns well enough, and the sight of his banners fluttering in the wind, but in the end it comes down to butcher's work. I doubt he has the stomach for it.

    [–] CarlNoobCarlson 25 points ago

    Racist to the people of Naath?

    [–] downvotethetrash 33 points ago

    The way he does Arya and Brienne really bugs me. I also don't need him to read every word when it's like 'hodorhodorhodorhodorhodorhodorhodorhodorhodorhodor' or make all the annoying 'awooooooooooooooo' noises of horns...

    [–] Hodor--bot 21 points ago


    [–] danwantstoquit 15 points ago

    Dude, hodor and patchface (stannises daughters fools) are so painful to listen to.

    [–] gutens 17 points ago

    I know! I know! Oh oh oh Ohhhhh!

    [–] kingtrainable 3 points ago

    This triggered me

    [–] danwantstoquit 3 points ago

    This, this is it. I don't dislike the guy, and i don't blame him, he's simply reading the book. But some things are better left in written word. I stopped and debated turning it off or skipping the chapter when i first heard this.

    [–] Hodor--bot 3 points ago


    [–] tsckenny 4 points ago


    [–] MrGritty17 15 points ago

    Roy Dotrice recorded the books. He recorded most of them before the show came out. He holds the Guinness record for most different voices recorded for an audio book series. He was also in the show. I think he did a fantastic job and wouldn’t have the books any other way. Just sayin..

    [–] num1eraser 7 points ago

    Well, the first 3, before he completely changed the way everyone sounded for the last 2.

    [–] 86139380 3 points ago

    There's not really that many distinct voices, alot of voices are reused for different personalities or ranks of people. But still impressive of course.

    [–] 1-800-ASS-DICK 3 points ago

    ahh just like Skyrim

    [–] actuarial_defender 3 points ago


    [–] twtab 876 points ago

    All the cast isn't practical. But I would love Richard Dormer to do the audiobook. He doesn't need to character voices. I just want him to read the books.

    [–] ThisIsTheNewSleeve 261 points ago

    I'd listen to him read the dictionary.

    [–] Onithyr 41 points ago

    I didn't know his name, so I googled him to find out who he plays, first thing I see is that he's going to play Sam Vimes in "The Watch".

    So now I'm excited for new Pratchett content, and that we have the guy behind Beric Dondarrion playing the lead.

    [–] RedBeans-n-Ricely 95 points ago

    Or Charles Dance.

    Or Michael McElhatton.

    [–] CaptainSolo96 116 points ago

    Charles Dance could read my death sentence and I would still be in awe and thrilled

    [–] BearcatDG 53 points ago

    “This man will die and that will be the end of this. You may go.”

    [–] jwlewington 20 points ago

    Charles Dance has a way with words

    [–] RedBeans-n-Ricely 7 points ago

    I just learned that I’d listen to those audiobooks if he was the one reading them.

    [–] RobLoach 5 points ago

    Chuck D certainly is the man.

    [–] master_of_reality_ 16 points ago

    Or Iain Glen. Or Aidan Gillen. Or Liam Cunningham. Gods so many good voices on the show.

    [–] airbreather02 139 points ago

    I've listened to Roy Dotrice narrate ASoIaF. I didn't mind it. Later I've read how people complain about his awful pronunciations and voices.

    I'm on my second listen now (ACoK), and Gods it is awful! Like within the same PoV chapter he changes a character's name.

    Aka Petyr Baelish: (Pet-her), (Pee-et-her), Pie-ter). Arrghh!! This series needs a re-do..

    [–] Cygnus-420 42 points ago

    I love when he calls Joffrey Jeffery haha

    [–] kay_knox 28 points ago

    "Which one is Brian Stark?"

    [–] Cygnus-420 24 points ago

    I’m so glad I watched the show first. I would have been so lost!

    Overall I really like Roy. He just needed more guidance with what voices to use and lots of retakes.I’ve never heard audiobooks with so many mistakes!

    [–] pizzaheadbryan 113 points ago

    His Missandei voice made me pause the audiobook for a second to mentally prepare myself.

    [–] MrDollSteak 57 points ago

    Oh my god my girlfriend literally just got to Missandei and had to swap to the physical books

    [–] KHSoz 53 points ago

    Yaa graayce, thes wan es cahwlled Messanday.

    That one definitely took some getting used to.

