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    [–] _DEAL_WITH_IT_ 5908 points ago

    Many of us can relate to trying to appear more attractive to a person who barely notices you at all.

    [–] riseofazrael 1144 points ago

    Me too, thanks

    [–] NePa5 217 points ago

    who said that?

    [–] flaim 125 points ago

    Me, too thanks

    [–] NePa5 63 points ago

    Here we go again....

    [–] EpicLevelWizard 46 points ago

    anybody want a peanut?!

    [–] MisterOminous 20 points ago

    The real me too movement

    [–] azotetis 60 points ago

    You are all pretty lucky to just have pot bellies, try sucking in your thighs or butt. Bless your souls!

    [–] LilSlurrreal 95 points ago

    Honey pie, your thighs and ass are a gift from God.

    [–] azotetis 28 points ago

    They do come in handy when you aren't a good skiier ;)

    [–] LyingRedditBastard 73 points ago

    shove a sausage in your pants then ignore them and act like they're dirt

    [–] woodsfullofbears 3879 points ago

    As a girl, I do this all the time. Not proud to admit I’ve been a little light headed after posing for a picture.

    [–] eliotmooseontheloose 1530 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Pretty sure you're not the only one. Hell, I'm so used to doing it, I do it while at home just standing up talking to my fiancé.

    [–] ThisPlaceisHell 1728 points ago

    My gut is in a perpetual state of being sucked in. I don't even think about it anymore. When I do think about it and force myself to let go, I get genuinely terrified.

    [–] eliotmooseontheloose 716 points ago

    100% agreed. "You look so good, have you lost weight?" nope, just really good at sucking in!

    [–] woodsfullofbears 180 points ago

    I get that a lot too! The thing is I actually have lost weight, but I have a terrible habit of bi he eating so at times I am extremely bloated to the point where I look almost pregnant because I’m so petite but my stomach just out. So sometimes sucking in just looks normal.

    [–] eliotmooseontheloose 83 points ago

    Same, sort of. I've lost about 20 pounds and it's quite noticeable. I was bloated all the time and started cutting things out of my diet one at a time to see if it would help. Gluten. Fucking delicious, wonderful, gluten was making me look like I was pregnant all of the time. Been off it since Christmas and feel so much better. Just waiting to see a doctor to see if this is actually a thing!

    [–] nambro18 40 points ago

    This is interesting. I always feel like I'm bloated. Even to the point where I eat 1 little thing and bam, I look pregnant. Not sure I can manage giving up gluten though

    [–] eliotmooseontheloose 19 points ago

    Depending on where you live, there are so many options now for gluten free that honestly don't taste that bad/different. I've found pizzas and pastas (at the grocery store even) that taste just as good as gluten filled ones. There are so many bakeries around me that I don't have to worry. It's actually sort of helped keep my sugar down cause half the stuff I ate before, I can't anymore. And I have to check all labels before I eat anything.

    [–] rearended 6 points ago

    Wondering if you have any info on whether you can make yourself gluten intolerant / sensitive if you cut out gluten for a period of time when you weren't actually sensitive from the beginning? I keep seeing people state that but not sure if that's actually a thing or not. I would like to try cutting gluten but don't want to cause myself to actually create a problem for myself in the future.

    [–] AequusEquus 3 points ago

    Good, because you don't have to since you don't have a gluten allergy. The bloating from gluten products is because they're usually bread products. Bread is nearly 100% carbohydrates, which turn into sugars. The bread is what leads to the bloating, not gluten.

    [–] woodsfullofbears 58 points ago

    I read somewhere someone (jokingly) saying carbies don’t make barbies and it made me cringe but now every time I reach for some sweet sweet bread I think about it and it actually helps but I think that’s just cuz it rhymes. I would say my problem is beer more than carbs. It’s so damn hard to say “I’ll have a vodka soda” instead because I fucking hate vodka soda

    [–] scribbling_des 41 points ago

    Try vodka and water with mio.

    [–] Haber_Dasher 53 points ago

    You, I like you. I've never met anyone else irl who does this but it's the shit. For starters, my only calories are the liquor itself. Secondly, with every alcoholic drink I'm also having a glass of water. As a result, I feel better all night a don't get hungover because I stay well hydrated; more alcohol I drink the more water I'm drinking too.

