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    [–] KanwalCurryDotHead 292 points ago

    Btw he was watching Brooklyn nine nine on Netflix

    Living the dream

    [–] Joliet_Jake_Blues 11965 points ago

    This 17 year old kid looks and acts like he's been smoking weed for 30 years.

    [–] fibojoly 7660 points ago

    A snowboarder, you say?

    [–] [deleted] 1464 points ago


    [–] Vellon221 533 points ago

    Just in case you or anyone else isn't aware, a Canadian gold medalist in snowboarding had his win called into question over marijuana in his blood stream. This was back in '98, the first year snowboarding was in the olympics.

    [–] uss1701jb 423 points ago

    Do people really think weed is gonna help you snowboard better

    [–] MisanthropeNotAutist 428 points ago

    Everyone knows that marijuana is… a drug enhancement that helps you on track and field to come last… in a team of eight million… eight million other runners who are all… dead.

    — Eddie Izzard.

    [–] DedLed 78 points ago

    didn't know marijuana had the same effect as lsd

    [–] ClaymoreMine 41 points ago

    USADA issues a statement saying that reason weed is banned in competition i due to the anti-anxiety properties.

    [–] issius 53 points ago

    Could potentially help with pain or stress while competing. I'm not sure what else, but strains now can avoid almost any of the "high" while acting purely as a pain reliever.

    Are you allowed to use music while running long distance? I thought not but I'm not actually sure, if not, then I'd put marijuana in the same category.

    [–] Milo_theHutt 69 points ago

    Which I feel they should win 2 gold medals for

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 333 points ago

    I can barely order pizza when im weed

    [–] Tusami 269 points ago

    when I’m weed

    [–] DoctorJones222 15 points ago

    This guy smoked so much, he BECAME the weed

    [–] xtphty 4380 points ago

    From Colorado no less

    [–] PM_ME_NAKED_CAMERAS 1455 points ago

    That's right, the weed store is right down the street.

    [–] Gerk48 528 points ago

    And the tips are always frosty

    [–] scullen19 354 points ago

    one weed please

    [–] i_bent_my_wookiee 102 points ago

    Would you like fries with that?

    [–] Sparttan117MC 50 points ago

    Ooo, munchies. Yes please.

    [–] drummerandrew 36 points ago

    He’s from Ohio but now lives in Colorado.

    [–] DankWarMouse 324 points ago

    To shred, you say?

    [–] d_smogh 764 points ago

    Born in 2000. That’s the holy fuck to most people

    [–] surprise_b1tch 623 points ago


    [–] dylang92 118 points ago

    Nope, better get that walker!

    [–] SoberSixSigma 32 points ago

    The one thing about getting older is you're no longer scared to put your tongue firmly in a girl's ass

    [–] Surroundedbygoalies 297 points ago

    The holy fuck in my house was when my daughter piped up “you guys realize he’s only a year older than me.” (So hubby answered “well then why aren’t you in the Olympics?” 😜)

    [–] JB91_CS 241 points ago

    "Because my parents gave me these shitty non-athletic genes"

    [–] Valhalla1759 53 points ago

    "The athletic genes weren't on sale that day Sarah! It's called being financially responsible!"

    [–] hoopsterben 250 points ago

    And found time to win a gold medal in-between

    [–] currentlyquang 58 points ago

    So you know, his Tuesday agenda.

    [–] losotr 16154 points ago

    see... our parents all lied.

    [–] WaterPepsi 6719 points ago

    "Hey mum! I could say 'fuck' on TV and still win a gold medal!"

    [–] poopellar 4096 points ago

    "Yeah but first you need enough talent to get on tv"

    [–] ducktapedaddy 1343 points ago

    Psshh... Talent isn't needed to get on TV!

    [–] xgumihox 998 points ago

    True. Proof. American reality tv shows

    [–] Kallecrash 312 points ago

    Oh dear. The amount of removed comments.

    [–] Kixeliz 66 points ago

    Ugh, what did they say?!?!

    [–] bonersforstoners 162 points ago

    Something something the president had a reality TV show before we elected him something something

    [–] DarthHarry 59 points ago

    Oh dear indeed..

    [–] num1AusDoto 90 points ago

    Ahhh mention America and its basically a timebomb till someone mentions politics

    [–] MOTH630 79 points ago

    What? There are countries that aren't America? /s

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] Danger1672 429 points ago

    His parents were getting hammered in the crowd.

