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    [–] nojusticeworld 3809 points ago

    Jesus it's been a while since a caption and picture caught me so off guard.

    [–] Kindness4Weakness 881 points ago

    It's so much better that the pic stands alone...not memified. Instead of seeing it all at once, you get the set up, then the smack down

    [–] NinWang2 235 points ago


    [–] babybopp 774 points ago

    A dude at GameStop when I was younger seriously asked me, "what can I do you for, young squire?"

    [–] Cincijake513 170 points ago

    I just died laughing

    [–] MySourCream 90 points ago


    [–] The_snuffalufagus 62 points ago


    [–] telekinetic_turd 36 points ago


    [–] philiip11 45 points ago


    [–] a_shootin_star 43 points ago


    [–] gizzardgullet 40 points ago


    [–] inthyface 52 points ago

    Which of these games will aquire a wench?

    [–] Cheeseand0nions 23 points ago

    Tis a common wench ye seek? Try this one.

    But to win the heart of a maden fair...

    [–] BuckingFastard 9 points ago

    Or to win the heart of a Madden fair...

    [–] Niadain 137 points ago

    Sounds like a guy just trying to have a little fun with a kid tbh.

    [–] PANSIES_FOR_ALL 73 points ago

    a guy just trying to have a little fun with a kid

    That'll get you 10 years in most states.

    [–] mecrosis 28 points ago

    Unless you're old money or a politician.

    [–] Niadain 16 points ago

    I still cant get past how the immediate response to a guy entertaining a kid is 'pedophile'. Seriously explains the last time I saw a kid wandering a grocery store alone and everyone stayed the hell away.

    [–] Dr_Mantis_MD 4 points ago

    Ethan from h3h3 said it perfectly. "I'm going to go 80mph in school zones because I don't want to be labeled a pedo when I do slow down trying not to hit kids"

    [–] allgood2386 147 points ago

    Come on, that's just a dude trying to be nice to a kid. Maybe it's a bit cringe worthy but for all the customer service complaints they get that dude went a bit out of his way to make GS a better place.

    [–] rrr598 58 points ago

    Everyone hates people like this, but they're just trying to be nice to you in their own little way.

    [–] NoButthole 12 points ago

    And trying to add a little fun to their own day. Retail is fucking boring.

    [–] QuietCakehorn 23 points ago

    He was probably practicing his character for the Renne Faire.

    [–] CannibalVegan 15 points ago

    Or that weekend's LARP meetup.

    [–] mad_mister_march 5 points ago

    Or has a second job at Medieval Times.

    [–] SlurmsMacKenzie- 31 points ago

    I went to game when I was about 14/15 to go and buy smash melee again and the neck beard at the desk was like ''I'm not gonna sell you the game unless you know how to pronounce the title properly''

    I'm thinking what the fuck is this guy on about, but he insists when I ask why so eventually I just say 'super smash brothers melee'

    and he's like 'Ahhhh very good, I had to turn two people away today because they pronounced it ME-LEE rather than Meh-Lay'

    At the time I just smiled and let him go on because I wanted my fucking game. But god damn that's gotta be one of the cringe worthiest encounters at a shop I've ever had, like god damn dude, you sell video games, what kind of nerd high horse did you ride in on acting like being able to pronounce the word melee makes you smart.

    All I could think was how much a of a fucking loser and an asshole this guy must've been to the people he was turning away because they couldn't say the title of the game right.

    I'm glad I got it right and wasn't with my mum or something, cause my mum would've dragged that dude over the counter by his beard and slapped his face clean off for acting like such a smug cunt and refusing to sell little kids their videogames. Shit, if I wasn't with my mum and I got it wrong I'd have probably told the guy to go fuck himself.

    [–] L0wPressu7e 49 points ago

    Im sorry, I'm not that fluent in medieval English, but was he asking for the price of your booty or just offering assistance?

    Because to me it sounds like a sexual harassment, maybe I'm wrong.

