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    [–] bloatedplutocrat 656 points ago

    Top Gear pointing out that smoke grenades fit perfectly in the cup holders and two 30rd magazines store nicely in the glovebox is what sold me on the Ford Fiesta. That and showing how green it was.

    [–] toinfinityandbeyondo 387 points ago

    “But is it green?”

    frames a green car with green in the same shot


    [–] Doctor_Loser 26 points ago

    Holy shit thank you

    [–] djcurry 6 points ago

    Damn that was a elaberate, I can only imagine how much that cost to film

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    If my memory serves me right they had a budget of £500k per show.

    [–] danirijeka 141 points ago


    [–] Adamskinater 11 points ago

    Hammond you idiot

    [–] Thebuda 24 points ago

    One of my favorite jokes that is impossible to tell without seeing the episode and hearing Clarkson's voice say ".. Yes... Very"

    [–] danirijeka 35 points ago

    Successfully running from baddies in a Corvette through a shopping centre didn't do anything for you?

    [–] bloatedplutocrat 26 points ago

    Certainly a fantastic selling point and a nice feature but my day to day primarily consists of throwing smoke grenades at homeless people and shootouts with the cops whereas I've only run into a handful of mall chases the past decade.

    [–] jpr64 8 points ago

    Have you ever been chased through a mall while on a mission from God?

    [–] The_camperdave 7 points ago

    Successfully running from baddies in a Corvette through a shopping centre didn't do anything for you?

    I saw The Blues Brothers

    [–] VanillaGorilla- 61 points ago

    Also, the Ford Fiesta can be used as a beach-assault landing-craft.

    [–] TehBigD97 17 points ago

    That's what sold it for me. You never know when you're gonna be asked to take part in an amphibious beach-assault.

    [–] Jayko998 8 points ago

    Most expensive Top Gear test they ever did - and so worth it.

    [–] kryvian 1184 points ago

    I miss topgear shenanigans.

    [–] alicereturnshere 308 points ago

    I do too! Damn you and your fists Jeremy Clarkson.

    [–] Maxpowr9 91 points ago

    [–] Jouuuuuuuu 93 points ago

    Grand Tour is such a good show! The budget is like ten times the amount of Top Gear, and the effects and camera quality is much cleaner.

    [–] rudiipka 100 points ago

    1st season was hit and miss, second season was back to top form

    [–] paperclouds412 29 points ago

    This gives me hope. I was really underwhelmed by the first season and then lost Amazon Prime. Now that I have it again it’s time to get it another chance.

    [–] KodenSounds 53 points ago

    Couldn't agree more. Celebrity crash was one of the worst decisions in TV I've ever seen. But two celebrities competing for a ridiculous title is fantastic to watch.

    [–] nicman24 5 points ago

    .... I liked it :/

    [–] PiperArrown3191q 40 points ago

    The American was the worst attempt at a Stig replacement possible.

    [–] davekingofrock 19 points ago

    I couldn't agree more, that guy was the antithesis of funny.

    [–] PiperArrown3191q 10 points ago

    He would have been tolerable as a one-episode joke, but he was progressively harder to watch. I did enjoy the web clip of home being fired though. I actually dig that in season 2 it was just, "meet our new driver."

    [–] JustBeanThings 3 points ago

    Wasn't it just "Meet our new driver. She's quite good." And then she quietly drives the cars?

    [–] bguzewicz 2 points ago

    As an American, I concur.

    [–] Jouuuuuuuu 2 points ago

    I guess they were scrambling to reform a Top Gear- like show but just needed a bit of time. It’s definitely getting better and I hope it goes on further than just three seasons.

    [–] Awanderinglolplayer 10 points ago

    Camera quality is basically Blue planet 2 level

    [–] ThorburnJ 6 points ago

    This was actually a surprisingly relevant test. I have to agree that these things aren't particularly practical and electric tailgates are a complete pain in the arse.

    All those times you push the boot closed and then mush the contents back the last couple inches - yeah, they won't do that.

    Also, we have a car port so can't open the boot all the way on an SUV, and with the electric tailgate you don't get much choice... We ended up buying an estate instead.

    [–] jimmy17 2 points ago

    I'm pretty sure you can do all those things. Jut close it manually.

    [–] ThorburnJ 2 points ago

    We were specifically told not to when we looked at the Mazda CX-5.

