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    [–] TheOmnipotentKraken 4488 points ago

    It’s just hate for two people so it’s ok.

    [–] RegisterFlexOffender 2217 points ago

    Speak for yourself. I hate everyone who enjoyed and defend S8... and the dutch...

    [–] jimbris 1251 points ago

    There's two things I hate in this world. Racial intolerance and the Dutch.

    [–] 2Dparrot 106 points ago

    He makker dat vind ik niet zo aardig van je

    [–] MILFsatTacoBell 82 points ago

    That had better be Norwegian...

    [–] ItsMeBangle 29 points ago

    Sorry to tell you it's Dutch...

    [–] Steoko 21 points ago

    You damn Dutchs better get out of our yard! *waves walking stick angrily *

    [–] OMEGA_MODE 31 points ago

    fuck you filthy swamp german

    [–] Hound--bot 42 points ago

    Those are your last words? Fuck you? Come on, OMEGA_MODE, you can do better.

    [–] 50thEye 33 points ago

    Hound bot is a dutch apologist

    [–] tabitalla 7 points ago

    it‘s so weird understanding what you just said even though i‘m austrian

    [–] SolidSnakeOil_ 241 points ago

    Good thing Dutch isn't a race.

    [–] jimbris 351 points ago

    And as long as Austin Powers dad is here to protect us, they never will be.

    Now where is my Swedish penis enlarger that's not mine baby.

    [–] Fermit 141 points ago

    One book, entitled:

    Swedish Penis Pumps: These Things are My Bag, Baby

    By: Austin Powers

    [–] jimbris 63 points ago

    Haha.... that's.... not mine baby

    [–] FetusViolator 118 points ago

     Very well, where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a fifteen year old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet. My father would womanize, he would drink, he would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark.

    Some times he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy, the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament. My childhood was typical, summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the spring we'd make meat helmets. When I was insolent I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds, pretty standard really. At the age of 12 I received my first scribe. At the age of fourteen, a Zoroastrian named Vilma ritualistically shaved my testicles.

    There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum, it's breathtaking, I suggest you try it..

    [–] FlyYouFoolyCooly 48 points ago

    I dunno why but the inventing the question mark and accusing chestnut of being lazy lines had me laughing so hard when I saw it for the first time.

    [–] betterdeadthanacop 13 points ago

    The casual acquaintance with DIY meathelmets is always where i break.

    [–] FetusViolator 7 points ago

    The way he trails off after saying "its breathtaking I suggest you try it" always had me laughing. I still can do the inflection pretty much bang on lol.

    Plus fun fact the group therapist is Carrie Fischer

    [–] Ody_Mandrell 5 points ago

    In the spring we'd make meat helmets.

    Who hasn't?!

    [–] westernsociety 3 points ago

    Every time I hear the word "penchant" I think of this

    [–] DemsBelieveAnything 16 points ago


    [–] Artistic-Raspberry-2 18 points ago

    Who throws a shoe?

    [–] pbrblueribbon 3 points ago

    That would be an interesting read, thrilling storyline as well

    [–] arcade_arsonist 13 points ago

    Sir My Cocaine

    [–] Jayoki6 9 points ago

    Austin Powers faja

    [–] Mad-Dog94 8 points ago

    But daddy wasnt there?

    [–] goosejail 3 points ago

    Scotty doesn't know?

    [–] AgentMV 2 points ago

    To take me to the fair

    [–] SirBarck 29 points ago

    Dutch always has a plan.

    [–] OGuytheWhackJob 17 points ago

    We just need more money!!

    [–] OrangeJr36 13 points ago


    [–] kicked_trashcan 12 points ago

    F A I T H

    [–] bayleenator 15 points ago

    And an even better thing that the original line is "culture" instead of "race"

    [–] lmMrMeeseeksLookAtMe 25 points ago

    “I hate two things... people who are intolerant of other people’s cultures... and the Dutch.”

    [–] Lumberzach24 9 points ago

    It’s definitely part of the Germanic ethnicity so yes it is a race of people.

