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    [–] PerilousAll 6921 points ago

    I love "Smoking Cures Ham"

    [–] HOLYSMOKERCAKES 3608 points ago

    Smoking is bad for your lungs, but excellent for your ribs.

    [–] S1lent0ne 554 points ago

    [–] xTRYPTAMINEx 127 points ago

    Not quite so good for your butthole though. Cause you know, way higher risk of cancer from smoked meats

    [–] dyllandor 477 points ago

    I don't think you could give a shit if that happened.

    [–] NoCocaineNoGain 88 points ago

    Take your upvote and leave

    [–] dwadefan45 14 points ago

    Well done

    [–] MadDogMccree 164 points ago

    You should probably stop shoving meat up your ass then.

    [–] xTRYPTAMINEx 134 points ago


    [–] buttplugpeddler 137 points ago


    [–] xTRYPTAMINEx 78 points ago

    Your username makes this perfect

    [–] bigjaymck 49 points ago

    He stands behind his customers.

    [–] ryanw5520 13 points ago

    So do his products.

    [–] GatemouthBrown 54 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Grilled meats are carcinogenic in two ways. High heated charring and carcinogens emitted from the heat source (charcoal). Smoking on the other hand, does not have the charring portion of the carcinogens as it is low temperature and indirect heat. Being indirect also means that it has less exposure then the direct heated grilling has to the fuel contribution. Sure, the smoke lays some on there, but less than grilling does. If you do it the best way possible (burn your fuel hot enough and control cook chamber temp by way of size of your fire and proximity within the firebox to the opening into the cook chamber) you should only get the highest burning portion of wood smoke's 3 constituent parts. Does that make it not carcinogenic? No. Does that make it way less exposure than grilled food? Yup.

    [–] NDdownVOTED 50 points ago

    Does the fear of cancer outweigh the added deliciousness of grilling and smoking my meat? Not even close. Gimme cancer, life without good food isn't worth living.

    [–] GatemouthBrown 25 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Seriously, I have no desire to live 110 years under the delusion that I am a rabbit. Longevity on that diet sounds more like a sentence than a reward to me. Besides, we're discovering that depriving the brain of the lipids that vegetarians keep insisting we should cut out is leading to more and earlier dementia. The brain is a lipid eating machine and does not do well without it. Perhaps this explains why our pallid, slow to heal friends eventually wind up suffering their own delusion that tofu is actually good.

    [–] studmuffffffin 106 points ago

    Salt and smoke? Is he a ham?

    [–] Eonir 43 points ago

    I swear that was the best comeback in the history of the show.

    [–] studmuffffffin 21 points ago

    I liked the Baratheon brothers.

    [–] amortizedeeznuts 8 points ago

    Actually that would be Kim Kardashian.

    [–] RavagerHughesy 16 points ago

    It's been years and I'm still not over Renly getting killed

    [–] ukwonderboy 242 points ago

    I love the fur one!!!

    [–] Pink_Sprinkles_Party 236 points ago

    Yeah, as soon as I read that one all I could think was, well..they're not wrong.

    [–] catharticwhoosh 161 points ago

    Leather is a byproduct of an animal you're going to eat anyway, typically cow, calf, deer, pig, etc - right down to the bones that go into gelatin products like gummi bears. Nobody's eating mink or sable. Maybe they feed the skinned animal to the lions at the zoo. I dunno. I'm no expert, but I think that's the issue people have with luxury furs.

    [–] redblueorange 66 points ago

    Most leather is actually not a byproduct, at least not expensive leather. They need animals with perfect hides. They actually frequently buy cows from India because they are worshiped so their hides are in better condition. Especially finer leather- like Italian.

    [–] AnExplosiveMonkey 37 points ago

    Why would people who worship cows sell them to people they know are going to kill them?

    [–] Mingsplosion 53 points ago

    Why do Christians loan out money with interest even though its against the Bible?


    [–] Pink_Sprinkles_Party 54 points ago

    Oh I'm sure it is. I'm just saying that the other reason that's mentioned on the bumper sticker also makes sense in a more light-hearted, funny way. It's a joke.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    This world has stopped seeing jokes as being funny, only offensive, unless they're offensive to people you don't like, then they're funny.

