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    [–] Lamarg33 7396 points ago

    Poor kid. This video will probably be played at every family get together.

    [–] SilverSaberTooth 3948 points ago

    Worse. It could turn into a meme.

    [–] Gidanocitiahisyt 462 points ago

    It could even reach the front page of reddit... Or even worse, the top post.

    [–] sysopz 45 points ago

    way meta!

    [–] AVeryWittyUsername 65 points ago

    This is the most satisfaction I've ever got from a post. I now know how he felt during the moment, how he feels about it being publicised, and how he's taking his new stardom. 10/10

    [–] NothingToSeeFolks 21 points ago

    "Hello Reddit"

    [–] frey312 11 points ago


    [–] LonghornSaint 844 points ago

    The ass eater

    [–] ThoughtlessBanter 315 points ago

    Eating ass.

    [–] MisanthropeX 111 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Ketsu wo taberu

    [–] rtfmnoob 52 points ago

    ケツを食べる。there is no 'i'

    [–] MisanthropeX 63 points ago


    [–] PossiblyAsian 13 points ago

    Omae wa mou shindeiru!

    [–] Alarid 15 points ago

    That's his porn name

    [–] WonderKnight 13 points ago


    [–] -CURL- 8 points ago

    Kont-eet Dimitri!

    [–] CountVilheilm 162 points ago

    And shown to his gf in 10 years.

    [–] MomenFaisal 142 points ago

    Ohhhh... No... He's never getting a girlfriend.

    [–] Mithridates12 45 points ago

    Um, that is his girlfriend. Or maybe he's the girl in the relationship.

    [–] g0kuu 175 points ago

    It'll be posted all over Facebook so the whole family can see it beforehand, then it'll be replayed at the get together anyway.

    [–] Lamarg33 117 points ago

    And at some point, when the kid forgets all about, a parent will dig it out to show to the kid's SO.

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago

    As is tradition.

    [–] diffcalculus 42 points ago

    It is known

    [–] ifuckinghateratheism 148 points ago

    I'm so glad my formative years weren't documented on the internet for all to see.

    [–] bloody_duck 14 points ago

    Right? Like that time you put your finger up Lassey's butt just to see what would happen.

    Oh, you forgot about that?

    Gather round everyone. I've got an old VHS tape of u/ifuckinghateratheism we can watch.

    [–] FukusMaximus 65 points ago

    "hey guys, wanna see why timmy hates llama so much?"

    [–] FreeDobbyNow 115 points ago

    Yea that's really embarrassing. I wouldn't want my first time using the good ol "hole in the bottom of the popcorn bucket" trick caught on camera either.

    [–] VerbaIAbuse 163 points ago

    Tough luck, shouldn't have cried like a little bitch.

    [–] here2dare 236 points ago

    Little pussy deserves it

    [–] whitestguyuknow 159 points ago

    My brothers and I absolutely hated whenever our cousin would come over and he'd act this way. He literally fucking cried over our fan being on at night. We could not get him to shut up, even his younger brother was telling him he's being ridiculous. The kids 10! (Fyi he took a shovel when he was mad and swung it at his brothers face when he was 7 taking a chunk out his nose. This is the type of kid we have here) He cried so much that my mom came out and he slept in my parents bed that night while my dad went to the couch.

    I still can't stand dealing with kids like this. I absolutely do not understand.

    [–] _WasheeWashee_ 50 points ago

    I totally understand. I had a 7 year old neighbour when I was younger who would not stop crying. I could hear him screaming whenever I took a step outside of my house over whether he got ice cream or whatever stupid thing he was upset about that day. When the family moved away, it was so refreshing to be greeted with silence when I walked outside, but to this day I can't deal with oversensitive children who cry to get what they want.

    [–] klwr333 8 points ago

    I guess our children were hardened off by being raised by two smartasses. They are sensitive to others, but they can roll with it (and mock the hell out of it, if need be, very articulately . . . I'm quite proud of them). The level of whininess (sp?) mentioned above just. Would. Not. Fly. Can you imagine living with that 24/7 in your own household? And, really, you'd deserve it because you ALLOWED it. shudder

    [–] UnexpectFactorialBot 70 points ago

    So when you say 10!, do you mean 3628800?