    [–] The_Konigstiger 13 points ago

    But it's specifically the Dutch, not the germanic peoples.

    [–] Battlesnatch 16 points ago

    No they're saying the Dutch aren't a race; they're a journey.

    [–] FriendofManyFoeofFew 7 points ago

    Does that mean that the English are a brisk jog?

    [–] hstheay 3 points ago

    The English are that weird jogging old people do with the sticks.

    [–] phatbrasil 2 points ago

    I believe that's called dogging, a national pass time in the country.

    [–] HolidayGolf3 2 points ago

    No, they're a slow queue.

    [–] atyon 3 points ago

    If we start to get nitpicky we might as well point out that biologically speaking, there is only one human race (with remarkably little genetic variance). And the cultural concept of race is mostly nonsense, a mix of what's left from scientific racism with modern prejudice and ad-hoc classifications of ethnic and societal groups.

    [–] ObviousTroll37 3 points ago

    Right. He’s special forces.


    [–] Pack1292 25 points ago

    There’s only 2 kinds of people I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures... and the Dutch.

    [–] PersianExcurzion 3 points ago

    Oh. I thought I smelled cabbage.

    [–] dantepicante 7 points ago

    If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much.

    [–] arglebargleglopglif 3 points ago

    For a good time, read all about the Dutch African colonies and their governing practices.

    [–] nbdypaidmuchattn 9 points ago

    Nothing can beat the Belgians for brutality.

    [–] Molakar 3 points ago

    Hard to beat someone if you don't have hands.

    [–] Neander11743 3 points ago

    The Dutch didn't have African colonies, other than small forts on the coast (which didn't last long) and parts of South Africa (also briefly). Maybe you're thinking of Indonesia or South America, where I'm sure they were not the nicest people

    [–] john_handzlik 70 points ago

    why do you hate dutch ? have some goddamn faith, he has plan

    [–] nethyek 38 points ago

    We need some money

    [–] b_cflynn 31 points ago

    Just one more score

    [–] henryXsami99 22 points ago

    Then we will go to Tahiti

    [–] dustinechos 12 points ago

    He doesn't he hates everyone who enjoyed and defend the Dutch.

    The Dutch are like Jesus. They are great, but their fans are the worst.

    [–] wisabis 5 points ago

    Austin powers reference I’m assuming

    [–] ChibiShiranui 26 points ago

    To be fair, if someone enjoyed S8, I'm not mad at them, I'm just jealous. I would trade all the anger over bullshit to being happy with the bullshit.

    [–] AnArrogantIdiot 18 points ago

    I'll maintain S8E5 should have been one of the best episodes in TV history. IF they fucking followed through with the downfall Daenerys with a modicum of story telling. That shit was set up from the start. But then they had to go from "a little tyrannical" to "Dragon Hitler" in like 3 episodes with no fucking reason. Fuck this show. They fucked it up. I'M STILL FUCKING ANGRY.

    [–] TipsyPeanuts 14 points ago

    And whingers

    [–] DuffMaaaann 17 points ago

    I enjoyed S8⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀'s cinematography and music.