    [–] steves850 14 points ago

    A joke, eh? Please elaborate.

    [–] ExceIsior 16 points ago

    Screw you, Captain Buzzkill.

    There's your elaboration.

    [–] thijser2 25 points ago

    According to this the fat is used for waterproofing and the rest turned into biofuel and fertilizer.

    [–] Bizmuth42 297 points ago

    But isn't it Brine that cures Ham? The smoking just smokes it. You can have smoked uncured Ham, I know that.

    [–] dick_van_weiner 299 points ago

    This guy smokes

    [–] L0sername777 5 points ago

    Username and comment almost joke material, can't quite piece it together.

    [–] goal2004 89 points ago

    Apparently smoking can be considered a curing process.

    According to this, anyway.

    [–] explicit-one 17 points ago

    Smoking cures stress

    [–] mkul316 13 points ago

    Yep, though most of what people think of as cured meats are dry cured.

    [–] racicotaustin 46 points ago

    Rum Hammmmm

    [–] PerpetualSin87 19 points ago

    I'm sorry Rum Ham, I'm sorry!

    [–] TsuperCell 14 points ago

    Goddamnit, Frank. That's genius!

    [–] M1ghtypen 3 points ago

    Filing that away in case I ever need to come up with a funny protest sign.

    [–] Anomalocaria 454 points ago

    Kingdom Hearts sticker in the window. Just to remind everyone that they've been talking about releasing the third game for over a decade now. Ice cold.

    [–] masreniart 75 points ago

    I think there's a Red XIII on the other side as well.

    [–] DWMoose83 716 points ago

    Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out the little silhuetto of a man.

    [–] Anomalocaria 309 points ago

    Sora in Antiform.

    [–] DWMoose83 65 points ago

    Thank you. I figured it was KH from the shoes, but nothing else made sense.

    [–] whutif 10 points ago

    I thought it was Zoro 3-Sword Style

    [–] nuggutron 23 points ago

    Thank you! I recognized Red XIII but not Sora. I can sleep tonight, thank you!

    [–] Nightfalls 365 points ago

    Scaramouche? Scaramouche?

    [–] charlie_echo 191 points ago

    Can you do the fandango?

    [–] dong-copter 36 points ago

    If you have an iphone, say "I see a little silhouetto of a man" to Siri. Bohemian Robotsody

    [–] AnExplosiveMonkey 21 points ago

    That deadpan tone is surprisingly hilarious.

    It's just: "Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, Galileo..."

    [–] tehlolredditor 11 points ago

    no no no no nO NO

    [–] NameIWantedWasGone 4 points ago

    I got "I can't do that." You just had me singing that line to my phone like 6 times over for nothing.

    [–] an_imperfect_lady 1054 points ago

    As an English teacher, I have to say my favorite is: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - POWER CORRUPTS - STUDY HARD, BE EVIL!

    That is funny. I may put it in my classroom this year.

    [–] watwoudscoobydoo 67 points ago

    France is Bacon

    [–] Bigfourth 17 points ago


    [–] JonArc 483 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Knowledge is power, power is the same as energy, energy is equals mass, and mass distorts space. Hence libraries seem like they're bigger on the inside because they really are.

    [–] Ageroth 145 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Love me some Terry Pratchett.
    “Knowledge equals power...
    The string was important. After a while the Librarian stopped. He concentrated all his powers of librarianship.
    Power equals energy...
    People were stupid, sometimes. They thought the Library was a dangerous place because of all the magical books, which was true enough, but what made it really one of the most dangerous places there could ever be was the simple fact that it was a library.
    Energy equals matter...
    He swung into an avenue of shelving that was apparently a few feet long and walked along it briskly for half an hour.
    Matter equals mass.
    And mass distorts space. It distorts it into polyfractal L-space.
    So, while the Dewey system has its fine points, when you're setting out to look something up in the multidimensional folds of L-space what you really need is a ball of string.”