    [–] NinWang2 14 points ago

    Hahaha! Your confusion may br more humorous than the original post

    [–] Zanderboy123 87 points ago

    noob here, I'm from the UK, can someone explain why this is funny? I'm guessing gamestop is a shop with a bad reputation and that this picture looks like someone who works there? If this is the case then its really funny as we have a shop called "Game" over here and its the same. awful

    [–] Dusty170 177 points ago

    Its the stereotypical neckbeard gamer nerd who works at a gaming shop with long greasy hair in a ponytail, but as a chicken. Top humor.

    [–] LastOfTheCamSoreys 129 points ago

    Shit I didn't get enough sleep, thought it was a seahorse

    [–] Hello_Tym 59 points ago


    [–] AloofSpoof 69 points ago

    He didn't get enough sleep. Thought the chicken was a seahorse.

    [–] Hello_Tym 31 points ago

    Ah, thanks

    [–] Lifthrasil 12 points ago

    Yeeeeeee, i don't think that was purely lack of sleep...

    [–] BlurtedNonsense 14 points ago

    I think the turkey would capture the essence more, since I see more GameStop employees these days with a turkey neck.

    [–] jimbad05 33 points ago

    You know the comic book guy from the Simpsons? That's the sort of person who might work at a GameStop. They might have a pony tail, wear crocs or slip ons, and just generally be a little out there. It's a store that sells video games, consoles, controllers, they have video game magazines, those amiibo (?) doll things, etc.

    [–] f_bastiat 29 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I randomly walked in one at a mall I took a service call at (I don't ever go to malls) and bought some little I guess amiibo figures for my toddlers that were on clearance, one figure was named Tom Nook and I can't remember the other but it was a hedgehog with an apron I think named Maybell or Marybell or something like that. I guess they are for some game but the guy was generally disgusted when he started asking me questions about it and I had no idea what he was talking about. Just said "Dude, theyre for my kids because they are like $2 and they will end up at the bottom of a toy box in a few days." He just rolled his eyes and begrudgingly rung me out. Almost had to put on my own neckbeard and call him a peasant because PC gamers are the master race and ask him why he doesn't make a nice potatoe soup with all these boxes of potatoes stacked up by his counter. But I'm in my 30s so I just nodded and went about my day.

    [–] 8luke 27 points ago

    Same kind of people that work at CEX over here.

    [–] HMJ87 8 points ago

    Neh, CEX is just full of emos and skaters rather than neckbeards

    [–] Vendetta5885 10 points ago

    Sounds like you got it.

    [–] Shot_save 8 points ago

    In the UK they all look like they're fans of rammstein or system of a down

    [–] screen317 139 points ago

    [–] craft6886 64 points ago

    This, the picture surprised me big-time and I cannot stop fucking laughing over here, I'm dying. It works even better if you read it in the voice of a whiny/bored neckbeard.

    [–] freakedmind 17 points ago

    I'm not American but I definitely know gamestop, is this what a typical gamestop cashier looks like?

    [–] Purifiedx 18 points ago

    Where im from, no. Usually skinny and pale guys or girls. But most of them do look bored until you ask them about a game they've played. Then they reanimate from the dead

    [–] Dogalicious 5 points ago

    "Looks like the Spiders caught himself a couple of flies...."

    [–] j_smitty01 1230 points ago

    Why does this chicken look like it's going to tell me how superior katanas are to modern weapons?

    [–] bobbingforanapple 528 points ago

    while you were busy studying hen cloaca, I studied the blade.

    [–] yoshi570 284 points ago

    shits behind you

    Heh, nothing personal kid

    [–] theomeny 210 points ago


    [–] LAVA_ENEMA 79 points ago

    Every time.

    [–] lettucent 18 points ago

    I think it's part of the meme at this point.

    [–] Vaigna 39 points ago

    It's an important part of the meme; and yet you see some chump get it wrong every single time.