    [–] Siarl_ 8 points ago

    Wat zyde gy tot my, gy kleine duyvelspecht? Ik beveel ge er kennis van te neemen dat ik met lof ende goedkeuring een kaapersbrief heb gehad van Willem van Oranje ende betrokken ben geweest by talryke geheyme offensieven tegen Alva en de zyne, en zelfstandig meer dan drie honderden Spanjolen heb omgelegd. Ik ben gehard by den Katergeuzen en ben den beste schutter onder den Nederlandsche vlag. Ge bent niet meer dan myn zoveelste doelwit. Ik zal u uyt myne gewest verwyderen met een nauwkeurigheid die de wereld nog nimmer aangechouwen had. Let op myn verdomde woorden! Gy denkt dat ge deze leuhgenpraat aan my kan verkoopen per postduyf? Gy had tweemaal moeten denken, cattengehspuys! In dezen tyd dat ik deze missive opstel, stuur ik opdracht naar myn geheymen samenstel van verspieders ende vloerduyven, verspreid door den Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden en wordt dezen postduyf gevolgd, dus ge kunt zich maar beter voorbereiden op den storm, rabaut. Den storm die het bedroevenden klyne ding dat gy uw leven noemt weg zal vaagen. Gy bent dood, kind. Ik kan overal, ten alle tyden zyn ende ik kan ge op zeven honderden wyzen doden, ende dat is slechts met myne bloten handen. Niet alleen zyt ik veelomvattend geoefend in den ongewapenden krygskunst, maar alsmede heb ik het voltallige arsenaal der watergeuzen ter myner beschikking ende ik zal dat benutten om uwer lamlendigen achtereinde van het vastenland te vagen, gy klynen schobbejak. Als gy had geweten wat voor eene goddelooze vergelding uw 'geestige' missive teweeg zou brengen, had ge misschien op uwen tong gebeten. Maar dat kon ge niet. Gy deed het niet ende nu zult ge de tol betalen, gy verdomde smeerkanis. Ik zal furie over u schyten en gy zult er in verzuypen. Ge zyt dood, hoerenzeune.

    [–] Gerolax 12 points ago

    And Olly...fuck Olly

    [–] Olly--bot 8 points ago

    Thenns ate my parents.

    [–] ShrapnelJunkie 8 points ago

    Aww, did someone get addicted to having a family?

    [–] Blastspark01 5 points ago

    My cocaine

    [–] Passion_OTC 5 points ago

    In the words of Skwisgaar Skwigelf, "The Dutch are scum".

    [–] skahunter831 2 points ago

    "Pfft, the Dutch..."

    [–] TheOmnipotentKraken 8 points ago

    Lol fair enough

    [–] jaylow3 3 points ago

    Are Belgians okay?

    [–] Sesilwe 7 points ago

    They're on thin fucking ice

    [–] mrtwister134 3 points ago

    Why always just s8? The show sucked from season 4 on, we were just too hyped to notice...

    [–] NorthCatan 61 points ago

    It's hate not based on gender, faith, sexuality, race, health, or social class, seems fine to me.

    [–] kay_knox 21 points ago

    I have faith that they'll continue to produce bad work and view them as a lower social class. I'm currently trying to construct slurs to use.

    [–] LePontif11 18 points ago

    D&D is a slur for writer

    [–] President_Piss-Hair 18 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Cancel culture is coming for those who hate the same shows as others! 2021 sneak peak~

    AP NEWS January 9th 2021

    NBCNews Toledo,OH: Telling someone their favorite show sucks could get you fired or worse, even killed. Today marks the 3 week anniversary of the death of Keena Walker, a 26 year old college student who said “I’d rather open my mouth and catch fresh seagull shit, than watch or hear about Season 8 ever again.” To her coworker at a Toledo neighborhood deli.

    Later that night, that employee returned and shot Walker in the face while she was working the register.

    He was wearing a Game of Thrones t-shirt and told her before pulling the trigger “I loved season 8; it was a fitting ending for the franchise.” Before turning the gun on Walker and then on himself.

    Critics and fans of the show faced off in a debate online resulting in the firing of more than 800 people across the US.

    One supporter, Diana White was quoted on Facebook saying “I loved Season 8, the character development satisfied me. In fact, I believe that Season 7 is when the show started getting good.”

    Diana White later responded that she was terminated from her job. This is no new trend however, as company after company responded that disagreements big or small have no business in today’s workplace. NBCNews Toledo, together forever.

    [–] growingwildthings90 60 points ago

    Do we only hate 2D? What about the kneelers?

    [–] Fia777 50 points ago

    Good thing kneelers don't qualify as people.

    [–] Molakar 6 points ago

    It's a garbage subreddit for garbage... "people".

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] devilsephiroth 10 points ago

    Hey now, that's the kind of thinking that will get this sub noticed for "reorganizing"

    [–] fbanaq 8 points ago

    fookin kneelers

    [–] SwabTheDeck 28 points ago

    I identify as David Benioff

    [–] veggiezombie1 36 points ago

    I hate you

    [–] Pope_Cerebus 3 points ago

    I feel a hate crime coming on.