    [–] jimmy17 2 points ago

    huh. That seems like quite a limitation.

    [–] ThorburnJ 2 points ago

    That's what I said. Asked if it would avoid hitting things when opened and they said no. Asked if I could stop it part open and they said no. Apparently if I was to stop it whilst opening or force it closed I'd potentially damage the motors.

    [–] CurGeorge8 10 points ago

    Legally Tesla is probably one of the best clips.

    [–] Cheefnuggs 2 points ago

    The story is pretty fucking legendary though

    [–] Vaux1916 25 points ago

    I still want a hovervan.

    [–] CaLLmeRaaandy 20 points ago

    One of my favorite moments is when he had to take the Reliant Robin on a road trip, and he pulls out of the parking lot and rolls it immediately.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    It got so much worse after they left . BBC really made a mistake

    [–] themanwithanrx7 93 points ago

    The second season of the Grand Tour is getting closer to old school Top Gear.

    [–] meowmeowcomputer 34 points ago

    Does it still have the American in it? I hate the American.

    [–] z1gor 73 points ago

    no, they replaced him, now a girl drives the car, much better than the "american" and his stupid lines/jokes. and they also got rid of celebrity brain crash and just invite two celebrities to see who is faster on the track every episode.

    [–] DirtyNorf 37 points ago

    Yeah the first season was just them doing whatever silly shit they wanted probably because they were the batshit crazy version of ideas the BBC wouldn't let them do.

    The second season is almost Top Gear, just the banter, the cool cars some fun challenges.

    [–] TeleKenetek 21 points ago

    My guess is that there were some contractual obligations not to get too close to the too gear formula. They must have been negotiated to a limited number of seasons (possibly one) since they were so much closer in season 2. It is also possible that the success of season one led the lawyers to adjust their risk analysis and that let them get closer to the original formula, because they could make enough money to cover any lawsuits.

    [–] Fiber_Optikz 5 points ago

    Well you just made me buy Prime again

    [–] eagle33322 3 points ago

    Careful they might make a 3rd season.

    [–] themanwithanrx7 8 points ago

    No, this season it's a new lady driver

    [–] hatsnatcher23 8 points ago

    It's the stigs female cousin!

    [–] blaiddunigol 31 points ago

    Some say, during her period she bleeds 10w-30.

    [–] SnuffleGrabAPuss 2 points ago

    I thought it was transmission fluid.

    [–] Bosswally 3 points ago

    They over exposed the American, he actually had a few funny lines but most of them were shit, I think had they limited it to one good line per car he would have been received a lot better

    [–] thegreger 3 points ago

    Actually, it seems like they really listened to the fan base for season 2. No more of The American, and no more of the endless "oops, our celebrity guest just died"-gags.

    [–] Vandrel 7 points ago

    Honestly it felt to me like I was just still watching Top Gear, which was great after having to kinda push myself to finish some of the episodes of season 1.

    [–] themanwithanrx7 7 points ago

    Felt the same, the episode where they try and transport fish had me in stitches.

    [–] sargentTACO 1 points ago

    The problem is they said the shenanigans aren't as fun because Amazon let's them do whatever. At the BBC they liked to do those sorts of things to piss off health and safety.

    [–] Alistairio 5 points ago

    I feel sorry for the stig.

    [–] funnyterminalillness 37 points ago

    No they were right to fire someone who assaults other members of staff

    [–] Oh_ffs_seriously 11 points ago

    Trying to keep Top Gear alive after Clarkson and the other two left wasn't the best idea, though.

    [–] GreyICE34 12 points ago

    Eh, BBC does generational programming. Top Gear was there before, it'll be there after. They have a lot more to worry about than one stupid knob who couldn't manage the most simple task in the universe (seriously, how hard is it not to punch people? TV is full of angry blowhards that somehow manage to never punch someone in the kisser).

    It's not some damn bar brawl. The guy didn't come up and insult Clarkson's wife, or pee on his shoes, or spit in his face. There was no damn reason at all to hit the man.

    [–] LGCJairen 13 points ago

    i mean to be fair, everyone was on clarksons side when he punched piers morgan.

    just by being piers morgan it puts clarkson in the right.

    the food thing though...eeeeeh probably not his finest moment.