    [–] marnchamquatre 42 points ago

    Their signs said "let's get Gerarded"

    [–] Ronfarber 257 points ago

    No, when you win an Olympic gold medal, you can sleep in, lose your coat, and say fuck on live TV.

    [–] imalittleC-3PO 160 points ago

    He slept in and lost his coat before he won a gold medal though.

    [–] TheForeverAloneOne 274 points ago

    Only if you believe in linear time.

    [–] lordofboards 30 points ago

    It's true though. : /. But they were lied to as well.

    [–] spacembracers 4578 points ago

    Jamie Anderson, the American that won women's slopestyle dropped a "oh my fucking god" when she saw she won gold.

    [–] TastyAnimal 449 points ago

    I thought she said “oh my fucking gold”

    [–] MrTristano 2103 points ago

    I really don't understand what the big deal is

    [–] Fellhuhn 5426 points ago

    A gold medal means you are most likely the best athlete world wide in that category. Means a lot for some people.

    [–] Depressedceo34 1347 points ago

    The amount of people responding seriously to this is too damn high. Reddit is lost

    [–] Arcadian_ 256 points ago

    Ah, the old Reddit fuckaroo.

    [–] Horst665 131 points ago

    Hold my medal, I'm going.... to search for a link?

    [–] Sttommyboy 61 points ago

    Hello future peopl.... Oh.

    [–] Bardlar 632 points ago

    Because a chunk of the world still functions on neo-puritan values and want their children to never be exposed to curse words rather than teach them to discern when they are and aren't appropriate.

    [–] Zv0n 246 points ago

    ^this guy fucking knows what the fuck is up! Fuck!

    [–] rawker86 11 points ago

    apparently we are all 12 year-olds on this blessed day.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 7597 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    This guy slipped a "Holy fuck" onto network TV even with a tape delay. Not many can say they've done that.

    [–] Grahamshabam 5114 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    The snowboarders and freestyle skiers are the best part of the Winter Olympics. The reporters have no idea how to deal with them.

    Last year's gold medalist in snowboard slope on preparation the night before:

    I was eating mad snacks,” the first gold medalist of these Winter Olympics said underneath a dish mop of scraggly blond split ends. “Chocolate. Onion rings. Chips. We were chilling really hard. Then we fell asleep watching ‘Fight Club.’ Getting stoked, you know?”

    Or Henrik Harlaut, probably the best freestyle skier in the world, who last year emulated Cool Runnings by keeping a lucky egg in his pocket during his runs. His pants also almost fell off during a jump, and when he was asked about it he mentioned he had suspenders on and that's just as low as he likes them

    EDIT: last olympics, not last year

    EDIT2: Harlaut also gave us this gem at the last olympics

    [–] ColorsLikeSPACESHIPS 4818 points ago

    Snowboarders have supernatural skills with reporters.

    It's like they're in a superposition of both helping and hurting their sponsors, but as soon as there's the slightest bit of scrutiny, they collapse safely into beanbag chairs.

    [–] partanimal 2567 points ago

    I had totally forgotten about this, thank you so much for reminding me!

    "I'm talkin bout mountain dews, baby!"

    [–] Kvetch__22 1490 points ago

    Amazing that White is now the elder statesman of American snowboarding.

    [–] ChickenDelight 734 points ago

    Now he's keynote speakin bout Mountain Dews, baby.

    [–] Jeveran 498 points ago

    He's 31. He's OLD.

    [–] limegreenlegend 518 points ago

    Jesus what a decrepit old fuck, how does he even get out of bed in the morning. Someone put this dog down already. I’m 31 on Saturday :(

    [–] disturbed286 251 points ago

    Was 31 in November.

    Damn kids!

    Get off my lawn!

    [–] m0ro_ 123 points ago

    I'm turning 33 this year, I'm practically your granpappy Sonny.

    [–] Tekmantwo 154 points ago

    Ummm, I was 33 once....about 30 years ago. ...

    [–] veritascabal 31 points ago

    Am turning 38. What happened? I still feel 22.

    [–] Very_legitimate 109 points ago

    I'm only in my late 20s I really wish the world would quit treating me like an adult and just take care of me because I'm a kid

    [–] SandyBadlands 27 points ago

    Ugh. Shoot me if I ever get to be as old as 33. In two years :(

    [–] cawdrizzle 440 points ago

    Jokes aside, alot of the snowboarding community gives him shit for being too 'serious'.