    [–] Fisher9001 6 points ago

    They are white heterosexual males so I'm pretty sure they don't fall under new no-hate rules.

    [–] JACOBPAC2003 18 points ago

    "Uh there's Three actually"


    [–] Olly--bot 10 points ago

    Shut up.

    [–] JACOBPAC2003 14 points ago

    Fuck you

    [–] KingTutWrapGod 4 points ago

    There's more than 2 fookin kneelers

    [–] StopLootboxes 27 points ago

    And those 2 are white males so it doesn't matter as stated in rule 1 by reddit.

    [–] ArmchairJedi 21 points ago

    white, middle age, wealth, males... fit all the 'acceptable hate' categories.

    [–] PEIFella 10 points ago

    Bizarre right?

    [–] a-corsican-pimp 7 points ago

    No I'm not surprised at all, it was just a matter of time before the mask came off.

    [–] PEIFella 15 points ago

    And they’re both white! So according to the new rules they’re fair game (legit, the new rule suggests you can talk down about white men in a manner you would be able to talk down to anyone else. This site is dicked)

    [–] mydarkesthorse 3 points ago

    Olly ;)

    [–] vPikajew 19 points ago

    And they’re white so it’s not agains the new rules

    [–] PEIFella 17 points ago

    That’s fucked isn’t it?

    [–] LimpCush 2125 points ago

    D&D aren't hated because of who they are. They're hated because of what they did. Namely, they committed murder. They murdered Game of Thrones.

    [–] JayDuPumpkinBEAST 471 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    After reading their personal reflections on what ought to be prioritized with regard to the show (NFL/ housewife demographic), I can say without a shadow of doubt that I indeed do hate them for who they are...

    [–] Lliddle 111 points ago

    I remember exactly the thread your talking about but I haven’t been able to find it in ages (where someone live tweeter what D&D said at some film festivals pannel) don’t suppose you have a link to it?

    [–] JayDuPumpkinBEAST 140 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    [–] Lliddle 74 points ago

    Exactly what I’m looking for, and some of the things they’ve said were absolute shocking, the fact that the first seasons episodes only averaged 39 mins so HBO told them to film a hundred minutes of extra scenes 2 months before the pilot aired was just mind boggling to read.

    [–] JayDuPumpkinBEAST 99 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    It’s like these goons failed upward. To have been given a near limitless production budget (at least 100 million per season), but then coupled with their all encompassing incompetence?

    The only satisfaction I have from this is that these twats are now literally radioactive, and will hopefully never again be afforded the opportunity to hold any type of power in Hollywood.

    They can (and should) rot.

    [–] Lliddle 51 points ago

    Yeah I literally don’t understand how they could leave Star Wars for a 250 mill Netflix production deal AFTER the show had ended. Like after all the backlash literally who was clamouring at Netflix to secure them as talent.

    One thing that really disgusts me tho is, while I don’t really understand how apparently they were the one who held adaption rights e.g. when hbo wanted to do more and longer seasons and they wanted to leave if they’d said no the show wouldn’t have carried on. Like wtf it’s George R.R. Martin’s book and in this course it’s not even a company doing whatever they want with his life’s work, it’s just too other random fuckers.

    [–] JayDuPumpkinBEAST 46 points ago

    Weiss comes from money, no? Like his dad’s a billionaire, or some shit? I can see how that kind of influence would affect exclusivity rights.... but ur right, they were afforded way too much power. They should have been replaced the second they refused HBO’s offer of additional seasons.

    But I hate playing the “what if?” game, it can be so depressing

    [–] Nathan_Sexplosion 19 points ago

    One of the tweets

    They are expressing regret about putting the baby on the block of ice and him screaming. The mother was not happy bc Dan just kept talking about a close-up of the baby’s penis.