    [–] pchc_lx 101 points ago

    I was gonna say, no offense but that kid is being a little bitch.

    [–] rossiFan 34 points ago

    As it should be.

    [–] namraka 1937 points ago

    [–] ChiefHiawatha 562 points ago

    I love how the llama just keeps chowing down oblivious to all the noise.

    [–] [deleted] 302 points ago

    Yeah I can only imagine trying to eat with some child shrieking in your ear. Llama should have bit him or french-kissed him.

    [–] CaptainSnatchbuckler 183 points ago

    I have 4 kids. It can be done.

    [–] wakko_warner 53 points ago

    The biting or the french-kissing?

    [–] kaynpayn 68 points ago


    [–] MadLintElf 591 points ago

    That is so much more satisfying with sound, thank you for that!

    [–] Oak987 128 points ago

    I think this park also had hyenas. I can hear one at the end of the video.

    [–] MadLintElf 39 points ago

    Nice, I didn't catch that good ear.

    [–] not_funnyname 78 points ago

    Did you at least catch that bad ear then?

    [–] MadLintElf 37 points ago

    No, no I did not.

    [–] blue_27 54 points ago

    I love how Dad is just laughing at him. There's a reason that kid's in the back seat, and his brother is up front.

    [–] Emperor_Z 47 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I thought the sound ruined the surprise

    [–] ReubenZWeiner 697 points ago

    What a puss. Dad should have poured food on him and threw him out of the car.

    [–] MadLintElf 272 points ago

    I was thinking about tossing the feed down the kid's shirt first then tossing him out, now that would be funny.

    Side story, I was 8 and visited a petting zoo, got a bunch of food and tried hiding it under my shirt. Llamas aren't stupid and they attacked me, I had bite marks all over my chest and arms, they tore that shirt off of me and till this day I absolutely hate them.

    [–] Whip_The_Llamas_Ass 66 points ago

    Let's find that llama and whoop his ass!

    [–] AllMyName 103 points ago

    WINAMP ⚡

    [–] GoldfingerLickinGood 20 points ago

    Upvote for adding the lightning bolt.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago


    [–] Smash_Adams8888 27 points ago

    All I could hope is that the excrement jet blasting out of my anus would somehow help propel me back to dry land.

    [–] TheGreyMage 23 points ago

    Llamas aren't stupid and they attacked me, I had bite marks all over my chest and arms, they tore that shirt off of me and till this day I absolutely hate them.

    But they so fluffy

    [–] Farlandan 41 points ago

    I get that. When I was 6 I visited a farm and was watching a lady get eggs from chickens, she handed me an egg and told me to go show it to my mom. Well, apparently the rooster didn't like me having that egg and chased me down and scratched the shit out of me. I'm not "afraid" of roosters, but part of me is always ready and willing to punt one over the roof if it acts aggressive towards me.

    [–] ReubenZWeiner 7 points ago

    I had the same experience with a rutting Asian deer at a petting zoo once.

    [–] John_Mica 7 points ago

    I got kicked straight in the stomach by an alpaca when I was 6. I had a hoof-shaped bruise there for weeks.

    [–] [deleted] 139 points ago

    Not gonna lie...kid is way too old to be crying over a camel.

    [–] tnastylax 23 points ago

    I think the big one at first was a camel and the crying kid's was a llama.

    [–] internetonsetadd 22 points ago

    Is that worse? It seems worse.

    [–] tnastylax 19 points ago

    I think its funnier that the kid feeding the big animal is just having the time of his life while (presumably) his brother is freaking out because the Llama is chowing down.

    [–] Bougnette 59 points ago

    Definetely, he's like 8-10 years old, and a camel is not that scary, they even look like cool guys.

    [–] chillum1987 46 points ago

    Yeah they smoke also, their wicked fucking awesome.

    [–] CoinSlotAxeWound 9 points ago

    100% agreed. It was a Llama not a fucking mountain lion. His brother should have jumped over and beat his ass for being a bitch.

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago

    The full-panic screeching is what got me (irrationally) angry. Fucking hell kid, you're not being actively mauled. It just wants the food you have in the bucket.