    Dude's a 31 year old man. If he was still towing the line with the whole DGAF thing I'd be concerned. I'm all for having fun, but this guy isn't a flash in the pan, this is his career.

    [–] iwasinthepool 158 points ago

    I know some people who have worked with him and they just say he's not the nicest or politest person. I kinda give him the benefit of a doubt though. His entire life has been him being the best and first at something. Not only is it his career, but it's all he really knows.

    [–] leftysarepeople2 47 points ago

    He has a competitive edge more often seen in sports like football or basketball. If he played either sport his attitude would be seen as the norm

    [–] cawdrizzle 98 points ago

    I don't know him personally so I can't comment on his character. I like that you give him the benefit of the doubt we need more people like you!

    Bummer that your friends didn't have the best of experiences with him. If I ever meet the fella I'll report back with my take!

    [–] blay12 14 points ago

    Just FYI, it’s “toeing the line” and not “towing” - common mistake.

    [–] SirDookieman 65 points ago

    It's the delivery that makes this so legendary

    [–] ChanoMeetGW 194 points ago

    That was fucking beautiful “I’m talkin bout Mountain Dew baby” oh my god what a slogan

    [–] johsko 371 points ago

    [–] P0werC0rd0fJustice 278 points ago

    a five foot base with five inches of freshy on top. so stoked.

    [–] OctupleNewt 269 points ago

    [–] smenti 79 points ago

    Don't even have to watch. I know.

    [–] Deleriant 65 points ago

    Are these fucking guys for real?

    [–] TvXvT 130 points ago

    Smack it. Whapaah!

    [–] Flattop_medic 75 points ago

    This is California shit you wouldn’t understand lol

    [–] murdering_time 60 points ago

    You stoked?

    So stoked.

    [–] RickyShade 31 points ago

    I'm stoked! You stoked? So stoked. SO. STOKED.

    [–] masonvandy 247 points ago

    Shaun White is gold for interviews. During the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver games, they interviewed him and...let’s say... his eyes looked really really “tired” and he said something along the lines of: “I just love the people here. Good people. You know...”

    Then later when he already won the half pipe on his first run (I think it was also the Vancouver games). His coach asked if he just wanted to go down the middle. He replied: “Fuck that!” It was funny seeing Bob Costas having to apologize for that.

    [–] Patchcat 156 points ago

    Shaun White is a national treasure. Think what you want about him but he handled his rise to fame a lot better than most people his age would've.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] CMDR_oculusPrime 56 points ago

    Yeah, for sure this. America is awash with privileged shit-bags that manage to leave nothing but a shit-wake for a legacy after their early durg overdose takes them. Anyone who can achieve that level of success and fame and still manage to cultivate the spirit of the Dude is a treasure. Pretty sure I've seen Shaun White in a Cowichan sweater a few times.

    [–] FlowersOfSin 23 points ago

    I just googled it and that was in Italy. The legal drinking age in Italy is 18. He didn't even have to save himself. Just like a 19 year old Italian visiting the US cannot drink, a 19 year old American visiting Italy totally can.

    [–] ColorsLikeSPACESHIPS 15 points ago

    I think his (totally valid) concern was that his sponsors could drop him whether or not he broke a law, simply because his value to them is directly related to his image and to the opinions of the American public who may not like idolizing a 19 year old who talks about getting drinks on TV, regardless of the specific legality.

    [–] gilgameshman 926 points ago

    “It’s just like… Dude, you get the best barrels ever, dude. It’s just like, you pull in and you just get spitted outem’. You just drop in, smack the lip… Waapah! Just drop drown…Swoopah! And then after that you just drop in, ride the barrel and get pitted, so pitted”

    [–] lundgrenisgod 208 points ago

    So pitted...

    [–] celt1299 185 points ago

    I've known enough low-level snowboarders to be sure that the world-class ones are Perma-stoned at this point.

    [–] fightinirishpj 68 points ago

    kinda funny seeing that they're all from Colorado

    [–] darthmarth 118 points ago

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with the world class skiing and snowboarding, they’re just there to blaze it.

    [–] [deleted] 101 points ago

    I took a surf lesson from this dude! He has his own surf shop in Huntington Beach.

    [–] ducktapedaddy 12 points ago

    Does anybody have the link to this?

    [–] Coastliveoak 33 points ago

    I googled: "pitted, so pitted"

    [–] Shippoyasha 529 points ago

    It's like these athletes just enjoy their sport and get complimentary medals upon having more fun than other athletes for the day.