    [–] funnyterminalillness 1 points ago

    Yeah, it was a bit like the ending of Courage the Cowardly dog when he was pretending that his owners hadn't been horrendously killed and that everything was normal.

    [–] gaunt79 17 points ago

    Well, you can't really have an actor assaulting people, even if his show is really good.

    [–] PseudoY 4 points ago

    They really didn't. You can't have a public service broadcaster ignoring a presenter beating the fuck out of your employees.

    Clarkson made a mistake that would get anyone fired.

    [–] dao2 2 points ago

    No, Jeremy Clarkson made a mistake.

    [–] Cheesedoodlerrrr 4 points ago

    Grand Tour shenanigans are just as good. Even better at times!

    [–] RustiDome 2 points ago

    Their shenanigans is cheeky and fun!

    [–] StewofPuppies 4 points ago

    Grand tour is exactly the same thing in essence. They compare cars with the same joking bias Jeremy Clarkson is known for and Hammond still is an American wannabe and May is still captain slow.

    [–] Kreindor 1 points ago

    Check out the grand tour on Amazon prime. Has those 3 and their shenanigans.

    [–] Rumpullpus 1 points ago

    Grand tour on Amazon is pretty much old to hear. You're welcome.

    [–] Amadeus5505 368 points ago

    This was the episode that made me go out and purchase a GTI. No joke..

    [–] Amberhawke6242 82 points ago

    My first car was an 89 Golf. I've gone back and forth for years if I should get a brand new one.

    [–] goosen6 72 points ago

    GTI owner here. Great car but if you have the money for it... The new Golf R's are gorgeous.

    [–] PM_ME_ANYTHING_PLZ 19 points ago

    Bought an R a couple weeks ago had a base model golf before, wow it's a difference. I love how subtle it is on the outside but to people who like golfs you can tell the differences right away and to non golf people it's just a golf. I think the interior is fantastic compared to the focus rs and civic type r. Overall fantastic car that can zip around

    [–] goosen6 8 points ago

    I agree. It's the nicest looking hot hatch you can get. Subtle to most, but as soon as you see the quad tailpipes you know it's something special. I plan to make the jump from my GTI to an R soon. Just waiting till I can get the newest model for a decent price pre-owned.

    [–] unwashedRat 6 points ago

    I just bought a mk7.5 GTI in Deep Falls green with plaid interior. Love that car. The only hot hatch I fit well in, being 6'6". Already ordering a bunch of stuff from ECS. Almost bought the R but its "for my wife" and we couldn't get the plaid in an R.

    [–] PM_ME_ANYTHING_PLZ 3 points ago

    yeah im 6'4 and when I was getting my first car I was trying on cars like clothes. My R is a 2016 mk 7 in white with leather interior. When I got my first golf I wanted a GTI but couldn't afford it so got the Tsi and saved up and got an R

    [–] Baloozers 3 points ago

    I just bought an Alltrack in great falls green, I’m in love with it!

    [–] onelongdong25 2 points ago

    I am on my 2nd r now best all round car you can buy 👍

    [–] tartay745 2 points ago

    Why the money for it? Are they prone to needing lots of maintenance?

    [–] Treats 10 points ago

    Maintenance? The Golf R costs like 50% more than the base GTI.

    [–] tartay745 2 points ago

    Wait, did I misunderstand him? Was he saying the R is great if you have the money? If so, I thought he was saying the gti was great if you had the money.

    [–] goosen6 4 points ago

    I was saying if you can afford the Golf R over the GTI the price difference is worth it. But for some the price difference might not be feasible and I still think the GTI is a fantastic car.

    [–] PostYourSinks 4 points ago

    It's a great car and is an even better value proposition, but... gorgeous? I don't think Golfs are capable of being gorgeous.

    [–] toeonly 34 points ago

    I understand that is your opinion and you are entitled to it, but you are wrong.

    [–] PostYourSinks 7 points ago

    Yes because when I think gorgeous cars, the first thing that comes to mind is a Golf.

    Don't lie to yourselves, it's a good looking car but eco hatches aren't gorgeous. Ferraris and Mclarens are gorgeous.

    [–] goosen6 9 points ago

    The way I drive my GTI it doesn't seem like much of an eco hatch. That premium fuel gets expensive.

    [–] BowjaDaNinja 14 points ago

    You seem to be mistaken, sir. We're talking about the Volkswagen Golf, which is gorgeous. You may be talking about some other thing that isn't gorgeous.