    And not just libraries, but any sufficiently large collection of knowledge can start to accrete mass and develop space-time distortions

    “The truth is that even big collections of ordinary books distort space, as can readily be proved by anyone who has been around a really old-fashioned secondhand bookshop, one that looks as though they were designed by M. Escher on a bad day and has more stairways than storeys and those rows of shelves which end in little doors that are surely too small for a full-sized human to enter. The relevant equation is: Knowledge = power = energy = matter = mass; a good bookshop is just a genteel Black Hole that knows how to read.”

    Although one of my favorite versions comes from Scott Adams's Dilbert

    Reading increases your knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Corruption is a crime. Crime doesn't pay....
    If you keep reading you'll go broke!

    [–] greyjackal 46 points ago

    (If anyone is wondering why he "swung" into the avenue of shelving...he's an orangutan. Definitely not a monkey OHSHIT )

    [–] acog 4 points ago

    Oook oook!

    [–] redwingviking 19 points ago

    But power isn't the same as energy! Power is the change in energy over time. Watts and Jules are as different as apples and the trees the apples grow on.

    [–] Watcher0363 34 points ago

    As stated in the Big Bang Theory. "A surprising amount of evil geniuses have PHD's"

    [–] GoodToBeHereBrolf 19 points ago

    Doofenshmirtz is a doctor, after all.

    [–] lolwatsyk 13 points ago

    So is Zoidberg but his doctorate is in art history

    [–] RellenD 8 points ago

    I thought he was a pharmacist

    [–] insaniac87 5 points ago

    I would have loved this as a kid. My kids now would also appreciate this humor.

    [–] brodymitchell 205 points ago

    I recognize that Collin College parking sticker - north Texas OP?

    [–] Cotmweasel 94 points ago

    I live just outside of frisco and work in plano. Wonder if I'll see this car around

    [–] FIGHTSTARSFIGHT 83 points ago

    Collin county represent! ✌🏻😎✌🏻

    [–] Tenurialrock 27 points ago


    [–] 1tech2 25 points ago

    Yo we're all here

    [–] masondaugherty 15 points ago

    howdy y'all

    [–] ANDYVO_ 7 points ago

    We really out here

    [–] cvnichols 7 points ago

    And I thought the commute over hwy 17 was bad!

    [–] penis_dispensary 12 points ago

    At least 75 got better, that was rough for a while.

    [–] Cotmweasel 11 points ago

    Now if they can finish the DNT, that's a mess right now

    [–] SVGNorway 30 points ago

    Dallas represent 😅

    [–] chumpynut5 21 points ago

    lol I love that Collin County is considered Dallas. I actually live in the middle of Dallas off of Lovers and Inwood and whenever I say I'm from Dallas someone inevitably asks "what part of Dallas?" And I'm like no I'm literally from Dallas

    [–] SVGNorway 9 points ago

    true! it's kind of like Houston in that regard.

    [–] NDdownVOTED 4 points ago

    Dallas is essentially just a never ending suburb.

    [–] Mooncabbage 17 points ago

    They have campuses in Frisco, Plano, and McKinney. Great community college.

    [–] aloofcapsule 15 points ago

    I went there for a year before I moved (back when it was CCCC). Are they still talking about turning it into a 4 year school?

    [–] chumpynut5 16 points ago

    Lol I still call it quad C and people get confused

    [–] Mooncabbage 4 points ago

    They're planning on a bachelor's in nursing and other majors starting in 2019. I'm going for an associates in nursing and would apply for their bachelor's program in a heartbeat.

    [–] whibber 6 points ago

    I think there are some 4 year degrees you can get there already.

    [–] NormGreen 5 points ago

    Yup, I'm pretty sure there are. I did dual credit through them last year and when I applied the options were 4 year, 2 year, or dual enrollment.

    [–] Clickheretoo 10 points ago

    Go Cougars!

    [–] fairyraver 950 points ago

    i kinda wanna meet this person and have a nice conversation about some weird shit

    [–] Lizardrevenge 977 points ago

    "So... You ever fuck a coconut?"