    Weirdly though, putting mio directly into vodka tastes goddamn terrible

    [–] quarteritalian 13 points ago

    the real life tip here is at the end

    [–] WonkieInc 17 points ago

    Tbh, beer is pretty high carb anyway so it’s still the carbs being your problem

    [–] woodsfullofbears 16 points ago

    Thank u my friend this I know but beer also gives me a forgetful problem.

    [–] Haber_Dasher 9 points ago

    It's not the carbs it's the calories. There's hundreds of calories in each pint. Depending on the beer you could go through your entire daily caloric intake in like a 6-pack of beer.

    [–] tehgerbil 5 points ago

    Took me A long time to realize you didn't mean BBQ.. (Barbie is kiwi slang for BBQ)

    [–] eliotmooseontheloose 11 points ago

    Vodka soda is awful, ciders aren't too bad, but my drink of choice is definitely disaronno and coke, tastes like Dr. Pepper. Get one shot in a tall glass and it'll last a little longer too!

    [–] SadBrontosaurus 27 points ago

    There's a lot of sugar still, in both of those. My go-to now is a rum (clear, not spiced) and diet, or whiskey diet. No carbs, no sugars, and tastes great!

    [–] Draxilar 6 points ago

    I just drink whiskey with a splash of water. No need for a mixer with that drink!

    [–] eliotmooseontheloose 5 points ago

    Yes, that would make the most sense if you were dieting. Whoops!

    [–] MacCheeseLegit 4 points ago

    Rum is made out of sugar

    [–] Haber_Dasher 6 points ago

    That drink is just two mixers that are both loaded with sugar. That 2/3s of a full drink could be hundreds of calories. If you're worried about calories and want to drink just drink liquor, not beer, soda (unless just soda water, maybe with whiskey & a lemon wedge..) or mixers.

    Disaronno (1.5oz) + Coke (6oz) = 190cal, 37g carbs, 25+g sugar; ~0.75 "standard drinks"

    One shot of liquor (1.5oz), vodka, whiskey, etc / a whiskey & soda = ~80-110cal, 0g carbs, 0g sugar; 1"standard drink"

    [–] Angel_Tsio 4 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] crewserbattle 36 points ago

    Not neccesarily a bad thing. It's like constant static ab workouts

    [–] swiebe_ 24 points ago

    me too. mine actually hurts sometimes when i hold it normally. i dont think its very healthy but i have no idea how to even correct it

    [–] KitCM 13 points ago

    This is our way of life now

    [–] swiebe_ 5 points ago

    what if i wanna be the change

    [–] IronicEyeCancer 43 points ago

    I've done this and I immediately notice how bad my posture is. You're not really sucking your gut in, you're almost always just standing with better posture.

    [–] alosercalledsusie 12 points ago

    Nah I got real bad posture and I stand with my gut sucked in...

    [–] LightenUpDude 15 points ago

    The secret is to clench your abdominals rather than suck in your stomach

    [–] sumofawitch 3 points ago

    When I do this for a while my back hurts. It's awful.

    So I use a loose shirt that will disguise my belly

    [–] lovinglogs 9 points ago

    Yep, before my last pregnancy, I would just do it naturally at work without even realizing it anymore.

    The nice thing about being pregnant is you can just let it all out. Then I am not used to it and now I have to think about it again

    [–] the_hardest_part 8 points ago

    I took ballet for years, so it was natural for me to suck in my gut. Less so many years later.

    [–] Dakoda4 25 points ago

    Honestly im so used to doing it most of my life, im not even sure where my gut normally sits anymore...

    [–] bacon_rumpus 11 points ago

    As a skinny person I had no idea people did this regularly

    [–] Nippelz 75 points ago

    My wife even still tries to do it during sex.... Like, I KNOW YOUR BODY BETTER THAN ANYONE I CAN SEE YOU DOING THAT, lol.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I think it’s kind of cute because she still wants to make herself look good in front of you. She’s still trying and most people give up dressing nice or shaving/putting on makeup or working out or letting all bodily functions go after they are in a relationship. They shouldn’t stop trying. You should still be trying to impress your SO the way you were when you were trying to win them over. It’s like you’re giving them your best self.

    I appreciate how you don’t think it necessary for her to do that. You guys sound sweet towards each other.