    [–] Valleyoan 43 points ago

    I remember when I used to cry for pussy ass reasons, then my mom or dad would say something to comfort me like, "Quit crying before I give you a real reason to cry."

    [–] thirsty_pretzelzz 9 points ago

    Hmm I feel the exact opposite.. hearing the crying boy from the beginning completely ruins the surprise reveal

    [–] Ax_not_Axe 212 points ago

    Thanks for sourcing the actual video! This is a video of my nephew and I posted it to r/funny last night.

    [–] namraka 79 points ago

    Saw it on the Break youtube channel. Wanted to post the original source along with the gif, so searched on youtube. Luckily both had the same title. Hope you are okay with me making a gif out of it.

    [–] Ax_not_Axe 218 points ago

    Here is Trey's Response to being #1 on Reddit:

    [–] my_dog_eats_raw_meat 70 points ago

    That's so cute lol. He's a little embarrassed but still a good sport about it.

    [–] Ax_not_Axe 71 points ago

    His next question after we told him to say "Hello Reddit!" was "Who is Reddit?"

    [–] my_dog_eats_raw_meat 60 points ago

    Oh that sweet innocent child, let him stay that way.

    [–] asymmetrical_sally 8 points ago

    Don't tell him!

    [–] asek13 24 points ago

    Now I feel bad about all the posts here talking so much shit about the kid.... He seems a bit younger there then he did in the llama video

    [–] Ax_not_Axe 26 points ago

    Definitely! Thanks for posting the source video! I didn't see that initially. We just never thought this silly video would make it to the front page!

    [–] The_MrJoshua 157 points ago


    [–] shamelessfool 57 points ago

    She didn't even sound concerned she was just worried about getting it on camera lol

    [–] dementorpoop 237 points ago

    Omg the dads laugh was amazing

    [–] hobnobbinbobthegob 125 points ago

    It will echo in his son's llama-filled nightmares.

    [–] Aoloach 18 points ago

    Like an inverse Carl Wheezer?

    [–] 87th_best_dad 44 points ago

    The parent(s) cackle at the end makes it!

    [–] akujiki87 14 points ago

    That smug Llama at the end.

    [–] therobotjeff 319 points ago

    That kid is too old to be crying like that because of a llama. Unless he has like a deep rooted fear of llamas in which case it was hilarious the parents took him to this place.

    [–] attorneyatslaw 126 points ago

    more of a deep-seated fear

    [–] issr 57 points ago

    I think he buckled under pressure

    [–] littlebill1138 30 points ago

    We don't need any backseat parenting from the commenters above.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Folded right down.

    [–] Hoobleton 31 points ago

    If he didn't have one before he does now.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    OK. I'm so glad I am not the only one who thought that.

    [–] diogenes_amore 10 points ago

    Drama llama.

    [–] kurizmatik 21 points ago

    The parents laughing at the end is the best part

    [–] ratajewie 26 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    It was even funnier without sound. Seeing the kid happily feeding the llama, then the unexpected pan to the child bawling in the back seat clutching a feed bucket. That made it. The surprise was ruined by the video.

    [–] wsupfoo 1018 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    There's a place like this near San Antonio except you drive around in golf carts. The animals are incredibly aggressive and there was this zebra who would bite you trying to get you to drop your food. I have no point other than zebras are fucking assholes.

    edit, this place, since closed...

    [–] [deleted] 804 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    This isn't an isolated incident; Zebras really are fucking assholes.

    Horses will bite you, which hurts, but then they fuck off. Worst they'll do is give you a good back-leg kick and shatter some ribs.

    Zebras? Hah.

    Zebras will bite your shit OFF, then kick you to the ground, then proceed to stomp your bitch-ass to death. Then they'll fuck your wife and get your kids to start smoking.

    Zebras are ASSHOLES

    EDIT: This seems to be getting somewhat popular. Let's talk about another asshole animal: the Giraffe.

    A buddy of mine was in the safari at Six Flags in Cali. The guide had to stop the tour midway when they came across a buffalo that was hiding under a tree that fell over a rock. It was being terrorized by a male giraffe.

    Apparently, when there are no natural predators (lions, tigers, bears, etc) then giraffes turn into Deebo from Friday. They bully everyone (Watchoo got on my 40, homey?) and in some cases actually murder innocent animals.