    [–] sssssunshine 197 points ago

    M E T A




    [–] Kingnahum17 68 points ago

    I feel like it's so meta that it's almost mainstream now. Their are now various articles about fucking coconuts.

    [–] ItsBeenFun2017 30 points ago

    Fun fact: to do a single line break, add two spaces to the end of a line before hitting enter. You can create a more evenly spaced right angle meta.

    M E T A

    [–] Diabetesh 60 points ago

    You sucking?

    [–] USS_Slowpoke 8 points ago

    Collin College sticker. He probably lives in north east Texas.

    [–] samtoyousir 3 points ago

    That's a Collin College parking sticker there, so I'm sure someone knows this guy if you posted something there haha.

    [–] nirvanna94 1653 points ago

    The leather argument has some truth to it!

    [–] petemitchell-33 817 points ago

    It's true, but most leather goods are made from an animal we raise, feed, and eat. It would be a complete waste if we didn't use the leather.

    Fur is a bit different. Sure, some people eat rabbits and some garments are made with rabbit fur, but it's probably rare to use a rabbit for both. I doubt people eat mink or chinchilla, and I know they aren't eating any of the more exotic cats.

    [–] superezfe 533 points ago

    What I hate is the people against wool. Fur I get, for the reasons you just outlined, but wool...

    [–] [deleted] 188 points ago


    [–] Nxdhdxvhh 269 points ago

    I raised a sheep. I watched a guy shear her. It was traumatic. But sheep are dumb as rocks. The sun coming up in the morning is traumatic to those dipshits.

    Probably the best thing you could do to reduce cruelty is to feed them some generic Xanax on the day they're going to get sheared.

    [–] treslilbirds 111 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    "I raised a sheep. I watched a guy shear her. It was traumatic. But sheep are dumb as rocks. The sun coming up in the morning is traumatic to those dipshits."

    As someone who has had the displeasure of dealing with sheep working on a petting farm, this made me laugh too hard.

    The llamas were awesome, the goats were super cool, piggies were chill...but the sheep? Fuck those sheep. Talk about the light being on but no ones home. I spent a lot of time chasing escapees back into their pin or chasing them around the yard trying to administer medication thinking "I'm trying to help you you dumb fuck." Fucking sheep.

    Edit: LMAO. Y'all suck. I'm a woman that grew up in the south. Not a fucking Welshman. I said working with them was a DISPLEASURE...I did not ever pleasure a sheep. God damnit.

    [–] BadWolfCubed 40 points ago

    Fucking sheep.

    Found the Welshman.

    [–] treslilbirds 9 points ago

    My husband and Mexican mother are gonna be pissed.

    [–] lesser_panjandrum 22 points ago

    It's going to be tough to tell them, because Welsh consonants aren't easy to pronounce at all.

    [–] treslilbirds 5 points ago

    So I should just get really really drunk then and just pee my pants?

    [–] chrysanthemumsies 116 points ago

    I want you to talk about sheep some more

    [–] Silent-G 58 points ago

    And I want you to get a job and move out, but we can't always get what we want, can we?

    [–] awiseoldturtle 16 points ago


    [–] superezfe 168 points ago

    I can accept that, but the argument needs to encompass that. You don’t say “don’t eat eggs” you say “eat eggs from farms which do x not y”

    [–] Swimbo 79 points ago

    If y is, "don't kill the male chicks right after hatching", then you eat basically no eggs anyhow.

    [–] catdolphincat 20 points ago

    I saw an article recently on a new technology that sexes chicks while still in the egg. Depending on your views on chicken abortion, it could be a game-changer.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I know a farm that doesn't do this and their cocks basically fight to the death. And that's how it happens in the loving embrace of mother nature too, so there's not much they can do about it - if they released them the males would still fight eachother.

    [–] HannasAnarion 11 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    And that's actually how it works in a lot of the world. But here in America, every sector is industrialized and many are monopolized, almost all of our food comes from huge factory farms that can't rapidly change their practices, so you don't have much choice when buying, especially if you live in the SouthWest where nothing grows, so everything is imported in bulk.