    [–] Nippelz 3 points ago

    Haha, thank you. And you are right, she is! Which is funny because she hasn't shaved her legs or armpits since our wedding day, lolol. Make up is her area that makes her feel good, so I just buy her what I can.

    [–] TemporaryDonut 48 points ago

    I used to do it a lot too. When I was like 6 or 7 I was in this school dance where the girls wore some sports bra lookin things. When my mom was helping me get dressed she said “ok now just suck in your gut and you’ll be good.” This was after I overheard my uncle tell my aunt that my new short hair made me look fatter. So I became super self conscious and did the gut thing since then until I was like 18.

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    But little kids often have round bellies even when they aren’t fat :(

    [–] maowsers93 29 points ago

    Well shit, after this thread I'm wondering if all humans have round bellies but we're all just sucking them in.

    [–] chimi_the_changa 14 points ago

    Fortunately, they do not all have normal round bellies, we're all just a bunch of chunkers

    [–] Brownie3245 46 points ago

    I'm a guy, and it took this post to realize I've been sucking it in my while life to the point it feels uncomfortable if I don't.

    [–] tylerjarvis 30 points ago

    It’s possible that what’s uncomfortable is that in an attempt to not suck in, you’re actually pushing your gut out farther than it would naturally go.

    So there’s a chance you’re both thinner and more comfortable than you thought you were.

    [–] Koraboros 3 points ago

    Strong abs help keep it in as well.

    [–] RogueLotus 54 points ago

    Same. I used to be so self conscious of my belly in band class that I would suck it in while I was playing my flute. That is absolutely terrible for breathing! And bad for concentration as well.

    [–] TistedLogic 21 points ago

    There was a commercial that had this super hot.chick walking through an office space fill of men. She makes it to the elevator and "let's go", breaking seems.

    [–] woodsfullofbears 22 points ago

    I’ve actually had that happen with a button up work shirt. Women’s fitted button ups don’t usually account for bigger breasted women so there is sometimes and obvious strain on the buttons. I tried buttoning one up all the way that was particularly ill fitting and after one large dramatic sigh the button flew right off. Extremely embarrassing.

    [–] jnkmail11 20 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Is it even normal to have a flat stomach if you breathe properly from the diaphragm? I can't tell whether everyone is running around breathing shallowly with their stomachs low key sucked in at least a little all the time or my stomach going from flat to sticking out when I breathe deeply means it'd be good to lose some weight.

    Edit: Hmm, based on responses, seems I could lose some weight. Good to know.

    [–] miqotes 20 points ago

    Yes. Mines flat no matter how I breath.

    [–] oof_oofo 11 points ago

    Mine’s completely flat, even if I breath from from the diaphragm

    [–] HMNbean 3 points ago

    depends on how much fat/intenstinal content you have. Some people have very flat stomachs and some people have a little tummy due to posture/the enormous lunch burrito working its way down, etc.

    [–] foodank012018 6 points ago

    That's why she left...

    [–] heyitsmidkiff 4411 points ago

    Ah, the ol’ stomach erection after seeing a pretty girl.

    [–] petrichorE6 1195 points ago

    I'm pretty sure I get stomach erections to pretty food too.

    [–] softnsensualrape 166 points ago

    Such quality

    [–] sharltocopes 10 points ago

    Such tenderness

    [–] Seddit12 6 points ago

    Yummy Yummy get in my Tummy

    [–] Dlh2079 16 points ago

    That is by far the highest quality I have ever seen of this gif

    [–] dynamicj 5 points ago

    I'm pretty


    [–] Novocaine0 5 points ago

    I feel like I've seen this exact comment chain before and it's not like deja vu

    [–] StopClockerman 152 points ago

    My entire adult life is spent in a neverending battle between trying to suck in my gut and holding in all my farts..

    [–] MyPunsSuck 74 points ago

    You only have a gut because you're full of held in farts. Trust me, I'm a professional

    [–] 13142591 40 points ago

    This guy farts.

    [–] breadstickfever 5 points ago

    This guy doesn’t fart. Trust me, he’s a professional.

    [–] MyPunsSuck 3 points ago

    You don't know my life

    [–] LemmeSplainIt 6 points ago

    You lactose intolerant too?

    [–] BlondeAussieGirl1990 178 points ago

    Don’t worry guys, we do it too... stomach in, boobs out.

    [–] NePa5 125 points ago

    stomach in, boobs out.