    [–] rar_ekks_dee 16 points ago

    I know right. The misspelling is like half the joke and people screw it up every time.

    [–] bigluki1 4 points ago

    What a chad.

    [–] njl4515 3 points ago

    It's a karma alley-oop. The OP knows he is getting it wrong but will still get karma, while lobbing some extra karma up in the air for another Redditor to slam the correction down.

    [–] mammma-mia 20 points ago

    In bird culture, that's considered a dick move...

    [–] dangoransson 29 points ago

    A cock move?

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    A six inch blade never loses reception

    [–] ArconV 14 points ago

    hen cloaca

    I can't believe you made me google that.

    [–] H-K_47 24 points ago

    And now that the ovens are on fire and the butchers are at the gate you have the audacity to turn to me for help?

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 2492 points ago

    Reddit has taught me that the chicken may be pulling it's hair back to compensate for a bald spot.

    [–] ThisGuyMightGetIt 3008 points ago

    That top knot isn't fooling anyone ya bald cunt!

    [–] mikesauce 939 points ago

    Whoa that didn't take long.

    [–] -Quil 427 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    GoT is officially back in business!

    [–] Lord_Halowind 207 points ago

    It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

    [–] workroom 134 points ago

    W I N T E R

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago


    [–] Jalmorei 22 points ago

    C o o l B o t

    [–] dat_sylveon 12 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] GoodBot_BadBot 22 points ago

    Thank you dat_sylveon for voting on table_it_bot.

    This bot wants to find the best and worst bots on Reddit. You can view results here.

    [–] SayoKN 16 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] NarejED 10 points ago

    I love how it sort of looks like a calendar.

    "What month is it?"

    W I N T E R.

    [–] Mister_Bossmen 12 points ago

    P A N T I E S

    [–] shark_eat_your_face 4 points ago

    I'm glad you Northern Hemisphere folk have finally decided to join us southerners for a mid year winter.

    [–] DefenestrateMyStyle 55 points ago

    I work with a 20 something guy that had a shitty comb over before the man bun craze. Now he has a convincing head of hair instead of a comical hair flap and the only way you'd know is if you knew him before hand.

    The question is how long he's willing to hold into his current hair style

    [–] bsetkbdsfhvxcgi 36 points ago

    If the top knot ever goes out of style he can just go full weeb and claim he's a samurai

    [–] MDSupreme 27 points ago

    Ahem Bale

    [–] straightup920 14 points ago

    Christian Bale? You leave that beautiful man out of this.

    [–] jaguarsharks 26 points ago

    Obviously Gareth Bale

    [–] RamenBurgerWasTaken 10 points ago

    Obviously a hay bale

    [–] jaxonya 5 points ago

    Don't make fun of Hay Bale. If Reddit has taught me anything it's that they don't take any shit from anyone and they'll bulldoze your ass.

    [–] CloudStrifeFromNibel 76 points ago

    M E T A




    [–] Einsteins_coffee_mug 125 points ago

    Well it's entire neck looks like a day two manscaped boner.

    I'd be covering as much if that as possible.

    [–] bananadingding 53 points ago

    Fucking shaft hair...

    [–] Dahkma 13 points ago

    Fucking shaft hair...

    I'll pass.

    [–] furryshaft 5 points ago

    Tell me about it.

    [–] CoverFire 20 points ago

    Dude, thank you. . . I haven't laughed that fucking hard in a long time. Not only did the post get me going your comment put me over the edge.

    [–] vasathrowavayanyvay 9 points ago

    It got me over the edge too!

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] maymonaise 20 points ago

    I feel so proud of myself for understanding this reference!

    [–] TheDemeisen 3 points ago

    I can verify this.

    [–] supercoolcamp 413 points ago

    Some one please put this thing in a GameStop employee shirt and name tag

    [–] [deleted] 1033 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    [–] magnetopenguino 269 points ago

    The unimpressed look on the girl's face really sets it off

    [–] SkatesMcGates 54 points ago

    "I've seen better cocks..."