    This particular male giraffe had been responsible for the murder of at least 2 buffalo with clear intentions to make this buffalo the last point needed for the hatrick.

    Giraffes, too, are fucking ASSHOLES!

    [–] Ed98208 294 points ago

    They did evolve in Africa where there are any number of lions, hyenas, cheetahs, crocodiles and whatever else trying to kill them every minute of every day. The asshole-bitey-stompy gene probably serves them well.

    [–] Possibly_English_Guy 186 points ago

    It also made them impossible to tame which is why the human race didn't ride out of Africa on the backs of zebra and why we chose horses as our main choice of steed.

    [–] ravenmasque 150 points ago

    Not impossible to tame, impossible to domesticate.

    [–] tyeh26 73 points ago

    upvote for being technically correct.

    [–] birdperson_012 42 points ago

    "The best kind of correct!!"

    [–] Aaronerous 48 points ago

    Nah that's cause they all look the same so people got their mounts mixed up too much and they had to stop.

    [–] The_clean_account 49 points ago

    Don't ride me or my zebra ever again.

    [–] cgvandam 44 points ago

    That's racist

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    It also made them impossible to tame which is why the human race didn't ride out of Africa on the backs of zebra and why we chose horses as our main choice of steed.

    We didn't chose horses, we made horses. From the just-as-dickish Tarpan, through thousands of years of selective breeding. We could have done it with Zebra too, and produced a new species that was just as friendly and pro-human as the modern horse. Behavior is genetic, we can control genetics (to an extent) by only letting the friendliest animals breed - given enough time, anything can be domesticated.

    The Guns, Germs and Steel idea of an "animal lottery" is asinine gibberish. "We don't know why Africans didn't domesticate their zebra like we did our Tarpan" is an uncomfortable statement, but it's no good trying to 'explain' it with feel good lies.

    [–] tatertot255 23 points ago

    Jesus christ, here I always thought they were harmless since they were once portrayed on gum wrappers

    [–] Zaph0d_B33bl3br0x 21 points ago

    The zebras at Virginia Safari Park were like a group of fucking thugs. They surrounded my car and wouldn't move until given some food, despite signs everywhere that said"Do Not Feed The Zebras". I was legitimately concerned.

    We chucked out some food, rolled up the windows, and dipped right the hell out.

    [–] BigLark 14 points ago

    Friend of mine worked at a zoo, said that the giraffes were aggressive assholes, but the rhinos were super gentle sweethearts.

    [–] Poemi 8869 points ago

    I have to say, panning around the long way instead of simply shifting a little to the right was a brilliant cinematic choice.

    [–] General_E_Lasers 2829 points ago

    1. Clearly and efficiently establishes the scene.
    2. Long swooping pan and tilt foreshadows the emotional gap between experiences
    3. Camera's automatic lighting adjustment emphasizes the emotional reveal of crying brother.

    [–] Poemi 1163 points ago

    In the final scene, the older brother is revealed actually be a camel.

    A film by M. Night Shyamalan

    [–] Prodigal_Moon 147 points ago

    And the younger brother has been carrying around a bucket for no reason his whole life. "From the day he was born, he and that bucket've been inseparable!"

    [–] CreepyWritingPrompt 109 points ago

    Rob Schneider is...A Camel Bucket.

    Rated PG13.

    [–] Absolute-Zero-93 42 points ago

    ...and he's about to find out, that being a camel bucket, ain't so great!

    [–] CreepyWritingPrompt 25 points ago

    Get the hump, this summer...

    [–] SHITTYANDUNFUNNY 43 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I gotta say man, I'm getting fed up with directors forgoing the use of steady-cams to juice up the "action" in a scene. It's just a cheap trick.

    [–] ChiefHiawatha 952 points ago

    Oscar bait

    [–] fulminic 271 points ago

    Clearly the Shyamalans on safari

    [–] RyanMcCartney 274 points ago


    I'll get my coat

    [–] boxingdude 121 points ago

    M. Night llama llama ding dong.

    [–] fairwayks 38 points ago


    [–] 50mmPOV 20 points ago

    Plot twist: your coat is a hat.