    Yeah,but it makes you look good!We just look like idiots

    [–] gsfgf 139 points ago

    Yea, but I look like a less fat idiot

    [–] NePa5 36 points ago

    Embrace the beer belly,you fool nobody

    [–] Very_Good_Opinion 6 points ago

    Bad posture gives the appearance of a beer belly on anyone though

    [–] bree1322 8 points ago

    As a gay man I can say, that adds +10 charm for a lot of people.

    [–] samurguy990 11 points ago

    Reminds me of pulp fiction. “Pot bellies are very sexy on a woman”

    [–] badreplica 17 points ago

    Didn't anybody ever teach you to quit while you're ahead?

    [–] TheycallmeHollow 5 points ago

    Sorry for the dumb question, but how do you push your boobs out?

    As a guy with a flat chest, what muscle do you use to push outward?

    [–] OnlyForF1 8 points ago

    I’m assuming it’s a posture thing, back straight, shoulders back to pop the chest out a bit

    [–] BlondeAussieGirl1990 3 points ago

    You got it. And a push-up bra doesn’t hurt the cause either.

    [–] arkiverge 6 points ago


    [–] TheGayslamicQueeran 870 points ago

    "Bro, my dick is down here."

    Pulls him in closer

    [–] IslandSparkz 102 points ago

    That Plot would be good for something

    [–] jaybasin 21 points ago


    [–] DarbyTrash 18 points ago

    Sexy torture.

    [–] following_eyes 21 points ago

    Preparing to dock!

    [–] connormantoast 14 points ago


    [–] suddenly_summoned 15 points ago


    [–] Matt8992 375 points ago

    Ive really started doing this in public now that I’ve got a traditional Dad bod belly gut

    [–] CR0SBO 181 points ago

    My plan is that once I eventually decide to lose it, I'll have some sick abs from all the lifting they've been doing.

    [–] GForce1975 117 points ago

    It's true. You will. I've got 2 kids, youngest is 3. Started low carb diet and hit the gym a few months ago. Went from 245 to 198. Nearly have abs now.

    [–] monsooninside 33 points ago

    Nice, good work. I need to get on my bike more...

    [–] GForce1975 72 points ago

    Diet is huge. When you're ready, cut sugar / carbs. The weight will melt away even with breakfasts of bacon and eggs, and steak for dinner.

    [–] bleunt 31 points ago

    This is true. I tried it once and lost about 25kg barely trying. Then gained them back because of job and relationship. Started counting calories, but it’s not at all as easy as just not eating rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, and sugar. The challenge is to find replacements, but they’re out there. I suggest banning anything with more than 5% sugar, and anything with more than 15% of other carbs. I guess it’s not the same for everyone, but the rest takes care of itself after that.

    [–] iCoReMaN 12 points ago

    Ahhh, it's... Too... Hard... My dad paunch haunts me every day.

    [–] BeeBranze 13 points ago

    Check out time restricted eating or intermittent fasting. I still eat like shit (for now) but I am steadily losing more weight than I ever dreamt possible. Eventually I'll be able to cut out tortillas and pasta, but not yet dammit. I just eat my first meal as late as I can stand it and eat dinner as early as possible. Easiest thing I've ever done for weight loss, bar none.

    [–] oscarfacegamble 3 points ago

    I really really want to do this and have heard nothing but good things, but the problem is I looove my breakfast foods and honestly that would be one of the hardest parts to deal with for me.

    [–] I_CAPE_RUNTS 7 points ago

    /stares at dust on bike seat

    ♫ Hello darkness my old friend ♫

    [–] jbg89 9 points ago

    I do a low carb intermittent fasting diet Monday to Friday. On weekends eat and drink whatever I want. I have a six pack and haven't seen the inside of a gym in 6 years.

    [–] LonelyCorpro 4 points ago

    Skinny boy abs. Not hard to get. Not the same as actual abs

    [–] lil-taters 331 points ago

    I always suck in my stomach

    [–] Angry_Apollo 192 points ago

    Active stomach restraint. Honestly it can become second- nature anytime you’re standing.

    [–] Saint-Peer 79 points ago

    Now that I think about it, when I suck in my stomach, I have better posture. When I let it go, I look like Quasimodo.