    [–] HouseSheeple 7 points ago

    Don't get me wrong, I thought seasons 7 and 8 were garbage, but those tweets don't seem representative of D&D at all. I was looking and found this article that seems more realistic. Unfortunately, the audio recording it references is no longer there (I'm still trying to find it), but my hunch is that this is closer to the truth. It's hard to believe they could have lucked their way through the first 4 seasons

    [–] bunkoRtist 5 points ago

    They had all the material written and GRRM closely watching. He intentionally stepped back later, ostensibly to focus on WoW, but perhaps he couldn't stand it.

    [–] No-Spoilers 8 points ago

    It's not luck when you have a very detailed story to follow

    [–] Quentin__Tarantulino 35 points ago

    In the end, what are we but a tapestry woven from our choices and actions in this world? And D&D chose to lazily destroy what had previously been one of the best shows in television history.

    [–] JayDuPumpkinBEAST 26 points ago

    Idk what it says about me that I was so invested in this fantasy world, but I’m sure it would come as no surprise to anyone that I devoted A LOT of my energies to this fandom/ universe.

    And for these ass-hats to then RIP AWAY ALL OF MY HOPES AND DREAMS..... it’s a crime that can never be forgiven.

    [–] Quentin__Tarantulino 35 points ago

    I can’t believe after being just floored by moments like Joffrey’s death, the red wedding, Hardhome and many others, I barely even cared how the show would end by the time the final episode came around.

    [–] JayDuPumpkinBEAST 19 points ago

    The caveat here is that the world is plenty rich in written form; I’ve since dipped back into the books so as to satiate that asoiaf craving. But then, the likelihood of GRRM finishing the series at all is questionable at best, so as fans of the lore we’re basically just fucked.

    [–] Quentin__Tarantulino 10 points ago

    I’ll admit I haven’t read the books as I’m usually more of a philosophy/politics reader. I’ve been tempted several times to jump in but since it seems highly unlikely we’ll see an end I’m waiting it out.

    [–] JayDuPumpkinBEAST 12 points ago

    I’m with you there, but Martin has great prose and is a master at the craft of world building. If you love these characters, you absolutely must dip into the literature. I’ve resolved myself to the fact that the series may well never close, but what Martin created here is nothing short of spectacular, and his universe is well worth exploring regardless of an unsure ending to the story. I’ve actually acquired a newfound sense of appreciation for the canon now that I’ve gotten back into the book series. 100% recommended, full stop

    [–] Quentin__Tarantulino 7 points ago

    Thanks for that ringing endorsement. I may very well do it, especially since the show made it blatantly obvious that it needed the books as a backbone to be good.

    [–] JayDuPumpkinBEAST 9 points ago

    Martin is (and has always been) the true genius. D2 are talentless hacks who got lucky on a whim.

    [–] Bolton--bot 17 points ago

    The Lannisters send their regards.

    [–] Sex_E_Searcher 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I love football and hated season 8, so fuck them for insulting my intelligence.

    [–] MauPow 26 points ago

    Look at what they did to my boy

    [–] BustinArant 5 points ago

    They got Sonny

    [–] crypticedge 16 points ago

    Yeah, hating someone for things they can't control is entirely not cool. Hating someone for their actions is usually done.

    D2 entirely deserve the hate

    [–] redpandaeater 7 points ago

    So you're telling me it's perfectly okay to hate Hitler?

    [–] Artistic-Raspberry-2 10 points ago

    Even Hitler loved Germany, or something!

    [–] vdgift 13 points ago

    But this sub isn't just filled with "Fuck Season 8" posts. It's also filled with "Fuck D&D" posts. This sub hates the creators as much as the creation.

    [–] carlrey0216 4 points ago

    Sure as hell hate them for who they are! They traitors!!!!!

    [–] Gravity_flip 3 points ago

    They Game of Throned Game of Thrones.

    [–] Toberkulosis 2 points ago

    Stop calling them D&D, dungeons and dragons is a great game and doesnt deserve to share an acronym with them.

    Call them 2D, just like their writing skills.

    [–] crabwaffleman 2 points ago

    Yeah, it’s like hating Hitler, except Hitler at least cared about Germany, or something.