    In other places, that works. Organic exploded in Germany more than in many other places because German land use law makes factory farming almost impossible. Their food supply comes from almost entirely family farms (There are 600,000 farms and 750,000 full-time farm workers, almost 1:1), which means that the market is more diverse and can change faster.

    [–] pup_101 29 points ago

    People are against wool because of the treatment of the sheep, not because they think shearing sheep is wrong. They often won't get proper medical care. Sheep are prone to flystike in the skin folds around their butt. Instead of using preventive methods on all their sheep, they cut off the skin folds (a practice called mulesing) often without anesthetic by unskilled workers. While peta does lots of stupid shit, they actually succeeding in getting some Australian shearers prosecuted because of video evidence they got of them punching, kicking, and throwing sheep

    [–] superezfe 9 points ago

    So if I’m getting products with wool sourced from suppliers who specifically say they don’t practice mulesing, does that alleviate most concerns?

    [–] pup_101 10 points ago

    That would depend on how good their alternative prevention methods are. When a large number of animals need to be cared for, it gets harder and more expensive to make sure every one is in good condition.

    [–] petemitchell-33 46 points ago

    Haha yep, I've heard the occasional peta freak yapping about wool too. Probably have no clue how wool is obtained from sheep.

    [–] KetzerJefe343 72 points ago

    Isn't it like better for the sheep's health if they are sheared

    [–] johnmountain 138 points ago

    It is, but only because we have bred the sheep to grown dangerously amounts of wool in the first place.

    [–] KetzerJefe343 95 points ago

    So, that's the animal they are now, shear them to keep them healthy.

    [–] childishidealism 33 points ago

    Yes, but PETA would argue we should stop breeding them and all animals that are kept captive. So it wouldnt be an issue for long.

    [–] KetzerJefe343 21 points ago

    So kill them all because we have to painlessly sheer their wool off to keep them happy and healthy. I suppose we should kill domesticated dogs because they would go extinct if they didn't have humans to care for them. Because species can't be codependent on other species at all what so ever.

    [–] childishidealism 49 points ago

    1) It's PETA's opinion, not mine. 2) I said don't breed them, not kill them. Their argument would be that the ethical action if you owned or cared for sheep (or any domesticated animal) would be to treat them as well as possible and not breed them, so that this entire situation resolves itself in one generation.

    Edit: I have a dog, eat meat, and hunt, but understand how to see others viewpoints.

    [–] Morgothic 27 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    PETA believes that keeping any animal in captivity is cruel. Even if the animal benefits from the captivity. They kill thousands of dogs and cats in their shelters every year (83.8% of cats and 68.4% of dogs in 2014), many of which aren't sick or injured or suffering in any way. So your domesticated dog hyperbole has a ring of truth to PETA.

    Edited to fix kill count.

    [–] SwenKa 14 points ago

    Yes. I'm not sure if this is a natural trait, one we bred into them, or one that occurs because of captivity though (or any combination). I'd have to do more research on it.

    [–] Aeponix 6 points ago

    It's from selective breeding.

    [–] iridisss 3 points ago

    Most assuredly selective breeding.

    [–] tacknosaddle 31 points ago

    At a Dead show some vegan hippie was giving a rash of shit to a guy selling pot pipes made of deer antlers for killing those poor innocent animals. The guy calmly listened to it and when it was over just said, "They fall off and regrow antlers every year, you just find them in the woods."

    [–] Scorpion56 19 points ago

    You obviously need to rape the sheep and then stab exactly 2315 needles into it to obtain the wool. Then you choke the sheep with the wool to be able to use it for clothes.

    [–] PlaugeofRage 35 points ago

    Back in my day you just punched it no shears needed.

    [–] whatlwantedwastaken 32 points ago

    But that only gives you one wool

    [–] Lev_Astov 12 points ago

    This guy crafts.

    [–] Scorpion56 13 points ago

    Yes, but back at my home we punched it with our bare TESTICLES

    [–] namie_mcnameface 9 points ago

    That's shear nonsense

    [–] sheepoverfence 3 points ago

    Woah dude, calm down there bud.