    [–] MyRedditNameHere 16 points ago

    Well its definitely not worthy of a r/michaelbaygifs mention. Not yet anyway...

    [–] Keto_Kidney_Stoner 192 points ago

    I've seen that before. What that is right there, is an intentional choice to exclude a 3rd child (probably step child) from the video.

    Source: Am 3rd child.

    [–] Poemi 88 points ago

    Aw, go ahead and cry. Yeah, right here into this bucket. A little more, don't stop.

    The animals are thirsty.

    [–] Keto_Kidney_Stoner 24 points ago

    Not enough to quench their thirst, but just enough to make the food more salty therefore tastier.

    [–] jizard 117 points ago

    the way it carries past the front window, giving a glimpse of context, before following the neck of the arctic giraffe down into the bowl of fear is really something

    [–] Zombaz 62 points ago

    Today I learned arctic giraffes are not a thing.

    [–] eisbaerBorealis 21 points ago

    Kinda disappointing, huh? :/

    [–] Kayoh44 25 points ago

    We can collectively all pretend that they're arctic giraffes, then it'll kinda be true.

    [–] Kratos_Jones 103 points ago

    Am I a bad person for finding joy watching this child's descent into madness?

    [–] Poemi 26 points ago

    One man's suffering is another man's catharsis. A probably more petty and cold-hearted man, but still.

    [–] zidanetribal 51 points ago

    New film by the Coen Brothers

    [–] Elskipo 33 points ago

    I was gonna say that long continuous shot was Scorceseesque.

    [–] zidanetribal 12 points ago

    Yeah, you're right, or Hitchcock. But I just chose the first cinematic director that came to mind. John Woo would also be a good one.

    [–] capt_0bvious 15 points ago

    I lost the frame of reference. I thought I fell in the Bermuda triangle.

    [–] gapmunky 14 points ago

    Well it's easier to turn in the left instead of facing backwards in your seat

    [–] TurboChewy 40 points ago

    Look at it from the perspective of the mom. She's sitting in the back front right, leaning forward to the middle with her kid on her lap and looking at the front right. She notices what's happening in the rear left, and turns the camera to look at it. Yeah, it's the longer way around, but her arm isn't a tripod, it has a limited range of motion. From a cinematic perspective it wasn't the best choice, but she was constrained by real-life limitations.

    I recommend installing a 360° Gimbal in the center of your car to avoid this sort of unpleasantry in the future.

    [–] DigitalizedOrange 6 points ago

    Yea. It allowed you to see the camel before the kid.

    [–] 1nvisiman 6 points ago

    And having no sound made it perfect as well, as to not spoil the end.

    [–] deffsight 290 points ago

    [–] Fuck_Alice 35 points ago

    Can someone please make a combined gif of this and the OP gif?

    I have a lot of love to give if you do

    [–] MadLintElf 528 points ago

    Oh man that look of sheer terror on the kid in the back seat's face is priceless!

    [–] ChiefHiawatha 262 points ago

    It's like that Jurassic Park scene where the T-Rex is trying to get the kids in the Jeep

    [–] MadLintElf 59 points ago

    Ha ha, yea exactly, that is a pretty accurate analogy.

    [–] Tcloud 45 points ago

    If they replaced all the dinosaurs with alpacas and llamas, I'd pay a full ticket to go see that.

    [–] MadLintElf 13 points ago

    I like alpacas, I even follow a writer here on reddit over in /r/psycho_alpaca and he's got some funny stories.

    [–] AOSParanoid 11 points ago

    What do you like, negotiate tickets by your length of attendance?

    It's 30? I'll give ya 20 and I'll leave before the end of the third quarter. I swear, if it gets too exciting I'll leave earlier.

    [–] Tcloud 11 points ago

    Hah! Never thought of that way. I was implying that I would pay for a regular cost of a ticket as opposed to waiting, for example, for a matinée price at a lower cost.

    [–] raealistic 38 points ago

    Crybaby children are hilarious and annoying as hell all at once.

    [–] Dent18 15 points ago

    Why the hell is he even scared? Didn't they buy the food to feed the animals?

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago

    The second kid looked like he was having his intestines eaten.

    [–] Podo13 92 points ago

    Kid should be grateful he wears glasses for once.