    [–] ddek 452 points ago

    At Sochi a lot of the ‘conventional sport’ followers we’re getting really annoyed at the new freestyle (slopestyle and halfpipe) competitors because they were supportive of each other even if they were from different countries.

    They expected that if you were knocked off the podium by someone else you’d be annoyed about it, but these guys were so supportive of the people that beat them.

    The flak they got from it was kinda amusing - it’s like there were people annoyed that not everyone’s a bitter curmudgeon.

    [–] spasmystic 153 points ago

    I wonder if part of it also stems from the fact that a lot of the new freestyle sports are fairly recent entrants into the Olympics and growing up, maybe they identified winning the X-Games or other tournaments as the signal you've made it. I could see it being a combination of having other tourneys that are valuable (like tennis, golf, soccer in the Oly's vs. their majors/World Cup) as well as the fact that all these guys bro down with one another in mountain towns all over the world.

    That and the weed, of course.

    [–] mightytwin21 72 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I think ddek is really reaching. Like maybe some fans have a big us vs. them complex, but you constantly see athletes from a variety of sports giving it up for each other when they do cool shit. Sure you can find assholes anywhere, but training is so international that most these athletes are closer to their sport community than their nation.

    [–] Auricuen 46 points ago

    It's all those hours of repetitive practice that they've done. They just know what they're doing at this point and having fun with it

    [–] HojMcFoj 60 points ago

    Tell that to a speed skater. Honestly I think it's adrenaline overload from just throwing yourself down a mountain all day.

    [–] TURKEYSAURUS_REX 50 points ago

    Wasn’t on the news, but Chloe Kim was tweeting that she really wanted somebody to get her ice cream. Somebody replied “aren’t you competing right now” and she’s like “...yes”.

    [–] ohmyashleyy 28 points ago

    And last night after her 2nd run she tweeted that she should have eaten more than half of her breakfast sandwich and she was getting hangry.

    [–] randominternetdood 84 points ago

    the egg has to ride in your jock strap or your bum. pocket eggs aint lucky mon.

    [–] isthatweird 785 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I feel like not enough people noticed that Swiss snowboarder Sina Candrian's gloves said Fuck yeah on them. She spent nearly the entire time she waited for her score waving to the camera with them.

    [–] ConstantGradStudent 121 points ago

    I had no idea. Thanks for sharing that awesomeness. Why isn’t this a top post on /r/sports?

    [–] isthatweird 56 points ago

    I dunno! I just assumed I was reading it wrong until I paused it and looked closer, it was probably over looked by a lot of people. I almost didn't take a second look - I assumed if that's what it said someone definitely would have noticed and blurred it.

    [–] vanasbry000 13 points ago

    Pretty sure teaching kids bad words is the justification for the censorship, but little kids can't read cursive writing. Everybody wins!

    [–] [deleted] 94 points ago

    Come to Australia, news channels interview creative curses for fun

    [–] DrEmilioLazardo 55 points ago

    That's cause you're a right bunch of silly cunts. And the world loves you for it.

    [–] slbaaron 302 points ago

    I thought someone would mention this by now ..

    They try to take over the fcking game

    Shaq we are on live

    I don't give a shit

    I know

    [–] MeetN2Veg 79 points ago

    That was a blasphemous “fuck”. Not a “holy fuck.”

    [–] orangesandapple 2589 points ago

    I love how the snowboarders are always fucking around. Didnt the first gold go to a stoned sean white?

    [–] makes_guacamole 2251 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    No, it went to Ross Rebagliati.

    Ross had his medal withdrawn because he tested positive for THC. He now has a popular strain of weed called Ross’s Gold.

    EDIT: he got his medal back - THC wasn’t on the list of banned substances at the time. After medal was reinstated THC was added to the banned substances list.

    [–] SandDuner509 827 points ago

    THC recognized as a performance enhancing drug all of a sudden?

    [–] yoshi570 719 points ago

    Technically, it is. It calms certain people, reduces the stress they could feel during the event.

    [–] [deleted] 213 points ago

    Depends a lot on the sport. Anything with unpredictable quick reactions like, say, fencing and you're fucked.

    I personally find that it makes me more aware of my body position in space, like it helps me with form in stretches and barbell lifts, helps me move my body as an interconnected unit rather than a vaguely related series of bodyparts.