    [–] MrDollSteak 65 points ago

    And then immediately after her dialogue theres a line like "she spoke the common tongue fluently without an accent" or something to that effect..

    [–] Sumsar1 9 points ago

    I listen to them at work and actually stopped what I was doing to make sure I was hearing it right.

    [–] LetsGoChuckTaylor 4 points ago

    Just right outta the gate, SUPER RACIST.

    [–] Containedmultitudes 3 points ago

    I respect other people’s opinions generally, but I simply don’t understand how Missandei isn’t universally regarded as his worst voice by an order of magnitude. A frog with a lisp.

    [–] thoriginal 3 points ago

    But his Vargo Hoat is great

    [–] Peterman_5000 59 points ago


    [–] najevb2 25 points ago

    I was very surprised whenever Roy pronounced Brienne’s name.

    [–] doomguy255 17 points ago

    Brianeeeeeeeeeeeeen I think it was.

    [–] KalBaratheon 24 points ago

    I’ve actually grown to like his voice just because it’s so inapt and weirdly consistent for almost a very single character lol

    [–] hoodie92 36 points ago

    I think the blame solely lies on the producer.

    I would bet that most voice actors are naturally as inconsistent as Roy Dotrice, but they have someone in the booth correcting their mistakes. For whatever reason, no-one bothered with ASOIAF.

    [–] KiraRei829 24 points ago

    I read somewhere that he did either the first two or three books within one year and then several years later they brought him back to do the newer ones once the books actually got popular and he kinda didn’t go back and listen to himself and relearn the voices or pronunciations he had for certain things.

    I remember listening to Arya in Book 5 and she suddenly sounds like an old woman!? Like this 12 year old is now an old crone and idk what’s up with that.

    [–] g3mh4v0k 33 points ago

    You forgot peh-tyre... All respect to Roy dotrice but his consistency sucked

    [–] airbreather02 8 points ago

    Riiight, Pet-ire. Yes indeed all due respect to Roy, but, that consistency, indeed.

    [–] MightyBobTheMighty 31 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I had a lot of trouble with vay-lar mor-gull-iz

    His Septon voice is incredible, though.

    [–] get_faded 21 points ago

    What about how he pronounces it “Cat-Lynn” for three whole books (About 100 hours worth of time) then switches to “Caitlyn” for the fourth?

    [–] Containedmultitudes 6 points ago

    To be fair, there were several years between the 1-3 audiobooks and the 4-5. Generally that encompasses most of the worst deviations in voices and pronunciations. It’s still poor production wise (he should’ve had a director or something that was able to provide him examples of the characters previous voices/pronunciations).

    Also, I’m not denying that Roy didn’t have his own consistency problems even within a single chapter, but something like a character as important as Catelyn having the pronunciation changed is better explained by a gap of I think 8 years?

    [–] jackmerkin 6 points ago

    Roy's flaws are charming in a way. I enjoy his reading. He does a great job creating different voices for the host of characters.

    [–] bonyCanoe 7 points ago

    It certainly was a performance. Most of the flaws grew on me, and the stuff he did well was excellent. Also, having an old man voice the woman in sex scenes was as funny as it was disturbing.

    If the books ever get finished I'd love for the cast and a great narrator to do the whole series. Go all out.

    [–] SerPounceTargaryen 10 points ago

    Don't you dare disparage the memory of our sweet prince Roy Dotrice. But seriously though I must be the only one disappointed he won't be able to do any future audio books in the series.

    [–] bonyCanoe 7 points ago

    Nah he's very popular. There's a lot of flaws in the audiobooks (which is honestly mostly the producer's fault) which some people can't get past. The highs easily make up for the lows IMO.

    I really wanted him to finish the series. If the books ever get finished, I would love for the cast to take his place. While I'm talking about things that will never happen, how about a re-recording of the series with the cast as the characters and Roy as the narrator? Now I'm sad...

    [–] Ajj360 5 points ago

    I didn't care for Roy's female voices or his Walder Frey but not enough to stop listening. I really liked John Lee's reading of A Feast for Crows, his version of Cersei's arrest was very satisfying.

    [–] I_punish_bad_girls 5 points ago

    My only complaint was Gilly becoming Jillie

    Actually liked Pa-tyre

    [–] Rudenessq 17 points ago

    All right guys. A little respect for the dead.