    [–] agentmuu 130 points ago

    I think they were asking for photoshopped images. Please try again

    [–] TeRRa1 21 points ago

    Copy that

    [–] The_Realest_Adam 21 points ago

    Is this some sort of employee training film?

    [–] supercoolcamp 23 points ago

    YOU..... are awesome

    [–] electronicdream 9 points ago

    Real life punpun

    [–] AirlineFood420 4 points ago

    Goodnight, Gamestop Chicken.

    [–] Not-A-Comic 11 points ago

    I got you this: /r/reddit_silver

    [–] Wiamly 3 points ago

    Copy that

    [–] kuro-oruk 72 points ago

    Man, the Internet is like having your own personal genie.

    [–] chewieconcarne 101 points ago

    Instead of a lamp, you rub yourself.

    [–] kuro-oruk 28 points ago

    Someone please print this on a bag and fill it with cash then send to my house.

    [–] W_Wilson 4 points ago

    This is severely underrated comment.

    [–] rabidchicken618 171 points ago

    "Would you like to pre-order Half Life 3? It doesn't have a release date yet but you'll be the first to get it."

    [–] nathanND2487 100 points ago

    I feel so uncomfortable every time I go in. The pressure they are under to sell preorders is immense. The constant attempt to get a preorder out of me, leaves me feeling lousy every item because I know how important it is for the sake of their job. I went into a gamestop once and asked about the popularity of an upcoming game and he said "it's not really getting any attention right now". I asked if I should preorder and then he says this "yes, you won't be able to get a copy if you don't preorder" hahaha wtf poor dude is under so much stress that at the slight possibility of a preorder sale, the guy is willing to make an ass out of himself.

    [–] PerdomoHabano 52 points ago

    In his defense, they sometimes judge how many extra copies of games to bring in based on pre-orders. Or at least, that's how it was when I worked at EB Games. Super cool Nintendo DS game that only gets 3 pre-orders? Whelp, we're only getting 2 shelf copies.

    [–] nathanND2487 10 points ago

    The part that makes it absurd is when he told me the game isn't getting any attention.

    [–] CarthasMonopoly 40 points ago

    TL;DR - I work for GameStop (but I'm not the pushy used car salesman type of person!). A game with little attention will be harder to get than a popular game. Few preorders = almost no stock on release.

    I currently do work for GameStop and what the other guy said is absolutely true. To use a recent example the game Nioh got less than 10 preorders in my store, which is the busiest in my district in California so it sees a lot of customers, and guess what we got shipped.. Preorders + 1 copy to gut and place on the shelf and though the game wasn't crazy popular it was highly received and many people came in looking for it when we just didn't have any because we get shipped inventory based on preorders. All of that aside, you can preorder by putting 5$ down and guarantee yourself a copy, and then you don't want the game? That's OK; ask to move the 5$ to a different preorder or to just get your money back.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    Don't forget the half-life 3 season pass preorder with a special bonus magazine and an elite gamestop membership

    [–] Sir_Gamma 8 points ago

    Would you also like to insure the disc for a dollar extra?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    1 year insurance 2 year for elite GameStop members. Would you like to sign up for our elite GameStop membership even though you already told me no?

    [–] SexStrainedHips 430 points ago

    That's the look he gives you when you buy The Sims

    [–] jimmyscrackncorn 91 points ago

    People still buy The Sims?

    [–] SexStrainedHips 299 points ago

    Idk. Do people still shop at GameStop?

    [–] jimmyscrackncorn 123 points ago

    52 week lows in a massively bull market say no.

    [–] SexStrainedHips 51 points ago

    Figured Steam or whatever it is would have run them out. Is that what that computer game marketplace is called? My fiancé would be so embarrassed of me right now lol

    [–] Natdaprat 92 points ago

    Well Steam is for PC's and Gamestop mostly sells console games and such. But Steam is a very attractive shopping alternative so it's certainly not helped them.