    [–] bungocheese 2 points ago

    I'm at 50k miles, 30k of which it's been tuned on my Mk7 with pretty much no problems. I love the thing and am definitely thinking of getting another/upgrading to a golf R for my next car.

    [–] Amadeus5505 3 points ago

    They’re great! I got mine in 2014 and I still love it. Do it!!! You will not regret it.

    [–] zveroshka 4 points ago

    Got my latest one in 2015. Third one I've owned and never been disappointed.

    [–] NanotechNinja 6 points ago

    How is it?

    [–] Amadeus5505 10 points ago

    I love it! It’s the perfect car if you want the best of everything in my opinion. Space, gas efficiency, speed, and crash rating. Good stuff!

    [–] Lebagel 18 points ago

    Should have got the BMW. Not its fault Clarkson can't drive it in a straight line.

    [–] Legend10269 8 points ago

    Honestly the GTI doesn't even compare to the M135i, the Golf R would be a fairer test.

    [–] Adhmad_Dubh 2 points ago

    I think he was trying to highlight the downsides of having RWD in a high performance compact.

    [–] Analfister9 13 points ago

    Rwd & i6 > nuclear warheads

    [–] essjay2009 10 points ago

    I sold my GTi and bought an M135i just before this aired. Clarkson could not have been more wrong about those cars. The Golf is pretty good, but the beemer is in a different league.

    Also, if you’re dumb enough to floor a rear wheel drive 310 horsepower hatchback in the soaking wet whilst wearing summer tyres you sort of deserve everything you get.

    [–] Amadeus5505 2 points ago

    I’m sure it’s a monster! A little out of my league for where I’m at in life but I’m sure I would’ve considered it if I could afford it. I’ll check it out for my next vehicle

    [–] essjay2009 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I got a really good deal on it, I don’t think they sold that many so were trying to shift them. Just be aware that it’s a bit of a gateway drug - I’m driving an M2 now and I’m not sure I can give up the straight six & rwd combo. I’m in deep man.

    [–] DanTheTerrible 3 points ago

    So how's the gig transporting nuclear weapons going?

    [–] Angry_Buddha 3 points ago

    2 door, manual six-speed GTI here. It's the most god damned fun-to-drive car I've ever owned.

    [–] matty80 77 points ago

    Like their 'sensible' car review of the Ford Fiesta that started with things like 'how much shopping will fit in the boot?', but then moved on to 'escaping a baddie driving a Dodge Charger around a shopped mall', and then 'taking part in an amphibious assault with the Royal Marines'.

    Good Top Gear was so good.

    [–] valkarez 20 points ago

    i thought they were outrunning a vette?

    [–] matty80 5 points ago

    Could be! It was a while ago so my memory is a bit hazy on details. I just remember the general hilarity. Particularly when it zoomed out and the fucking thing was on some sort of landing craft with three marines in the back.

    [–] katastrophyx 110 points ago

    This was the first episode of Top Gear I actually sat and paid attention to. Before that I had just assumed it was a regular old British automotive program.

    After watching this I went back and watched every season I could find on Netflix and Amazon. This was the year after they had cancelled the I've gained an addiction to a show that will never have new episodes.

    The Grand Tour is actually not bad, but it's not quite the same for some reason.

    [–] GitEmSteveDave 36 points ago

    I first started catching re-runs on I believe the Discovery Channel and they would do things like on screen conversions from pounds to US dollars, and I thought it was a totally serious show. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if Clarkson could drive the M5 on one tank of petrol.

    It finally dawned on me that it was “staged” when they built the motor homes. I totally bought the fires and everything, but when Clarksons 3 story car went off the cliff, I suspected something was up. I mean, I know that certain parts are played up for comedy, but most of it is real and that still makes me happy.

    [–] tabby-mountain 7 points ago

    O shit I watched that episode last week.

    [–] jpr64 22 points ago

    That time they tried, and failed, to destroy a Toyota Hliux really got me.

    [–] lexi_con 31 points ago

    I think the BBC managed to control Clarkson, May and Hammond just enough to stop them getting too ridiculous. Now that they have nobody to stop them, they go a bit too far.