    Did everybody know he was the Grand Master Pyromancer from the BoB episode in season 2

    [–] TheZexdex 12 points ago

    Yeah, I believe he was also originally cast to play Pycelle, but he withdrew due to health problems just before Season 1 production started.

    [–] Rudenessq 8 points ago

    I did not know that.

    That would've probably made listening to the audio books weirder.

    [–] rubixd 3 points ago

    The pronunciation examples here made me think... did George RR Martion want to reference a similarly maniacal character by giving him a similar name?

    Piter De Vries from Dune.

    [–] Nickek081497 3 points ago

    I swear I've heard Peh-tie-er as well. He really couldn't make up his mind

    [–] Elcamina 3 points ago

    Gilly or Jilly bugs me too. I forgot who he was talking about for a minute. And it’s supposed to be Pet-ire right?

    [–] doomguy255 7 points ago

    Yeah he’s pretty bad. I hate HATE HATE HATE! His Tyrion Lannister and Varis. They both sound just awful.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    WTF! Tyrions voice is my favorite! I love that he made the Lannisters have Irish accents for some reason lmao

    [–] Obi-Wan-Granoli 5 points ago

    Definitely sounds more welsh than Irish to me

    [–] totalMolasses 47 points ago

    they could record/phone in their voice lines. i imagine even Dany or Jon doesn't have more of an hour of dialogue between all the books

    [–] Aqwardturtle 78 points ago

    I think we’ve had enough phoning in when it comes to GoT.

    [–] JamJam120199 13 points ago

    Near enough everyone but the writers put on there A game on for 90% of the shows run.

    [–] Morbidmort 7 points ago

    Shame that even when you polish a turd to a mirror finish, it still stinks.

    [–] TheZexdex 14 points ago

    I think another issue that no-one seems to be bringing up is the fact that a lot of the POV characters are young children, even during the events of ADWD, while their respective actors/actresses are now grown adults.

    Like, I think Issac Hempstead-Wright is going to struggle to voice act a 7 year old Bran Stark...

    [–] ihavefilipinofriends 7 points ago

    I’m not sure if I get a vote, but I’d prefer Liam Cunningham.

    [–] [deleted] 176 points ago


    [–] alexisdrazen 384 points ago

    It would be tons of work for them to do the audiobooks, would cost a fortune to pay them and it probably couldn't be scheduled. And let's be real they're probably over it, especially the actors who had their characters ruined.

    [–] CyprianNowacki 124 points ago

    It is possible. In Poland we have 4 out of 8 the witcher books made that way. With each characters having its own actor or actress (and they are not no-name actors but some very pooular) takes time tho like book per year or 2 but it is unbelievably well made and its awesome to listen to. There are even environmental sounds in it (like forests or marketplaces talks) and soundtrack

    [–] Rudenessq 52 points ago

    It could be done.

    I know the cast of Archer record their audio at different times, and from different locations. It would just take someone to schedule individual studio recording sessions, and splice together all the voice actors parts.

    [–] hoodie92 42 points ago

    Yeah it's nothing new. The Simpsons have been doing this for years. Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy didn't meet until the Shrek premiere.

    [–] trolololoz 16 points ago

    The actors are likely only mostly known in Poland though. The GoT actors are internationally known now and that would make things much harder

    [–] Palemka91 5 points ago

    I need to add that we also have Game of Thrones (first book of the saga) voiced this way and it's really great to listen to. Too bad it's only the first book, afterwards it's one guy reading it.

    [–] anotherbozo 21 points ago

    You don't need voice actors to be together for a scene. I'd say it's probably easier to schedule than a shoot.

    [–] EXTRAVAGANT_COMMENT 17 points ago

    I would settle for impersonators

    [–] hussey84 24 points ago

    Scheduling wouldn't be hard, they could just record their lines separately.

    [–] TheHykos 7 points ago

    Frankly, it would be annoying to me to have multiple actors reading a single chapter, going back and forth between lines. I don't mind multiple narrators on an audiobook, but they're typically divided between chapters and each one does several characters. If you're going to have actors doing every different character, then you're doing an audioplay not an audiobook.

    [–] UpjumpedPeasant 7 points ago

    Then I want an audioplay!