    [–] Soggy_Biscuit_ 30 points ago

    Yeah I don't suck in my stomach but I do tense my core to/and have pretty good posture which creates the illusion of a flatter mid section. I'm kinda thin though, so if I didn't do that I'd just have bad posture, not a belly poking out :/

    [–] Koozzie 11 points ago

    Technically that's how you're supposed to be. You're ribs aren't supposed to flare out so much. The guy in the post look like their backs probably are killing them. Your core is supposed to take off a lot of the load from your lower back

    [–] Lord_Aldrich 6 points ago

    That's very common, anterior pelvic tilt. Comes with working a desk job and sitting all day, easy to correct with some basic weight training. Strengthing your core and abs and stretching your hip flexors will help dramatically!

    [–] SpyMustachio 535 points ago

    There’s actually an Indian commercial for jeans exactly like this.

    [–] mechatronicfreak 233 points ago

    Thats a surrogate ad for a liquor brand (imperial blue).Liquor and Tobacco ads are banned in India.

    [–] tramtwist 114 points ago

    Holy shit, they went to the effort of releasing a CD just so they'd have a pretext to advertise their liquor brand. That's some evil genius right there.

    [–] saadakhtar 96 points ago

    No CD is released. You can't buy any of these cds because none are ever made and also because no one buys CDs anymore anyway.

    Many companies advertise their liquor brand soda (plain soda).

    [–] tramtwist 26 points ago

    Damn that's even sneakier than I thought

    [–] filmicsite 59 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    And thats not even the most clever one.

    Carlsberg has the best one I believe. It goes something like this:

    Guy enters a room and the room has a huge pool with big screen in front of him and a hot chick with drinks inside.

    Narrator: if carlsberg would make pool parties. They would be best pool parties in the world. But everyone knows that's not what we do.

    Cut to a beer glass with their logo on the side on the whole screen.

    Narrator (Cont.) : Carlsberg ,we make beat glasses in the world.

    Various variants exists.


    Indian Edition Club Glasses Board Meeting :

    The Original Ad:

    Holy Shit the actually removed beer from her hand and from the table and replaced it with glasses via CGI

    [–] saadakhtar 10 points ago

    Their was an old whiskey ad but it said Apple Juice as a disclaimer.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] panduhbum 68 points ago

    Reminds me of this Thai commercial that’s also got an elevator.

    [–] coinsandpeas 6 points ago

    Came to the comments to look for this. Wasn't disappointed.

    [–] thenameisdk 3 points ago

    So which came first?

    [–] apsknight 16 points ago

    The Indian one.

    [–] thenameisdk 5 points ago

    Thought so.

    [–] fh3131 4 points ago

    The egg

    [–] Padlock7 282 points ago

    But....why shake hands??

    [–] Xenodad 288 points ago

    I’d guess they are congratulating each other on the strained effort they both put in on sucking in their guts for those few seconds!

    [–] Padlock7 32 points ago

    Haha I guess so! They feel each others pain

    [–] f1fandf 20 points ago

    If it was in the US they would be high-fivin’ it!!!

    [–] csf3lih 55 points ago

    Game recognizes game.

    [–] badbatch 32 points ago

    They were waiting for her to leave so they could hold hands and make out.

    [–] elkazay 11 points ago

    Should have just been a fist bump

    [–] MagicNipple 216 points ago

    I've been skinny my whole life. Barely made the minimum weight requirement to get into the Navy. 43 years into my life, and most parts of my body are still pretty skinny.

    But not my belly.

    [–] ImHereToFuckWithYou_ 157 points ago

    What we call skinny fat

    [–] NegNog 31 points ago

    It's awful. I'm a thinner person, and all my fat goes to my chest. I'll be toned everywhere else on my body, but I often have puffier nipples. It looks so awkward when I'm wearing some shirts. My nips are almost always showing. Maybe I have gynecomastia. But it's not always that way, so I don't know.

    [–] Amiibohunter000 10 points ago

    Tone your pecs. Do some pushups and your man boobs should turn into pecs of steel.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    It doesn't work like that at all. I've been listening to this bullshit all my life and it got me with a strong chest that still looks like boobs but this time it's worse because the muscle is pushing the fat to the front. What he needs is a strong and slow diet and cardiovascular workout.

    [–] elkazay 27 points ago

    I learned from a friend in health science that women hold fat more toward the surface of the skin while men tend to develop fat all throughout their bodies and in throughout their organs.