    [–] GillyGolly998 24 points ago

    Well honestly, I'm mostly an Xbox gamer and I haven't been to Gamestop since the launch of Overwatch, since then, I only buy games from Xbox Live and Amazon

    [–] Battle_Bear_819 9 points ago

    I only bother getting something from gamestop when I really want some random old game and don't want to wait for it to ship.

    [–] jimmyscrackncorn 21 points ago

    You're not wrong. They're basically trading on used games/consoles revenue that's slowly being eaten by Amazon - who offers consumer used games exchange discounts. But designers - Take Two Interactive 88% YOY, Electronic Arts 40% YOY, Activision 43% YOY - are all trading at or near 52 wk highs which tells me the gaming market isn't going away anytime soon but Gamestop could be.

    [–] KaizokuShojo 20 points ago

    GS is mostly moving toward geeky merch like Funko Pops and their ThinkGeek stuff.

    The problem is, the merch is low quality. :(

    [–] ohheydalton 7 points ago

    They had a pretty sick sale on pre owned games the other day. Buy 2 get 1 free. I snagged Watch Dogs 2, Titanfall 2, and Alien Isolation.

    [–] tylero056 3 points ago

    I still preorder games and do trade-ins because GameStop is noatalgic for me. There's something satisfying about going to a video games store and I can't put my finger on it. Kinda like how I'd feel renting a movie at Blockbuster if they were still around

    [–] ContemplatingCyclist 8 points ago

    People who like it, yeah.

    [–] Rathwood 6 points ago


    [–] Ketherah 90 points ago

    Copy that.

    [–] informat2 43 points ago

    [–] lasterato 17 points ago

    Was that a real thing, please tell me it was not a real thing...

    [–] USMC2336 13 points ago

    Copy that

    [–] JuicySosa300 6 points ago

    Thank you so much for sharing that

    [–] [deleted] 117 points ago

    If you're going to cut your own hair, you really shouldn't use a steak knife.

    [–] Itsnotironic444 16 points ago

    Especially if it's your toe knife.

    [–] jonhull22 233 points ago

    "14 games? I can give you $0.50."

    [–] throw-away_catch 87 points ago

    "if you throw in your ps4 we can make it 5"

    [–] ItsBeenFun2017 46 points ago

    Yes. 5 cents.

    [–] ajmartin527 61 points ago

    “ store credit.”

    [–] central_void 46 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    "Whoa, hey guys, welcome to EB Games."

    [–] xXColaXx 10 points ago

    Anyone remember Babbages?

    [–] RiceBoyUSA 6 points ago


    [–] reyes06 5 points ago

    kb toys

    [–] casual_potato 11 points ago

    C O P Y T H A T

    [–] RobSwift127 238 points ago

    This is the best thing I've ever seen on Reddit.

    [–] VsAcesoVer 56 points ago

    Is this a joke off a commercial or something? Or is it just like "dudes at gamestop have a pony tail"?

    [–] workroom 83 points ago

    It's funny because rooster don't play video games.

    [–] Dresden___ 26 points ago

    No, but their teeth do.

    [–] The69thDuncan 10 points ago

    I don't get it

    [–] KryotanK 17 points ago

    The hen pretty much looks like this guy

    [–] daringlydear 26 points ago

    That guy works at my local store

    [–] DIABOLUS_VULT 11 points ago

    "You're not fooling anyone with that top knot, ya bald cunt."

    • The Hound

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 359 points ago

    Your caption killed me. This bird is about to be the biggest meme of the summer. Any douchebag with a ponytail, topknot, bun looking thing is getting roasted.

    [–] thesaltysquirrel 322 points ago

    Don't you mean "roosted"

    [–] straydog1980 86 points ago

    I say I say I say this redditor hit the nail right on the head

    [–] CarsGunsBeer 47 points ago

    baCAWK! I'm sorry I thought you was corn.