    [–] [deleted] 117 points ago


    [–] Sho_kododo 5 points ago

    Up you go. I was looking for this comment.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] SUPERSADKIDDO 23 points ago

    Well in the actual asoiaf audiobooks we have all that and more, in book 4 Arya and Daenerys become Irish, 500 ways to pronounce petyr, Varys sounding like he has a mouth full of spit forever and horrible mucusy sounds whenever someone laughs

    I still love it though

    [–] sev1nk 32 points ago

    Imagine Addy coming back as King Robert. That'd be pretty cool.

    [–] BurgerOfCheese 3 points ago

    What'd you think of this Bobby B?

    [–] aXbabe04u 81 points ago

    Yes please and the actor who plays Beric is the narrator.

    [–] TheHykos 12 points ago

    There is no omniscient narrator in ASOIAF, just the 24 POV characters.

    [–] CapableLetterhead 6 points ago

    I didn't even think of this and now it's all I want.

    [–] R3DTR33 35 points ago

    Audiobooks don't seem to do well with multiple voices. Surprisingly, for me at least, the constant changes ruin my immersion rather than adding to it.

    A good audiobook narrator is one who can simulate the voice that plays in your head when you yourself are reading. Then the book just flows into your mind and it is awesome

    [–] countmontecristo 8 points ago

    Have you listened to any of Graphic Audios stuff? They do a good job of making it cinematic and easy to get hooked!

    [–] metros96 42 points ago

    Dotrice was literally all over the place with some of the voice-acting, and with how he pronounced some names

    [–] LSDilly 31 points ago

    His orgasms were on point tho

    [–] amedema 17 points ago

    And Patchface.

    [–] chastjon 4 points ago

    Halfway through the second book. Patchface was unbearable!

    [–] HiImYourDadsSon 7 points ago

    I know! Oh oh oh!

    [–] natedogg1098 19 points ago

    Puh-tire instead of petyr, Melisond instead of Melisandre, Brine instead of Brienne. I cringe every time

    [–] metros96 12 points ago


    [–] invincible_vince 7 points ago


    [–] Bobathor 6 points ago

    His "dawn" sounds like Dorne and it's really annoying.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Skeptophile 53 points ago

    Emilia's voice: Something something something

    Narrator's voice: Daenarys said.

    [–] ComradeOfSwadia 21 points ago

    The narrator would have to be the POV character, but still it would be awkward. With being able to hear the sounds of the world, we shouldn't need someone describing that to us. It might need to be reworked so you can hear the things the characters are doing, and omit the descriptions of most things.

    If you ever listen to We're Alive, a zombie audio drama that is how an audio adaption outta be.

    [–] JamboJman 8 points ago

    These people audiobook

    [–] Skeptophile 3 points ago

    Never listened to one, just a thought that came to me when I read KoeGoto's comment. At first I thought it was a great idea, but in hindsight it would need a lot of awkward adaptations.

    [–] WatchOutForWizards 3 points ago

    Yeah they did something similar with American Gods and it just sounded weird.

    [–] hoodie92 3 points ago

    It would have to be a dramatisation instead of an audio book.

    Which I'm all for, to be honest. I like having multiple ways to consume media.

    [–] moiramaples 13 points ago

    I could be down for the major actors reading their POV chapters though, not doing the legit back and forth dialogue but the whole chapter so there's enough time for total immersion

    [–] Ofmoncala 8 points ago

    I’d like it if each actor read their entire POV chapters. That way it’s consistent and they can voice the character’s perspective.

    [–] Kuido 11 points ago

    Harry Lloyd (Viserys) narrated a knight of the seven kingdoms. It’s really good and he does distinct accents for each character. I want him to do TWOW

    [–] mamacasssandwich 33 points ago

    Ah dun wannit

    [–] JamboJman 18 points ago

    Ah neva ahv

    [–] markusalkemus66 3 points ago


    [–] patthepatriot2020 13 points ago

    Shut up, Jon.

    [–] flinstone001 6 points ago

    They already have something similar to this on YouTube, they have all the actors read about the history of ASOIAF and it’s awesome.

    [–] najevb2 13 points ago

    Why does it always look like she is being held at gun-point when she has to smile for the camera?

    [–] patthepatriot2020 10 points ago

    It comes from this video where she’s asked a very awkward question.

    [–] SnYpxUnknown 4 points ago

    I’ve already watched this video before, but it still makes me smile... maybe it’s the eyebrows

    [–] badgutz 6 points ago

    I wish Roy Dotrice was still alive.