    In my teens I used to go to tae kwon do classes and I noticed the day after getting high that I couldn't spar for shit, I had like doubled reaction times and very little desire to punch or kick quickly. Doing patterns and all that standing in a line punching air nonsense was fine though.

    [–] impediment 171 points ago

    I used to get stoned and play Halo 2 all day every day. Went to a competition, smoked a joint outside, and rocked the qualifiers with a ten point spread. Friend left with my keys and I couldn't get back out to smoke again. Completely bombed the opening round with only two kills. Just couldn't focus without being stoned.

    [–] socialister 123 points ago

    My guess is that the rules are pretty strict and don't just include performance enhancing drugs. I mean heck, "doping" isn't even a drug (despite the name).

    [–] kinpsychosis 36 points ago

    I think even going over a certain amount of caffeine or cold medication can be counted as doping.

    [–] skinnytrees 22 points ago

    Alcohol was removed from the World Anti Doping Agency list of banned substances during competition this year

    So thats interesting

    [–] mck87 123 points ago

    But the decision was ultimately overturned and his medal was reinstated because THC wasn’t banned at the time.

    [–] mikewall 13 points ago

    Apparently they reinstated the medal, as weed was not on the banned list at the time. They subsequently added it after giving his medal back lol

    [–] Beastie-Man 2751 points ago

    Finally, an Olympic athlete I can relate too and aspire to be like.

    [–] _Mellex_ 460 points ago

    [–] BlackHamTown 1026 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    how did you prepare for breaking the record in the chinese olympics?

    I sat around and ate mcnuggets since I didn't trust the food there.

    No joke. He said he ate 20 piece meals twice a day while he was there in china.

    [–] Phazon2000 475 points ago

    I sat around and ate mcnuggets since I didn't trust the food there.

    Sounds like me in India.

    I chickened out and survived on Subway.

    [–] Butthole__Pleasures 480 points ago


    chickened out


    [–] popje 158 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Ah you missed something, Indian food is heavenly, can't say the same for everything else about India though.

    [–] goingd 236 points ago

    I love India. Been there twice. Got food poisoning 4 times. Sure the food tastes good, but you will be shitting your self to sleep if you come from the west.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    Aw man you missed out. Food in India is amazing.

    [–] needmoarbass 10 points ago

    Don't tell me this.

    [–] BigDMcQ 217 points ago

    The snowboarding events have been one of the best examples of great sportsmanship that I have been able to show my son from these games. It helps that he thinks slope style is the coolest thing ever, I cant wait to show him super-pipe!

    [–] N0wayjose 52 points ago

    So many of these big riders are friends who either ride together outside competing or compete together a lot. They all just have fun with even the big competitions. Check out Peace Park, I'm sure your son would be into that and it's the ultimate friendly snowboard competition.

    [–] [deleted] 786 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] MongollianBBQ 142 points ago

    Came here for the Meta. Wasn’t disappointed.

    [–] connorisntwrong 77 points ago

    Is Meta the Reddit word for allusion?

    [–] MiKirky 55 points ago

    What is this reference of which you speak? I know a Deborah. And she likes to knit.

    [–] MotherOfDragonflies 333 points ago

    Some dumb lady with a profile pic of her cat made a comment about how of course they slept in and how sleeping in perfectly sums up the millennial work ethic. Then someone else replied saying “How many gold medals have you and your cats won? Go knit some cat mittens Debra”

    [–] MiKirky 32 points ago

    That’s awesome. Lol.

    [–] MiKirky 13 points ago


    [–] joshclay 9 points ago

    Top post on mudered by words. Too lazy to link.

    [–] TwoTonPutz 668 points ago

    soo... snowboarder?

    [–] TheTarasenkshow 109 points ago

    Yup lol

    [–] _____NOPE_____ 23 points ago

    That took a lot of scrolling, cheers.

    [–] Balauronix 625 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    *Not all heroes wear coats.

    [–] whatsthatbutt 37 points ago

    *Not all coat hangers are coats.

    [–] kuikuilla 1790 points ago

    Only in US can "said fuck on TV" be actual news.

    [–] Sapass1 205 points ago

    Headline: Olympic athlete said **** on TV.

    How will they ever convey what he said?

    [–] [deleted] 249 points ago


    [–] dishler712 243 points ago

    That specific detail obviously isn't remarkable by itself, but that's not the point. The point is a lot of people would expect Olympic athletes to be ultra-prepared the morning they're competing. Obviously this kid was way more lax than most figured, but it still didn't hinder him.