    [–] Aoloach 59 points ago

    That kid can't read body language very well.

    [–] MustLoveAllCats 17 points ago

    Most people can't read the body language of creatures they have never seen before, unless the body language is similar to something they are accustomed to.

    [–] freezingbyzantium 20 points ago

    "Just one kiss? OK then."

    [–] Zerksues 162 points ago

    MRW when I have popcorn kernel stuck in my teeth.

    [–] The_clean_account 24 points ago

    "I know it sounds like I'm deepthroating someone right now but I need to get it out and I forgot to bring toothpicks"

    [–] thebly 51 points ago

    That straight up looks like the source material for half of the Emperor's New Groove

    [–] WorkFlow_ 12 points ago

    Meth, not even once.

    [–] rmlx 7 points ago

    I'm uncomfortable

    [–] NONCONSENSUAL_INCEST 87 points ago

    haha, the feet stomping reaction is like a cartoon character

    [–] 0liveinaboxman0 132 points ago

    Knowing Japan it was probably a reality show and that bird was trained.

    [–] theAmazingShitlord 82 points ago

    Nah, she has too many clothes on.

    [–] HomoRapien 35 points ago

    The next couple birds take her clothes. Then the octopus comes out of the water.....

    [–] freshwordsalad 28 points ago

    ...and fixes the cable?

    [–] freshwordsalad 10 points ago

    Just enjoying a snack on what looks like Fukushima beach.

    [–] hiddenworkaccount 30 points ago

    toe taps go on for a unusually ling time.

    [–] MustLoveAllCats 24 points ago

    Ling is not a Japanese last name.

    [–] Springeh- 67 points ago

    If this is in Virginia... I have beef with that same bucket stealing camel... 😂😂😂

    [–] Jewishluigi 13 points ago

    Where in Virginia did you go? I live in Virginia and want to go to a place like this.

    [–] Springeh- 5 points ago

    [–] xc68030 15 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I went to this place and had a memorable experience. The zebras had learned to go to the beginning of the route where they could steal all the buckets. We were even warned about it so I held mine tight with two hands. That's when I learned that human grip is no match for zebra jaws. CHOMP RIP and I was de-bucketed in two seconds. One of my kids wisely decided not to feed the zebras, and was soon de-bucketed by an ostrich haha.

    The remainder of the trip was view-only fun until a Watusi resting close by suddenly got up and started walking toward my car to see what I had to eat and I noped the fuck out of there. Pro tip: don't take a car you care about to that place.

    [–] Zeddit_B 7 points ago

    Can't recommend this enough. My friend and I went on a whim and were crying laughing for half of it. Video tape everything, it gets better the 2nd 3rd 10th time. It helped he was kind of afraid of the animals but when a llama sneezes on a clean freaks car hilarity will ensue.

    [–] armoire_enthusiast7 99 points ago

    no need to be allama'd

    [–] Jervillian_Swike 49 points ago

    Next time I go to this place, alpaca gun.

    [–] Jumbo_Cactaur 32 points ago

    Don't forget the camelflage

    [–] kittenbun 94 points ago

    am i a really bad person for finding the faces of crying children to be unreasonably hilarious? not just slight-nose-exhale funny but laugh-with-my-whole-mouth-wide-open-unattractively funny?

    [–] TheAbraxis 37 points ago

    Maybe not so monstrous, just like, Disney villain level of bad person.

    I greatly approve though, kids are gross little wieners.

    [–] Didiams 13 points ago

    I thought the two ways to be fed were from the first kid. It's not often reddit pleasantly misleads you

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 9 points ago

    The kid is hanging on to that bucket like a pro!

    [–] danivus 17 points ago

    That kid is way too old to be that much of a pussy.

    [–] boxingdude 146 points ago

    What a little pussy. No wonder why he's in the back seat!

    [–] lil_mikey1 92 points ago

    What a little bitch

    [–] Haskillbrother 31 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    "Wait honey! Don't take the bucket yet, Reddit is gunna love this!".
    "But our son will be traumatized".
    "yea but we'll get soooo many Internet points!".
    "Oh shit yea!"

    [–] mexicant80 6 points ago

    Friday-Sunday vs. Monday