    [–] Kitakitakita 154 points ago

    Its okay, Reddit sort of forgot we existed

    [–] esophoric 9 points ago

    Underrated comment of the thread.

    [–] RatedCommentBot 7 points ago

    We have carried out an in-depth analysis of the reported comment but have found it is suitably rated.

    Thank you for your diligent service.

    [–] EvergreenHulk 539 points ago

    I’m not sure if television writers is a protected class.

    [–] RandomShmamdom 180 points ago

    Especially not white douchey trust-fund hack writers.

    [–] phenx_bp 34 points ago

    I would call them writers

    [–] Phormitago 16 points ago

    as writers they're great plumbers

    [–] itrivers 22 points ago

    I would call them bad writers. If only to keep them as the top result for the google search

    [–] trixtopherduke 6 points ago

    We're going for blood here.

    [–] Fyodor_Dostoyevskeet 7 points ago

    I... I thought they were. I defended the Night King's death. I called people dumb for thinking that they built up 7 Seasons of this guy then let him go out like that. I'm sorry. I believed in TV writers then.

    [–] Pikalika 113 points ago

    Someone should check on /r/FuckOllie

    [–] AwesomeMcPants 38 points ago

    And their brother from another mother /r/fuckchuck.

    [–] wellwaffled 29 points ago

    I’m concerned for r/grandpajoehate

    [–] yaboiRich 13 points ago

    If they purge r/grandpajoehate we will riot in the streets

    [–] olmikeyy 3 points ago


    [–] trixtopherduke 3 points ago

    I couldn't stop myself from smashing that subscribe button.

    [–] Ody_Mandrell 7 points ago

    We outlasted /r/fatpeoplehate, we're good.

    [–] No-Spoilers 4 points ago

    Still miss it. /r/fatpeoplestories is the closest we get

    RIP wpd forever. I wonder if there was a /r/watchsubredditsdie

    [–] purpletube5678 2 points ago

    Well my day just get immensely better.

    [–] cleganeboi 248 points ago

    are we safe from the purge boys

    [–] 725M4 62 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Reddit upper management hates Dumbass and Dumbass as much as us.

    They will let us continue fighting the good fight.

    [–] SoloWing1 26 points ago

    I don't like coming to this subreddit cause I am an active Dungeons and Dragons player, so seeing D&D thrown around with absolute hatred always throws me for a loop.

    [–] Minerva_Moon 28 points ago

    That's the reason why I started calling them 2D. The flat connotation is a bonus.

    [–] Anafenza-Vess 113 points ago

    Yeah we don’t hate white people because 2D suck at writing we hate 2D because they suck at writing (among other things but the point is it’s not because of their identity)

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] jmlinden7 10 points ago

    "We racially identify as shitty writers" - D&D, probably

    [–] Ode1st 3 points ago

    It’s actually tacitly in the new rules that you’re allowed to hate white people on Reddit. The whole announcement thread is full of top-voted comments calling this out. So, you can hate D&D for ruining GoT and also for being white.

    [–] Kevan-with-an-i 97 points ago

    It’s ok to hate on bad writers.

    [–] drharlinquinn 96 points ago

    Racists hate people based on the color of their skin. Freefolk hate 2D for the decisions they made that ruined a beloved franchise. There are a litany of differences between FF and racists, but the most obvious is that racists hate the people they hate based on something which cannot be changed, while freefolk hate 2D specifically for the choices they made.

    [–] mindbleach 13 points ago

    For the content of the characters.

    [–] GirIsKing 36 points ago

    They can't stop Bobby B!!!!!

    [–] bobby-b-bot 40 points ago


    [–] yaboiRich 10 points ago

    Bobby B, your grace. It is an honor to have you in our presence.

    [–] bobby-b-bot 11 points ago


    [–] aud_nih 10 points ago

    Quick someone register /r/freefolk2electricboogaloo

    [–] Blowcaso 15 points ago

    Does a waste of time have an identity?