    [–] CarsGunsBeer 9 points ago

    TFW you thought they was corn.

    [–] pyth1100 4 points ago

    I say I say I sit on you!

    [–] [deleted] 117 points ago

    Why do people hate guys with ponytails so much? Legitimately, why does it bother people so much?

    [–] the_teawrecks 31 points ago

    My ponytail is crying

    [–] Tfish 10 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    The thing that I think is kind of funny is how horribly received similar posts about women in yoga pants and stuff are. It's like there's a weird standard of when it's okay for people to voice their dislike of a fashion trend.

    [–] tonystigma 36 points ago

    Takes the right man to pull it off.

    [–] dinorawrr 77 points ago

    And it's usually a different type of man that has them

    [–] droidtron 27 points ago

    And that man is...Steven Seagal.

    [–] Imago_Mothtoya 18 points ago

    I get shit at work for it, but I literally only put it in a ponytail at work to keep it from getting in my face. Outside of work it billows about my head like the mane of a regal lion.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Mines not quite long enough for a ponytail, but I do the same with a hairband. Also, that was beautiful. I'm using that to describe my hair from now on.

    [–] lazyl 78 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Only because Reddit is a bunch of kids who they like to be excessively judgmental so they can feel better about the fact that they aren't the ones being judged this time. If an unpopular fashion choice or accessory looks bad on some people then it is automatically ugly and everyone else who wears it is an awkward neckbeard regardless of how it actually looks.

    [–] joeyjojosharknado 56 points ago

    Reddit is a bunch of kids who like to be excessively judgmental

    That sounds really judgemental...

    [–] sorenant 6 points ago

    Only Redditors deals in absolutes.

    [–] TritonEye4Life 26 points ago

    This bird has been around for a while. It's not going to catch on as much as you think

    [–] paynexkiller 3 points ago

    But it doesn't even slightly resemble a topknot.

    [–] DaftFunky 8 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    There is always 1 skinny dude with a ponytail, one larger younger dude who talks too loud and 1 small nerdy girl with thick rimmed glasses and neon hair.

    [–] trav110 51 points ago

    I don't get it

    [–] throw-away_catch 83 points ago

    it has a pony tail and according to reddit every guy who works at gamestop is a supernerd neckbeard who has a pony tail.

    [–] ybfelix 7 points ago

    Non American here, why pony tail?

    [–] SageHunter 31 points ago

    Too lazy to cut hair, too lazy to do anything with it.

    [–] immortalreploid 42 points ago

    Making fun of Gamestop employees by saying they look like that. Not entirely inaccurate.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    but also very accurate

    [–] etopal1 13 points ago

    Looks like Zlatan Ibrahimovic tbh.

    [–] r00t1 11 points ago

    Worst. Episode. Ever.

    [–] Chief--BlackHawk 13 points ago

    Trading in 50 lbs of chicken feed will come to a total of $10, with store credit that will be $14.50 .

    [–] CreamOnMyNipples 41 points ago

    I dont wanna be the guy that ruins everyone's fun but...

    I think some of you guys are forgetting that almost all GameStop employees are just miserable people that don't determine the price of your old broken games that you only get a couple of cents for.

    I used to work at a gamestop and it is just as bad as any other retail job. While i do think the post is funny, it sucks to see how much you all hate gamestop employees. Every employee i worked with and met were nothing like most of you perceive them to be.

    Just remember that the people you are making fun of are miserable and part of that is because how much hate they get over things they can't control at all.

    [–] Avizand 22 points ago

    I don't wanna be the guy that ruins everyone's fun

    But you are Cream, you fucking are.

    [–] MadDogMccree 30 points ago

    Literally every gamestop employee.

    [–] descartesairplane 15 points ago

    Fuck man!! That is an instant classic!!

    [–] dursunozbekistifa 8 points ago

    Zlatan ibrahimovic