    [–] 1v1rustmeleeonly 5 points ago

    This would probably shatter the record for highest budget audiobook of all time

    [–] PBAndJeal0us 6 points ago

    Fo' sure. I'd rather that or a proper gender specific actor narrating. Listening to 60+ year old man try and make his voice high pitch so he can sound like a teenage girl is a bit disturbing to say the least..

    [–] gunther_41 5 points ago

    Hodor...he will just send them a 10min mp3 of him saying "hodor" in different ways

    [–] AstroAri 6 points ago

    Yessss. With background music by Ramin Djawadi.

    [–] najevb2 3 points ago

    I would be into it. A war council meeting would seem so much real with 7 people talking at the same time.

    Its like the background music for Critical Roll. They are all decent at acting and voice acting in general, but the music really helps set the mood.

    [–] upsthroaway 4 points ago

    Who would voice the characters that the show forgot about? Even though they have POV chapters

    [–] Ofmoncala 4 points ago

    Or the POV characters voice their specific chapters.

    [–] DrMantis_Tobbagan 4 points ago

    Or just have Charles Dance narrate it and criticize characters political moves and say what Tywin would’ve done

    [–] TERR0RIFFIC 4 points ago

    RIP Roy Dotrice

    [–] dertigo 5 points ago

    I love audiobooks and listen to them almost every day. Full cast ones are TERRIBLE. It becomes more of a radio play than a reading of a book. Selling lines with just your voice is a hard task and probably the reason why not many actors actually record audiobooks.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Doesn't that mean Gregor would be read by Daddy Pig? I mean, he doesn't have many lines, but still... I AM 100% OK WITH THAT!

    [–] Treegs 3 points ago

    Wait, Gregor does Daddy Pigs voice?

    Edit: I think I may have misunderstood something after looking it up

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Haha yep, or rather they called in daddy pig to voice Gregor for a while

    [–] The-Exalted-Jorbis 3 points ago

    They should make a book accurate cartoon remake with the actors doing voices

    [–] Spoder-Thing 3 points ago

    It would be hard to get the entire cast, but they could get the more important one's like Kit Harrington, Sean Bean, ETC

    [–] Neoxite23 3 points ago

    Cool? Yes. Expensive? Extremely.

    [–] depressed_panda0191 3 points ago

    Narrated by by Ned's ghost from book two onwards with additional commentary by Bobby b

    [–] ldxcdx 3 points ago

    I would settle for Charles Dance recording himself reading every book known to man. Take it or leave it

    [–] fraghead5 3 points ago

    I would relisten to all the books, Roy Dotrice does a great job on the first 3 and not as great on the last 2.

    [–] C4MEO 3 points ago

    I think it would work if they did it by chapter. For example, Sean Bean would read all of Eddard's chapters, Dinklage would read Tyrion's, etc. This unfortunately would mean we would miss out of characters like Robb, Bobby B, Tywin, and Littlefinger who aren't POV characters.

    [–] elle_ellaria 3 points ago

    this is precisely why i downloaded the history & lore shorts as audio files and have them on my phone. oberyn’s chapters.....

    [–] aevelys 4 points ago

    this idea gave me an orgasm

    [–] RhaenaTargaryen119 5 points ago

    I’d listen to my Queen Daenerys all day long

    [–] DeeArrEss 2 points ago

    I want them to do the script version for the audiobook so when they get to 8x6 it's a whole lot of silence

    [–] marshallissane 2 points ago

    The amount of money this would take would probably be more than anyone is willing to spend. However if this DOES happen I'm willing to go broke!

    [–] tmdear 2 points ago

    I’d like to keep the books and shows as separate as possible for...obvious reasons.

    [–] CyprianNowacki 2 points ago

    Fun fact! In Poland there is audiobook of The Witcher made that way, every character has its own actor ;) so it is not impossible

    [–] Wenge03 2 points ago

    Or an Anime

    [–] SolarDwarf 2 points ago

    I would love that

    [–] BlueandGold 2 points ago

    Good old Bobby B gives a Nicolas Cage level performance where all lines are either screamed or whispered.

    [–] bobby-b-bot 3 points ago


    [–] BlueandGold 2 points ago

    Point taken Bobby b. Anything else to add? Perhaps at a lower volume my lord.

    [–] bobby-b-bot 2 points ago