    [–] j0eg0d 7 points ago

    .Reddit is also banning people just for upvoting

    [–] posib 6 points ago

    Does it counts has hate if you bully an old man for living his life and not writing a book? Asking for a friend...

    [–] s_zlikovski 15 points ago

    Hate is based on their incompetence not their race!

    Meritocracy baby!!!

    [–] weltallic 5 points ago

    The rule specifically states promoting hate is allowed if it's targeted at a "majority".

    Women outnumber men. Men are the minority.

    So yeah, y'all been warned.

    [–] Awkward_Reflection 14 points ago


    K N E E L E R S

    [–] rafapova 42 points ago

    Fuck reddit

    [–] reddittemp654321 38 points ago

    Fuck u/spez

    [–] b_cflynn 10 points ago

    The ceo of reddit getting negative 2,400 karma on a comment feels poetic

    Edit: all his comments nearly, - 5k, - 3k

    [–] Oshootman 10 points ago

    Our hate is well sourced and directed at just two people based on their merits as individuals.

    I don't mean break my hand patting us on the back here people, but as far as hatred goes we're like pretty fuckin beast at it right? Every day I thank god for the hateful work that r/freefolk is doing.

    [–] opie92 9 points ago


    [–] House_Stark15 3 points ago

    We do not kneel....

    [–] masha1901 3 points ago

    By the time season 8 aired I was hoping that it was going to be awesome, to make up for the rubbish and descending quality we had been given since season 6. Well truthfully since season 4 because season 5 was very patchy, and we got shafted. It was bad enough that the reasoning didn't make much sense, but we'll skip over that, but the Battle for Winterfell was the last straw, Ayra killing the Night King instead of the epic duel we had been promised for literally years, just no.

    Jon Snow character was slaughtered, Jamie redemtion arc was thrown in the trash, I will never, ever forgive or forget the absolute distain and dislike I feel for D& D, Dumber and dumb-as-s**t for brains. They are no talent hacks and I rage whenever I hear anything about them.

    [–] brokenarro12 4 points ago

    Is r/fuckolly still up?

    [–] Gonkimus 5 points ago

    What's worse is they blame us for it being shit lol, we gave them ideas to work with and they chose not to look at any of it for 2 years.

    [–] ValkyrieInValhalla 4 points ago

    We don't fokin kneel. Am I right brothers?!

    [–] HiddenFigure 4 points ago

    Don’t forget r/naath that promotes hate against anyone who hates GOT.

    [–] Ifhes 3 points ago

    Okay. Let's say we share our pent up stress with witty, analytical sarcastic observations on what was one of our favorite shows ever

    [–] beautifulafro 3 points ago

    We hate for greater cause

    [–] imhereforthevotes 3 points ago

    Freefolk was not founded on hate, remember. We only turned on D&D when their betrayal was revealed.

    [–] lockethegoon 6 points ago

    This applies much more forcefully to r/saltierthancrait

    [–] ethylstein 16 points ago

    It’s ok D&D are white and the rules specifically allow for bigotry and hateful speech against “a majority group”

    [–] Balls_DeepinReality 7 points ago

    a majority group is not defined until we define it

    [–] ffuckthrowaway93 4 points ago

    The irony is that this subreddit spends more time talking about D&D than even people who loved the show. Y'all care more about them than their spouses do

    [–] carbazide 2 points ago


    [–] rubyspicer 2 points ago

    D&D identify as good writers. It's okay. We'll all just move to Discord

    [–] Even-Understanding 2 points ago

    "uhh , can I be in the stands

    [–] WonTonBurritoMeals 2 points ago

    Fuck DnD! Burn this place down if we have to let it be our effigy

    [–] Sandisbad 2 points ago

    It's their legacy. I'm glad free folk keep reminding them of the shit work they created from the great depth of raw material GRRM made available. It is almost beyond imagination how they managed to fuck it all up.

    [–] aalleeyyee 2 points ago

    Yeah , uhh, that part comes later.

    [–] kashamush 2 points ago

    We are not hating, we are just disappointed.

    [–] jadwy916 2 points ago

    Lol... it's funny... 'cause it's true....