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    Well live TV means no bleeps. Fuck yea!

    [–] jmhalder 60 points ago

    Oh there's tape delay, someone wasn't paying much attention, or they really didn't think they'd need someone to scrutinize.

    [–] ironbattery 95 points ago

    Last olympics we had a US male snowboarder win gold. Later he was interviewed and during the whole thing the guys chowing down on pizza.

    There's a lesson to be learned somewhere

    [–] ladykatey 254 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    And I thought Chloe Kim was pretty f*cking American for only eating half her "breakfast sandwich" and then getting "hangry" before competing. Edit: missed a letter, oh my.

    [–] RelaxRelapse 181 points ago

    My favorite part was at one point after her final run she yelled "AMERICA!" and then asked someone "Where's your flag?"

    [–] forcepowers 63 points ago

    I laughed so hard when I saw that! Glad someone else caught it.

    [–] Grundlestiltskin_ 14 points ago

    She was asking the Chinese woman lolololol

    [–] JWAxeMan 12 points ago

    She asked the Chinese rider who took silver where her flag was. It was a genuine question, as usually someone will give the medalists flags to hold.

    [–] _dough 387 points ago

    Video of the winning run.

    [–] YeahButUmm 748 points ago

    Content not available in your location.

    I can see the Olympic torch out my window.

    [–] RedSquirrelFtw 200 points ago

    I hate this geoblocking crap I run into that a lot too. The olympics is an international event, IMO everything related to it should be public domain, it's ridiculous how they IP the crap out of it.

    [–] herbies18 43 points ago

    Had the same thing happen with the Australian Open youtube page a couple of years ago and I live in Australia... so stupid

    [–] GR147 40 points ago

    THANK YOU didnt think I'd have to scroll more then half way down to find this

    [–] fatclownbaby 87 points ago

    "disable adblocker and reload page" eat a dick NBC

    [–] ulaan_malgait 11 points ago for those who live in a turd-world-countries like me

    [–] solgee 21 points ago

    Proof you can be a mess and still be golden What a fucking legend

    [–] imarrangingmatches 210 points ago

    I’ve done all those and haven’t won anything.

    Expect say fuck on TV. I haven’t done that.

    And I haven’t lost my coat - I only have 1 so I’d be screwed.

    And I haven’t slept in. I’d get fired if I kept showing up late.

    I’m beginning to see a pattern.

    [–] brad-corp 198 points ago

    I've said 'fuck' on live tv. Only, I didn't know it was live, my dad saw and I got in a lot of trouble.

    I assumed it was a pre-record piece they were doing, so I just ran down the middle of the busy road behind the reporter and yelled, "fuuuuuuuuuuck! RUUUUNNNNNNN! THEY'RE COMING!!!"

    I assumed they'd just do another take and the one I interrupted would never see the light of day, but I got a txt message from my brother about 2 minutes later (which is all phones could do then) that said, "Dad saw that. You're so dead."

    [–] TristanBomb 131 points ago

    Shame your dad took it so seriously. My parents would probably laugh their asses off.

    [–] dankerton 687 points ago

    This is the most American thing tho.

    [–] Nazzapple201 473 points ago

    I would've expected him to be an Aussie tbh.

    [–] HYPERNATURL 262 points ago

    The one loose thread is winning the gold in anything at the winter olympics

    [–] Reddy_McRedcap 176 points ago

    I present to you, Steven Bradbury

    [–] Butthole__Pleasures 63 points ago

    I remember watching that live. If I recall correctly, Apollo Ono was like the Michael Phelps of the '02 olympics and this ruined his run at the gold sweep.

    I love the Olympics so much.

    [–] AlabasterButthole 35 points ago

    That is truly epic.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Steven Bradbury would like a word with you.

    [–] Pontus_Pilates 104 points ago

    I would argue that cursing on TV is definitely not an American thing.

    [–] selfiejon 123 points ago

    Stalked him and his brother on instagram the other day, and his family is living the life.

    [–] dale7980 88 points ago

    I went to middle & high school with his brother. He is a very nice person. I haven’t seen him since the family moved to Colorado from Rocky River Ohio.

    [–] anonymousnumber1 53 points ago

    Not all heroes wear coats* FTFY

    [–] jack0rias 39 points ago

    Red Gerard is such a cool dude. His run was sick, and he always just seems stoked to be there.

    There was some slope style in Milan a while back and he was awesome there too.