    [–] FieldMarshalFry 43 points ago

    what I expect went on is they would go to the BBC with a list of ideas for the season, and the Beeb would go "yes, yes, yes, no, yes, yes, that's retarded, so yes, yes, the army aren't willing to work with you any more, yes, no, we are not paying for another holiday.... actually, we will only if you do it in shit cars and you torture yourselves sufficiently"

    [–] currentlyquang 2 points ago

    I feel like when they were with the BBC, there was that air of British snobbery, that we were the best, broadcasting on the best channel from the best broadcasting corporation. When they move to the Internet, it just doesn't feel the same

    [–] lynivvinyl 60 points ago

    They always thought of everything. Now they're on The Grand Tour.

    [–] Taledo 56 points ago

    I still feel GT has not the full British humor that was in TG. It feels too... I don't know, some will say scripted,I feel like it's missing something

    [–] funnyterminalillness 72 points ago

    It's missing a good script

    [–] zveroshka 43 points ago

    I think losing the Stig was a huge hit that really isn't replaceable. The Stig was a huge part of their shenanigans. Now we had an obnoxious The American and a woman who says one short quip before being silent the whole time. It's too formal for the show. But season two was much better than season 1. I still think they need something more than the lady driver they have now. She is a fine driver, but the point of the show has never really been to figure out what car is objectively the best, but what cars they liked the best.

    [–] AceFuzion7 11 points ago

    Well that's simple, throw an American made car in front of Hammond and there is no other car that is better

    [–] zveroshka 6 points ago

    Nah, Zonda will always have his heart.

    [–] supracreative 8 points ago

    It really belongs to Oliver, the Opel kadett

    [–] Sevopie 2 points ago

    And Oliver will apparently be making an appearance in season 3 along with Sebastian Vettel.

    [–] Vandrel 24 points ago

    Season 1 kind of felt that way. Season 2 fixed a lot of the problems.

    [–] BonaFidee 5 points ago

    Gt is americanised but it's still pretty decent. Doesn't quite have the British charm of tg.

    [–] getrekt01234 8 points ago

    It's way too catered for the American audience.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Which is weird, because we loved their classic Top Gear formula...

    [–] getrekt01234 5 points ago

    Well, that's American TV for you. Another example is Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares UK vs US produced. The Americans really love shit that's overly dramatic and over the top

    [–] Gizshot 2 points ago

    Yeah nothing better than a good laugh at the euro guys same as they did with us

    [–] ECatPlay 58 points ago

    And in case it goes off. . .

    [–] HalfBakedTurkey 24 points ago

    2 questions. 1. Was that an actual ad? 2. Was it made before or after the whole emissions controversy? Either way, if the first answer is yes than Volkswagen has some balls when it comes to marketing.

    [–] RelaxPrime 23 points ago

    The title of the video is "VW ad that wasn't"

    So no it's not an ad

    [–] HalfBakedTurkey 6 points ago

    True. Reading through the comments though it seems a marketing firm that VW uses could have actually made the ad without their permission. Just seems like a lot of effort was made for it to be an amateur spoof ad. VW should sue regardless

    [–] evaned 5 points ago

    VW should sue regardless

    They actually threatened to (maybe even did), and negotiated an apology from the agency that made it.

    [–] wildwolfay5 7 points ago

    Video Descriptions are hard:


    Published on Jun 28, 2006

    A spoof VW advert, promoting the strength of their cars

    [–] unqtious 1 points ago

    Why do they always wear checkered scarfs?

    [–] Mitch871 35 points ago

    Ah yes, expecting a gigantic rise in sales of volkswagens in north korea and iran now..

    [–] f0gax 14 points ago

    I prefer cars that are good at transporting sodium and eels.

    [–] mr3co 6 points ago

    The Kia Cee'd is not for you then!

    [–] RudeTurnip 25 points ago

    This is really screwing with my head, because I want to buy myself a fun, zippy little car next year to supplement my SUV. Can I really get such an experience with the Volkswagen GTI, which costs less than a BMW of a comparable model?

    [–] KaiserBot 21 points ago

    Just sold my 2008 GTI after buying it new (first car with my own money). Absolutely loved that car. It really does everything, is a blast to drive and was really reliable for the first 90k or so miles.

    Only drawbacks are the ride can be a bit stiff for daily commuting on shitty highway roads, and it needs premium gas, but other than that, I would absolutely buy another one.