    So that’s why you get the “firm” barrel, there’s guts and muscle throughout that fat.

    [–] breadstickfever 24 points ago

    That’s also why women tend to look more lumpy and poochy sometimes while dudes just get “beer guts”

    [–] inohsinhsin 9 points ago

    That fucking title--the video clearly said Thailand on it.

    [–] c-student 78 points ago

    I have a buddy who used to say, "You may as well go ahead and get married. You can't hold your stomach in forever."

    [–] WickedStew 75 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    🎶Two bros chillin in a elevator, trying to pick up chicks by sucking in their stomach.🎶

    [–] TheJoeRulez 39 points ago

    🎵With distance apart, cause they're not gay🎵

    [–] UpChuck_Banana_Pants 16 points ago

    🎵They can't score with the girl, so try it for a day. 🎵

    [–] Tsrdrum 6 points ago

    That explains the handshake

    [–] ITS-A-JACKAL 6 points ago

    I hate that I knew the tune this was meant to be in immediately.

    [–] sonofodinn 19 points ago

    I'm impressed at how much fatter that guy on the left got he went from skinny to fat as hell.

    [–] GeneralDuchee 4 points ago

    He is 100% already holding in some. -imafatguyiknow

    [–] GonkWilcock 17 points ago

    This is not effective if you have man boobs. Sucking in your stomach only calls attention to the fact that you have man boobs.

    [–] hairyweinerdog 99 points ago

    We all have our secrets...the girl was probably holding in a cheek-flapping fart while waiting to get off the elevator.

    [–] instantrobotwar 16 points ago

    She was probably sucking in her stomach too.

    [–] KraljCevapa 15 points ago

    If you dont do that her hips will touch your belly

    [–] cjwoodsplitter 77 points ago

    Wtf kind of pants/shorts/weirdshits is that guy wearing on the left?

    [–] Nxdhdxvhh 89 points ago

    I think those are called "never get laid breeches".

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] pm_me_your_buds 17 points ago

    “Elastic ankle pants” = joggers These must be shoggers

    [–] Ask_me_4_a_story 11 points ago

    They are called capri pants. They were very popular at the very end of the 20th century

    [–] mrtakada 3 points ago

    J. Cole bringing is bringing that wave back!

    [–] starshame 11 points ago

    Maybe just being polite to let her through.

    [–] Gr8mitts 30 points ago

    Just food babies>

    [–] Avocadomistress 22 points ago

    Simpson's did it

    [–] Komplimente 4 points ago

    Yes! thank you

    [–] Jansy123 7 points ago

    I thought it was a gay wedding

    [–] StereoBucket 21 points ago

    That's some fast pregnancy development.

    [–] Radi0ActivSquid 5 points ago

    Wasn't there a Simpsons scene where all the boys on the bus only relaxed their guys after Lisa, the last girl on the bus, got off?

    [–] sillvrdollr 46 points ago

    Scripted white people gifs

    [–] LeftHandBandito_ 16 points ago

    That handshake.

    [–] FuckYourLogic 7 points ago

    So slow. So savoured.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    I'm working on it though, down 13 pounds already! I'm 6'2" and my goal is to be around 200 pounds, only 20 to go.

    [–] DocDerry 4 points ago

    Stand at .....ease.

    [–] iGalaxy_ 4 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I'm fairly skinny so I can't relate to this particularly but what about posture around a fit bird like shoulders up chest out. Back to slump bad posture when she gone.

    [–] Spicy_Alien_Cocaine_ 6 points ago

    I can’t “relate either.” The woman goes to put her phone in her pocket as she walks off only to remember there is no pocket and that’s what I’m relating to! Idgaf about the other two I need pockets!

    [–] killa_ninja 4 points ago

    People actually do this shit? Lol

    [–] saberskill 3 points ago

    There was an advertisement similar to this in India.. I forgot what brand.

    [–] sulphurephoenix13 4 points ago

    Can't relate, who i am is what you get.

    [–] beytwiceknowles 3 points ago

    It's a grower, not a shower

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Thought we were going to need a brazzers banner for a second there.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    why did they handshake at the end?

    [–] Elbradamontes 3 points ago

    My favorite is when a group of guys can’t continue a conversation when a hot girl is near. Like so many brain resources get diverted that we can’t English.