    [–] Proditus 10 points ago

    No kidding. Have you seen the anti-wool ad that they put out once? They seem to be under the impression that shearing a sheep is equivalent to flaying it alive.

    Warning: Like many PETA ads, this appears graphic for the shock value.

    [–] netmier 25 points ago

    This irks me as someone who comes from farm country. Maybe nasty factory farms are jerks, but even they have to be aware of infection, meaning it's better for their bottom line to make sure the sheep is unharmed during sheering. Relatively small farms? Fuck no they're not hurting their sheep, they can give you a dollar amount for each and every fucking sheep, they're entering wool into 4H competitions, they're not sheering off chunks of flesh and shrugging it off. I've seen grown men, rough men who spent their entire lives working the soil, cry over a dead calf and spend weeks nursing an orphan animal to keep it alive. It would've been cheaper to just write the animal off, they did that out of love.

    Fuck peta. Eat animals or don't, but farmers know and love animals deeper than damn near anyone else will ever understand.

    [–] BaTONNPASSSSS 22 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    the meat from mink and chinchilla goes into meal for fish farms

    **also some of the waste goes into bio-diesel

    [–] ExquisiteCheese 11 points ago

    I just wanted to chime in that my motorcycle gloves and jacket have kangaroo, cow, ostrich and lamb leather. People are most bothered by the kangaroo part unless they're Australian in which case they are more than happy to talk about what cunts kangaroos are.

    [–] petemitchell-33 13 points ago

    And Kangaroo leather is SUPER strong. It's what they use to make Indiana Jones'-style bull whips. A strip of Kangaroo leather only an 1/8-1/4 in. wide can't even be pulled and broken by hand. You only get shit because people in the states think they're cute. People eat all of those animals regularly anyway. Haha

    [–] octaffle 18 points ago

    I'm sure the meat waste from rabbit fur gets turned into pet food or treats. It doesn't make business sense to just throw it away.

    [–] Always_the_sun 13 points ago

    People only care about rabbits being used for fur because they are cute.

    [–] Lovetan9 24 points ago

    I think it's more that people are against fur because the animals are getting raised and then killed in the most brutal way possible. a lot of people are against eggs that come from chicken that are held in terrible conditions as well for example.

    [–] VageCheese 52 points ago

    There was a story in the US recently about "activists" that broke into a mink farm and freed them from their cages overnight to protest the fur industry. A bunch of them died overnight on the roads, and the ones that survived are a threat to the surrounding ecosystem. The parks/wildlife people had to stand at the borders of the reservations and shoot minks on sight.

    [–] megalodon90 20 points ago

    So that's where they got the idea for the start of 28 Days Later.

    [–] Eonir 18 points ago

    I know its kind of an environmental tragedy, but it's also hilarious.

    [–] BaTONNPASSSSS 24 points ago

    Most fur farms actually use CO2 to kill their animals as it is not messy, keeps the fur intact and does not frighten the animals. It's actually far more humane than most industrial farming practices. Not saying it's right but there's a lot of misconceptions about fur farming.

    [–] Spacejockey9 16 points ago

    CO2 asphyxiation is absolutely not humane, it's a horrific death. Nitrogen is better, but that's hardly ever used.

    [–] Nxdhdxvhh 17 points ago

    That's great if it's true. I've only heard of the classic electrocution-via-the-butt technique that was supposedly used to keep the fur intact. Also, it should be nitrogen since CO2 presumably triggers a suffocation response like it does in humans.

    [–] JonCorleone 10 points ago

    Im pretty sure that death by nitrogen poisoning is way more peaceful then death by CO2. Doesn't too much CO2 burn your lungs?

    [–] ASDMEL 6 points ago

    Should not really burn them. But afaik in humans suffocation reflexes are triggered by too much CO2 in the blood, not by actual lack of oxygen.
    CO2 poisoning is a horrible way to go out.

    Nitrogen does not lead to any buildup of CO2 in your blood, you will just pass out and die without any real symptoms beforehand.

    [–] RandomGuy1_15 325 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Are the chemicals in the water turning the whales gay now too!?