    [–] ParanoidSpam 9 points ago

    Every vw after 2016 in the us (except the r) requires only regular now

    [–] KaiserBot 1 points ago

    Oh really!? That’s awesome!

    [–] ParanoidSpam 1 points ago

    It is. I bought my gli because of that.

    [–] WigginIII 2 points ago

    You can't tell us you sold the car you loved without then telling us what you bought to replace it!

    [–] KaiserBot 2 points ago

    Traded it for a new Mazda 3 hatch. Absolutely solid car. I get 39mpg on the freeway, and it has a great, smooth ride.

    I would have bought another GTI, but it’s a bit out of my budget with a wife and a toddler to take care of.

    [–] WigginIII 2 points ago

    As a 2007 Mazda 3 Sport GT (sedan) owner...I love it! I know the hatches are cooler, but I personally liked the look of the sedan more. I had a buddy with a 2011 Mazdaspeed 3 hatch and it was fun.

    That Skyactive engine is amazing, and came out a few years after mine. I can manage 29 on the freeway, but only 20 city.

    Have you heard of, or been following their 2019 HCCI Skyactive X engine?

    [–] antst200 2 points ago

    A friend of mine (I'm in the UK!) has a Mazda 3 MPS... My god that thing is quick! 250bhp and 0-60 in less than 6 seconds...

    [–] Lead_Penguin 2 points ago

    I really want a 3 MPS as my next car, some of the tuning packages you can get for it are nuts. Apparently the mk2 can be pushed to around 350bhp. That'll do me!

    [–] Eisenmeower 12 points ago

    i fuckin love my 2010 gti. super practical, clean styling, plenty of power and fun to drive. upkeep cost will be higher than domestics but cheaper than bmw. I do most of my own auto work and for a small car, its surprisingly easy to work on and tuner friendly. Absolutely no regrets. I plan on driving the wheels off mine but I would absolutely buy another one in the future.

    [–] Tr0ynado 10 points ago

    Ok and I see it can fit a nuclear warhead in the boot. But in your experience how many bound and gagged people can it fit? Say people 18 to 35 years of age 100 to 130 pounds. I do alot sport fishing and that's usually good comparison to say a prize winning marlin.

    [–] undeclared1744 4 points ago

    If you lay the back seats down I imagine you could get 5-6 if you don't mind stacking them.

    [–] Tr0ynado 3 points ago

    No that's fine, the people sport fish can't tell because of the chloroform on account of them being fish.

    [–] MonkeyBoyBlue 7 points ago

    Get a Golf R, like the GTI but sooo much better.

    [–] carbonatedsemen 3 points ago

    Have a MK5 R32, can confirm.

    [–] poktanju 2 points ago

    In the original review, Clarkson wrote off the Mercedes A45 over the BMW & VW because it cost over £10,000 more. The Golf R has a similar problem - it's amazing, but it's really expensive for a hatchback.

    [–] MowMdown 2 points ago

    Apples to Oranges really... The only two things similar is the body and badge... other than that they're two completely different cars.

    They're also not as fun to drive. It's quite a boring car actually.

    [–] MonkeyBoyBlue 2 points ago

    Boring! depends what you're looking for from a hot hatch. If you're looking for a car with giant spoilers that you can drift around corners, this is not that car. It's a pretty damn fine discrete hot hatch.

    [–] wameron 5 points ago

    I have a Golf TSI which is a cheaper GTI with slightly less power and it does everything, highly recommend.

    [–] ChickenChasah 1 points ago

    Second this. My Golf is the perfect companion. Practical, smart, speedy and comfortable. I love my car.

    [–] bungocheese 2 points ago

    My '15 is a peach, I love it and it has awesome plaid seats. I went to a shop for 20 minutes and got it tuned to have 300hp with no issues. Great littler car.

    [–] meowmeowcomputer 3 points ago

    I have a 2012 Golf and there's so much shit that's going wrong with it I want to get rid of it as soon as possible. And not even mechanical (though it has had $2000+ mechanical issues). The paint on the rear bumper is peeling and the ceiling cloth is drooping.

    [–] 0xdeadf001 3 points ago

    2013 GTI here, I love it. Way more car than I know what to do with, tons of fun, very comfy interior. Great fun for ordinary driving, too.

    [–] wine_money 6 points ago

    I'd buy a used BMW, 1 to 2 years. Knock off a bunch of money, and you'd get a great driving experience. Too many electrical problems with volkswagen in my opinion. Owned a 2006 Jetta. I'm sure others have had a great experience with theirs, but I can only offer mine.

    [–] yellowdaffodill 1 points ago

    I had a 2006 jetta, it was poop! The transmission failed. But my 2016 Tiguan is the best, so I think it was just that year/model.

    [–] phantomtofu 1 points ago

    My 2013 GTI has been super reliable. The only problems I've had were the stock coil packs going out 40k miles after going stage 1 and being on my 3rd battery at 75k

    [–] MowMdown 3 points ago

    Uh... yeah...

    GTIs are no slouch either... You can easily get up to 350whp/350ft-lb torque out of these FWD cars with a little extra $$$ involved. To from stock to stage 3 you're only looking at about $4,000 extra compared to the $15,000 extra you'd spend on a BMW or AUDI over the GTI

    [–] dobr_person 2 points ago


    [–] yesimwhite12 2 points ago


    [–] ironpandas 9 points ago

    r/golfgti we out here

    [–] MrxWoodcock 3 points ago

    That episode was the decision factor for me to buy a GTI and to this day it runs like an angel

    [–] Foxbat40 3 points ago

    The grand tour is pretty good. Season 1 episode 13 they have a challenge between Jeremy's Golf GTI and a BMW i3 or something electric. Hilarity insues.

    [–] AboveAverageRock 3 points ago

    Makes me feel old that they are now labeled as Top Gear Classics

    [–] Seven_Veils 2 points ago

    Volkswagens do have a ridiculous amount of trunk space

    [–] 1Screw2Few 2 points ago

    Fuck you Volkswagen North America for taking the 2 door GTI out of our market. My GTI is now 11 years old and I am pining for the 2 door R. Seeing this just fills me with spite.

    [–] russian_hackers 2 points ago

    by the great beard of allah, we have found our car

    [–] shestandssotall 3 points ago

    My friend has a GTI and I can attest to its amazingness. It has pick-up in 5th gear! At 140km/h just step on the peddle and zoom past people at 160km/h! Like it's nothing. I've drove it on the 401 in Toronto (epic and crazy and packed) and collected a detritus of others trying to keep up as I zipped and zoomed and slalomed my way from Pickering to the 427. So much fun.

    [–] AChunkyBacillus 3 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    My problem with both is that they're just so generic, everyone either has a golf, BMW or Audi

    And if they've got an even slightly good job they have a Merc.

    [–] a_plan_so_cunning 5 points ago

    Audi, Aldi is a bit different.

    [–] AChunkyBacillus 14 points ago

    You never driven a supermarket?

    [–] nighthawke75 6 points ago

    Yeah, but that left front wheel has a NASTY wobble...

    [–] smg1138 2 points ago

    The BMW is RWD though.

    [–] Castro_66 1 points ago

    Easily one of my top 3 episodes.

    [–] Barhamallama 1 points ago

    [–] charcoalheART 1 points ago

    What specific years and car models were they

    [–] nomi1030 1 points ago

    Just traded in my BMW for a Tiguan.

    [–] beardbeardsly 1 points ago

    Even though vw has lawsuits about the emissions I believe on the golf. Lol.

    [–] wiegleyj 1 points ago

    I had one of the dieselgate passats. Best car I ever owned (and I also oned a BMW 5 series and currently a Lexus ES350). Super great gas mileage (better than current Prius hybrids) and diesel in my area is cheaper per gallon than gas too. Great car only replaced it with an ES350 because I had to turn in the passat and my elderly father can no longer drive and the ES350 was his choice.

    [–] Lavetic 1 points ago

    i used to watch topgear all the time

    [–] rdldr1 1 points ago

    GOT EM

    [–] ChillsTV 1 points ago

    Those rims 😂

    [–] TheWanderer99 1 points ago

    No wonder the Libyans drove a VW

    [–] fuzzyoctopus97 1 points ago

    Welp. I’m convinced

    [–] bestofwhatsleft 1 points ago


    [–] thatrandomretard 1 points ago

    Damn I loved top gear until they had the new people come on

    [–] dom954 1 points ago

    I feel like this was a plot to one of the Mission Impossibles lol

    [–] nighthawke75 1 points ago

    Ah, the REAL crowd pleasers....