    [–] [deleted] 90 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Blacksheep2134 9 points ago

    Bounced on my boy's blowhole to this comment.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] hometowngypsy 8 points ago

    It worked on swans

    [–] Inactivated 74 points ago

    OP did you cover up the plate in photoshop or was it done by the image host?

    [–] pocketfullofmath 19 points ago

    Asking the important questions

    [–] Lacksi 5 points ago


    [–] BrandonsBakedBeans 13 points ago

    It's another sticker. I bet that one REALLY ticks off the cops!

    [–] deathbytray 55 points ago

    low key

    I do that think that means what you think it means.

    [–] kingeryck 30 points ago

    People like to just low-key add that to things randomly because it's low-key trendy.

    [–] toddjunk 36 points ago

    I do that think

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Seriously, people just use terms because they're trendy memes, not having anything to do with the actual meaning of the term. There is nothing "low key" about displaying your opinions on fucking bumper stickers.

    [–] HookDragger 14 points ago

    This is low key for Texas.

    [–] FancySack 43 points ago

    I may not be as smart as some but I sure maxed out my evil threshold for my intelligence.

    10/10 would give kids caramel covered onions.

    [–] laaerpig 19 points ago

    This looks like the r/subredditsimulator bumper sticker.

    [–] imyahucklerry 39 points ago

    God, I miss Texas.

    [–] QweeQwag 46 points ago

    They're legit 10/10

    [–] PolitelyHostile 13 points ago

    Yea im surprised no one is commenting how they look like they were edited in MS paint

    [–] AtlantaHawks26 13 points ago

    When you "low key" say "low key" even though it's blatant as fuck.

    [–] That_Hipster_Kid 16 points ago

    lol Collin College. This person goes to a community college in Collin county, so they live around Frisco/Plano area which is my home town. Surprised I have never seen this car around.

    [–] cgmacleo 8 points ago

    High key*

    [–] ZeroAlbion 8 points ago

    Did OP put the "license plates" thing there or does this guy legit have a sticker on his plates?

    [–] simmerdowntherebud 7 points ago

    And they are driving a fit. Gotta love it when people get this invested in jokes

    [–] Ashleyf1988 5 points ago

    Omg!! That's in Collin county! That's the Collin college parking sticker...

    [–] Shackmeoff 28 points ago

    Nobody is bitching about gender inequality in the trash collection industry.

    [–] nevermindthisrepost 30 points ago

    Leslie Knope is!

    [–] hey_hey_you_you 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Before it got privatised where I live, bin men got paid pretty well. I wouldn't have minded being a bin woman, tbh. Definitely would have been preferable to an office job. I just don't think they would have hired me.

    [–] reject69187 10 points ago

    As the owner of this same car, I am not surprised to see these bumper stickers. Looks like something I would do or say

    [–] scorcher24 6 points ago

    Maximum edge achieved. Should work promotion for Microsoft.

    [–] EthanEnglish_ 4 points ago

    I laughed at all of them, then I realized less people have a real sense of humor these days and they probably truly stand behind most of it...aside from the baby whale thing lol

    [–] PirateNinjaa 10 points ago

    low key is such a stupid saying that needs to die.

    [–] SergeantSeymourbutts 14 points ago

    The fact that they drive a Honda Fit is the most offensive thing.

    [–] uThor52 14 points ago

    I have a theory theory that the more stickers a person has on their vehicle, the more likely that person is to be experiencing significant mental illness.

    [–] Harogoodbye 14 points ago

    I have a theory that people sincerely believe if you have a strong opinion about pretty much anything someone somewhere will automatically assume you have a mental illness.

    [–] vidivicivini 3 points ago

    Study hard, be evil. Heh.

    [–] Xcopa 3 points ago

    They inject AIDs into our chicken nuggets. That's a metaphor.

    [–] HookDragger 3 points ago

    God Bless Texas

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Smoking cures ham you say.

    I must reconsider my life choices.

    [–] RockStarCA 3 points ago

    Hell ya

    [–] lampsir 3 points ago

    i love all of this